Brick the shooting script by Rian Johnson


SUPER MAIN TITLES over a grimy concrete wall creeping by. EXT. RUNOFF TUNNEL - EARLY MORNING A gaping hole in the concrete side of a freeway. On the embankment beside the hole BRENDAN FRYE squats, shoulders hunched. His dark eyes behind thin glasses watch the shallow stream of water which flows into the tunnel. THE WATER not more than six inches deep. Just beneath the surface a young woman's pale blue arm in gaudy bracelets bats against the edge of her body like a docked boat. A pebble plinks into the water beside it.1 TITLE CARD OVER BLACK: INT. LOCKER CAGE - DAY A single locker. That same arm, bracelets and all, slips a note through the slats, then leaves quickly. As the cage empties a lone figure slumps to the locker. Opens it. The note falls to his feet. The figure is Brendan. He unfolds the note (folded in a triangle) -- "12:30 PICO & ALEXANDER". A STREET SIGN Pico and Alexander.2 A WRIST WATCH 12:43. Brendan looks up from the watch. "2 DAYS PREVIOUS" We emerge from...

EXT. STREET CORNER - DAY He sits on the curb of a wide suburban street, eats lunch from a brown bag and watches a phone booth on the corner. He shows no surprise when it begins to ring. Brendan goes to the phone and puts the receiver to his ear. Silence for a moment, then a thin female voice from the phone.

1 2

Originally Dode was later revealed to have been hiding above the tunnel. The street names were changed in production to match existing streets (we couldn’t afford to create custom street signs.)

2 VOICE (over phone) Brendan? BRENDAN Emily? EMILY (weakly) Yeah. How's things? BRENDAN (slow, deliberate) Status quo. EMILY Yeah? Uh huh. BRENDAN

EMILY That's good. Her voice thins to a high, strained breath. She is crying. BRENDAN What's going on, Em? EMILY (through strained crying) It's good to see you, Brendan. Brendan's eyes glance around the surrounding street. Emily is crying again. EMILY (CONT'D) (cont'd) It's been some time. BRENDAN Two months. EMILY Yeah. I didn't even know your locker. I had to ask Brain. More crying noises. BRENDAN Em, why don't we meet somewhere? I can't. EMILY

what? EMILY You gotta help me Brendan I think tugOh! With a sharp breath the line clicks dead just as a black mustang roars by.1 The mustang turns the corner. far down the street. SCHOOL HALLWAY . There. I didn't know it was bad. fast and incoherent) I did what she said with the brick. In the distance the class bell rings. this was all flipped when we shot it. A man's hand drops a cigarette butt from the driver side window. . Brendan walks after it. but the pin's on it now for poor Frisco and they're playing it all on meBRENDAN Slow down now. and the hand came from the passenger window. A pale blue arrow is printed on the filter. causing mass confusion for about half an hour on set. EXT.3 BRENDAN Why not? EMILY I screwed up real bad. Still smoking. The dialogue in the ending field scene was changed to match.DAY The high school is open air . gone. another pay phone up the hill -. Brendan drops the receiver and spins out of the booth. Brendan turns to the black mustang.the hallways are alleyways between buildings. A short kid with eyeglasses the size of 1 Because of the orientation of the street. BRENDAN Screwed up how? EMILY (blubbering.empty. finds the cigarette butt on the street. I really screwed up.

it's been awhile. no one's seen you. It's been awhile. It's hard to keep track. leans on the wall beside him. The Brain avoids Brendan's gaze. BRENDAN It has been awhile. BRENDAN THE BRAIN Hey Brendan.4 Volkswagen headlights sits against the wall. Where you been eating? BRENDAN Back of school. You gave Emily my locker number? THE BRAIN A few days ago. What's it been. Brain. Yeah. . I don't know you two's stats. a couple months? BRENDAN Yeah. Brendan enters. THE BRAIN It's been so long. Is it? BRENDAN THE BRAIN (shrugs) Can be. Was I wrong? What? BRENDAN THE BRAIN To give it? BRENDAN No. eating with? Who's she been THE BRAIN (uncomfortable) I dunno. THE BRAIN Huh.

So she picked her way down the . BRENDAN (softly) He's a sap. Cream on the upper crust. Across the parking lot a beautiful girl with dark long hair kisses an football player. I don't even care. but it didn't work. That's all this is. BRENDAN Yeah well. I'm not looking for a patch up. Laura Dannon's crowd. BRENDAN Laura Dannon there with the Rabbit? THE BRAIN Yeah. so I've got to find her.5 BRENDAN Uh huh. THE BRAIN Know him? By sight. A beat. Brad Bramish with her. it's not my business. I just want to know she's ok. THE BRAIN Well. Em's life is her own. Anyway Em tagged after them for a bit. But she asked for my help. Brad laughs heartily. I know she was poking in with the Ivy-bound cheerleading elite. BRENDAN THE BRAIN I won't argue then. THE BRAIN She hasn't been doing too good. THE BRAIN Help with what? BRENDAN I don't know.

Locker 239 is open. and he kisses her. flipping through loose papers. he finds a red card with a sequined mask on the front. the other of Emily with a beautiful sharp-eyed girl at a party. In the distance Brad and Laura laugh. drinks in hand. 239. Masses of students pile into busses. Keep your specs on. Sorting more papers. Small time dealer. find me if she shows. the one you datedKara. THE BRAIN Sure. The bottom edge has been torn off. augh. the evil one. that drama vamp.DAY Sixth period has broke.6 food chain. EXT.DAY Brendan sits against the massive building.DAY Empty. The Brain trots off. PARKING LOT . BRENDAN THE BRAIN That's my bus. BRENDAN You know her locker number? Kara's? Em's. Last I seen she was with whasshername. He finds two photographs. BRENDAN Thanks Brain. EXT. LOCKER CAGE . BACK OF GYM . EXT. THE BRAIN BRENDAN THE BRAIN . one of Emily hugging him. its door swinging gently in the wind. Her hair blows in the wind.

(nudges the freshman with his toe) Lapdog. Brendan steps behind one. BRENDAN No. SCHOOL THEATER . Kara pulls him down and nuzzles his ear. kid . looks to Kara like a spooked puppy. the sharp-eyed girl from the picture.DAY A huge chunk of brown building. her face in shadow. Brendan strides towards it. . KARA I'm listening. (to the lapdog) Watch your head. The freshman sits up. (to Brendan) Don't be mean. She looks back at Brendan. BRENDAN I'm all friendly. INT. KARA (to the lapdog) Stay.that thing bites. The dog pops up again. GIRL (through a mocking smile) Hello. BRENDAN (CONT'D) (cont'd) I need words. BRENDAN KARA Come to see the show? Kisses the freshman's forehead. Kara. blow. SCHOOL THEATER . Pets it like a dog. I didn't. She holds a freshman boy's head in her lap.CONTINUOUS Drama people sit on the floor facing the stage. purring. Brendan.7 EXT.

a small time dealer. and that led to their breakup on the field. so he partnered up with Jerr then ratted him out to Trueman. which we see in a flashback. (he goes) Hurry! He breaks into a trot. you and your partner get bulled. The author has threatened to write it as a stand alone short story. sister. Who's she eating with now? KARA Eating with? BRENDAN Eating with.8 BRENDAN About Emily Kostich. The whole Jerr thing blown over. Lunch. Emily found out. . BRENDAN You gonna tell me? KARA Guess you're up from the underneath then. BRENDAN Still picking your teeth with freshmen? KARA You were a freshman once. He growls and pushes them away. She slides her fingers up his arm. but probably never will. KARA (to the dog) Get me my purse.1 1 Who. Brendan didn’t approve. Lucky strikes. Kara smiles at Brendan. so in a nutshell: when Brendan and Emily were still an item she started hanging out with Jerr. But I guess you were always the brains of the outfit. you come up clean. BRENDAN Way once. One of many instances of an allusion to the Jerr backstory. KARA You're a cutie. You and Em were tight for a bit. She stops nuzzling a little too quickly. most of which were trimmed back in the editing process for clarity.

Behind Kara. DRESSING ROOM . Brendan roughly searches drawers. you looking to get back into things? I could use you. KARA Brendan.. bags. Brendan slips in through an exit door. BRENDAN I know you do... INT. so why don't you want me to find her? KARA Maybe I'm looking out for you.. crosses the backstage area and enters the dressing rooms. Pictures of Kara with friends are stuck in the mirror. INT. . He stops. BRENDAN (going) Well I appreciate that. pockets. the play goes on. BRENDAN (standing to go) God. He is gone.CONTINUOUS Cramped and empty. Brendan.CONTINUOUS The play is seen in shadow-play through the backdrop. but whole.the same red card with a mask on it. BRENDAN'S ROOM . Across the bottom in small print: "Halloween in January Call for DETAILS . KARA I don't know where she's at. BACKSTAGE OF THEATER . nothing. A red edge behind one of the photos .NIGHT Brendan pulls a phone across his desk and dials the number on the flyer.555-2394" INT.9 BRENDAN Where's Emily? KARA Sometimes I wonder why I dumped you.

and would like details.10 WOMAN'S VOICE (over phone) Hello? Brendan hesitates. Could I speak to. LAURA'S VOICE (over phone) Yes? BRENDAN I'm calling for details. LAURA'S VOICE Who is this? BRENDAN I don't think we've met. ma'am. That might be a personal 'room for improvement' area in your life. hi Tom. this is Tom.. BRENDAN Hello. He trails off. A beat of silence. It's a rather exclusive gathering. LAURA'S VOICE Well then I don't think you're invited to my party. he cuts her off) You should really work on your invite management. BRENDAN I can imagine. I'm a friend from school. hold on. (she starts to speak. WOMAN'S VOICE (over phone) Oh. Laura's here. But discretion of your invite sending aside.. . LAURA'S VOICE For what? BRENDAN Details about the party. I have procured a certain someone's invitation.

A beat. Nine o'clock. DISSOLVE TO: 7:37 Brendan at his desk.I'll save you some time. LAURA'S VOICE 15 Bush street. The clock on his desk says 4:53. BRENDAN Emily Kostich. DISSOLVE TO: 8:30 The desk is empty. whoever you are. Ask whose invitation I've got. . up in Stockton Cove. LAURA'S VOICE I know everyone and I've got all the time in the world. BRENDAN Folly of youth. Buzz 42 at the gate. But whoBrendan hangs up. BRENDAN You don't know me .11 LAURA'S VOICE You think you're cute. LAURA'S VOICE Who are you? Or I'll hang up. He folds his hands under his chin and stares at the phone. LAURA'S VOICE (slightly) What you said. Tetris paused. tapping away at Tetris. BRENDAN Wait'll you get a load of my felt fedora and spats. perfectly still. A shower runs behind an ajar door in the background.

mill about in cliques.e. He gets a couple odd stares. lovely and soft but with strength.) . which besides being lovely was also in the public domain (i.1 Brendan watches from the back. Through the darkened window behind him a match flares up. Brendan ducks out. Brendan drifts in and stands in the back. 11 years old with glasses. Brendan coasts up on his bike and ditches it in the bushes. but no one stops him. Laura Dannon leans against it. lit with bright pools of light. Laura finishes the song. EXT. STOCKTON COVE STREET . and someone standing outside lights a cigarette. and is striking against the velvet black piano.NIGHT An imposing private community gate.SAME Richly adorned. Fifteen or twenty clean people. Laura's kid sister. The music comes from a baby grand piano set against one wall. then strides up to the front door. with a two story ceiling and a railed staircase at one end. deep in shadow. She wears a red kimono. sits at the piano playing "All I do is Dream of You". and into 1 By the time we got around to production this had changed to “Someone to Watch Over Me. Laura sings. With non obtrusive confidence he cuts through the crowd to the beer keg in back and draws half a cup.” but the publishing rights proved too expensive (i. INT. PARLOUR .e. not free. his face obscured in shadow. He checks the call box directory: "42 -.DANNON" Using the call box as a hand hold he hops the gate and walks briskly up the street. Party noises come from an upscale two story house. some in costumes. but his eyes gleam. and she ruffles her kid sister's hair. crowded.12 EXT. LIVING ROOM Large and clean. STOCKTON COVE GATE . free. Brendan takes a short breath. The room applauds.) We chose the Gilbert & Sullivan song. Brendan comes in as if he doesn't mind who sees him coming in. INT.NIGHT Shiny cars line the curb.

Most of the room follows suit. . Her bright. please? I'm trying to follow Brad's story. He holds a cup and speaks much too loudly to a guy named Biff at his elbow. BRAD If the coach wants to play me I'll play.SAME Brad Bramish. She looks away quickly. Tom stands between them. his face swollen purple. let me play. Brendan scans the rest of the room. His eyes catch on Laura. Brendan turns back to Brad. but I can't put my best game in if I've got to worry about whether I'm going to be in there. still shouting 'let me play'. and it's difficult when I can't see his face. and he's saying 'no you're out' and I kept saying 'Let me play! Let me play! Let me play!'. sharp eyes cut through the room. blocking his line of sight.13 INT. Tom turns around. the jock who was kissing Laura in the parking lot. LIVING ROOM . Brendan smiles good naturedly. Tom steps in front of Brendan. coach is pissed I ran it on a pass play. yelling that over and over. BRENDAN (cont'd) Could you step aside. He wags his eyebrows at her. straight into Brendan. leaning against a divan. BRENDAN Tom! Brad falls silent. sits slouched on the couch in a dense crowd. out on the field he says to me 'you gotta think about the team and you gotta' you know and 'if you run that ball again you're out'. let me play! Let me play! Let me play!' Brad hunches forward. and I said to him you gotta let me play! I'm out there. Halftime last game. just right in his faceBIFF He was! BRAD Just 'Let me play! Let me play! Let me play!' 'No you gotta' 'No.

