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The Ricky Gervais Handbook - Everything you need to know about Ricky Gervais

The Ricky Gervais Handbook - Everything you need to know about Ricky Gervais

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Ricky Dene Gervais (born 25 June 1961) is a British comedian, actor, director, producer, musician and writer. Gervais achieved mainstream fame with his television series The Office and the subsequent series Extras, both of which he co-wrote and co-directed with friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant. In addition to writing and directing the shows, Gervais also played the lead roles of David Brent in The Office and Andy Millman in Extras. Gervais has also starred in a number of Hollywood films, assuming leading roles in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. He has performed on four sell-out stand-up comedy tours, written the best-selling Flanimals book series and starred with Merchant and Karl Pilkington in the most downloaded podcast in the world as of March 2009, The Ricky Gervais Show.

He has won a multitude of awards and honours, including seven BAFTA Awards, two British Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award and the 2006 Rose d'Or, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. In 2007 he was voted the 11th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 3rd greatest stand-up comic. In 2010, he was named on the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people. Gervais hosted both the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

This book is your ultimate resource for Ricky Gervais. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: The Ricky Gervais Show, List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes, The Office (UK TV series), Dog Eat Dog (film), Valiant (2005 film), For Your Consideration (film), Night at the Museum, Stardust (2007 film), Ghost Town (film), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Invention of Lying, SpongeBob's Truth or Square, Cemetery Junction (film), Flanimals, The Muppets (film), The 11 O'Clock Show, Comedy Lab, Bruiser (TV series), Meet Ricky Gervais, The Sketch Show, Alias (TV series), Extras, Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife, Louie (TV series), An Idiot Abroad, Conan (TV series), Life's Too Short

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Ricky Dene Gervais (born 25 June 1961) is a British comedian, actor, director, producer, musician and writer. Gervais achieved mainstream fame with his television series The Office and the subsequent series Extras, both of which he co-wrote and co-directed with friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant. In addition to writing and directing the shows, Gervais also played the lead roles of David Brent in The Office and Andy Millman in Extras. Gervais has also starred in a number of Hollywood films, assuming leading roles in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. He has performed on four sell-out stand-up comedy tours, written the best-selling Flanimals book series and starred with Merchant and Karl Pilkington in the most downloaded podcast in the world as of March 2009, The Ricky Gervais Show.

He has won a multitude of awards and honours, including seven BAFTA Awards, two British Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award and the 2006 Rose d'Or, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. In 2007 he was voted the 11th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 3rd greatest stand-up comic. In 2010, he was named on the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people. Gervais hosted both the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

This book is your ultimate resource for Ricky Gervais. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: The Ricky Gervais Show, List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes, The Office (UK TV series), Dog Eat Dog (film), Valiant (2005 film), For Your Consideration (film), Night at the Museum, Stardust (2007 film), Ghost Town (film), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Invention of Lying, SpongeBob's Truth or Square, Cemetery Junction (film), Flanimals, The Muppets (film), The 11 O'Clock Show, Comedy Lab, Bruiser (TV series), Meet Ricky Gervais, The Sketch Show, Alias (TV series), Extras, Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife, Louie (TV series), An Idiot Abroad, Conan (TV series), Life's Too Short

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • The Ricky Gervais Show
  • List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes
  • The Office (UK TV series)
  • Dog Eat Dog (film)
  • Valiant (2005 film)
  • For Your Consideration (film)
  • Night at the Museum
  • Stardust (2007 film)
  • Ghost Town (film)
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
  • The Invention of Lying
  • SpongeBob's Truth or Square
  • Cemetery Junction (film)
  • Flanimals
  • The Muppets (film)
  • The 11 O'Clock Show
  • Comedy Lab
  • Bruiser (TV series)
  • Meet Ricky Gervais
  • The Sketch Show
  • Alias (TV series)
  • Extras
  • Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
  • "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife"
  • Louie (TV series)
  • An Idiot Abroad
  • Conan (TV series)
  • Life's Too Short
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Ricky Dene Gervais (born 25 June 1961) is a British comedian, actor, director, producer, musician and writer.

Gervais achieved mainstream fame with his television series The Office and the subsequent series Extras, both of which he co-wrote and co-directed with friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant. In addition to writing and directing the shows, Gervais also played the lead roles of David Brent in The Office and Andy Millman in Extras. Gervais has also starred in a number of Hollywood films, assuming leading roles in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. He has performed on four sell-out stand-up comedy tours, written the best-selling Flanimals book series and starred with Merchant and Karl Pilkington in the most downloaded podcast in the world as of March 2009, The Ricky Gervais Show. He has won a multitude of awards and honours, including seven BAFTA Awards, two British Comedy Awards, two Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award and the 2006 Rose d’Or, as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. In 2007 he was voted the 11th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 3rd greatest stand-up comic. In 2010, he was named on the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people. Gervais hosted both the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globe Awards. This book is your ultimate resource for Ricky Gervais. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career and Personal life right away: The Ricky Gervais Show, List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes, The Office (UK TV series), Dog Eat Dog (film), Valiant (2005 film), For Your Consideration (film), Night at the Museum, Stardust (2007 film), Ghost Town (film), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Invention of Lying, SpongeBob’s Truth or Square, Cemetery Junction (film), Flanimals, The Muppets (film), The 11 O’Clock Show, Comedy Lab, Bruiser (TV series), Meet Ricky Gervais, The Sketch Show, Alias (TV series), Extras, Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife, Louie (TV series), An Idiot Abroad, Conan (TV series), Life’s Too Short Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Everything you need to know about Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais


Ricky Gervais

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Ricky Gervais The Ricky Gervais Show List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes The Office (UK TV series) Dog Eat Dog (film) Valiant (2005 film) For Your Consideration (film) Night at the Museum Stardust (2007 film) Ghost Town (film) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian The Invention of Lying SpongeBob's Truth or Square Cemetery Junction (film) Flanimals The Muppets (film) The 11 O'Clock Show Comedy Lab Bruiser (TV series) Meet Ricky Gervais The Sketch Show Alias (TV series) Extras Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife Louie (TV series) An Idiot Abroad Conan (TV series) Life's Too Short 1 15 25 33 42 44 49 53 58 65 69 77 81 85 89 92 96 99 100 103 105 109 125 133 136 139 142 153

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Larry David. England Stand-up. In addition to writing and directing the shows. American culture. religion Garry Shandling. race relations. McPhee in Night at the Museum http:/ / www. Bertram Pincus in Ghost Town Dr. Gervais also played the lead roles of David Brent in The Office and Andy Millman in Extras. television. Woody Allen Jane Fallon (1982–present) David Brent in The Office Andy Millman in Extras Himself in The Ricky Gervais Show Dr.[2] The Ricky Gervais Show. relationships. actor. Cringe humor British culture. Gervais has also starred in a number of Hollywood films. books.[1] born 25 June 1961) is a British comedian.K. Improvisational comedy. music. obesity. both of which he co-wrote and co-directed with friend and frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant. rickygervais. . film. Louis C.. Jerry Seinfeld.Ricky Gervais 1 Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais Gervais at the 2007 BAFTAs Birth name Born Medium Nationality Years active Genres Subject(s) Influences Domestic partner(s) Notable works and roles Ricky Dene Gervais 25 June 1961Reading. body image. producer. podcast British 1983–present Observational comedy. musician and writer. director. assuming leading roles in Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. current events. Gervais achieved mainstream fame with his television series The Office and the subsequent series Extras. He has performed on four sell-out stand-up comedy tours. written the best-selling Flanimals book series and starred with Merchant and Karl Pilkington in the most downloaded podcast in the world as of March 2009. self-deprecation. com/ Website Ricky Dene Gervais (English pronunciation: /dʒərˈveɪz/. radio. everyday life.

The singles failed to break the top 40—with "More to Lose" charting at number 117 and "Bitter Heart" peaking at 70 in the UK singles charts. (née House. as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. In 2007 he was voted the 11th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4's 100 Greatest Stand-Ups and again in the updated 2010 list as the 3rd greatest stand-up comic.[8] During Xfm London's The Ricky Gervais Show and in further newspaper interviews with The Independent. one Golden Globe Award and the 2006 Rose d'Or. In 2010.Ricky Gervais He has won a multitude of awards and honours. Gervais and his friend Bill Macrae formed a pop duo. Gervais noted that he believes his birth was unplanned due to the age difference between his youngest sibling and himself. They were signed by London Records. and Bob (born 1950). emigrated while on foreign duty during the Second World War from London. along with siblings Larry (born 1945).[14] Career Music In his final year as a student at UCL (University College London).[4] was born and raised in the suburb of Whitley in Reading. Jane Fallon. During one interview with The Independent. Gervais later had a band called the Sacred Hearts. before moving on to University College London in 1979. He and Merchant also contributed sketches to BBC Radio 1's The Breezeblock in 1999 and 2000.[17] Needing an assistant. with whom he has been in a relationship since 1982.[9] He has claimed that his father was "drunk when he filled in the birth certificate". The CV belonged to Stephen Merchant. Jerry met Gervais's mother. a Franco-Ontarian. Gervais tells the author that even his mother admitted his birth was unplanned. .[13] It was also during his time at UCL that he met Jane Fallon.[3] Gervais hosted both the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globe Awards. 1925–2000). He arrived to study biology but changed to philosophy after only two weeks[12] and earned upper second-class honours degree in the subject. Berkshire. two British Comedy Awards.[16] where he continued working until he took a similar job as "head of speech" at Xfm London. During the interview at a local pub. made fun of each other regularly. Seona Dancing.[7] and they settled in Whitley.[11] Gervais attended Whitley Park Infants and Junior Schools and received his secondary education at Ashmead Comprehensive School. which was being produced by his girlfriend. Merchant agreed to do "all the boring stuff" because of his experience in media studies while Gervais "mess[ed] around". She died aged 74 of lung cancer. Gervais interviewed the first person whose curriculum vitae he saw. which Ian Camfield described as Gervais's Bon Jovi phase. Canada. in 1983. two Emmy Awards. Gervais was made redundant when the station was taken over by the Capital Radio group. he was named on the Time 100 list of the world's most influential people.[10] Gervais has stated that his upbringing and childhood were stable and trauma-free.[5] [6] during a blackout. He claims that his family. Lawrence Raymond 'Jerry' Gervais (1919–2002). Marsha (born 1948).[18] In 1998. leading to the unusual spelling of his middle name. "much like The Waltons". Gervais was music adviser for the BBC drama This Life. Eva Sophia M. Ontario. including seven BAFTA Awards. Radio Gervais later worked as an events manager for the University of London Union (ULU). with a high level of honesty and openness between his family members.[15] According to the 20 December 2003 Ricky Gervais Show. Gervais's father. 2 Early life Gervais. which released two of their singles—"More to Lose" and "Bitter Heart".

both series of Spaced finished airing before The Office premiered. and Pilkington. and the apparent parody of this style with When The Whistle Blows. The Independent newspaper has described Gervais as "obsessed by his own celebrity". In August 2008 Gervais.' list programmes. which were released on 16 September 2008. and Pilkington recorded their fifth season of audiobooks. Gervais went on to present his own comedy chat show for Channel 4 called Meet Ricky Gervais. On 5 January 2006. Merchant. Two years later. On 25 and 26 December of the same year Channel 4 aired similar specials in which he interviewed the actor/comedian . having gained an average of 261.Ricky Gervais After the first series of The Office. Ricky Gervais Meets. "Who wouldn't want to be Peter Lawford in a comedy Rat Pack?" in reference to Ricky Gervais Meets. Podcast On 5 December 2005 Guardian Unlimited began offering free weekly podcasts featuring Gervais. in which his character used as many expletives as was possible and produced an inordinate amount of politically incorrect statements. His one-off show Golden Years focused on a David Bowie–obsessed character called Clive Meadows. these had to be called audiobooks in accordance with iTunes policy). Gervais and Merchant returned to Xfm in November 2001 for a Saturday radio show. Gervais also appeared in a few of Channel 4's 'Top 100.[20] Throughout this time. it was poorly received and has since been mocked by Gervais himself. it is speculated that the cameo is indeed The Office character David Brent.. taking in the clash between the broad comedy of characters Barry (Shaun Williamson) and Darren (Stephen Merchant).670 downloads per episode during its first month. "particularly in the second series". Gervais also wrote for the BBC sketch show Bruiser and The Jim Tavare Show. however. Merchant. after the conclusion of the twelve-podcast series. These three were known by Ricky and Steve as "The Fourth season".. Thanksgiving. who produced the shows and later collaborated with them on their series of podcasts. its comedy department run by a rather crudely stereotyped gay couple". Gervais then came to much wider national attention with an obnoxious. but.[2] On 20 February 2006. later a co-star of The Office. 3 Television Gervais has contributed to the BAFTA-winning The Sketch Show (ITV). he interviewed Larry David in a one off special.. penning several sketches.. the article.. On 25 November 2007 Gervais. Among the other regular featured comedians on the show was Mackenzie Crook. it was announced that all future episodes would be available from Audible. it appeared in the 2007 Guinness World Record for the world's most-downloaded podcast. this podcast was originally given out for free during a performance of Gervais's Fame tour in London. but adds. cutting persona featured in a topical slot that replaced Ali G's segments on the satirical Channel 4 comedy programme The 11 O'Clock Show in early 1999. This was their first time working with Karl Pilkington. also describes him as "a very funny man" who "created one of the great sitcoms".. The show ran intermittently until January 2004 with breaks of 1–3 months between new shows. His voice was redubbed for the US market. Merchant. However.. they debuted individually at Halloween. His mainstream-TV debut came in September 1998 as part of Channel 4's "Comedy Lab" series of pilots.. "You can forgive Gervais a certain arrogance after the success of The Office. and "given their total indulgence of Gervais. totalling 4 chapters. and Pilkington released another free full-length podcast. which lasted just over an hour. Larry David. Two more series—-each with six podcasts—-were released between February and September 2006. and he voiced the character of Penguin in Robbie the Reindeer's Legend of the Lost Tribe. In October 2007 another free full-length podcast was released through iTunes.. the BBC is portrayed as interfering. Throughout January and February 2006. and he had cameo roles in Channel 4's sitcom Spaced. the podcast was consistently ranked the number-one podcast in the world. Together called "The Podfather Trilogy". In late 2006 three more free podcasts were released.com at a "nominal fee" (later. and Christmas.[19] The Guardian's Chris Tryhorn explained the "few gripes" he had with Extras." He remarks on the confused tone of the series.

Get Me out of Here. Me being serious.[29] 4 . "A cross between Extras and Curb your Enthusiasm and One Foot in the Grave but with a dwarf. He stated: "I have resisted many other offers like this. "because it's racist". and on 18 July 2006 in Australia. as well as Gervais and Merchant. arguably because of its extensive promotion. As of December 2010. making him the first master of ceremonies since 1995. "It's funny". which revolved around the angle that Gervais was the episode's sole writer (and the first guest star on the show to also receive a writing credit for the episode of his appearance). Gervais hosted the 67th Golden Globe Awards. and I can't watch it. we watch all those reality TV shows — The Office came out of those docu-soaps". "I did an episode of Alias. This Is Your Wife". we watch I'm a Celebrity. In January 2010. The sketch re-creates scenes from the American and British pilot episode with Japanese elements (although in an exaggerated way).[26] On 1 April 2010."[23] His performance as host received a mixed response with positive reviews from the New York Daily News and The Associated Press..[28] In June 2010 it was announced that Gervais had been cast in the upcoming Season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm playing himself. He is the only British comic to write and star in a Simpsons episode. I'm going to get the credit.."[27] The show will star actor Warwick Davis as himself. Gervais laughs at the end. A source claimed.[21] Gervais guest-starred in an episode of The Simpsons entitled "Homer Simpson. but I think everyone in the industry knows it was a joint effort". he has made 17 guest appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman on the CBS network. He has said about the appearance.[22] Gervais.". There are no plans for further episodes of "Meets. which aired on 26 March 2006 in the United States.. Gervais made his first appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Gervais made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live in a Digital Short during which he claims that The Office was adapted from a Japanese program of the same name (with Steve Carell reprising his role as Michael Scott). The Hollywood Reporter. which they described as.[24] [25] Gervais was a guest judge/panelist on Jerry Seinfeld's NBC show The Marriage Ref alongside Larry David and Madonna. In April 2010 it was announced that Gervais and Stephen Merchant will be writing a new show. on 23 April 2006 in the United Kingdom. That is out and out funny. presented a segment to mark the show's 20th anniversary on BBC Two's The Culture Show on 16 June 2007. a former Royal Navy bomb-disposal specialist turned rogue Irish Republican Army bomb-maker. but also some negative comments from industry bible. Gervais replied: I've always been fascinated with reality game shows but I think it was my girlfriend's idea. for broadcast in 2007. Gervais has also guest-starred on Alias (appearing in the third-season episode "Façade") as Daniel Ryan. "The Shandling experience put him off for good". called Life's Too Short. although editions with John Cleese and Matt Groening were recorded in 2006. but there are just some things you don't turn down. Gervais was interviewed by James Lipton for Season 15 of BravoTV's Inside the Actors Studio. The episode was the highest rated in Sky One's history.. Gervais clarified the extent of his input in a joint interview (with Christopher Guest) for Dazed and Confused magazine (January 2006): "No. I can't watch it".Ricky Gervais Christopher Guest and comedian Garry Shandling. a longstanding Simpsons fan. all I did was put down a load of observations on an email and they made it look like a Simpsons script. Asked in a separate interview about how his idea for the episode (in which Homer swaps Marge on a game show) came about. In January 2009. We watch Celebrity Big Brother at the moment.

[30] With help from Ash Atalla. a background artist. Stephen Merchant had to make his own short film. On 10 June 2006. This sketch later formed the basis of the interview episode. recently popularised by England striker Peter Crouch. in the middle of BBC One's World Cup football coverage. creators of these shows. Extras was awarded the Golden Globe award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy on 14 January 2008.[34] Keith Chegwin. Merchant passed this tape on to the BBC's Head of Entertainment Paul Jackson at the Edinburgh Fringe. He chose to make a docu-soap parody. Clive Owen. Merchant did a take-off of the Crouch Dance.[33] When asked about Harris's refusal on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. Kate Winslet. and the show then switched to BBC One in December 2003 for its final two special episodes. Gordon Ramsay. Millman is more self-aware and intentionally humorous than Gervais's The Office character David Brent. and DVDs helped spread the word. In one of those segments. The Office has since been remade for audiences in France. and prior to the show's airing. Warwick Davis. Jonathan Ross. British ventriloquist Keith Harris refused an invitation to appear on the second series of Extras. Jackson. who eventually commissioned a full-pilot script from Merchant and Gervais. in September 2002.. Les Dennis. Germany. Gervais and Merchant are producers of the American version. Kate Winslet. 5 Gervais (right) with friend Jonathan Ross at Live 8 in July 2005. Dame Diana Rigg..Ricky Gervais The Office In August 1999. Robert De Niro. Sophia Myles. said "the people who didn't get it probably think Johnny Depp . Quebec. A Christmas special of Extras aired on 27 December 2007 in the UK and on 16 December 2007 in the US. In February 2007. Brazil. particularly in the format of celebrities making fools of themselves or subverting their public personas. and Jonathan Ross. Sir Ian McKellen. the sitcom ran for twelve episodes and starred Gervais as Andy Millman. David Bowie. The show is currently airing on Adult Swim on Fridays. and they also co-wrote the episode "The Convict" for the show's third season. Moira Stuart. Extras Extras had its debut on the BBC on 21 July 2005. Ben Stiller. Patrick Stewart. while on a BBC production course. on Ricky Gervais Meets. Instead. claiming that Gervais "wanted me to be a racist bigot" and describing the script as "pure filth". featuring guest appearances by George Michael.[32] The second series topped the BBC Two ratings. who assumed the role offered to Harris. it received its premiere on HBO in the United States in September 2005. repeats. Written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Robert Lindsay. Gervais and Merchant were seen in a specially filmed promotional sketch for the second series. Stephen Fry. The first six-episode series of The Office aired in the UK in July and August 2001 to little fanfare or attention. Gervais appears as himself talking about the episode that will air. A second series began on 14 September 2006 in the UK and featured appearances by Daniel Radcliffe. Orlando Bloom. building up huge momentum and anticipation for the second series. Gervais claimed the episode "Training" to be his favourite. Some have suggested that Gervais is influenced by Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Larry Sanders Show in making Extras. He has interviewed both Larry David and Garry Shandling. and the United States. Gervais did not perform his famous dance. Patricia Potter. and David Tennant. who then passed it on to Head of Comedy Jon Plowman. Ronnie Corbett.[20] and in the Gervais joke of someone making inappropriate remarks in front of a member of a minority. Gervais claimed that Harris simply "didn't get it". and Francesca Martinez. Richard Briers. Samuel L. Chris Martin. set in an office. This time. also comprising six episodes. Guest stars on the first series of Extras include Ross Kemp. Keith Chegwin.[31] Word-of-mouth. Vinnie Jones.

I feel he’s just being uncaring. to a [44] The story referred to a question asked of Gervais five years Scottish audience. Panel regulars Germaine Greer. Further coverage on Newsnight Review has been overwhelmingly favourable. with the panelists playing themselves in promos for the second series of Extras.[41] 6 Stand-up comedy Gervais made a few attempts at stand-up in the late 1990s.[38] The original audio show was broadcast in November 2001 on radio station Xfm. Both of these shows were recorded for release on DVD and television broadcast. The show was developed using original podcast recordings from The Ricky Gervais Show starring Gervais. Gervais defended himself: "I do want people to know that that happened five years ago and is not related to anything now.S. as part of the 2001 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ostensibly about how people will do anything to become famous. they want to make a joke out of anything. Stephen Merchant. Gervais closed each show by calling Hislop an "ugly little pug-faced cunt". a joke that is funny today can be a terrible faux pas tomorrow"."[35] The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO / Channel 4 Animated Series) The Ricky Gervais Show is an animated TV show that debuted on US cable network HBO on 19 February 2010. Blackpool reported selling out of tickets within 45 minutes of them going on sale. and aired in weekly periods for months at a time throughout 2002. The third part of the themed live trilogy. The joke drew criticism from the father of victim Tania Nicol: "These days. Mark Kermode. Guardian Unlimited offered the show as a podcast series of 12 shows. The Politics tour followed a year later. having gained an average of 261. referring to the December 2006 murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich. Newsnight Review's panel saw Animals during its Bloomsbury run and covered it in January 2003. earlier by a reporter: what could someone do to become famous like you? To which he replied. and Karl Pilkington. quite honestly". with Private Eye editor Ian Hislop being the most explicit in his criticism. and Stephen Merchant. That is the problem with comedy. In November 2005. It started in Glasgow in January and ended in Sheffield in April.[39] Throughout January and February 2006. Gervais later toured the UK in 2003 with his stand-up show Animals. when Gervais told a story. Titled Rubbernecker.[43] After this.[20] [40] According to the BBC. Cable channel HBO recommissioned the show for a second season. and mid-2005. by September 2006. having interviewed them extensively for television.Ricky Gervais really is a pirate. he performed two warm-up shows at the TriBeCa Performing [45] Arts Center and headlined David Bowie's High Line Festival in May 2007. 2003. Critic Mark Lawson is a great admirer of Gervais and Merchant. it appeared in the 2007 Guinness World Record for the world's most downloaded podcast. and Mark Lawson also appeared as themselves reviewing When The Whistle Blows in a series episode. 2004. took place in 2007. . Robin Ince.[42] More dates were added. the first season began airing on 23 April 2010 on Channel Four. "Go out and kill a prostitute".[36] [37] In the UK. He followed up with the punchline. the podcasts of the series had been downloaded "nearly 8 million" times. the podcast was consistently ranked the number one podcast in the world.670 downloads per episode during its first month. After receiving a loyal and enthusiastic following in the US. They were not favourable. print Front Row. but his first successful show took place at the Cafe Royal. "I won't do that bit in Ipswich". and the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Fame. Fame was the subject of some controversy in January 2007. Gervais performing in 2007 He has performed stand-up in the U. the show also featured Jimmy Carr. three times. due to air in 2011.

the Extras script book was released.[54] Gervais and co-writer Stephen Merchant made a film called Cemetery Junction. he headlined the sixth annual New York Comedy Festival at Carnegie Hall. Day of the Bletching. as museum director Dr. McPhee in 2006's Night at the Museum and its sequel Night at the Museum 2. Rob Lowe. . Film Gervais's film career has included small roles as the voice of a pigeon in 2005's Valiant. about class. Seuss or Mr.[52] [53] Gervais starred in Ghost Town. he released its sequel More Flanimals in 2005. was co-written and co-directed by Gervais and Matt Robinson. which was released on 19 September 2008. Flanimals (illustrated by his friend Rob Steen). Jennifer Garner.[55] The film was released in April 2010. There is a wide range of Flanimals merchandise available. Roz Ryan.[49] although Gervais had previously claimed signing a Hollywood movie deal[50] so that a franchise could be developed. including dolls and gift cards. set in 1970s England. Tina Fey.[47] In November 2009. and the remaining episodes following in 2003.[48] On the This Morning show Gervais revealed that he had already began writing his fifth stand up routine and is titled People. His role in Night at the Museum has proven to be one of Gervais's most popular roles. Jeffrey Tambor. In late 2006. DVD releases Title Released Notes 7 Animals 17 November 2003 Live at London's Bloomsbury Theatre Politics 15 November 2004 Fame 12 November 2007 Science 22 November 2010 Live at London's HMV Hammersmith Apollo Books Flanimals Gervais released a children's book in 2004. and Edward Norton. New York. "That way it stands a chance of being the next Dr. and was in Lowell. with the movie grossing $570 million worldwide..K. and as "Ferdy the Fence" in the 2007 film Stardust. Men". starring himself. Massachusetts during May 2008 filming his next project. Phillip Seymour Hoffman.[51] Other books The Office scripts have been released in book form. After the success of this book. which depicted nonsense animals. Flanimals: Pop Up is also due to be published. A new Flanimals book. The Invention of Lying.Ricky Gervais Gervais's latest show is entitled Science. with Series 1 issued in 2002. and Jason Bateman. love and fulfillment. These were essentially transcripts of Xfm/podcast routines performed by the three. was released in October 2007. A six-part Flanimals TV series has been commissioned by ITV. as well as The World of Karl Pilkington presented by Gervais and Merchant. The comedy. with an eleven date tour that commenced in August 2009 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow. as a studio executive in 2006's For Your Consideration. with appearances by Louis C.[46] The DVD for this show was released on 15 November 2010. with Flanimals of the Deep coming the next year. released in 2009.

we're running late. Gervais appeared at the UK leg of Live Earth at Wembley Stadium. At the start of the concert. Concert for Diana and Live Earth On 1 July 2007. 'Now listen. but in an off-stage segment later Moyles actually expressed disappointment that it had not occurred. who in turn introduced Spinal Tap. which ultimately failed to happen. linked acts from the studio with Jonathan Ross. whether Elton John is fucking ready or not. On his Saturday afternoon radio show on Xfm London Gervais and partners Merchant and Pilkington had discussions on both Gervais's attitude towards boxing and training in general. announced that Gervais would be appearing and performing an 'extended 25-minute set'.M. a music event celebrating the life of the late Princess of Wales.[58] [59] Boxing In 2002. recorded and fully motion-captured.. humorously.Ricky Gervais 8 Other appearances On 2 July 2005. and as an interviewee on radio station We Know The Truth." Gervais was trained for the three-round contest by famous boxing trainer brothers Frank and Eugene Maloney. It was the second televised charity boxing match. appearing in his role as a comedian in a comedy club. He produced a series of short films for the cause. where he performed his famous dance. They performed Freelove Freeway. perhaps referring to the time Gervais had to fill at the Concert for Diana the previous Sunday. On 7 July 2007.[57] His jibes were described as setting "a corrosive tone" by one critic.' making him one of a number of people to swear on live TV at the event. Gervais then had to fill time until he was able to re-introduce Elton John to close the show. For this. leaving the overall reaction to be 'mixed'. Gervais appeared at the Live 8 event held in Hyde Park.E. He donated his £5. Towards the end of the event — after a pre-recorded introduction from Ben Stiller Gervais appeared along with fellow Office star Mackenzie Crook. who was acting as compère for part of the event. Gervais took part in a charity boxing match against entrepreneur Grant Bovey — known largely by the public due to his relationship with TV personality Anthea Turner. so he did the David Brent dance again. at their Fight Factory gymnasium. though some celebrities were seen crying from laughter. Due to a technical problem. Merchant had questions as to why Gervais was participating in the event. London. Gervais later said that the experience was the 'most difficult thing' he had ever done. and also introduced the group R. London. saying. Gervais performed at the Concert for Diana in Wembley Stadium. by stating that both they and Gervais's family had written up a petition to the BBC stating "Please do not let this man box. as well as his likelihood of victory against Bovey. Gervais himself however did reference his appearance at the Diana concert the previous week. . Gervais also has a role in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. Gervais introduced Rob Reiner appearing in the guise of spoof film director Marty Di Bergi. for Comic Relief. as well as singing the "Little Fat Man" song as performed by David Bowie in episode two of the second series of Extras. His 2011 hosting of the awards was controversial for his edgy jokes that were at the expense of many of the nominees.[56] Gervais has also hosted the 2010 and 2011 Golden Globe Awards. so I'm gonna be off this stage in 30 seconds. and Gervais came out on top by a split decision verdict. The fight was televised by the BBC. a song previously heard in the fourth episode of series one of The Office. In the weeks before the event was scheduled to take place both Merchant and Pilkington voiced their doubts as to his fitness due to illness which he had suffered weeks before the event.000 prize money to the training of a Macmillan nurse. Initially. It is unclear whether this was meant as a joke. as himself. a special 3-minute act was written. Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles. due to his dislike of slight pain and his inexperience with fitness in general. or if it was simply cut because of time constraints. the first being Bob Mortimer against Les Dennis.

. and has been a fan of wildlife documentaries since he was a child. with his girlfriend of 29 years. fellow The Ricky Gervais Show star.. and has even written to Gordon Brown urging him to stop the use of black bear fur as caps for the Foot Guards.[70] and in June 2008 he became an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society. Karl Pilkington. they bought a second home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. following Gervais's appearance at the memorial concert for Diana. Robin Ince. one for the show itself). having moved from Bloomsbury. amongst others. most notably two Golden Globes (one for acting.[68] [69] later stating he lost his faith at age eight. But Has Ricky Gervais Lost It?"[60] The following week. The award is given to "an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the global entertainment business". The Daily Show. of course". His main friends are fellow The Office and Extras co-writer and co-director and podcaster. concluding with the words. and comedian and warm-up act. The Guardian ran a column by Daily Mirror television critic Jim Shelley entitled "Call Me Crazy. Stephen Merchant. The Guardian noted that Gervais had responded with "an exhilaratingly foul-mouthed tirade" on his website.Ricky Gervais In July 2007.[64] Gervais is a fervent supporter of animal rights. as well as numerous British Academy Television Awards and British Comedy Awards. Accolades Gervais has received many awards for his work on The Office.[65] He has spoken out against fox hunting and bull fighting. In December 2010. And there are too many children.[74] Awards . Gervais received an honorary award at the annual Rose d'Or ceremony in Switzerland on 29 April 2006. Gervais won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role of Andy Millman on Extras.[73] On 16 September 2007. he wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal defending his lack of faith. Flanimals illustrator Rob Steen. "Yes I am resting on my fucking laurels you cunt!" In this video Gervais mocked Jim Shelley typing the words "Resting on his laurels" as Gervais jokingly lashed out by stating he was resting on his laurels and that he was not going to make another show for television.[71] He is also a close friend of American comedian Jon Stewart[72] and is a frequent guest on his programme. quipping "What's the point? What is there to beat?". Princess of Wales.[63] In August 2008.[66] [67] He told Kirsty Young that he is an atheist during a 2007 interview for Desert Island Discs. He says they chose not to legally marry because "there’s no point in us having an actual ceremony before the eyes of God because there is no God" or have children because they "didn’t fancy dedicating 16 years of our lives.[61] 9 Personal life Gervais currently lives in Hampstead[62] . producer and screenwriter Jane Fallon.

McPhee Ferdy the Fence Dr.S. McPhee The Invention of Lying SpongeBob's Truth or Square Mark Bellison Narrator Len Taylor Voice TBC Also co-writer and co-director.) 2006 Honorary Rose for Exceptional Contribution to the Global Entertainment Business 2007 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Extras 2006 Emmy Outstanding Comedy Series The Office (U.S. Comedy or Musical Ghost Town 2004 Individual Achievement in Comedy The Office (UK) Golden Globe Peabody Awards BAFTA Awards Royal Television Society British Comedy Award Broadcasting Press Guild Awards • • Satellite Awards Television Critics Association • • Filmography Film Year 2001 2005 2006 Dog Eat Dog Valiant For Your Consideration Night at the Museum 2007 2008 2009 Stardust Ghost Town Film Role Bouncer Bugsy Martin Gibb Dr.Ricky Gervais 10 Awarding Body/Event Writers Guild of America Rose d'Or Emmy Awards • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Awarded 2007 Best Comedy Series The Office (U. working with Stephen Merchant In pre-production Cameo [54] Also co-writer and co-director 2010 2011 Cemetery Junction Flanimals The Muppets .) 2008 Best Television Comedy or Musical (TV) Extras 2003 Best Actor — Musical or Comedy (TV) The Office (UK) 2003 Best Television Comedy The Office (UK) 2004 Peabody Award The Office (UK) 2007 Best Comedy Performance 2004 Best Comedy Performance 2004 Best Situation Comedy The Office (UK) 2003 Best Comedy Performance 2003 Situation Comedy Award The Office (UK) 2002 Best Comedy Performance 2002 Situation Comedy Award The Office (UK) 2003 Best Comedy Performance for: The Office (UK) 2008 Best TV Comedy Actor 2004 Writer of the Year Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant 2002 Best Comedy Actor 2002 Best Television Comedy The Office (UK) 2001 Best New Television Comedy The Office (UK) 2003 Writer's Award for: The Office (UK) 2002 Writer's Award for: The Office (UK) 2008 Best Actor in a Motion Picture. Bertram Pincus Cameo Voice role Notes Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Dr.

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[2] Throughout January and February 2006. and took all of them in good humour. This is probably spurious. Gervais and Merchant attempted to censor the Super Furry Animals' "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" live by pulling down the fader and making a noise in place of each of the fifty-plus mentions of the word "fuck" in the song. Guardian Unlimited offered the show as a podcast series of 12 shows. Also contributing to their dismissal was the pair becoming more busy with their TV work.The Ricky Gervais Show 15 The Ricky Gervais Show Hosting Ricky Gervais. phone-ins.[3] [4] According to the BBC. the podcasts of the series had been downloaded "nearly 8 million" times.com [1] The Ricky Gervais Show is a comedy audio show in the UK starring Ricky Gervais. They mentioned this in an Xfm show. circa 1999-2000. and mid-2005. and said they were both eventually fired from the station for saying that fellow DJ Simon Mayo's recent record breaking DJ stint was not impressive and went on to claim he should give a rentboy a blowjob outside of McDonald's (however. the podcast was consistently ranked the number one podcast in the world. In August 1998. later adapted into an animated televised version debuting for HBO and Channel 4 in 2010. Stephen Merchant. Gervais and Merchant took voluntary redundancy after the Capital Radio Group purchased Xfm to resolve financial issues. The show started in November 2001 on Xfm.rickygervais. as Mayo has been the subject of many parodies from his Radio 1 colleagues (most notably Chris Morris). we were saying we'd like to see him do it"). the pressure became too much for Gervais. by September 2006. forcing them to often hand in.670 downloads per episode during its first month. The show's original format was more interactive.[5] Broadcast history Radio shows Early shows Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant first worked together in radio on the London-based alternative radio station Xfm London. . 2004. and aired in weekly periods for months at a time throughout 2002. guests. who messed up and swore in frustration. During one show. "shoddier and shoddier work". and audience interaction through listeners' letters. and only featured Gervais and Merchant (pre-The Office). There was a brief period. In November 2005. what Gervais described as. However. having gained an average of 261. Their show was broadcast from January to August 1998 from 4-6pm on Sundays. it appeared in the 2007 Guinness World Record for the world's most downloaded podcast. Gervais later said "we weren't saying he had done it. with features. and Karl Pilkington. Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington Updates active in new format Debut 2001 (radio) 2005 (podcast) 2006 (paid podcast) 2009 (audiobooks) 2010 (animated HBO series) Comedy Genre Website www. when Gervais and Merchant contributed sketches to the Radio 1 show The Breezeblock. 2003.

Such as on the 2nd August 2003. BBC2 aired a documentary about facial disfigurement. meaning the February 15. in which he said it was full of "weird and odd people" and "messed up old people". On a New Year's Eve show the trio hosted on BBC Radio 2. 2003 anti-war protest). while maintaining they were referring to "cock as in the bird". Controversy On the 17 November 2001 show. and later the two played with the name of philosopher Immanuel Kant. and Karl's presence was not acknowledged on posters and other advertisements. they discussed how Karl made the papers in Cornwall for the comments he made. which Karl had watched earlier in the week. In August 2003. yet the prizes were often considered by Gervais and Merchant to be poor. Xfm brought in Karl Pilkington as producer. but did announce that it was writing to Lucas. Karl described a holiday to Cornwall. and prompted Stephen to wonder whether Karl had even rewound it. and included music selected by Gervais or Merchant. Karl had input with features such as Rockbusters. the pair often joked how it was acceptable to say "cock" referring to the male bird but not say "cock" referring to a penis. Gervais and Merchant said "we sound like real radio" as they often would have more music-oriented discussion (such as the worst album titles ever. XFM declined to comment. Monkey News and Educating Ricky. Gervais and Merchant would speak to Karl about his thoughts on whatever they were talking about. Cheeky Freak of the Week. which they gave up after a few minutes as it appears all their listeners were "probably at a protest against the war". Pilkington would be replaced by Claire Sturgess when he was on holiday or not well (except once when Ian Camfield filled his seat). The BBC website's Ouch! section gave Vicky the right to reply to some of the negative comments she received in the media subsequent to the programme. What Are You Staring At?. and its obvious similarity in sound to the word "cunt". During later shows both Gervais and Merchant pointed out multiple times that they got into trouble with the radio authority for using the word "cock". when Ricky brought in a tin of "Cock Soup" then he and Steve made obvious sexual innuendos about the soup. One of the comments she addressed[6] was made by Karl Pilkington on an XFM show. An example of this is giving out The Silence of the Lambs on VHS. On the 21st of June 2003. As the producer. which featured a young woman named Vicky Lucas. who often brought in a bag of CDs of their own to play. When Karl was not present. The show was originally just billed as Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. in which they used the term "cock" multiple times. Ricky apologised on the air for having to play Muse's "Feeling Good"). although they were obliged to play certain tracks on a set playlist from the station (in one instance. There were competitions throughout the show. The show was broadcast between 1pm and 3pm on Saturdays. Gervais and Merchant (despite Karl's protests) filled the show with sexual innuendos. where he likened her appearance to Bo' Selecta!.The Ricky Gervais Show Return to XFM Gervais and Merchant returned to Xfm in September 2001. after the first series of The Office had been broadcast. 16 . In 2003 Pilkington was officially added to advertisements for the show as over the years Karl's role on the show became more prominent as Ricky and Steve were finding more amusement with his views and personal life.

and a new episode was released each Monday for the next twelve weeks.95 ($1.The Ricky Gervais Show 17 Podcasts Creation According to Emily Bell. A new (though short-lived.[4] It is available through Audible and the iTunes Music Season Two Store with individual episodes selling for £0. It consisted of 6 episodes with the final one released on April 4.and as a result the show is now classified as an "audiobook".75 ($6. according to Ricky on the podcast. This was released on CD by Universal.[7] The first 12 episodes were released for free through the Guardian Unlimited website. either by fans of the show or by Gervais and Merchant themselves. The podcast focuses more on Pilkington as a primary figure of humour in the show in various ways. editor-in-chief of Guardian Unlimited.com).95 in the USA). including questions directed at Karl that have been emailed in. With the start of series two. Gervais and Merchant had approached the Guardian with the idea of the show. The show relies heavily on the wit and bizarre theories of Pilkington. Audible also offers the complete season for £3.95 at audible. the formerly free Ricky Gervais Show shifted to a pay model . it was only presented in the first episode) feature was also introduced in order to replace Pilkington's "Monkey News". 2006. Karl is now "unemployed". called "Real Monkey News".[7] Bell believes they switched to a podcast format for greater control over content and access to a larger audience. where Gervais attempts to present facts about chimpanzees which are factual and scientific. and any more extra episodes would have to be paid for out of their personal finances (hence the change in podcast host website when series 2 started). Season one The first series of Podcasts began on 5 December 2005. having left his job as radio producer at Xfm. . Season One Season two Series two of the podcast began on 28 February 2006. with Karl's theories and features less prominent. The reason for this addition. The series saw the return of Karl's Diary and Rockbusters. whereas the XFM show had slightly more input and humour supplied by Gervais and Merchant. is because The Guardian agreed to pay for the bandwidth for 12 episodes.

Season Four: The Podfather Fame Specials A special podcast was made available as a giveaway to people who went to see Gervais' standup tour Fame. At the end of the sixth episode. to coincide with Halloween.The Ricky Gervais Show 18 Season three Series three of the podcasts was released on the 22 August 2006. A new feature that will be recurring is Karl's Poetry. the next was on 23 November. The episode aired on Monday 9 June 2008. The season has the same pricing implementation as season two. though all other known features have been abandoned. 12pm (BST). Season Three Season four: The Podfather Three free podcasts were announced that coincide with special days. coinciding with Thanksgiving. This season sees the return of Karl's Diary. There are no contests or any interaction from the listeners as the previous series contained. although the file quality increased from 32 kbit/s to 56 kbit/s. Gervais and Merchant agreed to put the show on an indefinite hiatus. This series was released all at once as an Audiobook. almost two hours in length and split into four half-hour episodes. The first was released on 31 October 2006. and the last was released on 24 December 2006 (to coincide with Christmas). . This series differs because they were recorded at the same time. NME Radio Show Gervais. Season five Four more episodes were released on September 15. Merchant and Pilkington recorded a two-hour radio show as part of the test transmissions for the new radio station NME Radio. with the rest of each episode focusing instead on conversation. 2008 through the Free Episode iTunes Music Store.

entitled The Ricky Gervais Guide to The Human Body was released on January 26. The fifth is Gervais and Merchant making Pilkington watch Brokeback Mountain.[10] A third audiobook. The Ricky Gervais Guide to Law and Order.. [19] . was released on December 29. 2010[12] Video podcasts On 24 March 2006. The Ricky Gervais Guide to The English followed on April 21 (2 days prior to St. The first volume The Ricky Gervais Guide to Medicine was released on December 31. George's Day) Season Two It was announced on Gervais's blog that the first episode of the new series.[11] A fourth audiobook. Merchant and Pilkington is called The Ricky Gervais Guide to. synchronised with a flash animation. In Australia. an "irregular run of free video podcasts" was launched through the iTunes podcast directory. The sixth podcast was another conversation over Pilkington's book The World of Karl Pilkington. The second podcast served as an advertisement for Pilkington and Gervais's new book. Merchant and Pilkington announcing the new series of the show beginning on 22 August..[8] [9] [10] The second audiobook of the new series. The 4th episode. 2010. followed by Pilkington giving his opinion on Gervais's latest book. entitled The Ricky Gervais Guide to the Future. This in turn was followed by The Ricky Gervais Guide to The Arts on February 18. SBS One on 6 November. drawn in a style similar to classic era Hanna-Barbera cartoons. was recorded on September 6. Season One The latest series starring Gervais. 2009. 2009. This was followed by The Ricky Gervais Guide to Natural History on January 21.The Ricky Gervais Show The Ricky Gervais Guide to. The seventh podcast was about a story Pilkington told in series one. it was released on November 3. Channel 4[16] on Friday 23 April 2010. describing jokes in a literal context. The first video was a conversation between Pilkington and Gervais. The fifth and final audiobook of the second season. 2009. episode one. The eighth video shows Gervais showing the viewer around the various sets during the filming of the second series of Extras. 2010. The tenth was Gervais. 2008.. Ollie. 2010 (but later dropped from the schedule after four episodes). 2009. about his bizarre journey in an abandoned asylum and rehabilitation clinic. The third on the series was an audio clip from a previous edition of Monkeynews. The Ricky Gervais Guide to Philosophy aired on March 17 while the 5th and final episode of season 1. The Ricky Gervais Guide to Society. entitled "The Ricky Gervais Guide to the Earth" was released on February 23. series one first aired in full on Pay Television through Showcase[17] and later moved to Free-To-Air channel. which premiered on February 19. The ninth was Pilkington talking about Gervais's cat.[18] The show consists of past audiobooks with animation. The World of Karl Pilkington (a series of excerpts from the previous podcasts and various musings and drawings produced by Karl). was released on December 1. with Gervais enthusing about the idea of Pilkington becoming a human crab or having massive reconstructive surgery. 2009. The fourth video podcast features a controversial audio advertisement for The Prostate Cancer Charity and Gervais talking about his Aerial Award. on the American channel HBO[14] [15] and on the British channel.. Future Podcasts In November 2010 Ricky announced on his blog that a new series of podcasts would be recorded in 2011 and a new [13] audiobook series where Karl will be an agony aunt answering listeners problems 19 HBO animated series 'The Ricky Gervais Show' audiobooks have been developed into an animated TV series. The video podcasts do not follow the format of the earlier audio shows and the content varies greatly from podcast to podcast. Flanimals of the Deep. 2009.

despite the fact that it is obvious that it is a monkey (or. most commonly. Normally the monkey is a mysterious protagonist until he is revealed. Knob news Knob News has a format which is an amalgam of Monkey News and Educating Ricky. from which Ricky and Steve would choose. etc. Monkey News will no longer form part of future podcasts. Early versions had Ricky giving the news. A one-off show feature. Karl includes the initials of the answer. Gervais and Merchant often referred to the clues as 'craptic'. "Ooh. Rockbusters Rockbusters was conceived by Pilkington and was played on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's long running XFM radio show in between 2002–2004 and brought back in 2005. it came back for a final reprise at the end of the third podcast series. Along with the "clue". However. The stories often originate from a tale that Karl has made up or extrapolated out of all recognition from a news headline or from an urban legend or even an old joke. (on one occasion actually cutting off Gervais' microphone for his continuing lambasting Karl). the game has very little in common with Blockbusters. Monkey News is an easy way to anger Ricky. though later it involved Karl giving a series of headlines of a male genital nature. It features only in the latest 2005 XFM shows. These interruptions and confrontations often turn Monkey News into a sort of collaborative shaggy dog story. According to Karl on the 20 February 2006 podcast. who often disrupts the show due to being so wound up with disbelief — and even in one XFM show he left the room out of frustration because he couldn't believe what he was hearing. when trying to prove that a chimp could not use a tool. 2011.The Ricky Gervais Show The complete Series 1 run of 13 episodes was released on Region 2 DVD on 19 July 2010. was Fanny Facts — where Karl presented news about or related to vaginas. Chimpanzee That! Monkey News!". Despite the fact that the stories are frequently highly unlikely (or even completely impossible). While usually right. This feature's introduction usually consists of Ricky shouting. During their podcast Ricky and Steve try to disprove his monkey news by "casually" talking of the story being told and how the central character could not possibly be a monkey due to need of high intelligence. often with a swearword. Despite punning in its title. vigorously. It is played by Karl giving three clues. but converted to an e-mail competition the following week. or the beginning of one.[21] 20 Recurring features and competitions Monkey news Monkey News is a popular feature that has been running since the early XFM days where at first it was titled "Chimpanzee That". but even he has been driven to verbally abuse Karl during the most obviously fictional or extreme of his stories.[20] In October 2010. similarly related. 'Knob' was used as a non-offensive slang term for penis throughout. Pilkington appears to genuinely believe what he is saying. The sting for it was Ricky shouting 'Ooh! You're gonna have someone's eye out! Knob News!' in a very similar fashion to Monkey News. it was announced that the series would see a Region 1 (North American) DVD release on January 4. Ricky did incorrectly state that chimpanzees do not have opposable thumbs. a chimp) throughout the story. Stephen Merchant normally defends Karl's right to deliver the story in full. at the end. Monkey News is all about "[a story] where a monkey has been involved". which he considers "cryptic" but are in reality convoluted colloquialisms which often depend on the answer being mispronounced. The second season started airing on 14 January 2011. One such Rockbuster was as follows: . It debuted on 12 October 2002 as a phone-in.

