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Stripes and Polka Dots!

Contents of the full download include:
EIGHT original designs Six full-page original frames for borders Six original name plate designs Three pages of 2x4 labels in six designs Two pages of note cards ALL the frames in both JPG and PNG formats

You May Use In Your Own Products!

You may use my designs in your own products if you include a link to either my TpT store or my website:


Thank you!

Created By Tracee Orman
Copyright 2011, Tracee Orman

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Some Thumbnails of the pages (18 pages total):

Stripes and Polka Dots! Copyright 2011, Tracee Orman

Stripes and Polka Dots!

PLUS, you get all 8 designs in 16 JPG & PNG files:

Copyright 2011, Tracee Orman

Stripes and Polka Dots!

How can I use these?
Scissors Pencils Bookmarks
Lost & Found

Erasers Glue Rulers Stickers 2p.m.

Label Items!

You can create a text box directly over the label or print and write. You can also import the JPG file into any document, size to suit your needs, and type your label titles.

Reading Corner Tylenol Mrs. Reader Room 101

Chocolate Fix

edelia Amelia B
Teachers Secret Stash of School Supplies
(You know we all have these!)

za Joey Pig

Use for Name Plates!

inus Micky M

Label students desks, cubbies, crates, and work stations. Product/Stripes-Polka-Dots-LabelsFrames-Borders-Name-Plates

Write Notes!
Ready-made notes are great for communication home or to praise a student. You should probably write a hand-written note to your grandma if you havent for a while. I bet shed fter love that. (And To Do Al: o o h c S thank your s y a s s e e d -Gra custodian, too!) Diet
store: -Stop at fee cream, pop, cof ugh, milk, cookie doree gum, sugar-f er, dog p toilet pa argarita food, m p stick mix, cha ners: See -Dry Clea n get dry a if they c rker stains a m erase irt out of sh pizza for -Pick up per sup TpT! -Shop on

Great job, Molly! Im proud of you! -Mrs. O

David went to the nurse today after inserting a rock in his nose at recess. They got it out & he says he feels fine. Just wanted to let you know! -Mrs. O

AnnThanks for doing such a wonderful job sweeping my room each night! You are the greatest!

Dear NanaI have an interesting amazing group of kids this year! See you next weekend at the cook-out. Love, Your favorite granddaughter

Fun with Numbers Flashcards 4 + 6 =

Math & Literacy Fun!

By #1 Teacher
(Border by

Create Cute Lessons & New Products!

Your products are sure to sell with these ultra-hip, super cute borders. Then you can tell them you found them here! :)