Macy¶s Workers Okay New Contract Union, Retail agree to new 5-year contract that includes a $3.

05 raise over 5 years, and lower healthcare costs. The union representing the 4,000 workers at Macy¶s approved a new contract on Thursday By Kareem Johnson DNAinfo Reporter/Producer MIDTOWN ² By a 10 to 1 margin, The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which represents 4,000 workers at 4 of Macy¶s New York City stores approved a new contract, a press release announced. Workers at the Macy¶s flagship store on the 34th Street in Manhattan, and three stores in the Bronx, Queens, and Westchester County ratified the new contract, which include a $3.05 over the next five years. Other contract guarantees include ³more control over scheduling, guaranteed hours, and lower healthcare costs,´ the release stated. ³This contract sends a message to workers throughout New York City: when working people stand together in a union, they can make real gains for themselves and their families,´ Stuart Appelbaum, president of the RWDSU said in a statement. Macy¶s workers were close to a strike earlier this month as the both sides worked to get a contract offer on the table before a June 15 deadline. The strike was averted through a tentative agreement on June 16. Ken Bordieri, President of Local 1-S said in a statement ³the contract will improve the lives of all these workers, who stood up and spoke in one unified voice during negotiations and fought for each other and what they knew was right.´

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