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46577 - ControlNet: Scheduling a Network (Logix Platform)
Access Level: TechConnect Date Created: 11/26/2007 03:52 AM Last Updated: 10/19/2010 02:16 PM

How do I schedule a ControlNetnetwork on the Logix platform?

How to Schedule ControlNet on the Logix Platform
RSLogix 5000:

y Open your project in RSLogix 5000. y Go to the I/O Configuration in the project tree, this is where the ControlNet configuration is done for Logix

y Either create or confirm the (correct) required I/O Configuration for your project. y Check the Properties for the 1756-CNB modules in the local chassis.
NOTE: Perform this step only if you are having difficulties, try removing (.xc) file association in the 1756CNB Module properties, under the [RSNetWorx] tab.

y Download to Processor, this downloads desired ControlNet configuration to the Processor. y Leave the Processor in PROGRAM Mode.
RSNetWorx for ControlNet:

y Start RSNetWorx for ControlNet. y Create a new/blank project. y Browse to the Online Network Path.

this makes a backup of the ControlNet Schedule stored in the Processor. y When ready.* RSLogix 5000: y Confirm that there are no yellow triangles under the I/O Configuration. you can change Processor to RUN Mode.ACD file. y Fill in the desired options under the Network menu under Properties and click OK. y Choose an option to either Optimize or Merge the network. and write it to the Processors that are currently in Program Mode. y Check the Enable Edits option or click Network --> Enable Edits. . y The network should now be Scheduled correctly. y Upload then Save As-->.y Go online to the Network. that can be downloaded without the need to re-schedule the network. y Click File --> Save this prompts RSNetWorx to update ControlNet Schedul.