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Montigue on the High Seas Name _________________

1. In this story, coming down in buckets means_____________ A. pails are falling from the sky B. it is raining very hard C. the animals fell into the bucket 2. Montigue leaves his first home because ___________. A. it is too cold B. he is very lonely C. the rain floods it 3. What is the dark shadow under Montigues bottle? A. an octopus B. a seahorse C. a humpback whale 4. Our home is warm and ________. A. cozy B. drifted C. looming 5. What are the mice afraid of? A. Barnacles B. The sailors C. Whales 6. This story is most likely a fantasy because the story_________. A. could not happen in the real world B. has no author A. does not teach a lesson

7. What happens first in the story? A. Montigue falls out of a fishs mouth B. A whale throws Montigue into the air C. A cat chases Montigue 8. The little boat _______on the water. B. fleet C. cozy D. drifted 9. The words scuttled and scurried tell about ways _______. E. animals move quickly F. to sink a ship G. sailors get around a ship 10. When the sun went down, we _______we would not be home before dark. A. launched B. drifted C. realized