UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL The Situation in the Korean Peninsula

The Republic of Korea, being directly involved, is gravely concerned about the current situation in the Korean Peninsula. The constant breaking of pacts including the NPT has resulted in the failure of almost every attempt by South Korea to move towards a peaceful agreement.

Immediately after the United Nations General Assembly resolution regarding the division of the Korean Peninsula, the occupants of the north have tried their level best to end all possible attempts of passive negotiation.

South Korea condemns the idea of nuclear weapon utilization and its constitution s Deterrent Policy, is adequate proof for the same. Uranium enrichment has grown to become the root cause for the current state of unrest within the peninsular region itself. Recalling previous events, the Republic of Korea stresses upon the fact that the use of spies and two nuclear tests in October 2006 and May 2009, have made North Korea a threat in the global eye. In this regard, South Korea appreciates the adoption of Resolution 1874 by the Security Council, which deals with tougher sanctions for North Korea.

Historical evidence following the Korean War only proves that it is, in fact, the north that is to blame for the crisis. In effort to improve relations, as a part of President Kim Dae-Jung s

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UNSC . Yet. If not. the consequences of a nuclear war are terrifying to contemplate. South Korea has continued its effort. South Korea is the largest foreign investor in North Korea. Six-Party Talks among South Korea. Jayavardhan Singh © The Delegate of the Republic of Korea. North Korea. Russia and the United States of America were joined and later quit by Pyongyang. and in turn expecting no less from its northern neighbors.Sunshine Policy . South Korea offered and hence provided both economic and humanitarian aid to North Korea. Today. a truce can be reached that will clear the tension in the peninsula. Seoul is tying aid to Pyongyang s compliance in the denuclearization process. After the election of President Lee Myung Bak. China. It remains South Korea s hope that by continuing its work in regard to the formation of a peaceful treaty. Japan.

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