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Taiwanease Issue 7

Taiwanease Issue 7

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Published by: Nathan Haslewood on Aug 10, 2011
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01 December, 2006



Driving Me Insane Visa Purgatory Pill-Popping Practices The Political Prison An Imperial Past Honoured Prisoner Classifieds, Events, and Movies

Welcome to Taiwan

Issue 07


01 December, 2006

Driving Me Insane


Pill-popping Practices


An Imperial Past


the Political Prison


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visa Purgatory

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honoured Prisoner

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Bali Zuo an riverside Park taiwanted Classifieds

two Weeks

News from the renegade Province


Editor’s Notes
Hello and welcome to issue seven of Taiwanease. As you may have noticed when you picked it up, we’ve expanded to 32 pages – part of our plan for continued growth and increased content in the near future. This means we can put in more features that will hopefully interest you, the reader, and feature both new writers and familiar names. So in this issue we welcome back Linda Arrigo, with her account of a trip to Green Island with former political prisoners from the White Terror period. Andrew Bullen also returns, interviewing one of the last members of an age that will soon fade out of living memory. National Health Insurance is the focus of Nathan Haslewood’s article this issue, particularly the factors that have driven the scheme to the edge of bankruptcy. Daniel Wallace looks back to the ghost of New Years past and wonders what this one has in store. TC Lin continues his run of humorous takes on life in this renegade province, with a proposal to rename China Airlines and a man known for making things disappear. Also out to make you smile is new signing and travelled comedian Hartley Pool, presenting the horror of teaching his wife to drive in a bitesized chunk for your amusement. Joanne Chang has another great day out for families and Joe Schmoe bemoans the sweaty palms induced by the haughty disdain and discretionary power of visa officials in Hong Kong. The usual features are also here, including Taiwan’s most comprehensive classified advertising, Taiwanted. There’s advice on the legalities of work for foreigners, plus Two Weeks (our events guide) and a look at forthcoming films about to hit the cinemas here. Away from the magazine, December 10th sees the 27th anniversary of the Kaohsiung incident, one of the pivotal moments in Taiwan’s struggle for democracy. It’s strange to read the old reports and see some familiar names cropping up – James Soong was responsible for cracking down on the protesters, Shih Ming-teh and Annette Lu were prime movers in the protest, while President Chen was a young member of the legal team defending the accused activists. Today the roles are different, but a good selection of the faces are the same. As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of Taiwanease and we’re very glad to hear any feedback you might have – just let us know at the email addresses listed in the sidebar. Michael “Taffy” Cannings
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Tagged: Living/Humour

Written by: Hartley Pool

Driving Me Insane
“Left…LEFT!” I screamed, as sure as I’ve ever been of anything that we were about to be pulped by a Taipei City bus, which had suddenly decided to pull out from the stop without looking where it was going. For an instant it seemed to exude a casual kind of malevolence, about to broadside us without so much as a howdy-doody - then it was somehow in front of us. And I was in trouble again. “Don’t shout!” shouted Anita, my Taiwanese wife. “He was going to crash into us!” “No he didn’t.” “No, I know he didn’t, but he nearly did.” “But he didn’t.” I couldn’t argue with that, which is almost always how these things end – probably because I’m usually wrong. Or just too stupid to win. Anita had been learning to drive for eight weeks, and this was only her second foray onto the roads since passing. Actually, it was only her third foray onto the roads ever, given that her instruction took place in some kind of deserted parking lot. The final test itself was on the road, but given that: (a) the instructor told her she was going to pass before she started (b) everyone else there she talked to passed (c) on making an ill-considered turn in the test, the examiner asked her if she wanted to go back and try again, then seemed to ignore the fact that she had initially fudged it, I didn’t have too much faith in her ability to avoid getting us both maimed. We decided to take it easy, and slowed down so we could cruise behind the bus for a while, perhaps even doing a public service picking up any overflow. It reminded me of the first time we’d gone out on the road and found ourselves behind a rubbish truck for twenty minutes (I’m referring to a trash-collecting vehicle, rather than a cheap, or badly made one). “This is nice,” I smiled, trying to calm things down, “do you remember when we were stuck behind the trash truck.” “Yes,” she said tensely, eyes fixed straight ahead. “It’s okay,” I laid a hand on her shoulder, “you’re right – we should just relax and stay behind the bus, take it easy.” “I’ve been trying to pull out for ten minutes,” she answered through clenched teeth. Our first encounter with the highway was perhaps the experience that sticks mostly in my trousers, pardon me, I mean my mind. Being Anita’s first ever experience with full-on road driving in Taipei we had made the sensible decision… and decided to drive to Wulai. Now it’s not that far, but it does require a little highway driving. We had as a precaution filled the car with Anita’s mother – for moral support – and a friend of the family, who was apparently quite a good driver, and kept staring at me. As we approached the on-ramp, everyone tensed, and the mother-in-law gave a rather extravagant belch, which I took to be, perhaps, either a warning or a gesture of good luck. Things went well, and almost magically a space opened up and we sort of staggered into it, in spurts and starts. “Well done!” I applauded, at which she started to slow down, “what are you doing?” “Change lanes,” she announced with a degree of concentration. “You’re slowing down to change lanes?” I asked, my hands scrabbling lucklessly behind me for any sign of a seatbelt. “Yes,” and her tone brooked no suggestion of impropriety. Mother-in-law belched again, which this time I think was definitely fear-related. “Slowing down to change lanes?” I wasn’t going to let this lie. “Yes – dangerous,” she replied. “It certainly is dangerous if you slow down.” “Shut up.” I decided to hunker down like you might in a plane crash, but fortunately, other than lots of hooting and honking behind us, she completed the manoeuvre without incident. Later that day, the return journey still dampening the seat of my pants, we returned the car to her brother’s house in Tucheng. He looked very surprised indeed to be getting the car back in one piece, and it struck me that perhaps his offer of the car whenever we needed it had been some kind of tax write-off.
Illustration by: SIMON OxLEY

We struggled in to Costco and eventually made it back to base camp, shared some cheese sticks with our generous benefactor, who didn’t appear to find them all that pleasant, and got the bus back to our home in Yonghe. It’s been six weeks now, and he keeps phoning her to ask her when she’s going back to take the car out again. So far I’ve been able to put her off, but my excuses are running out. Help. 


Welcome to Taiwan

Tagged: Society/Health

Written by: Nathan Haslewood

Pill-popping Practices

Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, despite having been widely celebrated since its inception just over ten years ago, faced financial bankruptcy last year and had to be subsidized by NT$11bn of public money in order to remain operational. Some light investigation soon revealed that one of the lead architects of the system, William Hsiao (蕭慶倫), a professor of economics at Harvard University, believed that, “Taiwan NHI’s financial problems stem from two factors: people’s mindset and politicians’ intervention.” The political problems were the result of consistent refusals by politicians to consider even modest rate hikes in a bid to win favour at the polls. As Taiwan’s population ages and health care becomes more expensive, the relative cost of health care must sensibly rise with it. This is, of course, no different from any other nation in the world with a fairly comprehensive health care system. Taiwan’s problem is precisely the same as other countries’ in this regard. It was the mindset that was by far the most intriguing aspect of this problem. Who is creating problems for Taiwan’s NHI, and why? It didn’t take long to find out that there are marked differences in the patterns of medicinal use here. In discussions it was invariably reported that it was only those in their 40s, 50s or above (and especially above) who were often to be seen trundling off to the docs for a quick checkup. I was told that the older generation went to the doctors so frequently because they had so much free time in which to do it. However, it’s highly doubtful that pensioners in Taiwan have any more time on their hands than those of the same age in the West. And yet Department of Health Director-General Chen Chienjen (陳建仁) has said that each person in the country makes an average of 14.5 hospital outpatient visits per year, whereas the average in the US and major European countries is only seven or eight. Furthermore, the consumption of medicine, especially in oral form, is far more frequent and widespread here than in the West. Why in the world are pensioners so particular about popping pills? The first aspect is that Taiwan’s health care system is actually very good. Nearly every citizen throughout the country is covered and everyone contributes automatically as insurance payments are taken directly from wages. There are single payments to be made for each doctor’s consultation or hospital visit but these are a relatively low one or two hundred at a smaller practice, rising to perhaps a few hundred at a more

expensive hospital. Overall, however, the system is highly affordable, excluding virtually none who want to use it. If you feel like seeing a doc, you can. The second factor affecting the system is that “the profitability of performing routine visits motivates the medical centers to continuously expand their outpatient clinics for primary care … Taiwan’s fee-for-service payment method encourages more visits and rehabilitation services and overuse of drugs.” Judging from personal experience that many agree to be quite common, doctor’s examinations are very quick, resulting in the prescribing of a standard concoction of drugs that will include various non-specific medicines, with an extra dose of pills to protect your stomach from the rest you’ve just forced upon it. My own visit less than a year ago left me feeling suspect of the diagnosis I’d been given and I opted not to take the surprisingly heavy packets of medicine the doctor had dumped on me. It meant that it probably took me slightly longer to recover from my ailment but the fact that I was supposed to take an extra something to protect my stomach from the very medicine that was supposed to help me seemed somehow wrong. And it appears that my instincts may have served me well. In a report published several years after the NHI’s inception, it was found that, “The top 5 most commonly dispensed drug categories were antacids and anti-ulcer drugs, anti-cough and anti-cold preparations, vitamins, simple analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, accounting for 48.8% of total prescriptions. In view of the frequency of relevant diagnoses, the overuse of antacids, vitamins, intravenous nutrient and electrolyte solutions, anti-cold preparations and antibiotics was apparent, as was that of drugs of questionable pharmacological value.” There are financial pressures placed upon doctors with private practices, meaning that they need to see a relatively large number of patients in relative short spaces of time and, perhaps more tellingly, also need to keep their “customers” happy. And like customers they are. One very great difference between Taiwan’s system and that of, say, Britain’s is that there is a near complete lack of family doctors in this country. This results in several difficulties. The first is that doctors must compete to survive, having a client base that can very rapidly disband if word gets around that you aren’t giving the treatment that is wanted. There is no “first line” of consultation here and referrals are very few and far between. When a comIllustration by: MIrEk PIEPrzYk 


plication arises, the patient will go directly to whichever practitioner they feel best fits their troubles. The doctor will try their best but, if they are unable to help, will simply be unable to help, leaving the patient to decide for themselves who to try next. This results in a kind of “doctor shopping” whereby people will immediately present themselves at specialists’ waiting rooms and will not rest until they feel they have been satisfactorily seen to. Finding the right doctor is a mixture of luck and contacts. If a specific problem occurs, people will more often ask friends and relatives who they should consult rather a professional who would quickly and efficiently send them off to the right place or simply tell them to go home and rest, perhaps even leaving them empty-handed. The final and most important factor, however, lies in that old culprit, “culture”. The main problem is that Taiwanese, especially of the older generation, feel that they simply must get something for their money. They are paying money into a pot from which one must actively reach into in order to receive anything at all. Local thinking dictates that paying into a system which gives nothing back is a waste of money. It just won’t do. When pensioners

visit the doctor it is not enough to be seen - they must have something concrete to show for the money they must pay. This is a major difference from in the Uk, for example, where the system was founded during the post-war consensus of payment according to means and care in accordance with need. Such a view of insurance isn’t prevalent here, as can also been seen in many families opting out of house insurance - as an unnecessary waste - and choosing to have their cars repainted on their auto insurance once they’ve been making payments for a few years and feel they are “due” something. Paying money only to have security in case of disaster appears to be quite a new idea. Thankfully, it does seem that things are beginning to change and the problems are being recognised. However, I have to say that I’d rather not be the one to convince grandma that going to see doc just for reassurance or a handful of pills is actually not a very fraternal thing to do. Entire generations have been doing this for longer than I can remember and naturally form the most stubborn demographic. I wish the best of luck to the campaign leaders.