Brendan cocks an eyebrow. staring at him too. Brendan stands to go. Brendan flashes a dopey grin and tips his glass. and she wags her eyebrows once at him. Biff chatters on. Brendan glances back at Brad. Brendan looks at Brad. Hey! What are you doing here? Leaving. DARK ROOM With a lit wet bar at one end. Unless your anecdote's got a 2nd act.) Whiskey? Brendan pauses. who is staring back at him. glass touching his lips. INT. Oh yeah? BRENDAN BRAD BRENDAN Uh huh. BRAD (stumbles) He doesn't give me a play to make.S. not amused at all. Biff starts babbling. Tom mumbles something and steps aside. The slightest hint of a smile takes the corner of her mouth. Brad cuts him off. Brendan then slowly drags his gaze over to Laura. .14 The room watches Brendan. BRAD (cont'd) Hey. her eyes slightly amused. Brad stares at Brendan stupidly. looking at Laura now. you know? He falls into awkward silence. what can I do. Brendan goes to the bar. LAURA (O. BRAD Why don't you leave? BRENDAN (leaving) That's what I was doing. puts ice in a glass and cracks it with liquor.

EXT. He downs half of it. hands her a drink. Laura sips her drink. Quit your yappin and fix me one. LAURA I knew your old partner Jerr since grade school. and slips out a sliding glass door. LAURA I like a man who knows what he's drinking. LAURA Fearless flyer. Uh huh.15 BRENDAN Jameson. LAURA I'll never get through all this. He fills another glass with whiskey and cuts his with water. Tough break. How long were you two joined up before your operation got the sting? . The broken light of the bar makes her features seem liquid.NIGHT Brendan joins Laura. Suburban lights fill the valley below. LAURA Brad's not a good guy to get on the wrong side of. She studies his face. BACK PATIO . BRENDAN Uh huh. BRENDAN That's a pretty sick thing to be attracted to. She sips more. BRENDAN They stare at each other in silence.

LAURA Well like you said. and I didn't get any details of that.16 BRENDAN A few months. He was a good guy. why'd her name get me into your rather exclusive party? . nobody's seen her. BRENDAN If you haven't got a finger in Em's troubles. Solid. you're scratching at the wrong door. LAURA She wasn't invited. BRENDAN I saw her yesterday. Em's been AWOL for a good month. BRENDAN She had an invitation. So what did she tell you? BRENDAN (winces) Score 0 for finesse.. LAURA Nearly nobody's seen her. I wasn't with Emily enough to know details of what she was in. except that it was bad. So why are you here tonight? BRENDAN I'm looking for Emily. I just got wind of the downfall. So now that we're showing some cards. I've got to work on that. LAURA Yeah I did. Could have helped himself out by turning me in. Was he? LAURA BRENDAN You knew him.. LAURA Listen. but he took the heat.

LAURA Coffee and pie. Brendan . BRENDAN Well I'll put that body to bed. Laura flashes Brendan a look and goes to her.I'll be five minutes. Laura comes out the front door. cuts across the lawn and sidewalk and trots out into the street. I just want to find her. A long beat. They have quick. The moment she leaves Brendan runs across the lawn and hops the fence. and a body's got a right to be curious. The words hang in the air a moment. and that works for me. I don't know a damn thing about whatever troubles. SIDE OF HOUSE Brendan runs to the edge of the neighboring house and peeks around. then seems to come to a decision. A look of recognition from Brendan. into the neighbor's yard. A voice calls from the glass door. quiet words and the girl leaves. Laura turns back to Brendan. Another girl. but it sounded like you did. BRENDAN Coffee and pie oh my? LAURA And you didn't hear it from me.17 LAURA Keep up with me now. LAURA You'll stay right here and wait -. Laura studies Brendan's face. Now I'm not so sure. LAURA (CONT'D) (cont'd) Will you wait here for me? BRENDAN Sure. I don't know. He sips his drink. EXT. BRENDAN Yes.

The figure smokes a cigarette and watches the party. it spins to face Brendan. Brendan gazes through the window.NIGHT Peeking around the house. Brendan sees a lanky kid in baggy jeans and engineer boots with a clean shaven head leaning against a black Mustang.18 begins to follow. and through the window the party. Brendan sees Laura cut across the lawn and trot into the street. Then. a towering black form against the window. STREET Between cars. Brendan throws himself backwards onto the grass. Laura goes to him and speaks quickly. EXT. but a noise from behind the fence stops him . and a clicking sound not unlike a gun. Through the hole the black of the figure's cloak whips away. BRENDAN'S POV .SNAP! A twig. EXT. Brendan follows. The cigarette still smolders on the ground. FRONT LAWN . Then he breaks the trance and creeps towards the street. Brendan creeps towards the fence and peers through a splintered hole. EXT. plain paper. The figure freezes. then hops the fence. Hand rolled. The glowing cigarette falls to the grass. Using parked cars as cover. SIDE OF BRAD'S HOUSE .SAME Brendan lands on his feet. Brendan hesitates. absently stroking his cheek. . making no noise at all. A dark figure wearing a long coat and broad rimmed hat.THROUGH THE FENCE A brightly lit window in the side of Brad's house. No black figure to be found. A metallic glint.a match being struck. Brendan steps back . A beat. all inky black. catching his breath.

DODE Hey Brendan. Their beady eyes follow Brendan in sync as he approaches. He goes to the nearest one.DAY The sun rises over Carrows family restaurant. Silence and blank stares. Grunting something angrily. BRENDAN Where's Dode? STONER 1 Dunno. muffled intelligence. a squat structure backed against the weedy edge of the runoff tunnel ravine. where Brendan left them. Maybe you shouldn't be here. Dode slumps against the wall. Laura takes hers and drains it. EXT. A banner from 1973 in the window . throws a look back at the house and walks off down the street. Brendan calmly moves to the next stoner. pale lips."Coffee and Pie oh my!" A pack of six pale stoners slump against the rear dumpster. When she is gone Brendan stands. BRENDAN STONER 2 Brendan moves to the next one. Laura says something to him. BACK PATIO The two drinks. Slivery eyes. The suburban lights twinkle like stars. A thin head pokes from around the dumpster. he gets in the car with the bald kid and peels off. EXT. CARROWS PARKING LOT .19 The dark figure in the hat emerges from the shadows. thin and delicate in dusty black. . Laura turns and slowly walks towards the house. towards the guard gate. bra. Dode? Uh uh. Brendan steps around the dumpster.

I've got plenty on my plate without dealing with some jilted ex. . and right now that's the best place for her. DODE Whatever it's about. deer in the headlights. BRENDAN It's not about that. Dode. BRENDAN Where is she? DODE She's with me. Dode Brendan's fist slams into his face.20 BRENDAN Kara told me you know where Em's at. turns his head away to light a joint. Leave the low life to the low lifers and dangle. The 5 stoners stand in the exact same position. dig? The 5 big stoners appear behind Brendan. Listen man. Brendan slams Dode's frail frame against the dumpster. Brendan doesn't. but if I thought you had this halfhandled I'd be eating lunch. Where's she at? DODE Better get while it's good. threatening. DODE Uh huh. sending the joint spinning. DODE And why are you looking for Em? BRENDAN She asked for my help. BRENDAN You're on the bright side of dim. DODE (cont'd) Heel it now. act smarter than you look and drop it. Uh huh. One makes a half hearted motion to intervene.

Came to and freaked. STONER 1 (O. BRENDAN Today. Said you'd only make things worse. hash head. Just easyBIG STONER Brendan slams Dode into the wall. BIG STONER (to Brendan) Nothing more here. Tell her if she still wants my help or not that's her business. Brendan covers how shaken he is by this statement fairly well. BRENDAN (to Dode) Where's Em? DODE (deliberate) She's with me. I've got all five senses and I slept last night.21 BIG STONER Back off. BRENDAN Throw one at me if you want. that puts me six up on the lot of you. but I want to hear it straight from her. bra. DODE She don't Brendan walks away. She told me to shake you if you came by. man! DODE Deal with whatever this ain't about and drop it. . BRENDAN Tell Emily I want to see her. man. She was tight when she called you. She knows where I eat lunch. He drops Dode.) Put him down.S.

EXT. Brendan watches him from a distance. empty utility road behind the school. Her wrist is adorned with the same cheap plastic bracelets as the dead girl's arm.MORNING Dode slumps into the front door of the brown building. EXT.CONTINUOUS Brendan hides behind a tall clump of bushes. STREET . Brendan takes cover as Dode stops by a white hatchback. she nods and speaks back. then follows Dode back towards school. . SCHOOL THEATER . He raises his eyes. which she tucks into a brightly colored address book and slips in her jacket pocket. SIDEWALK . They embrace again. Brendan stumbles after the car.22 When Brendan is a safe distance away the biggest stoner shouts with conviction BIG STONER And stay out. Dode walks off and the girl gets in her car.MIDDAY Brendan eats lunch alone on a concrete wall beside a long. Dode speaks quickly to her. Brendan follows. BACK OF SCHOOL . FADE OUT: FADE UP EXT. eyes thoughtful. reading "Lord of the Flies". punk! EXT. He watches it go.EARLY MORNING The sun is rising as Brendan tails Dode through the twisty suburban streets. LATER Reclining on the wall. A girl gets out of the car and embraces Dode. A moment later Dode hustles away from Carrows. but it is quickly gone. and sits up suddenly. After a beat he turns and walks off into the thickening crowds of students. He hands her a slip of paper.

not enough sleep. searching. Em? She looks back at her shoes. EMILY I must have sounded pretty crazy on the phone. BRENDAN The Carrows rat? His . stumbling. I know you're mad at all these people. eyes fixed on them. BRENDAN (angry) Who fed you that line. She is very pretty. Meet the girl with cheap bracelets. Too much makeup. I was high. forget about it. That's how you can help me now. Emily. but now you have to forget about it. I got paranoid over a really stupid thing. He catches her just as she stumbles and falls and carries her into the shade of a covered hallway.23 Off in the distance on the utility road a tiny figure approaches. the girl Dode spoke to. but she looks bad. the dead girl. Please. EXT. speaks to her shoes. stare is unwavering. She taps her shoes together lightly. stop being angry because where I want to be at's different from where you wanna be at. EMILY (cont'd) It was dumb. I went crazy for a little bit. EMILY And stop picking on Dode. Brendan jumps and hits the ground running towards the figure. cause you think I went away from you and went to them. EMILY (cont'd) Brendan. But you've got to start seeing it as my decision. SCHOOL HALLWAY . She pushes on. He's a good guy. She turns her weak eyes to Brendan for the first time.CONTINUOUS Emily and Brendan sit in silence. She sniffles. Yesterday.

EMILY (cont'd) I'm sorry Brendan. Never. I had to see what was what. I came to say goodbye. I'm not like you. She buries her face in his shoulder. what are you? Eating back here. I can't do that. I had to get with people. BRENDAN You've got to come back to me. Em. Brendan. no. I can't love on your terms. Whatever you have to do to let me go. EMILY (cont'd) No. not liking anybody. I'm sorry. seizes up. She taps her clogs. Come back to me. No. do it. He has a hard time speaking. I'm gonna let you go. BRENDAN You're in a spot.24 EMILY He's a good friend. I couldn't heckle life with you. Her face contorts. I've . BRENDAN So what am I? EMILY (strained anger) Yeah. EMILY No. how are you judging anyone? I loved you alot but I couldn't stand it. EMILY No. I don't want to be put away and protected. A beat. and she is sobbing. for good. You're not hearing me. No. Never. I can get you out of it. the brick and the pin EMILY You gonna fix things like you did with Jerr? No. One has a hole worn through the sole. BRENDAN Tell me about the trouble. and whatever heat follows you I'll deal with.

names. nothing that stops his search . Make sure that. lost in thought. who cannot for the life of him remember a single interesting thing that happened in a classroom in high school. . THE BRAIN Hm. SCHOOL HALLWAY . EMILY (cont'd) As she pulls away he mechanically slips an address book from her jacket pocket.then the note Dode gave her. INT. flipping through the address book.1 THE ADDRESS BOOK Illegible scribbles. enveloping him in her jacket. Let me go.DAY The Brain studies the paper. EXT. promise you won't torture yourself. CLASSROOM Brendan sits in the back.25 decided that. Do you know anything else about this? 1 Our one and only scene in a classroom was moved to Brendan’s lunch spot to save us a location change. that you'll let me go. His face is a frozen mask. The degree to which the lack of classroom time in the film has been commented on has always bemused the author. Busses pull into the parking lot behind them. He watches her as she walks away. She embraces him. numbers. you've got to. The teacher drones on about the significance of the pig's head in "Lord of the Flies". a corner of loose-leaf paper which looks like this: Brendan studies the paper intently. Brendan is distant.

Yeah. Well. THE BRAIN Slim pickings. down by the bike trails in the state park's another. (touches the paper) But anyway. BRENDAN THE BRAIN When the upper crust does shady deeds they do them in different spots around town. I couldn't hear them without being seen. Dode's pie pan grease. So this might be that. I know under the pier's one. let it ride and see what comes of it. BRENDAN But Dode wouldn't know it? THE BRAIN This is upper crust. (beat) I can only give you my best guess. and that's how they tell each other the place. There's alot of them. BRENDAN Call anything up? . at the theater? BRENDAN (shrugs dismissively) Kara. Best to know it's there. it didn't come straight from Dode. The pitch is they've got little symbols for each one. so word won't get around. if this is what I think it is. Brendan studies the symbol. It's their turf. less he's playing out of his league. and that would only biff their play. THE BRAIN Hm.26 BRENDAN (shakes his head) Mm. Why'd you let Dode fly when he came back to whose-her-name.

so she's alright. screaming.27 THE BRAIN How many places start with 'A'? Or if it's a shape. Brendan lies in bed. she knows the play. burning with a searing intensity. The slip of paper rests beside it. A woman with no face falls from the darkness and kisses him. lining up perfectly with the now shaded symbol. then folding into darkness. sleep.the runoff tunnel. forget it now. what good could you do? She's smart. then back underwater. staring off into space. she's gunning to square things. LATER 10:30 by the clock radio on Brendan's nightstand. The clock says 3:46. Brendan choking. even if you figured it out. over concrete. His eyes tense. Brendan plays Tetris on his computer. THE SYMBOL Growing larger.NIGHT Sparsely furnished. Water rushes overhead. As the last strands slide off his face he wakes up with a start. BACK TO BRENDAN . His mom's voice calls "Good night" and the hallway light turns off.The runoff tunnel. INT. staring at the symbol on the paper. BRENDAN THE BRAIN You said her business was none of yours. He takes the paper and a pencil from the nightstand and shades the symbol to look like this: FLASH CUT . Brendan drips with sweat. breathing raggedly. Anyway. just for an instant. her long hair sweeping around him then pulling away. or just a random symbol. Go home. screaming. plunging upwards. BRENDAN'S BEDROOM . concrete with a hole in it -. Yeah.

