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Chap 005

Chap 005


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Keisha is in the process of buying a new car appropriate to her role as the newest vice president at
her company. She was overheard telling a co-worker, "The Volvo has reclining bucket seats, but
the Cadillac has front and back stereo speakers." In which stage of the purchase decision process
is Keisha?

a.Problem recognition
b.Information search
c.Alternative evaluation
d.Purchase decision
e.Post purchase evaluation

Answer: c

Page: 101
Rationale: The problem recognition stage was prompted by the need for appropriate
transportation; the information search stage helped the consumer to collect needed information to
use to seek value; the alternative evaluation stage provides evaluative criteria by which to make a
decision. In this case the purchase will be a car, the bucket seats or an exceptional stereo
represent the alternatives that need to be evaluated.

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