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Postal manual volume I contains the following Acts and Rules:The Indian Post office Act 1898 The Indian Post office Rules, 1933 The Government Savings Banks Act 1873 The Post office Cash Certificates Act 1917 The Post office Savings Banks (Nomination) Rules, 1960 The Government Savings Certificates Act, 1959 The Government Savings Certificates Rules, 1960 Post Boxes order, 1956 6. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME II Volume II Contains Rules relating to: Organization of the Department, Appeal and petition, Institutions and defense of civil suits, Criminal proceedings, Employment of Govt. pleader, Compensation for loss of property, Medical aid, Security deposits, Stock, Forged, counterfeit and defaced postage stamps, coins and currency, Printings, Contracts, Buildings, Budget estimates and control and Misc. rules relating to official display of National flag, National anthe m and National song, Naming and Changing of name of Post office, Correspondence, Cover containing official documents, Initial and signing the documents, Erasing , Case mark system, Personal files, Manual correction slip, Admittance of strang er, Maintenance of order and tidiness in office, Inland Postal Service articles, Transmission of official correspondence by foreign Post, Service money order, R eports and returns, Secret and confidential papers, Books and publications, Maps

(2) Rules for guidance of Depositors in Post office Savings Bank. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-IV (WITHOUT APPENDICES) This Postal manual contains general rules relating to: Appointment and Promotion Transfer and Posting Leaves Pension and Gratuities and Special rules for Appointment and Promotion of: Gazetted Officers of Post office and RMS Non-gazetted officer of Post office and RMS Class-IV servants of Post office and RMS Class-IV servants of Circle office Class-IV servants of Postal Dispensaries and General Rules relating to: Revision of Establishments and Establishment of Post offices and RMS. 8.I Junior and Senior Time Scale . 7. (3) The cash Certificate rules.. Publication for sale. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-IV (APPENDICES) This Volume consists of Appendices relating to: Rules for recruitment of Indian Postal Services Class. and (4) Compilation of fundamental and supplementary Rules. Control and Appeal) Rules 1965. Deep changing of surname. Annual Reports. and Schedules showing the administrative powers of the different classes of O fficers of the Indian Postal Department. Control and Appeal) Rules 1965. Produ ction of record before Courts. Uniforms. Rules relating to appointments. Other than those vested in and exercise d by them under (1) the Indian Post office Act and the Indian Post office Rules. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME III This postal manual contains rules on the following chapters and sche dules: Discipline Central Civil Services (Classification. Departmental Ident ity Card. and appeal of employees exclude d from the operation of the Central Civil Services (Classification. Thumb and finger impression. penalties. Behavior with Public. 9.

Rules for recruitment to the Post of Daftaries and Jamadars. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME V This volume contains the rules on the following subjects: - . Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asst. Rules) Grant of honoraria for setting Question Papers. Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asstt. In Postal Circle Office Rules for recruitment to the Post of Staff Car Driver Rules for recruitment to the Post of Auxilliary Nurse Midwives Rules for recruitment to the Post of Nurses (non. In PSD. Rules for recruitment to the Post of Accounts officer. Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Asst.Rules for recruitment of the Post of Time Scale Clerks of Post offices and Sorter in RMS Rules for recruitment to the service of RMS Sorters and clerks in Post offi ces Rules for recruitment to the service of clerk in RLO Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of Postmen. Volunteers for Army Postal Services Central Civil Services (Extra Ordinary Pension. Village Postman and mail gua rds. in Circle offices and Ad ministrative offices. Syllabus for on the job training of candidates appointed as clerks in Mail M otor Service. in CSD.resident) 10. Supdt. Posts and Inspector Posts Rules for recruitment to the Post of Office Supdt. SBCO Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Overseer Rules for recruitment to the Post of Asstt. Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of Stenographer. Rules relating to Departmental Examination. Rules for recruitment to Work Shops and Stores Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of PA. Valuation of Answer books a nd for Supervision and Investigation duties in respect of various Departmental E xamination. Hindi Supervisors. Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asst.

Valuable Payable Articles and Miscellaneous Rules. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-VI Part-I This Postal manual contains rules relating to: Mails.Definitions Miscellaneous Rules Investigation Transmission of mails under the weighment system and appendices relating to rules for treatment of Navel Mail by Post and RMS offices Issue of Sorting List and Conventions Period of Preservation of Records 11. Delivery. Registration. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-VI Part-III This Postal manual contains rules relating to: Sub-accounts. Duties of Postman. 12. Duties of Letter Box Attendants and Appendices. Parcel. Deposits. . Sorting. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-VI Part-II This Postal manual contains rules relating to: Money Orders. Accounts in Sub Post Offices. Insured. Indian Postal Orders. British Postal Orders and Irish Postal Orders 13.

Mailmen and Van Attendants. Bag Accounting. Rules related to Circle Offic es. Personal duties of Assistant Superintendents/ Inspectors of Railway Mail Se rvice. 15. Breaks and Accidents.14. Misc. . Record offices. Mail Operations. Personal duties of Overseers and Postmen. List of work-papers issued to Sections and Mail Offices and. Governing the Relations between Railway Administration and Post office in regard to train timings. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-VIII Postal Manual Volume VIII contains Rules relating to: Personal duties of Heads of Circles and Misc. Personal duties of Assistant Superintendents of Post/ Inspectors of Posts. Sorting Mail Offices. Returned Letter Offices. Camp Articles. Rules relating to Railway Mail Services. Stock Depots. Personal duties of Town Inspector Of Post offices/ Public Inspector of Post offices. POSTAL MANUAL VOLUME-VII Postal Manual Volume VII contains Rules relating to: Transit Section and Mail Offices.

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