Slowly. A noise. Bluish white.. From the tunnel. bobbing gently in shallow water. EXT. listening to the low gurgle of moving water. EMILY'S BODY Face down. eyes wet. BRENDAN'S EYES Dazed. EMILY'S HAIR Stringy. BRENDAN'S FACE A contorted. His lungs empty in one choppy breath. then echoing footsteps running away. squatting in the mud. sprinting into the tunnel. EMILY'S ARM Lifeless. frozen mask. EXT. RUNOFF TUNNEL Silently. Brendan springs like a cat. as if lowered by a string Brendan sinks down. The inky blackness of the tunnel mouth opens like a vacuum. EDGE OF RAVINE Brendan stops at a high wall of weeds. BRENDAN'S HOUSE .. robotically he pushes through.28 His eyes turn uneasy as he removes his glasses and clicks off the light. He pulls his glasses off sluggishly. EXT. flowing gently in the water. Red foam clings to her.DAWN Brendan walks off into the hazy pre-dawn light. drifting. then suddenly snapping to attention. Brendan freezes. silent. but then The scrape of a shoe against concrete.. .. pale.

and someone near.. TUNNEL Nearly pitch black. PHONE BOOTHS A line of phone booths on campus.EARLY MORNING Cold and barren.29 INT.we almost don't notice that Brendan's are now the only footfalls. EXT.the figure is silhouetted briefly against the distant bright end of the tunnel. FIGURE (low whisper) Your little Em. SLAM! Brendan takes a fist in the cheek and goes down. He dials. EXT. He stops. eyes burning VOICE ON PHONE (cont'd) Saint Clement police. Brendan nearly collapses against one. Brendan raises his head painfully . running full speed into the blackness. Brendan is chasing. the figure over him. heart pounding . Brendan notices. then is gone. EXT. CAMPUS . Brendan curls on the ground. He rests his head on his arm. Silence in the darkness.. EXT. nearly empty.CONTINUOUS Early morning mist below a squat brick building. Brendan stares into space. still in a stupor.. .EARLY MORNING Emily's body is still there. Brendan limps across the barren lawns. eyes on Em's hair. LIBRARY . VOICE ON PHONE Saint Clement police. hello? Hello? Brendan hangs up. The figure runs off. Brendan crawls out of the tunnel and collapses in the shallow water.. 2 sets of running footfalls. RUNOFF TUNNEL . beside the body. except for Brendan's breath. An inky black figure steps from the shadows and kicks him in the stomach.

THE BRAIN So what now? . The Brain sits at one of them reading an impossibly large book.30 INT. I gotta take the early bus. LIBRARY Warmly lit. THE BRAIN Eh. BRENDAN Bad break. THE BRAIN Hey. THE BRAIN (cont'd) You alright? BRENDAN Yeah. sheltering the few souls scattered here and there at tables. back to his book) Find Emily? Brendan breathes out softly. Brendan falls into a chair. He watches curiously as Brendan approaches him. BRENDAN (thick. Time to read's nice. Brendan. distant) I couldn't sleep. THE BRAIN (cont'd) You're up early. cause the others don't run by my street. THE BRAIN (nods. What. The Brain looks him over. are you here for zero? THE BRAIN Nah. I can't. THE BRAIN Can't raise her? BRENDAN No. So what's the word with Em? BRENDAN She's gone.

BRENDAN Yes I am. but that was cake to this. there's not much chance we'll come out clean. Tell me to drop it. Tell me to walk from this. BRENDAN THE BRAIN You think you can get the straight. Brendan cleans his glasses. I think I could. BRENDAN (cont'd) Brain. Like on Jerr. Twenty four seven on this one. I don't know. I guess it's. THE BRAIN Brendan rubs his forehead. Drop it. I was set to but I can't. She came right out and asked. She was scared. He stares down at his glasses. (grins) You're thick as what-all. Brendan takes a long moment. maybe break some deserving teeth? BRENDAN Yeah. BRENDAN Kara tried to rope me. and his mannerisms come back into focus. Well.. Brain. BRENDAN (cont'd) I'd need you to Op. THE BRAIN You think you can help her? No. Brendan. I can't let her go.. And unlike Jerr.31 BRENDAN Now. You okay to op for me again? . wet with condensation. I don't think I can. He looks Brain in the eye. THE BRAIN Walk from it. I don't know.

stands to go.1 Brendan trudges across it. bulls would gum it. tip the bulls? Brendan puts on his glasses.32 The Brain barely smiles. EXT. probably even the right one. I'm going to be a little late. staring at the ground for a beat then raising his eyes to THE HORIZON Flat. No cops. confident and clear. Between when I wrote the script and when we shot it. his steps heavy. 1 This describes the location at my school that the “showdown” scenes were originally written for. THE BRAIN What first. and so we reluctantly moved these scenes to the football field. But they'd trample the real tracks and scare the real players back into their holes. not for a bit. Your mom still have the cell? THE BRAIN In her car. gray. and cover for me first period. (stands to go) Wait for my word. and if we're doing this I want the whole story. They'd flash their dusty standards at the wide-eyes and probably find some yegg to pin. pin straight. THE BRAIN So what first? BRENDAN I don't know. however. BRENDAN No. the school expanded and built portable classrooms on the basketball field. Brendan's voice starts speaking rapidly. He stops and stands very still.DAY A vast field of asphalt segmented by a dozen basketball courts outlined in cracked paint. get me the number. . BRENDAN Borrow it for a few days. BASKETBALL FIELD .

and you can't beat it. INT. Without delicacy he lifts Emily's body and pulls her back into the tunnel. It is back to present day. Brendan's face looks lumpish. His eyes are cold with resolve. while Emily's is strong.EARLY MORNING Brendan sloshes down into the water. A beat. wearing different clothes and a thin goatee1. BRENDAN'S FACE Watching her go. EMILY You can't keep me safe. EXT. RUNOFF TUNNEL . Jerr spooked some decent gees and ran around some what was straight with him. partnered up and sent him over. Brendan grabs her sleeve. This wasn't a business sit. She stands and walks off into the distance across the barren field. I want to keep you safe. . edgier. grabs her waist. pale.S. I'd burn down the whole party if they tried to play you again. thank god. Jerr and whoever's next. sullen. He looks different. An ARM swings into frame. clean shaven.) Yeah it was personal. She twists away. more alive.33 BRENDAN (O. It slaps Brendan hard in the face. Emily wrenches her arm away and stumbles backwards onto the pavement. I bulled him. she resists. and suddenly they are struggling with violent pent up intensity until with a shout she breaks away and falls to the ground. PAN AROUND to reveal BRENDAN. but I'm nobody's bull runner. I'm in a bigger world now. RUNOFF TUNNEL 1 Which Joe would not even consider. But yeah. Got in tight. Brendan. wearing cheap plastic bracelets and pale blue fingernail polish. BRENDAN (cont'd) I'd bull the lot of them. and you can't hide me from it. Not if I don't want you to. He keeps talking directly at us. Gulls cry in the distance. He grabs her shoulder. He catches it. Em.

The two watch each other for a moment. THE BRAIN 1 A very early draft held on the tunnel after Brendan left. BRENDAN I bet. Brendan lays the body down. THE BRAIN There's the cell number. then the gull squawks and flutters out the bright mouth of the tunnel. THE BRAIN Trueman asked for you. CROWDED HALLWAY . I'm going to start getting visible. Brendan follows it without looking back at the body. Two beady eyes peer at him from the darkness . I'm going to throw a few words at you. causing the pebble described on page 1 to plink into the water. No. and revealed a dark figure (Dode) creeping away from the top of the tunnel. tell me if they catch. he won't bite.1 EXT. BRENDAN Keep it on vibrate. THE BRAIN (pats his jacket pocket) Yeah. just keep him away from me. I'll call. Brick.he freezes. The Brain slips him a piece of paper. Wants words in his office.a gull. and I need you on the underneath.stonewall him. BRENDAN Better stop meeting me in the open too.DAY Brendan and the Brain lean against a wall. So what's first? BRENDAN Make Em's troubles mine. Keep him off me . THE BRAIN I'll try. The eyes hop forward .34 Pitch back. .

BRENDAN THE BRAIN Pin. Pin. THE BRAIN Same thing. BRENDAN Drink? THE BRAIN Vodka and milk or something. He is now (the author was horrified to learn) practicing law. THE BRAIN BRENDAN THE BRAIN Tug. Tug. lives in town. .. yeah. the Pin? BRENDAN The Pin. like 26. and who was neither a druggie nor ‘real trash’.. THE BRAIN Frisco. maybe hit a class a week. who the author did actually go to school with. that might be a drink. You know the Kingpin? BRENDAN I've heard it. THE BRAIN The Pin's kind of a local spook story. 1 All apologies to Frisco Farr. Real trash. No. Didn't know him then. Supposed to be old. Frisco Farr1 was a sophomore last year.35 BRENDAN Or bad brick. and haven't seen him around. I think. BRENDAN Poor Frisco. or maybe not. but was a great guy who simply had a very cool sounding name...

Ask any dope rat where their junk sprang they'll say they scraped it from that who scored it from this who bought it off so.DAY Kara smokes a cigarette. Here for the show? BRENDAN No. this was changed to ‘Dope runner’ in post production. BACKSTAGE OF THEATER Brendan strides past forest scenery and drama geeks. BACK OF THEATER . maybe.36 BRENDAN Jake1 runner. KARA Would you go then. right? THE BRAIN Big time.. I've heard that helps. INT. honey. you'd get a crowd of full pockets. EXT. 1 In an admittedly paltry concession to clarity. through another door and into sunlight. KARA (annoyed) Hey Brendan. Brendan leans beside her.. . and after four or five connections the list'll always end with the Pin. Beat) But what's first? BRENDAN A show of hands. But I'll becha you got every rat in town together and said 'show your hands' if any of them've actually seen the Pin. cause I've got this headache. BRENDAN You think the Pin's just a tale to take whatever heat? THE BRAIN (shrugs. BRENDAN Try smoking like a chimney.

BRENDAN (cont'd) I'm going to start shaking things up. BRENDAN (cont'd) Isn't this Dode's brand? Kara snaps her head towards him. KARA You don't know Dode's brand. Get me if you want to spill it. Angry again. BRENDAN Tell the Pin that Brad was my calling card. not slowing. . Kara snatches the pack from him.37 Brendan grabs the pack of cigarettes. but I can't guarantee safe passage after tonight. She catches herself and smiles cooly. KARA Brad Bramish? Through the door and into the theater. He turns and walks away. and I need words. BRENDAN Oh I do now. a flash of anger. Give me the story and you might miss the bite. KARA The story about what? BRENDAN I don't want to play games if you've got a headache. KARA The story about what? BRENDAN Alright. KARA I don't know whatAt the stage door.

She's got rehearsal but she'll blow early. is put me in the game and I'll do what needs to be done.DAY The Brain walks out of a classroom and Brendan swings behind him. CROWDED SCHOOL HALLWAY . BRENDAN (fast and low) Tail Kara through lunch. man. She looks away. straight into Brendan. his crony Biff at his elbow. don't come to me if you didn't let me play. His eyes catch on Laura Dannon sitting in another convertible. BIFF They didn't! Brendan scans the rest of the cars. off to the side. Brad Bramish sits slouched in the front seat of his convertible. but they don't put me in. BACKSTAGE OF THEATER . Get off my grill man. Her bright eyes cut through the crowd. what needs doing don't get done and don't come crying to me. front door open.CONTINUOUS He spins to see Kara's face just before the door closes. A small crowd hangs about Brad. else wait for my call. BRAD Hey! What are you doing here? . Brendan walks into Brad's direct line of view and obviously leans against one of the cars. you didn't put me in. She goes home. EXT. drop her.LUNCH Brendan wanders through the thick lunchtime crowd towards a cluster of 3 or 4 flashy luxury cars set aside at the far end of the lot. He wags his eyebrows at her. The Brain turns and Brendan's gone. She's worried. EXT. PARKING LOT . BRAD That's all I'm saying.38 INT.

Been watching your game for a month. but nowhere near Brad.39 BRENDAN BRAD Listening. You've got heart. but they've got a great public transit system. Uh huh. kid. you got me. 'Yeah's under 'Y'. BRENDAN Alright. Go ahead. BRAD I think you'd better leave then. BRAD (not amused) Oh yeah? BRENDAN Of all things. Yeah? Yeah. BRAD BRENDAN . I'm a scout for the Gophers. yeah. BRAD Who invited you? BRENDAN To the parking lot? Well gee I kind of invited myself. but that story just now clenched it. I'll wait. How soon can you move to Minneapolis? A few snickers around the crowd. BRAD (flat with anger) Yeah? BRENDAN Cold winters. BRAD Oh yeah? BRENDAN There's a thesaurus in the library.

behind Brad. People gather around in a wide circle.40 BRENDAN No. Brad tags Brendan in the ribs. Brendan kicks Brad full force in the shins. He comes at Brendan with his big fists clenched. BRAD You know what's good for you you'll just beat it. . BRAD Just the same. He leads them behind a parked VW van and turns to face Brad. Beating a small frye won't win me anything and it's not going to do you any goodLaura pulls up in her convertible. Brad follows and the rest of the crowd trails after him. I'm having too good a time. Brad grunts but doesn't lose ground. With you? BRENDAN Brad says 'who else?' by lifting his arms. Brendan stands and walks off. In the next moment Brendan cuts Brad off by putting his fist in his face. Brendan throws his short stocky frame into Brad's larger one and tenderizes his midsection with jabs. watching. Brendan pulls his jacket off as Brad hangs back. BRAD (cont'd) Maybe you want to go someplace more private. Brad's face tenses. and very deliberately crosses his legs. Brendan smiles slightly. BRENDAN (cont'd) (as if he's been asked to the movies) Sure. then smacks the palm of his hand into Brendan's face. mumbling. shoving him back onto the pavement.

