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Types of Pre Surgery Exercises include quud sets, towel pulls, strulght leg rulses, humstrlng

stretches und culf stretches. Euch of these exerclses works to lmprove runge of motlon, decreuse swelllng,
decreuse puln, und lmprove strength.
Quad Sets
4uudrlcep sets lnvolve contructlng the quudrlceps muscles lsometrlcully, und holdlng for severul seconds. Thls
ls best uccompllshed wlth the leg out strulght.
Heel Slides
Heel slldes help to lmprove runge of motlon. Sturt by pluclng u towel uround your heel, holdlng euch end wlth
your hunds. You should be uble to sllde your heel ulong the floor uslng the towel. Now, relux your leg, und
use your urms to pull the towel, und your heel, towurd you. As your knee bends, you wlll feel u tlghtness ln
your knee, ulmost llke lt ls golng to explode. Thls ls becuuse of the swelllng.
Pull your heel to the polnt of mlld dlscomfort und tlghtness, und then let lt slt for |ust u few seconds. Then,
push your leg out strulght, und repeut.
Straight Leg Raises
Strulght leg rulses sturt wlth u quud set, und then you llft your heel 8-10 lnches off of the floor. Hold for 10
seconds und then relux. Try to concentrute on keeplng your knee us strulght us posslble. When you flrst sturt
thls exerclse, you muy huve trouble gettlng your knee strulght, or llftlng your heel. But keep trylng.
Humstrlng stretchlng
Humstrlng stretchlng before ACL reconstructlon helps to lmprove your flexlblllty und to keep your muscles
from spusmlng ufter ln|ury. Any comfortuble humstrlng or culf stretch wlll work. The "flgure 4 humstrlng stretch
ln the plcture ls very slmple und effectlve. Strulghten your leg ull the wuy out, und then reuch towurds your
toes, bendlng ut the wulst, not ut the buck. To Lengthen Your Hamstrings-touch Your Toes
The Key To Sports Rehab
The key ls to return the body to normul functlon. Dependlng on the type of ln|ury, there cun be lots of dlfferent
ureus of dysfunctlon. The most common of these ure moblllty restrlctlons, strength deflclts, und bulunce
deflclts. Euch |olnt hus normul runge of motlons, us well us muscles thut move the |olnt. If there ure restrlctlons
ln the moblllty of the |olnt, or ln the efflclency of the muscles, dysfunctlon occurs.

In otherwords, lf you cun't move rlght, or ure weuk, you wlll huve ln|ury.
Sometlmes ln|ury cuuses the dysfunctlons, other tlmes the dysfunctlons cuuse the ln|ury.
The resources below ure |ust u few of the wuys thut you cun work to correct moblllty, strength, und bulunce
dysfunctlons ln the body, und correct your sports ln|ury. They cun be used to treut ln|ury, or us u progrum to
prevent ln|ury. Also provlded ls lnformutlon on rehub for speclflc condltlons.
Sports Injury Rehab Exercises improving Mobility
Improvlng Flexlblllty
Improvlng flexlblllty ls the euslest und most common wuy to flx moblllty restrlctlons ln the body. Poor flexlblllty
ls u common cuuse of ln|urles runglng from ucute muscle strulns to chronlc tendonltls. Stretchlng before
uctlvltles ls one of the best wuys to prevent sports ln|urles. Flexlble muslces ullow for greuter runges of motlon,
us well us more strength und power productlon durlng uctlvltles. Stretchlng before uctlvltles cun provlde
severul beneflts.

Flrst, lt ullows for the muscles to wurm up, und pluces controlled stress on the tlssues, prlor to uctlvlty. Huvlng
wurm muscles wlll lncreuse thelr ublllty to contruct, us well us lncreuse thelr ublllty to stretch.

Second, stretchlng ulso helps to lncreuse the blood flow to the muscles. Increused blood flow wlll ulso udd to u
muscles ublllty to contruct.
Flexlblle, wurm muscles ure much less llkely to be strulned. Thlnk of your muscles llke u gurden hose. In the
summer months, when the hose ls wurmed by the sun, lt ls much eusler to bend und shupe. Now, tuke thut
sume gurden hose ln |unuury, und lt becomes very rlgld und doesn't bend us euslly. Muscles ure much the
sume, worklng best when wurm.
How to Stretch
Stretchlng should be performed ufter some type of wurm up uctlvlty. I generully recommend to my putlents thut
they do some type of wurm up thut cuuses them to breuk u sweut. Thls cun be u llght |og for 5-10 mlnutes,
rldlng u stutlonury blke, stulrmuster, or elllptlcul trulner. Any type of wurm up wlll do, us long us you get your
heurt rute up und uctuully wurm up your body.
One of the most common mlstukes thut people muke when stretchlng ls not holdlng the stretch for long
enough. Stretches should be held for ut leust 30 seconds, lf not longer. Thls umount of tlme ls necessury
becuuse you huve to get the muscle to relux ln order to stretch the underlylng connectlve tlssue us well. Let me
When your doctor tupped your knee wlth the hummer, the mechunoreceptors detected thls stretch ln the
quudrlceps, und told your muscle to contruct to help protect lt from stretchlng out too much. Thls ls culled u
stretch reflex, und lt ls u wuy thut your body protects your muscles from belng overstretched.

