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Life Style Without Food

Life Style Without Food


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Published by param5
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.
The motto of this book:
I am the Consciousness and everything else is my creation.

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Published by: param5 on Sep 24, 2008
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Long time ago the human noticed that there is a dependency between de
creasing food intake (e.g. fasting) and so called spiritual growth. This de
pendency is so important that it is being emphasized by many teachings, re
ligions, beliefs and schools which purpose is spiritual growth of the human.
Restraining periodically from food is often practiced by many people who
are on a path of spiritual growth.

This dependency is clearly felt by fasting people. Its mechanism can be easi
ly understood by persons who know that eating is a factor that weighs down
the human to earth, I have described it before. Some people decide to prac
tice LSWF so that they can permanently dwell in “high vibrations”.

LSWF is one of many possible stages on path of conscious spiritual growth.
I have mentioned that linked things impact each other and that body and
mind are unity. So decreasing activity in the physical area (mainly digesting
and elimination) will cause that more life energy can be use in the spiritual
area. During fasting and LSWF the spiritual activity increases because the
life energy naturally flows into this area. Thus it can be used for personal
spiritual growth.

Neither inedia nor fasting are necessary on path of spiritual growth, however
many people consider experiencing them significant help. Biography of
many so called “spiritual masters” include fasting (also dry) or long periods
of significant decrease in eating performed in order to attain specific goals
in the spiritual sphere. Many of them eat just for society reason, not for they
need to feed the body.

Food is the strongest material link that connects the human to matter. When
this connection is broken (when eating has lost its significance, when food
has fulfill its task), many other material dependencies automatically break.
“Earthly concerns” which have been important until now (games, news in


mass media, disputes and many other) become unimportant and daily life
becomes simpler, easier, happier and more tranquil. The human more often
and with stronger intensity directs his/her activity into their inner world, to
IAM, to God, thus he/she becomes less influenced by the social suggestion.
He/she becomes a sun.

During this time doing energizing exercises is easier and gives more plea
sure because the person better feels energy. Concentration, contemplation,
visualization and other mind exercises are better performed, intended results
are achieved earlier and easier. Also silencing the mind is done easier,
which brings nearer the point of entering into meditation. It is easier to see
Light and feel Love of which source you are.

If you can see the aura you will notice that it glares around person living
without food. It has symmetric shape, the aura pulsates life and, describing
briefly, is beautiful. The energetic centers called chakras look similarly. If
before starting LSWF there were any dirty areas or disorders in the aura,
caused by e.g. alcohol, meat, cigarettes, drugs (including coffee, tea, sugar),
they completely disappear.

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