CONTINUOUS Brendan walks away from the lot. trotting to catch up. parking by the curb. EXT. The sound of eggs breaking. LAURA Brendan ignores her and b-lines for the school. both into Brendan's stomach. and Brad falls backwards like a board. towards the school. Hey. and Brendan comes up fast. Brad gets his balance fast. BRENDAN He throws a last look at Laura.41 Brad tumbles. then another. BRENDAN Uh huh. SCHOOL HALLWAY . but nobody seems about to do anything.CONTINUOUS Brendan limps down the hallway. SCHOOL PARKING LOT SIDEWALK . and before Brendan can throw another he throws one himself. Brendan bounces back like a rubber ball and throws his weight into a square punch right into Brad's nose. He stays down. LAURA You're quite a pill. . EXT. Laura pulls up beside him in her car. is there a fight? Yeah. Brendan staggers back. Laura appears behind him. Some stare at Brendan. Brendan pulls back and kicks Brad's shin where he had kicked it before. breathing hard. who meets his gaze and drives off. and looks up at the small crowd. pushing past the last few people rushing over. Laura brakes hard. some at Brad. STRAGGLER Hey. Brendan runs his sleeve over his face and walks unsteadily off. holding his face. Brad roars and hits Brendan very hard in the face. connecting hard with the point of Brad's chin.

turns wearily. LAURA Hold it. BRENDAN Go away.42 LAURA Where are you going? Home. You ought to be smart enough to know that. so I'm better off coming at it clean. Your connections could help me. BRENDAN (CONT'D) (cont'd) Look. LAURA I want to help you. you were with him and so you were playing him. I can't trust you. so you're a player. and I'm not heeling you to hook you. but the bad baggage they bring could make it zero sum game or even hurt me. Brad was a sap. He stops. . (he keeps walking) I don't get you. you weren't. and I can't spare it. BRENDAN LAURA Why did you take a powder the other night? BRENDAN Same reason I'm taking one now. I didn't shake the party up to get your attention. That's a chilly heel to be giving a girl who's where you want to know about. With you behind me I'd have to tie one eye up watching both your hands. LAURA I wouldn't have to lead you in by the handBRENDAN I can't trust you. Silence behind him. BRENDAN I'll get where I'm going just fine. She looks genuinely hurt.

THE BRAIN BRENDAN S'alright. didn't she? THE BRAIN Yeah. but she stopped at a payphone and made two calls that she didn't want on her phone bill. . BRENDAN Get the numbers? No. She doesn't follow. I downed him on his field and his crew didn't bite. I'm not. So now I know he's a sap and anyone who acts like he isn't is profiting by it. Are me and Brad front page news? THE BRAIN All the buzz. BRENDAN THE BRAIN Why? Is Brad the Pin? BRENDAN Brad's a sap. That's not why I roughed him.AFTERNOON Brendan slumps against it. licking a bruised lip. Sorry. receiver to his ear.43 LAURA You're not Brad. He wears dark glasses. BRENDAN No. though. Kara went home though. He turns and walks away. BRENDAN Sorry. THE BRAIN (on the phone) You didn't call. SCHOOL PAYPHONE . EXT. You really do that? Yeah.

Those types are a nickel a pound. And Trueman againBRENDAN Keep him off. FADE IN: INT. but nobody I know that you don't. Flashes of the lanky kid . Brendan hits the pavement. A lanky kid with a short shaved head and engineer boots punches him in the face. Brad's the school's biggest jake buyer.44 BRAIN For kicks? BRENDAN Economics. The lanky kid is over him in a split second. so if this Pin is behind all the selling. A man in his early thirties behind a wood colored . Okay. heavy blows. short.S.I need to find that kid. you know a kid around the burgh. Brendan lies still. lanky. very distant. FADE OUT. And keep your specs on . each blurring the world a bit more until it is completely smeared. I just got his attention. The class bell rings.a shiny scar shaped like a thin triangle runs down the side of his face. shaved head. A car peels out and roars off O. now's just shaking things out. turns a black tang? THE BRAIN I told you before I don't know the car. Look. OFFICE Brendan sits with an ice pack against his head in a tiny office. After a brief silent thrashing the kid walks off with several other blurry figures. Legs criss cross before his eyes. beating his face and body with short. THE BRAIN Brendan hangs up and turns sluggishly. Anyway.

"GARY TRUEMAN. and well put. I've been looking to talk to you. Good thing I brown bagged it. BRENDAN No. Trueman trains a good natured dubious eye on Brendan. we know you're clean. TRUEMAN And he just hit you? BRENDAN Like I said. . not to see you fed. BRENDAN Accelerated English. TRUEMAN (cont'd) You've helped this office out before. never seen him. BRENDAN Uh huh. TRUEMAN Mm. Anyway then. TRUEMAN Fine. I think you're a good kid. TRUEMAN You didn't know this boy? BRENDAN No sir. despite your motives. and you've. Brendan doesn't react. he asked for my lunch money first. Mrs. TRUEMAN Tough teacher? BRENDAN Tough but fair. you've been an asset to us.45 desk and name plate. Kasprzyk. I gave you Jerr to see him eaten. TRUEMAN Alright Brendan. ASSISTANT VICE PRINCIPAL" plays with a pencil.

For looking at me in a threatening way. Brendan stands to go. I'm not your inside line and I'm not your boy. TRUEMAN (cont'd) We're not done here.46 TRUEMAN I want to run a couple names by you. So do I? BRENDAN Maybe. I'd exercise a little more tact. There might be some heat soon. I told you then I'd give you Jerr and that was that. . I could . Mr.could write you up for talking back to a VP.hold it . BRENDAN (angry) I was done here three months ago. TRUEMAN So maybe you're gonna need me too. Alright. And no more of these informal chats . Frye. BRENDAN Maybe. I need you off my back completely for a few weeks. TRUEMAN That's not a very helpfulBRENDAN (anger builds) You know what I'm in if the wrong yeg saw me pulled in here? TRUEMAN What are you in? BRENDAN No. TRUEMAN Hold it.if you've got a discipline issue with me write me up or suspend me and I'll see you at the parent conference. You can't pull a play like that unless I need you for something.

Trueman bites a thumbnail.I couldn't have brass cutting me favors in public. The Veep will need someone to hand over. no Dode. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING . I'm just saying now so you don't come kicking in my homeroom door once trouble starts.AFTERNOON Gary Trueman throws Brendan out. here's what I can do. TRUEMAN Okay. EXT. I won't pin you for anything you aren't caught at. PAYPHONE BY CARROWS . But if anything comes up with your fingerprints on it. Got one more favor to ask. I won't go to bat for you. BRENDAN If I get caught like that it's curtains anyway . . or at least a fall guy. EXT. I can't help you. policewise. THE BRAIN No. I'll ride it a little while. punk! Brendan glances around.AFTERNOON Brendan leans against it. as long as it doesn't get too rough. CARROWS PARKING LOT . TRUEMAN Get the hell off my campus. Brendan breathes uneasily. BRENDAN Sure I am. Also. There better be some meat at the end of this like you say. And I'll have you. Dode's MIA all around. and limps off. if I get to the end of whatever this is and it gets hot and you don't deliver.47 TRUEMAN (interested) If it's something I can't cover. or you're it. EXT.AFTERNOON No stoners.

THE BRAIN No more job offers? So she's got a play. but why'd she come to me? BRENDAN She's tapping Kara. locked. and Kara knows you know me. BRENDAN That's the spirit. huh? THE BRAIN Fourth period. She's some piece of work. well.LATE AFTERNOON The sun hangs low. EXT. SIDEWALK . Brendan trudges along. I got knives in my eyes. Brendan approaches the car and walks around it slowly. Ask around for Dode. Suddenly he stops. .LATE AFTERNOON Bordering a supermarket. keep your specs on for him. THE BRAIN Yeah. but who knows where. tail Kara again at lunch. BRENDAN (considers this) She did. PARKING LOT . I'm going home sick. Parked in the supermarket parking lot is a black mustang. He peers inside. I shook but she's not spilling. nearly shook me upside down. Laura Dannon came to me looking for you. Can't say I didn't enjoy it. A tuft of paper pokes out from under the seat.48 BRENDAN I'm 9 of 10 that Kara's got him. I'll call you tonight. He pulls the door handle. Any other news? THE BRAIN Some. BRENDAN And I know enough about Kara to let that worry me. Alright. If I had known where you were I might have told her. EXT.

Tugger hits him like a train and throws him across the pavement. Grunting. Coming Brendan stands there for a moment. Brendan falls to his knees. brushing the edge of his jacket. Tug spins and grabs Brendan's jacket. back and forth. ready to drop it through the window. eyes fixed. waddles over to the car and holds the chunk above his head. He stops. TUGGER (nods slightly) Yeah. He stops at the window. towards him fast. While Tug unlocks the door Brendan stands up woozily. When Tug lets go Brendan drops like a stone. head up. removes his glasses. his face stiff. The car door slams. His eyes catch something in the distance. Tug turns and pops him once squarely in the mouth. idling about fifty feet away. Brendan turns and lopes towards the mustang. I guess you do. three times. Its motor purrs deeply. Brendan stops walking and stands very still. A crackling roar and short squeal of tires spit the mustang forward. The mustang drives about a hundred yards out into the parking lot. pushing him back while he slaps him hard in the face. The gap between him and the car closes in no time at all. rumbling like a tank. Brendan begins to limp towards it doggedly. eyes steady. It comes straight at Brendan. Tug turns back to the car and takes out his keys. He casually leans against the car. .49 Brendan picks up a broken chunk of concrete from the ground. spins around and stops. facing Brendan. with BRENDAN I want to see the Pin. whose name is Tugger. then lets the chunk fall to the ground. catching himself on his hands and knees. puts them in a hard case and puts the hard case in his pocket. Brakes squeal behind him. It speeds past him not six inches to his left. Brendan gets up and comes towards Tug. The lanky shaved-head kid. some respect. Tugger eyes him curiously.

CONTINUOUS Tug is putting a tape in the deck. EXT. BASEMENT HALLWAY A very dim narrow hall with a steep stairway at one end. REAR OF FAST MOVING MUSTANG . which.LATE AFTERNOON A small one story house. Brendan closes the trunk. MOVING MUSTANG . jostling. Then a metallic jangle. Loud music plays from the car -. Taylor flatly refused. roaring past like a bullet. and a CLINK! EXT. Behind him the trunk pops open.LATE AFTERNOON The trunk pops open. Tugger opens the trunk and drags Brendan out. was probably wise. just enough to see which street signs pass by. INT. covering his eyes with a palm. grunting. DARKNESS Loud engine noise. FRONT OF HOUSE . then pulls down out of sight just as he looks back up. drops him and goes into the lit room.1 The car zooms on. TRUNK OF MOVING MUSTANG Brendan holds the trunk about three inches open. some scraping. Tugger drags Brendan down the stairway. When they are gone the broken trunk drifts open. dark doors down the length of it and a lit door at the other end. . The black mustang flies through them at impossible speeds. slams the trunk and goes inside.50 EXT. given the context. slightly run down. BRENDAN'S POV Through the ajar trunk. revealing Brendan holding a jack rod. eyes down. 1 Unfortunately Mr."Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. INT. The mustang slides to a stop beside an elaborate wooden mailbox carved as an eagle's head. STREETS Twisty and narrow. INT.

Sallow features. Alright. sniffing for me like a vampire bat for a horse . (beat of silence) So now I'm very very curious what you're going to say next. Brendan is shoved into the center of the room. tired eyes. Brendan watches the thin figure's back. groves of empty bottles. BRENDAN You the Pin? PIN Yeah. INT. PIN Helled if you're gonna go breaking my best clients' noses and expect me to play sandbag. A slim figure with wispy hair sits facing the wall at a small desk. but of a nest. Tug and his clones slump against the surrounding walls. precarious piles of books. Surrounding him in the darkened doorways are dozens of boys. writing under a green bookkeeper's lamp. some dressed like Tugger. The overall impression though is not of jumbled chaos. For a beat the only noise is the scratching of the thin man's pencil. Anyway you've been sniffing me out before then.51 Brendan lifts his head painfully. Mid to late twenties. BRENDAN Maybe I'll just sit and bleed at you. Tug pokes his head out. The Pin shifts in his seat. KINGPIN'S DEN A small room. amazingly messy. His clothes are so richly black it is difficult to make out specific items -. others dressed in black.he is just one inky black mass from the neck down and eyebrows up. bored. Clothes strewn about. comfortably woven and very worn in. Then he sighs and swivels around. TUGGER Arms pop out of the darkness and drag Brendan towards the lit room.

BRENDAN 1250 Vista Blanca. really good. Would have been a neat trick. Then I was going to go to the vice principal and spill him the street address of the biggest dope port in the burgh. BRENDAN Call Ms. then slowly) I was going to make up some bit of information or set up some phony deal.52 with a nick on its ear he can suck on. anything so you'd let me walk. They do that. PIN (amused) No dice. The world turns on its side as Tugger pushes Brendan's head down into the carpet. Tug's face is a mask of rage. and you got me listening. soldier. TUGGER You gonna do what now?! The Pin walks towards them. so I'm curious what you've got to say that better be really. who doesn't flinch. she oughta hear this. . though. (Brendan blinks) So now you got Tugger to bring you here. BRENDAN (shrugs. The cronies around the room begin cackling. Brendan can't breath. PIN No good. The Pin's eyes shoot to Tugger. the ink blotter at the desk in the den in the basement of the house with the tacky mailbox. One of his shoes is twice the size of the other. His face swells. Dannon in from the hall first. soldier. which he never does. TUGGER He knows zippo.

