Chapter 06 Front Office Operations

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The Arrival Chronology Diagram Arrival Chronology Group Arrivals Departures Front Desk Operations Front Office Communications Front Office Staffing Front Office Manager Responsibilities AM Checklist Internet Exercise
Figure 6-1

The Arrival Chronology
75% of a guest s satisfaction is determined during the registration process. The arrival chronology includes the following stages:
Greeting Transition Registration Completion
Figure 6-2

Transient Guest

Arrival Chronology

Group Arrival

Valet Doorperson Bellstaff Front Desk Concierge Guest Room

Remote Check-in Desk

Figure 6-3

Dotted lines indicate possible outcomes. Red = transient, blue = group.

Group Arrivals
Different procedures take place when large numbers arrive at one time. They include: Remote Check-in Pre-key/key pack Group billing must be prearranged. Options are: Sign All Charges (SAC) Sign Room and Tax (SRT) Each Pays Own (EPO)
Figure 6-4

The three methods of checking out of a hotel:
At the front desk Guest directed computer system Automated

What are some similarities and differences between these three methods?
Figure 6-5

Front Desk Operations
The primary function of front desk operations is checking guests into and out of the hotel. This entails:
Processing individual reservations Maintaining room preferences Obtaining method of payment

Why is accurate blocking of rooms so important?
Figure 6-6

Front Office Communications
Because of the importance of communications within the front office, different methods are used to ensure all areas have accurate information:
Group Résumé Pass On Log Informal break room discussions and posted information
Figure 6-7

Front Office Staffing
Staffing within the front office is divided into three shifts:
AM PM Night Audit A Swing shift may be added as needed

Shift levels are based on occupancy and labor forecasts.
Figure 6-8

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Figure 6-9

ABC Hotel and Towers-AM Front Office Checklist
Date: Front Office Manager On Duty: Arrivals: Departures: 7:00AM Meet with night audit to review pass on log and outstanding issues Determine current occupancy. Verify and cross-reference with forecast Print and file Contingency Report * Run room preference report Run credit card authorization report and cash balance report Verify V/R room status 8:00AM Review occupancy strategy Verify all incoming reservations Verify with reservations any same day changes, cancels Review room status Review groups to arrive with staff Determine walk-in rate 9:00AM Run and re-file contingency report Review all arriving VIP's, reserve rooms accordingly Meet with front desk manager, bellcaptain, PBX supervisor, conceirge manager to discuss day ahead 10:00AM Review occupancy Run duplicate reservation report. Verify absence of double-bookings, spelling similarities 11:00AM Review room status Print arrivals report 1:00PM Review occupancy Run and re-file contingency report Restock desk supplies 2:00PM Begin employee shift changes Projected Occupancy:

3:00PM Review pass on log with PM shift manager Review overtime agent status Complete remaining paperwork and end shift Re-evaluate walk-in rate as needed

Note, the contingency report is run several times throughout the day by front desk managers. A contingency report lists every guest in-house, guests due to arrive/depart, room statuses and rate information. Because most hotels are reliant on the compute

Figure 6-10

Industry Awareness Internet Exercise
The Internet allows for near real-time reporting of news and trends in this industry. Mergers, acquisitions, prominent staff appointments, and other important news is disseminated on-line much faster than print. Using the sites that follow, compare the latest print publications with their on-line versions. How do the news stories differ? Could potential investors be interested in these stories earlier? How are hotel guests possibly affected? Figure 6-11

Trade Journals/On-Line Resources
Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly http:// Hospitality Net http:// ospitality e s http:// eo/ e s Hotels Lodging Hospitality http:// http:// Hotel and otel anagement Lodging News http:// http:// .lodgingne Hotel News Resource http:// .hotelne Hotel nline http:// eo International Hotel & Restaurant Association http://

Figure 6-12

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