Tagged: History/Society

Written by: andrew Bullen

An Imperial Past
Mr Huang, 83, is a member of a fast-disappearing generation in Taiwan. Not, as you might first think, as someone who remembers the Japanese era first-hand, but rather as someone who was as assimilated into Japanese culture and life as a Taiwanese person could be. When Japan’s nascent colonial age came to an end in 1945 with the end of the Second World War the last Japanese Governor-General of Taiwan, Ando rikichi, signed the document of surrender in the presence of Chen Yi, sent from mainland China to take over Governor Ando’s post. At this point Mr Huang, a native of zhanghua County, was not even in Taiwan. “I was in medical school in Tokyo at the time. Of course, supplies were scant because of the war, so our training was mainly theoretical. That soon changed when the Americans started bombing the capital – we were thrown in to treating the wounded without having finished our schooling.” I ask him about life in Japan as a colonial subject – how was he treated? Did people make fun of his clothes, his accent? “Make fun? Most people did not realise I was not Japanese. My parents could speak Taiwanese, of course, but they always spoke Japanese at home. Likewise the whole of my schooling was in Japanese. I went through childhood and adolescence only speaking Japanese, which was supplemented by English in college.” We converse in a mixture of Mandarin and English, which is marked by a heavy Japanese accent, quite unlike the accent foreigners in Taiwan are accustomed to hearing from Taiwanese people. His Mandarin is also halting, and he often has to stop to think of the right word, adding in words from English, Taiwanese or, in desperation, Japanese, when he wants to get the point across. “This Guoyu (Mandarin), it’s hard for me. When I was transported back to Taiwan a couple of months after the war ended, I started to learn Taiwanese – now I speak it as well as anyone else. But Guoyu, that’s another matter. My patients, my family, my friends, they all speak Taiwanese with me, so I have little opportunity to improve in Mandarin. By the time I started to learn, I was already too old – my head was like a stone.” returning the topic to his time in Japan, I ask him what his defining memories of this distant past are, already sixty years dusty. The cold is the first thing he mentions, the biting cold of a Tokyo winter. Clothing and fuel rations were short, so most people just slept in their clothes, piling on the layers to try and keep out the chill. Next are the recollections of working with the burns victims of the horrendous firestorms resulting from the Allied bombing. “The history books tell you about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Of course, these two events were terribly important in ending the war, but the significance of the atom bomb didn’t really sink in until some months later, when I was already back in Taiwan – honest news was hard to come by in Japan, so all they really told us was that the Americans had a cruel new weapon. But the fires in Tokyo, they constituted my up-close experience of the war. They are still vivid in my head. The other thing I remember was Hirohito talking on the radio, announcing the surrender. No-one really knew if it was him, or what was going on. It was only in the following days and weeks that we realised it was true – the war was over.” He seems to be torn between different stages of his past, unsure of where loyalties lie and morality stands. I ask him what his perception of himself is; does he see himself as Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese or a mix? “Not Japanese, not even when I was in Japan. Japanese was my first language, but I have always considered myself Taiwanese. And how could I be Chinese? Of course, I am descended from Chinese, most of us in Taiwan are. But China is something political I do not identify with.” As he mentions politics, I ask him about his views of the current political climate in Taiwan. He sighs heavily and throws up his arms in mock surrender. “Ah, they are all rotten. The politicians all want something for themselves. For so long, we native Taiwanese wanted power, wanted control over our own destinies, not to be ruled by old men from China. Now we have it, and I am glad of it, but politicians are still politicians, whatever colour they are. And as long as the Chinese continue to bully Taiwan and have the rest of the world in their pocket, what hope do we have? We have power, and it means nothing.” I say my goodbyes at the end of our interview and he holds up one arthritic hand to wave me on my way. I think about the man as a metaphor for Taiwan’s recent past, a past that has never been in the control of the people here. A confused identity, a sense of frustration and injustice combine to produce the man, in his twilight years, who still embodies the split personality of this island nation. The resolution of Taiwan’s situation, the acceptance denied to it, is reminiscent of Old Huang’s own search for the definite.

10 Taiwanease

Tagged: History/Politics

Written by: Linda gail arrigo

The Political Prison
A lot has happened since I graduated from TAS in 1966. In those days the roads to Shilin were plastered with big painted slogans extolling Chiang kai-shek as “the savior of the Chinese nation”, although he had set off the civil war through his corruption and vicious dictatorship, and thence lost China to the Chinese communists. I was very early intrigued with this dark history, and with what was behind the state of paranoia that could be sensed daily in Taiwan. One thing led to another; I helped the democratic movement in Taiwan in the 1970s and 80s, in particular the Formosa Magazine group that later became the Democratic Progressive Party. So it’s not surprising that sometimes I get some freebies from the present government, most recently a trip to Green Island, where there were several prisons for “subversives” from the 1950s on. On May 17 the Bureau of Culture held a symphony concert at the new Human rights Memorial on Green Island. For this they transported a few dozen journalists, over a hundred surviving former political prisoners from the 1950s and/or their families, and even a grand piano. The concert, including musical renditions by a chorus of the political prisoners in their 70s and 80s, is planned for TV broadcast on the following Sunday. I took the train down to Taitung with them, and then the ferry, and heard a lot of their stories on the way. The combination of music and political prisoners might seem a little incongruous, but in the early days, when the prison walls were being built from coral blocks with their own labor, they were relatively free to roam the island once they got there, and music expressed and also helped to transcend their suffering and separation from loved ones. Among the political prisoners were the cream of the crop of teachers, artists, and musicians, both mainlanders and native Taiwanese. They learned from each other, and they created the performances that were allowed to them by the prison authorities to demonstrate the enlightened methods of political rehabilitation. The auditorium was a huge round cave in a cliff at the northeast end of the island, certainly over fifty feet high inside. The stage was a slightly raised and leveled area at the bottom next to the sheer rock wall, while the spectators sat in tiers far above on a hillside. In about 1952, before the women were sent to a separate prison in Banqiao, there were performances by a famous dancer, Tsai rei-yueh, and three other women whom she had trained. We heard about this during a tour of the cave on May 18, from Mr. Tsai kun-lin who served ten years for his participation in a high school reading club. Congruent with the kMT’s crackdown on the Taiwanese elite and intelligentsia during 2-28 (1947), many of the youth came from well-to-do and cultured families. Mr. Su You-peng, sentenced to ten years after being caught with a copy of Lu 12 Taiwanease xun’s “Diary of a Madman”, was sent a violin by his family, and taught others how to play as well. They hand-carved their own violins with his as a model, joking that this was a famous brand labeled “Green Island”. Su provided several pieces to the concert, including some from the Italian music book that had been confiscated because the title in Chinese sounded like “Soviet”. But the cave was also used for cremating prisoners who died; on a hillside nearby there are rough grave stones hidden in the vines behind the posts marked “Taiwan Province Security Command, New Life reformatory Center, Public Cemetery”. The prisoners also believed that if the communists landed on Taiwan, they would be herded to the cave auditorium and shot, just as the kMT shot all in the jails in Chongqing as the reds closed in. The first time I went to Green Island was with Shih Ming-teh in November 1979, to look at his prison from the outside, a month before the kaohsiung Incident and the arrests. He spent many years previously and subsequently in solitary in the prison built in 1972 -- according to rumor, with U.S. funding and design. Concrete double security, stifling heat, no more roaming or swimming. Now the prison is a memorial museum. In 1979 we found they were building yet another huge prison grounds, on the site of the 1950’s “New Life reformatory”. But in 2005 the remaining Chiang kai-shek busts and kMT slogans seem to stir nostalgia rather than menace. The island has turned into a paradise for young tourists and scuba divers. Later Syd Goldsmith and I got off the tour bus on the other side of the island, and strolled up a new, well-marked stonestep path to the highest point on the island, about 300 meters elevation, stopping short of the military communications base at the top. All along the roads I had seen bright yellow “pineapples growing on trees”, and from the botanical markers I learned that it was not a pineapple, but a pithy sweet fruit that was fed to pigs. The huge yellow flower tasted like overripe bananas with a very bitter overtaste. The hike gave lots of time for conversation. Syd was the political officer at the United States Embassy in Taipei, 1971-74. He learned Taiwanese as well as Mandarin, and hung out with both military strongmen and dissidents. Now after some two more decades of residence in Taiwan and married to a native Taiwanese (he even speaks Chinese with his children), Syd in retirement has been inspired to write a novel set mostly in Taiwan, beginning in the era of martial law, and continuing through to the 1980’s. Those who have read “China Gate” (1982) by an early TAS alumnus, or “The Quiet American”,

Photography : JASON

will recognize the theme of innocent American mesmerized by tragic Taiwanese bar girl. But Syd has woven more in the way of real historical events and his own foreign service experience into “Jade Phoenix” than he lets on in the blurb: JADE PHOENIx transports the reader to a world of intrigue where the severed head of a chicken dooms heroes, and dreams of nationhood are shattered with the stroke of a pen. Foreign devils challenge ancient Chinese customs and love blooms in a wilderness of misunderstanding. This marvelous collage of history, politics, mystery and romance was a finalist for the prestigious New Voices in Literature Award. Like no other novel, it reveals the anguish of those who stood to lose the most as the U.S. moved towards recognition of the PrC. Jade, Nick Malter, and kosa poignantly humanize the historical impact of Americans on the Taiwanese, and the power and obsessions of love between them. I think old TAS alumni with nostalgia for the days of pedicabs, rice fields, and temples will be fascinated, and the young ones will find a lot to learn about Taiwan’s heritage. The novel has not been published yet, but you may be able to get Syd to

e-mail you an advance copy by writing to Jade_Phoenix_@ hotmail.com. (note underline dashes after Jade and Phoenix). Back to Green Island. After coming down by a route slightly more to the south, Syd and I were near the famous hot springs in the surf, one of only two in Asia. Now it has a resort facility built on it, entrance only NT$200, with several spa choices, but I preferred the large pools built right down on the coral flats where the hot water seeps up, some pools partly open to the ocean, where you can watch the ocean spray while you float buoyantly in comfortably hot water, and little crabs scuttle on the rocks. Salt water seems to almost polish the skin. Wonderful day, floating till the moon came up. The next morning, watching from the back deck of the ferry (45 min), I was reluctant to see Green Island receding into the distance, but after a good lunch of fresh, exotic seafood at the port on the Taitung side, Syd and I were ready for the 13:05 express train back to Taipei, six hours that went by very quickly with the beautiful scenery of the rift valley.