Which wall's the door in? Tug points. Tugger sits five feet away. Sounds of a door opening and closing come from the darkness. (OS) Tug. then a clean voice pierces the din. stop. Brendan heaves himself up. Laura stands in the dark doorway. but what the hell with what you said before. and he lets go. FADE UP SMALL DARK ROOM Brendan wakes up curled on a mattress on the floor. But Tug doesn't let up. The thin whispery voice of the Pin speaks softly.the room's darkness just seems to swallow him. and Tug shoves him back down. The Pin's black body spills out across the frame. let up. Sneering. Brendan's world grows hazy. Light footsteps clack on the cement floor. watching him like a hungry dog. Brendan stares back at him through thick. . leaving us in black. but freezes when he hears a door latch click. Tugger grabs his shirt and slams him into the wall. Brendan's head lolls to the side. BRENDAN Where are my glasses? (Tugger grins) Hell with ya then. amused. glazed eyes. Suddenly Tug vanishes -.53 PIN (cont'd) Alright. he drops Brendan back onto the mattress and sits against the opposite wall. the cackling laughter reverberates. Brendan sees Tug's knuckles and a flash of white for a split moment as Tug hits him in the face. Brendan winks at him. A bare light bulb hangs from the ceiling. stands and lurches towards the door again. PIN Sorry about this kid. LAURA Tug's face breaks for a moment.

I don't know if drinking it as well might be too much. PIN (cont'd) So. She is a soft old lady in a pastel cotton dress. How about Tang. Allay the situation. thanks. PIN (cont'd) Where you were at. so you've got that trade off with your standing. if you'd like that. I don't know. Brendan stifles a cough. Brendan. But nuts isn't all bad. I got it. or that's more like soda isn't it. though you've got that in your cornflakes. Laura talked me down. but I'm also thinking you're a little nuts now. He is standing in front of Tug. MOTHER Now just a moment.54 His disembodied face appears a few feet about where Tug had sat. such that his face seems to bob about in space. So yeah. Let's get you upstairs. so maybe it was a good play. back with the living. BRENDAN Water's fine. you've got to use your nut. I'm sorry. currently bent over the fridge mumbling. ma'am. KITCHEN . His black clothes and broad rimmed black hat blend perfectly with the dark room. MOTHER I thought we had orange juice. or milk. The kitchen is on the first floor of the Pin's house. we have apple juice here. it can't be very fortifying. or not soda but it hasn't got any juice in it.DAY Brendan sits at a breakfast table eating cornflakes. with all of us and the Tug a fist away. you're not scared of me. MOTHER It's country style. or rather the Pin's mother's house. BRENDAN Apple juice sounds terrific. . INT.

how'd that be? Boys? TUGGER I'm fine. a sharp black hole against the soft yellow kitchen. I want him out. looking comfortably bored. BRENDAN Yeah well. Mrs. PIN (to Brendan) So hows bout we take another snap at hearing your tale? BRENDAN I don't know. The Pin grins thinly. She shuts the fridge. mom. your muscle seemed plenty cool putting his fist in my head. and this floor ain't carpeted. um. uncomfortable. do something in the other room now.. eats oatmeal cookies with small delicate bites. PIN Looky. Tugger and the Pin sit behind her. The Pin kisses her on the cheek. MOTHER I'll even give it to you in a country glass. The Pin. She shuffles out.55 BRENDAN That's perfect. MOTHER Okay. M. soldierBRENDAN The ape blows or I clam. PIN We're cooled off.. well I'm going to go. PIN Thanks. . It starts out same as before.

BRENDAN I don't like being told whose side I'm on.56 TUGGER (stands violently) So clam! What've you got I can't beat out of you back in the basement? The Pin and Brendan are perfectly still. BRENDAN About a year ago I had a small time dealing partnership with Jerr Madison. BRENDAN Yeah well. but Pin keeps his eyes on Brendan. When I made it clear I wasn't playing their hound dog. PIN Gee that's tough. So? PIN (cont'd) Brendan sets down his spoon. I got out clean almost. PIN Give us a few minutes. but he was a straight player. but the VPs play it like I owe them one. Know him? PIN Till he took the fall for you. They keep calling me in. Tug stomps off. PIN (cont'd) I'll call you if whatever. I gotcha. well they didn't like it. Beat. I didn't ask him to. Nothing on my official record. Tug. Tug turns to him. I'm in a nice spot to know their movements and feed them yours. PIN . The Pin goes back to gnawing his cookie. slamming the narrow door hard behind him. watching each other. badgering me. So now they think I'm on your trail.

Brendan stands but doesn't follow as the Pin opens the narrow door Tugger went through and descends the dark stairs behind. and seeing how it stretches we'll either rub or hire you. just so I can be specific on the invoice? BRENDAN (shrugs) Whatever serves your interests. (they take a hard turn) How long was I out? LAURA Half an hour. PIN (cont'd) We're done. LAURA I'll drive you back. Brendan stares sullenly into space. price? BRENDAN Considering the benefits my services could yield.SUNSET They zig zag though the twisty suburban streets. PIN And what are your services exactly. BRENDAN Just drop me at school. PIN Fair enough. I'll have my boys check your tale. It took all of it for me to cool the Pin down. The moment the Pin vanishes into the basement's murk Laura comes up out of it. You'll know which by end of the day tomorrow.57 BRENDAN You haven't got me yet. . She takes Brendan's hand. PIN What. LAURA'S CONVERTIBLE MOVING . INT. The Pin stands. I don't think that's unreasonable.

Available at fine retailers everywhere. LAURA You trust me now? BRENDAN Less than when I didn't trust you before. If you can tell me your angle in this. and I liked her. but the original version of this scene (shot as written) is on the deleted scenes section of the DVD. but I don't know all what goes on. and Brendan climbs out painfully.58 BRENDAN (flatly. They drive on in silence. He studies her face for a moment. EXT. When she left she took some souvenirs. and the downfall's coming on Em's head. SCHOOL PARKING LOT . But she wasn't us. but sincerely) Thanks. I knew Em when she tried to get with me and Brad. She was smart. his face close to hers. BRENDAN LAURA A few months go by. BRENDAN You think Em scraped the junk off the Pin? 1 Not to weasel in a plug. maybe I can. and it didn't work. dirty habits she wasn't strong enough to control and a connection to the Pin to keep them going. . LAURA (CONT'D) (cont'd) I'm on the in.DUSK Laura's convertible stops. LAURA Come here. top level of the tower and I know everyone. With me? So far.1 Brendan leans on the car. and the next I hear the Pin's raging over a situation with some certain junk Em was partial to.

deeper and deeper until he comes to a door. KARA (sing song) Brendan Brendan Brendan! BRENDAN Where's Dode flopped? (she makes a face) I know you two are cozed up. Everything blends into the color of flesh. she peels out and leaves him standing alone in the fading evening light. WOMAN'S DRESSING ROOM Hazy and cramped.. I'm usually pretty sharp. Throwing the car in gear. it must have been grand. BRENDAN Now you are dangerous. (giggles) Last time we talked you were giving ultimate-tims. KARA Oooh. so you'll tell me or you won't. putting on eyeliner. INT. .. No walls are visible. past forest scenery. maybe I see what you're doing for Emily. but. And I don't know anyone who would do that for me.59 LAURA I don't know. Kara sits at the mirror. INT. it is all billowy piles of costumes. What's your angle in all this? LAURA I don't know. trying to help her. getting feisty. BRENDAN This all helps but it's not what I asked. I've never seen the Pin so hot. but whether she scraped or copped or just ran her tab around the world and into her own back. BACKSTAGE Brendan pushes through the gloom. Brendan pushes in.

The sooner I get the truth from Dode or the truth about Dode from you. the safer you'll both be. BRENDAN Gol. KARA All part of your plan? BRENDAN Turned out to be. I must seem a real cad. You ever miss having someone? I guess you must. BRENDAN I need to hear Dode's tale about Emily. Brendan stands. coughing. It's important. weren't we? Sometimes I miss having someone I can talk to. KARA Whatever happened to us. KARA (darkly) You better be sure you wanna know whatcha wanna know. KARA I feel so cheap and used. Sometimes I just hate myself. Brendan's face is a mask.60 BRENDAN It worked. KARA We were a pair and a half for a few months. Brendan? BRENDAN Where's Dode flopped? She turns to face him. didn't you? Told her my tale. No? Pass it on to Dode anyway. Laura's working with me now. BRENDAN Uh huh. Maybe he'll have the . and I'll have the Pin and Tug in my corner soon. You went to Laura. Kara grins dreamily.

different handwriting. He fishes the old note out and compares them . A beat of silence.MORNING The class bell rings. BRENDAN (too sharp) I'll let you know when she is.61 sense to get out from under you before he gets hurt. I'd give us 70/30. Brendan. He pulls it open. THE BRAIN I think she's with us. on the phone. It is folded into a star. Unless his crew spotted VP Truman's social call this morning. "TWELVE THIRTY PICO & ALEXANDER". A note falls to his feet. Okay.NIGHT Brendan's at his desk. keep your specs peeled for Dode and stay away from Laura. it'll be yes. BRENDAN'S ROOM . EXT. and the cage quickly empties. LOCKER CAGE . . Brendan limps in. THE BRAIN (on the phone) So what happens now? BRENDAN Now we wait for the Pin's answer. opens his locker. You stick to Kara. If we're in I get under his skin and see what's what. INT. KARA You didn't. THE BRAIN Brendan gently replaces the receiver and sits for a moment in silence. The Brain is quiet for a beat. did you? Brendan leaves without looking back.

not slowing.he's down the hall on Brendan's right.DAY Wind rushing. Then CLICK! and a long slender switchblade gleams in the lug's right paw. He wears a black trenchcoat over bulbous shoulders. Brendan tightens his hand into a fist. CAMPUS SQUARE . and his black hair comes down over his eyes like a sheepdog's. Before the lug winds up for another slash Brendan is running. EXT. Brendan's jacket shoulder tears open. sweating. doubles back and stops with his back to a wall . He stumbles back blindly. SCHOOL HALLWAY . Their footsteps clatter on the cement. The lug's footsteps echo through the hallways. Brendan swings around a corner. and the white filling inside turns red. Brendan sprints away. down the hall.DAY Brendan runs through the empty campus square. coming from all directions at once. his knife hand flashing. Brendan sweats.he's lost sight of him. The lug keeps coming. the lug very close. the lug follows. Brendan dashes left. Then it seems clear . BRENDAN You the Pin's? No answer. gaining about thirty feet on the lug before turning the corner. except for the steady sound of heavy footfalls. The lug looms over him. listening. . gets his footing and scrambles out of reach. Brendan looks up from the notes.62 The locker cage is now empty and silent. EXT. BRENDAN (cont'd) So what's his answer? Closer. Brendan drops to a sitting position. THE LUG AROUND THE CORNER Running fast. Wrong. Brendan jumps back as the lug swipes the blade at his torso. A lug with a lumpish face is coming towards him.

A hollow gong reverberates through the hallway. big lug with hair like a sheepdog. tangling his legs into the lug's. The lug's footsteps crash like symbols as they both come around the same corner in opposite directions at full speed. If he's with the Pin everything's kablooie and I gotta blow the burgh. BRENDAN Chuck Burns. and the lug falls like a puppet with his strings cut. . CAMPUS PAYPHONE .63 BRENDAN Kicks his shoes off and clambers to his feet. He's definitely not muscle for anyone. Brendan slides like a baseball player. If you've got a guess I could check it outBRENDAN The Pin. THE BRAIN (on the phone) Yeah I know him. I just can't pin him to any crowd. EXT. BRENDAN On his socked feet running silently back towards the corner. THE LUG Just about to round the corner. He taps the Carrows crowd but doesn't hang with them. a baggie of weed and a large brownie in another baggie. THE BRAIN I'll check it. Brendan leaves it all on him and staggers off. He hits the hall's metal handrail with his arms and head. The lug's footsteps are impossibly loud. I'm in third nowBrendan spots the Pin's Cady pulling into the parking lot. fifteen joints.DAY Brendan breathes heavily into the phone. three hash pipes. A wallet with a couple of twenties and a student ID (CHUCK BURNS). The lug pitches forward with frightening momentum.

Square? BRENDAN Yeah. Tangles. and he stops walking. INT.64 BRENDAN Never mind. he does.DAY Brendan sits beside the Pin. Tangles pulls out an envelope and drops it in Brendan's lap. A stocky kid in the front seat turns. Get in. PIN (cont'd) That's what you'll get every week for your services. The cady pulls up beside him. not looking at each other. The Pin holds his hat in his hands. BRENDAN So? PIN So. Less of course there's a specific job involved. fingering the rim. The door swings open and a voice comes from inside. eyes on Brendan. The car lurches forward. hand in his jacket. Know it? . and reaches into his jacket. The windows are tinted and the car is very dark. Brendan hangs up and begins walking at a normal pace along the sidewalk. Brendan and the Pin are silent for a beat. Silence. The seats are pink vinyl. VOICE With no perceivable hesitation. For a moment he stays like that. If I don't call by three call in the bulls. CADILAC . Brendan's face is placid. in where you get sliced in with my crew. PIN We're doing a thing down at the Hole tonight.

CAMPUS PAYPHONE . BRENDAN So? VOICE Anyone I tell. PIN It's sort of a welcome you in thing. holding the receiver to his ear in silence. it would ruin you some way. EXT. Or maybe I'll just do you in. but during post production we decided it was one layer too many.DAY Brendan climbs out of the car on the exact spot they picked him up. yeah. PICO & ALEXANDER . BRENDAN Hire another hash head to blade me? 1 Originally the source of this call was supposed to be a mystery. and identified the caller as Dode. A phone begins to ring. Brendan checks his watch. VOICE (on the phone) I know what you did.65 BRENDAN South of T Street. BRENDAN'S WATCH 12:32.DAY Brendan looks up from his watch and answers the payphone.1 The voice is low and garbled. I saw what you did. And I'm going to tell someone. filtered through something. The car stops. The Cady drives off. EXT. Brendan’s first line was overdubbed in post to say ‘Dode?” instead of “So?” . BRENDAN Are you making an offer? VOICE Maybe. Eight o'clock.

keep me posted. Brendan hangs up. Keep digging on the Burns lug. CLICK. I just gotta squawk. BRENDAN THE BRAIN You alright? BRENDAN Yeah. I'm fine. BRENDAN That's not good. Alright. He set up whatever Emily walked into. it's getting more and more urgent we talk. BRENDAN What do you want? VOICE Just to see you sweat. BRENDAN Asked for me? THE BRAIN No. Then he inserts a coin and dials. shamus. just Trueman. BRENDAN Trueman and the VP? THE BRAIN No. Trueman was looking for you. THE BRAIN Alright.66 VOICE Don't need no blades. but looked. Brendan replaces the receiver and stands still for a moment. THE BRAIN (on the phone) Brendan? Yeah. but the main thing is to find Dode. .

