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Monsterpocalypse Now Rulebook

Monsterpocalypse Now Rulebook

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Published by Matt Brown

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Published by: Matt Brown on Aug 08, 2011
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A collision occurs when a monster is forced to move
through or occupy a space occupied by another monster
or a unit, hazard, or building. Many power attacks create
collisions, and some triggers can cause monsters to
collide, such as beat back .

• When a monster collides with a unit, the unit is crushed.

• When a monster collides with a building, the building is
destroyed and the monster takes 1 point of damage.

• When a monster collides with a hazard, the monster
suffers the effects of that hazard. A monster that
occupies a space when a hazard comes into play
there suffers the effects of that hazard.

• When a monster collides with another monster, both
monsters take 1 point of damage. Place the monster
that was moving in the last spaces it could occupy
before colliding with the other monster.

• When a hazard enters play (i.e., through the use of
an ability), all the fgures on the spaces the hazard
occupies collide with that hazard.

Note the difference between super damage and collision
damage. Being immune to super damage does not mean
you are immune to the extra damage from collisions!

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