White Van Karl At the time The Sun ran a feature called "White Van Man" whereby questions on the stories of that week were put to white van drivers across the country. At the time. Educating Ricky was a feature where Karl tried to teach Ricky several facts every week by catching his attention with a made-up headline. The best aspect of this was Karl's bizarre beliefs and theories. The competition was to guess the songs played. This feature was mainly used as a way to introduce new listeners to the mind of Karl Pilkington and was only used during the earlier days of the XFM shows. Problems arose in this case when Karl couldn't find a song with "Twix" in it. and several other nickname variations. initially named Crosswords before adopting a listener's suggestion. Fan Mail Described mockingly by Merchant as their "biggest fan" although "not afraid to offer some constructive criticism". such as "You never see an old man having a Twix" was split up into words of different songs. A well-known phrase from the show. using the lyrics to David Bowie's "Life on Mars". Gervais described Educating Ricky as being his favorite segment because the puns often left him in hysterics. In this instance Gerry & The Pacemakers' cover of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "You'll Never Walk Alone" made up the first two words of the phrase. Gervais immediately picked up on his self-proclaimed nickname.The Ricky Gervais Show Clue: That Jamaican fella doesn't want anything. The Dick Machine. and so he substituted the alternative chocolate bar "Mars". your show is appalling. usually a pun. What's going on there? Answer: Neil Diamond (Nil Demand) Another is: Clue: That part of my leg is English. Artist or band. Initials: ND. Some classic stories include a man who was abducted by aliens and they grew him a beard. was introduced when Karl was finding it hard to come up with new Rockbusters clues. Another listener calling himself Paul "The Party Animal" Parker would send in various facts and news stories during the early podcasts in late 2005/early 2006. just to gain an insight into their views and opinions. and imagined he looked like Milhouse from The Simpsons. . His first mail was read by Steve in the 2 November 2002 episode: "Ricky. Dickers. Answer: Britney (Brit-Knee) 21 Educating Ricky Introduced along with Rockbusters on 12 October 2002 and lasting throughout the autumn. Songs of Phrase This competition. Songs of Phrase was a feature present throughout the later series of the XFM shows. Are you actually aware you are on the radio or has someone just secretly stuck a microphone on you?" Ricky and Steve from then on referred to him as Dickie Anders. someone calling himself Richard Anderson would e-mail the show regularly in the early days of the Xfm show. Initials: B. Artist or Band. Gervais and Merchant also found humour in the very mundane answers the White Van Man of the week would give (the most famous of these being a comment about Sainsbury's bringing in square tins: 'That should be interesting for meatballs'). Stephen Merchant posed the same questions to Karl. a man who was beheaded and his body took 32 steps after decapitation and the infamous tale of the hairy Chinese kid. That Jamaican fella doesn't want anything. to find out more about him.

how do they know they're not dead? Cavemen hunting for food. bellyache...." "Bubbled wallpaper. Karl's poetry In the third series of the podcasts.I thought well I'm on holiday an' I have got stuff goin' on. the tongue twister "if you can't treat a cheerful tramp. knobache" "It would be spiteful To put a jellyfish in a trifle. the large number of cross-eyed people at the hotel on Gran Canaria and the cat licking its testicles outside the pub. The diary itself is a large desk diary and is usually read by Stephen Merchant. what a mess. also in Gran Canaria the bar called "Tattoos" where the landlord never had Tattoos but Karl never saw the landlord's wife. the time Karl refused to wash his hands after eating lemon cake at Ricky's house leading to a major argument. a loft knockin' stuff up. that certain tribes of cavemen wave their "tackle" about when they've had enough of visitors. the post Karl received that was addressed to Mr K. what a mess. and the 'experimental' mirrored wall in Karl's flat that he has stuck wallpaper over. I'd rather be a blind moth. not with all them rocks about. you know. Siamese twins separated. not much goin' on in 'er life at that point. would they be happier.. The segment first appeared in episode 8 of the Guardian Unlimited podcasts (23 January 2006). Karl had decided to write a poem based on his daily experiences and learnings.start a diary". claiming that "If she's sat in a. Karl compared his literary efforts to those of Anne Frank. what sort of tramp can you treat?". yet she was still writin' it down.The Ricky Gervais Show 22 Karl's Diary Karl started keeping a record of his thoughts and experiences whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria with his girlfriend Suzanne. Karl's idea for a television programme Look what we can do with Science in which parts of a person's body are gradually removed until just the head remains. Washer/dryer knackered. The doctor said it was me kidney He said he had to put a tube up me knob I said you gotta be kidding me For God's sake. Memorable diary moments include: conceptualizing a wristwatch that counts down the remainder of your life. the time Karl was carrying a lamp and bin when moving house and people thought he was in a marathon. but not before they style the hair on their head What would last longer in dinosaur times? A blind man didn't stand a chance. Dilkington. Karl thinking that both him and Ricky Gervais are bored when they go to meetings as "after twenty minutes he (Ricky) was trying to wrestle me". one leg less" "For God's sake." . such as: "If moths had eyes.

" after he expresses one of his grievances (such as "useless" animals or human nature). where he picked a song from a film and played that (not to be confused with his film review). Song with a Story: This feature ran in the final shows of XFM. possibly because the boys were unable to choose between the many puns available to them. Other phrases include "I don't understand" often referring to Karl's preposterous ideas and theories. which Karl must report on each week. and claimed that Hip Hop Hooray was the "worst feature on British radio" featuring "instantly forgettable" songs. In the NME test Radio Broadcast Stephen Merchant claims he met a man in Vietnam who shouted at him. Karl soon became bored and annoyed with his homework since it reminded him of school. you will only hear songs that Steve likes. after a particularly nonsensical statement or one containing no evidence. "Manc" and "twat". Karl doesn't particularly enjoy a song unless it has a story to go with it. Hip Hop Hooray was another Steve feature originally entitled "That Hip-Hop Track". similar to Ricky's feature. Ricky will repeatedly state "It's unbelievable". He would play a track of the hip-hop genre to Ricky and Karl. This was one of the first recurring features. Notable short-lived features The Education of Karl: Following the revelation of Karl's GCSE results. along with White Van Karl. Ricky and Steve often came up with features for choosing songs to play. he would dedicate a favourite song of his to the ladies listening. which principally revolved around Karl relating his opinions on various topics. Karl Pilkington's got a head like a fucking orange".. usually a short biography of an important historic figure.. Jonathan Ross popped in live on the air to give Ricky some tickets to an Awards Ceremony. "bald". however as he is single himself. alternatively. Subjects included Rasputin. In one show. "Oy oy. but that for this particular feature.claiming that "he's got a head like a fucking orange". Steven Merchant and Ricky Gervais bullied Karl . Che Guevara. and abandoned the feature. or "play a record" in an attempt to bring a link to a quick end. "stupid". Ricky decides to give Karl a piece of homework. A Song for the Ladies was a feature Steve ran. Songs That I'd Like To Play/Songs That I Like was a Steve feature in which (as explained by Ricky) they admit that there are a lot of songs in the world. usually due to the ridiculousness of whatever Karl is saying. and in this feature he chose one of his favourite songs with a story and would play them on the show. Some of the frequent ones include: A Song for the Lovers was a feature Ricky ran in the days of the XFM show. ". The songs were often accompanied by commentary from Ricky. Moreover. Winston Churchill and Aesop's Fables. More recently. or simply yell "Bollocks!" Karl also often mumbles "I'm sick of it" or.sick of it. Steve and Karl. That Film Sounds Good was a feature run by Ricky. A classic example of this . Gervais would routinely insult Karl by using some varying collection of the words "little". This feature was short lived.The Ricky Gervais Show 23 Shows taglines and multiple occurrences As part of the comedy. a sole E in History. Hitler. where he played a favourite song of his which he dedicated it to couples listening. Under the Covers/Run for Cover/Cover Me Up/Duck for Cover/Cover Me Bad/Between The Covers/OOh You Got Me Covered/OOh I Like Covers/Here Come The Covers/Mmmm Covers/This Was Done By Someone Else/I Like Cover Songs was most commonly a Steve feature in which he simply played a cover version of a famous song. Short-lived due to its format being too copyable. Other features Music-specific features As music was played on the XFM show.

rickygervais. "Gervais podcast in the record books" (http:/ / media. Karl became dismayed by the opposition he faced from the experts. com/ thissideofthetruth. uk/ ouch/ tvradio/ wsa/ vicky. Ricky seemingly always gave films 9/10. MediaGuardian (London). php) [11] Ricky Gervais Blog | Week eighty-eight . . [4] BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Gervais charges for podcast show (http:/ / news. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 4737352. . He decided to end this feature because he wanted his average film score to stay as 9/10. 2006).00.. rickygervais.The Ricky Gervais Show feature is when Karl believed that Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight was about a disabled man in a wheel chair. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 5370282. stm) [3] Plunkett. Cheap as Chimps: Karl provides information concerning the economy of raising apes. John (February 6. of course is most likely incorrect. rickygervais. Cheeky Freak of the Week was a relatively short-lived feature. co. After dropping the feature Karl became convinced that Donal MacIntyre had stolen "Cheap as Chimps" and put it on Channel Five. and thus ended the feature. com/ thissideofthetruth.October 2009 (http:/ / rickygervais. com/ thissideofthetruth. Ricky's World Famous Film Review: Ricky's Film review was one of the earliest features included in the show. php) [14] Stanhope. bbc. co. co. com [2] BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Gervais radio show to be podcast (http:/ / news. In it Ricky reviewed a film he recently had seen. Karl ended up having to stop this feature as he was worried about people thinking he was "having a go". even though he said "It's about wizards called Gonads with beards. com/ tvguide/ 413550_tvgif22. As with several other of his short-lived features. php) [13] Ricky Gervais Blog | week One Hundred and Forty Seven November 2010 (http:/ / rickygervais. stm) [6] http:/ / www. because he's in that "other one". stm). BBC News. At the end." 24 References [1] http:/ / www. Karl often describing it as 'The film thing'. . Karl would ask a question. Merchant can be heard often being annoyed at the lack of a proper name for the feature. the theme tune to Michael Parkinson's chat show was played.January 2010 (http:/ / rickygervais. Kate (December 22. bbc. Cheeky Freak of the Week: For this feature. seattlepi. in which Karl would call an animal expert and argue for the extinction of a certain animal species. php) [10] Ricky Gervais Blog | Week eighty-seven October 2009 (http:/ / www. This. and it was discontinued when Karl. realised that raising chimps wasn't as cheap as he'd originally hoped. which he felt was useless and "getting in the way". Retrieved 2010-05-25. bbc. Perhaps the most notable song included in this feature is Rod Stewart's The Killing of Georgie. Karl had come up with the title before the actual concept of the feature. stm) [5] BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Gervais puts a stop to podcasts (http:/ / news. com/ thissideofthetruth. .March 2009 (http:/ / rickygervais. co. uk/ site/ story/ 0. Ricky still gave the film a 9/10. which Karl claims to be his favourite song. upon viewing a most likely illegal animal poaching website. shtml [7] "Podcasts spread their wings" (http:/ / news. Karl's Film Quiz: This feature involved a clip of a film with Karl's voice pre-recorded over one of the main characters lines. php Week 83 retrieved 8th September 2009 [9] Ricky Gervais Blog | Week fifty-nine . php) [12] Ricky Gervais Blog | Week one hundred and two . com/ thissideofthetruth. in which the listeners got a prize of the film on VHS. bbc. com/ thissideofthetruth. which only existed during the earlier days of the XFM shows. Karl discussed his favourite freak of the week chosen from the tabloids. believing there was a conspiracy to keep every animal from extinction. 2006-01-23. internet or the Fortean Times. "Ricky Gervais Gets Animated for New HBO Series" (http:/ / www.1703591. Do We Need 'Em?: A feature from the middle years of the XFM series. 2009). This morphed into Do We Need 'Em?. The last film Ricky reviewed was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. guardian. html). TV GUIDE. co. bbc. [8] http:/ / www. while having no strong evidence for this belief. which he hadn't even seen at the time claiming "Robbie Coltrane is probably in it. prompting him to ask "You're not on crack?". co. which originally was simply called 'Pilkington' where Karl interviewed a woman who claimed to have had a ghostly experience. He would often change the storyline to match recent events in his life. uk/ 2/ hi/ technology/ 4639340. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 4479230. html). At the beginning and end of the feature. Often the reviews contained very little opinion and were often just a summary of what had happened in the film.

as well as Karl Pilkington. www. Washing up without using thumbs. paper round dream job. 'Knob at night'.com/) List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes The following is an episode list for The Ricky Gervais Show. TV show "Tribes". which is credited as the most downloaded podcast ever.com) The Ricky Gervais Show on Guardian Unlimited (http://www. html 25 External links • • • • • Download the XFM shows . uk/ The-Ricky-Gervais-Show-DVD/ dp/ B003IHU5EI/ ref=sr_1_1/ 278-6858409-5512104?ie=UTF8& s=dvd& qid=1281845248& sr=8-1 [21] http:/ / www. au/ showcase/ show/ 13116/ season1).co. Cambodian Midget Fighting League. The Chinese homeless (and lack thereof).95 # Date Bodcasts.com. Bruce Willis.The Ricky Gervais Show [15] Press.co. The series begin as a free feature on the website of The Guardian. channel4. Retrieved 12-11-2010. Monkey News: Monkey sanctuary. iPods. com. 2010). but a cost was added when the series was marketed by Audible for the second and third series.[1] [2] [3] The series stars Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant of The Office and Extras fame. Los Angeles Times. (http://thepodcaststranscribed. Derek Acorah. origins of the kiss at a wedding. Plato. html). [20] http:/ / www. tvtonight. Chimp mauling. Karl looks out of his apartment window and sees a naked woman.uk/ricky) Transcripts of the Ricky Gervais Show audiobooks and Guide To. com.uk (http://www. Retrieved 18-10-2010. dance remix of 'Knob At Night'. . Monkey News: Chimp interviews Cher.therickygervaisshow. Overview 101 5 December 2005 102 12 December 2005 103 19 December 2005 104 26 December 2005 105 2 January 2006 106 9 January 2006 107 16 January 2006 . latimes.. Monkey News: Ollie the chimp.channel4. sbs. Showtime Movie Channels. Retrieved 18 October.audible. [17] "Showcase Episode Guide: The Ricky Gervais Show (season one)" (http:/ / showtime. com/ programmes/ the-ricky-gervais-show). . David (17 October.guardian. Paul ‘The Party Animal’ Parker. amazon. with "nearly 8 million" downloads according to the BBC. hbo. SBS Online. co. Monkey News: Monkey astronaut. com/ showtracker/ 2010/ 01/ tca-press-tour. au/ 2010/ 10/ comedy-night-on-sbs-one. com.Channel 4" (http:/ / www. 'a stitch in time saves nine'.4 for free (http://www. [19] "SBS Episode Guide: The Ricky Gervais Show" (http:/ / www.com/) Purchase seasons 1-3 via audible. 2010). the cobbler.[4] [3] Podcasts / Audiobooks Series 1 Price : £3. TV Tonight. . Series. [16] "The Ricky Gervais Show . armed dolphins. Joy (January 14. Monkey News: The value of money..co. dilapidated mansion. Christmas good will gift. html).uk/rickygervais) The Official Ricky Gervais Website (http://rickygervais. 2010. the Pillow Man. superpowers. . "TCA press tour: Ricky Gervais finds comedy gold in a round-headed minion" (http:/ / latimesblogs. Retrieved 2010-04-28. Monkey News: Chimp firemen. "Comedy Night on SBS One" (http:/ / www. Monkey News: Monkey workman. testicular cancer. com/ the-ricky-gervais-show/ index. .Seasons 1 . au/ shows/ therickygervaisshow/ episodes/ page/ i/ 1/ h/ Episodes/ ). Colonic irrigation. [18] Knox.

Social engineering at the North Pole. Tall and pale and naked and waving. inappropriate choices for vehicluar nomenclature. a "wewe" (an ugly female ghost with drooping breasts). Doppelganger . Plastic surgery at the deli counter. the passing fad that is hoummous. longevity and who if anyone is in charge of Karl's brain. Steve the party animal. Complaints relating to the perception of an inadequate frequency of expletives are addressed. Steve's unsound method of obtaining sound advice. re-introducing dinosaurs. for the cognoscenti. blind dates. Surgical quotas. the timely return of 'Rockbusters'. adult nappies. Monkey News: Chimp (cheap) doctors. Rockbusters. Saving Ricky or Steve. meeting Suzanne. Biblical logistics. cats. wrestling Karl. Monkey News: Chimp pilots. 201 27 February 2006 202 7 March 2006 203 14 March 2006 204 21 March 2006 205 28 March 2006 206 4 April 2006 . Karl Dilkington. Steve's octopus dish. dishwasher on mars. Karl's litter tray. mind/brain confusion and the elderly lady with the bent neck. Karls diary:Suzanne's Birthday Treat Some sad news about an elderly tortoise proves a versatile opener for conversation . Karl's illustrated book of ages. prandial sorbets for pretentious brats. Karls diary: The worrying mortality rate of Karl's pets. Monkey News: Chimp bobsledding. Genocidal anura.95 US . sloths. Karls diary: Philosophers and their names. Guinness World Records. There's no news like no news. Reflections on the inducement of camouflage-feedback in visually impaired chameleons. Karl gets his head around the concept of a multiverse.The Karl Who Haunted Himself.. talking to animals. Monkey News: Enos the chimponaut (possible source: [5] 26 Series 2 Price: UK . Rockbusters. common or garden aliens. Karl's secrets to a successful relationship. cat criticism. Karl's top twin tips. Extracts from Karl's diary. Relativity and re-runs of the 1980 World Cup Final. Questioning the credentials of TV pathologists. vegetable timepieces. 'Jimmy the Hat'. Risky dining and cancerous carnivore. Believing that octopuses aren't the friendly little creatures they're portrayed as in films. Karl's Freudian slip-up. Global village idiot. Rockbusters. Karls diary: Congo confusion. Question for Karl. lunar lunacy. fight over a girl. ice pop of death. Monkey News: Jockey chimp.£3. being trapped inside animals. A brainteaser for a man with no brain. beehive boozers. Look who's listening. designer loo-roll.List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes 108 23 January 2006 109 30 January 2006 110 6 February 2006 111 13 February 2006 112 20 February 2006 The Diary Of Karl Pilkington. Rockbusters. bed & boredom. the watch that can predict your own death. quadrupedal enclaves. subterranean schoolfriends.$1 # Date Overview Karl worries about the stationery implications of relocating to another planet. Lao Tse's advice for spectators. unappealing ultrasound scans. Karls diary: Auntie Nora.the talk of tinsel-town. cemetery sightseeing. The Karl Pilkington show. Rockbusters. Karl's diary .sparking a discussion on suppressed memories. Anthropomorphism and Fluffy the poodle. and. porcine-pated ladies. Karls diary: Karl Pilkington .Auntie Nora.. invention of the plane. Karl considers some suitable terms of abuse. Plus. Karl ponders his most favourite and least favourite words and proposes a lexicographical cull.

Karl uses his spare time to brush up on his ant facts. a slug's life. Steve's 2006 dancing skills are the subject of some tabloid mockery and Ricky doubts the merit of Karl's clip-on mug mat.95 # Date Overview Ghostly drivel abounds as Steve consults a text-based oracle.95 US . Survival tactics.$1 # Date Overview Insects. via the same subscription as the video podcasts. The Podfather (Series 4) Price: £1. insects and more insects. On 12 October 2007 this was made available as a free download to the general public. Karl's diary: In-depth coverage of Karl's recent relapse. Steve tries to yet again persuade Karl that insects do not have consciousness and fails..£3. Price: Free # Date Overview Karl discusses his boiler and his film pitch. Steve visits Bristol. and how to get attention in a corner shop. 301 22 August 2006 302 29 August 2006 303 5 September 2006 304 12 September Karl is accused of not pulling his weight by Ricky and Steve and his TV programmes are criticised in the press. and Ricky provides an emotional exit en route to the orphanage. Karl's 2006 diary: Monkey toll-booth. Steve reads extracts from Karl's book 'Happyslapped by a Jellyfish and Other True Stories'. Fame special A special podcast was made available as a giveaway to people that went to see Gervais' standup tour Fame. Karl's kidney-induced epiphany. the three also discuss the possibility of bringing the show back for a fourth series in 2008. While Karl is in hospital for treatment of Kidney Stones. he is given time to think. He asks Ricky and Steve if leaf insects were insects that had just been "havin' it off" with a leaf. Karl's Diary: Displaced llamas and fussy eaters. Karl explores with the concept of equal opportunities. 306 26 September Karl wonders how he'd react to meeting one of his many celebrity fans. Special 12 October 2007 . Karl launches a campaign for a calendar-free society. Karl's diary: The doctor who doesn't open his eyes much 305 19 September Karl's contribution to the British Library. Steve stocks up on yuletide essentials. Karl's diary draws to a close with revelations of bothersome footwear and worry-holes .List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes 27 Series 3 Price: UK . Fact or fiction? Karl ponders storytelling. A man whose skull "fell out". 2006 From determinism to morning goods in one fell swoop. Karl becomes a Godfather and Ricky tells of some lighter moments at the morgue. Karl's diary: Karl writes a poem to sum up his day.. Karl pimps his forehead. Karl 2006 advocates an anarchic Christmas. Kidney Stones and Stick Insects. Super-evolving jellyfish inspire some bardic utterances. Steve's big night out. 401 (Halloween) 31 October 2006 402 (Thanksgiving) 403 (Christmas) 23 November 2006 24 December Karl reflects on the past year and singles out an unlikely highlight. Ricky explains the origins of Thanksgiving and Steve brings up the sterling work mice are carrying out in the name of medicine. Karl experiences a kidney probing.

slugs and breast milk pushers are banished..List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes 28 Hour Long Bonus Podcast Originally released as an extra on the audio CD release of series one. Karl is asked to consider whether he would harbor Anne Frank. Finally Karl is given the opportunity to pick which scientific research is allowed to continue. Karl discusses his mother’s pet spider. Special 25 November 2007 NME Radio Show Ricky. and his fashion escapades with home-made clothing. The latest series starring Gervais.. 12 pm (BST). Finally. The trio discusses the obesity epidemic and possible remedies. This was recorded on Thursday 5 June in London and premiered on Monday 9 June 2008. Ricky and Steve continue to probe Karl with questions from Inside the Actors Studio. Karl is asked to make a difficult choice about marrying a gay man. Steve and Karl recorded a two-hour radio show as part of the test transmissions for the new radio station NME Radio. energetic youth. Ricky reminisces about his earlier days as a fit. Steve discusses living under the Nazi regime. Ricky talks about a spider-infested village in Indonesia. Steve. Karl also bemoans the lost potential of peoples’ brains and his restless leg syndrome. Ricky. it was later made available free through iTunes. Merchant and Pilkington is called The Ricky Gervais Guide to. # Date Overview Karl philosophizes about minimalism and relates picking out songs for his iPod to Ricky’s usage of ‘dead owls’ to fill empty living space. Price: Free # Date Overview A special free one hour long podcast originally available only on audio CD. Ricky revisits Karl’s slighted and heartbroken hypothetical gay husband. Finally they discuss gay marriage. 501 15 September 2008 502 15 September 2008 503 15 September 2008 504 15 September 2008 The Ricky Gervais Guide to... Karl discusses exotic fruit consumption by children and the general availability of food. and Karl play Room 102. The trio revisits a previously discussed topic of useless inventions. Karl muses on learning new vocabulary on a desert island. Series 1 # Date Overview 601 31 December 2008 The Ricky Gervais guide to MEDICINE 602 21 January 2009 603 24 February 2009 604 17 March 2009 605 23 April 2009 The Ricky Gervais guide to NATURAL HISTORY The Ricky Gervais guide to THE ARTS The Ricky Gervais guide to PHILOSOPHY The Ricky Gervais guide to THE ENGLISH . Series five Four episodes of season five were released on 15 September 2008 through the iTunes Music Store.

and sketches out some drawings for the book. answers questions. Karl spends four minutes complaining about how spoilt Ricky's cat Ollie is. The podcast includes clips of when Jonathan Ross gave Ricky the cat on his chat show. The video begins with an audio clip from Podcast Series 1. showing the viewers some snippets of what would be going into the book. Karl quietly sits beside him. Ricky Gervais uses the video podcast to advertise his and Karl's forthcoming book Ricky Gervais presents The World of Karl Pilkington.List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes Series 2 # Date Overview The Ricky Gervais guide to SOCIETY The Ricky Gervais guide to LAW AND ORDER 29 701 3 November 2009 702 1 December 2009 703 29 December 2009 The Ricky Gervais guide to THE FUTURE 704 26 January 2010 705 23 February 2010 706 12 June 2010 The Ricky Gervais guide to THE HUMAN BODY The Ricky Gervais guide to THE EARTH The Ricky Gervais guide to THE WORLD CUP Video podcasts # 1 2 Date 24 March 2006 2 April 2006 7 April 2006 24 April 2006 26 April 2006 Overview Ricky asks Karl to choose between letting Ricky tie his head to his knees and be locked in a cage until he was permanently deformed into that shape. Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington settle down on the sofa to watch Brokeback Mountain. while back at Ricky's house. but Karl has trouble understanding how gay relationships work. nose and eyes and remove his ears. 3 4 5 6 7 1 May 2006 Ricky Gervais presents The World of Karl Pilkington. where Karl tells Ricky and Steve about a run-down stately home. which Ricky and Steve found hilarious and incredulous. Karl is hoovering when he discovers some illustrations for a new Flanimals book. Ricky and Steve give an update of how filming is going. or. Ricky. It is actually only the thirteenth video podcast to 2006 be released. Karl visits the house and shows the world proof that his story wasn't a lie and that. 2006 12 1 September A second short trailer advertising Extras series 2. to allow Ricky to perform facial surgery to sew up his mouth. one of Karl's favourite freaks. In this house Karl discovered 3000 flies and a condom. Direct from the set of the second series of Extras. This video podcast was an animation of Monkey News from the seventh episode of Podcast Series 1. 2006 14 7 September This video podcast was released as "The Ricky Gervais Video Podcast No 14". 8 9 10 9 August 2006 11 1 September A short trailer advertising Extras series 2. A short acceptance film where Steve presents Ricky with the Aerial award and discusses Ricky's charity contributions. including visual representations of the famous big headed kids. Afterwards a clip is shown of Karl cooking breakfast and elaborating on the conversation played previously. While Ricky talks to the camera and behaves with charmless superiority. Episode 6 where Karl talks about how there is too much choice in restaurants now and people are now taking risks with what they eat. Flanimals Of The Deep. and the pillow man. 20 May 2006 10 June 2006 24 July 2006 Beginning with an audio clip from the very first podcast. that doubled-up as a mental institution. . Steve and Karl catch up after their summer apart and spend a little time daydreaming. In this video. Ricky Gervais. providing some of his challenging opinions of animal and flanimal life.

which turns into a talk about how the viewers aren't to be respected. What to know about donating to charities. and then laughs at him in it. Special 6 December 2007 Television series 'The Ricky Gervais Show' audiobooks have been developed into an animated TV series. 4 4 "Dolphins" 12 March 2010 N/a . and a spooky shopping list. which premiered on 19 February 2010. viewers (million) N/a 1 1 "Space Monkey" 19 February 2010 Topics include Karl's take on population control.List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes 30 Specials Several special video podcasts have been released. Ricky back to annoying Robin again. A choice of superpowers. The merits of space travel. 29 June 2007 Ricky gets Robin some sportswear in preparation for his new training regime. wearing the same attire as he did for his shorts promoting Live 8. on the American channel HBO. Also: a “Monkey News” segment about a Moscow TV station. singing the Tufty Lovely Song." It shows Karl on the set of extras. Public nudity. flies and a condom. Charitable gifts for families in need. using the same white background. A special podcast entitled "The real extras. Ricky constantly reminds Robin how lucky he is to have his own swimming pool and be at the beach. and gets someone to dig him a 'swimming pool' to sit in whilst the tide rises. as Karl puts it). Ricky and Steve bring news of the Extras Special. Personal mottoes. and paranormal activity (or "weird stuff". Robin surprises Ricky during his live standup by walking onto the stage and presenting him with a children's book award for Flanimals.S. finishing with Ricky repeatedly running around the house. most of which to promote Ricky's Fame tour. One part of this podcast memorably has Ricky trying to vacuum Karl's face. and giving him a live feed to the awards show whilst his own audience watches on.[6] [7] A second series has been commissioned. Violence in animal sanctuaries. Price: Free # Fame 1 Fame 2 Fame 3 Fame 4 Fame 5 Fame 6 Fame 7 Date Overview 29 June 2007 This is an advert starring Ricky. Ricky kindly offers his house as a refuge. on the treadmill. 11 July 2007 13 July 2007 18 July 2007 18 July 2007 30 July 2007 Ricky takes Robin to the beach for his birthday. Profanities abound.[8] Season Episodes Originally aired Season premiere Season finale 1 2 13 N/A DVD release date Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 N/A N/A 19 February 2010 21 May 2010 4 January 2011 19 July 2010 14 January 2011 N/A N/A N/A Series One (2010) ? # Title Original air date U. 2 2 "Knob at Night" 26 February 2010 N/a Topics include a lion-mutilation story in Cambodia. Sexual aids for men and women. Karl gets bothered by builders whilst working on his book. and running up a hill. 3 3 "Charity" 5 March 2010 N/a Topics include Karl’s theory on a reverse-aging process. including a cursed tankard. in February. the first monkey in space.

Fan mail questions for Karl." 6 6 "Cobblers" 26 March 2010 N/a A fan asks Karl which body part he could live without. A fan’s e-mail warns of dangerous dolphins. 10 10 "The Fight" 30 April 2010 N/a Karl discusses his teaching methods. Karl discusses how he would redesign animals.S. evolution. 16 3 "The Fly" 28 January 2011 TBA The trio discuss animals and diseases. "Monkey News.List of The Ricky Gervais Show episodes Karl admits that he is getting a face rub at a spa. Karl's Diary." 9 9 "The Jockey" 23 April 2010 N/a Questions for Karl. 5 5 "Glass Houses" 19 March 2010 N/a 31 Karl answers questions from fans. 12 12 "Noises" 14 May 2010 N/a Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire. Karl's Diary. 15 2 "Doppelganger" 21 January 2011 TBA Karl discusses what his doppelganger would be like. "Monkey News. Series Two (2011) ? # Title Original air date U. The customs of undocumented tribes in New Guinea. Stephen discusses his holiday to Rio for Carnival. a fly that is kept as a pet. Karl deciphers the true meaning of sayings. Karl discusses the afterlife. Nicknames. revealing Karl's dislike of camping in Australia and his tendency to save insects from falling into a swimming pool. "Monkey News. Karl's Diary." 8 8 "Nuts" 16 April 2010 N/a Karl answers fan E-mails. Monkey News. Karl's Diary. Ricky gives Karl a riddle. Karl's Diary. Karl's Top 5 Freaks.280 [9] 14 1 "Clive Warren" 14 January 2011 Karl tells Ricky and Stephen about his pitch of a movie starring "Clive Warren" and Rebecca De Mornay. final Monkey News. Questions for Karl. Monkey News. Karl's New Year's resolution. "Monkey News. Stephen reads more pages from Karl's diary. what Karl does not like about Ricky's cat. . Karl's Diary. viewers (million) 0. 11 11 "Beetles" 7 May 2010 N/a Karl gives advice for Valentine's Day. Stephen reads more from Karl's diary. Ricky and Karl’s trip to an antiquities store. Karl imagines what it would be like to be a beetle." 7 7 "The Diary" 9 April 2010 N/a Ricky and Stephen read passages from Karl's diary. 13 13 "Freaks" 21 May 2010 N/a Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire.

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the programme takes the form of a documentary (a fictional documentary.S. . Although fictional and scripted. a mockumentary). with the presence of the camera often acknowledged. Gervais also stars in the series. the programme is about the day-to-day lives of office employees in the Slough. Created. series) The Office is a British television comedy series that was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC Two on 9 July 2001.''The Office (UK TV series)'' 33 The Office (UK TV series) The Office Genre Created by Written by Directed by Starring Sitcom Mockumentary Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Martin Freeman Mackenzie Crook Lucy Davis Oliver Chris Patrick Baladi Stacey Roca Ralph Ineson Stirling Gallacher "Handbags and Gladrags" by Big George Opening theme Country of origin United Kingdom No.e. i. written. playing the central character. 30 minutes Broadcast Original channel BBC Two (Series One and Two) BBC One (Christmas specials) Original run Status 9 July 2001 – 27 December 2003 Ended Chronology Related shows The Office (U. Berkshire branch of the fictitious Wernham Hogg Paper Company. of episodes 14 (List of episodes) Production Running time approx. and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. David Brent.

including numerous verbal gaffes. come from the unassuming Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman). the Quebec series. 34 Background The show is set on the Slough Trading Estate in Slough. During May 2004 a French version called Le Bureau was made. but has since become one of the most successful British comedy exports of all time. England. a town immortalised for its lack of appeal by John Betjeman in his poem "Slough" ("Come. whose relationship with bored receptionist Dawn Tinsley (Lucy Davis) is a major arc in the series. along with a pair of 45-minute Christmas specials. had its TV debut in January 2007. The show began airing in The United States on Cartoon Network's late night programing block. namely social clumsiness. The show shares themes with a later series around social satire created by Gervais and Merchant. On 11 August 2009. The show has no laugh track and is in the mockumentary style. the trivialities of human behaviour.. sexism and other social faux-pas.. Os Aspones. TV Guide ranked the UK version #21 on their list of television's greatest shows. friendly bombs and fall on Slough/It isn't fit for humans now. During November 2004 a Brazilian show on the Globo channel. Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook). Their flirtation soon builds to a mutual romantic attraction.[1] Other national versions of The Office have also been produced. and many of the more human elements found therein. [3] available on BBC Two and online. On 10 August 2010 the Hebrew version of the series had its premier on a satellite channel in Israel. BBC America and BBC Canada."). it was announced that the cast would be reuniting for a special. despite her engagement to the dour and laddish warehouse worker. The office is headed by regional manager David Brent (Gervais) and his assistant (to the) regional manager. channels such as BBC Prime. was also heavily modelled on the series' format. When it was first shown on BBC Two it was nearly cancelled due to low ratings. The other main plot line of the series. Much of the series' comedic success stems from Brent. A fifth adaptation. As well as being shown internationally on BBC Worldwide.''The Office (UK TV series)'' Two six-episode series were made. Brent's character flaws are used to comic effect. devised at a time when documentaries such as Airport and A Life of Grime were popular. frustration and desperation and fame. the series has been sold to broadcasters in over 80 countries. who is also a lieutenant in the Territorial Army. who frequently makes attempts to win favour with his employees and peers with embarrassing or disastrous results. former vocalist for the pop group Manfred Mann. Adult Swim on 18 September 2009. TVNZ in New Zealand and the pan-Asian satellite channel STAR World. The Comedy Network in Canada. called "A Night at The Office". Extras. Lee (Joel Beckett). including ABC1 in Australia. A German version called Stromberg[2] was made in October 2004. in a small branch of the fictitious paper company Wernham Hogg (where "life is stationery"). . The theme song for the show is "Handbags and Gladrags" arranged by Big George and originally written in the 1960s by Mike D'Abo. Four years after the show's critical success an American version was initiated on NBC on 24 March 2005. La Job. self-importance and conceit. based in Hong Kong. unconscious racism.

He imposes the little authority he has on his co-workers. Gareth is arrogant and oblivious. four characters in particular are the primary focus of the show: David Brent David Brent (Ricky Gervais) is the general manager of the Slough offices of the Wernham Hogg paper merchants. which however. he later . he declines and lets Gareth take the position. While being more of an ensemble piece than star-driven. performing hackneyed impressions and generally getting himself into trouble by talking before thinking. The Office is essentially a character-based comedy.''The Office (UK TV series)'' 35 Characters Main characters A comparison between characters in different series is available here. Brent considers himself to be a modern. Gareth is a humourless jobsworth with few attractive personality traits. pompous and snide. Chosen as David's successor at the end of Series Two.during the Christmas special . However. Tim is funny and unpretentious. following around the people who work in the office environment. and well-liked. Tim and Dawn exploit this last trait by repeatedly insinuating homosexuality through questions about his military experience. his insecurity prevents him from taking any significant action. pretentious comments. He considers himself The main cast of The Office to be a successful maverick in the business world and a Renaissance man. he also fails to pursue his relationship with Dawn to a success. He is obsessed with his military service in the Territorial Army and perpetually annoys Tim with ridiculous. Apparently proud of his close connections with David and glossing over David's poor treatment of him. He maintains his sanity by pursuing an improbable romance with the receptionist. which David constantly corrects as "Assistant to the Regional Manager". His immature behaviour comes across as he bumbles around the office — always hovering around the camera — telling unfunny jokes. talented in philosophy. Tim Canterbury Tim Canterbury (Martin Freeman) is a sales rep at Wernham Hogg. During Series One and Two. he leads an unsatisfying life — at 30. he still lives with his parents and works at a job he believes to be completely pointless. Like David Brent. Gareth Keenan Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook) is Tim's clueless deskmate and nemesis. Unlike Tim. . not realising his title is mostly meaningless. Although he believes himself to be friendly. and by playing practical jokes on Gareth.gets back at his former boss by patronising and humiliating him in front of the cameras. music and comedy. Although he wishes to leave Wernham Hogg to study psychology. politically correct man but his preoccupation with this attitude and the discrepancy with his often patronising (and at times offensive) jokes gets him into trouble. Unlike David Brent. Dawn Tinsley. His witticisms and friendliness make him one of the most likeable characters of the show. he is in reality petty. and "Assistant Regional Manager". He prides himself in being "Team Leader". hilarious. doesn't keep him from playing pranks on him.

humiliating putdowns (with Brent being his usual target). where he and Tim form a team for trivia night under the name "The Tits. He likes eating scotch eggs and watching Peak Practice. she is aware of the sad state of her unfulfilling life — she has been in a long. Like her friend and co-worker Tim. and David's behaviour and comedy-driven style of management are shown to be puerile and ineffectual by contrast. At the end of the Series One she is made a partner in the firm and. Jennifer Taylor-Clarke (Stirling Gallacher) David's immediate supervisor in Series One. against Chris Finch. who is seen as being very slack and has little respect for any one who works outside of the warehouse. thanks to Ricky (holder of two Blockbusters Gold Runs). he is a man of few words. such as hiring a personal secretary when the office is facing redundancies. She frequently has to put up with Brent's attempts at humour and social interaction. Slow-talking. particularly management. marriage?" — possibly to save money. but shows a humourless vicious streak when he loses the staff quiz in Series One. He likes to dominate conversations and is successful with women. At the Christmas party. Malcolm does not appear in the second series. Finch repays him with disdain. sexist warehouse manager at the Slough Trading Merchant and Lee's supervisor. Ricky (Oliver Chris): Introduced as David's new temp in the pilot. rocky engagement with her fiancé Lee. openly sexist. It is clear from an early stage that Dawn stays with him out of a fear of loneliness rather than real love — Lee is safe and dependable. his lack of management ability and several incidents. during Series Two. He is brashly confident. Lee is somewhat humourless. he is probably the only character in the series who is genuinely cruel. Lee is also more physically imposing than Tim. challenges him over the . he stops right before addressing Malcolm. During the Christmas special. probably having been made redundant. Finch. it is Malcolm who reveals that the real reason was a failed medical test. David describes him as his "best friend" but actually acts more like a lackey. 36 Secondary characters Several other recurring characters.S. repeatedly reprimands David for inappropriate behaviour. and for that reason Tim finds him intimidating. His idea of an amorous proposal was a four-word notice in the newspaper — "Lee love Dawn." The two end up winning. successfully answering a tie-breaker question on Shakespeare. unromantic and casually dismissive of Dawn's ideas of being an illustrator. angered. Whilst by no means a bad person. Jennifer is a serious-minded professional. Lee (Joel Beckett): Dawn's fiancé who works in the company's warehouse. Glynn aka 'Taffy' (David Schaal): The misogynistic. Malcolm (Robin Hooper): An older staff member. rasping-voiced with a natural flair for bullying others with swift. Dawn and Lee return from their illegally prolonged U. When he does speak. he is naturally most worried about the prospect of redundancies and therefore often challenges David's handling of the situation." He was primarily featured in episode three. criticizing his relaxed attitude. even if it is a "bloody repeat. she ends her relationship with Lee and returns to kiss Tim. although not central to the episodes. In the last episode she supports Neil's decision to make David redundant. and gave up illustrating children's books to pursue her current fruitless career. She met him in school and they have been together ever since. When David claims that he turned down his promotion to save his branch. vacation. a surly warehouse worker. These include: Keith Bishop ("Big Keith") (Ewen Macintosh): Keith works in the accounts department. and is a recent graduate. have made their mark on office life. and David Brent's dogsbody. apparently emotionless and suffering from eczema on his feet. When David assures individual staff members of their jobs. laughing at his jokes and attempting to ride his coat-tails into the limelight." Chris Finch ("Finchy") (Ralph Ineson): A "bloody good" outside sales representative.''The Office (UK TV series)'' Dawn Tinsley Dawn Tinsley (Lucy Davis) is Wernham Hogg's receptionist. having "just scraped a first. Dawn's other potential interest. his comments can be surprising and sometimes disturbing. nicknamed Camilla Parker Bowles by him. Dawn realises her true feelings for Tim.

