Drone skills

These skills permit, and enhance, the pilot's ability to command and control drones. Base skill: Drones Drones (1x) The skill Drones permits the use of drones at all. You can control up to 1/level. Drone Interfacing (5x) Requires Drones V While 5 drones is the limit for most ships, Drone Interfacing makes those 5 drones more effective. By improving damage and mining by 20% per skill level, Drone Interfacing gives you, in effect, an extra drone. Note that the durability of your drones is unaffected, so they may still be destroyed as easily as before. Advanced Drone Interfacing (8x) Requires Drone Interfacing V This skill, in conjunction with a Drone Control Unit, allows the deployment of 1 additional drone per skill level. The Drone Control Unit has been constructed such that it may only be used on a carrier. One such control unit is required per drone, so these last 5 drones come at the cost of the same number of other high-slot modules. Drone Navigation (1x) Requires Drones IV Increases velocity of all drones by 5%/level Drone Sharpshooting (1x) Requires Drones V Increases drone optimal range by 5%/level Drone Durability (5x) Requires Drones IV Increases Shield, Armor, and Hull hit points by 5%/level Scout Drone Operation (1x) Requires Drones I Most drones have an operational range of 20km, by default. This skill extends that range by 5km/level, to a maximum of 45km. Combat Drone Operation (2x) Requires Drones III Light and Medium drones, +5% damage/level Heavy Drone Operation (5x) Requires Drones V Heavy Drones, +5%/level Sentry Drone Interfacing (5x) Requires Drone Interfacing IV, Drone Sharpshooting IV Sentry Drones, +5%/level Fighters (12x) Requires Drone Interfacing V, Leadership V Fighters (not technically drones, but deployed the same way), +20%/level Mining Drone Operation (2x) Requires Drones I, Mining II Adds 5% to yield of mining drones per level. Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing (5x) Requires Drones V, Electronic Warfare IV Increases the range of Electronic Warfare Drones specifically*, by 3km/level.

Repair Drone Operation (3x) Requires Drones V. Caldari. Amarr. Minmatar (5x) Requires Drones V adds 2%/level to damage done by T2 drones of the appropriate race. Drone Durability I Adds 5% to the repair amount per level. . Gallente. Salvage Drone Operation Propulsion Jamming Drone Interfacing These skills are believed to exist (and an agent used to offer the Salvage Drone Operation skillbook). (Racial) Drone Specialization.

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