BRENDAN Small fries. PIN So I'm going to start you on the dope circles.67 EXT. Figures jump through the blaze to thrash music. and I'm bringing you in sort of because of it. you said. BRENDAN What was it? It's over. Who knew. facing the breakers. cleaning up the Turkish dues. well. BRENDAN Oh yeah? What was it? PIN Big time. and there was a snag in it. The Pin and Brendan wander towards us on the dark beach. You're coming into a certain situation. . PIN (cont'd) I gotta lay something out. PIN BRENDAN Almost. Anyway there isn't much else doing. They sit in the sand.NIGHT1 A bonfire burns about a hundred feet off. shoot a micro budget feature film and tell your cinematographer that there will be an extended scene on a beach at night. You're gonna make me curious. I'm tailing out this big deal. being so curious. Just to see how you handle. but it's almost done now. PIN Yeah. PIN It's over enough. Shooting at sunset proved a fortunate and less horror inducing solution. but that's almost done. BEACH . 1 If ever you want to witness a look of pure horror. Turns out it’s difficult to light up a beach without very large and expensive equipment. pulling in the strags. Biggest I ever done.

BRENDAN PIN His descriptions of things are really good. watching all the. BRENDAN Muscle you can't control's no good at that. complicated. I decided I oughta hear what you were gunning for before I made an enemy. PIN You're working for me. not Tug. it's tough sometimes. Twisted. Tug just did it. I know. (silence) You read Tolkien? BRENDAN What? PIN Tolkien. Laura and I. the Hobbit books? Yeah. He was hot. he's loyal. that's all. BRENDAN A moment of silence. you know. He's been doing that. and he just hit you. Alright. PIN Things can get. Oh yeah? BRENDAN . I don't know.68 (beat) I didn't tell Tugger to hit you for the Brad Bramish thing. Everyone's got their thing. Yeah? BRENDAN PIN He's got my best interests. he just gets hot. though. The breakers crash.

I've got some stuff. Tug stands with his hands jammed in his pockets. Brendan half wakes and puts it to his ear. Meet me behind the library. The phone is ringing. INT. Behind them. BACK OF LIBRARY .69 PIN He makes you want to be there. THE BRAIN Get out of there too. The waves crash. a horse dose of Heroin and traces of Choleric Tricemate. with no warning at all.EARLY MORNING The clock radio blinks 5:34. Frisco's still under . He was in a coma. BRENDAN THE BRAIN Did they call your mom? BRENDAN Probably. flashing lights and gleaming metal streaking and squealing behind him. his stomach contained a sausage sandwich. "LOCAL YOUTH HOSPITALIZED" THE BRAIN Frisco Farr was found on a sidewalk outside Pinkerton's Deli three weeks ago.EARLY MORNING A cold gray morning. What? BRENDAN THE BRAIN Fifth period Trueman and the VP come in asking for you. a poisonous chemical found in laundry detergent. The Brain hands Brendan a photocopy of a newspaper clipping. THE BRAIN (on the phone) Don't go to class. then. BRENDAN'S ROOM . I got home late. a train shoots by. Agh. EXT.

70 and nobody's talking. The Brain looks hard at him. could that form of Heroin be called 'Brick'? THE BRAIN No -. Bad brick.. BRENDAN Huh." Brendan crumples it into a ball. the chem the junk must have been cut with put him down. The note reads "Meet me at the southeast corner of the school at 9:30. From Laura. (fishes a note from his pocket) Here. BRENDAN This isn't good. OD? BRENDAN THE BRAIN No. BRENDAN (cont'd) No. Brendan stares off into space for a beat. then takes the Brain's cell phone and dials. THE BRAIN You tell her to stay clear of me? He gives the note to Brendan. THE BRAIN The Brain lays out a local newspaper with Emily's picture "LOCAL GIRL MISSING". its street handle's 'whip' or 'rock' or 'brock'. so nothing's come of it. who unfolds it roughly. Uncomfortable silence. BRENDAN I told you to stay clear of Laura. Tell her I'll be at the Pin's at one.. Any luck with the lug? No. BRENDAN (mutters) I gotta get voicemail. . Bad was a concentrated powder.

got it? THE BRAIN What are you going to do? BRENDAN I'd like to have played it safe. The Pin's not letting . but there's no time. but do it on the underneath. The police are involved. but ask on the underneath for Dode. TRUEMAN (on the phone) This is Trueman. What? THE BRAIN BRENDAN I've been cut loose. If you don't have a valid excuseBrendan hangs up. so the VP and I came to ask you questions. I'm not safe here. It's a very serious thing. We shouldn't have met in the open. That's all that matters now. Brendan compares the two notes from his pocket with Laura's . find Dode. The VP and I knew you two were close. Alright.71 BRENDAN (cont'd) (into phone) Mr. BRENDAN What the hell are you doing asking for me in class? TRUEMAN What the hell are you doing out of class? BRENDAN What? TRUEMAN (very deliberate) The VP and I needed to ask you a few questions about Emily Kostich. but you were truant. Trueman please. who you might have heard is missing. lay low.distinct handwriting on each.

Another. so I gotta push things a bit. He pulls out another.SAME Empty. Brendan goes to the lit doorway at the end of the hall.DAY The bird of prey mailbox looms ominously. knocking it gently with his knuckles. Something creaks in the hallway. He descends into inky gloom. Slowly. Brendan floats through the room like a ghost. . his eyes on the doorway. BASEMENT HALLWAY .72 anything drop. EXT. Brendan draws out a stack of hundred dollar bills two inches thick. INT. and it gives. Barely breathing. then with greater confidence he rifles through it papers and trinkets. How? THE BRAIN BRENDAN I don't know. Another. Just find Dode. KITCHEN . meaningless. No answer. THE PIN'S HOUSE . passing other doorways. PIN'S DEN . all open but for one. Brendan freezes. Brendan crosses the warped linoleum and gently opens the narrow basement door. INT. Silently he replaces the money and drawer. listening . INT. Thumbing the stacks -.SAME Still empty. Brendan knocks on the front door. Quickly he removes the top drawer and reaches down into the desk frame. to the Pin's desk. INT.SAME Empty. Brendan creeps towards the stairs. He presses lightly on the screen door.silence. He stops for a moment.pure hundreds.SAME Deathly still and silent. He reaches beneath the desk. He creeps towards the door on the balls of his feet. BASEMENT HALLWAY .

then a strangely bare corner with a single white lump in it. TUGGER You oughta ask him what you wanna know. The bird flies out the window. the VP's so hot for me. Brendan walks the large mirror into the beam of light. A white bird nesting in the window flutters into the dark room. Brendan goes to the white lump. BRENDAN I did. not to gum it. White chalky residue patterns the floor -.SAME Brendan enters the room .pitch black but for a small high window. The white bird stands behind the lump. Brendan jumps back. reflecting it around the room like a flashlight. Someone else.there were other bricks there before. . BRENDAN I'm looking to find this big game the Pin's played. genius?! Maybe you're poking for your bull friends! BRENDAN Don't be a sap. More junk. He didn't tell me. TUGGER Yeah well. but just so when its tail jams in my back I'll know who to bill for the embalming. He throws Brendan across the room. something moves. Behind Brendan. Brendan pulls the curtains aside. Maybe you're looking to make good. then heaves him into a wall. its dark eyes caught in the bare light. a mattress. STORAGE ROOM . in the mirror. A beam of sunlight spills just enough light to reveal a figure in the dark. TUGGER What with the poking. in the room. Tugger. I can't even face up at school. and his reflection in the large mirror jumps as well.73 INT. a small brick of white powder.

maybe some by Shorecliffs. TUGGER Yeah. I don't know who. sell em off round the high.. Brendan gasps for air.DAY Tug sets a country glass of orange juice in front of Brendan. BRENDAN Yeah? It. There were problems with that. there aint enough marks in the whole burgh to eat that. BRENDAN (sympathetic) Huh. well. TUGGER .. TUGGER Yeah. BRENDAN Didn't tell you. KITCHEN . That's understandable. even up to the docks. So he unloads eight of em up way north. BRENDAN (cont'd) When a gee I'm paid to side with won't give me the straight that makes me nervous.74 Tug loosens his grip. INT. he didn't tell me. So that's the tenth in there. BRENDAN What about the ninth brick? TUGGER Ah yeah. I don't know where he picked them. Makes me angry. uh. TUGGER There was ten of them. He paces. We gotta break it into doses. TUGGER So we get ten kils of brock. Tug draws back a bit. That was eight.

75 He stops. Just takes time. Tell me what he says.enter the Pin. then he jerks out of his trance. TUGGER BRENDAN TUGGER Don't know her. TUGGER Has the Pin talked about her? BRENDAN Not to me. Sure. BRENDAN TUGGER Yeah. it came back. His scar reddens slightly. We'll track down the rat. Tug's scar reddens a bit more. . and whatayaknow. A quiet pause. But it came back bad. Frisco. BRENDAN Huh. you know. BRENDAN I heard something fell with Emily Kostich. We started raising hell with all the likely suspects. If he's surprised he doesn't show it. Emily who? Kostich. Someone skimmed it. BRENDAN The screen door swings open -. poor Frisco. I wanna check. TUGGER Yeah. TUGGER (cont'd) (quickly) It disappeared. You heard about that. Ask him. he might know something. One of ours took a dose off the top. cause if you heard something. thinking harder than he's used to. and it laid him out.

didn't you? BRENDAN A while back. (to Brendan) Emily was Tug's girl for awhile. TUGGER Yeah. His big foot clunks on the linoleum. Someone who says they know something about Emily. PIN Good. I heard that. PIN You've heard she's missing? BRENDAN Yeah. TUGGER Emily? PIN Emily Kostich. PIN (cont'd) So. sniffling. PIN (cont'd) You alright. Four o'clock. You know Emily. .76 PIN Pow wowing? BRENDAN Just shooting the shat. soldier? Brendan moves a hand dismissively. PIN So maybe you want to come along too. just shooting it. Where she's at now. Says we'd want to know. TUGGER (uncomfortable) Yeah? PIN So we'll meet him. I got a call. Tug. He eyes a very sick looking Brendan. Wants to meet.

EXT. PIN Four o'clock. BRENDAN (roughly) A payphone.DAY PAYPHONE The mobile customer you have called is away from the phoneBrendan slams the phone down violently and walks back towards the car. His legs quiver. . maybe we'll find out. and they jerk forward. The Pin calls after him as he leaves.SAME Brendan falls into Laura's idling car. STREET CORNER . EXT. PIN (cont'd) Four o'clock. and a coughing fit hits. LAURA WhatBrendan throws the car into drive. It has the symbol drawn in pencil: A horn honks outside. FRONT OF PIN'S HOUSE . BRENDAN That's my ride. then slides it to Brendan.77 BRENDAN What has Emily got to do with you? PIN (looks at Tugger) Show. Tugger glances at the slip. anywhere. He gives a slip of paper to Tugger.

BrendanBRENDAN What timeLAURA You've got a fever. Laura follows. LAURA Get back in the car. I'm taking you home. you've got to go to the hospital orBRENDAN What time is it? LAURA Three forty.SAME Brendan falls to his knees. BRENDAN (cont'd) Okay.DAY and sits up with a jolt. but it isn't her hair. you've got to. Laura's arms wrap around him. you needBRENDAN Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! He keeps yelling that until she does. what you've got to do is drive around to the Carrows lot. Brendan spins backwards into DARKNESS Emily kissing his mouth. SCHOOL PARKING LOT . His head spins. Brendan shoots upwards INT. her hair around him. You've got to rest. LAURA'S CAR STATIONARY . it's Laura's. except it isn't Laura.78 Hacking and spluttering he falls to his knees. BRENDAN (barks shakily) What time is it? LAURA Lie down. Laid out in the back seat. . you're feverish. He throws himself out of the car. EXT. it's Emily. coughing. you're sick. Laura dabbing his head with a wet napkin.

79 I'll be up on the. Dode? DODE I saw you. Closer. DODE BRENDAN What'd you see me? . watching the barren horizon. Still a dark dot. If you see anyone but the Pin or Tugger or their crew go down into the ravine. a speck. Please. LAURA Get back in the car. A beat. then her face registers resignation. across the field. He holds a newspaper. BRENDAN Do it! Will you do it? I need you to do this. long short long short. DODE You gonna stop me? BRENDAN What do you think you're doing. honk four times. But don't be seen. the basketball field. Coming towards Brendan. BASKETBALL FIELD . EXT. Brendan's face snaps into recognition. Brendan stands crooked. I saw what you did.DAY A flat plane of pebbly asphalt with a dozen basketball courts faintly outlined across its surface. I need you. The wind blows bitterly. and the sky is dark. Then. the blacktop. Closer. Dode? Dode grins. He holds her shoulders. Brendan slumps towards it. BRENDAN What'd you see? I saw you. BRENDAN What are you doing. So you've got to go by you or me to get down there. here.

dead. I did. BRENDAN I found the body. BRENDAN Yeah. cause you hid the body. That's all you saw? What about before? DODE Before what? BRENDAN Did you see who killed her before I got there? DODE (face ashen) You killed her. DODE You're not going to talk this! BRENDAN Dode. why wouldn'tBRENDAN Who's 'we'? DODE Shut up! You're always talking. I know you're thinking of Em. always this and that smartso. I thought you didn't. I know you tried to help herDODE Shut up! You're gonna shut your Brendan staggers. you're gonna shut up now! BRENDAN I didn't kill her. Dode. DODE You. Dode. and you took the body.80 DODE You were with her. then snaps back. I got the news on ya. but we figured out. the world blurs out for a moment. DODE (cont'd) put it over real nice- .