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Tagged: Living

Written by: Joe Schmoe

Visa Purgatory
The Odyssey, one of the oldest and greatest literary works from antiquity, gave us the legend of Sisyphus – some poor bastard who had to roll a damn stone up a hill for all eternity. It’s a comforting tale in some ways, perhaps because it’s one of those stories that helps us feel better about our state of affairs, a story once used to placate the middle class, like Nicholas Cage in The Family Man. Personally, I see Sisyphus as an immigrant worker, a foreign national with a nagging visa problem. I don’t want to sound like a chronic malcontent, but I have been thinking of this story recently when I see that big fat page-consuming sticker on my passport that reads “The republic of China”. It all started this way: my most recent job ended, and thus my ArC expired, and thus I had to leave the country. I had lived in Taiwan for 3½ years and never – not once – did I ever have to go on what is commonly called a ‘visa run’. I always had a job, always had my papers in order, and never even looked into the rOC’s visa requirements because I never had to worry about it, never had to ‘run’ anywhere. But then suddenly I was faced with having to leave the country; suddenly I became a visa worrier. Ok, no big deal, I thought. I’ll just do what I have to do. I’ve got plenty of money, plenty of time. I’m not even going to look for another job for a while. Maybe finish up that novel I’ve been working on for three years. Maybe I’ll watch that 16-hour documentary on the British Isles I downloaded this summer. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website says “A country can undertake preliminary reviews and screen visiting foreign nationals to ensure… that the foreign nationals are unlikely to be a burden to local society.” Hey, I don’t have a problem with that. I mean, “unlikely”? I’m as unlikely a burden as they come. My landlady doesn’t find me a burden. For the last two years I labored on one of Taiwan’s most important public works projects. They didn’t find me a burden. I filed my taxes. I haven’t been in any drunken bar fights, haven’t impregnated any local women, haven’t even gotten a ticket. This visa thing will be a cakewalk, I thought. Then I got to Hong kong. A friend had told me that I should buy a ticket out of the country, just in case they ask at the airport upon my return. Hmm. really. And you need to prove you have adequate of money to sustain yourself. This started to sound bad, and it got worse. And you need to wear a suit when applying for a visitor visa in Hong kong, he added. Wow. Ok, if I do all that, I’ll be welcomed with open arms, right? Turns out I should have rented a tuxedo. The woman behind the counter was as welcoming as the bulletproof glass that surrounded her. She didn’t seem in the least bit impressed with my tailor-made, wrinkle-free combination silk/cashmere Italian suit I paid three big ones for in Bangkok. She immediately looked at me like she was a parole 14 Taiwanease officer having a bad day, like one who had heard every excuse in the book from every lowlife in the world. Her look was harsh and disdainful as she took my application and passport. I felt sweat forming on my forehead. Suddenly I could hear my heart pounding like the central character in the film Midnight Express. I started to fidget in my seat. I pulled my collar. I managed to paint on a humble smile. “I would just like to…” I nervously muttered, “spend time…” “You didn’t,” she interrupted with aloof abridgment, tapping an empty space on the application. “Oh yes, of course,” I said smiling. “My home address.” I nervously scratched down my mother’s. Taiwan is my home now. I began to think of all those other things my friend had told me. “You’re not supposed to look for a job. It’s a visitor visa.” “When you do get another job you’ll have to leave again. “You might as well buy another ticket. They have to know they can get rid of you.” “Make sure you’ve got all your paperwork.” His voice trailed off. My God, maybe Taiwan isn’t my home. “You know, you can get 30 days just by leaving the country,” my parole officer said with a suspicious look. “Yes, but…” “And there’s no guarantee we will give you more than 30 days,” she interrupted before snatching up my 800 Hong kong dollars (or about $3,400NT). I felt desecrated, like I’d been through an interrogation I didn’t deserve. I had dressed up as if for a job interview. I had revealed the contents of my bank account. I had purchased an open-ended plane ticket just to prove I wasn’t a vagrant. I was made to feel unwelcome by the country I had praised again and again to my friends and family back in America. And after all that, I wondered if I might have just thrown away hardearned money for the experience. Now I better understand what an acquaintance told me when I first moved here: “Get married to a Taiwanese woman. It will make things a lot easier.” Taiwan is more difficult than most countries when it comes to entering and staying. It keeps people away. It has to. It lessens its competitive edge in the global economy. It has to. When I got back to Taipei, my email inbox was filled with job offers. Getting a job here can hardly be called a “Sisyphean challenge”. Maybe the visa run isn’t so bad after all.
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Tagged: Society

Written by: daniel Wallace

Honoured Prisoner
Two years ago, I spent Chinese New Year with a family in the south west of China, and it was an awful experience. While Yunnan province is not Taiwan, and the family that I stayed with is certainly not every family, if you are planning to spend the coming new year’s holiday in someone’s home here in Formosa, the account that follows may be useful. Perhaps you will be a better, more culturally open minded guest than I was. In early 2005, I was living in kunming, the capital of Yunnan province, and teaching a little to pay the bills. One of my students, whom I barely knew, a very shy young woman called Annie, approached me at the end of one January lesson: her father wanted me to spend Chinese New Year with them. My previous plan had broken down, and going back to this small town sounded as though it would be great fun and a real cultural insight. I asked if I could bring an Australian friend of mine, Tim, and the family said this was fine. The trip stopped being “great fun” almost immediately. Everything we did had to be approved by the father, a local doctor with a remarkable florid, curly head of hair. After the first dinner, as television settled over the living room, Tim and I said that we’d like to go for a walk – to have a look around the town. Annie, listened to us, and told her father. He thought about it, and decided no, we should go for a walk tomorrow. That would be better. Later in the evening, as we watched talk shows with the family, they noticed me taking some pills. These had been prescribed by a hospital in kunming to kill the attack of bronchitis I’d been suffering, but the father looked at the antibiotics, and, without examining me, decided that no, I shouldn’t take them. He would give me some pills of his own. I pointed out that the antibiotics were quite important, and said that I’d like to keep taking them. The father insisted, and soon the mother and daughter joined in, telling me the same thing. That evening, I was probably asked not to take the pills twenty times, and the next day a few times more. It’s one thing to understand that in some Chinese families, as a twenty-something visitor, you will be treated like a child; it’s another thing to realise that no one is listening to anything you say. Later, when I told this story to Chinese friends, they all looked at me as if I was stupid: “You should have just said you would have taken his pills, and flushed them down the toilet”. Unable to make any decisions by ourselves, nor able to escape the family for an hour without upsetting them, Tim and I became disenchanted. This deepened after a long walk around the town’s lake, where Annie explained how her sad dream of becoming a policewoman had been overruled by her father’s decision (he had decided that she should become a doctor). And our unease wasn’t helped by the father’s habit, at night, of removing his curly, bouffant hair (revealing a completely bald dome) and walking around in tight woollen leggings. On New Year’s night itself, the family produced another exquisite meal. Whatever my complaints about the family, and the father in particular, he was one of the best chefs I’ve met in Asia. Tim is a vegetarian, which did worry our hosts at first, but the doctor responded to the crisis in a phenomenal manner – cooking up gorgeous herb omelettes, hand crafting dumplings, and stir frying all kinds of dishes, with and without meat. Then he presented Tim and I with red envelopes, each containing 500 rMB, which was not a small amount of money in Yunnan province. We felt doubly uncomfortable: taking the money of someone we didn’t like – being bad guests to a (to our minds) bad host. I resolved to spend the next Chinese New Year away from Chinese people. This year, however, I hope to try again, and plan to spend a few quiet days with the seventy-year-old mother of a friend. I wish you luck with your Taiwanese families.

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Written by: taffy Cannings

The laws and regulations surrounding work in this country are, as with so many things here, muddy. Or rather it is the implementation of the laws and regulations that is subject to interpretation, leading to a lot of confusion about the subject. This is our understanding of the current state of affairs, however – things can change very quickly and you should rely on nothing you read here without doing your own research on the subject. There are four categories of foreign nationals in Taiwan who can, under different circumstances, work. They are: those foreigners holding a JFrV (Joining Family resident Visa, normally obtained through marriage to an rOC national), PArC (Permanent Alien resident Certificate) holders, authorised students, and those with work permits. If you are in the country under any other circumstances on a foreign passport, working is illegal and will get you deported if you are discovered (and possibly fined too into the bargain). One important point to note is that the government does not distinguish between paid and unpaid work. Foreigners can be and have been deported for charitable work, including in at least one case playing music at a benefit concert. This may seem grossly unfair and indeed it is, as it discriminates against those who actually care enough to do something to try and improve the place they live in. Despite lobbying of various government agencies, the regulations remain the same and doing unpaid work that’s not permitted by your visa can result in deportation. JFrV and PArC holders have the freest work rights of foreigners, that is to say that in practice that they can work in any industry without exception, provided that they have the relevant qualifications for those occupations which require them. Noteworthy here is the point that it is therefore illegal for foreigners to teach children younger than five years old, because kindergarten teaching requires a special licence. Also notable is that PArC holders are granted this right due to an open work permit, which is normally issued at the same time as the PArC itself. The next group of people to consider is the ArC holders who have obtained a work permit for a specific business in a specific location. This grants you the right only to work in that location and nowhere else. Without obtaining a separate work permit, this means it is illegal, for example, to teach at another branch of the buxiban you work for. Bear in mind that this also means teaching private students is technically illegal. In practice it would be hard to get busted for doing so, but it is worth being aware of the risks involved. The important message from all this is: know the law and protect yourself. If you’re a teacher you cannot be in a classroom with kids without a work permit for that specific school. “I was doing a demo,” “I was just observing,” “I was substituting for my friend” or “the papers for the work permit are being processed” are not acceptable excuses. A very simple rule to stay safe is: without a work permit, don’t set foot in a classroom. This is a common ground for deportation and the forums of www.forumosa.com (the most popular forum site for the international community in Taiwan) are full of hardluck stories of foreigners being deported for not following this simple maxim. If you ignore this advice and are caught in a classroom do not sign anything. The police will tell you that it’s Ok, that you can just sign this piece of paper and it’ll be alright, there have also been reports of them misrepresenting the contents of the document (which is in Chinese). It is in fact an admission of guilt, no matter what they tell you. Sign and you are signing your one-way ticket out of Taiwan, it’s as simple as that. If you can escape being photographed and without signing anything, there is a chance that you can argue your case with the authorities, although without the strong support of the owner of the school you were caught in, the chances of you being deported are still high. For non-teachers, the restriction on your place of work still exists, but realistically if you’re working in another office you are unlikely to be caught doing so (although it is still technically illegal). Being a legal worker confers certain rights, protections and obligations, including membership of the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme and the opportunity to take your employers to task at the Council of Labor Affairs if you feel they have violated your rights or your contract. The obligations include paying tax and upholding your side of your contract and responsibilities. Note that Taiwanese companies will often insert clauses in contracts which are illegal (withholding a certain proportion of your pay as a “good behaviour deposit” for example) or practically unenforceable (non-competition clauses, where you faithfully promise not to work for competitor companies for x number of years). All of the information here is provided without any guarantees, implicit or explicit as to its veracity. The bureaucracy in Taiwan is a notoriously fickle beast, often ruled by fiat and whim – the application of rules surrounding work is no exception to this rule – so as usual, check everything for yourself and make doubly sure you are protected. If you’d like to see a specific question answered or topic covered here, please email taffy@taiwanease.com and let us know.

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Written by: Joanne Chang

Bali Zuo An Riverside Park
Unique Outdoor Fun For The Whole Family
Autumn is the perfect season to visit the Bali zuo An Park, just a ten minute, 40NT round trip ferry ride across the river from the Danshui MrT Station. Whether your children are two or fifteen, there are outdoor activities to keep the whole family happy at this beautiful park whose green grass, sandy riverbanks, and wooden boardwalk stretch for miles along the Danshui river. The most popular activity is to go bike riding. There is a scenic bike path that goes from the Bali Wharf along the river all the way to the Shi San Hang Archaeological Museum and Aboriginal Park. Many people choose to start at either one of these points and bike all the way to the other. There is always the option to bring your own bicycle, but most visitors opt to hire a bicycle from one of the many rental companies. From single bikes to tandems and every other possible configuration you can imagine, there are many ways to get your entire family on wheels. There are bicycles that can accommodate two adults and two children, children’s bikes, mini-motorcycles, and even four-wheel, canopied bicycles that can hold the entire family. The fancier, more complicated bicycles can run up to 300NT an hour, but if you rent regular bicycles for either adults or children, including tandem bikes with children’s seats, you can pay as little as 30NT an hour at the public bicycle rental stand near the basketball courts. If biking is not your speed, there are many other things to keep you and your family busy. The riverbanks are a natural miracle waiting to be explored. You can walk down to the rocks and search for hermit crabs. You can take off your shoes, roll up your pants, and walk out into the black squelchy mud to watch the crabs and mudskippers up close and personal during low tide. My kids absolutely could not get enough of mucking around in the mud- just remember to bring an extra change of clothes! The river may not be as pristine as in other countries, but if you don’t mind sidestepping the occasional plastic bottle and other random objects, you’ll find that the other things you’ll find there will make it worth it. Sandy banks are always entertainment for kids of all ages, especially if you have a shovel and bucket. Faucets all along the riverbank make washing off convenient. After exploring nature, kids can get some exercise at the basketball courts and playground. For horse lovers, there are horse and pony rides. Further north, there is a riverside café and a tall climbing wall, where kids (and adults) can get harnessed up to climb the vertical climbing structure that is at least five meters tall. In the same area as the climbing wall there is also an archery range, where visitors can practice their aim with a bow and arrow. When hunger strikes, there is a plethora of food to choose from. From the traditional Taiwanese fare, the ubiquitous corndogs, and Western style cafes, to the famous doughnut shops, and even Turkish ice cream - there is something to satisfy every appetite. One definite drawback of the park is that it is pretty hard to find a decent bathroom. There are facilities all along the park, but most of them are portable structures, or are just very smelly. The best bathroom to go to would be the ones in the main building, between the horses and the basketball courts. While the park is definitely stroller-friendly, nursing moms may find it difficult to find a private place - finding an isolated spot on the grass along the riverbank may be the best bet. Despite the few drawbacks, the Bali zuo An Park is a mustsee place for families in Taiwan. Its unique bicycling options opportunities to explore the natural environment make it a day trip to remember.
Illustration by : TIM PrONk

