New York City Housing Authority Cites Over 13,000 Repairs Needed at 18 Buildings City Says Backlog is Because

of Maintenance Worker Layoffs By Kareem Johnson DNAInfo Reporter/Producer HARLEM ± The city of New York is facing a growing problem. The number of repairs needed at several city-owned properties has topped 13,000, and they include 18 buildings that the city needs to repair most urgently. The growing number of needed repairs comes as the NYCHA cuts the number of maintenance workers because of city deficits, and has been cutting workers. Officials with Housing Authority are saying they are working to put together a 5-year plan to deal with growing mountain of repair work orders. Sheila Stainback, an agency spokeswoman told the New York Daily News that 11% of the workforce has been eliminated since 2005, and keeping up with needed repairs of buildings that range from 40 to 70 years old is very difficult. For the 111 residents of the Manhattanville Rehab (Group 3) development in Harlem, there is about five work orders per apartment, and residents are becoming largely discouraged. Twenty-three-year-old Manhattanville resident Elisa Pollanco, told the Daily News that she ³gave up hope´ on the city fixing the 7 work orders in her apartment. The situation is serious for Pollanco, who needs her front door to be repaired, because the door could be kicked in, she said. Citywide, tenant groups are clamoring for action from the state and federal government to get the repairs back on track.

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