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(September )Letters and Sounds Go Fish

(September )Letters and Sounds Go Fish

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Published by Shannon Martin

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Published by: Shannon Martin on Aug 08, 2011
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Letters and Sounds Go Fish

To play, deal out 4 cards to each player. Place the rest in the middle of the table...this is the "pond". Players take turns asking another player if they have a card ("Do you have a "B"?). If the player has the card, he gives it to the asking player. If not, he tells the player to "go fish" and the asking player draws a card from the pond. If a player gets the card they were seeking from either another player or the pond, he gets to take another turn. As players make matches, they lay them down Continue playing until all matches have been made. The player with the most matches wins. **You can choose to play having your child work on letter identification or letter sounds. If your child knows all the letters, I suggest playing with letter sounds. Players would ask for cards by giving the sounds instead of the letter names.

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