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Life Style Without Food

Life Style Without Food


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The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.

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Published by: param5 on Sep 24, 2008
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Because I am still living in this illusion where we believe that pieces of pa
per and metal rings have the power of exchange and even the value of hu
man life. Money is our Lord and we are his slaves out of choice because no
body else has made us so.

During a seminar the lecturer passes information he/she has collected. Infor
mation was, is and will be free; those who seek it, will find it. If you do not
want to search, you can take a shortcut and buy what other person has
worked out, collected, discovered, learned etc.


A teacher is a person who has found and ordered information and possible
experienced on themselves, so that he/she can pass them on. Information
and knowledge are free, but time and work of the teacher, correspondence,
traveling, renting seminar room and other organizing matters cost.

Money is a mean of exchange. Nobody has to use them. One can live with
out money. If you have them, you choose what to exchange them for. For
example, you can exchange them to participate in a seminar in order to re
ceive information. If you do not have money, you can propose other things
in exchange.

There are also teachers who give information away for free. They have dif
ferent reasons to do this. Examples. Some are so free that money and materi
al life associated with them lies beside their striving. Others feel they do not
deserve any payment. Others have decided to scarify themselves and serve
people while living in poverty. They believe that “spiritual knowledge”
should be given out for free.

There are also teachers who are building karmic relations with their students
by giving out for free. They do it consciously or not. They do not take mon
ey so they make their students dependent on them. This means that their
present students will have to repay them back in future by e.g. money, ser
vice, teaching, advice.

If you think that other person's work result or information which you are
looking for, should be given to you for free, you can tell the person about
this and explain why. You can propose the exchange of a product, service or
something else. You do not have to pay because you have a choice.

What to do in order to become a non-eater?
Can I also live without food?

There is no such thing as a universal method for every body, because every
one has his/her own way, every person is a different world. There are as
many ways leading to inedia / non-eating as there are inediates / non-eaters.

If you know that LSWF is for you, you are already walking the right way.
You probably have put on your way the activity aiming expansion of Con
sciousness sphere in which you live.


If you ask somebody whether you are able to live without food, the answer
is ... no, you are not. As long as you do not know this, you are not able to do
this, although you possess the potential. Information alone is not enough, but
as soon as you start to fell the knowledge and power associated with it in
you, you will stand at the gate giving choice of this life style. Then you will
know what and how to do this.

If you already feel that LSWF is for you, you are already walking the way
on which non-eating exists. There are many possibilities in front of you, so
you can realize them according to your plan.

What to do? Do what you feel that is best for you. First of all, do not consid
er food bad for you (many people do this mistake) and take it easy. Life nev
er ends and is not a race so you always have time. What you are unable to
do now, you will be able to do later.

It is a nonsense that people can live without food.
How are you going to prove it to me?

Hereby I declare that I do not feel any need to prove that living without food
is possible or that me or any other person is a non-eater. I do not intend to
prove this, however I am open to experiments (I write about it in this book)
which outcome may be considered prove to some people.

The human living on the Earth walks his/her own unique way, experiencing
and building his/her own knowledge. The human builds his/her own world.
Every human is a different world. All these worlds are different although
they contain similar or even common elements.

To prove or not, you can only to yourself. Regarding other things or what
others say, you can only believe it or not, because they will not prove any
thing to you. You can also define a belief level which will mean a proof for
you. So if you believe that this is a nonsense — yes, you are right, this is
true for you.

The human builds his/her world by his/her own beliefs, experiences and
knowledge. Therefore what is true to one person (in his/her world), may not
exist or be false to another person (in his/her world). This means that the
truth is relative to people's worlds.


When for one person (in his/her world) the possibility of living without food
is true, it does not mean automatically that this happen to every person. The
possibility to live without food is true for some people, and they may even
practice it, however at the same time this is false and impossible thing for
other persons. Therefore when one person lives happily without any food,
another person may die if he/she tries this.

This is only one example of a thing which simultaneously can be possible
and impossible, true and false. Of course, this does not make a person un
able to collect information, change beliefs, experience life and build own

A person characterized by natural tolerance allow other people to experi
ence whatever they choose (built their own world), because he/she knows
that this is a manifestation of human free will.

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