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Bravery Moments

Bravery Moments

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Published by Leon Basin

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Published by: Leon Basin on Aug 08, 2011
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Bravery Moments Brave the moment to despair the oceans, openness Release the trigger from the verb

that includes the wordless tone Bone to the beat of the drumming guitar tune Words complicated to confuse you in this dimension But did I mention that things become easier as you decrease your ego trip The ones who re - illustrate the emancipation through the focal point, get it But the ones who don’t still get it How confusing is that, as it is nothing but a power trip Of our ancestors Telepathy programmed to believe that this is real An illusion bought by the way of fakery You paper is worth of what is slavery Captures your progression and stalls your creation Evolution dies in your eye sparkle But re- emerges when you are created in a laboratory of government control How much of a fantasy is, this story, that plays in ones background As you, sip a hot cup of tea On your couch Rewatching the matrix and believe that it’s magic How much lunacy has this person programmed into his mind to believe this is real How fantastic to believe this is all make believe Who’s going to have the last laugh When this becomes reality? Bestowing your compression to escape your station is changing ones station is key to Something that is sacred How many times have this been repeated And you seen this coming And it continues to progress into some type of state mind mode Of what the fuck is he saying? And what the hell am I reading Maybe that is the point of it all Nothing makes sense, as consciousness has not been re-awoken But provoking to run the other way As one realizes something that this might be He and she will start to change and erase ones memory from this reality

Leon Basin Http://www.leonbasin.net

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