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Life Style Without Food

Life Style Without Food


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Published by param5
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.

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Published by: param5 on Sep 24, 2008
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For a long time I have been going to write this, but how to describe some
thing that cannot be described with words and the intellect does not compre
hend. This can be understood only by feeling it, at least telepathically. Any
try to describe it would be ... philosophizing (wasn't it supposed to be with
out philosophizing ...).

Nevertheless, as you can see, I have decided to describe this. Let this text to
be a contribution which brings closer the understanding of what is the source
of life for your mind and body.

When I am asked what I nourish the body with during inedia, my truest an
swer is that I nourish it with ... nothing. I know, because I clearly see and
feel this, that during inedia I maintain the body in perfect condition only by
being conscious that IAM is the creator of Life. Do you understand? — the
creator of Life. By simply being aware that I create Life, I can maintain the
mind and the body (which I am using as tools) in any state I wish. I feel this.
At the same time as I turn my focus inward myself (my spiritual center), I
feel IAM which creates (gives) Life and maintains it is creation.

I know that until you do not feel IAM, that is what you really are, you wont
be able to understand my explanation, although this is the simplest one I can
write. I know what I am, I feel this thing and I can see how I am creating
Life by just being aware about this fact.

Once you know what you are, you see and feel what you would describe as
“IAM is consciously creating life”, then you need noting more any more.


You inner spiritual and feeling awareness of this fact causes that you do not
ask any more, because you know that they will not answer, advice, show or
explain better than the thing you feel shows you.

Then you also know that when a person says: “I am nourish by prana”, “I
live on Light”, “God gives me this grace”, the person either cannot explain
better, do not understand this or do not feel what he/she really is in his/her

This or that way, why would you want to limit yourself? Why would you
want to be dependent on prana, Light or God? Of course, you can nourish
yourself with these if you decide so. You can also leave these things once
you feel IAM, that is what you really are in your essence. Then not only
food and water but also God, Light and prana will not be needed by you for
living. You wont be limited by “living on Light”, “nourishing the body with
prana”, “God's love or grace” because you will have the choice. You will
have the choice not only: eat or not, breath or not; you will be also able to
choose between: to nourish yourself with prana, Light or not, to live on
God's love or not.

What you make yourself dependent on, that nourish you; and what you free
yourself from, that becomes unnecessary for your life. This or that way,
whether you are aware of this or not, you always create the world in which
you live according to principles and beliefs also created by you.

IAM the creator of Life, Light, Love, prana, breathing and food. I also creat
ed and I constantly modify these mind and body which serve me as tools for
experiencing (or playing a game).
I can enjoy whatever I have created, that is food, water, air, prana, Light,
Love, God. I can nourish my mind and body. I can also throw it away as not
needed for my further playing and, simply, live just by being aware that
IAM is the creator of Life.

So do you now understand more how this is possible that human can live
without food? Do you also understand why the real Masters leave and do not
teach people? How can they teach about something that the intellect is not
able to understand? How to explain something that a person does not feel

The clearer you will feel what you are in your essence, the more inedia and
other “impossible” things will be something natural for you. At the same
time you will less and less often try to find something outside yourself, be


cause you will feel more and more that all things always have been in you,
actually, you have been always the source of these all.

“The truth will set you free.”


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