Brenda is a wheelchair user. Trudy (Rachel Isaac): Welsh Trudy is first introduced in Series Two as one of several of the new intake from the Swindon branch. has a better relationship with the staff and even finds it easier to make the staff laugh. Episode Two as the daughter of David's best friends Ron and Elaine. and is staying with David. who has come to work at the office. after work. During a fire drill. toward the end of the second series. blending in well with the rest of the staff and enjoying a booze-fueled birthday celebration in her honour at the office. he is promoted ahead of him when David failed a medical examination and becomes his immediate superior in Series Two. although she is seen in a passionate clinch with Oliver by the end of the Christmas party. as she begins to pressure Tim to make a greater commitment. where Ricky calls him and Brent "sad little men. However. Neil is young. Rachel is not seen again after Series Two. Brenda (Julie Fernandez): Another of the former employees of the Swindon branch. he and Gareth attempt to carry Brenda down a flight of stairs but ultimately. and fails to reciprocate Gareth's romantic feelings towards her. as they see it as being too much effort for a mere drill. tolerant. we see Oliver's co-worker Sheila clearly attracted to him. In the last episode of the series his protests against being made redundant are turned around by David and Gareth who question him on the differences between midgets. elves. Several of the staff are apprehensive about David hiring new and unnecessary personnel while the branch is facing downsizing and redundancies. and makes occasional (and largely unsuccessful) attempts to either undermine or rival him. Later. bruising her under the eye. She and Finch are seen having sex in the less than exotic surroundings of a car park. Her casual. later revealed to be Ricky. Alex (Neil Fitzmaurice): Hired by David in the first episode of Series One as a forklift driver to work in the warehouse. sexually charged nature does not go unnoticed by the male members of staff and both Gareth and Chris Finch take interest in her. David confronts her for not returning home. Rachel (Stacey Roca): Another of the Series Two intake from Swindon. professional and energetic. She. Donna makes a quick impact in the office." It is announced by Brent in the Series One finale that Ricky is leaving. He embarrasses himself in front of her further when she joins them at a club. dwarves. After a deluded Gareth reveals his plans to seduce Rachel. Neil Godwin (Patrick Baladi): David's (mostly unseen) counterpart at the Swindon branch during Series One. although he actually ends up in a steamy clinch with the more confident Trudy. like Oliver. Oliver is good-natured. called Chasers. and goblins. As such he is the target for most of David's well-meaning but hideously misguided attempts to show what a politically correct and racially tolerant man he is.''The Office (UK TV series)'' circumstances of the victory in a petty feud. he is shocked to discover that Rachel and Tim are now an item. By the time of the Christmas Special. easy-going and quiet. which naturally brings out the worst in David. and Donna angrily announces she stayed at her boyfriend's house. She does not appear in the second series. David chooses her over a male applicant solely because he found her attractive and later accidentally headbutts her. even though Alex does not have his forklift license. He is a more competent manager than David. Almost immediately. When Jennifer sees her standing behind the reception desk during one of her visits and questions David about her. charming. they abandon her halfway down. Donna (Sally Bretton): Donna is introduced in Series One. David insists that he needs an assistant so that he does not need to do his own filing. Oliver (Howard Saddler): One of the Series Two intake from Swindon. having been made redundant. Karen Roper (Nicola Cotter): David's personal secretary whom he hires towards the end of Series One. Rachel is bubbly and considered attractive by both Gareth and Tim. which is lucky for him as he is the only black person working in the office. Brent is hugely resentful and jealous of him. In the Christmas Specials. it initially seems that Trudy has mellowed somewhat. Brenda is not impressed by David's patronising behaviour. She and Tim start a relationship. he denies knowing her. making Dawn somewhat melancholy. she establishes herself as something of a good time girl. Tim realizes that his ongoing love for Dawn is far greater than his feelings for Rachel and breaks off the relationship. She is almost always wearing a purple top. is another character whose purpose is to 37 . pixies. Trudy is also quick to challenge Brent's style of management.

'Inside Paper'. Chris Finch calls her a "dog" David finally steps up to him and tells him to "fuck off". While not on general release. Anne annoys Tim possibly even more than Gareth. Ray and Jude work for a consultancy firm which organizes business management seminars which include guest speakers in the business world to discuss work practices. often forcing it to veer off track. The ongoing theme is Brent's obvious resentment at the company's success. he visits the office in Series Two to install anti-virus software on the computers while discussing his theories with Gareth about Bruce Lee faking his own death so that he could go undercover and fight the Triads. but is deprived the opportunity when Ray and Jude tell him sympathetically that they will not be calling on him again for future presentations. She is finally told off by Glynn at the Christmas party. Brent also appears to believe he has what it takes to become the next managing director of Microsoft and continually drops hints to that effect. Microsoft UK commissioned two 20-minute corporate videos featuring David Brent being interviewed by Jeff (Stephen Merchant).''The Office (UK TV series)'' highlight the gap between David's vision of himself as a modern enlightened man and the reality of his ignorance and thoughtlessness. When after her departure. He appears to be a very sensitive man when Brent insults him for his bug eyes and he runs out of the room sadly. When David is made redundant he is hoping to fall back on doing more presentations. While interviewing David she vies to retain control of her article as David tries to dictate to her what she should write. Anne (Elizabeth Berrington): Tim's pregnant deskmate in the Christmas Special. as she speaks continuously on topics in which none of the other characters have any interest. Simon is also the record holder for the fastest lap down at 'SuperKarts'. she coldly informs him that nobody is interested. Simon (Matthew Holness): Working in IT. Her rather unpleasant remark. Helena (Olivia Colman): Appears in the last episode of Series Two as a reporter for the internal paper merchant newspaper. immediately prompts Tim to accept David's offer. Gareth. Carol (Sandy Hendrickse): David's blind date at the Christmas party who he hits it off with and who seems to like him. Ray (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Jude (Jennifer Hennessy): The only two recurring characters in Series Two who do not work for Wernham Hogg. however. They were posted on both YouTube and Google [4] Video. His real name is Nathan.[5] . a Microsoft employee who becomes increasingly exasperated by Brent's antics. six in each series and two 45-minute Christmas special episodes. who is progressively frustrated by David's attempts to undermine and take control of a team training session. "The Office Values" and "Realising Potential" In 2004. The Ogg Monster (Stephen Merchant) Gareth's friend. 38 Episodes In total there are fourteen episodes of The Office. They approach David about being one of the speakers but are totally unimpressed with his unorthodox presentation on motivational techniques in a later episode. is also seen to be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable around Brenda. the videos emerged on the internet in 2006. like Brent. When David offers to take some of the office workers out for a drink. Rowan (Vincent Franklin): A training facilitator in Series One. stating that the videos "were never intended to be viewed by the public". The clips also appeared on certain peer-to-peer networks. Microsoft was unhappy with the leak.

In 2005. England. the series won the Best TV Comedy award.[6] Entertainment Weekly put it on its end-of-the-decade. In 2004. Monk."[7] Cast Main cast • • • • • • • Ricky Gervais as David Brent Martin Freeman as Tim Canterbury Mackenzie Crook as Gareth Keenan Lucy Davis as Dawn Tinsley Patrick Baladi as Neil Godwin Ralph Ineson as Chris Finch Stirling Gallacher as Jennifer Taylor-Clarke Minor cast Series one and two • • • • • • • • • • Joel Beckett as Lee Ben Bradshaw as Ben Jamie Deeks as Jamie Jane Lucas as Sheila Ewen Macintosh as Keith Emma Manton as Emma Ron Merchant as Gordon Alexander Perkins as Ralph Phillip Pickard as Phillip David Schaal as Glynn Series one only • • • • • • • Sally Bretton as Donna Oliver Chris as Ricky Howard Angela Clerkin as Jackie Yvonne D'Alpra as Joan Robin Hooper as Malcolm Vincent Franklin as Rowan (training facilitator) Nicola Cotter as Karen Roper Series two only • • • • • • • • • Julie Fernandez as Brenda Tom Goodman-Hill as Ray Jennifer Hennessy as Jude Matthew Holness as Simon (the computer geek) Rachel Isaac as Trudy Stephen Merchant as Oggie Tony MacMurray as Tony Stacey Roca as Rachel Howard Saddler as Oliver .''The Office (UK TV series)'' 39 Awards In 2002. is the undisputed champion of awesomely awkward cubicle hell. Also in 2004. at the British Comedy Awards. It was the only British comedy in 25 years to be nominated for a Golden Globe. "We love the Scranton crew. and Gervais the Best TV Comedy Actor award. The Office won the Golden Globe Award for "Best Television Series: Musical Or Comedy". "best-of" list. the BBC's Britain's Best Sitcom public poll voted the programme the 25th all-time favourite out of a preselected list of 100. the series' concluding two-part special was nominated for two Emmys in the categories of "Outstanding Made for Television Movie" and "Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries. Sex and the City and Will & Grace. beating nominees Arrested Development. Ricky Gervais was also awarded the Golden Globe for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series: Musical or Comedy" for his role. and the first ever to win one. But Ricky Gervais' mockumentary series about sadsack employees in Slough. Movie or a Dramatic Special". saying.

Margaret. TV SHOWS. "Ricky Gervais . Slezak.com August 2004. com/ title/ tt0290978/ awards). Three versions were recorded: • a short. Lynette. CHARACTERS. SCENES. vocal piece as the closing titles theme • an alternative full studio version All vocal versions feature the vocal performance of Waysted vocalist Fin.com. Plumplard.de. The first series also features Gervais performing "Free Love Freeway" and the Christmas Special includes him performing "If You Don't Know Me by Now". Series Two Christmas Special Complete Collection 6 2 14 This four disc DVD set includes all 12 episodes from the first and second series. Obviously" (http:/ / rickygervais. .. and the song Sitting by Cat Stevens DVDs Region One DVD Name Release Date 7 October 2003 20 April 2004 16 November 2004 16 November 2004 Ep # 6 Additional Information Series One This double disc DVD set includes all six episodes from the first series. "THE 100 Greatest MOVIES. a featurette on the making of "Freelove Freeway". Retrieved 2008-08-23.''The Office (UK TV series)'' 40 Music and theme song In 2000. out-takes. Markovitz. Lyons.com. Snierson. Prosieben. com). uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ 5298376. Alex. com/ gqapr06. Adam B. episode four. (1079/1080):74-84 [1] [2] [3] [4] . the full uncut music video of David Brent's cover of "If You Don't Know Me by Now".google. a video diary. Jensen. Kate (11 December 2009). Tina. BOOKS. This one disc DVD set includes both hours of the Christmas Special. Bonus features include a documentary on the making of the specials. Ward. Pastorek. AND TRENDS THAT ENTERTAINED US OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS". Bonus features include the featurette How I Made The Office. stm). out-takes. Slough slang glossary. Schwartz. de/ show_comedy/ stromberg/ ). Simon. . . a song written by Mike d'Abo. Retrieved 2010-03-17. Stack. Jordan. Nashawaty. [6] (http:/ / www. prosieben. a documentary on the making of the specials titled The Office: Closed for Business. and a Golden Globes featurette. Entertainment Weekly. Rottenberg. ALBUMS. "Ricky Gervais. DRESSES. "Stromberg (ProSieben)" (http:/ / www. Whitney. rickygervais. with Noel Gallagher accompanying for "Free Love Freeway". google. Some copies sold at HMV stores also included a CD single of the two tracks. co. Ken. Bonus features include a video diary. Vary. EPISODES. . Dan. BBC News. Wernham Hogg News. Vozick-Levinson. In series one. . was specifically arranged by Big George as the theme song to The Office series. This one disc DVD set includes all six episodes from the second series. Adam.Microsoft 1" (http:/ / video. 2006-08-30. Josh. deleted scenes. MUSIC VIDEOS. bbc. Kate. deleted scenes. a version of "Handbags and Gladrags".. Video. and both parts of the Christmas special. Rickygervais. [7] Geier. Tim. imdb. the full uncut music video of David Brent's cover of "If You Don't Know Me by Now". Chris.com. Missy. Thom. Stroup. deleted scenes.. Retrieved 2010-03-17. Notes Bilmes. Michael. Bonus features include the How I Made The Office documentary. Retrieved 2010-03-17. [5] "Microsoft unhappy at Gervais leak" (http:/ / news. php). Retrieved 2008-08-23. "Heeeere's Ricky!" (http:/ / www. As Ricky and Steve mention on their Xfm show it was a toss up between the song they chose. Both of these songs are included in full on the DVD box set. Tucker. rickygervais. and a Slough slang glossary. SONGS. instrumental piece as the opening titles theme • a short. and Wernham Hogg personnel file. Jeff. a version performed by Ricky Gervais (in character as David Brent) was featured over the end credits. com/ videoplay?docid=9076288729387457440). a featurette on the making of "Freelove Freeway". and a Golden Globes featurette. Rice.

co. London: BFI Publishing. Ben (2005-12-01).bbc.sitcom.rickygervais.''The Office (UK TV series)'' 41 Further reading • Dessau. ISBN 9781844570911.html).com/office.php) The Office (http://www.com/title/tt0290978/) at the Internet Movie Database The Office (http://www.uk/wiki/index. The Office (http://filmstore.uk/comedy/extra/show/b00jd68z) . Bruce (2002-09-27).uk/the_office) at the British Comedy Guide The Office (http://www.uk/acatalog/info_345.uk/comedy/theoffice) at BBC Online Pilkipedia (http://www.html).imdb. uk/features/interviews/gervaismerchant.pilkipedia. British Film Institute. "BFI NFT Interviews: Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant" (http://www.bfi.co. • Walters.bfi. Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais • Behind the scenes of The Office on BBC (http://www. External links • • • • • Ricky Gervais' Website (http://www. Retrieved 2008-07-29.co. BFI TV Classics.php?title=Main_Page) Online encyclopedia based around Karl Pilkington.co.org.bbc.org.

Directed by Moody Shoaibi and written by Moody Shoaibi and Mark Tonderai. the local porn king). Jesus (Gary Kemp). each more harebrained than the last--stealing library books. They come up with various schemes. CJ. and fast.''Dog Eat Dog (film)'' 42 Dog Eat Dog (film) Dog Eat Dog Directed by Produced by Moody Shoaibi Peter Bennett-Jones Amanda Davis Hanno Huth Paul Webster Moody Shoaibi Mark Tonderai Melanie Blatt Gary Kemp Crunski Mark Tonderai Alan Davies John Thomson Mark Hinton Stewart Written by Starring Music by Cinematography John Daly Editing by Studio Luke Dunkley FilmFour Senator Film Produktion Shona Productions Tiger Aspect Productions FilmFour Warsaw International Film Festival 8 October 2001 United Kingdom 7 December 2001 93 minutes United Kingdom Germany English Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Dog Eat Dog is a 2001 film. . mothers in sleazy movies) to large (the towering presence of Tunde. Their lack of funds is compounded by problems ranging from small (cheating girlfriends. dream of making it as DJs but first they need cash--lots of it. dognapping--all with a spectacular lack of success. they've fallen foul of drugs baron. whose slogan is "You've gotta have faith in Jesus". breaking and entering. Plot Four friends. And into the bargain. Jess and Chang. Rooster.

External links • Dog Eat Dog [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.''Dog Eat Dog (film)'' 43 Cast • • • • • • • • Mark Tonderai as Rooster Nathan Constance as Jess David Oyelowo as CJ Crunski as Chang Alan Davies as Phil Melanie Blatt as Ex-Girlfriend Gary Kemp as Jesus Dilys Laye as Edith Scarman Ricky Gervais makes a cameo appearance in the film as a nightclub bouncer. imdb. com/ title/ tt0254284/ .

746. The film was produced by John H. 2005 (United States) Running time Country Language Budget 76 minutes United Kingdom United States English $35 million [1] Gross revenue $61. Set in May of the year 1944. and George Melrod. The film is based on a story by Jordan Katz.''Valiant (2005 film)'' 44 Valiant (2005 film) Valiant Promotional poster for Valiant Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Gary Chapman John H. 2005 (Valenciennes) May 25. 2005 (United Kingdom) August 19. Williams Jordan Katz Ewan McGregor Ricky Gervais Tim Curry John Cleese John Hurt Jim Broadbent Hugh Laurie Rik Mayall Distributed by Entertainment Film Distributors (UK) Buena Vista Pictures (US) Release date(s) May 20. Reviews toward Valiant were mixed and largely poor. George Webster. Williams and co-produced by Vanguard Animation and Odyssey Entertainment. and inspired by true stories of hundreds of pigeons that helped . it tells the story of a group of war pigeons during World War II.888[1] Valiant is a 2005 computer-animated film.

Valiant and the others prepare to leave and start to board the plane headed for France. Bugsy. Throughout the training. bidding his mother and Felix. Valiant. Valiant flies off to London. despite their training being vastly incomplete. 5 years since the declaration of World War II. Wing Commander Gutsy. form Royal Homing Pigeon Service Squad F. Lofty. carrying vital messages to Great Britain. where Valiant reunites with Victoria. The pigeons are dropped from the plane. before Mercury accidentally reveals the location: Saint-Pierre. who is wanted by two thugs. a war hero flies into the bar. the captured prisoner of war resists interrogation by his captors. 32 of them went to pigeons. the pigeons meet Charles de Girl and Rollo. Von Talon and his henchmen try numerous attempt to discover the message's departure location. In General Von Talon's lair Mercury. The journey becomes extremely perilous. Despite the poor weather conditions the pigeons have nearly reached their destination. leaving him to be beaten senseless by the water wheel. The recruits. the training begins. however. Eventually. Bugsy. . After a climactic chase by the falcon. goodbye. However Mercury refuses to tell. Under the command of Sargeant. Valiant hides in the cottage where he lives. the falcons are alert and give chase. as it is caught in the midst of dogfight. and frees Bugsy and Mercury. they are suddenly ambushed and attacked by a German enemy falcon called General Von Talon. yet the third is taken as a prisoner of war. The plane goes down in an inferno of flames. With the help of his mother and Felix. three Royal Homing Pegion Service war pigeons are flying across the English Channel with the White Cliffs of Dover in sight. two of the pigeons are instantly killed.''Valiant (2005 film)'' the soldiers in the war. resulting in Bugsy and the message being captured. In order to escape the wrath of the thugs. Mouse Division. and Toughwood and Tailfeather. Valiant meets a filthy pigeon named Bugsy. presumably killing Gutsy in the resulting explosion. in boxes equipped with parachutes. In France. the latter being an expert saboteur who lead them to Saint-Pierre. an intellectual red pigeon. he signs up with Valiant. where they receive the message they have been ordered to deliver. Gusty arrives and tells the Sargeant that the recruits need to leave the next morning. despite the tortures inflicted upon him. The next morning. Valiant delivers the message. Unfortunately. where they discover that Gutsy has survived the plane crash. where he is attacked by Von Talon again. two mice from the French Resistance. Elsewhere a small wood pigeon named Valiant is watching an Allied forces propaganda film in his local bar (an overturned rowing boat) in West Nestington. As Gutsy and the others fend off Von Talon's henchmen. Meanwhile. two strong but dim-witted twin brothers. After receiving the Dicking Medal Squad F returns to the local bar in West Nestington. not before Bugsy shows up at the last second. Valiant finally defeats the villain by getting a giant hook caught on his medals. the local barman. At the end of the film. it says that of the 54 Dickin Medals awarded to animals. such as irritating him with yodelling music and injecting him with truth serum. Valiant takes advantage of his small size and sneaks into the bunker through the gun barrel. who declares that he will toughen them up for the RHPS. decides not to go on the "highly dangerous" mission and flees the camp that night. the camp's nursing dove. Valiant flies to London to deliver the message. however. and is rewarded with a Dickin Medal. They soon come under attack by Von Talon's henchmen. however a technical malfunction causes Gutsy's box to fail to deploy. followed closely by Von Talon. Von Talon takes the message from Bugsy and decides to cage him up and eat him later. In London. and are sent to a recruit training facility. London. Valiant and the troops follow Bugsy to the falcon's bunker. Their plane sustains heavy damage and the pigeons soon have to bale out. informing everyone that signups are scheduled the next day in Trafalgar Square. Valiant develops a crush on Victoria. retrieves the message. 45 Plot In May 1944.

Valiant's friend in the Royal Homing Pegion Service. however edited symbols are discreetly inserted.''Valiant (2005 film)'' 46 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ewan McGregor as Valiant. Valiant's friend in the Royal Homing Pegion Service. Pip Torrens as Lofty Thaddeus Worthington. For example. John Cleese as Mercury Olivia Williams as Victoria John Hurt as Felix Annette Badland as Elsa Jim Broadbent as Sergeant Hugh Laurie as Wing Commander Gutsy Tim Curry as General Von Talon. Yet this version. For example. Toughwood brother and Valiant's friend in the Royal Homing Pegion Service. Von Talon. Rik Mayall as Cufflingk Michael Schlingmann as Underlingk Sharon Horgan as Charles De Girl Buckley Collum as Rollo Sean Samuels as Jacques Other versions French cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ramzy Bedia as Vaillant Éric Judor as Bugsy Richard Darbois as "Guénéral" von Griffes Patrice Dozier as Cufflingk Henri Guybet as Underlingk Claire Guyot as Victoria Emmanuel Jacomy as Commandant James Courage Bernard Métraux as Sergent Mortimer Monty Christian Pelissier as Félix William Coryn as Snoby Michel Prudhomme as Mercury Boris Rehlinger as Tango et Charlie Céline Monsarrat as Charles De Girl Mexican cast • • • • • • • • José Antonio Macías as Valiant Javier Rivero as Bugsy Pedro D'Aguillon Jr. unlike the Hoheitszeichen (Nazi Germany's national insignia). General Von Talon wears a large Reichsadler badge that depicts the German eagle."[2] The film's use of WWII imagery is apparent throughout. has the eagle grasping two bones. Furthermore. although Nazism is never specifically mentioned. Ricky Gervais as Bugsy. the film's primary antagonist. the antagonist of the film. for instance. McGregor himself called it "a good old-fashioned war movie.[3] . nor are Nazi symbols ever overtly visually depicted. Dan Roberts as Tailfeather. Tailfeather brother and Valiant's friend in the Royal Homing Pegion Service. as Mercury Mario Sauret as General Von Tuerten Carlos Segundo as Félix Armando Réndiz as Sargento Humberto Solórzano as Capitán Valor Dulce Guerrero as Victoria Spanish cast • • • • • • • • Paco León as Valiant Florentino Fernández as Bugsy José Luis Gil as Mercury Ramón Langa as General Von Tuerten Julio Nuñe as Félix Salvador Aldeguer as Sargento Luis Bajo as Capitán Valor Mar Bordallo as Victoria Themes Valiant sets the Second World War as its backdrop. Von Talon states whilst holding Mercury as a prisoner of war that he would not eat Mercury. Brian Lonsdale as Toughwood.[2] whereas the Hoheitszeichen depicts the eagle clutching a swastika. holds specific links to Adolf Hitler. and thus the film has various factual references to World War II. a direct reference to Adolf Hitler's vegetarianism. the protagonist of the film. taken from the coat of arms of Germany. as he is a vegetarian. the villainous characters in the film hold obvious links to the Nazis.

[4] Valiant was the first CGI film to be made in Britain. It's set in the Second World War. other reviewers stated that the film was "nicely animated". such as Shrek 2 having a budget of $150. yellow. animators. then you're wrong. belts. a black leather cape. the bonus of locating to Britain was that the UK Film Council offered Valiant a record-breaking £2. or toys running around a kid's room. usually hats.[5] and described them as a "misery in computer animation". blue. it's dark. shaders. but low by CGI film standards.[8] However. Disney and DreamWorks.[1] . Tailfeather. and military medals and. Reception Valiant received a 30% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 109 reviews with an average rating of 5/10.S. all — our problems were feathers". Valiant is different.000 is considerably low in comparison to other CGI productions.478. including beige. John H.''Valiant (2005 film)'' 47 Production If you think it's Nemo with feathers. the pigeons came in various colours. This gives it a worldwide total of $61. dangerous. He stated that "most — no.268. the re-dubbed version of The Magic Roundabout. they appear entirely clothes-free. working on effects such as colour.[7] As a result of the low amount of animators some critics called the film's animation "amateurish-looking"." Gary Chapman [4] 179 modellers. equipped with no military regalia.000.106 in the U. We thought it would be important to be the first company to produce a CGI feature fully made in Europe with a major studio attached. west London.782 internationally. on a tight budget and with a relatively small group of animators. Bugsy.[4] in what The Times described as "a piece of guerrilla film-making" in comparison to the other CGI animated films created by major studios.746.[10] The film did business of $19.000. was created in 106 weeks."[5] Williams also explained the attraction to making the film in Britain. Lofty Thaddeus Worthington. line producer for Vanguard Animation stated that the biggest difficulties whilst making the film was the detail required for the bird's feathers. with films which Williams had previously worked on.[5] and as a result. He also requested that each bird be dressed in clothing. saying "It would have been $3 million cheaper to make in LA but we had $10-12 million in tax and co-production money that we were able to attract because we made it here. However.[5] Director Gary Chapman insisted that each bird must The animals were clothed under Chapman's orders to create a more distinctive look for each character look distinctive. and $42.[9] Tom Jacomb."[5] Additionally.[5] Valiant's budget of $35. movement and shading. in the case of the villainous Von Talon. before Valiant.6 million grant. Williams of Vanguard Animation "we knew a lot of European animators who had worked at Pixar. Toughwood complete their military training. until its record was later beaten in 2006 by Doogal.000.[11] The film held the record for lowest box office of a CGI animated film. and were interested in going back to Europe. It's easier to create colourful tropical fish.888.[5] and clothing accessories appear throughout the film on characters.[4] At least 5 computer animators worked together for every scene of the 76 minute film. yet funny — and that's quite hard.[6] Animation The film. red and grey. texturers began work on Valiant at Ealing Studios. which is considered successful.

a popular American wartime group.stm) UltimateDisney. The Times. .com DVD Review with Pictures (http://www. com/ search/ xx/ music/ pid/ 6921901/ a/ Valiant. imdb. com/ movies/ ?id=shrek2. Box Office Mojo.htm) at Box Office Mojo Article on pigeons that inspired the film (http://news. The Washington Post. je ne regrette rien" by Édith Piaf is played in one scene in the film. [8] Carina Chocano (2005-08-19).co. story). The Times.[12] The only track not composed by Fenton. . boxofficemojo.". com/ wp-dyn/ content/ article/ 2005/ 08/ 18/ AR2005081800550. . timesonline. United Kingdom:EDV9307. Retrieved 2010-01-10. [4] "Where pigeons dare" (http:/ / www. and the only track featured on the soundtrack with vocals. com/ genres/ chart/ ?id=computeranimation. [12] "Valiant Soundtrack CD" (http:/ / www. co. calendarlive. Vanguard Animation.7365477. Retrieved 2009-03-10. washingtonpost.H. The Telegraph.[12] "Shoo Shoo Baby" was originally sang by the Andrews Sisters. Retrieved 2010-01-20. ece?token=null& offset=12& page=2). RTÉ. [11] "Animation . External links • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www. [10] "Valiant Movie Reviews. Retrieved 2010-01-17. ie/ arts/ 2005/ 0323/ valiant. New York. . boxofficemojo. html). . sang by R&B girl group Mis-Teeq. com/ movies/ reviews/ cl-et-valiant19aug19. (2005). Rotten Tomatoes. 16 years after 1944.boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2010-01-17. is "Shoo Shoo Baby".com/movies/?id=valiant. 2005-03-20. . Retrieved 2010-01-17. . Retrieved 2010-01-10.[13] References [1] "Valiant (2005)" (http:/ / www. .ultimatedisney. htm). htm). html). "Valiant (G)" (http:/ / www.html) . timesonline. . com/ movies/ ?id=valiant. co.com/m/valiant/) at Rotten Tomatoes Valiant (http://www.valiantmovie. London. [9] Linda McGee. despite it being recorded in 1960. Los Angeles Times. especially in the case of tracks such as "March of the R. Retrieved 2010-01-17. "'Valiant' Flies Over Wee Heads" (http:/ / www. [7] "Where pigeons dare: Part 2" (http:/ / www. co. com/ title/ tt0361089/ goofs). telegraph. Box Office Mojo. "Plucky British pigeon takes on Hollywood" (http:/ / www. [5] Candida Crewe (2005-03-22).[12] The tracks were recorded at AIR Recording Studios and at Angel Recording Studios in London and at Right Track Studios. rte. . boxofficemojo.com/title/tt0361089/) at the Internet Movie Database Valiant (http://www.[12] The orchestral music is in keeping with the military theme of the film. 2005-03-20. when the film was set. Retrieved 2010-01-17.uk/1/hi/england/hampshire/4600865. [13] "Goofs for Valiant (2005)" (http:/ / www. "'Valiant' – Movie Review" (http:/ / www. uk/ culture/ film/ 3639143/ Plucky-British-pigeon-takes-on-Hollywood. com/ m/ valiant/ ). Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes" (http:/ / www. notes from: Making of Featurette. [2] Valiant.imdb. cduniverse. "Non.bbc. ece?token=null& offset=0& page=1). CD Universe. Box Office Mojo.Computer" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-01-10.com/valiant.com/) Valiant (http://www. .0.''Valiant (2005 film)'' 48 Soundtrack The musical score was composed by George Fenton and mostly performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. it was not the only lyrical track used in the film. html). Retrieved 2010-01-10. rottentomatoes. [6] "Shrek 2" (http:/ / www. uk/ tol/ life_and_style/ article424665.P. [3] Michael O'Sullivan (2005-08-19). which was performed by The Central Band of the Royal Air Force. Although "Shoo Shoo Baby" was the only track on the album containing lyrics.rottentomatoes. htm). Retrieved 2010-01-10. htm).S. uk/ tol/ life_and_style/ article424665. IMDb. (2005). . Gary Chapman.

''For Your Consideration (film)'' 49 For Your Consideration (film) For Your Consideration Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Christopher Guest Karen Murphy Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Catherine O'Hara Parker Posey Harry Shearer Christopher Moynihan Christopher Guest Jennifer Coolidge Bob Balaban Sandra Oh Ricky Gervais Jane Lynch Eugene Levy Fred Willard Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Music by Cinematography Roberto Schaefer Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Budget Preceded by Robert Leighton Warner Independent Pictures November 17. It was co-written by Guest and Eugene Levy.000 A Mighty Wind For Your Consideration is a 2006 comedy film directed by Christopher Guest.000. 2006 United States English $10. both also starring in the film. .

John Michael Higgins and Jim Piddock. Jane Lynch. Waiting for Guffman. Ricky Gervais. including Eugene Levy. and Sandra Oh make brief cameos. Jennifer Coolidge. titled with a phrase used in trade advertisements to promote films for awards such as the Academy Awards. Fred Willard. as Sandy Lane Eugene Levy as Morley Orfkin Harry Shearer as Victor Allan Miller Christopher Guest as Jay Berman John Michael Higgins as Corey Taft Jim Piddock as Simon Whitset Jennifer Coolidge as Whitney Taylor Brown Parker Posey as Callie Webb Rachael Harris as Debbie Gilchrist Christopher Moynihan as Brian Chubb Paul Dooley as Paper Badge Sgt. a drama set in the mid-1940s American South. Ed Begley. John Krasinski as Paper Badge Officer Don Lake as "Love It" critic Ben Lilly Michael Hitchcock as "Hate It" critic David van Zyverdan Sandra Oh as Marketing Person Richard Kind as Marketing Person Bob Balaban as Philip Koontz Michael McKean as Lane Iverson Ari Graynor as Young PA Fred Willard as Chuck Jane Lynch as Cindy Mary McCormack as Pilgrim Woman Shawn Christian as Pilgrim Man Deborah Theaker as Liz Fenneman Ricky Gervais as Martin Gibb Larry Miller as Syd Finkleman Craig Bierko as Talk Show Host Loudon Wainwright as Nominee Ben Connelly Claire Forlani as Herself Hart Bochner as Himself Casey Wilson as Young Actress . the format is a departure from the mockumentary style. While the dialogue is largely improvised by the actors as in Guest's earlier films. revolves around three actors (played by Catherine O'Hara.[1] It was produced by Warner Independent Pictures in association with Castle Rock Entertainment and Shangri-La Entertainment 50 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Catherine O'Hara as Marilyn Hack Ed Begley. Richard Kind.. and Harry Shearer) who learn that their performances in the film Home for Purim. The film received its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10. also appears. the co-creator of the British television series The Office. Jr. Bob Balaban. while John Krasinski. Michael Hitchcock. 2006. Best in Show. and A Mighty Wind. Jr.''For Your Consideration (film)'' The film. Parker Posey. are generating award-season buzz. Michael McKean. Many of the cast return from This Is Spinal Tap.

The two writers are at odds with the director. shock-jock radio show. a tan. Hack pretends not to care while secretly pining for the award. is best known for playing a blind prostitute in a film from the late 1980s. Victor Allen Miller (Shearer) is also an acting veteran who is known to the public as the hot-dog wearing mascot for a kosher line of frankfurters. only to field questions about topless scenes rather than her performance. Jewish family in the 1940s. playing Webb's brother who has returned home from the Navy. Despite the changes. feeling the film is "too Jewish.S. The film-within-a-film's plot centers around the daughter's confession of her lesbianism as her mother gets nearer to death and the family celebrates an awkward Purim. and dyed blonde hair. but a flop nevertheless. Callie Webb (Posey) plays their lesbian daughter." It is retitled Home for Thanksgiving. Home for Purim's cast and crew are in the process of making what appears will be a low-budget melodrama. Hack (after a drunken. Webb revives her failed one-woman show.) Miller goes back to auditioning for food commercials and other infomercials for useless products. explosive rant on Hollywood Now) becomes an acting teacher and seems uncomfortably at peace with her mediocre career. They all begin to do major press appearances for the film. These are often embarrassing. Miller. The obnoxious entertainment news program Hollywood Now and its hosts (Fred Willard and Jane Lynch) fuel the awards-season buzz. as well as revealing other contenders for the top prizes. studio executives butt in and force the writers to make script changes. yet write a film that mashes together Southern genteel with out-of-place Jewish references and words. The family reunites in time to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. a diaper service heir. The producer. . who has come home along with her girlfriend (Rachael Harris). Callie goes on an L. A newcomer ingenue. No Penis Intended. Webb breaks up with Chubb (her boyfriend).A. and Webb are convinced they will be nominated for Academy Awards. the one person for whom there was no buzz at all.''For Your Consideration (film)'' • Derek Waters as Young Actor 51 Plot summary Character actress Marilyn Hack (O'Hara). As the filming continues. Hack gets breast implants and extensive plastic surgery to the point where her face is comically ecstatic. Each begins obsessing about the award potential in his or her own way. He is virtually left in the dark. despite having been in the industry for 30 years. At this point. both for the actors and the movie audience. Miller appears on a hip-hop teen show called Chillaxin' in youthful attire with capped teeth. Miller begins to demand a higher salary and more dignified work. Together they are cast in a new film called Home for Purim as the patriarch and dying matriarch of a Southern U. Ultimately the only person nominated for an award is Chubb. dresses flamboyantly but doesn't seem to know much about managing a film except paying for expenses. The director (Guest) is constantly adding bizarre camera shots and acting notes. Rounding out the cast is Brian Chubb (Christopher Moynihan). the Oscar buzz intensifies to the point where Hack. (He sleeps in on the morning of the announcement of the nominations. Oscar buzz begins around all of the cast (with the exception of Chubb). claiming he is not being supportive.

she would be nominated for an Academy Award. O'Hara's performance earned many good reviews.rottentomatoes.com/foryourconsiderati.com/foryourconsideration/) at Warner Bros.''For Your Consideration (film)'' 52 Awards Catherine O'Hara won the National Board of Review's Best Supporting Actress award and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Female Lead. spurring for a short time rumors that. • For Your Consideration (http://www.imdb. digitalhit. References [1] Evans.com/work/331949) at Allmovie • For Your Consideration (http://www.nthposition.com/film/titles/foryourconsideration) at Metacritic • For Your Consideration (http://www.com/title/tt0470765/) at the Internet Movie Database • For Your Consideration (http://www.com/movies/?id=foryourconsideration.com (http://www.php) . .boxofficemojo.metacritic. For Your Consideration premiere at TIFF (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • For Your Consideration (http://www.allmovie.com/m/1159169-for_your_consideration/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Review by Seamus Sweeney at www. retrieved 2009-12-02 External links • Official site (http://wip. in an ironic twist. com/ galleries/ 23/ 388/ ).nthposition. Ian (2006).warnerbros.

''Night at the Museum'' 53 Night at the Museum Night at the Museum First promotional poster for the film Directed by Produced by Shawn Levy • • • Shawn Levy Chris Columbus Michael Barnathan Screenplay by Based on Starring Thomas Lennon Robert Ben Garant The Night at the Museum by: Milan Trenc • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ben Stiller Carla Gugino Dick Van Dyke Mickey Rooney Bill Cobbs Jake Cherry Robin Williams Mizuo Peck Owen Wilson Steve Coogan Patrick Gallagher Ricky Gervais Rami Malek Kim Raver Pierfrancesco Favino Music by Alan Silvestri Cinematography Guillermo Navarro Editing by Studio Distributed by Don Zimmerman • • 1492 Pictures Ingenious Film Partners 20th Century Fox .

Larry uses what he has learned to better control the exhibits. the film was written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon of Comedy Central's Reno 911! and MTV's The State and produced and directed by Shawn Levy. The museum plans to replace Cecil and two colleagues—Gus (Mickey Rooney) and Reginald (Bill Cobbs)—with one guard. and one turns to dust when he leaves the museum at dawn. bond trader Don (Paul Rudd). Bill Cobbs. Roosevelt explains that since an Egyptian artifact—the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Akhmenrah—came to the museum in 1952. Larry is then attacked and chased by a wax model of Attila the Hun (Patrick Gallagher) and eventually meets a wax model of Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams). He applies for a job as a night watchman at New York City's American Museum of Natural History and subsequently discovers that the exhibits.''Night at the Museum'' Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Followed by December 22.or out". 2006 99 minutes United States English $110 million $574. Roosevelt helps Larry by restoring order. an Easter Island Moai (Brad Garrett) obsessed with "gum-gum". Carla Gugino. and Robin Williams. Dick Van Dyke. The cast includes Ben Stiller. and Larry fears that Nick respects his future stepfather.. more than he does Larry. however. Released on December 22. so museum director Dr. They advise Larry to leave some of the lights on and warn him not to let anything "in. Larry studies history to prepare himself better. all of the exhibits come to life each night. He offers Rebecca a meeting with Sacagawea. It follows a divorced father trying to settle down. Once night comes. . unable to keep a stable job. but she believes that he is mocking her and the museum. including a living Tyrannosaurus skeleton nicknamed "Rexy" who behaves like a dog. Larry discovers that the exhibits come to life. McPhee (Ricky Gervais) almost fires Larry. and find his destiny. Four Neanderthals set fire to a display. and has failed at many business ventures. which always steals Larry's keys. Ricky Gervais. animated by a magical Egyptian artifact. however.. a mischievous capuchin monkey named Dexter. hires Larry despite his unpromising résumé. The next night. impress his son. and he decides to remain as a guard. A sequel titled Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was released on May 22. which presented the 1492 Pictures/21 Laps Entertainment Production in association with Ingenious Film Partners.480. who is writing a dissertation on Sacagawea (Mizuo Peck) but does not feel she knows enough about her subject. If the exhibits are outside of the museum during sunrise. On Cecil's advice. 2006 by 20th Century Fox. Also producing for 1492 Pictures were Chris Columbus and Michael Barnathan. Jake Cherry. A new novelization of the screenplay by Leslie Goldman was published as a film tie-in. an elderly night security guard about to retire from the American Museum of Natural History. 2009. His ex-wife (Kim Raver) believes that he is a bad example to their ten-year-old son Nick (Jake Cherry).841 [1] 54 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Night at the Museum is a 2006 adventure-comedy film based on the 1993 children's book with the same name by Milan Trenc. He also learns from a museum docent. rival miniature civilizations led by Old West cowboy Jedediah (Owen Wilson) and Roman general Octavius (Steve Coogan). they turn to dust. Mickey Rooney. Cecil (Dick Van Dyke). come to life at night. Plot Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is divorced. Rebecca Hutman (Carla Gugino).

but Cecil locks him and his father in the Egyptian room and flees with the tablet. Gus."[3] Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ben Stiller as Larry Daley Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt Jake Cherry as Nicky Daley. Crystal the Monkey as Dexter Kim Raver as Erica Daley Pierfrancesco Favino as Christopher Columbus Brad Garrett as The Easter Island Head (Voice) Paul Rudd as Don Anne Meara-Stiller (Ben Stiller's real-life mother) as Debbie Martin Christopher as Meriwether Lewis . Cecil is then taken by the Huns back to the museum. The pharaoh speaks English from many years as an exhibit at Cambridge. McPhee fires Larry due to the chaos during the night. 55 Production The building featured in the film. Nick. who plays the troublemaking monkey Dexter. The three find the other exhibits fighting. Dr. and Larry convinces them to work together. Cecil escapes by stagecoach with Larry.[2] Trainers spent several weeks training Crystal. and Atilla the Hun in pursuit in Central Park. external shots of which were used in the movie. and disabled the tablet to stop the exhibits from interfering. where they stop him and regain the tablet. Nick. It['s] a high-water mark and it absolutely draws actors in and I'm convinced that's a big part of why we got this cast. and Reginald are forced to become museum janitors as punishment. he introduces her to Sacagawea. Larry. wishing to retain their health and fund their retirements. Larry releases the Akhmenrah's (Rami Malek) mummy from his sarcophagus. but rehires him when news reports of the strange events around the museum—such as cave paintings in the museum's subway station. Although some of the exhibits capture Gus and Reginald without difficulty. the guards receive enhanced vitality from the artifact. Akmenrah. Rebecca sees the exhibits return to the museum before sunrise and realizes that Larry was telling the truth. where he is thrown in with Gus and Reginald.''Night at the Museum'' Larry brings Nick to the museum to show him the exhibits. and helps Larry and Nick escape. while Cecil. dinosaur footprints in Central Park. Larry's son. McPhee. and the exhibits celebrate. is based on the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Nick reactivates the artifact. to slap and bite Stiller in the film. Like the exhibits. the three plan to frame Larry for the thefts. Larry's boss. Gus. Director Shawn Levy credited Ben Stiller for the ensemble cast: "When actors hear that Ben Stiller is in a movie they want to work with him. and cavemen sightings—raise attendance. and Reginald stealing the tablet and other valuable objects. They find Cecil. but none is alive. Dick Van Dyke as Cecil Fredericks Carla Gugino as Rebecca Hutman Mickey Rooney as Gus Bill Cobbs as Reginald Owen Wilson as Jedediah (Uncredited) Steve Coogan as Octavius Patrick Gallagher as Attila the Hun Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah Mizuo Peck as Sacagawea Ricky Gervais as Dr. which was constructed on a sound stage in Burnaby.

8 million in 3. occasionally falling down or bumping into things. This is a period-correct song. The movie was also released in IMAX large screen format. often on site at museums of science or natural history such as the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.845.performed by Fatboy Slim. both meaning "rotten" at Rotten Tomatoes and a 58/100 rating on Metacritic indicating mixed or average reviews.performed by McFly. out-grossing its opening weekend. April 30.S. but heard in some international cuts. 2007. while escaping from Attila the Hun. and $320. used for the end credits (U. • "Tonight" . and stated that the film was "Out to impress .performed by Earth.[4] The film received mixed reviews from movie critics.2 million. the film had grossed $571. • "Eye of the Tiger" .685 theaters.performed by Keke Palmer and Cham.''Night at the Museum'' • Martin Sims as William Clark • Ian Campbell as Painter 56 Music Songs • "Friday Night" .069. It can be heard on the American DVD on the Spanish dub. theatrical version only). but to call what he does in this movie "acting" is a misnomer. grossing $30. In its second weekend. Wind and Fire. Rex exhibit on his first night. gave it a B-. Night at the Museum expanded into eighty-three more theaters and took in approximately $37. used before the end credits where everyone in the museum is partying. not featured in American version of the film. used during the end credits. He does a lot of running around. used in the scene where Larry returns to the museum for his second night and is preparing for the chaos.110 in the rest of the world. as of Monday. In total. and Canada.8 million at the box-office. It maintained its #1 position in its third week.224. it took in $42. shown here as Stiller portraying his film character running for dear [3] life from the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton (Rexy). Ben Stiller claimed that he watched Tom Cruise in the three Mission: Impossible films to learn how to imitate his running technique. • "Camptown Races" by Stephen Foster is sung by the townspeople of the American West miniature diorama. with an additional $24 million."[6] One positive review by William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. • "September" .performed by Ben Stiller. • "Ezekiel Saw Them Dry Bones" is the tune Larry whistles as he passes the empty T.[5] James Berardinelli of Reelviews gave it 2 stars out of 4. • A Muzak version of "Mandy" by Barry Manilow is used when Larry is standing in the elevator.440 in the U. [1] For the four-day Christmas holiday weekend. used in the scene where Larry is bored and messes around with the telephone at the front desk beatboxing the music. • "Weapon of Choice" . receiving a 44% rating from noted critics and a 39% "Top Critics" rating.550: $250.S. and commented on Stiller's performance by stating "It might be fair to give Ben Stiller an 'A' for effort. • Alan Silvestri replaced John Ottman as score composer. Silvestri's score was used for the teaser trailer of Horton Hears A Who! Reception Night at the Museum was the highest grossing film in its opening weekend.