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two Weeks
What’s on around the island 01

Ray Band featuRing 3g. Big guitar sound with 60s and 70s influence. riverside Music Café. B1, No. 2 Lane 244 roosevelt road Section 3, Taipei, 9.30pm, NT$350, rock eCCt ChRistmas LunCheon. Christmas delicacies, champagne and good company. The Sherwood Hotel, Taipei, www.ecct. com.tw, 12.15pm, Community die ZauBeRfLoete. Part of the Cultural Center’s Mozart season. zhongshan Hall, 98 Yanping South road, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$400-1200, Classical

tRaveL with moZaRt. Another Mozart performance in the capital. Floral Hush Cultural Space, B1, No. 10 Lane 112, Anhe road Section 1, Taipei, 8pm, NT$800, Classical





the King’s singeRs. Asian tour of the choral group from Cambridge, Uk. National Concert Hall, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$500-3000, Choral gitaRRissima. Female Austrian guitar quintet, playing arrangements of popular classical works. Cultural Center, Jiayi, 7.30pm, NT$400-900, Classical fLandeRs ReCoRdeR quaRtet. A selection of classical melodies. Performace Hall, zhongli, Taoyuan County, 7.30pm, NT$300-1500, Classical

Reggae foR a Cause. Dance and have fun, all while making money for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Bliss, 148 xinyi road Section 4, Taipei, NT$100, Club viva BaRoque. Concert IV in a run of performances with this renowned Baroque orchestra. National Performance Hall, 21-1 zhongshan South road, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$300, Classical the King’s singeRs. Asian tour of the choral group from Cambridge, Uk. Chung-Hsing Hall, Taichung, 7.30pm, NT$500-3000, Choral





CapitaL J. Canadian Drum’n’Bass DJ. Party room, 138 Bade road Section 4, Taipei, 10.30pm, NT$350-600, Club die ZauBeRfLoete. Part of the Cultural Center’s Mozart season. zhongshan Hall, 98 Yanping South road, Taipei, 2.30pm, NT$400-1200, Classical dJ tomeR. One of the hottest New York Tribal House DJs is in town. Ministry of Sound, 310 Lequn road Section 3, Taipei, 10pm, NT$400-600, Club daRRen emeRson. Former member of Underworld hits the Taipei leg of his Asian tour. Champagne 3 B1, 171 Songde road, Taipei, NT$600-800, Club taiwan ConneCtion moZaRt festivaL. Yilan Performance Hall, 482 zhongshan road Section 2, Yilan, 7.30pm, NT$200-500, Classical

neon is BaCK. Taiwanese indie rockers return. riverside Music Café, B1, No. 2, Lane 244 roosevelt road Section 3, Taipei, 9pm, rock eCCt agm. The European Chamber of Commerce Taipei holds its annual members meeting. The Westin, Taipei, 11am, Community gitaRRissima. Female Austrian guitar quintet, playing arrangements of popular classical works. Concert Hall, kaohsiung, 7.30pm, NT$500, Classical taiwan’s top 20 BRands. Marketing and distribution luncheon hosted by AmCham. Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, (02) 2581-7089, 12pm, Members NT$1300, Non-members NT$1900, Business



wagneR’s opeRa highLights. The best bits from Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerke. National Concert Hall, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$300-1500, Opera the King’s singeRs. Asian tour of the choral group from Cambridge, Uk. Municipal Cultural Center, kaohsiung, 7.30pm, NT$500-3000, Choral



gReen BuiLding deveLopment in taiwan. Environmental Protection Committee special luncheon. Grand Formosa regent Hotel, Taipei, 12pm, Environment

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Cost effeCtive infoRmation management. Joint AmCham/ECCT special luncheon, with Swiss translation company STAr AG founder Josef zibung. The Sherwood Hotel, Taipei, (02) 2581-7089, 12pm, Members NT$1200, Non-members NT$1800, Business gitaRRissima. Female Austrian guitar quintet, playing arrangements of popular classical works. zhongshan Hall, 98 Yanping South road, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$400-900, Classical eCCt wine tasting. The Westin, Taipei, 7pm, Community fLandeRs ReCoRdeR quaRtet. A selection of classical melodies. Chung-Hsing Hall, Taichung, 7.30pm, NT$300-2000, Classical

the uKRanian ChiLdRen’s ChoiR of odessa. Traditional choral music from eastern Europe. zhongshan Hall, 98 Yanping South road, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$300-1200, Choral fLandeRs ReCoRdeR quaRtet. A selection of classical melodies. National Concert Hall, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$300-2000, Classical


08 - 10 tiBetan Buddhist CeRemonies. rituals with kyabje Garab Dorje rinpoche, Dudjom lineage, Nyingma School. Both lectured in English; English chanting texts will be provided. ratnasambhava (Wufeng) Temple, xindian, Taipei County, www.garabdorje. net, Free (donations accepted), religion Las vegas fantasy! Showgirls, glitz and lots of feathers. National Convention Center, Taipei, 2.30pm & 7.30pm, NT$600-3600, Dance



Las vegas fantasy! Showgirls, glitz and lots of feathers. Performace Hall, Yuanlin, zhanghua County, 7.30pm, NT$500-2500, Dance





Las vegas fantasy! Showgirls, glitz and lots of feathers. Municipal Performance Hall, xinzhu, 7.30pm, NT$500-2500, Dance

gitaRRissima. Female Austrian guitar quintet, playing arrangements of popular classical works. Chung-Hsing Hall, Taichung, 7.30pm, NT$400-900, Classical fLandeRs ReCoRdeR quaRtet. A selection of classical melodies. Performace Hall, Yuanlin, zhanghua County, 7.30pm, NT$300-1500, Classical



foRumosa festive happy houR. Egg-nog’s on the menu as the perfect way to see in the festive season (other beverages are available). Carnegies, 100 Anhe road Section 2, Taipei, 8pm, Community Las vegas fantasy! Showgirls, glitz and lots of feathers. zhongzheng Cultural Center, Taipei, 7.30pm, NT$500-2500, Dance



animaLs taiwan Kaohsiung fundRaising fLeamaRKet. Jumble sale to help distressed and abandoned animals in south Taiwan. Lincoln American School, 320 Yucheng road, kaohsiung, 1pm, Charity

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News from the renegade Province
CaL name change refused
TAIPEI | The request of China Airlines to change its name to “Taiwan Airlines” was refused by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications today, due to concerns by the government that such a name would damage Taiwan’s fragile international reputation. “We understand the thinking behind those in charge of China Airlines,” said ministry official Chang Wei-tun. “But, frankly, what country in their right mind would want such a screwedup airline representing them? As far as I’m concerned, their name is already appropriate enough.” The request came a week ago after researchers came to the conclusion that the company’s dismal safety record and subpar service were causing sales to drop, forcing representatives and agents to practically beg passengers to get on their planes. The upper management at the company promptly responded by stating that the company “needed a new image” to solve their problems. Several lame-ass China Airlines officials volunteered to step down and take hefty retirement packages to take responsibility, while an equal number of even more lame-ass China Airlines officials volunteered to take the place of the outgoing staff. Consumer reaction to the request was mixed. “I think we should have a Taiwan Airlines, to bring respect to Taiwan on the international stage,” said one zhuang zhi-yi, 34. “But God help us if China Airlines does it. You couldn’t force me onto one of their planes with a crowbar.” “The latest crash was great news for me,” said one woman who refused to give her name. “I took out massive life insurance policies on all my cheap friends who are planning to go abroad any time soon. Better odds than the lottery, you know?” “Now if I could just get them to fly China Airlines,” she added.

former Kmt spy expresses disdain for magician’s act
guo: “you know those people don’t really disappear, right?” TAIPEI | Guo Yu-jing, 62, scoffed at world-renowned magician David Copperfield on Monday after seeing on of his shows on TV. “That guy didn’t disappear,” Guo, who served as a kMT spy for thirty years, said. “You want to make someone disappear, I can help you. Not this fake. God, just look at his hair.” Guo has made between 50 and 70 people disappear over the course of his career, although the exact number is classified. His methods, while including straightforward assassination, are also little known, but may or may not concern suffocation, drops from great heights, and large amounts of bean paste. “A master can’t reveal his secrets,” Guo told NFrP reporters on Sunday. “But at least when I make people go away, you can be sure they’ll stay away. Somehow I wonder if the same could be said of Mr. Copperfield’s subjects.” “He’s annoying, but I don’t think he’s worth getting rid of just yet,” the former spy added, while leafing through a small black booklet.

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in Cinemas now
the fountain. Darren Aronofsky, Director. Spanning over one thousand years, and three parallel stories, The Fountain is a story of love, death, spirituality, and the fragility of our existence in this world. Action/Sci-Fi paris, je t’aime. 22 directors, each taking a segment. Through the neighborhoods of Paris, love is veiled, revealed, imitated, sucked dry, reinvented and awakened. romance death note: the Last name. Shusuke kaneko, Director. Adventure/Thriller the world’s fastest indian. roger Donaldson, Director. The life story of New zealander Burt Munro, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle. Biography/Adventure volver. Pedro Almodóvar, Director. After her death, a mother returns to her home town in order to fix the situations she couldn’t resolve during her life. Comedy/ Drama déjà vu. Tony Scott, Director. Denzel Washington stars as an ATF agent sent back in time to


Cinema Listing
save a woman from being murdered. Action/Sci-Fi memories of matsuko. Tetsuya Nakashima, Director. Modern references and Greek tragedy mix in this sad tale of a woman’s struggle with and eventual defeat by the vicissitudes of life. Tragedy/Comedy the Knot. Yin Li, Director. Love story set against a backdrop of the White Terror period in Taiwanese history and the turmoils of the Cultural revolution in China. History/romance taipei
ambassador Breeze Center 7F, 39 Fuxing S Rd Sec 1 LuX 83 Wuchang St Sec 2 (02) 2311-8628 majestic 116 Hanzhong St (02) 2331-2270 spring Cinema galaxy 10-11F, 52 Hanzhong Rd (Ximending) (02) 2381-1339 warner village 18 Songshou Rd (02) 8780-5566

Cinemark movie theater 161 Siquan 1st Rd, Sanmin (07) 321-0663 heChuen movie theater 391 Jianxing Rd, Sanmin (07) 384-7686~8

Coming soon to Cinemas
08 deCemBeR

perfume: the story of a murderer. Tom Tykwer, Director. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, born with no smell, develops a superior olfactory sense, which he uses to create the world’s finest perfumes. His work, however, takes a dark turn as he searches for the ultimate scent. Drama/Thriller severance. Christopher Smith, Director. A teambuilding weekend in the mountains of Eastern Europe goes horribly wrong. Horror/Comedy a Battle of wits. Jacob Cheung, Director. Story centers on a battle during Japan’s Sengoku period, a series of civil wars, which spanned from the middle 15th to the early 17th centuries. Action/War

the wind that shakes the Barley. ken Loach, Director. A sympathetic look at republicans in early 20th century Ireland, and two brothers who are torn apart by anti-Brit rebellion. Drama/War Crank. Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, Directors. Professional assassin Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops. Action/Thriller
15 deCemBeR

defend his home against an evil king. Family/Fantasy first Love. Tetsuo Shinohara, Director. A teenager, unable to express herself clearly, learning a lesson in life and through that mending her relationship with her father. romance Brodeuses. Éléonore Faucher, Director. When Claire learns that she is five months pregnant at the tender age of 17, she decides to give birth anonymously. She finds refuge with Madame Melikian, an embroiderer for haute couture designers. Drama .45. Gary Lennon, Director. After a drug-dealer (Angus Mcfadyen) abuses his girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) one too many times, she seduces her friends into killing him. Drama

warner village 13-16F (FE’ 21) 21 Sanduo 4th Rd, Lingya

sK Cinema (mitsukoshi dept. store) 111 Taizhonggang Rd Sec 2 (04) 2255-3333, ext. 7331 warner village 4F, Taichung Central 186, Fuxing Rd, Sec 4 (04) 3608-5566 warner village 4-6F, Tiger City 120-1 Henan Rd Sec 3 (04) 3606-5566

uCi 7-9F, 658 Ximen Rd Sec 1 warner village 8F, 60 Gongyuan Rd Service: (06) 600-5566 Tickets: (06) 600-2345
for a full listing of cinemas please go to http://taiwanese.com/movies

eragon. Stefen Fangmeier, Director. In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon’s egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realized he’s the one person who can

