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Life Style Without Food

Life Style Without Food


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Published by param5
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.

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Published by: param5 on Sep 24, 2008
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as people on the Earth understand it, usually have the body invisible for hu
man eyes and impalpable though more sensitive persons can see and/or feel
them. Their bodies do not have what we would call internal organs. These
beings can take any shape depending on their will.

One can easily guess that the non-material beings have nothing common
with what people call food. An average inhabitant of their world may even
not know what food is. Eating is an unattainable experience for them, so
some of these beings dream about experiencing life in hard matter in order
to be able to eat. Then they come to live on planets like the Earth. Life here
is hard for them, no wonder they have suddenly changed their life circum


stances. They have problems with eating. Many anorectics, bulimics, people
frequently overeating or striving to inedia originate from these beings.

Non-material beings, having entered into human body, find themselves not
completely adapted to living in this environment. This is caused mostly by
difficulty with adaptation to matter. Eating constitutes a strong link between
matter and the being. This is where the striving to freedom of eating origi
nates from, which previously was their natural state. Self-grounding provid
ing more stable relation with matter helps them to easier dwell in the body.

Many of these beings are unable to remain without eating in the human body
because the link with the body (which is matter) may become too loose
which results in breaking it permanently. Eating is not only a necessity for
them, it is also a part of intended experience with matter. Thus giving up
food may mean for them the lost of meaning of life.

I sometimes meet these persons on the Earth. Majority of them do not know
what causes their “problem” with (non-)eating. I explain it so that they have
information useful for understanding the “problem”. With this information
they can more consciously choose to experience matter or to be an inediate.

So if you meet a person, most often he/she will be fat or thin, who emanates
Love, warmth like a sun, has sensible “angelic nature” and problems with
(non)eating, you can presume that he/she came from less dense world (di
mension) where food was not known. Statistically, the bigger the “problem”
with (non-)eating, the shorter experience with matter they have, most often
acquired on the Earth.

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