Dode walks stiffly away. DODE You couldn't stand it. . BRENDAN What was yours? DODE I loved her. She was gonna keep it. and you couldn't stand that. And I woulda loved the kid. DODE You're trying to confuse me. Dode? She came to me. it was mine. I'm gonna bury you. I just gotta know who! Dode throws the paper. youBRENDAN Why was she scared. Brendan puts a hand on his shoulder. BRENDAN Dode. which scatters in the wind. Your little Em. Brendan's face is empty. DODE Shut up! She's dead. Brendan hits the pavement. but shrinks back in a coughing spasm.81 BRENDAN -so I'm telling you now you're in over your head. BRENDAN What was yours? DODE I had you pegged. you don't want to put your hand in thisDode shakes the newspaper at him. Dode grabs Brendan's wrist and hits him in the face. who was she scared of? I think I know why.

He limps across the field. glowing. EXT. landing on his feet.DAY Bright clouds. The black field seems impossibly long. Emily flies towards us. Dode is nowhere to be seen. Oh yeah? BRENDAN PIN Yeah.DAY Brendan pulls the newspaper off his face. her wings splutter out. sharp light. Brendan hoists himself up. He says he knows where the body's at. The wind blows against him. Brendan's face is placid. Everyone looks at Brendan. Gathered around the drain tunnel entrance are Tugger. towards the ravine. still he keeps limping forward. Brendan clears his throat. lying in a fetal position. (beat of silence) And he says he wants more money than I think the information's worth. Slowly.DAY Brendan slides down the embankment. the Pin. then dimmer. and we are looking at Emily's picture in the newspaper article. He coughs and splutters. RUNOFF TUNNEL . five of Tugger's flunkies and Dode in the middle. Nobody reacts to that. Dode? (to the Pin) . HEAVEN . A long silence. EXT. the clouds turn gray. painfully. Every step is agony. He says he knows who did it. BRENDAN What'd I miss? More silence.82 EXT. BASKETBALL FIELD . BRENDAN That so. barely able to keep his footing. PIN Dode here says Emily Kostich is dead.

DODE PIN Plenty.83 So walk. Tugger's eyes are locked on Dode. cause it's someone close to you. Let him milk you if you want. (to Dode) It's still too much. but it's Dode. you can't trust it. PIN (to Brendan) Stay. he says. Real close. Brendan laughs and turns away. Why pay for dirt you can't believe? DODE You'll believe this. BRENDAN (shrugs) Maybe you will. BRENDAN I'm getting my shoes wet for this. DODE Real close. DODE You'll believe it. And he wants cash on the nail. He's a pot skulled reef worm with more hop in his head than blood. BRENDAN Maybe it's hot. What's the info have to do with you anyways? Plenty. The Pin looks up at Brendan. DODE No it's not. his scar the color of raw liver. whose face is loose and nonchalant. . You won't complain when you hear it. BRENDAN Uh huh.

DODE (with growing confidence) It's not. BRENDAN (murmurs) So maybe you should. and it's real important to you. and cause he's got a lot to lose. his face. Dode remains upright for a moment. curious. Tug. Brendan watches him. Tug pulls the gun from his jacket.84 Tugger twists a stick in his hands. He grabs Dode's hair and knees Brendan stumbles towards them. cause the person who killed her's real close. The back of Dode's skull comes off. . then falls limp into the water. It's still too much. stop. and he's really really scared . slips and falls into the shallow water. and birds fly out. Brendan yells. it's alright! Tug has Dode on the ground. Tug levels the gun at Dode's head and fires one shot. The rapport reverberates through the black tunnel behind them. Dode raises his head. BRENDAN Tug. DODE You had her against the wall with the brick PIN I know my business. PIN Tug backs off. cause that's not why she was killed. kicking his stomach and chest.she had a kid in her and he couldn't stand Tugger springs like a cat. and he knows if I don't bury him by spilling to you I spill to the bulls and bury him for real.

Brendan crawls towards Tug. And maybe I did it cause I thought it was true. yelling for him to stop. That's a hell of a thing to spring on a guy. then sharpen. I don't remember much. I think bout it being true. and the Pin scrambles back. empty eyes. hospital. Laura said take you.85 The Pin's face is stupid.. Tugger fires . and the Pin is away. INT. Bout it being mine. Brendan's vision blurs. both misses. BRENDAN What's the stats? . you know. TUGGER'S BEDROOM . watch it sleepily. gun in hand. but I couldn't. Tug fires twice more. but I still think sometimes.dirt kicks up. she knew her. just.. lifeless. said it wasn't true. smoking. Laura talked me down after. PIN (cont'd) (thickly) Tug. Tugger sits in a chair bedside. He stumbles and falls into the FADE OUT FADE IN: A CEILING FAN Spinning gently. Brendan's eyes open. Brendan watches him for a long moment in the room's dim light. TUGGER (cont'd) You up? You weren't doing too good there for awhile. A hell of a thing. Tug turns to him. said whatever.NIGHT Brendan sits up in the bed. Distant sirens. shallow water. Brendan stares at him through cold. TUGGER She sprung it on me.

Brendan swings his legs over the bed. They're gone. Laura. I'm with you. steps into his shoes and hobbles out of the room.SAME About ten more kids dressed like Tug are cleaning guns. BRENDAN (cont'd) Alright. It can do that. TUGGER'S LIVING ROOM . Brendan nods to them. would've taken the body. BRENDAN The hell I am.86 TUGGER Everyone's just laying low. at my folks place. BRENDAN War? TUGGER You're with us. Everyone's lying low. INT. Brendan runs his fingers through his hair. You're here with us. Sleep some more. TUGGER (cont'd) So everyone's assuming it's war. The bulls got Dode fore the tide took his body. strong tide. like out to sea. Tug steps in front of him. . but no one's said it yet. BRENDAN Tide? TUGGER Yeah. BRENDAN Hey. But the fuzz got there first. TUGGER So just lie low. Tugger exits. Brendan nods. she said you should sleep. staring him down.

87 They nod back, not paying much attention as he goes out the front door. EXT. STREET - NIGHT On a lamplit street corner Brendan leans against a payphone.

THE BRAIN (on phone) Brendan? BRENDAN Yeah. THE BRAIN Are you - what, man, have you heard about DodeBRENDAN I was there. YouTHE BRAIN

BRENDAN Where were you yesterday? I called. THE BRAIN Kasprzyk took my phone, turned it off. I just now got it back. BRENDAN Alright, listenTHE BRAIN Are you okay? BRENDAN Just listen. Is my name in the papers with the story? THE BRAIN No. BRENDAN Alright. Is it just Dode in the papers? THE BRAIN Yeah. What do you mean?

88 BRENDAN Listen, I'm going to be calling you tonight, probably late. Sleep with your phone on. Could you get a car if you needed to? THE BRAIN If it's late enough I could take my mom'sBRENDAN Be ready then. I'll call. Alright. THE BRAIN

INT. DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT Brendan kicks in the door. Kara sits in front of the mirror in a soft pink robe, a boy on the floor beside her. She gasps. KARA Brendan. Did you hear about Dode? BRENDAN You scheming tramp. You set that poor kid up, you hid him, fed him your tale. You got info from Laura and held Dode like a card till you could play him. For money! Brendan throws a chair. The boy stands. KARA I don't know what you're talking about. BRENDAN You'd bury me at the same time, but it was mostly for the money. You got Dode thinking Em had his kid, thinking I did it, and that was enough for him, but he stuck to the money cause you had your claws in him, cause he couldn't come away from the deal without it and make you happy. KARA Sit down, you're a mess. Russ, go get my shoes from the wardrobe locker, would you sweetie?

89 He goes, trying to look mean at Brendan. Brendan and Kara watch each other like caged rats. KARA (cont'd) Still wish you knew what you wanted to know? If it's any consolation, it probably wasn't Dode's kid. It might have been Tug's, but frankly I wouldn't bet a horse - it was a crowded field there at the end. Brendan grabs a clock and throws it. Kara's mirror shatters, revealing a grimy dark wall behind. KARA (cont'd) Meany. You want my tale, Brendan? I still know what Dode was selling, but I'd play it smart. A quick call from a payphone to copland, they drag the tunnel and you're through. She comes very close to him. Her robe falls open slightly. KARA (cont'd) Five thousand. Cash. I know you can get it from the Pin, but even if you can't I want it by first period tomorrow, or I play my hand and bury you. She turns away, lets her robe fall.1 KARA (cont'd) Now get out. Brendan's eyes burn. He lunges at her. EXT. BACKSTAGE - SAME Drama geeks sit in groups. The dressing room door flies open and Kara flies out, stark naked. Brendan flies out after her. KARA What are you doing? BRENDAN Showing your ace. Brendan storms out.


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BRENDAN No. . I wasn't even there. soon as the press heat dies. He panicked. BRENDAN Tug got hot. PIN He was right. BRENDAN Laura here? Beat of silence. He's been anxious cause he thought if you found out he killed Emily you'd turn him over. no roughing. BRENDAN Yeah. you're with him. A voice from the screen door VOICE Far enough. PIN I told him to get the straight.90 EXT. PIN'S HOUSE . PIN So? BRENDAN So what are the stats? PIN The stats are war.NIGHT Brendan walks past the bird of prey mailbox. And if you're with him. well. The Pin. PIN Everyone's paying social calls. PIN Tug's been after my digs from the get go.

at least let's have a pow wow fore we start digging trenches. alright. INT. BRENDAN Four o'clock. Brendan turns away. Maybe we can all walk away amiable enemies. LAURA'S CAR . PIN Yeah. LAURA What's going to happen? Brendan coughs.MOVING . . You'll be here? BRENDAN Yeah. What would it take? PIN I don't know.91 BRENDAN Alright. So he's a hot head. PIN Four tonight. Brendan stares at the passing lights. BRENDAN Alright. LAURA (cont'd) I'll drive you back. but we can talk. Tomorrow? PIN BRENDAN Tonight. Let's clear it all before it boils up again. He owes me some money. We'd have to square everything between us.NIGHT Laura drives. Wait! LAURA (OS) She comes out of the house with her purse. So you don't want him on your side.

He wants to talk straight. TUGGER'S LIVING ROOM . BRENDAN Uh huh. you won't need it. TUGGER Hell I don't. Smooth it out. she's our go-between. He drops Brendan. four o'clock tonight.92 LAURA (cont'd) Do you feel better? BRENDAN (weak) I don't know. Laura kneels beside Brendan. . You and the Pin are going to pow wow. feeling his forehead. TUGGER For a smart guy you aint too smart. Laura enters. and you're going to work with him for whatever he needs. his place. cause you don't want war. INT. So here's the sit. LAURA He's right. Make peace and wait for your chance. BRENDAN The Pin's sitting on the brick profits hitting him now would be post. Tug's hands grab him roughly. Tug. I said lay low.NIGHT Brendan stumbles in. Take all the muscle you want. BRENDAN She was at the Pin's. TUGGER Yeah. LAURA Tug.

Sweat stands on his forehead. A door creaks open. INT.NIGHT Brendan lies on his back. She puts a pale hand on his clammy forehead. Brendan shrinks back. His eyes are wet. then the room. her hands all warm and gentle. him and every bull in the burgh. Brendan stumbles into the bedroom. Tugger turns away. thinking. Brendan breaks. Brendan clamps his eyes shut. Brendan's throat contorts in a hard swallow. but cannot. BRENDAN (croaks) Go away. then shivering with an almighty release he cries like a baby in her arms. LAURA I'm sorry Brendan. Her hair. Her hands all over his face. He fingers slide over his face. then the fan. Then the fan is still and the room is spinning. THE FAN Spinning dizzily from Brendan's POV. War'll mean you vs. he's got you on the Dode thing. She pulls off his glasses. She nods. we'll talk.93 BRENDAN (between coughs) Besides. TUGGER Yeah. touching him. In silent sobs first. THE FAN . Brendan tries to speak. Laura floats across the room to him. Her hair falls around him. TUGGER'S BEDROOM . LAURA (to Brendan) You going? BRENDAN Yeah.

Why? LAURA BRENDAN Cause if there's war. stop. she wouldn't care. His glasses lay on the table. I've got a car. but we could go for awhile. school? C'mon. Brendan watches the smoke. I mean why not just run away. Just until everything clears. I'm in it too. Go somewhere. (Brendan gives a wry look) I've got an aunt in New Orleans. BRENDAN I've got to make sure it plays out smooth. LAURA It'll play however it plays without you there. Through the left lens the cigarette is magnified. LAURA I wasn't serious. Stretching his arm across the table. (Brendan grins) Yeah. She stubs the butt out in an ash tray on the table and curls against his chest. They lie beside each other. LAURA Well let's just. LAURA Don't go tonight. Her smoke drifts into the fan. but think about it. Laura lights a cigarette. Pale blue arrow on the filter. BRENDAN I've got to make sure. why not? What. Family? BRENDAN Alright. . it's a stupid thing.94 Spinning above them. he nonchalantly spins the ash tray around with his finger.

BRENDAN Alright. Get it? TUGGER Mr. INT. . The hellTUGGER BRENDAN I'll take the scenic route to draw off any tailers. LATER Brendan slips out of bed. BRENDAN Take it and Laura's. Got a cigarette? TUGGER No. TUGGER They're just ready. Smarts. A glowing clock radio reads "3:16". BRENDAN I've seen you smoke. they might even radio back that you're alone. TUGGER'S LIVING ROOM . He looks at it. spinning. I don't smoke.95 Laura's arm stretches across his chest. He tosses Brendan his keys. BRENDAN Your folks left a car here? TUGGER Yeah. Tug's flunkies prepare various weapons. Brendan goes to Tug. They'll think it's you. BRENDAN Tell your boys no knuckle business. (Brendan tosses Tug the keys) I'll go first in yours. then up at the fan.NIGHT A swarm of silent activity.

THE BRAIN BRENDAN I'll call you when it gets light. EXT. BRENDAN Give me fifteen minutes. BRENDAN Alright. tail her. FRONT OF PIN'S HOUSE . STREET . (silence) Thanks. Brendan talks at a payphone beside the curbed mustang. off Pico west of La Grange. . TUGGER'S HOUSE .NIGHT Overlooking a twinkling valley of suburban lights. EXT. Brain. THE BRAIN BRENDAN Go to 2014 Clancy. Laura's inside.NIGHT Brendan pulls the mustang into the driveway. One of the Pin's boys lets him in. then go. THE BRAIN (on phone) Yeah.NIGHT Brendan slides into the black mustang and gutters off into the night. but if she blows on foot or gets a pick. Can you get the car? Yeah. EXT. Brain hangs up. Park outside and wait. I warned you.96 TUGGER I don't smoke cigarettes. Alright? (silence) Alright? Okay. She hasn't got a car. CLICK. limps up to the front door and knocks.