Box Office Mojo.variety. ht) [5] "RottenTomatoes. museum officials at the American Museum of Natural History have credited the film for increasing the number of visitors during the holiday season by almost 20%. Retrieved 2009-11-05. .''Night at the Museum'' and delight a family audience with the pageantry of human and natural history. Night at the Museum.Movie Index. Retrieved January 7. html).independentfilm. html).com/movies/?id=nightatthemuseum. com/ archives-0407b. and that's a surprisingly worthy ambition for a Hollywood comedy.com" (http:/ / www. 2007. Shallow 'Museum' exhibits some appealing qualities.[10] [11] References [1] "Night at the Museum (2006)" (http:/ / www. Pictures . 2007. [8] Night at the Museum .com/film/titles/nightatthemuseum) at Metacritic Night at the Museum (http://www. . cfm?id=16582).com" (http:/ / www.com/work/340663) at Allmovie Night at the Museum (http://www. rottentomatoes.com. Movie boosts Natural History Museum visits. nwsource. 2007 elsewhere. boxofficemojo.com Independentfilm.metacritic.html?categoryID=31&cs=1) on Variety.com" (http:/ / seattlepi. 2007.shtml) . .com/things/ night-at-the-museum-film-movie-ben-stiller-history-fun-ki) Night At The Museum Review (http://www. [6] "Reelviews. msn. com/ movie?id=nightatthemuseum. Retrieved January 8. due to the website dealing with other studios besides Disney. [2] "MovieLocationsGuide. "Night at the Museum" at UltimateDisney. 2007. ultimatedisney. reelviews. Retrieved September 11.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www. 2007. com/ Night_at_the_Museum/ filming_locations). Non-Disney films to be reviewed by Ultimate Disney. sun2surf. [3] "Sun2Surf.com" (http:/ / www. msnbc. .rottentomatoes. com/ m/ night_at_the_museum/ reviews_users. . [11] "UltimateDisney. php?page=1& critic=approved& sortby=date& name_order=asc& view=#mo) [9] "msnbc. Retrieved January 7. [4] Box Office Mojo . html). . 2007.000 more visitors than during the same period the prior year. it received a "fresh" 65% from the RT community.com video interview with Mizuo Peck who played Sacagawea (http://www. com/ movies/ 296769_museum22q.nightatthemuseummovie. [7] "SeattlePI. . com/ article. Stiller shifts to the Museum.boxofficemojo. 2007. there were 50. [10] "UltimateDisney.com" (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. Night at the Museum Filming Locations. com/ m/ night_at_the_museum/ ).com (http://revyu. . 2007. According to a museum official.htm) at Box Office Mojo Night at the Museum (http://www."[7] However. movielocationsguide. Retrieved April 20. com/ id/ 16549060/ ).allmovie. com/ nightatthemuseum-560. com/ movies/ ?id=nightatthemuseum. 2007. External links • • • • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www. com/films/videogalleryfilms/night-at-the-museum-mizuo-peck.[8] In a case of life imitating art.Movie Reviews. between December 22. 2006.[9] 57 DVD release The film was released on a 2-Disc DVD edition in the United Kingdom on April 2. net/ movies/ n/ night_museum. Retrieved January 7..com/) Night at the Museum (http://www. Retrieved January 8. htm). It was released on 1-Disc and 2-Disc DVD editions and Blu-ray Disc format on April 24.com" (http:/ / www. Retrieved April 24. and January 2. ultimatedisney.imdb.com" (http:/ / www.com/m/night_at_the_museum/) at Rotten Tomatoes Night at the Museum Reviews on Revyu. The film became the first non-Disney film to be reviewed by Ultimate Disney. . Night at the Museum (2006).com/review/VE1117932351. A-Z (http:/ / www.com" (http:/ / www. boxofficemojo. 2007. html).com/title/tt0477347/) at the Internet Movie Database Night at the Museum (http://www.

2007 .''Stardust (2007 film)'' 58 Stardust (2007 film) Stardust Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Matthew Vaughn Lorenzo di Bonaventura Michael Dreyer Neil Gaiman Matthew Vaughn Jane Goldman Matthew Vaughn Stardust by Neil Gaiman Ian McKellen Charlie Cox Claire Danes Michelle Pfeiffer Sienna Miller Ricky Gervais Jason Flemying Mark Strong Rupert Everett David Kelly Nathaniel Parker David Walliams Peter O'Toole Robert De Niro Ilan Eshkeri Screenplay by Based on Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Ben Davis Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Jon Harris Marv Ingenious Film Partners Paramount Pictures August 10.

Nine months later. Mark Strong. The stars whisper to Tristan. The gem collides with a star. He learns that it is in the possession of the fallen star and that the heart of a star grants immortality. interrupting Lamia's attempt to kill Yvaine. magically conjuring an inn in the countryside. They befriend the kind-hearted Captain Shakespeare. David Kelly.026 Stardust is a 2007 fantasy film from Paramount Pictures. and gives him a haircut which lengthens his hair. Lamia kills Primus. One of the witches. and vows to retrieve it for the object of his infatuation. His father reveals to him that his mother is from the other side of the wall. the king is on his deathbed. and stars an ensemble cast including Charlie Cox. Septimus arrives at the site of the inn and discovers that he is the last surviving son of the king. Narration is by Ian McKellen. who teaches Tristan how to fence and fight. sets a trap for Yvaine. The king's remaining two sons. it won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.550. David Walliams. A guard is constantly posted at a break in the wall. Yvaine is weary and unaccustomed to daytime travel. In his absence. Rupert Everett. The film is based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name. a beautiful woman named Yvaine. He promptly chains her in order to take her home to Victoria. Sienna Miller. a unicorn frees Yvaine. only needing to find the stone to accept the throne. Claire Danes. Nathaniel Parker.''Stardust (2007 film)'' Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue 128 minutes United Kingdom United States English $88. illustrated by Charles Vess. Tristan discovers Yvaine gone and lies down to rest. Because they're each thinking of their respective homes. Long Form. the Wall Guard delivers a baby to Dustin. instructing him to get on a passing stagecoach which happens to be Primus's. Primus and Septimus independently search for the gem. . magical world called Stormhold. Victoria. 19 years later. so Tristan chains her to a tree and promises to return with food. he meets the a slave girl who offers him a snowdrop in exchange for a kiss.5 million [1] 59 $135. He throws a ruby into the sky. and gives him a Babylon candle that she had left for him. Tristan Thorne sees the star fall behind the wall. Peter O'Toole. Tristan lights it and is transported to the fallen star. which instantly transports the user to any desired location. originally published by Avon Books. and they fall together and land elsewhere in Stormhold. At the beginning of the story. In Wall. intending to eat her heart in order to recover their youth and replenish their magical power. Ricky Gervais. Tristan and Primus arrive at the inn. but Tristan and Yvaine escape using the Babylon candle. Michelle Pfeiffer. and Mark Heap. Three witches in Stormhold learn of the fallen star and resolve to find her. Lamia. In 2008. in the capital of Stormhold. Ben Barnes. where they are captured by pirates in a flying ship. directed by Matthew Vaughn. then unwittingly takes her to Lamia's inn. between the earth and the stars. decreeing that the first of his fratricidal sons to recover it will be the new king. Robert De Niro. saying his name is Tristan. Plot The English village of Wall lies near a stone wall that is the border with the kingdom of Stormhold in another. to prevent anyone from crossing. There. in return for her hand in marriage. warning of Yvaine's danger and begging him to save her. Dustin Thorne goes over the wall and into the Wall Market. the candle takes Tristan and Yvaine into the storm clouds.

subsequently reappearing as a ghost. Yvaine. the youngest of the seven Stormhold princes • Nathaniel Parker as Dunstan Thorne. Tristan and Yvaine make their way to a village near the wall. bringing with him a lock of her hair. killed early in the film. where they spend the night at an inn. a famous pirate with a reputation for being cruel. and he rushes back to save her. • Peter O'Toole as the King of Stormhold. • David Kelly as the wall guard. then uses it to make his corpse fight Tristan. unleashes a wave of starlight that disintegrates Lamia. • Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare of the Caspartine. slain prior to the opening of the film. Tristan's crush for whom he first obtains the star. • Joanna Scanlan as Mormo. • Claire Danes as Yvaine. Come morning. taking them to the witches' castle. but finds a young woman (Yvaine) with whom he winds up falling in love. Lamia arrives and. so she takes the caravan of her enslaver to the wall to stop her. after eighty years of ruling Stormhold. • Julian Rhind-Tutt as the ghost of Prince Quartus. Barging into the witches' castle. Tristan's mother and captive of the witch Ditchwater Sal. Tristan becomes the new king with Yvaine as his queen. slain prior to the opening of the film. • Rupert Everett as Prince Secundus. he realizes that Yvaine will die if she crosses the wall. the witches. the protagonist. agreeing to work together for the time being. the two will live forever in the sky. Una explains that Tristan is the last male heir of Stormhold. She glows more brightly as she falls in love with Tristan. He vows to find a fallen star to bring to Victoria. notices Yvaine walking to her doom. When the lock turns to stardust. dies of poisoning early in the film.''Stardust (2007 film)'' After leaving Captain Shakespeare's ship. the witch who kept Una as a slave. Septimus recognizes Una as his sister. • Kate Magowan as Princess Una. • Ricky Gervais as Ferdy the Fence. daughter of the king. Just as Lamia is about to kill Tristan. the youngest of the witches. • Charlie Cox as Tristan Thorne. Tristan's father. Septimus and Tristan both pursue Lamia and meet at the castle. • Sienna Miller as Victoria Forester. Una. • Sarah Alexander as Empusa. believing that he abandoned her to go back to Victoria. to tell Victoria that he won't marry her. captures both her and Yvaine. Tristan's mother. where Tristan also becomes a star. • David Walliams as the ghost of Prince Sextus. subsequently reappearing as a ghost. though in reality he is kind-hearted and rather camp. Una and Tristan meet for the first time. and she informs him that she is his mother. and the princes of Stormhold. more in love with Tristan than ever. the witch-queen who attempts to cut out and steal Yvaine's heart to gain immortality as well as regain her beauty. . and she starts walking toward the wall. the star sought by Tristan. slain prior to the opening of the film. • Mark Heap as Prince Tertius. a frequent client of Shakespeare. after killing Una's enslaver. Since Yvaine "gave her heart" to Tristan. they both use a Babylon candle to ascend to the sky. • Melanie Hill as Ditchwater Sal. • Mark Strong as Septimus. • Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia. having fallen in love with Yvaine. Yvaine wakes up to find Tristan gone. Septimus and Tristan fight the witches. • Adam Buxton as the ghost of Prince Quintus. the firstborn son of the king. • Jason Flemyng as Primus. Later. Tristan retrieves the jewel that Yvaine was wearing. Tristan leaves Yvaine sleeping and goes to Wall. • Ben Barnes as Young Dunstan Thorne. but Lamia kills Septimus using a voodoo doll. one of the witches. 60 Cast • Ian McKellen as the narrator.

director Terry Gilliam and Matthew Vaughn. and was replaced by fellow comedian Adam Buxton.[12] . Vaughn acquired the option to develop the film adaptation. the studio cast Robert De Niro. Gaiman and Vaughn resumed talks after the director walked away from helming the film X-Men: The Last Stand and in January 2005. even with the level of 2006 technology. 61 Production Optioning The 1998 fantasy novel Stardust by Neil Gaiman was first optioned for the movies by Miramax in 1998–99. a goat. Stephen Fry was pitched as a possible Shakespeare. Production began in the UK and Iceland in April 2006. with Gaiman's blessing given to the screenwriters. Gaiman did not want people to go to the theater to see a film that attempted to be completely loyal to Stardust the book and failed. When asked how the book inspired his vision for the movie.[4] Writing The adapted screenplay was written by Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman.[6] After creating the audiobook version of the novel. leaving out portions of the work. Jr.[10] The role of Quintus was originally given to comedian Noel Fielding. Cox and Pfeiffer for their roles. He intended Captain Shakespeare to be played by either De Niro or Jack Nicholson. • Henry Cavill as Humphrey. the movie version has a greater element of whimsy and humor. Freddie Prinze. their Classical decisions included a reference to The Books of Magic (Empusa) and Neverwhere (Lamia). he said that he wanted "to do Princess Bride with a Midnight Run overtone. After Gilliam dropped out following his involvement with The Brothers Grimm.[11] Similarly Billie Whitelaw was originally cast as Ditchwater Sal. and Sienna Miller. As a result of changes.[2] Eventually.[3] In October 2005. but was replaced by Melanie Hill on the first day of principal photography. discussions about a film version of Stardust began taking place between Gaiman. Vaughn left the talks to direct Layer Cake.[7] Casting In March 2006. Budgetary concerns also factored into the adaptation. According to Gaiman.[2] Vaughn and Goldman decided that the witches needed names (as in the book they were collectively the Lilim and their names were lost beneath the sea)."[5] One of the difficulties with adapting the novel was its earnest and dark nature: an adult fairy tale in which sex and violence are presented unflinchingly. Charlie Cox. Victoria's boyfriend. with the majority of filming taking place in the UK. and he recovered the rights after they expired. Gaiman realized that there was 10½ hours of material in the book.''Stardust (2007 film)'' • Jake Curran as Bernard. This led him to acknowledge that the film would have to compress the novel.[8] Vaughn himself picked Danes. a country boy whom Lamia turns into a goat and woman. Claire Danes. the film went "through an unsatisfactory development period". but due to health issues he had to drop out. the director entered final negotiations with Paramount Pictures to direct and produce Stardust with a budget estimated at US$70 million. • Mark Williams as the human form of Billy. but Vaughn eventually picked [9] De Niro. Michelle Pfeiffer. Sarah Michelle Gellar was offered the role of Yvaine but turned it down to spend more time with her husband.

Wiltshire. and the UK where it made $31 million (approx.[14] In summer 2006. Stardust has earned a total of $135.[14] One film location was on Elm Hill in Norwich. the film received 76% rating. earning $8.[16] On another aggregator.''Stardust (2007 film)'' 62 Locations In mid-April 2006. Reception Box office Stardust was released on August 10. Some of the scenes requiring wide open spaces for riding and coach scenes were filmed at Bicester Airfield in Oxfordshire.553. where it spent 8 weeks in the box office top ten.263 as of October 14. Rotten Tomatoes. 2006. including a spectacular mural and new thatching. 2007. Some parts of the film were also shot in Iceland. he criticized the pacing as being cluttered and unfocused.[19] Associated Press film critic David Germain named the film the #7 best film of 2007. 2007. earning US$9.118. Filming was finished by July 13. The film also opened the same day in Russia and the rest of the Commonwealth of Independent States. on the Isle of Skye. £19.[15] Its biggest markets were the US where it made $38 million. Reviews The film rates 66% at the movie review aggregator Metacritic based on 33 reviews. The Briton's Arms tea house became the Slaughtered Prince public house. their request was refused. with a mixture of Tudor and medieval buildings dating as far back as the 11th century. that they appealed to the local council and English Heritage to keep it. principal photography started on Stardust.[18] Stardust was released in the UK and Ireland on October 19.169. The owners were so enthralled with the new look. Location filming started in Wester Ross.540 theaters. Hertfordshire in the village of Little Gaddesden in June and July. 2007 in the United States in 2. in the Scottish Highlands[13] followed immediately by filming on the Isle of Skye.760 worldwide.[20] The New Yorker's Bruce [21] But while Roger Ebert Diones called it "more surprising and effective than the usual kiddie-matinée madness." . there Locations used in Scotland included the area surrounding the Quiraing." [22] noted it a "fun" movie. However.610 per theater). The production was filmed at Pinewood Studios in London.[17] The film has received Rotten Tomatoes' Cream of the Crop rating of 65% from major news outlets. Several weeks of location filming also took place in the woods and the Golden Valley near Ashridge Business school. was some filming at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire and in the village of Castle Combe.5 million GBP). The Observer asserted that the [23] film "fails on every level and plumbs new depths of camp embarrassment. The area. was transformed into the streets of Stormhold.779 in its opening weekend (an average of $3.

1 audio soundtrack. .L. uk/ tol/ arts_and_entertainment/ film/ article2538898. Op. com/ 2006/ 09/ stardust-news. variety. timesonline. • U. USA Today. . mtv. jhtml). The film is scheduled to be released on Region A Blu-ray Disc (Canada and US) on September 7. htm). "Storyteller Gaiman wishes upon a star" (http:/ / www. com/ news/ index. "London shoots up 18% while UK prod'n falls" (http:/ / www. [4] "'Stardust' Author Neil Gaiman Tells Why He Turns Down Most Adaptations — But Not This One" (http:/ / www. is utilized during the fight between Captain Shakespeare's men and Septimus's men onboard the sky vessel. "Vaughn pushes ahead with 'U. However.E. [10] "Sarah Michelle Gellar Turned Down 'Stardust' Role For Her Husband" (http:/ / www. • Slavonic Dances.Neil Gaiman's Journal: Stardust news (http:/ / journal. php?id=6109) [6] Anthony Breznican (2007-07-30). UGO: Underground Online.''Stardust (2007 film)'' 63 Video releases The film was released on both Region 1 DVD and HD DVD on December 18.35:1 Widescreen high definition 1080p and feature a Dolby Digital Plus 5. The DVD was released in both Fullscreen and Widescreen aspect ratios. Retrieved 2007-04-29. usatoday. Variety. Good Omens: The Making of Stardust Deleted scenes Blooper reel Theatrical trailer The film and special features on the HD DVD version are presented in 2. Retrieved 2007-04-29. 2008.[26] Music • British pop band Take That wrote (after watching an early cut of the movie) and recorded a song for the film titled "Rule the World". 2010. php/ 2007/ 08/ 02/ sarah_michelle_gellar_turned_down_stardu). variety. 2007 in the UK where it peaked at number two on the UK singles chart. The song features in the end credits to the film and was released as a single on October 22. 4. Variety. 2008. Retrieved 2008-02-14. . [3] Adam Dawtrey (2005-01-16). com/ news/ topnews. record label Decca Records released a soundtrack album featuring Ilan Eshkeri's score on September 11.N. html?categoryid=18& cs=1). Retrieved 2007-04-29.[25] The film was released for Region 2 DVD and HD DVD on February 25. more commonly known as the "Can-Can". MTV. 46. 2007. starpulse. neilgaiman. • Prelude 2 in C Minor from the first book of the "Well-Tempered Clavier" by Johann Sebastian Bach was adapted for use in the first part of the scene at Lamia's Inn. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). html) [12] http:/ / www. superherohype. 2010. Retrieved January 28. html . variety. • "The Galop Infernal" from Jacques Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld". . [5] Exclusive: Stardust Director Matthew Vaughn (http:/ / www.C. the song "Rule the World" was not included on the album. com/ movies/ news/ articles/ 1566862/ story.' feature" (http:/ / www. . [2] Brooke Tarnoff. References [1] Archie Thomas (2006-01-26). The Times (London). com/ article/ VR1117916360. com/ ugo/ html/ article/ ?id=17568& sectionId=2). com/ article/ VR1117939318. "A sprinkling of 'Stardust'" (http:/ / www. com/ life/ movies/ news/ 2007-07-30-neil-gaiman_N. Retrieved 2007-04-29.[24] The HD DVD and DVD special features include: 1. . . featuring Gary Barlow on lead vocals. Variety. [11] Neil Gaiman . com/ journal/ archive/ 2006_04_01_archive. ugo. 2. [7] Neil Gaiman's Journal: April 2006 (http:/ / www. neilgaiman. html) [8] Michael Fleming (2006-03-06). ece). com/ article/ VR1117936890. "Neil Gaiman. [9] Damon Wise (2007-09-29). . Retrieved 2007-09-27. html?categoryid=19& cs=1). 6 in D Major by Antonín Dvořák was adapted for use for the dancing scene aboard the flying ship. com/ journal/ archive/ 2006_04_01_archive. co. 3. Stardust Interview" (http:/ / www. 2007-08-10.S. "Stardust is a fairytale like no other" (http:/ / entertainment.[27] • Dimmu Borgir's song "Eradication Instincts Defined" is featured in both the UK and US trailers. Retrieved 2007-09-29. The film was released on Region B Blu-ray Disc on February 1. No. 2007. neilgaiman.

com/ 1137/ stardust.Stardust Original Soundtrack / 0 (http:/ / www. com/ arts/ reviews/ film/ stardust_vaughn). rottentomatoes. Associated Press. dll/ article?AID=/ 20070809/ REVIEWS/ 70710009/ 1023). sciencefictionandfantasy) 21 October 2007. com/ category/ stardust/ ) on 2007-10-11.imdb. boxofficemojo. [21] Bruce Diones. [16] "Stardust (2007): Reviews" (http:/ / www. .com/film/titles/stardust) at Metacritic Stardust (http://www. bbc. . columbiatribune. co. co. [20] David Germain. Retrieved 2007-09-28. Retrieved 12 March 2010 [24] DVD Times . "'Stardust review'" (http:/ / www. dvdtimes. metacritic. "STARDUST (PG-13)" (http:/ / rogerebert. Rotten Tomatoes. archive. com/ viewproduct. Retrieved 2007-12-31. . Chicago Sun-Times. htm?productId=21218707) 64 External links • • • • • • Official website (http://http://www.uk..''Stardust (2007 film)'' [13] "Highland films screened at Cannes" (http:/ / news. org/ web/ 20071011213522/ http:/ / onlocationvacations. suntimes.com/m/stardust/) at Rotten Tomatoes Stardust (http://www. uk/ film/ 2007/ oct/ 21/ robertdeniro. com/ movies/ ?id=stardust. highdefdigest. com/ m/ stardust/ ?critic=creamcrop). Rotten Tomatoes. org/ web/ 20080103000750/ http:/ / www. . uk/ film/ boxoffice_gen_cfilm=110644.boxofficemojo. columbiatribune. . Retrieved 2007-10-15.rottentomatoes. [18] "Stardust .htm) at Box Office Mojo . [15] "Stardust (2007)" (http:/ / www. . [14] "OLV INTERNATIONAL Road Trip: The Enchanting Locations of Stardust" (http:/ / web.com/work/345070) at Allmovie Stardust (http://www. com/ category/ stardust/ ). newyorker. Box Office Mojo. asp).com/) Stardust (http://www. amazon. . Archived from the original (http:/ / www. com/ m/ stardust/ ). [23] Stardust (http:/ / www. php?contentid=66107) [25] HD DVD Review: The Bourne Ultimatum | High-Def Digest (http:/ / hddvd. co. html) Retrieved 12 March 2010.com/movies/?id=stardust. 2006-05-12. co. asp) on 2008-01-03. uk/ 1/ hi/ scotland/ highlands_and_islands/ 6658877. [17] "Stardust" (http:/ / www.metacritic.co. com/ film/ titles/ stardust).com/title/tt0486655/) at the Internet Movie Database Stardust (http://www. Retrieved 2007-09-03. com/ dp/ B001AQR3IU) [27] General . .stardustmovie. "'No Country for Old Men' earns nod from AP critics" (http:/ / web. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-03-17.Cream of the Crop" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-12-14. [22] Roger Ebert (2007-08-10). html) [26] Amazon Blu-ray Disc listing (http:/ / www.allmovie.Stardust (R1) in December . htm). com/ 2007/ Dec/ 20071227Go!013. deepdiscount. [19] Stardust Box-Office (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2007-08-14.New artwork (http:/ / www. guardian. Retrieved 2007-08-14. archive. Christy Lemire (2007-12-27). rottentomatoes. onlocationvacations. . com/ 2007/ Dec/ 20071227Go!013. screenrush. Metacritic. com/ apps/ pbcs. stm). via Columbia Daily Tribune. uk/ content. BBC.

''Ghost Town (film)'' 65 Ghost Town (film) Ghost Town Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring David Koepp Gavin Palone David Koepp John Kamps Ricky Gervais Téa Leoni Greg Kinnear Billy Campbell Kristen Wiig Dana Ivey Aasif Mandvi Alan Ruck Geoff Zanelli Sam Seig DreamWorks Pictures Spyglass Entertainment Paramount Pictures September 19. who also co-wrote the screenplay with John Kamps. It stars English comedian Ricky Gervais in his first leading feature-film role. 2008 102 minutes United States English $20.035.000. along with Téa Leoni as a young widow and Greg Kinnear as her recently deceased .000 $27. as a dentist who can see and talk with ghosts.267 Music by Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Gross revenue Ghost Town is a 2008 American comedy-drama film directed by David Koepp.

When he recovers. He also learns to appreciate people. misanthropic dentist Bertram Pincus (Gervais) has a near death experience while under general anasthetic during a colonoscopy.) Bertram sinks into a depression and asks a fellow dentist (Aasif Mandvi). "It hurts when I smile". Bertram realizes that the reason Frank cannot leave is that Gwen has not let go of him yet. a professional Egyptologist. But when he mistakenly reveals information about Gwen that only Frank could have known. and Bertram tells her the whole story about the ghosts.' The movie ends with Gwen saying. "Because you're a heartless son-of-a-bitch who doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but himself. to which Bertram replies "I can fix that for you". and Gwen. Frank doesn't understand why he is still on earth if his "unfinished business" was to break up Richard and Gwen." (Meaning himself. telling him a fake nightmare. Shortly afterward. bringing comfort to people they left behind and enabling the ghosts to depart. Richard arrives on his way to the reception and tries to revive Bertram with prayer and CPR. Spyglass Entertainment. Seeing how distraught Gwen is. and Paramount Pictures. He rushes after her and while trying to persuade her to believe him. he is able to see and communicate with ghosts who populate the area. At another dinner. which Bertram tells Gwen. comes in for an appointment with another dentist but finds Bertram's office to say hello. all Frank would have to say was 'sorry' and thinks that Bertram is making it all up.[1] . 66 Plot The film begins as married New York City businessman Frank Herlihy (Kinnear) is accidentally killed while trying to buy an apartment for his mistress. now a ghost himself. in others words she loves him. who needs dental work. and tells him that Gwen's tears are for Bertram. Frank gives Bertram 'some advice' that will be useful in case he is resuscitated. thinking that Bertram has been lying to her and playing some kind of game. Gwen. Frank lies to Bertram. which was the advice Frank told him. but he attracts her interest by analyzing the teeth of a mummified Egyptian Pharaoh that she has been studying. His colleague instead convinces him that his life would be better if he decided to stop being selfish and start helping people. gets hit by a bus. as she had earlier mentioned that she desperately needed one. walks away and stops talking to him. but because the people they were close to were not finished with them. Bertram gets her a new key chain from a fancy jeweler's. Later Gwen. As he does this he realizes that the ghosts were still on earth not because they had unfinished business. After saying this. and when Richard visits Bertram for some dental work. Bertram demands to know why Frank lied to him about the nightmare. and she enjoys Bertram's sense of humor. and Frank says he's sorry for hurting her. says yes to a proposal that would send her to the Valley of Kings in Egypt for six months. Gwen reveals that she learned of Frank's mistress the day he died. but Bertram himself begins to fall in love with Gwen. He confronts Gwen who asks him to ask Frank why she wasn't enough for him. Bertram. When Bertram has dinner with Gwen and Richard. The ghosts annoy Bertram by asking him to help them with personal business that was left unfinished when they died.''Ghost Town (film)'' husband. not being engaged to Richard any longer. Bertram's past rudeness to Gwen makes this difficult. and Frank says. Bertram begins helping the ghosts around him with their "unfinished business" on earth. Gwen doesn't believe him and demands to know what Frank's worst nightmare was. Frank is finally allowed to leave the earthly plane. and Richard (Billy Campbell). Bertram drugs him with laughing gas in order to make him reveal that Gwen has broken their engagement. Frank promises to keep the other ghosts away if Bertram will break up an engagement between Frank's widow Gwen (Leoni). a human-rights lawyer who Frank says is dishonest. he decides that Richard is not as bad as Frank claimed. watches with Frank as people crowd around his body and Gwen cries over him. As a going-away present. Bertram wakes up alive in the hospital. Gwen is incredulous that after his infidelity. she demands the truth. and then assures her that Frank has 'found his way home. Gwen's already had one of those. Bertram tells Gwen Frank's real nightmare (losing his way home). Gavin Palone produced the film for DreamWorks Pictures. Bertram eventually agrees to the deal and tries to woo Gwen away from Richard. for medication that will help him forget Gwen.

As of November 15. bittersweet romcom and deadpan physical humour evokes a string of enjoyable Allen escapades from the sci-fi slapstick of Sleeper to the ghostly charms of Alice. Aaron Tveit as the anesthesiologist. calling it a "light comedy full of dark people" that's "never quite as funny as it needs to be" but which features a "fine performance" from Gervais.''Ghost Town (film)'' 67 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Ricky Gervais as Bertram Pincus. middle-aged comedian trying to be a semi-romantic lead. Alan Ruck as a the ghost of a family man.[1] Aasif Mandvi as Dr.315 in its opening weekend. Production Filming took place on the Upper East Side of New York City. Billy Campbell as Richard. 3. Bertram's colleague. Kristen Wiig as Bertram's self involved surgeon."[6] Cosmo Landesman of The Sunday Times gave the film three stars (from five). 2. the film holds a score of 85% from reviews collected by review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. 6."[2] Critical reception Reviews of Ghost Town were mostly favorable. 4.[1] Greg Kinnear as Frank Herlihy. whom Frank warns is a "bad man". he competes with Frank for Bertram's attention.[8] Box office The film opened at #8 the North American box office making USD $5. Brian D'Arcy James as Irish Eddie Jeff Hiller as a naked ghost. but actors playing straight in funny roles. Regarding his character. Performed by The Beatles "The Heart of Life" – Written & Performed by John Mayer "What I'm Looking For" – Written & Performed by Brendan Benson "Sabre Dance" – Written by Aram Khachaturian "What I'm Looking For" – Written & Performed by Brendan Benson "Sideways" – Written & Performed by Citizen Cope .[3] who gave it a Golden Tomato for Best Romance Film of 2008.012. a misanthropic dentist who gains the ability to communicate with ghosts. Gwen's love interest. an Egyptologist and Frank's widow.[7] Upon the film's March 2009 DVD release in the United Kingdom. 2008.[4] The film received a normalized rating of 72 out of 100 on Metacritic. but the gentle blend of absurdist fantasy. "Just what America wants: a fat. lead actor Ricky Gervais said. a ghost who befriends Bertram. Petracca) "I'm Looking Through You" – Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.[10] Soundtrack 1. British. 7. Bridget Moloney as the receptionist.[5] Roger Ebert called the film a "lightweight rom-com elevated by its performances" and a "reminder that the funniest people are often not comedians. 5. 2008. Prashar. "I'm Still In Love (w/You)" – Written & Performed by Dusty Wright (aka Mark J.[1] Téa Leoni as Gwen.[9] DVD release Ghost Town was released in America on standard DVD and Blu-ray formats on December 27. Mark Kermode said "comparing Ghost Town with Woody Allen's "early funny ones" may seem brash.

movieweb. Variety. Iss. [2] "Fall Movie Summer Preview. 2008. [6] Ghost Town (http:/ / rogerebert. 2008 (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes.imdb. dll/ article?AID=/ 20080918/ REVIEWS/ 809180301/ 1023). Retrieved 2008-10-22. "Please Be Patient With Me" – Written by Jeff Tweedy. . pg. com/ film/ titles/ ghosttown). suntimes.ghosttownmovie.com/title/tt0995039/) at the Internet Movie Database Ghost Town (http://www.''Ghost Town (film)'' 8. com/ news/ NEbWzbcbwUYhek) from MovieWeb. co. metacritic. com/ article/ VR1117966495. [3] Ghost Town (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. com/ apps/ pbcs. . CNET. 2008 review from The Sunday Times [8] Mark Kermode's DVD round up (http:/ / www. guardian. 2008 (http:/ / www. com/ m/ 1190970-ghost_town/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes [4] "10th Annual Golden Tomatoes Awards: Romance" (http:/ / uk. a 1 March 2009 article from The Observer [9] Weekend Box Office: September 19-21. uk/ tol/ arts_and_entertainment/ film/ film_reviews/ article5001944. htm) from Box Office Mojo [10] STUDIO BRIEFING: November 19. Performed by Wilco 10. Pamela (2007-06-07)." Entertainment Weekly. Rotten Tomatoes.com/movies/?id=ghosttown. "Tea Leoni wanders into 'Town'" (http:/ / www. Original Score – Composed by Geoff Zanelli 68 References [1] Mcclintock.com External links • • • • Official website (http://http://www. com/ weekend/ chart/ ?yr=2008& wknd=38& p=. an October 26.htm) at Box Office Mojo .allmovie. Retrieved 2008-02-21. boxofficemojo. "Which Way Your Heart Will Go" – Written & Performed by Mason Jennings 9. ece).com/work/393267) at Allmovie Ghost Town (http://www. uk/ film/ 2009/ mar/ 01/ dvd-reviews-ghost-town). . August 22/29. com/ guides/ rtawards_2008/ romance/ ). timesonline. IGN Entertainment. a September 18. Metacritic. 2008 by Roger Ebert [7] Ghost Town (http:/ / entertainment.55. co.com/) Ghost Town (http://www. variety.boxofficemojo. #1007/1008. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). September: Ghost Town. [5] "Ghost Town Movie Reviews" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-10-22.

2009 105 minutes United States English Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language .''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 69 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Shawn Levy Shawn Levy Chris Columbus Michael Barnathan Thomas Lennon Robert Ben Garant Ben Stiller Amy Adams Owen Wilson Hank Azaria Christopher Guest Alain Chabat Robin Williams Alan Silvestri Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography John Schwartzman Editing by Studio Don Zimmerman Dean Zimmerman 21 Laps Entertainment Ingenious Film Partners 1492 Pictures 20th Century Fox May 22.

as seen in the film. After the exhibits leave Larry receives a call from Jedediah. but the combination has changed. Plot Two years after the events of the previous film. and starring Ben Stiller. . As Larry obtains the tablet the sun sets and the exhibits. Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is now CEO of Daley Devices. Dexter stole Akhmenrah's tablet and brought it to the Federal Archives. but Napoleon Bonaparte (Alain Chabat) captures them. Amy Adams. Owen Wilson. Kahmunrah tells Larry that bringing exhibits to life is just one of the tablet's powers. Ivan. While wealthy and successful he has not had the time to see his museum exhibit friends in several months. is attacking Jedediah and the other exhibits. and has rejected fellow villains Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch—and Jedediah is captured trying to rescue Larry. Interactive holograms will replace many of the exhibits. and received mixed reviews. Larry and Amelia flee from Russian troops and visit the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. the Easter Island moai (Brad Garrett). He meets the beautiful and adventurous Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams). 2009. and the Smithsonian Institution Building. Napoleon takes Larry to Kahmunrah—who has also allied with historical leaders Ivan the Terrible (Christopher Guest) and Al Capone (Jon Bernthal). When they are found by Napoleon. Akhmenrah's older brother. It was released on May 22. At the National Air and Space Museum.170 Night at the Museum Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is a 2009 American adventure comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. and that he intends to use it to conquer the world by raising an army from the underworld. Hank Azaria. frozen in their shipping container in the middle of a battle with Kahmunrah and his troops. and the evil Pharaoh Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria). The film is a sequel to Night at the Museum. When Larry returns to the museum he learns that it is closed for renovations and upgrades. who is attracted to Larry and accompanies him through the National Gallery. a direct response television company that sells inventions inspired by his experiences as a night security guard at the American Museum of Natural History. they consult a group of Albert Einstein bobbleheads who tell them that the new combination is the value of pi.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' Budget Gross revenue Preceded by $150 million [1] [1] 70 $413. The pharaoh forces Larry to obtain the new combination before sunrise by trapping Jedediah in a filling hourglass. Larry locates the exhibits. and Akhmenrah will remain at the museum. Larry and Amelia Earhart's plane. While Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams). come alive. which are moving to the Federal Archives at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. and Capone. Larry travels to Washington and visits the National Air and Space Museum. and Robin Williams. Jedediah (Owen Wilson). which resembles numbers on a keypad. Dexter the Capuchin Monkey. searching for the Federal Archives with the help of his son Nick (Jake Cherry). Larry and Amelia trap Kahmunrah's soldiers in a photograph of V–J day in Times Square. Rexy the Tyrannosaurus skeleton. Larry escapes from the Egyptian troops with the help of General George Armstrong Custer (Bill Hader). the National Gallery of Art. and others will no longer come to life since the Golden Tablet of Akhmenrah that animated the exhibits each night will also remain. Kahmunrah attempts to open the Gate of the Underworld by pressing the symbols on the tablet.106. and others at the Smithsonian.

Ivan. Amy Adams and Ben Stiller at a panel for the film in May 2009. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ricky Gervais as Dr. The Lincoln statue suddenly arrives. As the exhibits battle Larry banishes Kahmunrah to the underworld. Amelia flies Larry and the New York exhibits back to the Natural History Museum. Larry is rehired as the night guard. Kahmunrah opens the Gate of the Underworld and summons an army of Horus warriors. and Amelia frees the New York exhibits from their container and recruits other Smithsonian exhibits. McPhee Bill Hader as George Armstrong Custer Jon Bernthal as Al Capone Patrick Gallagher as Attila the Hun Jake Cherry as Nicky Daley Rami Malek as Ahkmenrah Mizuo Peck as Sacagawea Jay Baruchel as Sailor Joey Motorola Brad Garrett as Easter Island Head Jonas Brothers as Cherubs Eugene Levy as Einstein Bobbleheads (voice) George Foreman as himself * Shawn Levy as father Keith Powell as Tuskegee Airman #1 Craig Robinson as Tuskegee Airman #2 Kennith Overbey as Tuskegee Airman #3 (uncredited) Ed Helms as Daley Devices worker (uncredited) Thomas Lennon as Wilbur Wright (uncredited) Robert Ben Garant as Orville Wright (uncredited) Jonah Hill as Brandon (pronounced "Brundon") (uncredited) Frankie Jonas as little boy in museum (uncredited) . with Amelia searching for help while Larry delays Kahmunrah. Attila as a storyteller. Amelia kisses Larry and leaves. Roosevelt and Akhmenrah as tour guides. forcing the warriors to retreat to the underworld. Napoleon. Larry sells his company and donates money to the museum to restore the exhibits. The two separate. which now stays open after sunset.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' Amelia escape in the Wright Flyer and return to the Smithsonian Institution Building. and other exhibits come to life in public as "animatronics" at the museum. 71 Cast • Ben Stiller as Larry Daley • Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart/Tess • Owen Wilson as Jedediah • Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah/The Thinker/Abraham Lincoln • Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt • Christopher Guest as Ivan The Terrible • Alain Chabat as Napoleon Bonaparte • Steve Coogan as Octavius Owen Wilson. Knowing that she will turn to dust at sunrise if she does not return to the Smithsonian. and meets a young woman who looks like Amelia. and Capone obtain the combination from one of the bobbleheads.

Owen Wilson.[3] The Smithsonian also made a brochure available online and at museum visitor service desks outlining where to find artifacts. Messerschmitt 262 • National Museum of Natural History 1. Dick Van Dyke (Cecil Fredericks).C. D. Bill Cobbs (Reginald). originally with the tentative title Another Night at the Museum. Many of the artifacts are labeled with "Night at the Museum" logos." 20th Century Fox announced that the sequel. Gigantic octopus 2. 5. and Mickey Rooney (Gus). 8. Patrick Gallagher. • Steven F. The writers said that "there'll be existing characters and plenty of new ones. and Dragonball Evolution in April 2009. numerous artifacts which inspired the movie were on display at Smithsonian Museums along the National Mall. Udvar-Hazy Center 1. Able the space monkey Lunar rover Lunar Module 1903 Wright Flyer Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega Medal belonging to Tuskegee Airmen Supermarine Spitfire F-104 Starfighter Night at the Museum label on the Wright Flyer exhibit in the National Air and Space Museum. The film was mostly filmed in Vancouver with some scene filmed in the Smithsonian in Washington. Ricky Gervais.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 72 Production Writers Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon confirmed to Dark Horizons that they were writing a sequel to Night at the Museum. Ben Stiller. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. would be released during Memorial Day weekend in 2009. Steve Coogan.. 2. The trailer was released with Bedtime Stories. 2008. The trailer accompanied the film Bride Wars in January. An alternate ending included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases featured the return of the main antagonists of the first film. George Armstrong Custer's fringed jacket 3. Brad Garrett and Robin Williams would return for the sequel. The Pink Panther 2 in February. Yes Man and Marley & Me in December 2008. 7. Jake Cherry. where a replica of the Idol judge seats are being held at the real Smithsonian Institution.[2] A scene was shot at the Lincoln Memorial on the night of May 21. Tyrannosaurus • National Museum of American History 1. The film was also promoted as an opening skit on American Idol. 6.[4] • National Air and Space Museum 1. Oscar the Grouch puppet 2. Mizuo Peck.[4] As of 2009. Filmmakers loaned the Smithsonian Institution props used in the movie which were displayed in the Smithsonian Castle including the pile of artifacts featured in the film. Scenes were also shot at the American Museum of Natural History in New York on the 18 and 20 of August 2008. Rami Malek. 3. Moai 3. with Shawn Levy returning as director. Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves . 4.

284 worldwide. is $177. and radio programs. 6." [14] Box office On Friday. May 22. yet slightly fey bad guy is equally funny when he's chewing out minions as he is when deliberating if Oscar the Grouch and Darth Vader are evil enough to join his team. Theodore Roosevelt's chaps Archie Bunker's chair from the television sitcom All in the Family Theodore Roosevelt's teddy bear Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz 73 Gift shops at the Smithsonian also sell a replica of the Einstein Bobble-head.. reaching up to $54. with an average score of 5.she's terrific -.1 million over the Memorial Day weekend. Metacritic. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 44% of critics gave the film positive reviews based on 154 reviews. His grandiose.[11] [12] One critic panned the movie on its excessive use of special effects as noted by Scott Tobias of the A. its plot relentlessly predictable. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune awarded the film 3 stars stating that ". the film's estimated gross was $15."[8] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B+ stating "Battle of the Smithsonian has plenty of life.096 theaters at #1. its characters with personalities that would distinguish picture books. 2009.568.a sparkling screen presence.755. its opening day. websites.[5] Among Rotten Tomatoes' "Cream of the Crop. a master of comic timing.708.V. 2009.2 out of 10. 5. Reception Critical reaction Like its predecessor. coming in ahead of Terminator Salvation (which released on Thursday) in 4.[15] By comparison. But it's Adams who gives it zing. most critics praised Amy Adams' and Hank Azaria's performances.O.0 million from [16] [17] foreign countries with a total of $411. the film holds an overall approval rating of 33% based on 27 reviews."[13] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times awarded the film 1½ stars out of 4 claiming "its premise is lame. gave the film an average score of 42% based on 27 reviews. television. Night at the Museum reached up to $30 million on its opening weekend in December 2006." which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers.[10] Michael Rechtshaffen of the Hollywood Reporter and A. created specifically as a tie-in to the movie. Scott of The New York Times enjoyed both performances.. which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 top reviews from mainstream critics. 7.[7] Despite mixed reviews from critics.1 million along with $236. the sequel has received mixed reviews from critics.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 4. The domestic revenue as of October 1. Club when he described the film as "a baffling master plot and a crowded pileup of special effects in search of something to do.[6] Another review aggregator."[9] Perry Seibert of TV Guide gave the film 2 stars despite honoring that "thanks to Azaria. Awards .

2009. 2009 on DVD and Blu-ray as a two-disc Special Edition and a three-disc Digital Copy Edition. Artworks featured • • • • • • • • • • • • American Gothic. sculpture by Edgar Degas Le Penseur (The Thinker). sculpture by Robert Indiana Deleted scenes • Brunden — A longer version of when Larry is looking at Kahmunrah's gate at the Castle • Meet And Greet — A longer version of when Kahmunrah met Ivan The Terrible. Napoleon. followed by Al Capone finding his mugshot while looking at a newspaper in his exhibit. sculpture by Antonio Canova Nighthawks. painting by Grant Wood Balloon Dog. sculpture by Jeff Koons Crying Girl. Delaware River. Then he explains that each is a bullet when he makes the sound. • Moon Rover — Amelia tells Larry that he lost the fun in his life.[19] Video game The video game based on the film was released on May 5.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 74 Year 2009 2010 Award Category Recipient Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Result Won [18] Teen Choice Award Choice Movie Comedy MTV Movie Award Best Comedic Performance Ben Stiller Nominated Home media Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was made available December 1. painting by Roy Lichtenstein La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans (Little Dancer of Fourteen Years). • Alternate Ending — The former night guards from the previous film ask Akhmenrah about the tablet. Ivan. and their henchmen in an elevator. and Al Capone • World Twister — This two-part scene involves Kahmunrah having Napoleon and Ivan play Twister on a map of the world.5 out of 10 from IGN. It was fairly well-received in comparison to the majority of film-based video-games. • Takin' Em Down Gangster Style — Al takes his gun and pretends to shoot in slow-mo. Napoleon. .com. painting by Albert Bierstadt Shad Fishing at Gloucester. picture taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt Sierra Nevada. painting by Thomas Eakins Works by Alexander Calder and Jackson Pollock "LOVE". sculpture by Auguste Rodin Venus Italica. • How many bad guys can you fit in an elevator — This scene shows Al. netting a 7. painted by Edward Hopper V-J day in Times Square.

