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Walter Russell's Home Study Course - Unit 10 - Lessons 37,38,39,40

Walter Russell's Home Study Course - Unit 10 - Lessons 37,38,39,40

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Published by: Jason Verbelli on Aug 08, 2011
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every element which conlposes that photographed body is in reverse. White

light in the positive half of the body is black light in the negative half. The righ

arm in the positive is a left arm in the negative.



Do you not see polarity in this effect? And do you not also know that

polarity is the division of ONE into a seeming TWO reversed opposites of

each other which simulate the ONE ? And do you not now thoroughly under stand

that every body ever created is polarized into its positive and negative counter -

parts, each being the reversed opposite of the other,

Now substitute the human body in place of the photograph of a human body.

Instead of destroying the positive photograph of the human body, leaving only

the negative counterpart, the human body itself is "destroyed", It "dies", we

say. At any rate it has disappeared as a visible, positive body

We now ask: "Where has it gone?" "It has disappeared, but has it ceased

to be?"

No--it has not ceased to be. Its negative counterpart still exists, just as

- --

the negative of the destroyed photograph still exists.


All bodies, human and otherwise, are composed of spheres of white llght

surrounded by cube wave-fields of black light.

The centering body of spheres is the positive half of the body. The sur-

rounding space is the negative half of the body. Together they make one com-


plete continuous repetitive whole, just as the positive photograph and its

negative, make one complete continuous repetitive whole

The distinguishing difference is only that the photograph and its negative

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