Various models of training

‡Transactional model ‡Systematic model ‡Instructional system development model(ISD) learning development.drreddys. Reddy lab Development Practice followed y Rotation of employees y Training in different models y Development at core level y Dr. Reddy s Leader s Talk Source: www.

Merits ‡Increased capacity to adopt new technology ‡Reduce employee turnover ‡Decreased need for supervision Demerits ‡may adopt bad habits of trainer ‡Inconsistent training ‡Improper guidance .

technical programs.marutisuzuki. ‡Outbound training for enhancing team building skills Source: www.Training programs followed ‡Foreign training done in Japan ‡Soft Skills Training ‡Annual training developmentpath .

MERITS ‡Effective knowledge transfer ‡Promotes creativity ‡Good exposure Demerits ‡Scheduling is difficult ‡Travel costs ‡High equipment cost ‡Differences from instructor to instructor .

com/careers/career development .hsbcusa.HSBC Training methods followed y y y y classroom instruction self-study programs peer training(experienced people) Web-based training Source: www.

Merits ‡Face to Face Contact ‡No Travel Cost ‡Revised Easily ‡Easy to modify Demerits ‡Requires Computer ‡Costly ‡Time Consuming .

TOYOTA TRAINING PERIOD 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 TRAINING PERIOD .

Training methods followed y On the job development y Internal training in head office y Working on 6 SIGMA basis Source: .toyota.

Merits ‡Personal growth ‡Handling complex situations ‡Handling new challenges Demerits ‡Time consuming ‡Costly in terms of instructor-to-trainee ratio ‡Scheduling is difficult .

SUGGESTIONS FOR DEVELOPMENT y Attractive training and practical approach y Drug verification is very important y Making database and seeing that how well the learning process is supporting the company in achieving Organization goals .

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