"Smithsonian gets top billing in the new 'Night at the Museum'" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-05-22. [12] Scott.20279927. Chicago Tribune. IGN Entertainment. Retrieved 2009-10-13. com/ hostednews/ ap/ article/ ALeqM5gzwwpelzmXR7OGixpNf7x4tyyiVgD99VR9CO0) [19] Amazon. Rotten Tomatoes.. . hollywoodreporter. google. June 5. Retrieved 2009-05-22.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 75 Sequel Ben Stiller admitted that a sequel is "a possibility" and on January 22. Club" (http:/ / www." he said.Dad’s at Another Museum. amazon. Does That Make Him an Exhibitionist?" (http:/ / movies. Retrieved 2009-06-22. and that if 'Night at the Museum 3' were to come out. com/ dp/ B001PR0Y4E) [20] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-05-22. co-writer Thomas Lennon said to Access Hollywood. nytimes. .V. [16] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-05-22. [8] "Toys in the nation's attic . htm [3] Puente. si.28233/ ?utm_source=channel_film). story). html). tvguide. . [17] Frank Segers (2009-06-21). Smithsonian Institution. com/ articles/ night-at-the-museum-battle-of-the-smithsonian. story). USA Today. . Metacritic. Box Office Mojo. hollywoodreporter.com: DVD Release for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (http:/ / www. [5] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Movie Reviews. [10] "Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian: Review" (http:/ / movies. Retrieved 2009-08-10. Maria (2009-05-25). The New York Times. avclub. Retrieved 2009-05-22. Retrieved 2009-10-13. [6] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Movie Reviews."[20] According to the writer's commentary on DVD. 2009. . com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3i34e2ede5adb7e1e8e8cbf7a6dbae2373). 2009. com/ entertainment/ movies/ chi-tc-mov-night-museum-0520-052may20. html?ref=movies). rottentomatoes. 2009. Hollywood Reporter. com/ film/ titles/ nightatthemuseum2?q=Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian). [7] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009): Reviews" (http:/ / www. 2009-05-20.Cream of the Crop" (http:/ / www. . "I wonder if someone's not even already working on a script for that. Hollywood Reporter. A. ew. [15] "Daily Box Office" (http:/ / boxofficemojo. htm).. "New 'Transformers' bows No. O. Retrieved 2009-05-22. com/ travel/ destinations/ 2009-05-18-smithsonian-museum_N.00. Chicago Sun-Times. Retrieved June 5. its no surprise that 20th Century Fox is looking to develop a third and that those suspicions are indeed true and how could you not? I think it's a really outstanding idea to do 'Night at the Museum 3. com/ apps/ pbcs. . . com/ m/ night_at_the_museum_2_escape_from_the_smithsonian/ ?critic=creamcrop). com/ m/ night_at_the_museum_2_escape_from_the_smithsonian/ ). htm). "That after the success of two Night At The Museum films." he added with a raised eyebrow. It might be in the works. TV Guide. com/ nightatthemuseummovie/ ). Retrieved 2009-05-22. "I cannot confirm that for a fact. gosmithsonian. References [1] http:/ / www. only to find it coming to life after the trip ends. (2009-05-22). A. However. chicagotribune.. com/ night-museum-battle-smithsonian/ review/ 297477).0. com/ movies/ ?id=nightatthemuseum2. com/ daily/ chart/ ?sortdate=2009-05-22& p=. Pictures . Club. . htm [2] http:/ / siarchives. "Movie Review: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) . com/ movies/ ?id=nightatthemuseum2. metacritic. 2009-05-20. Rotten Tomatoes. [11] "Film Review: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" (http:/ / www. edu/ exhibits/ SIintheMovies/ index. com/ 2009/ 05/ 22/ movies/ 22nigh. com/ ew/ article/ 0. rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-05-22. [9] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" (http:/ / www.A.6390332. [18] Teen Choice Awards winners (http:/ / www. 2009-05-19. the commentary is viewed by most to be a joke. . suntimes.' in fact. [13] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Review . Pictures" (http:/ / www. 1 overseas" (http:/ / www. . com/ hr/ film-reviews/ film-review-night-at-the-museum-battle-of-1003974548. boxofficemojo.V. Entertainment Weekly. . 2009-05-21. The rest of the plot is centered on them trying to hide it as an elephant. IGN Entertainment. 2010. Retrieved 2009-05-22. dll/ article?AID=/ 20090520/ REVIEWS/ 905209993). usatoday. 2009. May 22. . Box Office Mojo. .Amy Adams a treasure in the 'Museum' sequel" (http:/ / www. but I cannot deny it for a fact either. htm). . Retrieved May 26. accesshollywood. [4] "See the Artifacts That Inspired the Movie" (http:/ / www. 2009-05-20. boxofficemojo. it would most likely have a much different plot. com/ night-at-the-museum-3-in-the-works_article_28049 . one of the ideas involves Larry and McPhee going to Atlanta with the mammoth statue. [14] "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Review" (http:/ / rogerebert.

com/m/ night_at_the_museum_2_escape_from_the_smithsonian/) at Rotten Tomatoes • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt1078912/) at the Internet Movie Database • Guide to Smithsonian museums displaying artifacts featured in the movie (http://www.allmovie.com/work/426891) at Allmovie • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (http://www.com/) • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (http://www.''Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian'' 76 External links • Official website (http://http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ nightatthemuseummovie/) • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (http://www.nightatthemuseummovie.imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo .com/movies/ ?id=nightatthemuseum2.gosmithsonian.

''The Invention of Lying'' 77 The Invention of Lying The Invention of Lying Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Ricky Gervais Matthew Robinson Ricky Gervais Dan Lin Lynda Obst Oly Obst Ricky Gervais Matthew Robinson Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais Jennifer Garner Jonah Hill Louis C.K. Pictures (United States/Canada) Universal Pictures Focus Features(UK/International) September 14. Christopher Guest Rob Lowe Tina Fey Tim Atack Written by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Tim Surhstedt Editing by Studio Distributed by Chris Gill Radar Pictures Media Rights Capital Warner Bros. 2009 100 minutes Release date(s) Running time . 2009 (TIFF) October 2.

making them "fat with snub noses" and Anna does not want that. He becomes wealthy from the success of the film which he named "The Black Plague". Mark has an epiphany and tells the world's first lie. television commercials being straightforward and an absence of religion. The computer comes back online and shows his balance is $300 but the teller gives him the full $800 anyway assuming that the computer made a mistake. On their date Anna congratulates Mark for his success and admits that he would be a good husband and father. He then writes a fictitious screenplay about the world being invaded by aliens in the 14th century and that the memories of all humans were erased. a "very boring" era to write about. the doctor tells him that his mother is going to die. and also helping others.K. She bluntly states to Mark that she is not attracted to him. since society is one of full disclosure. The teller informs him that the computers are down but. Some time later Anna and Mark are hanging out together in a park and Anna asks him if they marry would being rich and famous make their children not fat with snub noses. and remarks that people in the real world would normally keep to themselves. Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) is an unsuccessful lecture-film writer who is cursed with writing for the 13th century. After the date she admits that she had a better time than she thought she would. she asks Mark how much money he has in his account. getting money from a casino. Under pressure from Anna. She is still not attracted to him because if they ever have children Mark would contribute half of the heredity to their children. and to satisfy their curiosity. imagination and speculation do not exist resulting in the movie industry being limited to lecture-style historical readings. There. Plot The film features a high concept narrative set in an alternate reality in which there is no such thing as lying and everything said is the absolute truth.''The Invention of Lying'' Country Language Budget Gross revenue United States English $18. She is terrified of death. In this world people continually make very blunt. Mark then gets a call that his mother had a heart attack and rushes to the hospital.454 [1] 78 [2] The Invention of Lying is a 2009 comedy film. stopping his neighbour Frank Fawcett (Jonah Hill) from committing suicide. due to his looks and unsuccessful financial situation. After the doctors and nurses spread the word Mark soon receives worldwide attention for his supposed new information about death. It was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson. One night he goes out on a date with the beautiful. The concepts of fiction. Depressed.). charming and wealthy Anna McDoogles (Jennifer Garner). but is going out with him to satisfy her extremely prejudicial mother and as a favour to Mark's friend Greg Kleinschmidt (Louis C. Mark wants to lie but doesn't . preventing a police officer (Edward Norton in a cameo) from arresting his friend Greg for DUI. The next day Mark is fired from his job due to lack of viewer interest in his films and his landlord evicts him for being short on his $800 rent. Mark tearfully makes up a comforting story about a joyful afterlife. believing she will go into an eternity of nothingness. and she dies happy while the doctors and nurses present are awed by what he says. often cruel statements. introducing the concept of Heaven to her. he tells them he talks to a "Man In The Sky" who controls everything and promises great rewards in the good place after you die so long as you do no more than three "bad things". Mark tests his discovery of lying through various means such as telling an attractive woman that the world will end unless they have sex (but later backs out by pretending to get a call from NASA). that he has $800 in his account.054. he goes to the bank to close his account and use his remaining money to move out of his apartment. Mark convinces Anna to go out with him again hoping she will see past his looks and weight now that he is financially secure.5 million $32.

Mark tries to convince her to not marry Brad but fails. Brad and Anna both ask Mark to ask the Man in the Sky what Anna should do but Mark refuses to say anything and leaves. motivated by spite because of Mark's success. However she does not end the engagement. rude manner makes Anna uncomfortable though she is still pressured by her mother to continue dating him and they become engaged. as Greg Kleinschmidt Jonah Hill as Frank Fawcett Christopher Guest as Nathan Goldfrappe Tina Fey as Shelley Bailey Donna Sorbello Anna's mother Roz Ryan as Nurse Barbara Jeffrey Tambor as Anthony James Jimmi Simpson as Bob Scott Fionnula Flanagan as Martha Bellison Shaun Williamson as Richard Bellison Bobby Moynihan as Bellison's Assistant Martin Starr as Waiter Conner Rayburn as Son Donald Foley as Yelling Man John Hodgman as Wedding Overseer Nate Corddry as News Reporter Stephanie March as Blonde Woman on the Street Jason Bateman as Doctor (cameo) Stephen Merchant as Man at the Door (cameo) Philip Seymour Hoffman as Jim The Bartender (cameo) Edward Norton as Traffic Cop (cameo) Michael Caine as Theatre Audience Member (cameo) . She yells at them and then they run away. but the officiant informs him that only the Man in the Sky can stop the wedding. Anna goes to the park she first went to with Mark and sees a slightly overweight child with an icecream when some thinner boys come and mush his icecream into his shirt. Anna struggles to comprehend the concept and asks why he didn't lie to convince her to marry him. However Brad's blunt. Anna confesses that she loves him and the two smile while holding hands. She runs up to the boy and wipes asking his name he replies 'Short Fat Brian' to which she tells him: 'you are so much more than just that' and finally realises that looks aren't everything. Mark states that it "wouldn't count". who has inherited his father's ability to lie. wanting Anna to choose for herself. Time passes and Anna comes to Mark to invite him to the wedding. Anna walks out and Mark confesses his ability to lie and that his Man In The Sky was made up. he objects to the marriage. Some time later Anna and Mark are shown married with a son. Meanwhile Mark's film rival Brad Kessler (Rob Lowe) pursues Anna romantically. Before the wedding Mark's friend Greg shows up and tells him that he didn't lose her yet and Mark reluctantly attends Anna and Brad's wedding. 79 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ricky Gervais as Mark Bellison Jennifer Garner as Anna McDoogles Rob Lowe as Brad Kessler Louis C.''The Invention of Lying'' because of his feelings for Anna. There.K.

2009. PG-13 way.793. The-Numbers. [it] is a remarkably radical comedy" while Empire gave the film 1 star out of 5 saying the "ramshackle plot detours into a hideously ill-conceived religious satire". Principal photography was completed in June 2008. and Surrogates in its second weekend. comingsoon.[2] [11] References [1] "The Invention of Lying: Ricky Gervais" (http:/ / www.[8] However. Massachusetts and Haverhill.[4] Gervais himself briefly promoted the DVD during his hosting duty at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards in a joking manner. . Sudbury. Andover.251 in the United States.[5] Among Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Critics". Massachusetts. com/ movies/ 2009/ INVLY. Reception Reviews The film received mixed reviews from critics. owns the rights for the film's North American distribution. . Its world premiere occurred two weeks earlier at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival on September 14. php?id=58292l). "Week sixty-three — April 2009" (http:/ / rickygervais. quiet. 2009. Retrieved 2009-05-08. . The film was released in North America on October 2. But it is also too obviously schematic.472 behind Zombieland. while that romantic subplot can feel awfully synthetic at times. 2009-12-03. Massachusetts. html).027. .[7] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded the film the three and a half stars out of four saying "in its amiable. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in its third weekend. Retrieved 2009-12-26.. Retrieved 2009-12-23. com/ m/ invention_of_lying/ ). He later reported on his blog the day after the Globes that the DVD sold 70. and $13. 2009-08-24. 2010. which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers. php). television and radio programmes. ComingSoon. [2] "Movie The Invention of Lying .000 copies in a couple of hours. Ricky (2009-03). rottentomatoes. location shoots also took place in Quincy. net/ news/ interviewsnews.8 out of 10. websites. Retrieved 2009-12-23. php).. [4] "The Art of Lying" (http:/ / bluray. $18. Tewksbury and Boston. Obviously. The DVD and Blu-ray were released on January 19. Rotten Tomatoes.Box Office Data" (http:/ / www.[3] The film was financed by Media Rights Capital and Radar Pictures and filmed primarily in Lowell.[6] On Metacritic. IGN Movies. IGN Entertainment. Xan Brooks of The Guardian was more favourable.912. [5] "The Invention of Lying" (http:/ / www.morally offensive" calling it venomous and pervasively blasphemous. suggesting "mixed or average reviews". although he was critical of some aspects: "It is slick and it is funny. while Universal Pictures owns the rights to release the film outside of North America.451.''The Invention of Lying'' 80 Production The film was originally being produced under the title This Side of the Truth. the film has a rating score of 58 based on 31 reviews. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 57% of 163 critics have given the film a positive review.net. ign. [10] The film has come to gross the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3-D double feature.461. with a rating average of 5. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops rated The Invention of Lying as "O . North Andover. the film holds an overall approval rating of 50%. which assigns a normalised rating out of 100 to reviews from film critics. . giving the film four out of five stars. based on a sample of 30 reviews. Ricky Gervais. . with a worldwide gross of $31.542 internationally. com/ thissideofthetruth. Release Warner Bros. com/ articles/ 105/ 1051539p1. [3] Gervais."[9] Box office The film opened at #5 with $7. the-numbers.

Retrieved 2009-12-23. uk/ film/ 2009/ oct/ 02/ the-invention-of-lying-review) from The Guardian [10] Internet Movie Database US film charts 2nd October (http:/ / www.boxofficemojo. Metacritic. com/ movies/ ?id=inventionoflying. co.com/m/invention_of_lying/) at Rotten Tomatoes The Invention of Lying (http://www.com/movies/?id=inventionoflying. usccb.htm) at Box Office Mojo SpongeBob's Truth or Square SpongeBob's Truth or Square The Truth or Square DVD case. . shtml) from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [9] Invention of Lying review (http:/ / www.warnerbros. Genre Creator Directed by Comedy Musical Stephen Hillenburg Luke Brookshier (Storyboard) Nate Cash (Storyboard) Andrew Overtoom (Animation) Alan Smart (Animation) Tom Yasumi (Animation) Vincent Waller (Creative) .imdb.rottentomatoes. Retrieved 2009-12-23. . org/ movies/ i/ inventionoflying. com/ film/ titles/ inventionoflying?q=the invention of lying). [7] "The Invention of Lying (2009): Reviews" (http:/ / www. [8] The Invention of Lying review (http:/ / www. htm) from Box Office Mojo 81 External links • • • • Official website (http://the-invention-of-lying.com/) The Invention of Lying (http://www. Rotten Tomatoes.''The Invention of Lying'' [6] "The Invention of Lying Reviews: Top Critics" (http:/ / www. com/ boxoffice/ ?date=2009-10-02& region=us) [11] The Invention of Lying (http:/ / boxofficemojo. Flixster. rottentomatoes.com/title/tt1058017/) at the Internet Movie Database The Invention of Lying (http://www. metacritic. com/ m/ invention_of_lying/ ?critic=creamcrop). imdb. guardian.

Patchy is looking forward to seeing SpongeBob in person (He still hasn't realised that SpongeBob is a fictional cartoon character). an exlcusive song and Queen Elizabeth asks Polly how she can eat a pineapple if there isn't a slicer or a knife to cut it open. Patchy later shows the audience some clips of SpongeBob whilst in the belly of the whale. Patchy sets sail in his boat and soon arrives at the island above Bikini Bottom. 2009 52 minutes SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis "Truth or Square" Episode no.''SpongeBob's Truth or Square'' Produced by Stephen Hillenburg (Executive) Derek Drymon (Executive) Paul Tibbitt (Supervising) Luke Brookshier Nate Cash Steven Banks Paul Tibbitt Tom Kenny Bill Fagerbakke Clancy Brown Rodger Bumpass Carolyn Lawrence Mr. Meanwhile. Season 6 Episode 123/124 Episode chronology ← Previous Next → ""Single Cell Anniversary" ""Pineapple Fever" Truth or Square is a SpongeBob SquarePants TV movie. including different character versions of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song and an old Spongebob episode in a 1930s cartoon format. Patchy the Pirate subplot Patchy is hosting a SpongeBob SquarePants show. but the projector breaks down. Afterwards. P!nk and her band then practice We've Got Scurvy. just as he nears the island he is swallowed whole by a whale. . the Guy on the Penny (Abraham Lincoln) and SpongeBob himself. but Potty just tells them to wait and goes back to his job. Patchy is furious and goes out to find him. starring several celebrities such as P!nk. Queen Elizabeth II. Lawrence Dee Bradley Baker Jill Talley Sirena Irwin United States English 82 Written by Starring Country Language Original channel Nickelodeon Release date Running time Preceded by November 6. the celebrities are bored and ask Polly the Parrot for several things. but when he does not show up. However.

webwire. David (2009-07-13). Truth or Square was released on DVD. . [2] http:/ / news. com/ wiki/ The_Ultimate_SpongeBob_Sponge_Bash [5] Hinckley. Patchy dances around a few times and then knocks on SpongeBob's door.title. prnewswire. aspx?RID=1353806). a book was released. the Krabby Patty formula was not revealed in this episode and remains a secret. and other video game retailers. while a rerun the following morning attracted 7. the director's cut of the film was also included. com/ DisplayReleaseContent. com/ ViewPressRel. Delighted. People also criticize that most of the characters in the special are thrown in without purpose. but Patchy cannot believe his own eyes and passes out again. "Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants 'Truth or Square' Grabs 7. com/ culture/ spongebob-bash-celebrates-spongebobs-10th-anniversary-july-17 [7] http:/ / www. amazon. Reception The premiere of SpongeBob's Truth or Square on Friday.8 million viewers respectively). Ranks as Number-One Entertainment Show on Basic Cable for Week" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 12 November 2009. com/ s?url=search-alias%3Dvideogames& field-keywords=truth+ or+ square+ spongebob& sprefix=Truth+ or+ Square+ [10] http:/ / www. asp?aId=105665 [4] http:/ / spongebob. "'SpongeBob SquarePants' gets closer look on VH1 with 10th anniversary documentary on Nickelodeon hit" (http:/ / www.''SpongeBob's Truth or Square'' The smoke from the projector causes the whale to sneeze Patchy out through its blowhole. Upon seeing and hearing this. It was also ranked as the week's number one program among children in the demographic groups ages 6–11 and 2-11. 83 Merchandise and promotion Around March-April 2009. and a TV special entitled To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants. amazon.2 million viewers.9 and 8. November 6 drew 7. behind the two iCarly specials iFight Shelby Marx and iQuit iCarly (7. When he lands.[1] [2] [3] The movie is part of the promotional campaign for SpongeBob SquarePants' 10th anniversary. nydailynews. Daily News (New York).7 million total viewers. com/ truth-or-square/ episode/ 1256889/ summary.[1] It was also the channel's third most watched premiere of the year. com/ news/ Pages/ newstext. tv. amazon. Squidward then proceeds to sing 'Beautiful Dreamer'. viacom.com based on 74 votes made by users. .[9] On November 10.[5] [6] Despite what the promos said. depressed that it was just a dream. The movie was given a largely positive feedback by fans. entitled SpongeBob SquarePants: The Great Escape. He then wakes up in the studio. nowpublic. com/ dp/ 1416991328 [8] http:/ / www. wikia. it was announced that a new TV movie would be made. com/ dp/ 141698500X [9] http:/ / www. However. SpongeBob answers the door and says hello. 2009. Queen Elizabeth assures him that he can see SpongeBob anywhere and then The Guy on the Penny lifts up his top hat. Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob SquarePants documentary. Patchy falls unconscious and dreams that he is at SpongeBob's pineapple house.[7] [8] A video game was produced by THQ for the Wii. com/ entertainment/ tv/ 2009/ 07/ 14/ 2009-07-14_spongebob_squarepants_gets_. along with The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash [4] marathon. Truth or Square currently holds a 8. [6] http:/ / www.[10] Most negative reviews for the special critique complained that it has no real secrets actually revealed.1 . In September 2009. html). aspx?ACCT=104& STORY%3d%2fwww/ story/ 01-09-2009/ 0004952081& EDATE= [3] http:/ / www.2 rating on TV. which is based on this movie: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Great Escape. making it basic cable's number-one entertainment show for the week. html?tag=search_results. Press release. PlayStation Portable. which many fans have criticized as being inferior to the older ones. especially compared to the more recent SpongeBob episodes. References [1] Viacom (10 November 2009). and Patchy lands back in the studio.7 Million Total Viewers. Patchy faints a third time. revealing a toy SpongeBob that laughs.

com .com/spongebob-squarepants/truth-or-square/episode/1256889/summary.com/title/tt1476037/) at the Internet Movie Database • Truth or Square (http://www.tv.imdb. html) at TV.''SpongeBob's Truth or Square'' 84 External links • SpongeBob's Truth or Square (http://www.

The film was released in the United Kingdom on 14 April 2010.002 [1] Cemetery Junction is a coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.''Cemetery Junction (film)'' 85 Cemetery Junction (film) Cemetery Junction Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Sue Baden-Powell Charlie Hanson Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Christian Cooke Felicity Jones Tom Hughes Jack Doolan Emily Watson Ricky Gervais Matthew Goode Ralph Fiennes Music by Tim Atack Cinematography Remi Adefarasin Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Gross revenue Valerio Bonelli Sony Pictures Releasing International 14 April 2010 95 minutes United Kingdom English £1.[2] .329.

The new title comes from the name of the Cemetery Junction in the New Town district of the town of Reading where the film [4] takes place. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Christian Cooke as Freddie Taylor Felicity Jones as Julie Tom Hughes as Bruce Pearson Jack Doolan as Snork Ricky Gervais as Len Taylor Julia Davis as Mrs.[6] However. where Gervais grew up. the Prudential allowed Gervais and Merchant to use their archives for research.''Cemetery Junction (film)'' 86 Plot In 1970s Britain.[5] Filming locations included Taylors Bell Foundry and the Great Central Railway using Loughborough Central railway station. charismatic Bruce (Tom Hughes) and lovable loser Snork (Jack Doolan) are happy with life the way it is. During the writing of the film. fighting and chasing girls. However. it is a "coming of age" story that is a cross between The Office and Mad Men. drinking. Wyn Davies Anne Reid as Freddie's Gran Michael Jibson as Cliff Imdad Miah as Salesman #1 David Earl as Brian the Cafe owner Simone Richards as a Cafe worker Production The film was originally titled The Men at the Pru. According to him. where Wokingham Road divides from the London Road. three friends spend their days joking. An extended trailer was broadcast on Channel 4 on 31 January 2010.[3] Cemetery Junction is an actual road junction in Reading. When Freddie gets a new job as a door-to-door salesman and bumps into his old school sweetheart Julie (Felicity Jones). Gloucestershire. after reading the finished script. Kendrick Burn Gorman as Renwick Matthew Goode as Mike Ramsay Matthew Holness as Bandleader Kirk Yeomans as Voice of Bandleader Steve Speirs as Sgt. Cemetery Junction is set in 1973. the intermittent scenes which show the camera panning around a countryside landscape were filmed in Stroud. . the company decided it was not pleased with how the company were to be portrayed in the film and decided not to allow their name to be used. in Reading. Freddie (Christian Cooke) wants to leave their working-class world but cool. Taylor Ralph Fiennes as Mr. a colloquial term (and later an advertising slogan) for agents of the Prudential insurance company. Kendrick Emily Watson as Mrs. Principal photography began on 15 June 2009. the gang are forced to make choices that will change their lives forever.

coming-of-age Brit-flick'. "Ricky Gervais. The film is due to open to further European countries between the months of August to November. the film took in £1. Obviously" (http:/ / www. BBC One. com/ title/ tt1196204/ business) [2] Gervais.com. Bbc. The DVD bonus features include a commentary track from writer/directors. London. . Ricky (4 September 2009).[8] Time Out magazine gave the film three stars and saying it was 'refreshing to see a mainstream British film with the ambition to strut its stuff on studio terms'.com.[9] Adam Smith of the Radio Times commented that 'it's deftly written.. html).''Cemetery Junction (film)'' 87 Writing In an interview with BBC Radio 2's Danny Wallace on 9 January 2010. . Timeout.329. . 2009-07-01. 2009-04-21. the film was released in the US and Canada by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on August 17. Gervais has stated on Radio 5 Live that British New Wave films such as Saturday Night and Sunday Morning were an influence on the film. [7] 15:00 (2010-01-09). independent. [9] "Cemetery Junction Review. 2010. Retrieved 2010-12-04. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.Dermot O'Leary: 09/01/10" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-12-04. bbc. thisisleicestershire.002. com/ thissideofthetruth.[12] On the other hand. [4] "Financial Times . [3] .Film . php).218..[10] OK! appreciated the 'sweet characters and good actors' and also liked 'the vintage look of the film' and the 'great supporting cast'.[14] References [1] IMDb (http:/ / www. Movie Reviews . Retrieved 2010-04-05. Total Film magazine giving it four out of five stars and calling it 'the most confident British debut since Shallow Grave'. amusing and engaging coming-of-age tale with a killer soundtrack of 1970s classics. [8] "Cemetery Junction review" (http:/ / www. imdb. Retrieved 2010-12-04. uk/ arts-entertainment/ tv/ news/ after-the-office-its-the-man-from-the-pru-next-for-ricky-gervais-900641.[11] The Daily Mirror gave the film a very positive review awarding it four stars and saying.com. uk/ iplayer/ episode/ b00psrqt/ Dermot_OLeary_09_01_2010/ ). mildly diverting.[7] This sentiment was repeated by Gervais on 12 April 2010 when he appeared on The Graham Norton Show. The Blu-Ray release will feature all of these features but with several additional featurettes. has decided not to theatrically release the film in the company's home market.Pru Blocks Gervais Film Name .com August 2004. uk/ programmes/ b00mk5dt). ftadviser. [5] Plumplard. Columbia Pictures. Home media The UK DVD and Blu-Ray release is set for August 30. 'The film is no simple-minded laugh-fest. "BBC Radio 2 . Uncut called it a 'passable. . Leicester Mercury. 2010-03-15. Television interview with Jonathan Ross (http:/ / www. co. jsp). TotalFilm. co. 2010. . Ftadviser. Retrieved 2010-12-04. deleted scenes and two featurettes including discussions with the cast and crew. com/ FTAdviser/ Insurance/ News/ article/ 20090421/ a90f22e8-2dca-11de-8da9-00144f2af8e8/ Pru-blocks-Gervais-film-name. Retrieved 2010-12-04. com/ reviews/ cinema/ cemetery-junction). Rickygervais. co.uk. co. com/ film/ reviews/ 87397/ cemetery-junction.'. html). [6] "Real-life extras star in Ricky's new movie" (http:/ / www. http:/ / www. bbc. timeout. unobtrusively directed and nicely acted' and also gave it three stars. Accordingly. uk/ news/ Real-life-extras-star-Ricky-s-new-movie/ article-1125827-detail/ article. but rather an astute.21st April 2009" (http:/ / www. the US-based studio which released the film.com. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross [Television broadcast].Time Out London" (http:/ / www. rickygervais. totalfilm. . At the end of its theatrical run in the UK. Merchant stated the script was loosely based upon the lyrics of the Bruce Springsteen song "Thunder Road". Reception Reviews of the film have been positive.[13] Box office The film had an opening weekend intake of £641.co. .

Retrieved 2010-12-04. Retrieved 2010-12-04. [11] "OK! Magazine: First For Celebrity News :: Movie Reviews :: Review: Cemetery Junction" (http:/ / ok. radiotimes. amazon.co.co. Retrieved 2010-12-04.At the Movies with Mark Adams . . mirror. rtfilms. .uk/) • Cemetery Junction (http://www. Blogs.co. uk/ movies-mark-adams/ 2010/ 04/ film-review-cemetery-junction. uncut.TV & Entertainment . [12] Film review: Cemetery Junction.uk. . beeb. [14] "page for US DVD release" (http:/ / www. uk/ movies/ view/ 20650/ Review-Cemetery-Junction/ ). Retrieved 2010-12-04. Uncut.rottentomatoes. co. co. com/ servlet_film/ com.uk. icl.imdb. 2010-04-13.cemeteryjunction.FILM REVIEW: CEMETERY JUNCTION . [13] "Ricky Gervais . co. Amazon. com/ Cemetery-Junction-Tom-Hughes/ dp/ B003PVC2ZW/ ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8& s=dvd& qid=1282031535& sr=8-1). client. 88 External links • Official UK website (http://www. uk/ film/ ricky_gervais/ reviews/ 14068).uk" (http:/ / blogs.uk. Radio Times.co.co.Review" (http:/ / www.''Cemetery Junction (film)'' [10] "Cemetery Junction film review" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt1196204/) at the Internet Movie Database • Cemetery Junction (http://www.com/m/cemetery_junction/) at Rotten Tomatoes . simpleSearchServlet?searchTypeSelect=5& frn=49510). .Mirror.mirror. Retrieved 2010-12-04. "Film review: Cemetery Junction . . Ok. html).com.

Some of the most famous Flanimals are the Honk. illustrated by Rob Steen. which has also published the sequels More Flanimals. The cover Flanimal is the Grundit. The book is published by Faber and Faber. Flanimals of the Deep and Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling. The book. features 35 different characters described as species of animal which form an imaginary world. and the Mernimbler (both adult and child versions).''Flanimals'' 89 Flanimals Flanimals Flanimals book cover Author Illustrator Cover artist Country Language Series Subject(s) Genre(s) Publisher Publication date ISBN OCLC Number Dewey Decimal Ricky Gervais Rob Steen Rob Steen England English Flanimals Series Creatures Humour Faber and Faber 2004 0-399-24397-6 57311839 [Fic] 22 [1] LC Classification PZ7.G3265 Fl 2005 Followed by More Flanimals Flanimals is a children's and adults' book series written by comedian Ricky Gervais. . the Grundit. the Puddloflaj. Flanimals: Pop Up was published October 2009 by Walker Books in the Uk and March 2010 by Candlewick Press in the US. Several models of different Flanimals are available on the official site.

• Clunge Ambler – an ape-like Flanimal that hugs everything it sees. • Gum Spudlet – a Flanimal resembling the Coddleflop and is food for the Grundit. • Sprot Guzzlor – a large Flanimal that preys on Hemel Sprots. claiming that the original book is based on his own work.''Flanimals'' 90 List of Flanimals • Blimble Sprent – a fast-moving Flanimal without arms that sprints around everywhere to avoid its destination and dies of exhaustion. • Plamglotis – an ape-like Flanimal that swallows its hands to walk. • Munty Flumple – a dopey optimist that falls in love with anything. known for its 2010 summer blockbuster Despicable Me.[3] . It is shown as a green blob. Adaptations Originally ITV had commissioned a television series based on the books. • Wobboid Mump – a blind eye in jelly looking for the reason of its existence. • Underblenge – a Flanimal that cannot move because of supposedly irresistible suction on its underside. • Honk – a small Flanimal that sleeps most of the time. • Plumboid Doppler – a Flanimal with green eyestalks and a lumpy squint-sack. A spokeswoman for Gervais said the concept and illustrations existed [2] before Savage's work. • Grundit – a dopey heavily-built Flanimal with a bump on its head. • Hemel Sprot – a fast Flanimal that always looks where it's been. • Blunging – a hadrosaurid-like Flanimal that lives in big family groups. 2009. only wider and flatter. • Puddloflaj – a large water balloon-like Flanimal who is often ridden by the Grundit. Originality dispute In August 2010. • Sprine Bloat-Trunker – a Flanimal that is created by a splunge pipe in the Sprog and Hemel Sprot recycling factory where it also is recycled. Norwich-based writer and artist John Savage issued a High Court writ. • Sprog – an aggressive beetroot Flanimal. • Flemping Bunt-Himmler – a mimic of the Mernimbler. It looks backwards while moving forwards and is the prey of the Sprot Guzzlor. computer animated film is in production at Illumination Entertainment. • Print – a humanoid Flanimal that dives off things and always lands on its head. but it was later scrapped. which moves using its two legs/feet. The writ claims Savage's artistic and literary copyright has been infringed by Gervais. • Frappled Humpdumbler – an octopus-like Flanimal who scrundles along the other. • Munge Fuddler – a crab-like Flanimal that 'fuddles' everything it sees. Variety reported that a 3-D. which had a predicted air date of 2009. Captain Pottie's Wildlife Encyclopedia. • Coddleflop – a mushy puddle which protects itself by flipping on to its head. waking randomly to emit a loud honk. On April 28. • Glonk – a reptilian humanoid Flanimal who does absolutely nothing and dies. • Mernimbler – a furry small Flanimal but if you say it's cute and stroke it will transform into its adult stage • Adult Mernimbler – an aggressive goblin-like adult stage of the Mernimbler. • Offledermis – a Flanimal born inside-out to avoid its own smell and has its heart above its inside-out eyeballs and constantly leaks.

External links • • • • • • Official site (http://www. com/ article/ VR1118002966.com/flanimals. 2010. BBC News. uk/ news/ uk-england-norfolk-10943920). .myspace.flanimals.''Flanimals'' 91 References [1] http:/ / worldcat.co. August 12. org/ oclc/ 57311839 [2] "Gervais sued over Flanimals book" (http:/ / www. "Gervais' 'Flanimals' heads to bigscreen" (http:/ / www. variety.bbc.com/bcdb/cartoon. Variety. Retrieved August 12. . 2010. html?categoryid=13& cs=1). [3] Michael Fleming (2009-04-28). Retrieved 2010-08-14.stm) Flanimals on Ricky Gervais's site (http://rickygervais.cgi?film=115130/) at the Big Cartoon DataBase . co.com/flanimals) Flanimals (http://www.php) Flanimals on Rob Steen's site (http://www.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/3708144. bbc.net) Flanimals on MySpace (http://www.robsteen.com) Pictures from the book in the BBC website (http://news.bcdb.

2011 United States English The Muppets' Wizard of Oz The Muppets is an upcoming comedy film directed by James Bobin and starring Jason Segel. who also writes (with Nicholas Stoller). To save the studio. Baker John G. Drafts of Segel and Stoller's script. Variety first reported that Disney signed a deal with Segel and Stoller to create the next Muppet movie. entitled The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time!!! have circulated. The pitch was well received and the pair was offered a deal to develop their script. with Segel and Stoller penning the script and Stoller attached to direct. the pair rush out of the interview to go tell all their friends. Scotti Jason Segel Jason Segel Nicholas Stoller Jim Henson (Characters) The Muppets Jason Segel Amy Adams Chris Cooper Rashida Jones Bret McKenzie [1] Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Don Burgess Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Country Language Preceded by The Muppets Studio Mandeville Films Walt Disney Pictures November 23. Development In 2008. It is the seventh feature film to star the Muppets. In the film. Shocked and excited upon hearing that a new Muppet movie was being made. When asked about the upcoming film in a May 2008 interview with MovieWeb. the Muppets must reunite to save Muppet Studios in Hollywood from an evil Texas oil tycoon. Jason Segel and Nick Stoller pitched a concept for a Muppet movie to Disney Vice President Kristin Burr.[2] Segel has been very outspoken on his involvement.''The Muppets (film)'' 92 The Muppets (film) The Muppets Directed by Produced by James Bobin Jason Segel (Co-director) David Hoberman Todd Lieberman Martin G. The film started production in September and started filming on October 30. In March 2008.[3] . Walt Disney Pictures announced a release date of November 23. the Muppets have to put on a show at the Muppet Theater and attract an audience of ten million people. co-directs and executive produces. Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear appeared playfully unaware of the project. mentioning his role writing for the Muppets in many interviews and appearances. 2011.

2010 a more detailed plot was posted. while the Cheapest treatment from Henson's days has been set aside. it was announced that Amy Adams. bent on drilling for oil underneath the studio. A villain. 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly featured a two-page spread about the new Muppet movie." James Bobin was mentioned as the director. "Jason Segel has found his rainbow connection with Disney's Muppets movie.[13] On July 21. Tex Richman (nice name. 2010 appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. with Adams as his girlfriend. his girlfriend. On February 10. According to a Hollywood Reporter article.[4] Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl worked on a concept for a film entitled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made! There was no mention as to Segel and Stoller's involvement.[10] While making the press rounds for Get Him to the Greek in May. if any.. Walter. In January 2010. simply re-titled "The Muppets". who is "in felt and fur rehab now as we build him. Jones takes the role of an ABC executive."[6] On March 16. The Hollywood Reporter announced. and Walter (a man. According to a report on Hollywood. taken at the same time as the Entertainment Weekly image. Mary.com. [Segel] also co-wrote the script and will serve as producer. although the plot and title of the film were "under wraps". Rashida Jones and Chris Cooper were nearing deals to join the movie. Cooper plays the villain. Jason Segel revealed that shooting for the new movie was set to start in September 2010. and his then-current work on the script for the next Muppet movie. signing to star as the human lead. on par with Doc Hopper). 2011 as the release date in December 2010. brown puppet best friend) getting the old Muppet gang—now retired entertainers known for the same Muppet show we know them from—together to save the TV studio that the original show was shot in. 2010. Muppets Studio general manager Lylle Breier confirmed that the next movie will be Segel's Greatest script. a greedy man who wants to drill for oil underneath the studio. co-creator of the HBO series Flight of the Conchords. "Segel will star in the lead role. Reports of celebrity cameos have included Zach Galifianakis[16] and Alan Arkin." [9] On April 27.[17] The November 12. In September 2009. 2010.[8] On April 23. Jason Segel talks about his love for the Muppets.[14] On October 15. And he also has a personal vendetta against the Muppets: he never thought they were funny.[11] Walt Disney Pictures officially announced November 23. The article featured a summary of the film's concept along with quotes from Segel and Bobin. in developing this script or idea. Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross reconfirmed their commitment to the film. Kermit the Frog mentioned on The Nerdist that filming might start in the fall. James Bobin. In a May 3 interview with MTV."[5] David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are said to be producing the film." [15] In an October 29. Statler and Waldorf appeared in the audience to heckle Fallon and Segel. entitled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made!. is due to take over the studio in weeks and the only way to stop him? Putting on a show that draws ten million viewers. 2010. 2010. Flight of the Conchords co-star Bret McKenzie was shown as being part of the creative team. Jason Segel announced that filming had begun on the movie. but Bobin is expected to bring a musical sensibility to the project.''The Muppets (film)'' In his March 20. and the man’s life-long nondescript. the team involved with producing the movie met with creative heads at Pixar to fine-tune the script.. co-writer Nick Stoller reported that the first table read of the script had recently taken place with the Muppets.[7] On April 22. It was recently confirmed that McKenzie will be the music supervisor and songwriter 93 . Disney announced a slate of projects at their D23 Expo.[17] News in Film also reported that Michael Cera was reportedly being considered for the voice of the new puppet character. 2009 appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Among the projects listed was a Muppet film project. The script read through was filmed for use later on home video. 2010. As quoted: "The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time is about Gary. 2010.[18] A promotional photo for the movie. "Plot details are being kept secret. It also included the first images of Walter. was hired to direct the next Muppet film. along with new photos of the Muppets and the movie's co-writer/co-star Jason Segel posing at a mock table read for the film. chairman Rich Ross said that the film will feature a new puppet character named Walter.[12] Interviewed at a movie premiere in June.

2008 [4] Access Hollywood (http:/ / www.[1] The image was released November 12. Jason Segel confirmed to MTV that Peter Linz will be puppeteering and voicing Walter. movieweb. go. The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog. after the EW issue went to newsstands. Bret McKenzie Is Writing Songs for the Muppets (http:/ / www. Amy Adams was on set. " Disney bringing back 'Monsters' and Muppets (http:/ / www. com/ Entertainment/ wireStory?id=10454596) April 23. com/ 2010/ 05/ 03/ the-muppets-are-coming-american-woman-goes-viral-on-memorial-day-lost-this-wednesday/ ) May 3. html?categoryid=13& cs=1) March 12.[19] 94 Cast • • • • Jason Segel as Gary. go. Slashfilm. the main antagonist[20] Rashida Jones as a network executive[20] Muppets • Peter Linz as Walter • David Rudman as Scooter[21] Cameos • • • • • • • • • • • • Alan Arkin[22] Jack Black<ref name="thewrap"/ Emily Blunt[23] Billy Crystal[22] Lady Gaga[22] Zach Galifianakis[22] Ricky Gervais[23] Donald Glover[22] Dave Grohl[24] Kathy Griffin[25] Mila Kunis[26] Jean-Claude Van Damme[22] References [1] Yes. com/ Entertainment/ wireStory?id=10111274)". html)". April 23. 2010 [7] Kit. " Jason Segel to Star in Muppets Movie (http:/ / abcnews. The Hollywood Reporter (published on ABC News through Reuters). heatvisionblog. the main protagonist[20] Amy Adams as Mary. not Michael Cera or Paul Rudd as previously rumored. . com/ dvd/ DVuhwCyBCDDiyv/ exclusive-fozzie-bear-kermit-the-frog) May 19. google. mtv. January 29. The Associated Press."The Muppets Are Coming! 'American Woman' Goes Viral On Memorial Day. accesshollywood. 2010 [6] (http:/ / thefilmstage. 2010 [8] Ryan Nakashima. variety.com.com posted pictures of the set of the new Muppet Movie. The Jim Henson Company Lot was used as the old and abandoned Muppet Studios. puppeteered by Peter Linz. toughpigs. 2009 [5] " 'Flight of the Conchords' co-creator will direct Disney's Muppet movie (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 01/ muppet-movie-james-bobin-flight-of-the-conchords-. as well as Walter. com/ article/ VR1117982291. 2010 [10] MTV . 'Lost' This Wednesday!" by Adam Rosenberg (http:/ / moviesblog. com/ new-disney-pirates-muppet-beatles-movies-announced-at-d23-expo_article_22823) September 11. 2008 [3] MovieWeb Exclusive Video: Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear Chat with Us About The Muppet Show Season 3! (http:/ / www. the protagonist's girlfriend[20] Chris Cooper as Tex Richman. Heatvisionblog. March 16. Borys. com/ 2010/ 02/ 10/ new-muppet-movie-details-emerge/ ) February 10.''The Muppets (film)'' of the movie. com/ yes-bret-mckenzie-is/ ) [2] Variety .Segel and Stoller Take on Muppets (http:/ / www. 2010 [9] ABC News/Entertainment (http:/ / abcnews. com/ hostednews/ ap/ article/ ALeqM5gstFz6Dv1XDdOB2sJ9b3AwMQSFCQD9F8JA6O0)".

[14] ABC News "Disney Picks Pixar's Brains for Muppets Movie" by Borys Kit (http:/ / abcnews. com/ 2010/ 12/ 16/ jason-segel-muppets-movie-rumors-paul-rudd-3-d-lady-gaga/ ) [20] (http:/ / www. June 29. com/ 2010/ 12/ 02/ excess-hollywood-ricky-gervais-muppets/ ) [24] Dave Grohl To Appear In New Muppets Movie (http:/ / www. com/ print?id=11223472) [15] Amy Adams.com. net/ news/ movienews. com/ 2010/ 10/ 28/ zach-galifianakis-to-cameo-in-muppets-movie/ )". 2010. com/ 2011/ 01/ 19/ new-muppet-movie-brings-back-mahna-mahna-with-mila-kunis-set-pics-included/ ) 95 External links • The Muppets (http://www. Alan Arkin Offered The Muppets (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 06/ steve-carell-talks-despicable-me-costar-jason-segel-reveals-muppet-movie-details. NewsInFilm. html) [25] (http:/ / twitter. com/ kathygriffin/ status/ 25906773613355008) [26] New Muppet Movie Brings Back Mahna Mahna with Mila Kunis Set Pics Included (http:/ / www. " Steve Carell talks Despicable Me.imdb. November 1. [18] Entertainment Weekly's First Look (http:/ / muppet. Weekly-First.com. Hollywood. wikia.com/title/tt1204342/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ wiki/ File:Entertainment. 2010 [19] Jason Segel Clears Up 'Muppets' Movie Rumors: Paul Rudd And 3-D Are Out. hollywood. com/ news/ general_music_news/ dave_grohl_to_appear_in_new_muppets_movie. bleedingcool. ultimate-guitar. [16] Zach Galifianakis to Cameo in Muppets Movie (http:/ / www. 2010 [12] (http:/ / www. com/ 2010/ 11/ 01/ michael-cera-alan-arkin-offered-the-muppets/ )".''The Muppets (film)'' 2010 [11] Chud. Look-The. go. newsinfilm.com (http:/ / chud. html)". Lady Gaga May Be In (http:/ / moviesblog. com/ 2010/ 12/ disney-moves-muppets-from-xmas-to-t-day/ ) December 8. October 15. [17] Michael Cera. Ontheredcarpet. html) May 18. 2010. October 28. jpg) November 12. thewrap. mtv. 2010 [13] Lopez. com/ news/ Amy_Adams_Chris_Cooper_Rashida_Jones_Join_Muppets/ 7348867)". php?id=70756) [21] (http:/ / plixi. co-star Jason Segel reveals Muppet Movie details (http:/ / www. 2010. ew. NewsInFilm. Rashida Jones Join Muppets (http:/ / www. Chris Cooper. 2010. com/ p/ 69959317) [22] Jack Black & Zach Galifianakis Join Disney's 'Muppets' Movie (http:/ / www. ontheredcarpet. com/ deal-central/ column-post/ jack-black-zach-galifianakis-join-disneys-muppets-movie-22548) [23] Excess Hollywood: Ricky Gervais and Emily Blunt to play along with Muppets (http:/ / popwatch.com. newsinfilm. Kristina. deadline. com/ articles/ articles/ 23735/ 1/ THE-MUPPETS-JUST-DID-A-TABLE-READ-FOR-THE-NEW-MUPPET-MOVIE/ Page1.com. Muppets. comingsoon.

of episodes 5 144 Production Running time 30-35 min. of seasons No. most notably while hosted by Iain Lee and Daisy Donovan. The programme is noted for launching the careers of Ricky Gervais. Sacha Baron Cohen and Charlie Brooker. .''The 11 O'Clock Show'' 96 The 11 O'Clock Show The 11 O'Clock Show Title card Genre Presented by Satire. which featured topical sketches and commentary on news items. Broadcast Original channel Channel 4 Picture format Audio format Original run PAL Stereo 1998 – 2000 Chronology Related shows Da Ali G Show The 11 O'Clock Show was a satirical late-night British television comedy series on Channel 4. Comedy Brendon Burns (Series 1) Fred MacAulay (Series 1) Iain Lee (Series 2-4) Daisy Donovan (Series 2-4) Jon Holmes (Series 5) Sarah Alexander (Series 5) Country of origin United Kingdom No.2000. The series ran from 1998 .

who had appeared on TV before. Tony Way. and Charlie Brooker . who went on to co-create The Office and Extras • Sacha Baron Cohen. Notable presenters and cast members included: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Iain Lee Daisy Donovan Mackenzie Crook Paul Garner (comedian) Sacha Baron Cohen Ricky Gervais Fred MacAulay Brendon Burns Dan Demetriou Sarah Alexander Jon Holmes Rich Hall Alex Lowe (actor) Will Smith Tommy Vance Ricky Grover Danny Boyd Jimmy Carr Marc Wootton Jason Priestley Going on to success The 11 O'Clock Show introduced a number of performers who have gone on to much greater success. • Ricky Gervais.''The 11 O'Clock Show'' 97 Hosts and presenters The 11 O'Clock Show underwent a number of line-up changes during its run. Robert Webb... He most recently appeared in the third series of UK teen drama Skins. stars in The Now Show and hosts his own show on BBC 6 Music • Brendon Burns. who went on to create Da Ali G Show and films Borat and Brüno • Mackenzie Crook. Get Me Out of Here! Live! amid other regular television appearances • Marc Wootton who went on to star in Shirley Ghostman and My New Best Friend • Andre Vincent and Shaun Pye were both writers on the show • Comedy writer/performers who also wrote on the show include David Mitchell. There are numerous cases of external segment reporters becoming studio hosts. before a role in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. who also went on to The Office as well as TV to Go. Rhys Thomas. and went on to play Susan Walker in Coupling. James Bachman. who went on to co-host I'm a Celebrity. Dr Angela Hunter in Green Wing and Mel Cook in The Worst Week of My Life • Jon Holmes co-created Dead Ringers. and vice versa. • Sarah Alexander.

tv. html [3] http:/ / epguides. com/ 11OClockShow . imdb. com/ title/ tt0224452/ [2] http:/ / www.com References [1] http:/ / www. com/ show/ 11019/ summary.com • The 11 O'Clock Show [3] at epguides.''The 11 O'Clock Show'' 98 External links • The 11 O'Clock Show [1] at the Internet Movie Database • The 11 O'Clock Show [2] at TV.

channel4. Jack Whitehall Secret Census. The 2008 series features the episodes Headwreckers (featuring David McSavage).com References [1] http:/ / www. most notably Trigger Happy TV. Pappy's Fun Club. html . It also gave Jimmy Carr his first television appearance in Jimmy Carr's World of…Corporate Videos. That Peter Kay Thing. com/ entertainment/ tv/ microsites/ C/ comedylab/ index. Happy Finish. com/ show/ 9782/ summary. Mr and Mrs Fandango. 2010's shows are iCandy. External links • Comedy Lab [1] at channel4.com • Comedy Lab [2] at the Internet Movie Database • Comedy Lab [3] at TV. Olivia Lee's Naughty Bits. Several pilots first shown on Comedy Lab have gone on to spawn full series. tv. of seasons Comedy Laurence Rickard George Sawyer United Kingdom English 10 Production Running time 25 minutes Production company(s) Room 5 Broadcast Original channel Original airing Status Channel 4 1 November 1998 Ongoing Comedy Lab is a British television series which showcases pilots of experimental comedy shows. Meet the Magoons and FM. html [2] http:/ / www. Penelope Princess of Pets. Moviemash and Hung Out. Series have been aired irregularly on Channel 4 since 1998. School of Comedy and Slaterwood. com/ title/ tt0178131/ [3] http:/ / www.''Comedy Lab'' 99 Comedy Lab Comedy Lab Genre Created by Country of origin Language(s) No. imdb. Filth. Fonejacker.