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Taiwan’s Best Free Classifieds - online and in print
teaching Jobs do you have an education degree? do you want to make $900/hr?. URGENT M-Fr (no Tuesdays) 1:15-5:15 2 min from Taipower MRT. You teach classes of 4 students. Awesome material. Awesome boss. Dec 15th - July 10th. 09 1769 4949 AD ID: 2223 easy afternoon Job, minquan east Rd. sec. 5. Make over 40,000/month at the job. ARC offered AD ID: 2262 Junior high school (full time). Full Time opportunity! Certified Teachers, ABC/CBCs, and candidates with a Spousal Visa WELCOME! AD ID: 2197 english instructor available. Experienced English Teacher, looking for preferably full time position all around Taipei. Holding Bachelor Degree of the one US top Universities 0930 603 608 AD ID: 2336 substitute positions for december. Substitute Positions for December 1) Dec. 1, 4,5,6? Mornings 2) Dec. 11-28 (Afternoons+Evenings) 2231-7659 AD ID: 2140 18 hours per week. 18 hours per week good loction provide Arc 02-87705058 AD ID: 2083 substitute position dec 25th to Jan 5th. 23+ hours per week. 600nt cash per hour!. Substitute Teacher position from Dec 25th to Jan 5th. 600 NT per hour, 23 hours per week. Teaching children, and teaching plans will all be provided 0954050290 AD ID: 2307 searching for part time engllish teacher. We are looking for an English teacher who is able to teach on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.(5:30-7:00) 0912-367383/ 04-2325-9342 AD ID: 2101 part time morning hours. A well established kindergarten in Ren Ai is looking for a part time teacher for morning hours. 2393-6965 AD ID: 2043 2 full-time positions in nankan high pay. 2 full-time positions in nankan at a big school availible now pay from 55000-70000 per month depending on hours NEW TEACHERS WELCOME 0930046681 AD ID: 2090 near mRt, part-time afternoon hours. We have part-time hours and are conveniently located right by MRT AD ID: 2046 sub needed nov20- dec 1 2nd sub needed nov 28,29,30 dec 1.. Hours 9-11.30, 2-430, 445605 0917044246 AD ID: 2022 private english tutor needed. Focus on daily and business conversation, Ivy league literature or business major preferred AD ID: 2151 eXpeRienCed, ReLiaBLe suB avaiLaBLe. I CAN SUB IN DECEMBER :) 0955 246 454 AD ID: 1905 french teacher looking to teach.. Salut! Hi! I would like to teach you French, I’m available in the evenings and weekends. I’ma native speaker with two years teaching experience. 0916 22 46 87 AD ID: 2069 1 sub teacher needed nov 20-dec 1, 2nd sub needed nov 28, 29, 30 and dec 1. 9-1130, then 2-430, the 445-605 0917044246 AD ID: 1936 taipei Kindy Job, done by 4pm, right by mRt. Great schedule: 91230, 3-4! Taipei kindy needs teacher, preferable female AD ID: 2191 wed and fri part time jobs. 1 30 to 3 30 in Jongshao fuxing 4 15 to 8 30 in yongher {two different jobs} AD ID: 2132 we want several sub-teachers in Kaohsiung City. Parttime sub-teachers are needed.For Native speaker only,try to contact with Ali or Debi TEL:(07)3521222 (1:30-9:30 P.M.) We’ll pay in high salary. AD ID: 2160 subsitute teacher wanted. Looking for 1 Subsitutue teacher December 27th ~ January 8th. 2828-8899*82 AD ID: 2136 substitute position dec 25th to Jan 5th. 23 hours per week. 600nt cash per hour. Substitute Teacher position from Dec 25th to Jan 5th. 600 NT per hour, 23 hours per week. Teaching children, and teaching plans will all be provided 0954050290 AD ID: 2237 spanish,italian,english. hola! I love to teach Spanish,italian,english! Call me and will be very glad 27935482 AD ID: 2170 easy full-time Job, near shandao temple mRt. Central Taipei, Lots of Hours 0958 282 693 AD ID: 2105 part time teacher needed. Are you looking for some extra hours. Near Mrt. Please contact me urgently!!!! 0953 407 172 AD ID: 2169 part time teacher wanted. We are looking for a teacher with at least one year of teaching experience who is aged 25-35. North American/European apperance. 26363213 or 0970177677 AD ID: 2128 magic santa and or Clowns and magic program for Christmas or anytime. If your school or group is in need of a Magic Santa or Clown program with magic please contact Robert Lewis web:clownsnmagic.com 0913506475 0913506475 AD ID: 2298 2 full-time subs,600nt/hour, all near mRt. Starts in mid-December or late-December AD ID: 2261 Looking for a female private tutor. Looking for a Female Private Tutor to takeover existing students. Check online for details. AD ID: 2138 taipei County: full-time kindy/buxiban teachers needed, can give lots of hours. Taipei/Taipei County: Experienced full-time kindy/buxiban teachers needed!! Taipei/Taipei County: A well-known school in the area is looking for AD ID: 1923 three teaching jobs where you cant miss out on. Three well paid position you cant miss out on. Come in and Check it out or you will regredt for the rest of your life 04-2381-3698 AD ID: 2290 Christmas sub. Hi, I’m yet another jerk going back for Christmas and want someone to fill in for me. I only work Tuesday- Friday, 19 hours per week. 0930137314 AD ID: 2123 sub position available. Sub Teacher needed 0926466976 AD ID: 2113 a is for adult. seeking Charisma man (or woman)!. Turn on the charm. Walk in. Educate. Inform. Entertain. Walk out. No singing required. Join the Elite band of real teachers, and get a real (p/t) job. 02 2388 7005 x 308 (1-10pm) AD ID: 2026 high school,public and private school Jobs needing teachers with Be.Ba or teacher’s license now. more teaching jobs: www. esldewey.com.tw AD ID: 2238 fuLL-time Kindy JoB in taipei avaiLaBLe. WE HAVE A GREAT FULL-TIME JOB IN TAIPEI AVAILABLE...HURRY!! AD ID: 2066 qualified and Recommended english teacher / tutoR available- female. Native speaking Canadian English Teacher available to work in Muzha or Xindian area. Very creative and highly recommended. Please contact 0955481413 0955481413 AD ID: 2009 substitute needed to fill in for holidays. Need someone to fill in for me while I’m away on holiday between Dec.23rd through Jan.19th. Happy Marian, 38hrs/ week. Email for more details. Thanks 0917865622 AD ID: 2314 need sub for dec 11th - 15th near taipower mRt. I need someone to cover Dec 11th - 15th. From 8:45 am - 6:20pm. Would like someone who can cover all hours but would be happy if you can cover most. 0911965354 AD ID: 2316 mornings only!!. Mornings only from 9:30 to 11:30 Monday to Friday. No afternoons! This is a great opportunity for teachers already working afternoons and evenings. 02.2704.3177 AD ID: 2216 teacher available: Looking for part-time evening hours in taipei. Teacher Available: Looking for part-time evening hours in Taipei 0930209442 AD ID: 2057 teaching Jobs available. Teachers leaving. We need to help fill their positions Taiwan . Mail your resume today to: taiwanenglishteacher@hotmail. com Sincerely, Greg R. AD ID: 2269 part time in essence !!. Essence Education Institute is in Bade city near Taoyuan.We’re looking for a native English speaking teacher. 03-3628413 AD ID: 2153 taoyuan nanKan monday JoB. Fill up those extra hours of yours with a Great monday job rexaled enviroment friendlt staff New buliding, New Facilities 0930046681 AD ID: 1987 teaching english in nei-hu, taipei. Teaching English in Nei-Hu, Taipei 0966-096-725 AD ID: 1847

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teaching Job-Xizhi/shiji (mid dec start). This teaching job is available Dec 18th. It’s a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. 25hrs a week. Teaching elementary students in Shiji. AD ID: 2335 find private students fast and for fRee. www.MYU.com.tw is the fastest way to find private students (and school jobs too). Visit us to set up your FREE teacher profile. AD ID: 140 suB avaiLaBLe in deCemBeR/JanuaRy. SUB AVAILABLE 0955 246 454 AD ID: 2319 upcoming sat teacher training. The Princeton Review Taiwan has SAT teaching opportunities available. Applicants must be able to score in 95th percentile of the SAT. (02) 2751-1293 AD ID: 2106 nanKan evening houRs. great little job in nankan 5 hours per week monday till thursday great school great enviroment friendly and helpful staff 0930046681 AD ID: 1928 teaching english in nei-hu,taipei. Teaching English in Nei-Hu,Taipei 0966-096-725 AD ID: 1848 sub positions available in taipei City. lots of various dates available, 600 per hour 0958 282 693 AD ID: 2219 evening hours available. Evening hours in Tu-cheng, 2 min from MRT. 0953407172 AD ID: 2067 tainan:700 ntd/hr :Looking for north american accented teachers. We’re a long built and licensed English school in Tainan city. North American accent is preferred but not required. 062111888 after 2:00 pm AD ID: 1976 morning Job available soon. I am looking for someone to take over my morning job. It is a great school, great boss, cool kids... 09-8732-2684 AD ID: 2313 afternoon hours wanted. Experienced female teacher looking for afternoon hours, between 1 and 5. 0953407172 AD ID: 2044 teacher needed. We require a teacher to work wed/fri 2-5. I also have a saturday class with 2 one on ones. The wed/fri is a group class, same group both days. (02) 2717 3860 AD ID: 2015 part-time english needed in XinZhuang. A+ English looking for a part time teacher, 2 days a week,Monday+Thursday for kids classes from 5pm-8pm for both days in Xin-Zhuang branch. 22055067 AD ID: 2027

