Obligatorisk opgave 4 Engelsk B e-learning René Rubion Discuss interracial marriage.

(A letter to the editor= et læserbrev til en avis). The Danish media coverage on the issue of mixed marriages seems monotonously bent on an ultraorthodox feministic agenda of denigrating Danish-Thai couples. The Thais are usually portrayed as mail-order brides or gold-diggers, always (since they are women) viewed as victims, forced by poverty to marry Danish men. Men, who in turn are portrayed as ugly and socially incompetent chauvinists who could never get a wife in the normal, “fair” way. The TV program “Fra Thailand til Thy” certainly selected its participating couples carefully to promote this view. But let us not forget that Thailand is a fairly well developed and benign place, after all, to be born poor. It is not a place where poor people are starving to death. That’s a fact. Think about that. And now another fact: The vast majority of Thai-Danish marriages are the result of a holiday fling that lasted. They met and fell in love like most other married couples did. I urge anyone doubting my words to attend one of the parties that are regularly held by Danish-Thai friendship organizations. Just Google it, go meet the merry lot, savour the delicious Thai food, enjoy the evening, enjoy the entertainment. And swallow your prejudices.

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