Cast members were Olivia Colman. of seasons No. It premiered on 28 February 2000 and ran for six episodes ending on 15 March 2000. a mischievous puppet who disrupts Martin Freeman's efforts with the bank manager and a romantic date. Additional writers included Richard Ayoade and Ricky Gervais. Recurring sketches • TV executive producing programmes for Alan Titchmarsh (Mitchell with Colman and Webb) • "Outdoor Wee" (Holness) in which an interviewer conducts his interview over an 'outdoor wee' • Hapless.''Bruiser (TV series)'' 100 Bruiser (TV series) Bruiser Genre Directed by Starring Comedy sketch series Nick Jones David Mitchell Robert Webb Olivia Colman Matt Holness Martin Freeman Charlotte Hudson United Kingdom English 1 6 Production Executive producer(s) Jon Plowman Producer(s) David Tomlinson Broadcast Original channel Original run BBC Two 28 February 2000 – 15 March 2000 Country of origin Language(s) No. . stalker or paedophile. of episodes Bruiser was a BBC comedy sketch show. and then shouts that he isn't. • Builder who is extremely touchy about being called touchy (Holness). archery and during choir singing. which is just a normal instrument. Robert Webb. paranoid man (Freeman) who worries that he has stumbled into situations which appear to make him look like a pervert. The main writers were David Mitchell and Robert Webb. • All Pile On Man (Holness) in which an overweight man seizes any opportunity to launch himself and a group of others onto an unsuspecting victim • Secret agent's gadget. calling it pussy on a stick. not including the weapon. and attacks the man who constantly says so. Matthew Holness and Charlotte Hudson. (Mitchell with Freeman) • Sparky the puppet (voiced by Webb with Freeman). David Mitchell. and when the inventor demonstrates the weapon he punches and kicks the model. Martin Freeman. • Womanizing Australian sportsman (Holness) who boasts about the best places to seduce women including over a game of bowls.

such as Jazz. • American TV anchorperson Sasha Solomon (Colman) who offends actors and actresses and mispronounces Worcestershire. stating he is gay. • BBC schools revision programme presenters (Webb and Hudson) giving banal A-Level revision lessons on subjects such as Geography. giving useless facts and wrong translations. angry and sarcastic plumber/paramedic/farmer/burglar/etc. • An irate Satan on the phone taking wrong numbers (Webb). • Poison-seeking husband (Webb) who barges into different businesses and asks incriminating questions. or constant fear of being murdered. • Bass Guitar Player (Holness) who gets none of the attention lavished on his fellow band members. who finish each other's sentences. • Female friends discussing sexual habits (Colman and Hudson). who carry puppets and remark about dead artists. as people call 666 asking for Steve.. • Man who accidentally injures himself whilst making eyes at attractive women (Freeman) • Inconvenient office pranks including giving someone a wedgie • Frustrated. 101 Series Writing Credits • • • • • • • • • • Bash Doran Richard Parker James Bachman Jason Doll-Steinberg Ricky Gervais Daniel Lander David Mitchell David Tomlinson Robert Webb Russell Young . • Hollywood celebrity interviewer (Mitchell). who says he's had a bad day. instead of 669. who makes irrelevant opinionated remarks and constantly fears offending interviewees. (seen to be the precursor to Simon in the sitcom The Office.g "Eureka! Which is philosophy for 'hiya!" • I Love Ballet Man (Freeman) who tries to convince his friends he loves pursuits which he clearly does not. (Mitchell). Philosophy and General Studies. • Cautiously exploitative friend/coworker (Webb) • Group of French artists. until Colman says something that goes one step beyond. pronouncing it Woort-cesta-shy-a. also played by Holness). but then upon questioning proclaims his innocence.g while other members make out. he does a code breaker. In one episode he goes to a poison store. who calls everything a wank. The sketch is a parody of French new wave films. e. and asks a man who behaves just like him for a lilo. e. • Vulgar IT technician (Holness). • Time-Team type Archaeologist (Freeman) on an archaeolgical dig whose enthusiasm far outstrips his knowledge..''Bruiser (TV series)'' • Married couple Gary and Samantha (Freeman and Colman) who bicker about Gary's faddish new interests in areas such as converting to Islam.

bbc. uk/ comedy/ bruiser/ . co.''Bruiser (TV series)'' 102 DVD release The series was released on DVD on July 23. 2007 External links • BBC Bruiser guide [1] References [1] http:/ / www.

The guests included John Virgo. Penny Smith and Sir Jimmy Saville. "ratings mainly". Guests were 'supposedly' interviewed by Gervais in the original TV studio chairs of famous people. It was produced by Talkback for Channel 4 in 2000 (repeated 2003) and ran for one series on Friday nights. It was produced by Iain Morris and co-written by Jimmy Carr and Robin Ince with additional material provided by Stephen Merchant and Stirling Gallacher (VT clock voiceover). Tony Hart. The show regularly featured darts assistant. of seasons No. The show aired throughout the time Ricky Gervais was also writing the first series of the highly successful The Office for BBC2. which he supposedly found himself whilst building the rest of the set. Tommy Walsh. Gervais admits that this show was an embarrassment and it has since been mocked even by Gervais himself. He was quoted as saying that there was no second series as Channel 4 wanted to see some changes.''Meet Ricky Gervais'' 103 Meet Ricky Gervais Meet Ricky Gervais Genre Developed by Written by Chat show Talkback Thames Ricky Gervais Jimmy Carr Robin Ince Stephen Merchant Ian Lorimer Ricky Gervais United Kingdom English 1 6 Production Executive producer(s) Peter Fincham Producer(s) Running time Iain Morris 30 min per episode Broadcast Original channel Original run Channel 4 22 September 2000 – 27 October 2000 Directed by Presented by Country of origin Language(s) No. Paul Daniels. Wayne Hemingway. Gervais asked viewers to record and send in their own mixes. On the first episode. Michael Winner. the show didn't have a theme tune so at the end of each show. Gervais claimed that Green came free with the original Bullseye dartboard. Few were received. . Also. Gervais was seated in Michael Aspel's Aspel & Co leather chair and guests seated in Ronnie Corbett's monologue chair. and Grandad from Only Fools and Horses' armchair. of episodes Meet Ricky Gervais was a chat show written and hosted by the comedy writer and performer Ricky Gervais. Tony Green who would take his place as the general stooge and gameshow assistant. Two of the episodes used a theme tune co-written and performed by Stewart Ferris and Emma Burgess.

"Class of 2002 . telegraph.uk.com/title/tt0260637/) at the Internet Movie Database . co. External links • Meet Ricky Gervais (http://www.imdb. . and so on. he says now.co. "I thought people would understand that I was playing a character. Retrieved 2010-04-12. html).''Meet Ricky Gervais'' "It was a mistake to use my own name".Ricky Gervais" (http:/ / www. uk/ culture/ tvandradio/ 3572986/ Class-of-2002-Ricky-Gervais. I should have called myself Billy Bigot. Some people really did seem to think that I thought famine was a good thing. London: telegraph."[1] 104 References [1] Telegraph (9 February 2002).

''The Sketch Show''


The Sketch Show
The Sketch Show
Format Starring Sketch comedy Lee Mack Tim Vine Jim Tavare Karen Taylor Ronni Ancona Kitty Flanagan

Country of origin United Kingdom Production Running time 30 minutes Broadcast Original channel ITV Fox Broadcasting Original run 10 September 2001 – 24 April 2004 Chronology Related shows Not Going Out

The Sketch Show is a British television sketch comedy programme, featuring many leading British comedians. It aired on ITV between 2001 and 2003. A short-lived spinoff of the same title was produced in the United States.

Original line-up
The original line-up of the cast was Lee Mack, Jim Tavare, Tim Vine, Karen Taylor and Ronni Ancona. The gender balance of this line-up enabled considerable variation in the dramatic setups for the sketches, in that all three men could be paired with either of the two women. Additionally, as all the performers traditionally used their own names in sketches, humour was able to be drawn from the attractive female Ronni being referred to with what is a stereotypically male name (Ronni being short for Veronica).

Second line-up
The second cast line-up consisted of Mack, Tavare, Vine, Taylor and Kitty Flanagan - replacing Ancona, who left to concentrate on BBC One's Alistair McGowan's Big Impression (which was shortened to simply Big Impression to reflect Ancona playing as many parts as McGowan himself). Again, sketches featured performers using their own names. With the exception of some child actors in certain sketches, there were no guest stars at any point during the programme.

''The Sketch Show''


With the exception of Kitty Flanagan, all of the cast contributed to the writing of the show as well. Other comedic writers/actors, such as Ricky Gervais, Matthew Hardy, Stephen Colledge and Daniel Maier were also responsible for the show's humour, though as mentioned earlier, were not featured in the show.

A DVD of the first season was released by Visual Entertainment in Australia on 12 September 2005. It is a region-free DVD and the only extra on the disc is a short photo gallery. All 8 episodes on the single-disc release are combined into a 3 hour feature. The opening and closing credits have been removed for all episodes, and a number of sketches have been edited out to fit the series onto a single disc.

Famous sketches
Episodes traditionally ended with a sketch featuring the entire cast, and many of these have become famous among fans of the show. Some examples include: • The Surfer Sketch - in which Mack is instructing the rest of the cast in surf safety (in a very broad Australian accent), a conversation which moves into a discussion of circus theatre. The sketch also features Mack's question of "Whaddaya do if a shark attacks ya?", to which Tavare holds up an arm with no hand and responds, "I know what not to do, ey?" • California Dreamin' - in which Ancona is attempting to record a cover of the Mamas & the Papas' song of the same name, featuring the rest of the cast on backing vocals. The backing vocalists consistently sing the wrong lyrics (or with the wrong emphasis on the words), which eventually results in Ancona storming from the room. As a result of this sketch, many fans of the show deliberately sing along with the original song incorrectly. This sketch was repeated on the American versions of the show with Kelsey Grammer. • The Phobias Sketch - All five actors are in a phobias workshop, phobias include a fear of the word "Aagh!", a fear of apologies, a fear of repetition, and awkward silences. Vine enters, with a problem where he barks at other people's phobias. The different phobias cause long chains of screaming (Such as apologies, Aagh, Repetition, Barking). For example: The one with the phobia of awkward silence will scream, the man next to her has a phobia of the word "Aagh!" so he screams, since two "Aagh!s" has been screamed (thus a repetition), so the one with the phobia of repetition screams, the one with the problem of barking at other peoples phobia barks next to the ear of the person with the phobia of apologies, scaring him and then he says sorry which makes him scream, and the chain continues. • The Imaginary Friend Sketch - Ronni, as a therapist, counsels three of the other cast members, each of whom have an imaginary friend: one claims that he was looking for Alcoholic's Anonymous for his friend, one claims to have a boyfriend with the same name as her (presumably real) ex-boyfriend, and one who claims to be the imaginary friend of someone else. By the end of the sketch, it is revealed that the entire room which Ronni believes to be filled with her 'patients' is actually empty- she is the one with the hallucinations of imaginary friends. • The English Course Sketch - in which the cast is taking an English course and each one has a particular problem with an aspect of the language, which comes out in their cafeteria conversation. Tavare has a problem with his grammar ("I sometimes have trouble with grammar, isn't it?"), Mack can't spell ("I can't spill to save me loaf, have to rely on the spillchock on me compluter"), Vine can't put emphasis on words correctly ("I have problems with my emPHARsis at different parts of my senTENces") - which causes him problems as a "speech theRAHpist", Taylor places exclamation marks randomly at the end of sentences and shouts the final word ("Sorry, I sometimes put an exclamtion mark at the end by MISTAKE!") and Ancona has a very small vocabulary ("It's alright for you lot, I've got a very small vocabulary").

''The Sketch Show'' • The Therapist - Karen plays a therapist in three sketches who after the victim tells her what happens she replies saying, "Ooooooooh I'm crying, my mum left me and I'm stuck on the moon boooo-hoooooooo" in which she makes fun of them. This sketch made a reappearance as a recurring gag in Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor. • The Scrabble Sketch - This sketch revolves around the often tried method of cheating in Scrabble by claiming to the other player(s) that your seemingly useless collection of letters forms a real word and they are simply unaware of its existence. Mack and Vine are playing Scrabble and Mack begins a conversation by announcing that he went on a date the previous night. When asked by Vine how the date went, Mack replies "Nice girl, bit quazoosl". He then goes on to explain "you know, quazoosl - when someone is so good looking they become intimidating". He then gives an example stating that Liz Hurley would qualify as quazoosl. When the conversation finishes Mack asks whose turn it is and when Vine tells him it is his, he knowingly replies "Is it really?" and unsurprisingly all his letters spell "quazoosl". Later in the same show, Mack asks Vine if he fancies a glass of "saxisquith", to which Vine replies "Don't even think about it..." • The Sign Language Sketch - Ronni is presenting a feature about the opening of a new building, stood in front of the camera with Lee to her right performing sign language. Lee's unusual and over-expressive actions infuriate Ronni and she regularly has to stop her speech to question what he is doing. Actions include flapping his arms like a chicken to indicate 50% (100% would be flapping his legs as well, and 25% is just a pecking motion) and hitting Ronni in the face with his arm as she says "far left of centre" in her speech. Ronni finally stumps him by using the words "25% off half of the chicken." • Card Salesman Sketch - Mack tries to sell stupidly specific cards to a shopkeeper, but she refuses. Mack ends up sending one of his cards to her.


International versions
United States
An American version of the show, produced by Kelsey Grammer, aired during 2005 on Fox. The main cast consisted of Malcolm Barrett, Kaitlin Olson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Paul F. Tompkins, as well as Lee Mack from the British version of the show. Grammer only appeared in short opening and closing segments in each episode. Many of the sketches from the British version were recreated, such as the California Dreamin', English Course and the Sign Language sketch. A famous sketch on the American version had Grammer waking up from a nightmare, which he describes as: "I dreamt that Frasier was over, and I was on this Sketch Show!" The sketch is a spoof of the Newhart series finale, in which Bob Newhart woke up and realised that the whole series was all a dream. Only six episodes of the show were made, and it was cancelled after only four of them had been shown. The series was filmed in London, England at Teddington Studios, with a British audience.

''The Sketch Show''


A Quebec version is currently running. Most sketches in this version are translations or adaptations of British sketches with little original material. The humour style remains faithful to the original.

A German version called "Die Sketch Show" has been on the air since 2003. It was produced by Brainpool for the tv channel ProSieben.

A sketch show called "Skertsakia" (Greek: Σκερτσάκια, a play on Sketch and Scherzo) was broadcast during the 2006-2007 season, incorporated scripts from both seasons of the "Sketch Show" along with sketches from the spanish comedy show "Splunge!". It was wildly popular with young demographics and produced 30 episodes and a Christmas special. It was produced by TFG Lt. for ANT1.

An Israeli version called Ktsarim (Hebrew: ‫םירצק‬‎, literally shorts) has been on the air since 2004.

An Indonesian version called "Sketsa" is also currently on the air. TransTV is airing the sketch comedy show. Most sketches in this version are translations or adaptations of British sketches with little original material. The humour style remains faithful to the original. They only change the names and locations to Indonesian version.

An Italian version called "Sketch Show" has been on air from October 2010. The cast was principally made of Ale e Franz, two Italian famous comic actors. There where also other actors and also live-sketch, sometimes with famous guests. The sit-com had a quite success.

It's A Laugh Productions
An It's a Laugh Productions version called "Disney Sketch Show" is also currently on the air. Disney Channel is airing the sketch comedy show. created by Leonard Maltin

Abrams which was broadcast on ABC for five seasons. of episodes 5 105 (+1 animated short) (List of episodes) Production Location(s) Running time Walt Disney Studios. science fiction J. J. 2001 to May 22. drama. Burbank. 2006 Ended Alias is an American action television series created by J. These themes are most prevalent in the first two .''Alias (TV series)'' 109 Alias (TV series) Alias Alias logo Format Created by Starring Action. California (primary shooting) 40 – 42 minutes Broadcast Original channel ABC Original run Status September 30. J. 2006. Abrams Jennifer Garner Michael Vartan Ron Rifkin Bradley Cooper Merrin Dungey Carl Lumbly Kevin Weisman David Anders Greg Grunberg Melissa George Mía Maestro Rachel Nichols Élodie Bouchez Balthazar Getty Amy Acker Lena Olin Victor Garber Country of origin United States No. even as she assumes multiple aliases to carry out her missions. from September 30. It stars Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow. 2001 – May 22. The main theme of the series explores Sydney's obligation to conceal her true career from her friends and family. a CIA agent. of seasons No. thriller.

his relationship with Sydney is strained. Sydney Bristow. In Season 1.Milo Rambaldi. She moonlights as an operative for SD-6. During the course of the series. every main character becomes involved in the world of espionage in some form or another. the show's central character. is portrayed by Jennifer Garner • Jack Bristow (Victor Garber) is Sydney's father and also works for SD-6 as a double agent for the CIA. • Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is a graduate student in English in Los Angeles. Her fiancé is murdered in the pilot episode. which she thinks is a black ops division of the CIA. He was devastated by her mother's death and kept Sydney at arm's length for the rest of her childhood. Originally a loyal CIA officer. portrayed by Victor Garber .''Alias (TV series)'' seasons of the show. Jack Bristow. • Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin) is the head of SD-6. She then becomes a double agent for the real CIA. This plot and some technologies used in the series pushed Alias into the genre of science fiction. he is obsessed with a 15th century prophet . 110 Cast Main characters Alias featured an ensemble cast portraying the various people in Sydney's life. a Renaissance-era character with similarities to both Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus. and she learns SD-6 is actually a branch of an international criminal organization known as the Alliance of Twelve. As an agent. he is exceptionally ruthless and skillful as evidenced by his CIA call sign Raptor. A major plotline of the series was the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi. the show's main antagonist.

He later becomes involved with Sydney's sister. but dismisses his thoughts as foolish. Arvin Sloane. During the third season. she is Sydney's roommate and fellow graduate student. it is revealed that it was not a coincidence that he met Sydney. she joins the CIA in order to take down the organization that lied to her. Introduced at the end of the third season. Prior to joining the CIA. During the 1970s. she was sent to United States with the objective to seduce and marry Jack Bristow in order to steal information from him about a project he was working on. Lauren. portrayed by Michael Vartan • Marcus Dixon (Carl Lumbly) is Sydney's partner and friend at SD-6. During the two year gap between the second and third season. and eventually begins a relationship with her. He has an instinct for self-preservation. She (and her double) also date Will during the second season. • Eric Weiss (Greg Grunberg) is a friend of Vaughn's and works with him at the CIA. until he is put into witness protection prior to the start of season three. Nadia. He makes occasional appearances in the following seasons. She is later revealed to be a mole sent by The Covenant to watch over Vaughn should Sydney contact him during her involvement with them and also to steal crucial information from the CIA. After the truth is revealed to her. thus making his loyalty flexible. • Marshall Flinkman (Kevin Weisman) is a genius who works in tech support at SD-6. including Vaughn's father. and marries Vaughn during the two-year gap between the second and third season." a person who provides a direct line to Rambaldi. Even though he is not field-trained. At the end of Season 4.''Alias (TV series)'' • Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan) is Sydney's CIA handler and later partner. This results in him becoming an analyst for the CIA. the primary villain of the series. She also assassinated several CIA officers. • Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper) is a reporter for a local newspaper and one of Sydney's two best friends. he becomes a field director at the CIA. She remains largely unaware of the spy world until the middle of season two when she is killed and her identity is stolen by a doppelgänger. she is "The Passenger. but later proves to be an antagonist on his own. • Francie Calfo (Merrin Dungey) is Sydney's other best friend. he later resigns as he thinks the office job just isn't for him. • Lauren Reed (Melissa George) is an NSC liaison at the CIA. In Season 2. He and Sydney share a mutual attraction. He later performs the same job at the real CIA. He is the first one to notice signs of Sydney's betrayal. much like Sydney did years before. • Nadia Santos (Mía Maestro) is Sydney's half-sister. and the daughter of Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane. • Irina Derevko (Lena Olin) is a former Russian spy and also the mother of Sydney. Will begins to investigate and eventually learns of the existence of SD-6. • Julian Sark (David Anders) is originally introduced as an operative working for Sydney's mother. she indirectly helps to apparently kill Michael Vaughn. is played by Ron Rifkin • Rachel Gibson (Rachel Nichols) is a computer genius and introduced at the beginning of season five as an operative working for an organization that poses as the CIA known as The Shed. he has participated on missions in several occasions. . However. Unaware of this. she worked for the Argentine Intelligence. which eventually leads to a relationship. 111 Michael Vaughn. After the death of Sydney's fiancé. she drops out of her graduate program and opens a restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. he becomes the partner-in-crime of Vaughn's wife. When Season 1 begins.

Christian Slater as Neil Caplan. she allies with Sydney to take down the group. She acts as a mother figure for Sydney. Tobin Bell as Karl Dreyer. She is introduced during the third season as an ally. Ethan Hawke as James Lennox. Quentin Tarantino as McKenas Cole. J. Many of the main characters visit her during the second and third seasons. After Vaughn's assassination by the Prophet Five. along with some outdoor shots near some of the studio's famous buildings (such as the original Animation Building or the ABC building. David Carradine as Conrad. Jason Segel as Sam Hauser.''Alias (TV series)'' • Renée Rienne (Élodie Bouchez) is an international terrorist known as "The Raven" who worked years with Vaughn in order to investigate a group of people known as Prophet Five. Alias also featured many other famous actors in roles ranging from single-episode guest appearances to semi-recurring characters. Ricky Gervais as Daniel Ryan. She also begins a relationship with Dixon. Peggy Lipton as Olivia Reed. and Sydney's aunt. • • • • • • • • • • J. • Elena Derevko (Sônia Braga) is the last of the Derevko sisters. Vivica A. Richard Roundtree as Thomas Brill. she works for K-Directorate. • Kelly Peyton (Amy Acker) is a friend and former colleague of Rachel's. 112 Recurring characters • • • • Emily Sloane (Amy Irving) is the wife of Arvin Sloane. but eventually betrays the CIA and is captured. In addition. Justin Theroux as Simon Walker and Danny Trejo as Emilio Vargas. She works for The Shed. • Katya Derevko (Isabella Rosselini) is one of Irina's sisters. Nevada. Djimon Hounsou as Kazari Bomani. • Thomas Grace (Balthazar Getty) is an operative who is hired by Jack to join APO after the apparent death of Michael Vaughn. only one episode was ever filmed outside the Los Angeles region. She is revealed to be the leader of The Covenant. California. Abrams – executive producer John Eisendrath – executive producer (Season 1–3) Alex Kurtzman – executive producer (Season 2–3) Roberto Orci – executive producer (Season 2–3) Jeffrey Bell . John Hannah as Martin Shepard. Dr. Peter Berg as Noah Hicks. Rutger Hauer as Anthony Geiger. Production and crew Produced by Touchstone Television and Bad Robot Productions. and eventually manages to enter Sydney's life revealing herself as being the old caretaker of Nadia. including Raymond J. Griffin Dunne as Leonid Lisenker. Director Kendall (Terry O'Quinn) is the director of the field office that houses Irina during the second season. Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres) is a nemesis of Sydney's. Faye Dunaway as Ariana Kane. • Hayden Chase (Angela Bassett) is CIA director who oversees APO. Despite its worldwide locales. Angus Scrimm as Calvin McCullough. Barry as Senator George Reed. Richard Lewis as Mitchell Yaeger. film production primarily took place in the greater Los Angeles area. in Las Vegas. Studio shooting primarily took place at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Judy Barnett (Patricia Wettig) is a psychotherapist who works for the CIA. his wife was murdered by a car bomb that was meant for him. Years ago. Brezzel. During the first season. which appeared as a building in Hong Kong in the season 1 episode "The Coup"). and later directly to Prophet Five.executive producer (Season 4-5) Jeff Pinkner – executive producer (Season 5) Jesse Alexander – executive producer (Season 5) Ken Olin – executive producer (and director) Michael Giacchino – composer Michael Haro – coordinating producer . Fox as Toni Cummings. David Cronenberg as Dr. Sir Roger Moore as Edward Poole.

was murdered and replaced by Allison Doren. which was supposedly part of the Central Intelligence Agency. Sydney's friends at SD-6. who tried to brainwash her into believing she was an assassin named Julia Thorne. her fiancé is murdered by SD-6. The truth. Season One focuses on the development of Sydney's character. The end of the season saw Will possibly murdered and Sydney killing Allison and then falling unconscious. She soon learns that her friends and the CIA believed her to be dead. is that Sydney was kidnapped by a terrorist organization called The Covenant. The other seasons share the feature of having a guest star who appears throughout the entire season. it is part of the Alliance of Twelve. In the pilot. however. his associate Julian Sark. when he notifies her that her offer is accepted. Sydney also begins a romantic relationship with Vaughn. the series underwent a "reboot" of sorts with Sydney successfully destroying SD-6 (after gathering valuable intelligence for tactical strikes from an airborne SD-6 server) and becoming a regular agent for the CIA. unable to remember the two years that have passed. still in pursuit of former SD-6 leader Arvin Sloane. Season three: 2003–2004 The third season takes place two years after the events of season 2. she begins investigating her absence while reintegrating into the CIA. She learns that her father is also a double agent for the CIA. She accepted the offer. instead. who soon becomes a vital part of the series.''Alias (TV series)'' 113 Plot Season one: 2001–2002 Seven years before season 1. Marcus Dixon and Marshall Flinkman. Eventually Sydney voluntarily had her memories of the two years erased in an attempt to forget some of the deeds she was forced to undertake as Julia and to ensure that one of Rambaldi's most dangerous artifacts would never be found. and quickly became a field agent. Sydney decides to offer her services to the real CIA as a double agent. Will Tippin's investigation into Danny's death. It is then that Sydney is told by her father Jack Bristow (another SD-6 agent) that SD-6 is not part of the CIA. Reed is later revealed to be a member of the Covenant and a lover of Julian . an organization that is an enemy to the United States. Sydney Bristow was an undergraduate student of English literature when she was approached with a job offer by someone claiming to work for SD-6. are finally made aware of her dual identity and recruited into the CIA. and that Michael Vaughn had married NSC agent Lauren Reed. of whom she is skeptical at first but grows to trust as her life becomes increasingly stressful. She begins the long and arduous task of destroying SD-6 from the inside. DNA evidence in a badly burned body confirmed her death to her family and friends. As a result of revealing SD-6's existence to an outsider. There she deals with the facts that Arvin Sloane had become a world-renowned humanitarian after being pardoned. a woman who was transfigured to look exactly like her. Sydney's best friend. Sydney's mother. both in her personal life and in her SD-6 job. she tells her fiancé Danny that she is a spy. Francie's romantic relationship with Charlie. and Vaughn found a new love and is now married. and allows the audience to become familiar with her. Season two: 2002–2003 The second season begins with the introduction of Irina Derevko. Major plotlines from season 1 include Sydney hiding her triple-identity from her friends. As Sydney recovers. Midway through the second season. now that their relationship will not endanger them. it is revealed that Francie Calfo. and the Rambaldi artifacts. In the second half of the season. Sub-plots included Sydney's friendship with Francie. with Sydney having been missing and presumed dead. and Sydney's developing relationship with her CIA handler Michael Vaughn. Sydney awakens two years later in Hong Kong. Allison was then in a position to spy on Sydney and Will. and the past activities of Sydney's mother.

who he previously believed to have left the CIA).A. ." acquired the technology to implement a Rambaldi-predicted apocalypse. these feelings can be reversed with the Mueller device. and Vaughn parachute in. 1975. Members of APO (all hand-picked by Sloane) include almost all of the recurring characters from previous seasons. Jack. jokingly identified as "Arvin Clone. and she dies. with a Guantanamo-like detention facility. classified document called "S. patterned after SD-6 and run by her one-time nemesis Arvin Sloane." It is explained that the document authorizes Jack Bristow to execute Sydney's mother. and rescues her from being killed by the Covenant. the result of an affair between the two years earlier. Vaughn confides a shocking secret: his name isn't really Michael Vaughn. She locates her half-sister. Vaughn shoots Lauren. Marshall Flinkman. considerable influence over the CIA. After they battle. The National Security Council plays a role as a government organization that holds massive unsupervised power. She battles Sydney until Sloane is forced to shoot his own daughter. At the end of the season. leaving Lauren a chance to attack again. or somehow involved with. The new division is dubbed "APO": Authorized Personnel Only. and also setting up Jack as either the real head of. On a trip to Santa Barbara. as the first page refers to Sydney as the "active" subject of a "project" that began April 17. the Covenant and/or being a descendant of Rambaldi/Rambaldi himself). Sydney's former partner (and third season CIA director) Marcus Dixon. During the season. Lauren begins to taunt Sydney by saying she has information about her past. Sydney later discovers that her mother and Arvin Sloane had a child together. Sydney joins a black ops division of the CIA. Irina. who had mysteriously placed a contract on Sydney's life (this was apparently something of a retcon to cover for actress Lena Olin's presumed not returning to the series.B. an Arvin Sloane impostor. Nadia. and that his allegiance may not be to the CIA. destroy the device and kill Elena. 47 Project. The third Derevko sister.''Alias (TV series)'' Sark. Nadia. and driven by questionable motives. but before she does she gives Sydney the number of a security deposit box where she can find information about her past. But Nadia is injected with the tainted water and driven insane. had built a giant Mueller device in Sovogda. another car hits theirs and the season ends. Nadia is later put into a coma while a cure is sought and Irina escapes again. including Jack. their initial meeting wasn't coincidental. Russia. Sydney goes to him. Sydney. When Vaughn shows up. Sydney goes on a mission and encounters Lauren. the computer and technical genius. Sloane's daughter and Sydney's half-sister Nadia Santos also eventually returns to join APO. the real Sloane had polluted the world's drinking water with chemicals that caused feelings of peace and tranquility. The season concludes with Sydney and Vaughn becoming engaged. and Vaughn's best friend Eric Weiss (brought in after having to be rescued by Sydney and Vaughn. Before he can divulge any more information. Using Omnifam. Elena. However. 114 Season four: 2005 Season 4 begins where season three ended with Sydney uncovering a shocking. a possible reference to Project Christmas. Vaughn. which drove the residents to insanity.

''Alias (TV series)'' 115 Season five: 2005–2006 As season five begins. Two new members are added to APO to replace Weiss. Sydney and Vaughn are semi-retired and married. Sloane is now working for Dean as a mole within APO. for a new job. Renée Rienne. Arvin Sloane follows his own personal obsession. she works with an assassin and associate of his. perhaps signalling that she will not follow in her mother's footsteps. Four months later. with a second child named Jack in honour of Sydney's father. he is released after the sentencing committee is manipulated by Dean. Sydney receives a phone call from her doctor with some untimely news – she's pregnant. who is still in a coma. After a final battle between them. Sloane is jailed for his actions during Season 4." disguised as a black ops CIA division. Thomas Grace is a brash young agent with unorthodox methods who often butts heads with Sydney. . who sacrifices himself via a bomb strapped to his chest to avenge all the pain Sloane caused Sydney over the years. very much like SD-6. Thus moments after Sloane achieves immortality he is trapped for all of eternity in a cave. During a mission in recovering a Prophet Five book. Rachel Gibson is a computer specialist who. and apparently killed. before The Shed's destruction by Dean. However. With the series' end. as did Sydney within SD-6. where even Nadia's ghost deserts him. Jack agrees to let Sloane rejoin APO and use its resources to seek a cure for his daughter.C. Unaware of Sloane's new allegiance. Irina plunges to her death.[1] [2] ). In exchange for his freedom. who moved to Washington. Sydney learns that Vaughn is under suspicion of being a double agent and that the crash may have been a cover for his extraction. finding a cure for Nadia. finding Irina. Vaughn is abducted. as Sydney continues to investigate Vaughn's murder. was deceived into thinking she was working for the real CIA and briefly works as a mole within The Shed. he is trapped in Rambaldi's tomb by a critically wounded Jack. D. for which he sacrifices his daughter Nadia's life. and Nadia. on orders of Prophet Five operative Gordon Dean. however. Sydney tracks Sark and the Horizon to Hong Kong. like Sydney. Vaughn later escapes and explains to Sydney that his real name is André Michaux. Daughter Isabelle exhibits the same ability to complete the CIA test that marked Sydney's inborn skills to be an ideal agent at that age. after completing the puzzle she casually knocks it over. He reveals that he is investigating a secret operation known as Prophet Five. However. Vaughn is later shot. (This development was created to deal with the actress' The cast of season five real-life pregnancy. it emerges that Sloane's ultimate goal is that of immortality. which at one point involved his father. The series ends with a flash forward to several years in the future. In an ongoing subplot. in order to unearth the inner workings of Prophet Five. while at the same time trailing Dean and his criminal organization "The Shed.

• Trust and betrayal – Much of the first three seasons of the show revolved around issues of trust and betrayal.Renée Rienne. However. However. the parent-child dynamic survived as Vaughn learned that his father was more than a simple CIA agent and as Sloane discovered that he had a daughter. Strong female characters include Sydney Bristow herself.''Alias (TV series)'' 116 Reboot In May 2010. The second season saw Sydney having to come to grips with issues surrounding her mother. in some ways. Each member of the Alliance of Twelve is believed to be in charge of an SD cell. Entertainment Weekly columnist Michael Ausiello confirmed that ABC was in the early stages of developing a reboot. The first season can be viewed as a story of Sydney learning to trust her father and the second season can be viewed as Sydney struggling with trust issues relating to her mother. It is featured mostly in Season 1. The viewer is first introduced to a prophecy about a woman who will "render the greatest power unto utter desolation". which Elena Derevko perverted and attempted in Season 4. the show includes numerous other examples of betrayal including Irina's betrayal of Jack. Later. and also figurative as Sydney takes on a parental role in relation to the new agent Rachel. The first part was world peace. These agencies are clandestine espionage groups that trade secrets and weapons. Anna Espinosa. and her idealization of her supposedly dead mother. • K-Directorate: a private agency based in Russia and staffed by veterans of communist intelligence services. and Kelly Peyton. Most obvious is the betrayal of Sydney by SD-6 which starts the show. as Sydney discovered that she was pregnant. but the fifth season introduced its own "prophet" (also in pursuit of Rambaldi) in the form of the mysterious organization known as Prophet Five. Nadia Santos. but that the potential series probably wouldn't make it beyond the development phase. and instead introduced issues revolving around spouses and extended family. The fifth season can be. though this was only one part of his plan. regarded as a "next generation" in the family drama of Alias. . Allison Doren as Francie. E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos reported that ABC was toying with the idea of rebooting Alias. strong. which had been set up in the first season. This is literal. • The Alliance of Twelve: a ruthless international organization. which ended up being a reference to Rambaldi and the final part of his endgame. who needs much guidance. and Sydney is becoming a mother in her own right. We also met the two sisters of Irina Derevko.[3] Subsequently. Lauren Reed. In the first season this focused mainly on the strained relationship between Sydney and her father. but getting rid of the mythological Rambaldi elements to make the storylines more accessible for a mainstream audience. Alias is highlighted by very powerful. • Private and non-governmental intelligence agencies – The world of Alias has a large ensemble of fictional intelligence agencies. employing Sydney Bristow in Season 1 under the pretense that it is a black-ops division of the CIA. Sydney's betrayal of SD-6 and Sydney's lying to her friends. with echoes in Arvin and Emily Sloane's relationship as surrogate parents for Sydney. Fictional spy organizations that have been featured on the show include: • SD-6: one of twelve Section Disparu cells under the Alliance of Twelve. Sydney and Vaughn were finally to be married. immortality. • Strong female characters – while there are many strong male characters throughout the show. The Rambaldi storyline seemed to come to a close with the conclusion of Elena Derevko's endgame at the end of season four.[4] Themes • Family – Family relationships abound throughout the show. originally formed by twelve defectors from various intelligence agencies. The third and fourth seasons changed the mostly parent-child family dynamic. as Sloane completes part of the Rambaldi prophecy he has received his own prophetic message. the Derevko sisters. as Vaughn struggled to save his marriage and renew his relationship with Sydney. • Prophecy and predetermination – A good deal of Alias revolves around the prophecies of Milo Rambaldi. and capable women – women who either use their power for good or bad. Sloane's betrayal of the Alliance.

In season 5 it flashes during Balthazar Getty's credit. 117 Credits. the actors are shown on screen as their names appear. Most episodes in the first season included a prologue narrated by Sydney Bristow. As the opening credits appear. logos. Also. having been involved in some sort of high level research twenty years ago. the letters in the Alias reference flash in negative form one by one. this mimics the James Bond films.S. but beginning with the episode "S. this time in permanent negative. which likewise feature sometimes-lengthy pre-credits sequences. and even (though undercover) Sydney. In virtually every episode. with one letter being shown in negative and a specific scene appearing within that negative. • "The Man" (aka Irina Derevko) ran an unnamed organization which destroyed FTL and co-opted K-Directorate. The flashing translates to AGENT KANE (who was a character in the 2nd season played by Faye Dunaway). Those clandestine operations deal with collecting the sought-after Rambaldi artifacts. In some respects. The first three seasons used a minimalist credit sequence consisting only of the actors names appearing as the title Alias gradually forms in one corner of an otherwise black screen. flashier credit sequence was introduced that used a new. the title of a city or town location will slowly zoom in.S. In the first half of season two this was replaced by a voiceover by Greg Grunberg (who plays Agent Weiss) . The twelve leaders of Prophet Five were all killed by Kelly Peyton in the series finale. and graphics in the show Alias is unusual for an American drama series in that the opening credits do not run until the end of the first long act. • Prophet Five: one of the oldest agencies yet to be discovered by the CIA. Depending on the demands of a particular episode. the flashing of the letters when ALIAS is spelled out is actually in morse code. which Rachel Gibson was a part of. Elodie Bouchez appeared in the opening credits. it flashes during Lena Olin's credit. McKenas Cole. The "S" is the last letter to appear. The same remix of the theme music from the previous year is utilized. 52 images of Sydney in 47 various disguises appear in rapid succession.''Alias (TV series)'' • FTL: based in Hong Kong and apparently specialized in more high tech espionage. It has been running at least one SD-6-like organization. For one frame in Seasons 1 and 3 during Victor Garber's credit. accompanied by a short "whooshing" sound. sometimes as late as 19 minutes into the episode. Prophet Five is in control of a communications network that reveals infiltration of major intelligence agencies such as MI-6 and others. It was destroyed by Julian Sark who was working for "The Man" in Season 1. a shorter. During the first half of the season. rogue partners. Now for the first time.O. For the fifth season. as the previous version was criticized for making it difficult to read the actors' names (since the eye was drawn to the many images of Jennifer Garner) and for focusing exclusively on Garner. In Season 2. The same applies of course to the mentioned illegal agencies which are battled against. • The Trust: five U. arrest criminals from other countries and bring them to interrogation facilities of the CIA. the series title does not appear on screen until the final fade out. respectively. the CIA or APO. For the fourth season. ending with a shot from the third season premiere of her shooting a miniature grenade launcher. As it usually does with the "S" in the show title at the very start. • The Covenant was introduced in season three." her credit was changed to a "special guest star" credit outside the opening sequence and Amy Acker was added to the opening credits in place of Bouchez. the Rambaldi "eye" symbol ( <o> ) flashes over the Alias title. They had co-opted many agents of other organizations including Sark. To further their objectives. the credit sequence is occasionally dropped as the actor credits play over a scene. remixed version of the theme. with places high up in the American government. the Shed. this letter eventually takes up the entire screen and gives way to the scene itself. on those occasions. setting up the premise of the series. • Clandestine operations – The government agencies that Sydney Bristow works for are conducting secret operations in various countries regularly. As the cast names appeared. but also with aspects like illegal arms trade or blackmailing. another credit sequence was designed.

the writers avoided mentioning any current calendar dates in any episode. which. television ratings Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of Alias on ABC.''Alias (TV series)'' and later in season 2 was dropped entirely. the same year the series first aired. making the 2006 statement plausible in the timeline. in season 3 episode 17 (airdate 3/28/04). and there are two years. which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. would suggest that the series as of the start of season 3 takes place two years ahead of "real world" time. In several episodes. Desantis. Given that there were roughly three to four months between the airing of the first few seasons. In another episode of the same season. The season 2 finale. Note: Each U. 2002. there is a reference to Osama bin Laden and a reference to the War on Terror in two episodes in season 2). the timeline seems to jump back one more time. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May. the federal Homeland Security department was not established until 2003. For example. the genetic double of her father from the cryogenic box that it is currently 2006. a hockey magazine received by Sydney indicates the year to be November 2005. and 4 and 5 respectively (in addition. This actual game took place roughly around the same time the episode was broadcast on January 20. would suggest that the show was still running on "real world" time rather than 2 years in the future. and several hours between seasons 2 and 3. in fact. which sees Sydney lose two years of her life. premiered 19 days following the 9/11 attacks. Kings game. The series finale makes a further jump forward of several years (circa 2014 based upon the age of Sydney's daughter). For most of the episodes in Season 3–4. For example. references were made to actual real world events. A reference to Homeland security midway through the first season suggests the series begins not long before. No time elapses between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2. Nadia Santos' hospital admission bracelet following her recovery in the episode "30 Seconds" reads "04-23-05" and she mentions that it has almost been a year since she was hospitalized. (Aside from the Homeland Security reference. the events of the season 5 premiere episode take place over the course of 4 months). In season 1. an 8-month interval between the broadcast of seasons 3 and 4. U. however the series was not always consistent in maintaining this.S. Sydney suggested to Vaughn that they should catch a L. each episode covers roughly the events of one week in Sydney's life. thus each episode is said to take place a week apart.) Though there was reference to such a part of government. a statement made by Sydney in the fifth season premiere "Prophet 5" regarding the length of time since she first went undercover at SD-6. In the season 5 episode "Out of the Box". by the final season Alias would only be a matter of months ahead of real-world time. (The series. the date 3/26/04 was shown on Lauren's event calendar.S. The one fact that did contradict this was the date on the tombstone of the supposedly dead Irina Derevko. or not long after September 11. 118 Timeframe The events of the first season of Alias begin in 2001. However. and a 4-month hiatus in the midst of season 5. This appears to be the first direct reference to the actual date of events. one month. character Renee tells Dr. 3 and 4.A. there is no explicit reference to 9/11 in the first season. in one episode. and that they'd be taking on the Islanders. when calculated. Also in season five . is in keeping with the established timeline. although this pattern was not maintained throughout the series. . And finally. however.