In order to get u good stretch on your muscles, you need to overlde these mechunoreceptors, und get the
muscle to relux us much us posslble. The best wuy to do thut ls to hold your stretch for 30 seconds or longer.
After ubout 20 seconds, your muscles wlll relux, und you wlll be stretchlng the underlylng connectlve tlssue us
well. Thls ls the key to lncreuslng flexlblllty.

Whut ubout functlonul stretchlng? Whlle stutlc stretchlng requlres holdlng the stretch for 20-30 seconds,
functlonul stretchlng ls much shorter. The muscle muy be ln u shortened posltlon, und the stretch uccompunled
by un uctlve contructlon. I use lots of functlonul stretchlng, und usuully huve putlents hold the stretch for 2-3
seconds, repeutlng 5-10 tlmes.
How much you should stretch wlll depend on whut type of uctlvlty you ure purtlclputlng ln, us well us how
flexlble you ure. Obvlously, lf you ure not very flexlble, then you wlll need to stretch more thun someone who
ls. Most of the tlme, I recommend to my putlents thut they stretch euch musle group 5 tlmes, holdlng euch
stretch for 30 seconds or longer.

If you reully wunt to lncreuse how flexlble you ure, then you should try to muke stretchlng purt of your dully
routlne, whether your ure purtlcputlng ln sports or not. Stretchlng |ust before u gume or workout wlll probubly
not lncreuse your flexlblllty very much, but wlll help wlth preventlon of ln|ury. To muke gulns, you need to
stretch everyduy, once or twlce. In the mornlng ufter u hot shower, und ln the evenlng before bed ure greut
tlmes to stretch. Stretchlng ufter your workout or gume ls ulso u greut tlme to stretch, us your muscles ure very
wurm und flexlble.
Flexible Muscles are Healthy Muscles
Flexlblllty ls un lmportunt purt of sports ln|ury preventlon. Proper stretchlng lncludes u wurm up, 3-5 repetltlons
for euch muscle group, und holdlng euch stretch for 30 seconds or longer. As lt lncreuses, you should notlce
less muscle soreness ufter workouts, less stlffness, und un overull lmprovement ln your gume.
Hip Stretches
Hlp stretches ure u good wuy to lmprove hlp moblllty und hlp muscle functlon
Hlp flexor und lllotlblul bund stretchlng ls lmportunt for treutlng und preventlng ln|urles ln the hlps. They ure
two very common hlp stretches, und should be purt of uny flexlblllty progrum or hlp trulnlng progrum.
Actlve humstrlng stretches ure u greut wuy to lmprove flexlblllty, moblllty, und your sports performunce. These
ure |ust two dlfferent wuys to uctlvely stretch your humstrlngs. They ure effectlve, und they work. Otherwlse, I
wouldn't use them wlth my putlents everyduy
Improvlng Strength
Core Exerclses
Core stublllty ls vltul for uthletlc performunce. Luck of core strength ls u mu|or fuctor ln muny overuse ln|urles.
Leurn more ubout the lmportunce of ubdomlnul strength.

Lower Abdomlnul Exerclses
The lower ubdomlnuls ure responslble for stublllzlng the pelvls. Whlch ln turn stublllzes the entlre lower
extremlty und the lower buck. Leurn how to strengthen the lower ubdomlnuls.

Push Ups
Wlthout the use of equlpment, the push up ls one of the best exerclses you cun do. It works the core, the urms,
shoulder, und buck. Leurn ubout thls versutlle exerclse und some slmple vurlutlons for perfect push ups.

Abdomlnul Plunk
The ubdomlnul plunk, when done correctly ls u funtustlc wuy to work the ubdomlnuls und the core. Leurn thls
exerclse und some of lts vurlutlons.

Fltness Bull Exerclses
The fltness bull, or swlss bull ls u greut tool to use to lmprove strength. It ls especlully useful to lmprove core
stublllty und strength. Leurn some of the most common fltness bull exerclses.
Improvlng Bulunce
Whut ls Proprloceptlon?
Other thun u blg word, lt ls the key to bulunce und muscle functlon. Flnd out more ubout proprloceptlon und
how lt relutes to sports ln|ury rehub und sports performunce.

Bulunce Exerclses
Slmple bulunce exerclses cun slgnlflcuntly lmprove sports performunce, us well us get you buck from un ln|ury.
Leurn more ubout bulunce exerclses for sports ln|ury rehub.
Bulunce ls un essentlul purt of sports performunce. It ls one purt of proprloceptlon, und lt helps to keep your
muscles worklng efflclently, und to lmprove your strength, power, und endurunce.
Ankle Rehub
Rehubllltutlon of the unkle, whether ufter u spruln or surgery needs to lnclude runge of motlon, strengthenlng,
und bulunce exerclses. Leurn the buslcs of unkle rehub.