Empty Plainness itʼs so heinous canʼt fuckin bathe these jeansʼ hand-me-down but they fit me just the

same empty stomach, just ate bagel cream and a banana V8 walk down the hall feet do the walkin people pass by, nobodyʼs talkin my head face the ground unable to see the approachin mound I fall, I fall, I fall lower than an oil drill like my paper fresh donʼt pay my bills now Iʼm feelin betta silver ring, nʼ sweata Weezy in my ear, no david guetta shoot the long three, never seen it wetta imagine this whole thing came from one cause Iʼm followin the brick road but I donʼt see no Oz anyhow Iʼm a pompous rich boy, right weʼll see, pull off that jacket, letʼs settle this out tonight go home, write it down, now itʼs a story attach the untitled folder maybe youʼll be proud of it when you get older.

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