3 6. while airing the season's episodes in (almost) consecutive weeks beginning with the January 5. 2005) Wednesday 8:00 PM (April 19. 2004 May 25. 2002) Sunday 9:00 PM (September 29. on the East Coast. Alias was one of the first shows to be placed in one of the old Who Wants to Be a Millionaire timeslots. 2005) January 5. 2005 2-hour season premiere (watched by 15. 2003 – May 23. 2002 – May 4. May 22.m.3 rating) in the age 18–49 demographic for a post-Super Bowl program. when ABC moved the program to Wednesdays 9 p. Despite earning critical acclaim from USA Today[10] for the January 26. Delta. Coming off its most-watched season. 2005 May 22. Samantha Who. which were Sunday nights at 9 p. However. 2003 May 23. since the episode started airing at 11 p. 2006) September 29. and decent viewing numbers in the advertiser-friendly age 18–49 demographic. 2001 – May 12.[13] a phenomenon sometimes known as the "Mork and Mindy" curse.15 10. 2006) Monday 9:00 PM (May 22.m. a cult following.7 Wednesday 9:00 PM (January 5. Abrams' drama. Threat Matrix. FlashForward. after Who Wants to Be a Millionaire saw its ratings plummet. its series run began during a time when the ABC television network was in decline. My So-Called Life. the episode's viewership numbers were not factored in the series' overall 2002–2003 season average. 2006 2001–2002 2002–2003 2003–2004 2004–2005 2005–2006 #60 #72 #78 #37 #90 [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] 8. Unlike many of the programs on ABC from 2001–2003. 2003 September 28.8 million viewers.m.0 [5] [6] [7] [8] 1 2 3 4 5 September 30. fate: Joanie Loves Chachi. Vengeance Unlimited.m. The Fall Guy. Father Dowling Mysteries. 2005) Wednesday 10:00 PM (December 7. 2006 – May 17. Mission: Impossible. (other ABC shows experiencing this Thursday 8 p.4 million viewers. the time slot following another (yet more successful) J. This led to ABC keeping the series on its schedule for 5 years. Its ratings peak was reached in its fourth season. Alias was moved to Thursdays 8 p. the fourth season was the only season in which this near-consecutive-week schedule was used and the increase in audience numbers was minimal since it faced hefty timeslot competition from the results show of the fourth season of Fox's mega-hit American Idol. receiving the lowest viewership in the show's history.[11] Also. it was not eligible for the week's list of top primetime shows ranked by Nielsen Media Research and thus. 2003 episode entitled "Phase One" and attracting the largest audience of the series with 17.''Alias (TV series)'' 119 Season Timeslot (Eastern & Pacific Time) Sunday 9:00 PM (September 30. (Eastern & Pacific time) in the fall of 2005 by ABC in an effort to invigorate the network's lackluster Thursday night lineup. 2004) Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Ranking Viewers (in millions) 9. J. 2001 May 12. Alias was a series that garnered critical buzz. 2005 [9] Although Alias was never considered a major "hit".7 9. Miss Guided. However. Alias became another scripted show in the history of ABC to not survive more than a year in this timeslot since Mork & Mindy was cancelled in 1982.m. its new timeslot was Wednesdays at 8 p. However. 2003) Sunday 9:00 PM (September 28. 2005 – May 25. The Deep End. Sledge Hammer!. 2005 – November 17. 2002 September 29. 2006 (against the season finales of the hit dramas. culminating in a 2-hour series finale airing on Monday. 2005 – December 14. 2005 Thursday 8:00 PM (September 29. Knightwatch. 2002 May 4. (Eastern & Pacific time) in late 2001. the viewer numbers remained dismal.[11] this episode retained just 19 percent[11] of the Super Bowl XXXVII audience and has the dubious distinction of earning the lowest overall ratings for a program airing after a Super Bowl since at least 1987[11] and the lowest rating ever (8.[12] the second most-watched episode in the series) and ending in May 2005. Lost. the move proved unsuccessful for the series. In fact. My Generation) ABC gave the show a 4-month hiatus (to allow Jennifer Garner to give birth) and when it was brought back in April 2006. (Eastern & Pacific time). In The Motherhood.m. Fox's 24 and CBS' .

" a group of Redskins fans. Syd disguises herself as a cheerleader and distracts the "Hogettes. with a glass of beer before stealing the book.''Alias (TV series)'' CSI: Miami) which attracted 6. Abrams Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Lena Olin (2003) Golden Globe Awards • Best Television Series – Drama (2002) • Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama Jennifer Garner (2003–2005) Saturn Awards • • • • • Best Network Television Series (2004–2005) Best Actress in a Television Series Jennifer Garner (2004) Best Actor in a Television Series Michael Vartan (2004) Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series Victor Garber (2004) Best Actress on Television Jennifer Garner (2005–2006) Screen Actors Guild • Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series Jennifer Garner (2004) Parodies The Alias production team has participated in at least two spoofs based upon the series and featuring cast members. the first season averaged 9.J. but it was dropped from the set at the last minute without explanation. Upon returning to SD-6 headquarters. This skit was advertised as being included in the season 2 DVD box set.68 million viewers. Another specially filmed MNF segment featuring Garner was included in the season 3 DVD set. • The first was produced in 2002 for a segment of ABC's Monday Night Football in which Sydney (played as always by Jennifer Garner) is ordered by Sloane (Ron Rifkin) to infiltrate the locker room of the Washington Redskins NFL team in order to steal the coach's playbook.[15] 120 Awards and nominations Awards won Golden Globe Awards • Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama Jennifer Garner (2002) Saturn Awards • • • • Best Network Television Series (2003) Best Actress in a Television Series Jennifer Garner (2003) Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series Victor Garber (2003) Cinescape Genre Female Face of the Future Melissa George (2004) Screen Actors Guild Awards • Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series Jennifer Garner (2005) Awards nominated Emmy Awards • • • • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Jennifer Garner (2002–2005) Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Victor Garber (2002–2004) Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (2002) J.[14] In comparison.7 million viewers. . she is horrified to find Sloane wearing a pig mask and oinking. but this was not.

"it's almost like we used to work together". Columbo departs. the skit began with Jack Bristow preparing Sydney and Vaughn for a mission." In response. • In episode 23 of Robot Chicken. Cooper's character makes a quip along the lines of. as well as 3 nominations and 1 win at the Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards.''Alias (TV series)'' strictly speaking." Kim lands in a night club where she is confronted by a character with bright red hair. sent the short to J." In the context of the episode. to the episode's cliffhanger." and adds "Nice Wig. it is a parody of a typical Season 1 episode. an independent film company. who also act in the film (Rankin plays the part of Sydney Bristow). accidentally shooting Vaughn with an anesthetic dart and volunteering to wear a skimpy bikini intended for Sydney during the mission. The character orders Kim to "Tell me what I want to know." Other spoofs and humorous references include: • "Alias: The Lost Episode" was created as a tribute to the show by Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin's Newborn Pictures. Each of these television shows is clearly a spoof of a real world (ours. not Kim Possible's) television show. leaving Jack to utter a confused. Head Hair Designer Michael Reitz was nominated for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series at the Emmys 5 years in a row (2002–2006). A fight scene occurs in typical Alias style. that was strange. Michael Vartan guests as a rival French chef. During one such "appearance.J. but real to the Kim Possible universe) television shows similar to the main plot point of the movie The Last Action Hero. from Sydney's relationship with Francie and Will. a spoof. • In an episode of Bradley Cooper's sitcom Kitchen Confidential. but asking about a "device" would also track with the plot of many Alias episodes. A tribute to the series' beginnings. • MADtv created a season 1 spoof. The end of the segment involves characters talking about "The Device. pretending to be a prize-winning cellist. complete with red hair and lipstick. "Dear God. • In episode 57 of Kim Possible the characters (due to the use of a Pan-Dimension Vortex) find themselves appearing in various fictional (as compared to the real universe. The co-writers and directors. Columbo proceeds to wreak havoc at CIA headquarters. Kim addresses the character as "Miss Tries Too Hard. the device is "The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer. His work completed. who in turn wrote letters of thanks to the cast and crew of the film. 121 Hair and wigs The program was renowned for the vast array of hair styles adopted by the characters. Their 15-minute short can be viewed online: ALIAS: The Lost Episode [16]. • Another faux Alias "episode" was produced for a 2003 TV special celebrating the 50th anniversary of ABC. Columbo reveals that his mission is not to aid the CIA but rather to help Walt Disney Company/ABC head Michael Eisner better understand the show." A brief Alias-like hand-to-hand fight sequence then ensues. The sketch features Sydney undercover in a glamorous party at Sea World. Featuring most of the regular cast of the series. Abrams. to Sydney's sexual tension with her CIA handler Vaughn. and informing them that they will have a new partner – Detective Columbo (Peter Falk). Potelle and Rankin later won the second Project Greenlight Competition. the series is re-imagined with the part of Sydney being played by a killer whale ("Whalias"). Notable contributions to the hair stylist team include: • • • • • Karen Bartek (3 Emmy Award nominations) Julie Woods (1 Emmy Award nomination) Grace Hernandez (1 Emmy Award nomination) Kathrine Rees (1 Emmy Award nomination) Yesmin Osman (1 Emmy Award nomination) .

Prior to the Acclaim release. Although aimed at young readers. based on the series. but can only be downloaded online. but didn't receive as much praise as the first soundtrack. A second Soundtrack was also released containing music from the second season. and has a rating of T for Teen.''Alias (TV series)'' 122 Soundtracks Alias released a season one soundtrack containing 26 tracks. The tracks share a similar dance genre. and is composed by Chris Tilton. A soundtrack for Alias: The Video Game was also released. ABC Television produced an episodic downloadable videogame entitled Alias: Underground which is available through ABC's website. The missions become more difficult as you come closer to finishing the game. Due to the intricate and story arc-based nature of the series. The game was a 3D third-person stealth action game much like the Acclaim production. Their canon status with regards to the televised series has yet to be determined. except for the opening theme which was composed by J. such as one volume which details the first time Sydney kills someone. The game is set between episodes 19 and 20 of season 2. The plot was written by the creators of the show and the game features the voices of the cast principals. 2004. Original novels A number of original novels based upon the series have been published. The game allows the player to be Sydney (and briefly on one mission Vaughn). PlayStation 2 and Xbox. These tracks were tracks used in the show. The game includes using many spy-skills that Sydney uses in the show. however a few tracks. . with missions released monthly during the original broadcast of the TV show's second season. primarily for a teenage reading audience. Video game The video game Alias. It was released on April 6. All of them are composed by Michael Giacchino.J. is a third-person stealth action title developed and released by Acclaim Entertainment for the PC. including the opening theme. and others focusing on Vaughn's missions before meeting her. the books tackle serious subject matter. most novels published to date have been prequels to the series. Abrams. such as 'In the Garden' share more of a slowed down tempo. some focusing on Sydney in her early missions for SD-6. and sends her on various missions to many different locations.

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a television or film celebrity. and is created. Each episode has at least one guest star. (series finale) Broadcast Original channel BBC Two Original run 21 July 2005 – 27 December 2007 Extras is a British sitcom about extras working on film sets and in theatre. his friend Maggie Jacobs and Andy's substandard agent and part-time Carphone Warehouse employee Darren Lamb. The series was co-produced by the BBC and HBO. and directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. of series No. The second series premiered in the UK on BBC Two on 14 September 2006 and began airing in the US on HBO and in Australia on ABC on 14 February 2007. 30 min. both of whom also star in it. Extras charts the lives of Andy Millman. Both series are available on DVD in the UK and the US.[1] The Christmas Special aired on 27 December 2007 on BBC Two and on 16 December 2007 on HBO. The series is filmed in a more traditional sitcom style than the mockumentary style used by Gervais and Merchant in their previous series The Office. written.''Extras'' 125 Extras Extras Format Created by Written by Directed by Starring Situation comedy Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Ashley Jensen Stephen Merchant Shaun Williamson Shaun Pye "Tea for the Tillerman" by Cat Stevens Ending theme Country of origin United Kingdom No. (regular episodes) 90 min. who play what . The first episode aired in the UK on 21 July 2005 on BBC Two and on 25 September 2005 on HBO in the US. as Millman rises to fame. of episodes 2 13 Production Camera setup Running time Single camera approx. Extras has two series of six episodes each as well as a Christmas Special.

Andy gets in an argument with Stiller just before shooting his scene and is kicked off the set. In the North American sequence. for messing up a rendition of "Making Your Mind Up" by Bucks Fizz during the party. is working on a film with Kemp's rival. he becomes very protective of Les and at first tries to keep him from finding out. takes an interest in one of the crew but it goes wrong after Andy points out that her would-be beau has one leg shorter than the other. despite Andy's bravest efforts to conceal the truth. and cowers at Jones's threats. in the adjacent studio building. but Maggie's boyfriend later dumps her when he catches Andy and Winslet making lewd gestures to each other behind his back. Andy and Maggie befriend the star. Les stops in the middle of the first performance of the pantomime to berate the futility of his life and the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. she later won an Oscar for her role in the 2008 Holocaust film The Reader). Lizzie then recalls how they first met working together on the BBC children's drama "The Orphans of Penny Farthing Lane". he's bullied. footballer Vinnie Jones. Maggie. Maggie is soon asked to leave the party after encouraging her friend to find her own way in life. Maggie comes to visit Andy during rehearsal and bumps into an old friend. 126 Cast and characters • • • • • Ricky Gervais as Andy Millman Ashley Jensen as Maggie Jacobs Stephen Merchant as Darren Lamb (credited as "Agent") Shaun Williamson as Barry from EastEnders (himself) Shaun Pye as Greg Lindley-Jones Episodes Series 1: 2005-2006 # 1 "Ben Stiller" Episode celebrity guest star(s) Ben Stiller Original airdate 21 July 2005 Andy and Maggie are playing extras in the film Ben Stiller is directing. However. is very controlling of Lizzie's life and treats her like a child. meanwhile. Devastated. Andy reveals the truth about her. an Eastern European man whose wife and son were killed in the Yugoslav Wars. Meanwhile. who denies having said anything. Maggie is invited to Lizzie's birthday party. Bunny admonishes his daughter. 2 "Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones" Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones 28 July 2005 Andy is working on a television period drama starring Ross Kemp. Jackson" Samuel L. his rival. 3 "Kate Winslet" Kate Winslet 4 August 2005 Working as extras on the set of a Holocaust film. She finds out on arrival she is 30 years younger than all the other guests. Kemp admits to a disillusioned Andy that none of his prior claims were true and that wherever he works. However a "get together" with her and "some friends" turns out to be Bible study group and Andy's deceit is exposed. Greg. Millman then relays this information to Greg.[2] an exaggerated or inverted parody of their famous public personas. so he claims to be Catholic as well in order to get closer to her. Her closeted gay father. But when Les decides maybe it would be best if he splits up with Simone. Lizzie.''Extras'' Gervais and Merchant have referred to as "twisted" versions of themselves. but Maggie has no idea what to say. 5 "Samuel L. which is based on the life of Goran. who hopes to finally win an Oscar with her role as a nun (coincidentally. this episode was premiered first. who is dancing in the chorus line. who himself tells Jones. Dennis is engaged to the much younger Simone Reynolds (Nicky Ladanowski) but is also on the verge of a breakdown due to the many setbacks in his career. 4 "Les Dennis" Les Dennis 11 August 2005 Andy's agent secures him the role of the (very camp) Genie in a pantomime version of Aladdin starring Les Dennis. Angered by this. Lizzie Bunton (Rebecca Gethings). the play's director. Winslet helpfully volunteers explicit advice for Maggie on the subject. Kemp claims he has had SAS training and tells Andy that he is more of a "hard man" than Jones. Lizzie then tells Bunny she's not happy pursuing a showbiz career. Andy's rival. Andy attempts to get a speaking part by befriending Goran. who eventually gets Andy a spoken line. Maggie is in a relationship with a set assistant who wants her to talk dirty with him over the phone. When Andy discovers Les' fiancée cheating with a stagehand. "Bunny" (Gerard Kelly). Kate Winslet. Jackson 18 August 2005 . atheist Andy takes a liking to a fellow extra who is a Catholic. After this embarrassment. contradicting his reputation as a hard man. which she reluctantly agrees to attend. Jones later confronts Kemp.

forced to wear glasses and a wig. stating "Ricky Gervais wanted me to be a racist bigot". When The Whistle Blows. with Ross Kemp first. depressing demeanor proves to be too much. When she chats with Jackson on set the day after. Andy is asked to rewrite his script with staff writer/producer Damon Beesley (Martin Savage) with a view to a pilot episode being filmed. Liza Tarbuck & Sophia Myles Original airdate 14 September 2006 Andy's new sitcom. but further misunderstandings end the date early. Despite some initial misunderstandings due to her over-sensitivity about race. who in turn tells Andy about his own script: a lewd film in which he will star. along with the Extras script book. also preserves this same order. the episodes were returned to their intended order. 2. Kate Winslet Ben Stiller Ross Kemp/Vinnie Jones Samuel L. Eager to get his sitcom script noticed. Damon forgives him and work on the pilot resumes. issued on 9 January 2007. is being filmed.''Extras'' Samuel L. followed by the Ross Kemp and Vinnie Jones episode the following week. When the first series is shown in North America another order is used:[3] 1. The first series DVD. 8 "David Bowie" Primary: David Bowie 21 September 2006 . but Harris declined the role of Alfie. 5. followed by Stiller. 6. Stewart agrees to circulate Andy's script. the episode featuring Ben Stiller was broadcast first. 6 "Patrick Stewart" Patrick Stewart 25 August 2005 127 Andy and Maggie are working on a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest alongside Patrick Stewart. But when Andy complains to Maggie about how annoyingly camp Damon can be. particularly when dim-witted and un-PC Keith Chegwin is cast in a cameo role. After Andy apologizes to Damon. The man's insistence eventually causes Andy to cave in and have dinner with his colleague. Orlando Bloom refuses to believe that Maggie does not find him attractive and waxes lyrical about his dislike for Johnny Depp. Andy gives a copy to Stewart. The character Keith is cast as was meant to be played by Keith Harris. the BBC threaten to pull the plug on Andy's show. though Andy feels obliged to assure the other restaurant patrons that he and his dinner companion are not a couple. and a frustrated Andy ends up plunging his face into his soup after being invited to the Ben Elton musical "We Will Rock You" before abruptly leaving. feels like he has sold out. 3. Maggie is attracted to a young mixed race actor. The audience find the heavily-rewritten sitcom funny but Andy. First series episode order When the first series was first broadcast in the UK. she confuses him with Laurence Fishburne. Andy tries to save the ailing conversation but only succeeds in making things significantly worse. 4. and she later repeats Andy's apparently homophobic remarks to Damon. resulting in Andy forfeiting the line he had earlier managed to get with Jackson. she successfully asks him out on a date. When the fellow extra uses the favour as an excuse to befriend Andy. released in the UK on 31 October 2005. Jackson is starring as a maverick American cop in a UK police thriller and a fellow extra (Steve Speirs) forfeits the opportunity to do a scene with Jackson for Andy's benefit. But the man's sad. whilst Maggie appears as an extra in a courtroom drama with Orlando Bloom and Sophia Myles. Series 2: 2006-2007 # 7 Episode "Orlando Bloom" celebrity guest star(s) Primary: Orlando Bloom Secondary: Keith Chegwin. Meanwhile. When the series was repeated over the Christmas holiday 2005. Andy resorts to lies and pathetic excuses to shake him off. Jackson Les Dennis Patrick Stewart This episode order was maintained for the North American DVD release. The conflict in the second series of the BBC meddling with Andy's sitcom is hinted at when Damon insists that Andy's old boss' saying "Are you 'avin' a laugh?" should become a catchphrase for the show. and the BBC invite Andy for a meeting.

Darren Lamb and Ronnie Corbett are banned from future BAFTAs after they are caught with Darren and Ronnie's drugs. until Darren tells Andy he has arranged a meeting with his idol Robert De Niro.though he isn't eager to endlessly repeat his catchphrase from the show. who take his comments out of context. and McKellen's sudden decision that he should kiss his male co-star. who appears as a shameless self-promoter interested only in advertising his album. Andy is desperate for any role to show his credibility. but back on the film set. Andy is determined to fire Darren Lamb for incompetence.which she later repeats to Davis' fiancée. and in the US version. which comes to an awkward conclusion. and blaming it on someone else every time he gets caught. Darren asks Maggie on a date. Andy becomes detached from his friends after appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and becoming friends with Ross." (Martin also sings the outro "Tea for the Tillerman" in the episode. Martin and Gervais . Lindsay becomes livid when the sick child shows no recognition of Lindsay's earlier work. leading to an increasingly hysterical reaction in the British media. Lamb is able to pacify De Niro with a pornographic biro. Andy receives a call from Lamb and De Niro. He is recommended to Ian McKellen. Andy accidentally knocks Davis unconscious. Martin requests to make a cameo on When the Whistle Blows and appears on the show to play "Fix You. so Andy goes back to his local to seek recognition from the people he had previously disdained. Richard Briers. who appeared on the Ross show with Andy. Andy is nominated for a BAFTA. 9 "Daniel Radcliffe" Primary: Daniel Radcliffe. and is cast in a play about a homosexual relationship . Despite making excuses. and at the hospital. Andy tries to talk with David Bowie. Richard & Judy. who goes on to humiliate him from the stage. Moira Stuart's scene is not included in the US version. who fancies himself a teenage Lothario and tries to seduce every woman he meets . Lowri Turner. During the award ceremony. Warwick Davis Secondary: Diana Rigg. The meeting time conflicts with one of Andy's scheduled visits to the sick boy. Andy manages to upset both Richard Briers and an ex-girlfriend. Moira Stuart. but guilt at the burden he is imposing on Maggie combined with his suspicion of Darren's empty promises forces Andy to keep his appointment with the boy at the cost of meeting De Niro.in character as Ray Stokes . Mark Kermode and Mark Lawson 12 October 2006 With the critical reaction to his sitcom getting more scathing. Andy takes Maggie out for a meal and inadvertently offends the mother of a Down's syndrome teenager in a restaurant. While there. where Andy is all too briefly treated as a VIP. Andy manages to quell the anger. With his yobbo school friends turning up for the first night. Matthew Wright. leading to the loss of his bit part and further embarrassment from the tabloids.including Maggie.''Extras'' The critical response for When the Whistle Blows is entirely negative but Andy gets encouragement from the public as he is recognised in the street and in his local pub . who proceeds to make up a song ridiculing him. especially his appearances as Wolfie on 70s sitcom Citizen Smith.) Despite angry reviews at the shameless celebrity appearance on his sitcom. 12 "Robert De Niro" Primary: Robert De Niro Secondary: Jonathan Ross and Robert Lindsay 19 October 2006 Convinced that he has outgrown his sitcom and his agent. Co-nominee Stephen Fry wins the award in Andy's category and privately rebukes Andy for his sitcom's use of laughter tracks. Shaun Williamson takes Andy to a celebrity bar he used to frequent. 11 "Sir Ian McKellen" Primary: Sir Ian McKellen Secondary: Germaine Greer. Over lunch. Phillip Schofield. was not asked to visit the ailing child and gate-crashes the scheduled visit. Andy feels increasingly uncomfortable to the point of leaving the play midway through the first performance. Robert Lindsay.perform a rendition of "Fix You" together. Andy. Davina McCall. Russ Ramsey 28 September 2006 128 Andy receives a bit part in a new fantasy film starring Daniel Radcliffe. Patricia Potter and Stephen Fry 5 October 2006 Andy makes a charity appeal video and meets Chris Martin from Coldplay. after the end credits. Nick Ferrari. Andy is coerced into visiting a boy Corey J Smith who is in hospital with cancer and asks Maggie to go with him. During the altercation. the more famous and talented actor (according to him). . which he and Maggie accept. Fern Britton. who invite Andy to meet up at a pub. silly wigs and catchphrases. Daniel invites himself to join Andy and Maggie and accidentally flicks a condom onto the head of Dame Diana Rigg. he gets into a fight with actor Warwick Davis over remarks Andy privately made to Maggie . is incensed that he."A Month of Summers". 10 "Chris Martin" Primary: Chris Martin Secondary: Ronnie Corbett.

what he's actually done by appearing on a show where everyone is so desperate for fame that they voluntarily "hand in their dignity at the door" is just the opposite. Andy finds that the strings Tre has offered to pull land him in the latest cast of Celebrity Big Brother. Gordon Ramsay. she decides to call it quits on being an extra after Owen and the director come up with a bit of staging that involves Owen flinging manure in Maggie's face.[7] Gervais had also reportedly been keen for Robert De Niro to appear again. Toby Foster. at the same time using the opportunity to make a heartfelt and tearful apology to Maggie. Happily reunited. There is also a cameo appearance by Karl Pilkington as an autograph hunter who shuns Millman when he is at a low point in his . Dean Gaffney. Vernon Kay. to see if he can offer her a place alongside former EastEnders co-stars Shaun Williamson and Dean Gaffney. With no experience in any other line of work. and David Tennant. Greg's portrayal of Percy Shelley alongside Clive Owen's Byron has earned him a firm place on the A-list.. the Carphone Warehouse. Maggie is left entirely to her own devices. The trailer shows a selection of scenes from the special. who is watching at home. Andy finally manages to track down his agent. Hale & Pace. Andy is more famous than ever. At the Live 8 concert it was reported that Madonna had asked to appear in the series. New agent Tre won't return his calls. the other house members include a woman who leaked a sex tape of herself on the internet. Though he finds himself suddenly a media darling.[4] However. and Andy with his head in his hands in the Big Brother house while other celebrities perform a dance routine. They have often cited that Fawlty Towers only ran for two series. with his agent fielding calls from the likes of Elton John and the Beckhams. Mickey Rooney. On 15 September. Gordon Ramsay. Andy is so caught up with new agent Tre Cooper's plan to get Andy "to the top of the B-list" as soon as possible that he completely fails to notice things aren't going nearly as well for Maggie. Gervais had also mentioned Bruce Willis. It showed clips of Clive Owen. and this was also the reason given for ending The Office after two series. He can get a table at the exclusive Ivy Restaurant without booking. Andy walks off the show. so Andy is forced to accept acting gigs that he sneered at only a few months ago (specifically. David Tennant (in costume as the Tenth Doctor.1" celebrity guest star(s) Lionel Blair. Andy abruptly quits his sitcom in order to free himself up for better offers.or at least leave a message to that effect. George Michael. Gervais was quoted in the Mirror as saying that there was "some mileage in it" and suggested there could be a third series.[5] In December 2006. Clive Owen. Fortunately. but Andy has no idea who anybody else is (apart from Lionel Blair. roles on Doctor Who and Hotel Babylon) just to keep himself in the public eye. after having only a small role in the last episode of the second series. she pops in at Darren's new (and former) employer. Chico Slimani. With a proper agent on board. and a mother whose son was murdered). With a new blockbuster film opening to rave reviews. Lisa Scott-Lee.''Extras'' 129 Christmas Special: Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale # 13 Episode "Episode 3. Lisa Scott-Lee. Original airdate 27 December 2007 After three series of When the Whistle Blows. Nearly destitute and thoroughly despondent. Lionel Blair. Hale and Pace. Maggie has to resort to being a cleaner to pay the rent. Karl Pilkington. He quickly realises that rather than bolster his career. Meanwhile. which she can no longer afford and so is forced to move from her flat to a dingy little bedsit. a trailer for the special was shown. as he and Merchant believed that more episodes would dilute the quality. Andy's decision to walk away from his sitcom has backfired. Though Tre secures her a small part in Clive Owen's new film. But it's arch-nemesis Greg who's got the career — and agent — Andy wants. June Sarpong. Ironically. Gervais announced that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on his wishlist to appear in "another series". Greg's agent offers to represent Andy as well. the two drive off down the motorway towards Heathrow Airport. including Andy helping George Michael avoid paparazzi on Hampstead Heath. Andy decides that the only place he really wants to be is anywhere Maggie wants to go. who tells Andy that he can have either "fame and fortune" or "credibility and respect" — but not both together — Andy chooses fame and fortune and begs Tre to pull whatever strings necessary to get Andy back on telly. Gervais stated that he could not see himself doing a third series. and Dick Van [6] Dyke as possibilities for the third series. George Michael and Barry from EastEnders. who have also resorted to working there. After making an impassioned speech to this effect on camera. whom he plays in Doctor Who). and in a separate interview Will Ferrell revealed his desire to join the show if Gervais asked him. scenes from a Christmas special of Andy's television series When the Whistle Blows. but then denied it a month later. and he's moved to a posh new flat on Hampstead Heath as well. which means Andy can finally hand Darren Lamb his walking papers . before his stand-up performance of Fame at the Hammersmith Apollo. Andy's Big Brother speech gives him exactly the kind of attention and respect he's always wanted. after the second series had finished. Since Andy now phones only when he needs her to help him with some scheme or other.

The show has turned out to be the opposite of what he originally intended. 130 No chance of another one-off special On 23 October 2008. A scene featuring UK TV presenter Moira Stuart in episode 2. Ricky Gervais stated: "People have been talking about a special . A scene with George Michael was also truncated to remove references to UK celebrities Richard and Judy and Catherine Tate. It did receive a BAFTA nomination.''Extras'' career. I thought Steve would take some convincing.) Furthermore. feeling that too many people have interfered with his original ideas in the hunt for ratings." Gervais further confirmed that there will not be any more episodes of Extras. it's most likely there's no chance whatsoever. as a script that Millman had written and given to his agent who neglected to read it. It appears that Millman originally set out to do a comedy similar to The Office. The show is unpopular with reviewers but popular with the public."[8] US and UK version differences There were some subtle changes between the UK and US versions. I started work on it immediately. The script was turned into a sitcom on BBC1 in the first series finale. "Please. A scene set in the Carphone Warehouse was also edited to remove jokes referring to the long running BBC soap opera EastEnders. It aired in the United States on 16 December 2007 and on the UK 27 December 2007. Changes in the Christmas special saw the talking 'Jade Goody' doll replaced by a talking 'Kramer' doll. and many of the Extras plotlines have revolved around Millman's experiences with the show. Please Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths and "Angels We Have Heard On High" arranged by Sufjan Stevens.3". after Millman gave the script to Patrick Stewart. When the Whistle Blows When the Whistle Blows is the show-within-a-show sitcom in Extras created. Does anyone know Al Pacino?" On 3 January 2009. The main catchphrase of the show "Are you 'avin' a laugh?" is spoken by Millman. Millman is deeply unhappy with the show. without a studio audience or laughter track. although I would consider it. co-written by and starring Andy Millman. and in the end it lost heavily to an unspecified programme by Stephen Fry. Well I got an email today from him saying he's up for it. The episode's soundtrack features the songs "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush. The show is further debased by the unexplained guest appearance by . saying "It's simply that Extras is no more. replaced instead with a song by Chris Martin . It was first mentioned in episode "1.as much as we would like for there to be one. Please. The humour is broad and lowbrow in the manner of many catchphrase-based sitcoms. When the Whistle Blows is set in a Wigan factory canteen. though Millman suspected it was there simply to make up the numbers. Excerpts from the sitcom are featured in the second series. (Both dolls parodied incidents where each celebrity said things publicly that were generally seen as racist. with true-to-life characters in a realistic work environment. the t-shirt in the studio audience depicting Victoria Wood and Asda is replaced in the US version by a t-shirt depicting Sigourney Weaver and DirectTV.4 was completely excised from the US version. It aired on Australia's cable channel UKTV on Christmas Day 2008. with references to the names of British celebrities often being changed to American celebrities for the US edition. He's in LA at the moment but the story that went out across America was that. It is yet to be aired on free to air TV in Australia.a scene that was featured as a deleted scene on the DVD releases. Ricky Gervais stated the following on his blog: "Steve must have seen the thing in the press about me thinking about doing another Extras Special.

Ashley Jensen for Extras 2007 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. which features celebrities. Ashley Jensen for Extras BANFF World Television Awards • Overall.Best Comedy or Musical 2007 Best Comedy Performance. The song in the Christmas Special highlighting Maggie's depression after she hits bottom and quits acting is "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush.) Some of the reviews that the show gets refer to it as a "time warp comedy". such as "Wassup". separately. The show received 3 BAFTA Award nominations in 2006 including Best Comedy Performance for Ashley Jensen. and Millman's character talks about 1970s catchphrases such as Mr Humphreys' "I'm Free" (from Are You Being Served?) and Frank Spencer's "Ooh Betty" (from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em). Stephen Merchant for Extras 2006 Best Comedy Actress.''Extras'' Chris Martin of Coldplay. for Best Comedy Performance.4. in episode 2. Let Me Get What I Want" can be heard. but that rather it is about being "careful what you wish for".. Ricky Gervais for Extras 2008 Best Television Series . In 2006.e. Please. Ricky Gervais for Extras 2005 Best Television Comedy Actress. The show has also received high accolades in the US. The fourth episode of the second series of the show features a cover of the song performed by Chris Martin of Coldplay. Extras has been received very well by critics in the UK. "Am I bovvered?" and "Garlic bread?. suggest that it is also partly sending up 1970s British comedy. Awards Award Rose d'Or Emmy Awards Golden Globe BAFTA Awards British Comedy Award • • • • • • • • Category 2006 Best Sitcom 2006 Best Sitcom Actress. which is written and performed by Cat Stevens and is the title track of his album Tea for the Tillerman. Ricky Gervais himself has said that he doesn't dislike all "broad humour".[9] Many people that Millman sees at the recording of the pilot wear T-shirts displaying recent comedy catchphrases. and Ian McKellen was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Kate Winslet received a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series and lost to Cloris Leachman for Malcolm in the Middle. 131 Music The closing title track is called "Tea for the Tillerman". "I'm a lady!". and the reliance on funny wigs. and Best Situation Comedy. the show received four nominations for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards. In Episode 2. Gervais and Merchant were also nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the episode with Kate Winslet. "It's Chico Time". Germaine Greer (playing herself) suggests that When the Whistle Blows is "sub Carry On". Best Writer for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. In 2007. Gervais and .5 at the beginning. The presence of studio audiences/canned laughter. both Gervais and Merchant were nominated. Gervais was nominated for and won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. costumes and catch phrases for humour is a comment on recent comedy hits such as Little Britain." (These shirts are not shown in the US version of Extras.[10] When Andy is having a bad time at the Ivy restaurant and leaves Maggie on her own. i. Ben Stiller and Patrick Stewart received nominations for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series and both lost to Leslie Jordan on Will & Grace. In 2007. a celebrity appearing on a show within a show. the Smiths song "Please. They lost to Greg Garcia for writing the pilot episode of My Name Is Earl. Ashley Jensen for Extras 2005 Best Television Comedy Newcomer. Please. Ashley Jensen for Extras 2006 Best Comedy Actor. which bears no relation to the plot — this can be seen as something of a reflexive joke. Gervais ended up winning the award. the show received four nominations for the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

com/show/33212/summary.php) at RickyGervais. "Ricky Gervais.phill.com Extras (http://www. This resulted in Gervais and Merchant having to scramble to find a replacement actor at the last minute. Retrieved 2008-08-29. uk/ films/ 2005/ 03/ 18/ ricky_gervais_valiant_interview. [11] Smith. Contact Music (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-08-29.com.com/tv/shows/ extrasextraspecialseriesfinale?q=extras) • Extras (http://www.com. Bruce (2006-10-01). Extras made the Top 10 list of Outstanding Comedy Series. digitalspy. Retrieved 2008-08-29. html). co.[12] References [1] HBO: Extras (http:/ / www. "Bruce Willis And Arnold Schwarzenegger For Extras?" (http:/ / www.metacritic. Rickygervais. Nicola (2006-12-12).com Extras (http://www. Retrieved 2008-08-29. stm). bbc. Retrieved 2008-08-29. contactmusic. but had to pull out due to film commitments. com). "EXCLUSIVE: Gervais has eye on Hollywood A-List" (http:/ / www. . entertainmentwise. com/ extras/ ?ntrack_para1=leftnav_category0_show3) [2] Lee.. 132 Cancellations and replacements According to a segment in the extras section of the Series 1 DVD. Daniel (2005-09-14). Lowri (2006-12-12). consists of late-night video camera footage (shot mostly by Merchant) chronicling Gervais' fruitless and ultimately unsuccessful attempts to contact DiCaprio's manager. com/ tv/ story/ music-extras-fames-fickle-finger/ 17709292). A featurette on the first series DVD release. mirror. with Leonardo DiCaprio being considered. php). Entertainmentwise (http:/ / www. after meeting Gervais backstage on the Late Show with David Letterman. Retrieved 2008-08-29.metacritic.''Extras'' Merchant were also nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for "Daniel Radcliffe" and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series for "Orlando Bloom". "Little at Large" (http:/ / news.metacritic. Digital Spy. [8] Plumplard. co. Law was ultimately replaced by Patrick Stewart in the series 1 finale.com/2extras2. [12] Williams.rickygervais.com August 2004 (2009-12-06). hbo. Lowri (2005-11-08). film. . com). [3] HBO: Extras .com/title/tt0445114/) at the Internet Movie Database . shtm). film. Jude Law was scheduled to appear in one of the episodes. 2007-04-06. com/ news. [10] Lelane. [6] Williams. Brad Pitt. bbc. BBC.html) at TV. [7] "Will ferrell . entertainmentwise.co. hbo. "Gervais: Third 'Extras' series unlikely" (http:/ / www. entertainmentwise. com/ topics. "Tom Cruise To Appear In Ricky Gervais' 'Extras'" (http:/ / www.imdb. The Daily Mirror. . . com/ thissideofthetruth.html) at British TV Comedy Extras: Season 1 Reviews (http://www. contactmusic. but was not nominated in the Top 5. .. Retrieved 2008-08-29. "Finding Leo". scotsman.interview . "Extras 'a nightmare' says Gervais" (http:/ / news. [9] Dessau. Season 2 (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2008-08-29. "BBC . uk/ article/ ds37046. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ tv_and_radio/ 4680133.Ricky Gervais" (http:/ / www. Alana (2005-03). cfm?tid=1220& id=1454502006). Retrieved 2008-09-11. Retrieved 2010-03-15. com/ news?id=10285). Other actors that did not appear in Extras despite initial reports from Gervais include Madonna. Neil (2005-07-14). although a poster for the Jude Law film Alfie appeared at the end.co. co. com). com/ news?id=25873). . External links • • • • • Extras (http://www.Movies . BBC News. Drake (18 December 2007). nsf/ article/ ferrell desperate to be on extras_1027297). The Scotsman. rickygervais.tv. entertainmentwise.com/tv/shows/extrasseason2) • Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale Reviews (http://www.[11] and Tom Cruise.uk/comedy/extras/index. Obviously" (http:/ / www. com/ extras/ episode/ ) [4] Kilkelly.ferrell desperate to be on extras" (http:/ / www. uk/ news/ topstories/ tm_method=full& objectid=18247681& siteid=94762-name_page. . Entertainmentwise (http:/ / www.com/tv/shows/extras?q=extras) at Metacritic • Extras: Season 2 Reviews (http://www. co.bbc. html). [5] Methven. .uk/comedy/extras) at BBC Online Extras (http://www. . .Episode 12. "Music on Extras: Fame's Fickle Finger" (http:/ / www.

it drew 2. 2006. . Homer is kicked out of Lenny's. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 26. Ricky Gervais as Charles "Homer Simpson.3 million viewers — the highest amount ever for an episode of The Simpsons on that channel. This Is Your Wife 133 Homer Simpson. they get a call and learn that instead of first prize ("No. However. Homer. Verity. Charles writes a love song for Marge (with guitar accompaniment). Prod. While on the tour bus. Verity has already decided to leave Charles. He also guest starred in it as Charles. and when he gets back home. Later. Charles seems to be the classic hen-pecked husband. Homer signs the Simpson family up for a Wife Swap reality show in which the mothers in two families switch places. the grand prize of which happens to be enough money to buy a new plasma screen TV. and has found a new partner: Patty. This is Your Wife" Episode no. and decides to take her back to Homer and then get rid of Verity. This is Your Wife" was broadcast on Sky One in the United Kingdom. She explains to him that she loves Homer. Homer agrees to put his family on the show. where he tells them that he is dying to tell them that he has adopted a new faith in the form of a brand new plasma screen TV. Plot Lenny invites practically everyone in town to a party at his apartment. This is Your Wife" is the fifteenth episode of the seventeenth season of The Simpsons. Marge is traded to a nice. Gervais's performance has been praised by critics. Marge enjoys her time with Charles. easygoing man named Charles Heathbar (Ricky Gervais) and his perfect son. the show begins. In the end. they won third prize — a trip to the Fox Studio Network (no expenses paid). airdate March 26. In the episode. and is surprised to see that Marge is extremely understanding and nice." The Simpsons (played by live-action actors and actresses to coincide with the entire opening done in live-action) sit on the couch just as the animated opening comes on the television. who continues to discipline them and object to everything they do. No one wins that. When they get back to Springfield. 2006 Written by Directed by Chalkboard Couch gag Guest star(s) Ricky Gervais Matthew Nastuk "I will not eat things for money.Homer Simpson. Homer immediately falls in love with its high-definition picture. and she tells him that he should tell his wife how he feels. they were brought together by their hatred for Homer. the father in the family that Marge moves in with. Eventually. British comedian Ricky Gervais wrote the episode. Bart. they run across Dan Castellaneta (played by himself)."). and begins to spend all his time at Lenny's house watching TV. Homer and the kids are ecstatic to see Marge. Marge sends over the kids to bring him back. he no longer enjoys watching his usual CRT TV. Homer gets Charles' very strict wife. When they get back to Springfield. Marge tells him that she entered them in a contest where first prize is a plasma screen TV. who seems completely oblivious to him until he comes out and tells her that he is in love with her. This Is Your Wife The Simpsons episode "Homer Simpson. while he begins to develop a crush on her. When "Homer Simpson. but they too become enthralled. Meanwhile. code 371 HABF08 Orig. and Lisa are having major troubles with Verity. He agrees. later Homer learns of a reality show called "Mother Flippers" (similar to Wife Swap and Trading Spouses).

which was longer than scenes we normally do.[3] Larissa Dubecki of The Age gave the episode a generally negative review.[6] He both write and guest star in an episode of The Simpsons. one of these fans.. and slower-paced."[6] After a meeting with Groening and executive producer Al Jean in the Comedian Ricky Gervais became the first person to beginning of 2004.8 million people. Entertainment Weekly named Gervais one of the sixteen best Simpsons guest stars. but also honor what Ricky does with subtlety and nuance. Gervais told The Independent that when he got the offer. Groening told The Independent that "we could never have written his character the way he did. he also offered him to write and star in an episode of the show.[7] Gervais is making another guest appearance in the show.[4] Many Simpsons staff members were fans of Gervais' popular television series The Office. but fear kicked in at exactly the same time. after a Friends episode from 2000 that was viewed by 2.[4] In a 2008 article.[8] Reception "Homer Simpson. as it is done with all other episodes.. the character he played on The Office. However.[1] [2] and wrote the Charles character to resemble David Brent."[6] Although Gervais wrote most of the final script. revealed to press in December 2004 that he was writing an episode. "well. called Gervais to congratulate him on his double Golden Globe win. 134 Production British comedian Ricky Gervais wrote the episode and guest starred in it as Charles. This is Your Wife" was viewed by 2."[5] Gervais based the plot of his episode on the British reality series Wife Swap.[6] When he showed the first draft to Groening and Jean."[1] She added that "[. The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time.] this effort proves that . expressing his undying love for his new plasma TV and (to a lesser extent) Marge.[1] Groening originally intended to ask Gervais for just a guest appearance."[6] Jean added that "there was a scene with Ricky and Julie Kavner [who plays Marge]. commenting that "I've got the rough idea but this is the most intimidating project of my career.3 million people in its original airing on satellite in the United Kingdom on April 23.[3] It became the second most-watched broadcast in the history of the Sky One channel. making him the first person to be credited with simultaneously writing and guest starring in an episode of The Simpsons.[6] When asked in an interview if the Simpsons staff had learned anything from the experience. this time he is playing himself and is not the writer of the episode. but later figured that he might be interested in writing an episode too. Gervais begun coming up with a storyline.[2] and in 2007 The Times listed his performance as one of the funniest cameos in the history of the show. they liked it. making it the most-watched episode of The Simpsons ever on that channel. but it got a bigger laugh. the whole writing team of The Simpsons worked on it and pitched ideas.[5] When The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. 2006. 2006. This Is Your Wife Homer plays on the guitar.Homer Simpson. This Is Your Wife" first aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 26. I knew I had to say yes. in an episode to be broadcast in 2011. with high-velocity visual gags."[6] "Homer Simpson. which he created and starred in. commenting that "This cross-pollination of stellar US and British comedies gives rise to great expectations but there's a massive letdown in store for anyone hoping for something approaching even the middling efforts of the two comedic benchmarks.[1] [2] [3] He was also the first British man to write an episode for the show. Groening said they had learned "that we could stay true to The Simpsons' sensibility.

