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Sentence Practice 01

Sentence Practice 01

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Published by: nejinjja on Aug 09, 2011
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Some of these are noun 이/가 object 을/를 verb sentences. Other ones are noun 은/는 noun 이다 sentences.

Don't worry about things like “the” or “a” or similar. I like apples. (like: 좋아하다 / apple: 사과) I hate icecream. (hate: 싫어하다 / icecream: 아이스크림) He is a business man. (business man: 회사원) She is pretty. (pretty: 예쁘다) My dog ate my homework. (my: 제 or 내 / dog: 강아지 / eat: 먹다/ homework: 숙제) The teacher writes a letter. (teacher: 선생님 / write: 쓰다 / letter: 편지) I read the book. (read: 읽다 / book: 책) I watch TV. (watch: 보다 / TV: 텔레비전) She is making a call. (making a call: 전화하다) The teacher hits the student. (hit: 치다 / student: 학생) I open the door. (open: 열다 / door: 문) I close the window. (close: 닫다 / window: 창문) We drink soju. (we: 우리 / drink: 마시다 / soju: 소주) My dad rides a motorbike. (dad: 아버지 / rides: 타다 / motorbike: 모터바이크) My sister wears a dress. (sister: 동생 / wear: 입다 / dress: 원피스) I drop the ball. (drop: 떨어지다 / ball: 공) My older brother is an actor. (older brother: 형 / actor: 배우) My friend is Korean. (friend: 친구 / Korean: 한국 사람) My girlfriend hates my younger brother. (girlfriend: 여자친구 / hate: 싫어하다 / younger brother: 동생)

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