A customer entering the HUB would complete a Registration Form.

Based on the customer’s responses to the various questions, they would be directed to the appropriate entry point or staff for assistance.

Greeter: Customer Enters OneStop, Completes Registration Form.

Self-Directed: Resume Software, OnLine Job Search


Group: Orientations every Mon. & Thurs.

Customer C hooses Core Services

Staff-Assisted: Orientation, Initial Assessment, Resume, Advice, Direction, Job Search & Placement

Group: Job Search Workshops
Customer Chooses core and/or Intensive Services

Job Link: Resume, Cover Letter, Job Search Activities, Referral to Supportive Services



Case Managem ent & Follow-Up

Consideratio n for WIA/TAA/VST P/VR2 or other Enrollment

Training Services: Occupational Skills Training, OJT’s, Vocational Training, Etc. Staff Assisted: Orientation, Initial Assessment, Employment Plan, Financial Aid Resources, Supportive Services

Customer Service Representativ es:

C ustomer C hooses C ore Services
SelfDirecte d Service s Group Service s

SelfDirected: Internet, Software Assessment Tools, OCIS

Custome r Chooses core and/or Intensive Services

Customer Chooses Intensive Services to seek ITA or other funding for Training Services

Staff Assiste d Service s

Customer Chooses C ore Services

Staff Assisted: Orientation, Initial Assessment, Testing & Interpretation, Career counseling

Career Lab: Information on Careers, LMI, Education & Training Programs, Skill & Interest Testing, Skill Enhancement, Referral to Supportive Services

Ser vic e Are a

Group: Career Exploration PreEmployment Workshops, Testing


Job Seeker Flow Chart


The Employmnet netWork

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