php?title=Homer_Simpson. External links • Storyboard images (http://www.. html). html). timesonline. 2004-14-23. . Retrieved 2010-08-08."[1] 135 References [1] Dubecki. BBC News. "Springfield of Dreams: 16 great 'Simpsons' guest stars" (http:/ / www. uk/ tv/ a32060/ gervais-wins-highest-simpsons-audience. co. Retrieved 2008-05-01. . wikipedia. "The 33 funniest Simpsons cameos ever" (http:/ / entertainment. Retrieved 2010-08-09. Digital Spy. This Is Your Wife" (http://www. uk/ 2/ hi/ entertainment/ 4120569. with the former's wry observational style sitting oddly with the latter's pop-culture pie-eating competition. [8] Snierson. au/ news/ tv-reviews/ the-simpsons/ 2006/ 07/ 10/ 1152383667551. digitalspy.com .com/episode/463616/summary. Retrieved 2010-08-09. stm).com/title/tt0701111/) at the Internet Movie Database • "Homer Simpson.tv. com. bbc. org/ w/ index. [6] "Ricky Gervais goes to Springfield" (http:/ / en.Homer Simpson. [4] West. html). com/ objects/ 824/ 824968. com/ 2010/ 08/ 01/ simpsons-ricky-gervais-guest-star/ ). . ign. "The Simpsons" (http:/ / www. This Is Your Wife The Office and The Simpsons are the comedic equivalent of oil and water. Retrieved 2008-05-11. uk/ tol/ arts_and_entertainment/ film/ article2021776. The Independent. Wook (2008-05-11).rickygervais. .html) at TV. ew. Dan (2010-08-01). IGN. . [7] "Homer Simpson. [2] Kim. The Age.00. theage. . Retrieved 2010-08-09. Retrieved 2010-08-09.php) of the episode from Gervais' official website • "Homer Simpson. com/ ew/ gallery/ 0. co.imdb. Dave (2006-04-25). Entertainment Weekly.20049408_16. [3] Crerar._This_Is_Your_Wife& action=submit). . "'Simpsons' exclusive: Ricky Gervais returns!" (http:/ / popwatch. Larissa (2006-07-11). This Is Your Wife" (http:/ / tv. This Is Your Wife" (http://www. Simon (2007-07-05). co. Entertainment Weekly.com/simpsons. Retrieved 2010-08-09. [5] "Gervais writing Simpsons episode" (http:/ / news. 2006-04-15. ew. ece). "Gervais wins highest 'Simpsons' audience" (http:/ / www. The Times. html). .

who stars as a newly divorced father raising his two daughters in New York City. [8] . "Brother Louie" by Ian Lloyd United States 1 13 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Louis C. of episodes Sitcom Louis C. a more traditional sitcom.[4] [5] It is a half-hour production. 2010 – present External links Website [1] Louie is an American comedy television series on the FX network.[4] which began airing on June 29. Louis C.K. 2010.''Louie (TV series)'' 136 Louie (TV series) Louie Opening title from Louie Format Created by Starring Opening theme Country of origin No.K. Louie was renewed for a second season of 13 episodes. of seasons No.K.K. Dave Becky Running time 23 minutes Broadcast Original channel Original run FX June 29.. 2010.[2] [3] The network ordered 13 episodes of the series. atypical of television comedy series. stand-up comedian Louis C.[6] The show features a loose format. The comedian previously starred in the HBO series Lucky Louie.[7] On August 3. It is written and directed by the show's creator.

cast and edited the first episode of the show with a budget of $250. Hadley Delaney and Ashley Gerasimovich as Louie's daughters Lilly and Jane.K. sexual orientation. $200. The pilot includes segments on a school field trip and an awkward first date. All those French words. Robert Kelly as Louie's brother Robbie. Episodes Episodes vary in structure. But I'm not pitching it. depression. Hannibal Buress.000. and more. Stephen Root and Pamela Adlon (who also starred as Louie's wife in Lucky Louie).K.[2] [7] Louis C. said of his show. an unusual distinction in television production. The show is shot on a Red camera setup. Godfrey.. with subsequent episodes covering a diverse range of material including divorce. Cast Louis C. Robert Kelly. but features many guest appearances by popular stand-up comedians. accepted the modest offer of $200. I use 'em all. you can have a lot of fun. Tom Noonan.K. The show also features guest appearances by notable actors. though most contain stand-up routines from Louie C. edits many of the episodes on his 13" MacBook Pro.000 -. Production C. Ted Alexandro.[11] . conversations between Louie and his therapist.. what do I get paid?' and he was like 'No.'s life.' He was offering me $200. Louie serves as the series' sole writer and director.'" Dave Becky also serves as executive producer. the only way I'm doing this is if you give me the $200.K.000. It's very vérité. including Matthew Broderick. and I got this call from FX and they said 'Well. we can't offer you a lot of money. Rick Crom. occasionally. Todd Barry. Louis C. David Patrick Kelly as Louie's therapist.000 as the budget for the whole pilot and I was like 'So. directed.K. "I went [to Hollywood] and I had other networks offering me a lot of money to do a pilot. and Nick DiPaolo and Todd Barry as Louie's friends & fictionalized versions of themselves. Myq Kaplan. Bobby Cannavale. "It's very vignette-y. The pieces are interspersed with shorter segments of stand-up comedy or. Each episode features either two stories that may or may not connect.K. and I'm not writing a script and sending it to you first. Chelsea Peretti. including Pamela Adlon as Pamela the playdate friend and potential love-interest. and Ricky Gervais. and depicting his life off-stage as a newly divorced father of two girls. serves as the show's star and the only character to appear in every show. Louie lacks a fixed cast.'s performances as well as stand-alone vignettes. Kurt Metzger. the show also features a handful of recurring roles. Catholic guilt. Although most episodes tend to focus on Louie's interactions with new characters.and I'll give you a show. or a longer full-episode story (often consisting of numerous connected shorter pieces).''Louie (TV series)'' 137 Synopsis The series is loosely based on C.[9] [10] In addition to starring. but if you do the show for us. sex. and C. Big Jay Oakerson.'s Lucky Louie co-star Pamela Adlon serves as consulting producer of the series.000 (covering his own fee as well as production costs) to do a pilot with FX over prospective production deals with larger networks because they allowed him full executive control of the show.K.K. including Nick DiPaolo."[7] C. Eddie Brill. that's the whole thing. Todd Glass. provided by FX.' I said 'Look.wire it to me in New York -. showing him as a comic on-stage.[6] Production began in November 2009. Ricky Gervais as Louie's crude and inappropriate doctor. Jim Norton.

avclub. "Louis CK's "Hilarious" will be first stand-up concert film at Sundance" (http:/ / punchlinemagazine. "New Comedy Series for Louis C. "More laffs in FX lineup" (http:/ / www. [4] "FX wants more of The League" (http:/ / www. "FX likes Louis C.net. html?categoryid=1236& cs=1). libsyn." "Damages"" (http:/ / news-briefs. com/ shows/ originals/ louie/ [2] Littleton. com/ article/ VR1118006996. "Life After Divorce (Don’t Ask About the Monkeys)" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2009-12-23. Lynette (2009-12-01). 2009-12-09. asp?area=4& article=53369). variety. External links • • • • Official website (http://http://www. Entertainment Weekly." (http:/ / www. com/ 2009/ 12/ 01/ fx-announces-return-dates-for-niptuck-damages/ ). [6] Schneider. Dave (2009-08-20).K.imdb.html) at TV. nytimes." (http:/ / www.com/title/tt1492966/) at the Internet Movie Database Louie (http://www.''Louie (TV series)'' 138 References [1] http:/ / www.K. The New York Times. . deadline. [8] http:/ / www.tv. ew. Retrieved 2010-07-04. The New York Times. html?categoryid=1236& cs=1). . . Alessandra (2010-06-28).com/tvclub/tvshow/louie. . Retrieved 2009-12-23. com/ 2010/ 08/ tca-fx-renews-louie-picks-up-pilot-from-reno-911-team/ [9] http:/ / gizmodo. com/ blog/ 2009/ 12/ louis-cks-hilarious-will-be-first-stand-up-concert-film-at-sundance). [7] Itzkoff. com/ 2009/ 08/ 21/ arts/ television/ 21arts-NEWCOMEDYSER_BRF. Michael (2009-08-06).fxnetworks.com . Retrieved 2009-12-23. com/ article/ VR1118007486. Variety. html). [5] Rice. C21Media." [11] Stanley. . Retrieved 2009-12-23.com/shows/originals/louie/) AV Club (http://www. com/ episode-112-louis-c-k-part-2). [3] Delery. . com/ 5658621/ how-louis-ck-shoots-and-edits-his-own-show [10] WTF With Marc Maron episode: " Louis CK Part 2 (http:/ / wtfpod. Variety. John (2009-12-03). Punchline Magazine. fxnetworks. Cynthia (2009-08-19). com/ 2010/ 06/ 29/ arts/ television/ 29louie.116/) Louie (http://www. nytimes. Retrieved 2009-12-23. . variety. c21media. html). net/ news/ detail. "FX announces return dates for "Nip/Tuck.com/show/77744/summary. Retrieved 2009-12-23.

of series No. than most others you'll ever see on television.[3] [5] There is an official podcast. The ongoing theme of both the television series and the book is that Karl Pilkington indicates he has no interest in global travel and so Merchant and Gervais make him travel. this is not one of Pilkington's destinations.[3] Overview An Idiot Abroad charts Pilkington's reaction when visiting the New Seven Wonders of the World as well as to the situations he's placed in. instead he visits the Great Pyramids in Egypt. It was stated by the show's producers that Pilkington has no prior warning about these situations. 1080i (HDTV) Dolby Digital 23 September 2010 – 11 November 2010 External links Website [1] An Idiot Abroad is a 2010 light entertainment travel documentary television series broadcast on Sky1 and Science Channel. of episodes Original channel Sky1 Picture format Audio format Original run 576p (SDTV). for the purposes of the documentary. Gervais and Merchant had previously worked together on The Ricky Gervais Show on XFM.''An Idiot Abroad'' 139 An Idiot Abroad An Idiot Abroad Genre Starring Light entertainment Travel documentary Karl Pilkington Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant English 1 8 (List of episodes) Broadcast Language(s) No. as well as a spin-off book published by Canongate Books.[4] . The show was originally going to be called Karl Pilkington's Seven Wonders.[4] Gervais commented: "This is a (more real) documentary Though the New Seven Wonders of the World include the Colosseum in Rome. while they themselves stay in London and monitor his progress.[6] to accompany the programme and book of An Idiot Abroad. Pilkington.[2] created by and featuring Karl Pilkington and his radio show colleagues Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. he doesn't know what's going to happen. We don't plan it. the country's cultural habits and idiosyncrasies.

61 million viewers. 140 Episodes # 1 "China" Title Original air date 23 September 2010 Pilkington is sent to China by Merchant and Gervais. He also tries his hand at wrestling before meeting up with some real cowboys. has lunch at a deaf KFC. This takes a reported two weeks to complete.000 viewers. and a 3. Next stop is to visit religious 'Babas' who practice an extreme form of yoga naked. swims in the Dead Sea and rides a camel for 8 hours to visit a bedouin settlement where lambs' eyeballs and testicles are on the menu for a special meal for him. The main destination of the piece is Pilkington's trip to the Great Wall of China [3] where once there he receives a call from Merchant who insists that he travels the entire length of the wall. He also shares a lift with a group of 'Na Nachs' who stop traffic and [8] dance for the entertainment of those in the road. Pilkington visits the pre-Columbian Inca site known as Machu Picchu. 4 "Mexico" 14 October 2010 Karl Pilkington visits Mexico and Chichen Itza. 5 "Egypt" 21 October 2010 In this episode. Finally. Initially he gets caught up in the dangerous local firework festival which sees him running around in terror.5% audience share across all channels. Pilkington gets swarmed in a market. The initial scenes of the documentary show Pilkington responding to the way of life of the Chinese most notably the different types of food as well as its door-less public conveniences.[11] . 8 "Karl Comes Home" 11 November 2010 In this final episode. The program has increased its viewing figures throughout its run – the 4th episode attracting 1. he gets to see the wonder of Chichen Itza at sunrise but he cannot find any Mexican jumping beans.[9] These figures were Sky1's best viewer numbers for a debuting show since Terry Pratchett's Going Postal four months earlier. To fit in with other programming on the network.000. 3 "Jordan" 7 October 2010 In this episode Karl Pilkington visits Israel and Petra in Jordan. the show now contains pop-up boxes of information about the destination or culture Karl is visiting. On his way to Chichen Itza. an "Old Mountain" perched on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru. 7 "Peru" 4 November 2010 In this episode.''An Idiot Abroad'' The program began airing on 01/22/11 on The Science Channel in the United States. 2 "India" 30 September 2010 In this episode Pilkington goes to the Taj Mahal and visits a religious festival known as 'Holi day' which involves coloured paint powder being thrown on everybody in the street (Including Karl). He tries the [7] lotus position and visits a Baba who has had his left arm raised for the last 12 years. Pilkington wanders the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and visits the towering statue of Christ The Redeemer. Pilkington meets with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant to discuss his travels. and visits The Great Pyramids.[10] The final episode attracted just under 2 million viewers – making it Sky 1's most watched programme. Reception The first episode of An Idiot Abroad aired 23 September 2010 at 9 pm on Sky 1 and achieved an average audience of 821. Karl meets up with some Mayans who show him how to knock down wasp nests. where he lands in Beijing and is seen to be unimpressed by the pollution and a population that does not speak English. making An Idiot Abroad the fourth most popular non-terrestrial programme that day. 6 "Brazil" 28 October 2010 In this episode. peaking at 860.

co. ISBN 9781847679260. Digital Spy (2010-10-09). sky. BBC. digitalspy. co. bbc. com [2] An Idiot Abroad. retrieved 24 September 2010 [5] About An Idiot Abroad (http:/ / sky1. Retrieved on 2010-12-15. . telegraph. .co. uk/ media/ 2010/ sep/ 24/ karl-pilkington-an-idiot-abroad). sky.imdb. sky.000 viewers" (http:/ / www. Book An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington is the fourth book written by Karl Pilkington. co.sky. [3] An Idiot Abroad (http:/ / www.britishclassiccomedy. com/ an-idiot-abroad-jordan) [9] "Karl Pilkington's An Idiot Abroad draws more than 800. co. This book is an accompaniment to the television series An Idiot Abroad shown on Sky1 HD and is released through Canongate Books. uk/ newsbeat/ 11326209). retrieved 24 September 2010 [4] Ricky Gervais says show with Karl Pilkington is real (http:/ / www. anidiotabroad. retrieved 25 September 2010 [10] TV – News – 'An Idiot Abroad' soars past 1m (http:/ / www. co. uk/ tv/ news/ a281228/ an-idiot-abroad-soars-past-1m. co. html). com/ an-idiot-abroad-subscribe-to-the-official-podcast) [7] Review of An Idiot Abroad: India (http:/ / www. Barb. uk/ tv/ reviews/ 842619-an-idiot-abroad-karl-pilkington-is-likeably-downbeat-in-india) [8] Karl Pilkington in Jordan (http:/ / sky1. com/ an-idiot-abroad-about) [6] An Idiot Abroad Podcast (http:/ / sky1. co. Daily Telegraph. External links • An Idiot Abroad Homepage (http://sky1. Retrieved on 2010-12-15. barb. [11] Weekly Top 10 Programmes (http:/ / www. html). uk/ culture/ tvandradio/ 8009209/ An-Idiot-Abroad-Ricky-Gervais-and-Stephen-Merchants-tour-from-hell. . The Guardian.uk/2010/11/an-idiot-abroad-a-review/) . Cannongate Books. References [1] http:/ / www.''An Idiot Abroad'' 141 DVD release A DVD and Blu-ray release of An Idiot Abroad was released in the UK on 15 November 2010.com/an-idiot-abroad) • An Idiot Abroad (http://www. metro. uk/ report/ weeklyTopProgrammes?_s=4).uk (2010-12-05). 2010.com/title/tt1702042/) at the Internet Movie Database • British Classic Comedy Review (http://www. guardian.

comedian and performer Conan O'Brien. he then presented The . The hour-long show premiered on November 8. of episodes Stage 15. California 60 minutes (with commercials) Production company(s) Conaco[1] Broadcast Original channel Picture format Original run TBS 480i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV) November 8.''Conan (TV series)'' 142 Conan (TV series) Conan The Conan intertitle. 2010 [2] – present Chronology Related shows Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC. The program's host previously starred on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien for 16 years. 2010. and is hosted by writer. Studios. Burbank. Warner Bros. Format Created by Presented by Starring Talk show Variety show Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien Andy Richter Jimmy Vivino and The Basic Cable Band United States English 1 36 (as of January 20. 2011) (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Location(s) Running time Jeff Ross [1] Country of origin Language(s) No. 1993–2009) The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC. 2009–2010) External links Website [3] Conan is an American late-night talk show airing each Monday through Thursday on TBS in the United States. host. of seasons No. host.

as well as numerous other talk shows in the genre. Celebrity interviews Conan follows the established six-piece format.m. each episode is given a humorous title similar to those found in old fashioned murder-mystery radio shows. or other scripted series).m.[6] Guests come from a wide range of cultural sources.[4] in addition to occasional interactions between O'Brien and Richter. timeslot directly competes with Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. television sitcoms. Sketches and comedy bits New sketches include O'Brien utilizing his Conan blimp for various events. In January 2010. 143 Episode Format Monologue Each episode begins with announcer Andy Richter announcing the show's guests. entitled The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. used during O'Brien's tenure as host of The Tonight Show and Late Night. across various networks. with Max Weinberg being replaced as bandleader by guitarist Jimmy Vivino and as drummer by regular substitute James Wormworth. which was largely inspired by the outpouring of support for O'Brien on the internet during the conflict. as well as aspects of the show itself. Conan's long-time house band continues with the host under the new moniker Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band. Richter then goes on to introduce O'Brien. as well as the first 25 minutes of NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CBS's Late Show with David Letterman. athletes and political figures.[5] and usually features either one or two celebrity interviews and a following musical performance or stand-up comedy act. including following actor Gary Busey around southern California. musicians. prominent celebrities. and the audience. Comedian and actor Andy Richter continues his role as sidekick to O'Brien. The show typically opens with a monologue from Conan O'Brien relating to recent headlines and frequently features exchanges with his sidekick. and as the show's announcer. The show then closes with either a musical or comedy performance. and members of the audience. similar to the schedule of Late Night with Conan O'Brien which aired Tuesdays through Fridays until 2006. it was announced that NBC intended to move Jay Leno from primetime back to his original timeslot. It was announced on the first day of the tour that O'Brien would be joining TBS in November. authors. and is immediately followed by comedian George Lopez on his talk show. The next segment is devoted to a celebrity interview. and include actors. political figures.[8] . The monologue will often be accompanied by clips and comedy skits.[7] Conan's hour-long 11 p.. Conan airs Mondays through Thursdays beginning at 11:00 p. who then opens the show with a monologue drawing from current news stories and issues. O'Brien went on a comedy tour. both of whom regularly substituted for Weinberg during his brief departures. NBC announced that they had paid $45 million to buy out O'Brien's contract. Series writer Deon Cole has also been featured. ending his relationship with the network. with guests ranging from actors and musicians to media personalities and political figures. including commercials. Andy Richter. introducing several faux commercials made to attract a larger African American audience. after The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien had been on the air for seven months. Months after his official leave. as well as the episode's title (unlike most late-night talk shows. Conan draws its comedy from recent news stories. Describing itself as a traditional late-night talk show. On TBS. entitled Lopez Tonight.''Conan (TV series)'' Tonight Show for seven months. Following a brief conflict. with O'Brien's show starting shortly after midnight. The show airs Monday through Thursday. Each episode of Conan is 60 minutes in length. until Jay Leno's return to his version of The Tonight Show.

though the stipulation was mainly to be used for the limited run late-night NBC Sports recap shows for Wimbledon and the U.[13] On January 7. on January 21. due to pressure from affiliates. and ended on June 14. and included video bits.[21] Many locations sold out within hours of the announcement. NBC or Leno during this period. it was announced that Conan O'Brien had signed a $45 million deal to leave the network. 2010. from September 14. after a seventeen year run. Leno also said O'Brien was "certainly the most deserving person for the job. An avid guitar player. for a thirty minute show. He also played electric guitar during the first episode's performance of "Twenty Flight Rock" with musical guest Jack White.[9] and on occasion. preceding the closing credits to the show. Open.[23] O'Brien also performed music throughout the show. comic performers.[22] It incorporated many elements from his tenure hosting Late Night and The Tonight Show. 2010 in Atlanta. as well as the twenty-eighthed episode. featured himself on acoustic guitar in a comedy sketch.m. O'Brien was also prohibited from making negative comments about the situation.m. NBC Universal TV Entertainment chairman Jeff Gaspin stated that while those conversations have yet to take place.. entitled The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. Leno explained that he wanted to avoid the hardship that he had experienced in his competition with David Letterman over who would take over the show after Johnny Carson retired. and cameo appearances by celebrities. However. where he performed "Run Rudolph Run" with the Basic Cable Band. multiple media outlets reported that beginning March 1. Jay Leno would move from his 10 p. Georgia.[23] Comedian Reggie Watts appeared on the tour as the opening act for O'Brien. It was also expected that certain intellectual property including characters. O'Brien was prohibited from performing on the internet. 2010. then host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien would take over as host of The Tonight Show in 2009."[11] In 2008.[24] . 2010. replacing Jay Leno."[20] "The Legally Prohibited" tour On March 11. including the disco hit "I Will Survive" and a personal parody of "On the Road Again". rather than a permanent relocation. 2010. leaving him with no apparent recourse other than resignation. O'Brien announced via his Twitter account that he would embark on a 30-city live tour.[18] [19] As part of the agreement with NBC. 2010.[12] Speculation was put to an end when it was announced he would instead host a new prime-time variety show on NBC entitled The Jay Leno Show.[10] History The Tonight Show conflict On September 27. 2004. without penalty. the "Self-Pleasuring Panda". 2010. was rethinking his departure plans. NBC officially declared that Conan O'Brien. and additional shows were added on to meet demand. television or radio until September 1. still the ratings champion in the timeslot.m. in order to avoid a lawsuit. the last episode of 2010. though it was widely speculated[14] that Conan's numbers were down as a result of Jay's poor lead-in.S. 2010 in Eugene.m.[15] O'Brien's contract stipulated that NBC could move the show back to 12:05 a. comedy pieces or bits that O'Brien created during his time at NBC would become the property of NBC. weeknight time slot to 11:35 p. The tour began on April 12.''Conan (TV series)'' 144 Musical/comedy guests The show's final segment typically features a performance by either a musical guest or a stand-up comedian. for example having to rename the Masturbating Bear. Oregon. NBC also cited Conan's poor ratings against David Letterman as being responsible for the timeslot change. however. until the show's cancellation on February 9. therefore prohibiting his use of them in the future at TBS. which aired weeknights at 10:00 p. 2009. On the following night's Tonight Show. O'Brien joked about the legal constraints placed on him by NBC. several reports emerged that Leno. he stated that they "wish Conan the best.[16] [17] After two weeks of negotiations. O'Brien has been given many guitars as gifts from several musical guests.

including actor Jim Parsons and indie rock band Steel Train. much to his chagrin. including a running gag where the blimp would follow actor Gary Busey around southern California.[29] Additionally. a member of the Basic Cable Band. as well as comedian Reggie Watts.[32] Weeks before the premiere. 2010. featuring several writers for Conan. Before the deal was announced. Conaco. O'Brien stated.. and 51 seconds.[33] the dirigible provided aerial footage for 2010 Major League Baseball postseason games airing on TBS. "In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters."[26] [27] O'Brien's production company. Lopez Tonight. Georgia in June 2010.''Conan (TV series)'' 145 TBS announcement Shortly before the tour began. a 24-hour "Live-Coco Cam" was set up on October 20."[26] In an official press release by Turner Broadcasting. as it would place comedian George Lopez's show. 2010. leading up to the beginning of Conan in early-November. reportedly owns all rights to the show.[34] . My plan is working perfectly. TBS already has a huge audience of young comedy lovers. who participated in O'Brien's Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. and was accompanied by Andy Richter. The show featured O'Brien as host. O'Brien announced that he had signed a deal with cable network TBS to host a talk show on their late-night lineup.[29] The show was broadcast on June 27. O'Brien initially had reservations about the move. including Richie Rosenberg. However. and Conan’s show will give these fans even more reasons to watch our network. it stated that O'Brien had only begun negotiations a week prior to the official announcement of the show. an Atlanta firm. one hour later to midnight. TBS also announced a one-hour TBS Special. beginning in November 2010. Designed by Blue Sky. It has since been incorporated into sketches on Conan. and lasted a total of four minutes. in preparation for the show. The broadcast hosted several guests. "I can't think of anything better than doing my show with Conan as Conan O'Brien at a supporter rally held outside TBS my lead-in [.[26] Steve Koonin."[26] In his own statement about the deal.[25] Lopez went on to state. as well as Jimmy Vivino.[28] In addition to the announcement of the television series. and now I’m headed to basic cable. President of Turner Entertainment Networks. 2010.] It's the beginning of a new era in late-night headquarters in Atlanta."[31] as well as a short online broadcast from O'Brien's office entitled "Show Zero" on November 1.. Lopez reportedly called O'Brien and expressed his excitement about the move.[30] and featured various characters and staff members of Conan. effectively doing to Lopez what NBC had wanted to do with O'Brien. otherwise known as "LaBamba. went on to comment of the announcement. comedy. "Conan has been the comedic voice for a generation. an orange Conan blimp was introduced to further promote the show.

drawing 171.m. the series premiere of Conan drew 4.[43] significantly younger than that of The Tonight Show and Late Show.451. according to Nielsen ratings.84 million viewers.] is that Conan the show is not so much about a reinvention of the talk show form as a restoration of Conan.[10] Reviews of the premiere episode by television critics were positive." in addition to admiring O'Brien's "appealingly stoked yet comfortable" appearance on the show.000 adults respectively.7 million viewers.000 viewers.000 viewers. and were more likely to live in urban centers. performers Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.. It was also watched by 2. and peaked on November 16.000 viewers. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.[44] Viewers of Conan were mostly male. He was doing something he wanted to do.[44] Conan was also high in minority viewership among both African Americans and Hispanics. November 11." He also praised the opening monologue. with actor and comedian Ricky Gervais sending Conan a pre-taped message expressing his well wishes on the new series. EST on TBS. quirkier take on a late-night talk show. and talk show host Larry King. and Conan's performance with Jack White during the episode's conclusion. The fourth episode still led every talk show in the 18-34 and 18-49 demographics. following Arlene Wagner.[10] premiered on Monday.000 viewers. who accused the show of being a "modest.[44] The show also premiered in Canada. Washington's Nutcracker Museum. and earn an . 2010. made cameo appearances in the show's cold open.[36] [37] Wagner's position as Conan's debut guest was chosen by fans through a "rigged" poll at Conan O'Brien's official website. if a bit underwhelming.''Conan (TV series)'' 146 Series premiere The first episode of Conan.[10] Frazier Moore of the Associated Press went on to call the episode "a stylishly back-to-basics hour that radiated hard-won lessons from his brief stay hosting The Tonight Show. delivering 980. among others. along with musical guest Jack White. and actress Lea Michele. In the 18-49 demographic Conan drew a 2. overall [. and more than tripling the audience of its direct competition. 2010. lower income. a late-night talk show. TeamCoco.com. then going on to express condolences for future job losses. entitled "Baa Baa Blackmail". lowkey and slightly awkward affair. "The message.285. the curator of Leavenworth.000 adults in the 18-34 demographic.[37] Wagner's brief Actor Seth Rogen was O'Brien's first official interview during appearance was followed by actor and comedian Seth Rogen the series premiere. and compared it to O'Brien's tenure during Late Night.[43] The median viewer age for the first week of shows was projected to be at 32.361.[46] The week would go on to average 1. and NBC made him stop doing it.100. leading all late-night talk shows. along with O'Brien himself."[10] James Poniewozik of Time found the episode to be enjoyable.02 million viewers on Thursday.000 viewer margin of victory over The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC. and the repeat broadcast at 1 AM on CTV [45] drew 302. Itzkoff went on to state.[35] The episode's first guest was Arlene Wagner. ratings remained somewhat consistent. who performed "Twenty Flight Rock". on The Comedy Network at midnight. 2010 at 11 p.[39] Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly also appreciated the Masturbating Bear cameo.5 rating and 3. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.[42] Ratings throughout the rest of the week fell. and actor Jack Nicholson. with 1. calling it "a looser. however. and went on to call the show "pleasant.000 adults and 1. appearing as his character Don Draper from the AMC series Mad Men.."[41] Ratings In overnight Nielsen Ratings.[10] [38] Actor Jon Hamm. During O'Brien's second week."[40] Less positive assessments of the show included Tom Gliatto of People. of CNN's Larry King Live. November 8. with a 600. The poll also consisted of Pope Benedict XVI. but still a late-night talk show. and ended with over 2.

lot in Burbank. adopting more of a "theatre" appearance than the previous shows.[52] Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band Conan O'Brien's longtime band. the series is shot in 16:9 aspect ratio. meaning that edgier or questionable content excised as a result of the move to the earlier time slot will no longer be an issue at TBS. Mike Vivino. CBS's "The Late Show" (3. 2010. 'Oooh this is a hard chair. designed by the same designer of Conan's previous sets. Andy Richter said that they no longer have to "worry about living up to a respected franchise". including a "Conan" trademark covering certain types of TV series. Conan as the title required the consent of Conan Properties International. Shaffner commented on the choice of the show's chair.. "You find one that you like and then you build it yourself to make it a little shallower and a little more upright and the cushion a little firmer [. then The Tonight Show Band. John Shaffner. it was announced that O'Brien would launch his new show at Stage 15 on the Warner Bros.6 million). O'Brien officially announced via a YouTube video that the new show's title was simply Conan. who remained behind a lectern during The Tonight Show's seven month run. and the backdrop being transformed into a giant blue ocean. Scott Healy on keyboard. interviews with O'Brien and Richter indicated that the show would more closely represent Late Night than Tonight in regards to content and material. the owners of the Conan the [50] Barbarian franchise. "Conan" has fallen behind in the weekly overnight Nielsen Ratings. O'Brien told the audience he was "no longer interested in 'broadening' the audience or trying to reach everybody of all ages. California. On the July 12. As the show is on cable.[46] More recently. Conan tapes at Stage 15 on the Warner Bros. Prior to the show's broadcast. When the group moved to Los Angeles to play for The Tonight Show. and later as the Legally Prohibited Band. and are fronted by longtime guitarist Jimmy [53] [54] The also consists of Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg on trombone. Merritt on bass guitar. California. On September 1.0 in the 18-49 demographic. including a remote-controlled moon. now joins O'Brien during celebrity interviews on the main set.. originally known as The Max Weinberg 7.[48] Similar to most talk shows. on percussion. James Wormworth.[52] Additionally.[52] The new set features several differences. 2010. compared to NBC's "Tonight Show" (4. Mark Pender on trumpet and Jerry Vivino on woodwinds. and broadcast in 1080i high definition. stating.'"[51] The rest of the set has been described as being "filled with warm wood tones and electric blue screens.6 million) during the week of December 13-17. averaging only 1. 2010. and not far from NBC Studios where his Tonight Show predecessor and successor Jay Leno tapes. they added an eighth member. would be inspired by The Legally Prohibited Tour. ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live (1. During an appearance at the 2010 San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival. where Lopez Tonight also tapes." further implying the content will not be toned-down. however. and that on The Tonight Show certain sketches "that just felt too 12:30" would be cut and how "it'll be nice to not have to worry about that anymore". it was stated that the set for the show.''Conan (TV series)'' average rating of 1.[47] 147 Production On May 16. serve as the Conan house band. and Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (1. 2010 episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. fewer restrictions will apply to the show in regards to explicit content. with a 4:3 center-cut.] But not too firm or every time the guest sits down they’ll say." and has been compared to the set of his most recent stint on The Tonight Show. Max . lot in Burbank.2 million). such as swearing and racier material.[49] Prior to the show's airing.6 million). Andy Richter.3 million viewers.

Comedy elected to move both shows back to their previous timeslots. beginning on Wednesday. ET).C. when The Daily Show broadcast live at 11:00 p. Let's try and change it up. However.[56] Percussionist James Wormworth. and CTV's existing commitments to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart at 12:05 a.] There's this feeling of.[62] Selling rights to a Canadian channel was necessary.m. The new theme song was co-written by bandleader Jimmy Vivino. even during the Tonight Show period. Despite no obvious copyright issues to continue using the previous theme. the channel moved both shows to the 10:00 p.m. and remained vague throughout most of 2010 about the possibility of his participation in the new TBS show.m. In an interview with New York Magazine.. The local Atlanta station through which Canadian cable subscribers had previously received TBS programming then .[61] CTV executives later said the program would likely air earlier on The Comedy Network. and the fact that his family never left their native New Jersey. after its airing in the United States for viewers in the Eastern Time Zone (CTV Atlantic viewers will see the program at 1:05 a. Finland. since TBS ceased being available in Canada in October 2007. serves as the band's permanent drummer.''Conan (TV series)'' Weinberg. meaning that Conan will now air at midnight. The program was only initially announced for CTV. since it has historically aired both Daily and Colbert during the 11:00 p. on a one-hour delay from TBS.m.[55] Weinberg's decision was influenced by a combination of a major heart surgery he had in February 2010.m. the program will air on GEM. meaning the program will also air on Saturday nights. "it just felt like the right thing to do [. D. O'Brien sought to revamp the show's title theme song. O'Brien stated of the transition to a new composition. the closing theme from his previous NBC shows was retained in a slightly altered form. Originally it was intended to screen within 12 hours after its original U."[57] However. hour. broadcast at 11:30pm weeknights. hour on September 7.m. which were used for O'Brien's entire 17-year relationship with NBC. forcing the Canadian channel to air older episodes both nights. the program will air on cable channel The Comedy "Finland Wants Conan" demonstrative gathering Network Monday to Thursday nights (Tuesday to Friday mornings) at in Helsinki.[53] [54] Following Weinberg's exit.' I came out to that theme for seventeen years and it does feel like.. who often acted as Weinberg's on-air substitute. and O'Brien himself. O'Brien midnight ET/PT. This is due to local and national newscasts in the 11:00 p. and ultimately unveil a new signature sound for the show. gathered a large fan following in the country after [59] [60] local time.m. and The Colbert Report at 12:35 a. 148 International In Australia. AT / 12:05 a. November 10.[53] [54] Weinberg was not a part of the Legally Prohibited Tour. 'Let's try and build something new.m..[61] That channel also appeared to have a conflict initially.[58] however GEM will now screen the program approximately 36 hours later. there were intermittent "technical difficulties" with getting the shows in time for the earlier airing – most significantly on October 25 and 26. In Canada. both issues that he kept private until an October 2010 interview.S. a multichannel of the Nine Network. Finnish fans wanted to see Conan's new show air in Finland. it was discovered he resembles President Tarja leading to some concern about the unusually late time slot. two hours Halonen. you know what? Let's try some new stuff. does not appear on the new program. simulcasting the Comedy Central feed. and repeated on broadcast network CTV at 1:05 a. To make room for the simulcast of Conan. O'Brien expressed his desire to create a new introduction from the previous Late Night and Tonight compositions. who had served as O'Brien's bandleader and drummer since 1993. The Comedy Channel which aired the previous versions of Conan's shows announced it would not air the program as the Nine Network had exclusive rights to Time Warner programs. 2010. ET from Washington.m. owned by CTV. 2010. ET hour. which was written by Howard Shore and John Lurie. After viewer complaints about the missed episodes.

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Including Conan O’Brien Premiere Date" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. reuters. E! Online.m. CNN. [12] Ryan.[64] In Portugal.[63] Elsewhere. .[70] 149 References [1] "First Week of Conan Attracts Large Audience of Young Viewers" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 2010-07-12. "Conan O'Brien grabs 4. com/ 2006/ 09/ 06/ conan-will-soon-be-new-on-mondays-too/ ). with episodes becoming available 24 hours after broadcast in the United States. . Retrieved 2010-11-20. Breeanna (2010-01-21). but WPCH later indicated explicitly that it had no plans to broadcast the new O'Brien program. [8] Levin. "Conan O'Brien Says He Won't Host "Tonight Show" After Leno" (http:/ / mediadecoder. In Singapore. which launched on November 1 as a sister channel of TVNorge. . [7] Sassone. [19] "Conan's Payback: How Much Did O'Brien's Bugatti Stunt Cost NBC?" (http:/ / abcnews. com/ 2010-01-21/ entertainment/ conan. 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teamcoco.''Conan (TV series)'' 152 External links • Conan (http://www.com/show/79202/summary.imdb.html) at TV.tv.com/title/tt1637574/) at the Internet Movie Database • Conan (http://www.com .com/) official website • Conan (http://www.

''Life's Too Short'' 153 Life's Too Short Life's Too Short Format Created by Written by Directed by Starring Situation comedy Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Warwick Davis Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant Country of origin United Kingdom No. Gervais told reporters: "I'd been thinking about doing something with a midget since seeing The Wizard of Oz again a few years ago." Gervais and Merchant approached the BBC [2] about developing a show centred on a character based on Davis. Gervais and Merchant will appear in cameos as themselves. That is out and out funny. During filming. showbiz dwarf. and people touching him for luck as if he were a leprechaun. And he runs a [small person] talent agency. We did some casting today. of episodes 6 Production Camera setup Running time Single camera approx. It’s fantastic. The real Warwick tells us these great stories. just like we did with The Office ten years ago.[5] while Gervais said of the character "he refuses to live his life as a disabled person. such as having to use a broom handle to reach objects on the high shelves in supermarkets. Gervais described it as "A cross between Extras and Curb your Enthusiasm and One Foot in the Grave but with a dwarf. ‘Doing any more Extras? Got any work?’ And we go. Then we met Warwick during Extras.’ And we try to get rid of him. He’s quite conceited and arrogant and manipulative. no."[3] In an interview with Entertainment Weekly he elaborated: "It’s a single camera sitcom following the trials and tribulations of ‘Warwick Davis.[1] Genesis The genesis of the show came when Davis worked with Gervais and Merchant in an episode of the second series of Extras. ‘Ooh. Davis said that his character is egotistical and suffers from small man syndrome. 30 min. which he does in real life. Warwick is playing a twisted version of himself. (regular episodes) Broadcast Original channel BBC Two Life's Too Short is a BBC2 television observational comedy sitcom series currently in development.”[4] In an interview with Jonathan Ross. when he co-starred with Daniel Radcliffe. They're comedy gold. We're making him empowered but also give him these . just to add some realism. I’m off to America for some shows and then I come back after that and we shoot a little pilot. and then we’ll see. Me and Steve Merchant pop up as ourselves. Davis told the pair of the trials of life for a man of 3 feet 6 inches in height. not really. with Warwick Davis playing a fictionalised version of himself. Warwick comes round and says. It is created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. and is described by Gervais as about "the life of a showbiz dwarf".

. while talking at the Banff World Television Festival. Nicholas Parsons and Brian Sewell.''Life's Too Short'' foibles". the star of Life's Too Short. It feels great doing this project. with guest appearances by Cheryl Baker.. when he and Merchant were writing and casting the project. It is a non-broadcast pilot. who previously produced Extras. human foibles and social faux pas ."[7] He also told the Hollywood Reporter "We're having so much fun working with Warwick." He later wrote that filming of the pilot was undertaken in June and July 2010. that the six-part series has been commissioned and will be filmed in 2011. and commenting in July 2010 "Finished the pilot for Life's Too Short too."[2] Gervais wrote on his blog in June 2010 "Found the last location today for Life's Too Short.[7] The series will be produced by Charlie Hanson. Starting from scratch. for me. Six hours hard labour for a potential two minutes screen time. We're not sure how many eps [episodes] we will record (probably 6) and not sure when the series will air."[6] 154 Development Gervais first mentioned Life's Too Short on his blog in February 2010."[7] . We will shoot the whole series before anything is aired. It's the hardest bit. In April 2010 he stated: "Some reports are saying that the "Life's Too Short" pilot we are shooting in the summer will be aired. Just have to write the series now".. and Michelle Farr. It doesn't get better than that Warwick Davis. and in a later entry "Wrote one of the funniest sketches we've ever done for Life's Too Short. another naturalist observational comedy. and the Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning Cheryl Taylor.[2] [10] On 17 September 2010 the BBC announced.[2] He also described it as "Third in our trilogy of TV sitcoms .[6] In June 2010. the most important bit and the most invigorating bit". but with a dwarf."[2] Gervais reported in his blog on the progress of writing Life's Too Short throughout November 2010: "Had a great week writing Life's Too Short. via the BBC Two Contoller Janice Hadlow. Gervais described Life's Too Short as "the funniest thing we've done.[7] The pilot for the comedy was commissioned by the BBC in April 2010. Just like The Office and Extras. It wont.. dealing with everyday problems.[9] The series is executive produced by Gervais and Merchant along with Mark Freeland.[8] Gervais reported on progress in his blog. Pound for pound he is one of the funniest men I know. just me and Steve in a room crafting a brand new show.

com • Warwick Davis talking about Life's Too Short on The Jonathan Ross Show (http://www. warwickdavis. Retrieved 16 September 2010. 7 May 2010. stm). 15 May 2010. html?refCatId=19). php). Retrieved 16 September 2010. The Jonathan Ross Show. co. . Various entries between February and November 2010. ew. youtube. Retrieved 16 September 2010. 17 September 2010. co.com/ watch?v=xdei36KJlnw) . 16 June 2010. .imdb. .com/title/tt1641247/) at the Internet Movie Database • Life's Too Short (http://www. Retrieved 28 November 2010. Variety. guardian. [4] "Ricky Gervais bigs up his new sitcom. co.tv.'" (http:/ / popwatch. Retrieved 14 Ocotnber 2010. co. Warwick Davis. com/ watch?v=xdei36KJlnw). co. EW. Retrieved 16 September 2010.com. uk/ film/ 2010/ aug/ 24/ ricky-gervais-lifes-too-short). Retrieved 15 September 2010.html) at TV. Retrieved 15 September 2010. com/ article/ VR1118024311. . uk/ lifes-too-short-bbc-pilot-1?news_page=1).com/show/79321/summary. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ 8635226. 'Life's Too Short. [3] "BBC to screen Ricky Gervais sitcom about life of a dwarf" (http:/ / www. . com/ 2010/ 05/ 07/ ricky-gervais-lifes-too-short/ ). External links • Life's Too Short (http://www. 22 April 2010. uk/ news/ newstopics/ celebritynews/ 7614380/ BBC-to-screen-Ricky-Gervais-sitcom-about-life-of-a-dwarf. [2] "Ricky Gervais previews next project Talks up 'Life's Too Short' at Banff TV festival" (http:/ / www. [6] "'Green-Light' from BBC" (http:/ / www. [8] "Ricky Gervais comedy gets BBC green light" (http:/ / news. . The Guardian. [5] "Warwick Davis talks working with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant" (http:/ / www. variety. [9] "'Life's Too Short' BBC Pilot" (http:/ / www. . Ricky Gervais. rickygervais.youtube. BBC. com/ thissideofthetruth. . 22 April 2010. [7] "Blog!" (http:/ / www. . telegraph. bbc.''Life's Too Short'' 155 References [1] "Ricky Gervais plans Life's Too Short film" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 05 October 2010. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 16 September 2010. [10] "BBC greenlights Gervais sitcom 'Life's Too Short' centers on Warwick Davis" (http:/ / www. 17 September 2010. 21 April 2010. uk/ greenlight-from-bbc?news_page=1). html). . warwickdavis. hollywoodreporter. Warwick Davis. com/ hr/ content_display/ world/ news/ e3i90084bf05b70386f99be9ede683a88ca). 24 August 2010. The Daily Telegraph.

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Hysteria18. Felixboy. ISD. Ottawakungfu. Jennica. Danleary25. Gluben. MarkSweep. King Mustard. Jimaginator. Panel Guy. Tr83y23. Drswiftus. JustPhil. 88 anonymous edits An Idiot Abroad  Source: http://en. Marcklar. Bignole. Alynna Kasmira. Woohookitty. Tassedethe. Silent Tom. Philip Cross.php?oldid=409115275  Contributors: Beao. Ramir. Furrykef. Skudrafan1. Ipman128. StanZegel. This Is Your Wife  Source: http://en. Obi Dan Kenobi. Shannonr. Mattfox14. Thedoorhinge. Empoor. Robdurbar. Rkpatrick. Movingboxes. Rodhullandemu. Bearcat. Everyme. Xeworlebi. Panel Guy. 639 anonymous edits Homer Simpson. Planet-man828. Triwbe. Tpbradbury. Magic Pickle. Chrismchugh28. Mercifull. Sp3000. Mr Stan Zemanek. 54 anonymous edits Conan (TV series)  Source: http://en. Gak32.php?oldid=401072196  Contributors: Agamemnon2.wikipedia. Telecomedy. Signalhead. Eightyuu. Harley500. Rphr1987. Mattbr. Bramton1. Godgundam10. The JPS. Azumanga1. Shokuwarrior. Torchwoodwho. Connor5612. JQF. Moopiefoof. Richc80. 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We hope File:ALIAS S5 cast.JPG  License: unknown  Contributors: Grrrreg.org/w/index.php?title=File:11oclockshow_logo.wikipedia.php?title=File:Night_at_the_Museum_poster.php?title=File:Valiant_bird_clothing.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cemetery-junction-02.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Michael_Vaughn_ALIAS.jpg  Source: http://en.png  License: unknown  Contributors: DMCer.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Quentin X File:Spongebob TruthOrSquare.wikipedia.php?title=File:TheOfficeuk1.wikipedia. Mike Peel Image:Extras title card.wikipedia. J Milburn.com/photos/51531384@N00/ File:Night at the museum label.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Etron81 File:Alias-logo.Image Sources.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: After Midnight. 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Nv8200p.JPG  Source: http://en.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Alias_book_cover.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index. Cactus.php?title=File:Night_at_the_museum_label.org/w/index.php?title=File:Warwick_Davis. Jpbowen.wikipedia.php?title=File:Valiant1.0  Contributors: Admiralty.org/w/index.man.jpg  Source: http://en. Skier Dude Image:Ricky Gervais Show Free Episode.php?title=File:Conan_interview.wikipedia. USA File:Conan interview.JPG  Source: http://en.org/w/index.

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