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Train 2 Game Student William Alexander Student Diary

Train 2 Game Student William Alexander Student Diary

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Published by: Train2Game on Aug 10, 2011
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William Alexander Student Diary

Last week as some of you may know Jonny and I (Ironcore1) were at the Develop Expo in Brighton and what an amazing time we had. On Tuesday night we were at the Alfresco on the seafront for a T2G placement students promotion presentation. We got to meet some of the biggest names in the gaming industry and have a pint with them FOR FREE. I know it sounds to good to be true right? After that we were taken out by Tony (The Don) Bickley to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant, I saw the menu and thought hmm I could have "Alu du la ger" "Fri'sti motus" or "SPAG BOL!" so I went for the Spaghetti Bolognese because I knew what it was. Jonny was a little more brave and he went for that nights special "Fru da la relala" and he got spag bol as well only it was covered in Squid Ink. (Before you go checking all the names of the meals on offer apart from Spag Bol are made up to represent that the food was weird and expensive) On the Wednesday we went to the Expo and got the stand looking nice. We were then joined by the Train2Game Guru's, Jason, Rory and Matt. As the day went by we went to different presentations and saw all the stands which were really interesting and the most interesting thing for me was Autodesk's "Project Skyline" which they think will cut a lot of time off of production which will in turn make games cheaper to produce which will have a knock on effect on the industry as a whole in my opinion. I also had the honour of meeting Chris Solarski (Artist) who did a fantastic talk about the psychology behind art. It was mind blowing for me and I can honestly say I will never look at a picture the same way again. What's even better about me meeting Chris was that I went to his talk an hour late just as it was finishing (the stand was too busy for me to leave) he was on his way to the bar and he invited me to join him. He proceeded to tell me a bit more about himself and his life and how he got into art. His story was extremely inspiring and reassuring because he really wanted something and he dedicated himself to it and he got what he was after and I think that's all anyone needs to do in theory. He then did a one on one walk through of his lecture with me and I was enlightened by him, what a great opportunity it was for me to sit and listen to him talk about his passion. Thursday at the Expo was much of the same so there isn't much to tell. All we really did differently was at the end of the day packed the stand away. Since then I've come back to work and now I'm cracking on with more art but with a refreshed mind and a load of new things to think about. www.train2game.com

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