1) Oracle Sales Overview

Oracle Sales is an enterprise application for sales professionals that simplifies and optimizes the task of planning and managing the sales process. Oracle Sales simplifies the sales process by providing visibility into the sales cycle, helping companies plan and manage effective selling activities. It is integrated in the E-Business Suite and covers key field sales flows from leads to opportunities to quotes.Oracle Sales has been developed using the standard Oracle Applications (OA) Framework 2) Responsibilty for Sales Representatives : Oracle Sales User 3) If our business has multiple units and organization then MOAC feature(Multiple Organizaton Access Control) enables to access more then one organization at a time while logged under a single responsibilty.

Implementation STEPS
1) Setting Up Users and Reporting hierarchy
>> Create an employee user Ex : ELA1117 >> Assign resposibilties to the created User

2) Setting up of group
>> It determines the resource hierarchy (A resource can belong to multiple groups, onky one resource with a manager role should be in a group) >> A group can have only one manager >> CRM Resource Manager Responsibility >> Resource Manager >> Maintain Resources >> Groups more the one role) assigned with it) Groups *Roles* (It has certain roles(It can be one role or It has one *Manager* | Sales Representatives

3) Setting up Managers Role
>> Manager Flag should be checked

4) Sales Admin Role
>> If a group member has Sales Admin Role then it can act as a manager as it has all the roles which manager has. >>ASN: Sales Admin Update Access Set this profile to Yes to provide create and update access to the lead, opportunity, and customer data. • ASN: Sales Admin Forecast Update Access Set this profile to Yes to enable the Sales Admin to create, update, or submit a forecast for the sales manager.

5) Creating Resource and assigning Roles and Resource

>> When you create a resource. >> . Users who are not valid resources cannot login to Oracle Sales.Groups >> All Oracle sales User must be setup as valid resources in oracle resource manager. you assign roles to the resource. To belong to a sales group a user should be a member of the sales group and have at least one active role of any role type.

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