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See how your donation helps infants and toddlers learn and grow! Your donation can help the Early On® Michigan Foundation work for better beginnings for infants and toddlers in Michigan. Early On® Michigan provides a statewide, interagency system of early intervention services for infants and toddlers (birth to three) with special needs and their families. Early On® encourages family-centered, communitybased service delivery. A local service coordinator works with the family and providers on developing a specific plan for the child and family. This system needs more resources to serve the needs of all eligible children and families. You can help meet the needs the system cannot otherwise afford. The Foundation provides grants in: Direct Service Provision, Personnel Training, Research-based Best Practices, Public Awareness and Outreach, and Family Involvement.

Early On® Michigan Foundation

Levels of Giving
Golden Supporters

Legacy Advocates

Corporate Caregivers

Golden Supporters
· $150,000 or more.

Legacy Advocates
· $50,000 - $150,000.


Corporate Caregivers Visionaries
· $1,000 - $49,999.

· Leadership support from the corporate community.

Heritage Advocates

Heritage Advocates

· Any dollar amount. · Donors who serve or have served as Early On® Coordinators, service providers, State Interagency Team Members, State Interagency Coordinating Council Members, Michigan Interagency Coordinating Council Members, or other interagency partners. · Any dollar amount. · Early On® alumni or families whose children were served by Early On®. · Any amount up to $1,000. · $100 or more. · First fifty founding donors.

Early On® Alumni Supporters

Early On® Alumni Supporters Friends


Fifty Founders

Fifty Founders

EOMF is a tax deductible, non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.


Early On® Michigan Foundation · 13109 Schavey Rd., Suite 4 · DeWitt, MI 48820 · (517) 668-0185

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