The Family and Its Social Class Standing
1. Key Concepts Family Socialization of children Family decision making Family life cycle Traditional and nontraditional families y How does the family influence the socialization of children? What role does television play in consumer socialization? As a marketing consultant, you were retained by the Walt Disney Company to design a study investigating how families make vacation decisions. Who, within the family, would you interview? What kind of questions would you ask? How would you assess the relative power of each family member in making vacation-related decisions? Which of the five stages of the traditional family life cycle constitute the most lucrative segment(s) for the following products and services: (a) telephone party lines, (b) a Club Med vacation, (c) Domino¶s pizza, (d) compact disc players, (e) mutual funds, and (f) motor homes? Explain your answers. Identify one traditional family and one nontraditional family (or household) featured in a TV sitcom or series. (The two families/households can be featured in the same or in different television shows). Classify the traditional group into one stage of the traditional FLC. Classify the nontraditional group into one of the categories described in Table 10-6. Select two characters of the same gender and approximate age, one from each group, and compare their consumption behavior (such as clothes, furniture, stated or implied attitudes toward spending money). Key Concepts Measuring social class: Objective methods Subjective methods Reputational methods Income Social class





one catering to upper-middle class consumers and the other to lower class consumers. (b) opera subscriptions.. (c) People magazine subscriptions.g. and occupation)? When would you expect the composite social class measure to be superior? y 3. and (d) payment policies? Select two households featured in two different TV series or sitcoms. Key Concepts Social class Upper-middle class Lower class y You are the owner of two furniture stores. How do social class differences influence each store¶s: (a) product lines and styles. Why is the objective method preferred by researchers? Under what circumstances would you expect income to be a better predictor of consumer behavior than a composite measure of social class (e. education. education or income²is the most appropriate segmentation base for: (a) expensive vacations. and analyze its lifestyle and consumption behavior. and (g) health clubs? Under what circumstances would you expect income to be a better predictor of consumer behavior than a composite measure of social class (e. y . and occupation)? When would you expect the composite social-class measure to be superior? y 4.y Marketing researchers generally use the objective method to measure social class rather than the subjective or reputational methods. based on income. (b) advertising media selection.g. Key Concepts Segmentation variables Status Income Occupation Education y Which status related variable²occupation. based on income.. (d) fat-free foods. Classify each household into one of the social classes discussed in the text. education. (f) pocket-size cellular telephones. (e) personal computers. (c) the copy and communication style used in the ads.

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