Chocolate Bath Bombs

Description These are the simplest bath bombs you will ever make. They smell like chocolates and can be molded in candy molds or soap molds. These can be packaged up in cellophane bags or candy packaging. Recipe Mix thoroughly together in a stainless steel bowl 0.495 lb Citric Acid (7.92 oz) 0.565 lb Sodium Bicarbonate (9.04 oz) Separately gently melt on stovetop or microwave 0.25 lbs Natural Cocoa Butter (4 oz) Directions Separately mix citric acid and sodium bicarbonate thoroughly in a stainless steel bowl with stainless steel spoon or with gloved hands. In a separate stainless stain pot melt gently melt cocoa butter. Once completely melted, thoroughly mix the dry mixture with the melted cocoa butter. Immediately, manually pack soap or candy molds with mixture and put into the freezer. Allow to harden and remove from the freezer. The time will vary depending on the size of your soap or candy molds. Slip bath bombs out of the molds and package. Yield depends on size of molds Equipment Stainless steel bowl Stainless steel spoon Stainless steel pot (stovetop) or a glass or Pyrex bowl (microwave) Gloves (recommended) Soap or candy molds Alcohol to cleanse all equipment before use Ingredient List Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Theobroma cacao (Natural Cocoa) Butter.

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