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Chasing Darkness an Elvis Cole Novel Elvis Cole Novels by Robert Crais - Chasing Darkness an Elvis Cole Novel

Chasing Darkness an Elvis Cole Novel Elvis Cole Novels by Robert Crais - Chasing Darkness an Elvis Cole Novel

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Published by: peterg894 on Aug 10, 2011
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Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel (Elvis Cole Novels) by Robert Crais

Chasing Darkness By Robert Crais

Elvis Cole is Back--In a Desperate Fight to Clear his Name... Its fire season, and the hills of Los Angeles are burning. When police and fire department personnel rush door to door in a frenzied evacuation effort, they discover the week-old corpse of an apparent suicide. But the gunshot victim is less gruesome than what they find in his lap: a photo album of seven brutally murdered young women -- one per year, for seven years. And when the suicide victim is identified as a former suspect in one of the murders, the news turns Elvis Coles world upside down.Three years earlier Lionel Byrd was brought to trial for the murder of a female prostitute named Yvonne Bennett. A taped confession coerced by the police inspired a prominent defense attorney to take Byrds case, and Elvis Cole was hired to investigate. It was Coles eleventh-hour discovery of an exculpatory videotape that allowed Lionel Byrd to walk free. Elvis was hailed as a hero. But the discovery of the death album in Byrds lap now brands Elvis as an unwitting accomplice to murder. Captured in photographs that could only have been taken by the murderer, Yvonne Bennett was the fifth of the seven victims -- two more young women were murdered after Lionel Byrd walked free. So Elvis cant help but wonder -- did he, Elvis Cole, cost two more young women their lives? Shut out of the investigation by a special LAPD task force determined to close the case, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike desperately fight to uncover the truth about Lionel Byrd and his nightmare album of death -- a truth hidden by lies, politics, and corruption in a world where nothing is what it seems to be. Chasing Darkness is a blistering thriller from the bestselling author who sets the standard for intense, powerful crime writing. Features: * Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Unabridged audiobook 6 discs 7 hours Read by James Daniels.

In my mind, Robert Crais has the second best series in fiction going right now, just after Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series (his latest is Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch). Solid, quirky, oftentimes funny, good detective stories throughout. Elvis Cole and his enigmatic partner Joe Pike are on a dark, depressing case this time. Three years earlier Cole had proven that a man could not have committed a horrific murder. Now, that man is found dead with evidence that he committed not only that murder but 6 other s. Cole is sure that his work in the original case is correct and this man is being set up after his death and the real murderer is still wandering the streets. Cole and Pike start to pull on some loose threads and soon they have more trouble than they bar gained for. This one is not as good as other Cole novels such as The Last Detective (which was so good that I pulled the cassette from my car in the garage and literally ran to the tape player in the house to see how one scene was going to end!). This one starts out rather slowly but it builds to an ending filled with twists and turns followed by even more twists and turns. This is a book that gets better as it goes along. Highly recommended.

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