Tug looks at the Pin.SAME The Pin at his desk. did you borrow it? TUGGER Yeah. BRENDAN (to Tug) That's square. BRENDAN Then you owe it. you owe me six Cs. Tug sits in the center of the room. pouring them milk. Brendan passes through quickly. Lay low it'll blow over. The Pin's mom is shuffling about. no rush.97 INT.SAME Crowded with tense looking punks. two of his punks beside him. Shouldn't need a shake on that.SAME Several more punks from both camps crowd the hall. half dressed like the Pin and half like Tugger. flanked by two of his boys. his scar reddens. Stick on this. BASEMENT HALLWAY . Second. INT. As to the six. but I want your shake that it'll come home in not too much time. INT. KITCHEN . You did them after all. Tug's eyes burn. TUGGER Alright to both. and more lean in the darkened doorways. PIN'S DEN . Brendan saunters between them and leans against the dresser. one of you'll dish it to bury the other and you'll both get the rap. BRENDAN PIN I want full assurance that any heat from Emily and Dode is gonna be on just you. . Talk. I don't even want my name pulled in the shindig.

98 BRENDAN Good. so let's shake and blow. Tug shoots to his feet. . PIN Not good enough. Just to prove it. Let's seal it up and blow for keeps. Tug? TUGGER (eyes hot on the Pin) No. BRENDAN Alright. How do I know it aint bad? BRENDAN Why would it be? PIN Why was the last one? Cause someone got greedy. Then we're square. TUGGER Hell for that! I didn't touch your junk. that's it. Tug here's had the means to swipe half and cut it bad for a long time. PIN Third thing. Brendan looks up sharply. I'm gonna start selling it. BRENDAN What would be good enough? PIN I wanna see him dose it. Now we're splits my loss of trust's retroactive. BRENDAN It's yours. kicking away his chair. taken off guard. PIN That aint the point. The last brick. BRENDAN Did you.

CRASH! from the next room. TUGGER Yeah. then scuffling and shouting. take all two it BRENDAN Johnny. forward. unbelieving. To hell! TUGGER PIN Your not wanting to dose it's telling me something right here. and if I do die you have your war. it better be! It's telling that I'm out from your thumb. More breaking. that I aint playing lapdog to no gothed up cripple no more! Everyone in the room is on their feet. PIN Tangles. Tug starts to follow. All eyes to him.99 PIN I wanna see it. They go. They all wait. and if I don't die we're right as rain. BRENDAN I'll dose it. but Brendan holds him back. Everyone freezes. then run out. Deal? Fine. so long as you keep off my grave. The two punks look at their bosses. . then tosses his hands up slightly and turns away. Tug just stares at Brendan. What? PIN Brendan steps BRENDAN If it'll shut you two apes up I'll the dose. go with him.

a gunshot. Alright! TUGGER BRENDAN No. think about itTUGGER Alright. He punctuates his words with hard straight blows into the Pin's face. Tug? Snag it so I don't know. The ceiling pounds and shudders with footfalls and bodies hitting the ground.100 The noise through the wall grows tremendous. that's notPIN Was it bad. a full brawl. . eyes blazing at Tug. then Tangles falls through the door. huh? Talk it out? Get your boys in my den soes you could snag it under my nose? Tug's scar is fiery red. The brick's gone. snarling. Tangles stops gasping. A few tense seconds. but Brendan shouts No! BRENDAN (cont'd) and slams it shut. it's gone. I did all that! Tug blows past Brendan like a train and slams the Pin into the ground with his fist. from not too far away. TANGLES (gasping) The brick. Then. Another gunshot. He coils his body. PIN Make peace. The Pin stands and goes towards the door. his chest red. Footfalls. The Pin stands. The Pin bends over him. or sell it off to flat the war odds? BRENDAN (shouts) Pin.

I did it all! He pulls the gun. then winds up and kicks Tug in the wrist with all his strength. Brendan spins on his heel and fires three shots into the darkness. pinning Tug's gun hand to the carpet. From the darkened doorways and the thin ceiling relentless sounds of fighting. Tug roars. Light flashes from another darkened doorway and the wall beside Brendan splinters. wrenching it sideways. The Pin flips Tug between them. PIN Do him! Brendan backs off a few steps. over and for a moment Brendan is caught and torn. which falls silent. Brendan screams. The Pin is on top. staggers. I snagged your junk. Brendan shouts and throws himself on Tug's arm. The gun clunks onto the carpet. INT.101 TUGGER (cont'd) I cut the brick. Inside wild shadows splay across the walls. eyes glued to the Pin's door. flips the Pin over and beats his face mercilessly. thrashing wildly. BASEMENT HALLWAY . straining to keep it there. PIN (cont'd) Do him now! Brendan stumbles back. Brendan stumbles out into the hall. . and manages to slip out of his bloodied jacket and out from between the two. Brendan walks backwards as if in a trance. and the Pin shouts Brendan's name. rolling over the gun. A terrible crunching popping sound. Tug roars. Brendan leaps to his feet. firing Plaster sprays.SAME Empty. Tug grabs his wrist and the gun goes off. I stole the money. Brendan grabs into the ceiling. Brendan takes the gun from his limp hand. The Pin strains to keep Tug down. I faked a peace. hit it.

SCHOOL PAYPHONE . calling for help. Brendan steps back. Horrible sounds come from it. Brendan stands slowly. turns and runs into the room where he found the brick. Everything is suddenly still. FADE OUT FADE IN: EXT.the trunk has drifted open. inky black. In one motion Brendan kicks the gun down the hall into the Pin's doorway. screams.EARLY MORNING The morning is cold and clammy. slips on the grass and hits the ground hard. clawing past dark fighting shapes. . Pleading. then walks off down the street and vanishes into the inky night. The Pin screams Brendan's name over and over.102 He turns the gun back on the Pin's doorway. With a spray of sparks the doorway turns dark. Two sharp gunshots come from the house. running like a man possessed. FRONT OF PIN'S HOUSE . It thunks on the carpet. A moment later police cars pull up. Brendan drops the gun. Brendan runs through. Cheap plastic bracelets. They broke the lamp. He notices a light from the Mustang . breaking bone. sirens blaring. Brendan shuts the trunk solidly. INT. STORAGE ROOM Dark. The dark doorway looms up before Brendan. Time slows down. EXT.NIGHT Brendan scrambles out. blows. Brendan slumps against the payphone. Blue fingernails. Inside. lights turning the dark streets bright as day. a pale blue arm lies tangled in black plastic. He breaks through the darkness and heaves himself up through the small window.

Tell her I wanna meet up on the basketball field in half an hour. THE BRAIN BRENDAN But she came straight to school from Tug's? Yeah.LATER Brendan sits against the massive gym building. then walked to school. Stayed there till six thirty. did you? No. SIDE OF GYM . Not with me. EXT. Where are you? THE BRAIN (on phone) Library. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING . BRENDAN Alright. then go home and get some sleep. EXT. THE BRAIN BRENDAN She there now? THE BRAIN Yeah. lost in thought.103 BRENDAN Hey. THE BRAIN Brendan hangs up. BRENDAN You didn't give her a ride. then pauses. but here. writing on a piece of looseleaf paper. .LATER Brendan slips the paper under a door stenciled "VP Offices". Where are you? BRENDAN Did she blow last night? THE BRAIN No. Alright.

and the Pin and Tug. LAURA The papers say six dead. . eyes trained on the cold black horizon. LAURA (softly) Did you see it all? With Tug and the Pin? Brendan looks at her a moment. hands in pockets. Huh. Same gun. Laura. a warm embrace. Brendan stands crookedly. A speck appears. BASKETBALL FIELD . BRENDAN Yeah? LAURA Tug tried to shoot his way out when the police got there. Brendan's face is frozen in an ambiguous frown. She puts her arms around him. too. And the girl. Wind whistles softly and jangles the metal mesh basketball nets like windchimes. bracing himself against the wind. barren. BRENDAN LAURA Well good thing you weren't there. a little uneasy.LATER Cold. Brendan waits for it. three around the house. one girl in the trunk of Tug's car. LAURA (confused) No? BRENDAN What happened? Laura looks at him strangely. Brendan draws back. I took your advice and didn't go.104 EXT. They tied him to Dode. BRENDAN No.

BRENDAN Laura embraces him again. looks at his face. LAURA What? BRENDAN No. but the bulls coulda found that out without me. That was you. LAURA (drifting back further) What are you talking about? . and doesn't let go. BRENDAN (cont'd) I set out to know who put her in the spot. LAURA You loved her. LAURA You did all this cause you loved her. (tightens her embrace) I love you. Laura's face softens a bit. who put her in front of the gun. LAURA You think the girl was Emily? Probably.105 BRENDAN Yeah. Tug pulled the trigger on Em and he got the fall. BRENDAN Laura pulls back. It is a mask. No. Laura pulls back more. And now it's finished. angel. BRENDAN (distant) Yeah I did. it's not finished.

maybe to down the Pin's operation. doesn't matter. You had your fingers in Brad Bramish for appearances and to keep him buying from the Pin. She saw you. She wants in. the Pin driving. you saw her for what she was. and cut it back to size. What. (voice strengthening) So now the Pin's fuming. She trusts you. from the top. Tug's car driving by. BRENDAN You frame her for the bad brick.106 BRENDAN It was you. who you were hooked with. or at least a scape. she saw something she was scared of. but you cut it bad. maybe he's jealous of Brad. an insecure little girl trying to get in. Maybe accidentally. She goes on the backburner. You hook one. You turn on your heel and bite her in the throat. There's going to be a war over this. LAURA (murmurs) No. She saw the passenger side. Meanwhile maybe you're getting bored. She saw you and ran like she saw some devil. then you cut her loose. so he comes to Brad's crowd looking for blood. You put it back. so when the Pin scores big with the bricks you take your shot. And there's Emily. Last week on the payphone. Pico and Alexander. No. Emily came to you and Brad. quivering. You know trouble. take half. BRENDAN Alright. It's duck soup. she was across the street. Laura's face is very still. . angel. you want the whole tale? You want me to tell it to you? LAURA (bewildered) Tell it to me. maybe just greedy. but poor Frisco doses off it and lands in a coma. but she wouldn't have seen the Pin.

LAURA You know me. but his eyes are distant. but Em sprung it on him that she had her kid. LAURA Stop it! BRENDAN That's the tale. Dode hid her away. tracked her down. How can you .he hit her. She took the hit for you. but the Pin was on to her. I want you to have been on my side all along. Gave her a time. and he did what anyone could count on Tug doing .107 LAURA Brendan. told her to meet him. looking him straight in the eye. that they would make good. Stop it! LAURA BRENDAN You're going to tell me it's not? It's not! LAURA BRENDAN Look at me. BRENDAN I hope it isn't. I've only helped you. She crumples against him. Brendan holds her stare. not just trying to get me under your thumb like Brad and the Pin and Tug. straight face. But maybe you had talked Tug up. and a place. Just to get the straight. or maybe he just blew a fuse. NoLAURA . And sent Tug.It isn't true! She sobs through a tensed. why are youBRENDAN And she took the hit. You let her take it.

But I hope I'm wrong. Laura steps back. EXT. spins through the air. he won't find a damn thing.INSERT Trueman and several other men force Laura's locker open.SAME A moment of silence between them. That means you didn't let me walk into a slaughterhouse. About your and Brad's involvement in the Pin's runnings. She watches his eyes. BRENDAN (gently) It's done. LAURA (murmurs) Brendan.. He doesn't look at her. I hope everything I wrote in the note I dropped at Gary Trueman's office this morning is wrong. EXT. Her voice shakes. She looks as if she has been punched in the face. . The basketball nets jangle.. I hope you didn't steal the brick last night. You didn't lead Tug and the Pin and their crews to the slaughter. subtle contortions.108 BRENDAN But I think you knew that meeting was going to blow up... I think that was your final play. And when Trueman reads the note. BRENDAN That's good. and shatters silently on the locker cage floor. LAURA (breathes) I didn't. From its dark interior the chalky white brick falls out. Her face does strange things. In your purse. takes my cue and searches your locker. LOCKER CAGE . Something changes in Laura's eyes. BASKETBALL FIELD . don't.

you too. 9 out of 10. or have you known all along? Slowly. On his own. BRENDAN You get your straight? THE BRAIN Yeah. Brendan turns to see the Brain hopping a chain link fence. Right up against him. Well. just a grudge thing.109 LAURA Done. You did good. puts her lips to his ear. steadily. Closer. Brendan watches her go across the dark. Go sleep. well. Told her it would soften him up. The knife guy. 3 months. but she didn't love the father. Metal jangles. guess Brad Bramish hired him. She turns and walks briskly away. Brendan turns his eyes back on Laura. She was starting to show. I wouldn't haveS'alright. I was going to drive her down the next day. Spilled it all to the bulls. Her figure takes back some dignity. and says two words. She said she wished she could keep it. guttural and lost to the whistling wind. . She brings her head to his. You know whose kid that makes it. she straightens up. THE BRAIN Yeah. barren field of asphalt. Chuck Burns came to. The first is LAURA (cont'd) Motherthe second is low. BRENDAN THE BRAIN Yeah. we'd found a doctor. Brain. That's most of it. I told Em to tell Tug it was his. She steps towards him deliberately. breathes warm breath. BRENDAN (nods slightly) Fits. Most wouldn't.

THE BRAIN (cont'd) What'd she whisper to you? BRENDAN She called me a dirty word. BRENDAN As what-all. . watching Laura until she reaches the end of the field and walks off behind a twisted chain linked fence. Thick. THE BRAIN Alright. you don't have to tell me. but turns back.110 The Brain starts to walk away. FADE OUT. and Brendan walks back towards campus. Brendan stands alone on the asphalt field. The first period bell rings.

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