Obligatorisk opgave 6 Engelsk B e-learning René Rubion How do you think mass media influence family life?

(An essay). (300 ord) How do I think mass media influence family life? Tough question; what mass media and what family life? -Books, newspapers and magazines are mass media and so are radio, TV and the Internet. Books and magazines are, in most cases, hardly any danger to families and can even inspire conversation. So can newspapers, besides providing morning-silent men some shielding against endless chit-chat, should their spouse happen to be of the less morning-silent type. Radio I would consider a harmless media what family life regards, provided the family members can agree about what station to tune in to, or find an agreeable sound-level if their preferences of music or talk-station differs much. If printed matter and radio were the only massmedia ever invented, or successfully marketed, all other things being equal, I believe many people would have a deeper knowledge of chosen subjects, from studying books. Now, enter the TV. In my childhood every family had one. But only one. -And only one Danish and one or two Swedish TV stations. -Usually an easy choice. Today the choice is not so simple. We often choose to watch each our programme on each our screen, sometimes in separate rooms and sometimes in the same room, now that computers work fine as TV sets. And this leads us right to the present where the borders between watching TV and “doing something” on the computer are slowly washing away. I am trying hard to imagine what the difference to my family life would be if there were no TV and internet. Would we talk more? -Be happier? In fact I hardly think so. We would probably still talk when we felt like it and still spend time in each our room or mental bubble, listening to each our music or reading each our books.

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