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Review Skills (100%),It Essentials v 4.1 by Arden Ndege

Review Skills (100%),It Essentials v 4.1 by Arden Ndege

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Published by: Joe Thorn on Aug 09, 2011
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Refer to the exhibit. Which button will close the window? A B C D
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) Use tools that are the right size and right type. Bottom of Form 4 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. Keep cutting tools sharp and in a good condition.Refer to the exhibit. In Windows XP. Which of the icons on the Word toolbar can be used to paste text copied from or another application? A B C D Bottom of Form 3 Top of Form Which two general precautions should be followed when using hand tools? (Choose two. Carry the tools used most often in your pockets. Always carry pointed tools by your side with the pointed end up. what is the purpose of the button pictured? delete a folder open a folder add a file to a folder .

move up a level in the folder tree Bottom of Form 5 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. Which button will minimize the window? A B . Which operation begins with the user clicking on the Start button? turn on the computer start a program that is highlighted on the desktop log off or shut down the computer change the BIOS configuration Bottom of Form 6 Top of Form Which device allows you to point and click? hard drive mouse printer video card Bottom of Form 7 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.

C D Bottom of Form 8 Top of Form Which precaution should be taken before any electronic component is removed from a computer system? place the computer on an insulating mat make sure that the computer is unplugged attach a grounding wire to the case use only approved metal tools Bottom of Form 9 Top of Form The failure rate in a certain brand of network interface card has been determined to be 15%. How many cards could be expected to fail in a company that has 80 of the cards installed? 8 10 12 15 Bottom of Form 10 Top of Form Which component is an input device? CPU hard drive mouse printer RAM Bottom of Form .

A portion of the Start menu is shown. How would a user access e-mail? right-click the Outlook icon and choose Run from the drop-down menu highlight the Outlook icon and click the Start button right-click the Outlook icon. which is a collection of subfolders and files a Word document stored on the disk . then press the Windows key on the keyboard left-click the Outlook icon Bottom of Form 12 Top of Form It is anticipated that a company-wide system upgrade will take approximately 60 person-hours to complete. How long will it take five technicians to perform the refresh? 5 hours 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours Bottom of Form 13 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. What does the symbol shown represent? a folder.11 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit.

What is the meaning of "04:08" in the bottom-right corner of the Windows XP screen? date time aspect ratio of the screen dimensions of the current window Bottom of Form 15 Top of Form A local real estate company can have its 25 computer systems upgraded for $1000. Carry all tools in hands for easy access.a database file a program that is used to navigate the files stored on a disk Bottom of Form 14 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. how much will the upgrade cost if the same rate is used? $100 $200 $400 $500 $600 Bottom of Form 16 Top of Form When climbing a ladder. If the compan chooses only to upgrade 10 systems. . what is the proper way to carry tools? Carry all tools in a proper toolbelt.

) keyboard monitor mouse printer Bottom of Form 20 Top of Form Which component would be located inside the computer case? . Bottom of Form 17 Top of Form What are two types of printers? (Choose two.) carbon transfer inkjet laser LCD Bottom of Form 18 Top of Form Which component is responsible for performing all of the arithmetic and logical operations within a computer? controller card hard drive processor RAM Bottom of Form 19 Top of Form Which two devices are output devices? (Choose two.Carry all tools in clothing pockets to keep hands free. Carry tools with one hand only to keep one hand free to assist in climbing.

monitor printer RAM USB hard drive Bottom of Form 21 Top of Form Which two questions should be answered before using any hand tool? (Choose two.) Is it in good condition? Is it the proper tool for the job? Is the color code correct? Is it accepted internationally? Bottom of Form 22 Top of Form Which hardware component must be installed in a PC to provide network connectivity? PCI bus serial port network interface card expansion slot Bottom of Form 23 Top of Form .

The user highlighted an icon and then pressed Enter.Refer to the exhibit. Which type of storage is shown? DVD floppy disk hard drive USB thumb drive Bottom of Form 24 Top of Form Which two devices provide data storage? (Choose two.) CD-RW hard drive keyboard monitor Bottom of Form 25 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. The user right-clicked a desktop icon. The user highlighted an icon and then pressed the Esc key. Bottom of Form . What caused the pictured menu to appear on the user's screen? The user double-clicked a desktop icon.

What is the meaning of the small arrow in the lower-left corner of the icon? close the application delete the application open the application using the shortcut remove the application from the Recycle Bin Bottom of Form 28 Top of Form Which problem could occur if a screwdriver is used to pry the top off of a computer case? The screwdriver could slip and cause harm to the technician or to nearby individuals. The screwdriver could cause deformation to the adapter cards.26 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. The screwdriver could break and short out the motherboard. Which button will maximize the window? A B C D Bottom of Form 27 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. .

Bottom of Form 30 Top of Form How can a section of text in a Notepad document be highlighted to be copied to another location within the document? click the Copy icon. then drag the pointer over the text to be copied double-click the words to be copied move the pointer to the start of the text to be copied. Groups of menu items alternate black and gray to make them easier to find. paste. how many cans should be ordered for 8 technicians over the next 10 weeks? 48 96 160 . move the pointer the end of the text. causing the motherboard to short circuit. copy. or delete. There is no text to cut. Bottom of Form 29 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. press the Windows key. so these operations are unavailable. drag the pointer to the end of the text. and click the Copy icon click at the start of the text. so this operation is unavailable. then release the button Bottom of Form 31 Top of Form If a technician uses an average of 2 cans of compressed air per week for cleaning. while the other items are in gray? Commands are shown in black. There are no operations to undo. while edit operations are shown in gray.The screwdriver could scratch the case. Why is Undo in black.

1152 2304 Bottom of Form 32 Top of Form Which device has adjustable brightness and contrast settings? keyboard monitor mouse speaker Bottom of Form 33 Top of Form Which precaution should be taken when using cleaning solvents? use solvents only in confined spaces to avoid exposing others to the vapors use solvents away from sources of ignition pour excess solvents down the drain use large amounts of solvents to ensure thorough cleaning Bottom of Form 34 Top of Form Refer to the exhibit. Which device is illustrated? CD-ROM computer case .

laptop monitor Bottom of Form .

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