Kid Castle shulin (Close to Banqiao) (20 min train from taipei main). Kindergarten Teacher. M-F 9-11:30 Great kids Nice environment Ext. curriculum provided Pay depending on experience Interested? Call Rita 0286871257 0286871357 AD ID: 2189 want to LeaRn engLish?!. Y DO U WANT 2 LEARN ENGLISH?! To use English to get a better job? To exchange ideas with other people in English? I CAN BE YOUR BEST CHOICE! 0954-076675 AD ID: 2096 teacher wanted for friendly school!. Please call for more information - experienced teacher wanted for great school! 26363213 2636-3213 AD ID: 1914 full time job 18hours per week. kids age from 7-9 18 hours per week(afternoon) porvide ARC. Perfect loction near Zhongshan Junior high school station ( MRT brown line) walking 5 min 8770-5058 AD ID: 1988 this ad means we need foreign teachers urgently. For more jobs: click www.esldewey.com.tw for online application and teaching jobs in Taiwan-Awesome!! AD ID: 2278 tutor available. I am an experienced teacher and a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graduate willing to coordinate lessons based upon the students needs. 0963393347 AD ID: 2070 shanghai: experienced Chineseenglish school manager/trainer needed. English Curriculum Provider to Top Elementaries in Shanghai Seeks Management Level Candidates 0958 282 693 AD ID: 2217 teachers needed asap. A few teachers is needed asap! Once you are accepted, we hope you can start right away!! 04-2381-3698 AD ID: 2240 2 Kids, 11 and6. Private Class: Parents with high expectations for their kids, 2 good kids with different requirements, and you! AD ID: 2149 other Jobs pRoJeCt CooRdinatoR wanted. Seeking a Project Coordinator who’s fluent in Mandarin and English to provide administrative assistance to our advertising and research staff. 0930134401 AD ID: 2215 the wurst sausages. Fast growing western-style sausage company looking for motivated people to sell frozen sausages on commission. 0919 250 220 AD ID: 1965

spider talent and model is looking for talents. talents wanted 0935380219 AD ID: 1798 geRman weB maRKeteR for taiwan’s #1 software Company. CyberLink Corp., just named to Forbes’ Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion List, is looking for a German marketing specialist like yourself! AD ID: 2283 technical illustrator. An established technical consulting company is looking for a technical illustrator. Join us, for the best in technical documentation! 02-2217-8242 AD ID: 1915 24s / tn seeking salespeople island-wide. We are looking for salespeople for the following areas: Taipei * HsinChu * Taichung * Tainan * Kaohsiung 0938 921 653 AD ID: 2080 voice Recorder. We need native English speaking voice recorders on an ongoing basis. Please email your related experience. 2218-5996 x 319 AD ID: 2196 experienced piano accompanist. Experienced piano accompanist available. American in Taipei with many years experience accompanying choirs, soloists, and singers. Chinese/English OK. AD ID: 2048 well established school for sale taipei da an. Well established school for sale. Kindi and Bushiban 90 students, supportive staff. Da An area / Heping E. Rd. sec 3- call Ms. Lee 0932128804 0932128804 AD ID: 2017 kid catalog shoot for adidas. Hi, my agency has a catalog shoot for Adidas will take place in 11.12th, November(weekend). 4 hours a day, at a baseball stadium in Taipei county. AD ID: 2084 marketing/pR specialist. We are looking for someone with energy, passion and interest in marketing and IT industry to push our brand in the very competitive graphics card industry AD ID: 2154 “spider entertainment” is looking for talent for few projects. 1. Santa 2. Female for underwear catalog 3. Older lady and body guards for TV drama 4. Kids for catalog 0935380219 AD ID: 2301 salaried marketing positions at eq. English Quest www.englishquest.tw is seeking a Marketing Director in Taipei - salary + bonuses - email resume to David Vasas at candy@englishquest.tw AD ID: 2051 show needs few girls can do latin dance. show needs few girls can do latin dance AD ID: 2127

australian family seeks taiwanese au pair (nanny). Looking for a girl between 18-30 years to be part of our family for around 12 months - working as live in Au Pair. AD ID: 2280 artist/illustrator. To illustrate a new series of adult EFL text books. Work with writers/editors (in English) to provide pictures, graphics etc. Prefer Taiwanese. AD ID: 2034 spider entertainment is looking for girls for informercial. Spider Entertainment has an informercial shoot for a fitness product called “slim shaper”, they are looking for a girl who’s average size and not too AD ID: 2304 seeking Runway models!!. We are seeking men over 180 cm and Women over 172 cm of all nationalities for an international fashion event. Email photos to taipei. talents@gmail.com AD ID: 2239 available editor/writer and businessman. I am looking for a editing/writing position or a position in advertising/marketing. You can contact me anytime at EdwardAlanEng@ gmail.com 0963393347 AD ID: 2071 editor. Please send resume, cover letter and a writing sample to: HR@17study.com 8862-2708-3805 AD ID: 1907 freelance english Creative writer. Established educational consultancy is looking for freelance creative writers to work from Chinese reference notes and compose English documents. AD ID: 2158 freelance Chinese-english Creative writer. Established educational consultancy is looking for freelance creative writers to work from Chinese reference notes and compose application documents. AD ID: 1813 freelance copywriter. Online retailer needs a freelance copywriter to write product descriptions for electronics, motor accessories, and toys. Office centrally located. AD ID: 2076 technical writers. Full-time, Parttime, Flexible working hours. Experience is a plus, but it is the quality of the applicant we are looking for. 02-2217-8242 AD ID: 1982 technical writer: science park, hsinchu. We’re looking for a career-oriented Technical Writer to join our dynamic, professional group. AD ID: 1918 work from home. work from home 09133645-13762 AD ID: 2103

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full-time editor for all plus magazine. LiveABC, an ESL publishing and multimedia company, is looking for a full-time English editor to start in December 2006. AD ID: 2058 Brand Content writer/editor. Brand Content Writer/Editor 1. Primarily working with all global brand marketing teams to create or edit brand communication materials for a variety AD ID: 2023 geRman weB maRKeting specialist for global Company. CyberLink Corp. (ticker:5203. TW), maker of PowerDVD, is looking for a German marketing specialist like yourself! AD ID: 2045 managing editor. Responsible for dealing with writers, artists, printers, the whole lot, to get series of English text books published. Take over from me. AD ID: 2303 seeking Japanese man for friday or saturday! 10,000-15,000 for one day of modeling!. Seeking 30-40 year old Japanese male to film a one day shoot on Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th. email photos to Taipei.talents@gmail.com AD ID: 2297 model needed for tv commercial. Amateur model needed for a TV ad. Working time: maybe full day, contact person: Joseph Chu 0935-947274 or office tel: (02) 2908 8123 (02) 2908 8123 AD ID: 2224 Jobs wanted english elementary teacher with 4 years experience. I am looking for a new teaching position in February, 2007. I am very experienced in elementary teaching. I have CELTA and TEFL certificates in teachi 0987222436 AD ID: 2131 aBC/CBC sub teacher needed at shinchuang. On dec25th till Jan5th. Call Rachel at 0925957328. 9am till 4pm, lesson plan provided. 0925957328 AD ID: 2233 experienced teacher available for afternoon/evenings. Experienced teacher available for afternoon/evenings 0955747733 AD ID: 2309 private tutor seeks students now. I am a native English speaker available for private tutoring. I am an experienced English teacher as well as a learner of other languages. I am lookin 02 29842679 AD ID: 1970 spanish teaCheR. hola!I love to teach Spanish,italian,english! Call me and will be very glad 27935482 AD ID: 2171 i need a face model, woman.. For showing my computer skills. No makeup. Pay her $ 200 NT for each cut that I choose. All copyrights and rights belong to me. AD ID: 2244 experienced american english teacher. Experienced American English teacher (09) 8746-1315 AD ID: 2226 experienced american teacher needs afteRnoon hours or 1 on 1 students. I have taught in Taiwan for 4 years, have an education degree, can teach all ages and levels, can speak Chinese and can teach from 300 to 1000 an hour 0911295000 AD ID: 2095 2 sub teachers available. Two highly experienced English Language Teachers will be available for sub work from January 3rd to February 20th. 0912726301 AD ID: 2251 teacher available. Teacher available. No experience but willing to learn. Kindergarten/Part time ok. Already have work permit and ARC. Close to MRT preferred. 0920 822567 AD ID: 2282 Language exchange english for Japanese. American, 38 yrs old. seeks native Japanese speaker, 30 years or older, for lang exchange 2x/week, about 1.5 hours each time. AD ID: 2146 ReaL english Classes. 24Seven’s Editor-in-Chief is holding private English classes as a beta test for REAL English, an ELT magazine based on content from 24SevenTaiwan.com 0938 921 653 AD ID: 1962 online english. ESL/EFL trained English instructor and former American newspaper journalist tutors English online or by phone. Contact sayatimothy@hotmail.com AD ID: 1882 Le in taichung. I wanna practice my speaking and listening...the abilities I have are really poor...so I hope you will patience with me... AD ID: 1930 Chinese for english. Native Chinese speaker, seeking for a native English speaker.I can talk on Skype or in face.Everyday at best .Half an hour or less for each. AD ID: 2248 Language exchange for ieLts oral exam.. Seek a language exchange partner to improve formal English for IELTS exam. I will teach and pratice you Chinese or Taiwanese. AD ID: 2328 seeking a Le partner. i helped several us federal employees and diplomats before.. Looking for a native English speaker to do LE with, preferrably Americans. I’ve done LE for 7 years and helped several US federal employees learn Chines AD ID: 2120 invite a native speaker of english for language exchange. I want to seek a language exchange partner to improve English.I am willing to practice Chinese with you.Practicing by email or face to face are ok. AD ID: 2255 Language eXChange. LEARN CHINESE AND TEACH ENGLISH 0919748167 AD ID: 2212 Chinese(mandarin)andtaiwanese for english. I’m native ChineseandTaiwanese speaker,and I can teach the Mandarin’s pronunciationandSimplified Chinese. Seeking for a native English speaker as a friend AD ID: 2253 Buy and sell Books for sale. Virginia WoolfTo The Lighthouse,Beryl Bainbridge-The Birthday Boys,Louis De Bernieres-Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,Gabriel Garcia Marquez3 books 0916407219 AD ID: 2180 household/pC Clutter - nt3K takes all. I’m moving soon and want to start getting rid of misc clutter. Computer accesssories, books, Ikea stuff, Akai Cd, Microsoft color smartphone, etc. AD ID: 2107 we are looking for a recruitment agency. We are looking for a recruitment agency AD ID: 2249 souvenir t-shirts that will RoCK taiwan. Pie*Say T-shirts have hit the island and they’re creating a big buzz. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out http:// www.piesay.com AD ID: 2188 giant iguana mtB. Giant Iguana MTB, 3 months old, and only been used a couple of times. Frame Size 14”. Very light and perfect for commuting or outings in the mountains 0972137794 AD ID: 2306 travel (international and domestic). Looking for cheap tickets and packages? We have the best price with the best service Please visit www. interlink.com.tw or call (02) 2578 0611 02-2578-0611 AD ID: 2097 great find guan. Best 0928449622 near view AD shida/gonin Taipei! ID: 2264 male flatmate wanted near ChengChi uni-move in dec 1st. Looking for Male Flatmate near ChengChi Uni. $5500+bills in furnished apartment, room unfurnished. Close to all transport. Email: xinglong4@yahoo.com AD ID: 2152 Room foR Rent. Big room (AC,furniture) in a spacy apartament with 2 other European students. 6000NT/month + 2 mths deposit. Rooselvelt RD sec.5, convenient location 0912147864 AD ID: 2227 3 rooms in taipei, Zhong he. 3 Rooms in newly renovated 3rd floor flat,Zhong He, Taipei County. 8 mins walk from JingAn MRT. Rental 5500,6500 or 8000 depending on size. 0911493678 0911 493 678 AD ID: 2185 CaR foR Rent. TOYOTA CAMRY FOR RENT 0919748167 AD ID: 2236 http://www.piesay.com. http:// www.piesay.com AD ID: 2187 2 spanish BooKs. 2 Spanish Books in Excellent Condition. Both for only NT$ 1500.- If interested, contact me at wangiashia@yahoo.com before I leave Taiwan. AD ID: 2039 Barely used microwave oven. This model is very quiet and large enough to support rotating dishes and bags of popcorn. The oven functions and looks brand new. Original box. 0921501650 AD ID: 2263 moving sale. moving sale all furniture and electronics must go this weekend AD ID: 2225 agel vitamins - eXo. Agel’s EXO gel with 14 exotic all–natural fruits and fruit extract, each containing a wide variety of antioxidants. Request to worldwideagel@gmail. com 0916-676-503 AD ID: 1972 alexander vouchers. 11 x NT500 vouchers for Alexander Health Club AD ID: 2099 Rado diastaR watCh. SELL RADO DIASTAR WATCH 0919748167 AD ID: 2220 Ladies car for sale. I want to sell a Red 1995 March.It has an airconditioner, CD Player and is automatic. Is perfect to drive to work and back. Is old but still pretty! 093-6808884 AD ID: 2232 hand made Christmas Cards. Beautiful Hand-Made Greeting cards AD ID: 2254

