This office park "zoo" has been around as a traveling zoo for several years and now operates

as a not-for-profit business. The animals all live in tiny mesh or -profit plastic cages crammed into a windowless garage-like building. The place serves like no educational or conservati purpose - the animals exhibit unnatural behavior conservation and none of them will ever be returned to their native habitat.
The "Bucks County Zoo & Conservation Society" houses dozens of animals in a brick building located in a suburban office park. Most recently, this "zoo" received lots of local attention for its acquisition of a baby white Siberian tiger now named "Yuki". The baby tiger was forcibly separated from her mother while she was still nursing and brought to the office park when she was just a few weeks old, where she was soon rented out for birthday parties and photo opportunities. When she is no longer useful for those purposes, she'll be shipped t a facility in Florida. to

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