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Introduction: The gross domestic product (GDP) is one the primary indicators used to gauge the health of a country's

economy. It represents the total value of all goods and services produced over a specific time period & it can be treated as the size of the economy. Now eeconomy of Bangladesh is composed of three main sectors-----Agriculture, Industry and Service. GDP of Bangladesh has shown up going trend for last 50 years & there are three major sectors have played vital role in that. In the following shown.

Period 1961-1970 1971-1980 1981-1990 1991-2000 2001-2010

Agriculture 56% 47% 36% 25% 19.34%

Industry 9% 10% 11% 15% 28.78%

Service 35% 43% 53% 60% 51.88%

Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Source: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics; Nahar,K. An analysis of growth trend & changing structure of GDP in Bangladesh

Major components of GDP are agriculture, industry and service in Bangladesh. During 1949-50, agriculture was the dominant sector in contribution to GDP, but changes have come over the years and service sector has become conspicuous now. In the period of 1949-50, agricultural contribution to GDP was 70 percent. During 195960, share of agriculture in GDP started to fall and it continued until FY 1973-74. From then, for two fiscal years its status remained stagnant and after that the condition was not so bad as to be feared awfully, because the green revolution helped in increase in rice production in those years. But the fall precipitated from FY 1990-91, when industries started to grow exuberantly and in FY 2001-2002, the percentage of agriculture in GDP reduced to only 24, which was a matter of national concern. In 1949-50 industrial establishments were poor because of the historical background. Under British rule, governments didnt give proper attention in the establishment of necessary industries in East Bengal. After the separation of Indian sub-continent in 1947, the Pakistani government was rather more eager to set up industries in West Pakistan than in the East. So, though industries were growing and their contribution was rising, it could never be very significant before independence of Bangladesh and agriculture remained the dominant sector in GDP percentage. But, after long twenty years, industry showed improvement in contribution to GDP in 1969-70, comparing with that of FY 1949-50. Industrial share in GDP percentage remained stagnant for some years from FY 1973-74 to FY 1984-85. The growth of this sector started in 1990-91, when political environment was relatively stable and foreign investment was appreciated and welcomed by the then government. In 2001-2002, though its contribution rose to 16 percent, it still remained behind compared to the other two sectors. In 1949-50, service sector had 26 percent contribution to GDP. This share of this sector grew from the following fiscal years and this growth was stagnant for the latter two years. But soon it grew fast and then slowly again in the next years. But it reached 60 percent of GDP in 2001-2002, making this sector the largest of all in GDP contribution.

INTRODUCTION: This particular assignment under the course Managing Operations has been assigned for understanding the contribution of different sectors of the economy in the GDP. The study will help us to explore the shift in the concentration and focus of the entrepreneurs due to the change in the consumer behavior, taste and fashions, technology, social values and globalization. Basically, the Gross Domestic Product or GDP is a measurement of the economic performance of a country. It measures the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time of a country.

METHODOLOGY: The data has been collected from different internet websites. SPECIFIC SECTOR WISE CONTRIBUTION IN GDP SINCE 1950: The following tabular graph shows the contribution of agriculture, industry and service sectors to our GDP from 1950 to 2009:

Fig 1: Agriculture, industry and service sectors contribution to GDP

Sectorwise GDP Contribution

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Agriculture Industry Service
OBSERVATION: Bangladesh has been maintaining an image of agricultural sector dominating country. However, in the last 50 years the contribution of the agricultural sector has been deemed due to the industrialization and technological changes. The value addition in the service sector wiped out the domination of agriculture in the GDP and became the most dominating contributor in the economy. The Industrial Sector growth is maintaining positive growth rate. GDP SHARE IN THREE SECTORS OF DIFFERENT COUNTRIES: Country China Bahrain Germany Malaysia Uganda India Agriculture 10.6% 0.5% 0.9% 9.4% 22.5% 17.0% Industry 46.8% 56.6% 26.8% 40.9% 25.1% 28.2% Service 42.6% 42.9% 72.3% 49.7% 52.4% 54.9%

1950 70% 4% 26%

1960 62% 5% 33%

1970 55% 10% 35%

1980 44% 11% 45% Year

1990 32% 12% 56%

2000 25% 15% 60%