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5 BooKs to LeaRn spanish, in mandaRin. 5 BOOKS TO LEARN SPANISH, IN MANDARIN. EXCELLENT CONDITION. ALL LEVELS. If interested, contact me at wangiashia@yahoo.com before I leave Taiwan. AD ID: 2038 gaint bike for sale{gsR3000}. GAINT MOUNTAIN BIKE AD ID: 2036 free - glass display Cabinet. Glass display cabinet for free AD ID: 2241 Big bedroom in renovated apt Banciao. 1 bedroom in big apartment in Banciao newly renovated and decorated 0917 444 624 AD ID: 2308 Laptop foR saLe. BRAND LAPTOP FOR 0919748167 AD ID: OEM SALE 2206

4th g ipod 15gB. We’re getting rid of stuff. This ipod has been great but it is time to sell. jian4guo2@yahoo.com AD ID: 2200 taiwanese flatmate wanted, we speak Chinese and english, near shi da. Close to MRT, Shi Da, Tai Da. Share big sunny, apt. with 2 ‘hua chiao’.3ping room,kitchen,DSL,TV,air con,washer,$11K/month, ripplesNwaves8@yahoo.com 0963-386-504 AD ID: 2118 quite elephant mountain house. Looking for a 2nd person for a two bedroom house. Very nice -quiet home, hill side view- access to walking trails. There is a bus stop directly outsid 09 2239 2416 AD ID: 2133 female flatmate wanted. Looking for a female flatmate to share this nice, classy and stylish 2-bedroom apt on Keelung Rd, Sec. 2 near liuchangli MRT 0926 079 248 AD ID: 2209 great Children’s Xmas gift - ponchopals. PonchoPals uses 100% cotton. The terry towelling finish on the inside makes this product ideal for use by kids by the beach or after a bath. 09-13426830 AD ID: 2302 quality speaker stands (complete set). Two sturdy fixed-height (62cm) stands for front speakers, and two variable-height (78cm-132cm) stands for rear surrounds. Black painted steel. 0921501650 AD ID: 2265 get your own website!. Create your website NOW! Photo, blog, e-store, forum, etc.! Affordable + helpful webhost for you! - Tel. 0916 232 848 or see the ad for the web addre 09162323848 AD ID: 2156 printer for sale. hewlitt packard deskjet 3420 printer for sale, with brand new ink cartridge. works quite well, just updating my computerware so need to sell. AD ID: 2267 nice room for only $5000!. And it’s a great flat! 0916224687 AD ID: 2176 fridge for sale. Deluxe LG, stainless steel, 549 litre, 89x175x73 cm, only 2 yrs old. Pd. $28000 bargain at $17000. Stock up at Costco and eat well. Mint condition. 03 328-4247 evenings AD ID: 2164 LoneLy pLanet guides foR saLe. Several used LONELY PLANET guides, good/exc. cond. NT$50 to NT$120 each. E-mail: airwalllll@yahoo.com AD ID: 2125 Lonely planet’s Central america on a shoestring. Latest (5th) Edition of LP’s Central America on a Shoestring Book 0911657242 AD ID: 2273

south america on a shoestring Lonely planet. South America on a Shoestring Lonely Planet Book, Latest (9th) Edition 0911657242 AD ID: 2272 super fab takasima elliptical Cross trainer. Takasima T550 Elliptical Cross Trainer Get buns of steel in the privacy of your home!!! 09 1829 4068 AD ID: 2130 Rugs and cushions for sale. 4 Red and Orange Rugs from Ikea. 1 month old 4 Red matching cushions from Working House. 2 weeks old. 0916407219 AD ID: 2183 Cheap Round trip ticket to us for Christmas. Fly to NYC and continue on if you like for Xmas ~$700 USD. Leaving 12/22 Return 1/1 or 1/2. Contact ginny.braverman@gmail.com asap. Cheapest deal now! 0921062107 AD ID: 2092 foR saLe: used BooKs from nt$30. USED BOOKS from NT$30, e-mail for titles: airwalllll@yahoo.com AD ID: 2121 foR saLe: Chinese BooKs, novels, translations nt$30 - 50. FOR SALE: CHINESE BOOKS, novels, translations NT$30 - 50 E-mail for list of titles: airwalllll@yahoo.com AD ID: 2122 what you can do with forumsa’s ‘gaRagesaLe’ beta. Forumosa. com recently introduced the new Auction platform garagesale.com.tw/ mbl, it turns any classified ads into auction - 100% FREE AD ID: 2029 Combi stroller for saLe. Great lightweight stroller for sale. Only 500NT. Pick up or can meet around Xin Yi district. Please email sueyee1212@yahoo.com.sg AD ID: 2028 hairdryer and curling iron for sale. Hairdryer and Watson’s Curling Iron for sale 0916407219 AD ID: 2181 Rhino 4-man tent. Rhino 4-man tent 0911657242 AD ID: 2277 new men’s agnes b watch 4 sale. new men’s agnes b watch 4 sale AD ID: 2165 honeywell hepa filter. HoneyWell HEPA Filter For Sale NTD$1,000 Or Best Offer +886.933.006.983 +886.933.006.983 AD ID: 2049 dartboard and darts for sale. Bristle board, Harrows, imported from USA, hardly used, comes with 3 titanium darts, weight unknown, backing assembly, small chalkboard. $5000 firm 03 3284247, 0927270044, 03 3972593, 0932137598 AD ID: 2064

new men”s agnes B LeatheR JaCKet. NEW MEN”S AGNES B LEATHER JACKET AD ID: 2142 for sale: 2005 Kona Cinder Cone mountain Bike. Excellent condition mountain bike,only used on roads.Suspension,disc brakes,Shimano Deore/XT, Mavic,2 sets of tyres,some tools. AD ID: 2060 wide Range of novels going cheap. Wide range of cheap books for sale, pm Hartley 02 8722 1024 AD ID: 2268 sandalwood carved elephant. Selling SW carved elephant (2 inches). Country of Origin: India Price: Only NT$300 each - (Only 2 pcs left). 0933706615 AD ID: 2052 Lonely planet’s Japan guidebook. 8th Edition of LP’s Japan Guidebook 0911657242 AD ID: 2274 Computer Bag - fine Leather - new condition $900. A very nice computer bag bought new at Costco for NT$2400. lots of pockets, hardly ever used. Like new condition. Sonata brand, fine black leather. 2523.2150 / 0932.049.104 AD ID: 2110 a Brand new nine west shoes to sell. A Brand New Nine West Shoes to Sell 0968-396914 AD ID: 2178 sKateBoaRd. Almost new Chet Childress Black Label Skateboard for sale! Can post anywhere in Taiwan. Price: NT$ 3000 neg (excl. postage) 0916 707 278 AD ID: 2167 sCRaBBLe and monopoLy. SCRABBLE and MONOPOLY board games. Paid retail $1100 each. Asking $600 each or $1100 for both. Barely used. (03) 327-4248 evenings. (03) 327-4248 AD ID: 2162 agnes b homme watch. agnes b homme watch AD ID: 2163 womens Levi’s - size 10 - Brand new nt$300. Size 10 women’s levis (short). Still new with all tags. Bought new in April in the US for around NT$1000. 2523.2150 / 0932.049.104 AD ID: 2108 Refrigerator - larger size nt$2000. Kolin brand refrigator. Japanese style. clean, about 5 years old. works perfect. 2523.2150 AD ID: 2109 suede Boots for sale. 1 pair black (Clarks) 1 pair chocolate brown (Laura Clement) Both high quality. Size: Euro 40, UK 6 0916407219 AD ID: 2182 toaster. NT 200.00 for this bread toaster 0918627399 AD ID: 2195

philips stereo system. Philips Stereo System MCM530, 5 disc CD changer, connection to play your Laptop music through a decent set of speakers! 0911657242 AD ID: 2275 digitaL CameRa. KODAK DIGITAL CAMERA 0919748167 AD ID: 2234 pRo niKon f90X + tamRon Lens Kit. NIKON F90X + TAMRON LENS KIT AD ID: 2139 pRo niKon f90X + tamRon Lens Kit foR saLe. PRO NIKON F90X + TAMRON LENS KIT FOR SALE AD ID: 2141 toshiba laptop, carrying case, external dvd burner, wireless router. For SALE: Toshiba laptop 15000, carrying case 1000, external DVD burner 1500, wireless router 1500 AD ID: 2177 asus laptop! quick sale. mashghettosuperstar@hotmail.com AD ID: 2115 ipod video 30 gig u2 special edition. IPOD Video 30 gig - Special U2 Limited Edition I got this as a present 3 months ago, played with it for about a week and haven’t touched it since. AD ID: 2003 epson C45 printer. Epson C45 Printer 0911657242 AD ID: 2276 panasonic Lumix dmC-fX07 digital Camera!. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07K (black) like new. 28mm wideangle lens, LEICA DC LENS, widescreen movies, optical image stabilizer! Box, manuals, everything. AD ID: 2124 imac g4 1ghz. 1 Ghz G4 processor 512MB RAM 80GB hard drive Airport Card OS 10.4 Wireless keynoard and mouse More info if interested. Great shape. jian4guo2@yahoo.com AD ID: 2201

