BUSINESS COMMUNICATION III MBA 2012 BATCH ASSIGNMENTS FOR CAF The assignment given below (First in the

Series) will be completed by all the students by 14 Aug 2011 and the same will be submitted thro’ Section CR on the day of the BC Class of the Group during the next week commencing from 16 Aug 2011 to Prof (Col) A K Rajpal/Ms Hina Rana for evaluation. The Sections having BC classes on 15 Aug 2011 will submit the next Day, ie 16 Aug 2011 thro’ their respective Class CRs to the above mentioned faculty members. No excuse please.

NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION IN EVERY DAY LIFE While discussing Kinesics, the researchers in the field give out one of the very significant and important situations cited by the Police in order to warn the Public. They say: Many criminals are highly skilled at interpreting non verbal behavior. Their success in getting away with crimes depends on their ability to read others. Convicted thieves report that they don’t pick their victims randomly. They carefully select their victims. They look for people whose walks

signal uncertainty and whose posture and face suggest passivity. Question. Discuss the situation in the light of ‘Non Verbal Advantage’ in every day encounters within the organization and also your opinion as to what non verbal cues that you would sport to avoid being picked as a victim.
NOTE : No second chance or variation in the date of submission can be affected due to busy time schedule for maintenance of CAF. Students not following the schedule will miss 15 marks for this activity of CAF. Four foolscap size papers in manuscript or print out form should be spirally bound for submission with a separate Cover Page clearly spelling out your Enroll No, Section Serial No, Date and Name.

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