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ABAP/4 Course


Workbench Program maintenance Screen Painter Menu Painter Transactions ABAP/4 Query Translation menu

ABAP/4 (SE38) Change/Display  Variants  Attributes (Logical Data Bases)  Documentation  Text Elements  Program Directory  Copy/Rename/Delete  Development Test  .

Development/Test      Run-time Analysis Extended Syntax Check Program References Pretty Printer Find Source String .

ABAP/4 Editor Check/Generate  Insert Statement  Split Line/Copy/Move.  Fetch  Position  Goto Menu  Utilities (Local/Global Search)  Upload/Download  Set/Display Breakpoints  Printing (Only a part ....)  ..

Insert Statement      Select * from Call Function Message Write Others e. **1.. *m .g. Comment (*.) . *f..

X)  Click on fields (Change Contents or Display)  Scroll in program source  Goto Menu  Set/Delete Breakpoint (Breakpoint At)  .ABAP/4 Debugger Single Step/Execute/Continue  Table (PgUp/PgDn/Format E.C.

ABAP/4 Programming           = Event-driven programming language Working with Reports Report Syntax and layout Declaring and Processing data Events and Flow Control Subroutines Reading and Processing Internal tables/Database tables Selection criteria and Parameters Working with Logical Databases Interactive Reporting .

Working with Reports Naming a Report (R/Z + M/F. + Name(6))  Creating Reports  Changing Reports  ...

Report Syntax and Layout Structure of the ABAP/4 Programming Language  ABAP/4 Report Layout  Inserting Ready-Made Strucures  .

..) Events (GET..Key Words     Declaratives (DATA.) Control (IF...) ...) Operational (WRITE.

Declaring and Processing data Constants/Variables  Assigning Values  Arithmetic Operations  Processing Text Fields  System Fields (SY-UZEIT. SY-DATUM)  .

START/END OF SELECTION.Events and Flow Control Event Key Words (GET. INITIALIZATION)  Events: Concept  Flow Control in ABAP/4  Flow Control: Concept  .

.. 1990 1991 .... .. ..Events: Concept LFA1 0000000001 0000000002 LFB1 0001 0002 0001 0002 LFC1 1990 1991 .. .

WRITE: 'Start'.. . ...Flow Control: Concept REPORT DEMO. .... IF LFA1-LAND1 = 'D'... ENDIF. . " processing block WRITE: . WRITE: . WRITE: 'Total:'. " processing block " processing block . END-OF-SELECTION. . GET LFB1. " processing block GET LFA1. .. . <declaration section> START-OF-SELECTION..

PERFORM X(Y)..Subroutines Definition  Calling Subroutines  Passing data between subroutines/reports (INCLUDE...)  Function Modules  .

Reading and Processing Internal Tables/Databases Definition (Internal Tables)  Filling Internal Tables  Reading/Changing and Sorting  SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/MODIFY/ DELETE  .

] [ORDER BY . SELECT SINGLE * FROM <dbtab> WHERE ..Simple Reading SELECT * FROM T005T WHERE LAND1 EQ 'D'. If the operation was successful.. SELECT * FROM <dbtab> APPENDING TABLE <itab> [WHERE . In this case.. the system field SY-SUBRC is set to 0. ENDSELECT...]. You have to specify the primary key in full... Note that there is no ENDSELECT here..] [ORDER BY . the WHERE condition may contain only equality conditions linked using AND. otherwise to 4. T005T-NATIO.]. .. WRITE: T005T-SPRAS. SELECT * FROM <dbtab> INTO TABLE <itab> [WHERE ..


Working with Logical Databases Display/Maintenance  ABAP/4 Key words for Logical Databases  Concept  .

Logical Data Bases Structure  Selections/Texts  Database Program (SAPDB<dba>)  Selection Screen  Documentation  Checking/Copying/Deleting/Details  .

ABAP/4 Course .

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