Gridlock of µPresidential Proportions¶ Likely in Midtown Today President Barack Obama¶s Visit to Midtown will likely collide with

Pop Sensation Justin Bieber¶s visit to Macy¶s By Kareem Johnson DNAInfo Reporter/Producer MANHATTAN ± A teen idol and a presidential will test commuters resolve as President Obama makes several stops in Midtown this evening and Justin Bieber¶s visit to Macy¶s in Herald Square. "I can't recall another time when I thought the President's motorcade might be upstaged. But Bieber will be at Herald Square, the crossroads, literally, of NY, where east meets west and north crosses south,´ said Sam ³Gridlock Sam´ Schwartz. The president¶s is expected to helicopter in from JFK to Wall street, weather permitting. All avenues will be subject to freezes as the president moves from east and west sides. All avenues east of 7 are frozen. NYPD is saying no schedule closures, but will have an ³adequate detail in place´ to deal with fans. If things get out of hand, as they did at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island in November 2009, we will have gridlock of presidential proportions,´ Schwartz added.