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Chap 005

Chap 005


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Beth gives Megan $2 allowance a week. Then she takes Megan shopping and allows her to select
what she wants to buy. If the item desired costs more than $2, Megan's mother suggests she save
her money until she has enough saved to pay for the desired item. When Megan purchases the
item, she is allowed to make her own selection, pay for it herself, and engage in interaction
necessary with the sales clerk. In this way, Megan's mother encourages the development of:

a.consumer acclamation.
b.consumer socialization.
c.consumer enculturation.
d.purchasing socialization.
e.purchasing enculturation.

Answer: b

Page: 113
Rationale: Consumer socialization is the process by which people acquire the skills, knowledge,
and attitudes necessary to function as consumers.

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