http://www.taiwanease.com 29

free gift with every purchase. Moving house and it all needs to go fridge, washer, closets, tables and chairs, bed frame, cabinet, bedside tables, coffee tables anda water heater. 092 666 1171/ 093 0228587 AD ID: 2300 KitChen toweLs. SELL KITCHEN TOWELS WHOLESALE 0919748167 AD ID: 2207 moving sale. Electric Fan $200; Microwave Oven $1500; 2 Dehumifiers $1400/$2400; Table lamps $200; 2 Heaters $450/$400; 2 seater sofa $5k; TV stand $1000; Fan$200 0911439119 AD ID: 2203 2 desk fan for sale. NT400 for this 2 desk fan 0918627399 AD ID: 2193 moving sale. Single bed with sheets and duvet $800nt. medium size desk $1100nt. Large desk $2000nt. 3seater Leather sofa $2300nt.2X single seat leather sofa $1500 0972137794 AD ID: 2047 microwave oven for sale. NT 2,000 OBO for this microwave oven used only for 2 yrs. 0918627399 AD ID: 2194 adorable puppy needs a good home!. I need to find a home for an adorable puppy. She has 2/3 of her multi-shots and is healthy. She loves being outdoors and very friendly. 0987346952 AD ID: 2259 water dispenser for office or home. Free water dispenser for office or home. Used 4 years, looks still good. Must be cleaned. 2708 9080 AD ID: 2012 the 4400 dvd season 1 and 2. bought this recently but my husband got a copy for me already. So we have an extra copy we’d like to sell. DVD Superb Quality $950 NT 0933-752-359 AD ID: 2175 BaRgain!! takasima Cross trainer. Hardly used by my unmotivated husband. Bought for 18,000NT but selling for less than half the price, 8,000NT ONO. In mint condition! AD ID: 2126 Bicycle frame for sale. 17” Crosscountry bicycle frame for sale. Suitable for persons 166cm-184cm in height. Contact bikingtw@yahoo. com for more details. AD ID: 2214 seLL sapphiRe Ring with diamonds. SAPPHIRE RING WITH DIAMONDS 0919748167 AD ID: 2221 onLy 3 havaianas foR saLes!!. Only 3 Havaianas for sale! New Spring Collection in Brazil! One Pink and two white, size: USA 5, EU 38. Prices NT$ 550- 650 email: deias@hotmail.com AD ID: 2073 specialized Road bike. Specialized 21¡¨ Road Bike and Tacx Mag Cycle Trainer, Shimano 105 Front and Rear Derailleur, Sprocket and dual levers, Specialized Dbl butted aluminum fram 0938581228 AD ID: 2079 agel vitamins - umi. Agel’s UMI with Fucoidan, which is a component of brown seaweed and is considered a natural source of healthy food. Request to worldwideagel@gmail. com 0916-676-503 AD ID: 1973 Lonely planet taiwan. Lonely Planet Taiwan Book - 5th Edition 0911657242 AD ID: 2271 Bike for sale. Xtension Xplore mountain bike for sale. Great for riding the trails around Taiwan. Great deal, must sell. 0928 279 526 AD ID: 2310 seLL RuBy Ring. RUBY RING 0919748167 AD ID: 2222 washing machine and mattress. Westinghouse washing machine: NT$3,000. Comfortable mattress: NT$3,000 0920-370-955 AD ID: 2252 stunning Lucida engagement Ring for sale. Stunning Lucida Engagement Ring for Sale! Includes Gemscan certificate of diamond authentication. AD ID: 2243 housing new 3-Bedroom apartment for Rent. BRIGHT and CLEAN 3Bedroom Apartment for rent in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. AD ID: 2287 BeautifuL apaRtment, easy aCCess to eveRywheRe in taipei. Perfect studio in Xinyi District everything you want in an apartment! See more pics at: http://community.webshots.com/user/XinyiApartment 09-1111-6465 AD ID: 2312 a princess house nearby 101. princess house, Super modern cozy furnished apartment, all wooden floors, the big bedroom is looking for a gentle tidy roommates, girl plus 0922102546 AD ID: 2315 apartment taichung City. Spacious, bright, and fully furnished 2-bedroom western style apartment available for rent in Taichung City. Located on Da Ye North Road. 0936314403 AD ID: 2231 Room available for rent. Looking for a female flatmate to share a nice, classy and stylish 2-bedroom apt on Keelung Rd, Sec 2 near liuchunglee MRT. 0926 079 248 AD ID: 2210 great apartment. great studio in taipei city AD ID: 2311 studio apt in new building in Ximen ding. Studio apt in new building in Ximen Ding Lee AD ID: 2025 fully furnished studio near houshanpi mRt. Fully furnished studio, near Houshanpi MRT, with all new interior now available. TV,kitchen area,cable,ADSL,washer rm. -Patrick patrickw@pacific.net AD ID: 2229 furnished studio available near guting mRt station and shida. Furnished studio available near Guting MRT station and Shida AD ID: 2317 furnished one bedroom for rent - Lingguan mRt station (brown line). Furnished one bedroom for rent - Lingguan MRT station (brown line) AD ID: 2318 high class decor house. high class house,close to FONG GAI park, have tennis court inside the park. close FONG GAI UNIVERSITY,very nice view. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2330 a brand new building. brand new building,has very nice view and decor.very close to botanical garden park and museum. Includes swimming pool,gym. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963-142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2331 brand new 2bedroom apartment. brand new 2bedroom apartment,close SO GO,Museum,Botanical Garden park,People’s Park, Little Europe,Gallery.very nice view. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2332 very high class high-rise apartment. very high class high-rise apartment.close to SO GO,People’s Park, Little Europe,Gallery.very nice view. gym,pool.roofgarden. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2333 high class nice view 4bedrooms apartment. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2329 Beautiful 4bedrooms apartments available. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2327 Beautiful (1bed room 1living room) apartments always available. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2324 Beautiful 2bedrooms apartments available. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2325 Beautiful 3bedrooms apartments available. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2326 studio near tianmu Baseball park. Studio on DeXing E. Rd near TianMu Baseball Park. Comes fully furnished, AC, ADSL, private bath. $10,000 + contract. Contact Angela @ 09 2205 1578 see ad AD ID: 2184 Roof toop tien mou. FURNISHED APARTMENT TIEN MOU DONG LU 12 000 ALL INCULDING THERE IS A BEDROOM BATHROOM LIVINGROOM and SMALL KITCHEN BEUTIFULL MOUNTAIN VIEW 0953649434 AD ID: 2289 furnished studio in gongguan district for Rent. Furnished Studio in Gongguan District for Rent AD ID: 2198 great apartment near shi-da. A great apartment near shi-da perfect for students. 0939 858 192 AD ID: 2260 quiet hillside near 101. Looking for a 2nd person for a two bedroom house. Very nice -quiet home, hill side viewaccess to walking trails. There is a bus stop directly outsid AD ID: 2134 3 rooms in Zhong he, good for shi da and taipei. 3 Rooms in newly renovated 3rd floor flat in ZhongHe, Taipei County. 10 mins walk from Jing An MRT. Rental 5500,6500 or 8000. Paul 0911 493 678 0911 493 678 AD ID: 2186 townhouse for sale, open house on 21 nov.. Great house for single/ DINK/small family, with views and big front porch, open house on 21 Nov. 0958882224 AD ID: 2256 flat for sale: hsinying, tainan County. 43 ping, 1st flr, 3 bdr, 2 bth, 23 yrs old, exc. location, exc. neighbors, 4 ACs, 2 yr old jumbo LG fridge, ez pkg, no guard fees, super quiet, $1.85M 03 3284247, 03 3972593, 093213798, 0927270044 AD ID: 2065

30 Taiwanease


fuRnished Room foR Rent. NICE FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT 0919748167 AD ID: 2205 great apartment off of shi-da road. Three quiet people (two students and a teacher) are looking for a fourth to share their immaculate apartment in a quiet lane in Shida. 0939 858 192 AD ID: 2006 awesome 1/2 person place in southern taichung City. 12th floor apartment with one and a half bedrooms, great views, high ceilings and modern AC. No furniture. Four months left on the current lease. 04 2262 0960 AD ID: 2119 great 2/3 person apartment available in art street area. Perfect 4th floor apartment, large enough for 2/3 people, located next to Art Street and close to Dong Hai University. Furnished with D/B bed,sofa etc 04-26331520 or 0911-569121 AD ID: 2172 Beautiful office ( shop ) available. Beautiful office available,near Museum and Botanical Garden Park.great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool,and 24 hour security. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2334 great quiet elephant moutain house. I’m Looking for a 2nd person for a two bedroom house. Very nice -quiet home, hill side view- access to walking trails. There is a bus stop directly ou 09 2239 2416 AD ID: 2192 seeking for a flat mate, a furnished room near mucha. clear and furnished room, in Shen keng, feel like at home, and can experience Taiwan locak life 26649085 AD ID: 2199 BRand new apaRtment neaR shida/ntu. Fantastic, new apartment in Daan area. Walking distance to Shida and NTU. Fully furnished. ADSL. Kitchen. Living room. beili171@yahoo.com.tw AD ID: 2305 house in daken, taichung. House with front and back yard. Excellent views of the mountains. Fantastic deck. Western fitted kitchen with full size gas ove 0934 250371 AD ID: 2063 furnished one bedroom for rent - Lingguan mRt station (brown line). Furnished one bedroom for rent - Lingguan MRT station (brown line) AD ID: 2061

CLean newly remodeled apartment with 2 great roommates!. FEMALE Great apartment next to MRT, food, and more! Own bedroom, share bathroom. Super clean, super convenient. 2 friendly roommates from California. 0989114100 AD ID: 2279 house in beautiful daken, taichung. House with front and back yard. Excellent views of the mountains. Fantastic deck. Western fitted kitchen with full size gas oven. Games room and bar. AD ID: 2062 Beautiful studios always available. Beautiful apartments always available.near museum.(Other locations also available).great gym,roofgarden, swimming pool. missleetaichung@yahoo.com 0963142288 (04)2205-8935 AD ID: 2323 2-br flat north-central taipei. Seeking 2-br flat, about 20 ping, in Zhongshan or Songshan area, prefer wood floors and public yard/ garden, will pay up to 30K+mgmt fees 2-2500-4882 AD ID: 2208 peRfeCt apaRtment, peRfeCt LoCation!. Perfect studio in Xinyi district - easy access to everywhere in Taipei. See pictures at: http://community.webshots.com/user/XinyiApartment 09-1111-6465 AD ID: 2337 pets Rottweiler/Lab cross looking for loving home!. Beautiful friendly large rottweiler cross looking for loving home. AD ID: 2075 Kitten needs a loving home. We found this little guy sick and have nursed him back to health. He’s ready for a new home. De-wormed, uses the litter box and will get shots soon. email me for any info AD ID: 2116 Cute puppy needs a good home!. I need to find a home for an adorable puppy. She has 2/3 of her multi-shots and is healthy. She loves being outdoors and very friendly. 0987346952 AD ID: 2258 missy looking for Love!. MISSY looking for LOVE! AD ID: 2284 playful Kitty needs home. Playful and affectionate kitty needs home ASAP. If interested please contact Suzanne at 0917245714 or Dr. Michael Huang at 0927720227. AD ID: 2074 twin 3 month old pups B and C need homes. Little B and C were dumped in a busy road. Now they are rescued, well-fed, curious, energetic, and looking for a home of their very own. email AD ID: 2179

our cat needs a new home. our cat needs a new home. If you are someone who loves cats and can promise to take good care of her. please contact me AD ID: 2159 vehicles 1994 vw vento for sale. 1994 VW Vento (Jetta) for sale. Good condition. Spotless interior. Good reliable vehicle. Asking $80,000. Call for a look. 0936 822 078 or 02 2545 4458 AD ID: 2098 1994 neon ChRysLeR ntd50K oBo. 10 YEARS OLD A/C HAS LEAK SO NEEDS FIXING CAR IS HOUSED IN KEELUNG, SO WOULD NEED TO TRAVEL UP TO KEELUNG FOR A TEST DRIVE +886-955109-724 AD ID: 2270 Camping van forsale. Awesome van for going on weekend trips. Has everything included. My wife and I used it almost every weekend to travel in the mountains to the beaches. 0937 932 677 AD ID: 2018 1989 2.0 190e mercedes Benz. 1989 2.0 190E Mercedes Benz, light blue, in excellent condition. 150,000NT (OBO - No reasonable offer will be refused!) 0938581228 AD ID: 2078 sCooteR foR saLe. HA SCOOTER FOR 0919748167 AD ID: YAMASALE 2211

foR saLe:2006 hartford hd150. very good shape, never laid down, oil change every 1000km, runs great, less than 4000km on the clock, build in alarm system, new 60,000, asking 48,000 AD ID: 2147 hi. i rent scooters.. Hi. I rent scooters to my friends. Call me and we can get you roling. Kip 09 54001807 09 54001807 AD ID: 2093 vespa pX foR saLe. I have a recently renovated VESPA PX150E (1991) for sale - strong engine great condition - handsome deep purple - photos available on request 0919 33 1984 AD ID: 2285 1995 Jeep 4X4 (seriously fun, on/off road machine). I’ve had this Jeep for 3 yrs. The soft-top is 6 mos old. Also a bikini top, saddlebags, etc. This is an awesome toy - you’re up high, safe.. It’s fun 0912221437 AD ID: 2042 personals Casual dates. Hello there, am looking for casual dates in Taipei. Drop me a line with any question you would like to know about me :) AD ID: 2247 Can you fly?. Western man looking for a female Western friend: spiritual nonconformist, funny, empathetic, open, thoughtful. Platonic only! AD ID: 2322 looking for someone special. Australian living in Taiwan. 33 years old. Speaks Mandarin. Likes hiking, photography and travel. Looking for friendship with a view to relationship. AD ID: 2230 shooting peopLe taipei fiLm maKing aCtivities. Check out the blog at http:// shootingpeoplefilms.blogspot. com for more info AD ID: 1995 tibetan Buddhist Rituals with garab dorje Rinpoche - free attendence. AD ID: 2104

sym(honda) Legend foR saLe. SYM(HONDA) LEGEND FOR SALE AD ID: 2143 seLL toyoto CamRy. I HAVE TOYOTA CAMRY WANT TO SELL ASAP LEAVING TAIWAN 0919748167 AD ID: 2204 husky w/ tall dude modifications for sale!. Hello. I am thinning some of my beloved possessions, including my sweet motorcycle. I bought the bike for 28K, put tons of money into fancying it up, 0921 058 574 AD ID: 2174 hot husKy foR saLe!!. 1994 black 150CC Husky motorcycle in good condition. Reliable with side compartments. Comes with disc brake lock and wheel lock. Very comfortable ride 0963274620 AD ID: 2173 yellow husky 150 - a great little runner but a bit beaten up.. This bike runs really well and is ideal as a beginners bike, the low riding position means its easy to handle and comforatble to ride. 0911 009401 AD ID: 2190

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