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The Andrea Bocelli Handbook - Everything you need to know about Andrea Bocelli

The Andrea Bocelli Handbook - Everything you need to know about Andrea Bocelli

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Andrea Bocelli, grande ufficiale omri (born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, multi-instrumentalist and classical crossover artist. Born with poor eyesight, he became totally blind at the age of twelve following a soccer accident.

Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival, in 1994, Bocelli has recorded thirteen solo studio albums, of both pop and classical music, two greatest hits albums, and eight complete operas, selling over 70 million copies worldwide. Thus, he is the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music.

In 1998, he was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. In 1999, his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category, since Leontyne Price, in 1961. The Prayer, his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film, The Quest for Camelot, won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. With the release of his classical album, Sacred Arias, Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, as he simultaneously held the top 3 positions on the U.S. classical albums charts. Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, and a record-setting 7, have topped the classical albums charts, in the United States.

With over 5 million units sold worldwide, Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time, and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide, his 1997 pop album, Romanza, became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever, as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada, and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. The album's first single, "Time to Say Goodbye", topped charts all over Europe, including Germany, where it stayed at the top of the charts for fourteen consecutive weeks, breaking the all-time sales record, with over 3 million copies sold in the country. He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and classical singer in the world.

In 2006, Bocelli was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and on March 2, 2010, he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his contribution to Live Theater.

This book is your ultimate resource for Andrea Bocelli. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Music right away: List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli discography, Il Mare Calmo della Sera, Bocelli (album), Viaggio Italiano, Aria – the opera album, Sogno, Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album), Verdi (album), Cieli di Toscana, Sentimento, Andrea (album), Amore (Andrea Bocelli album), Incanto, My Christmas, Requiem (Verdi), Carmen: Duets & Arias, La bohème, Tosca, Il trovatore, Werther, Pagliacci, Cavalleria rusticana, Carmen, Andrea Chénier, Romanza, The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere, A Night in Tuscany, Sacred Arias: The Home Video, Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana), Credo: John Paul II, Under the Desert Sky, My Christmas Special, Vivere Live in Tuscany

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Andrea Bocelli, grande ufficiale omri (born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, multi-instrumentalist and classical crossover artist. Born with poor eyesight, he became totally blind at the age of twelve following a soccer accident.

Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival, in 1994, Bocelli has recorded thirteen solo studio albums, of both pop and classical music, two greatest hits albums, and eight complete operas, selling over 70 million copies worldwide. Thus, he is the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music.

In 1998, he was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. In 1999, his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category, since Leontyne Price, in 1961. The Prayer, his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film, The Quest for Camelot, won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. With the release of his classical album, Sacred Arias, Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, as he simultaneously held the top 3 positions on the U.S. classical albums charts. Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, and a record-setting 7, have topped the classical albums charts, in the United States.

With over 5 million units sold worldwide, Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time, and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide, his 1997 pop album, Romanza, became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever, as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada, and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. The album's first single, "Time to Say Goodbye", topped charts all over Europe, including Germany, where it stayed at the top of the charts for fourteen consecutive weeks, breaking the all-time sales record, with over 3 million copies sold in the country. He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and classical singer in the world.

In 2006, Bocelli was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and on March 2, 2010, he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his contribution to Live Theater.

This book is your ultimate resource for Andrea Bocelli. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Music right away: List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli discography, Il Mare Calmo della Sera, Bocelli (album), Viaggio Italiano, Aria – the opera album, Sogno, Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album), Verdi (album), Cieli di Toscana, Sentimento, Andrea (album), Amore (Andrea Bocelli album), Incanto, My Christmas, Requiem (Verdi), Carmen: Duets & Arias, La bohème, Tosca, Il trovatore, Werther, Pagliacci, Cavalleria rusticana, Carmen, Andrea Chénier, Romanza, The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere, A Night in Tuscany, Sacred Arias: The Home Video, Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana), Credo: John Paul II, Under the Desert Sky, My Christmas Special, Vivere Live in Tuscany

Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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  • List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli
  • Andrea Bocelli discography
  • Andrea Bocelli discography
  • Il Mare Calmo della Sera
  • Il mare calmo della sera
  • Il Mare Calmo della Sera
  • Bocelli (album)
  • Viaggio Italiano
  • ''Viaggio Italiano
  • Aria – the opera album
  • Sogno
  • Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album)
  • Verdi (album)
  • Cieli di Toscana
  • Cieli di Toscana
  • Sentimento
  • Andrea (album)
  • Amore (Andrea Bocelli album)
  • Incanto
  • My Christmas
  • My Christmas
  • Requiem (Verdi)
  • Carmen: Duets & Arias
  • Carmen: Duets & Arias
  • La bohème
  • Tosca
  • Il trovatore
  • Werther
  • Pagliacci
  • Cavalleria rusticana
  • Cavalleria rusticana.[2]
  • Carmen
  • Andrea Chénier
  • Romanza
  • The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere
  • The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere
  • A Night in Tuscany
  • A Night In Tuscany
  • Sacred Arias: The Home Video
  • Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana)
  • Credo: John Paul II
  • Under the Desert Sky
  • Under the Desert Sky
  • My Christmas Special

Andrea Bocelli, grande ufficiale omri (born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor, multi-instrumentalist and classical crossover

artist. Born with poor eyesight, he became totally blind at the age of twelve following a soccer accident. Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival, in 1994, Bocelli has recorded thirteen solo studio albums, of both pop and classical music, two greatest hits albums, and eight complete operas, selling over 70 million copies worldwide. Thus, he is the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music. In 1998, he was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. In 1999, his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category, since Leontyne Price, in 1961. The Prayer, his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film, The Quest for Camelot, won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. With the release of his classical album, Sacred Arias, Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, as he simultaneously held the top 3 positions on the U.S. classical albums charts. Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, and a recordsetting 7, have topped the classical albums charts, in the United States. With over 5 million units sold worldwide, Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time, and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide, his 1997 pop album, Romanza, became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever, as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada, and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. The album’s first single, “Time to Say Goodbye”, topped charts all over Europe, including Germany, where it stayed at the top of the charts for fourteen consecutive weeks, breaking the all-time sales record, with over 3 million copies sold in the country. He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and classical singer in the world. In 2006, Bocelli was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and on March 2, 2010, he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his contribution to Live Theater. This book is your ultimate resource for Andrea Bocelli. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about his Early life, Career, Personal life and Music right away: List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli discography, Il Mare Calmo della Sera, Bocelli (album), Viaggio Italiano, Aria – the opera album, Sogno, Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album), Verdi (album), Cieli di Toscana, Sentimento, Andrea (album), Amore (Andrea Bocelli album), Incanto, My Christmas, Requiem (Verdi), Carmen: Duets & Arias, La bohème, Tosca, Il trovatore, Werther, Pagliacci, Cavalleria rusticana, Carmen, Andrea Chénier, Romanza, The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere, A Night in Tuscany, Sacred Arias: The Home Video, Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana), Credo: John Paul II, Under the Desert Sky, My Christmas Special, Vivere Live in Tuscany Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of upto-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

Andrea Bocelli

Everything you need to know about Andrea Bocelli


Andrea Bocelli

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Andrea Bocelli List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli discography Il Mare Calmo della Sera Bocelli (album) Viaggio Italiano Aria – the opera album Sogno Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album) Verdi (album) Cieli di Toscana Sentimento Andrea (album) Amore (Andrea Bocelli album) Incanto My Christmas Requiem (Verdi) Carmen: Duets & Arias La bohème Tosca Il trovatore Werther Pagliacci Cavalleria rusticana Carmen Andrea Chénier Romanza The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere A Night in Tuscany Sacred Arias: The Home Video Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) Credo: John Paul II Under the Desert Sky My Christmas Special 1 24 28 41 43 45 47 49 51 54 55 59 61 62 67 70 83 86 90 98 115 119 124 128 135 149 153 160 163 164 165 167 168 171

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opera.[7] In 1999. in 2005. easy listening. [15] With the release of his classical album.[20] .[16] With over 5 million units sold worldwide.Andrea Bocelli 1 Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli Bocelli performing at the Live 8 concert in Paris. Tuscany. his 1997 pop album. Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.[4] [15] and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide. Sacred Arias. born 22 September 1958) is an Italian tenor. topped charts all over Europe. Romanza.[4] [15] Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. drums. with over 3 million copies sold in the country. PolyGram. operatic pop. Latin pop.[4] [11] [12] [13] [14] In 1998. selling over 70 million copies worldwide. in 1961.S. [4] won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. since Leontyne Price. trumpet.[7] [8] Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival. he was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. multi-instrumentalist Instruments Vocals. classical albums charts. in 1994. as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada. flute. two greatest hits albums. have topped the classical albums charts. his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film.[10] Thus. songwriter.[4] [15] The Prayer. guitar.[15] The album's first single. Decca. Italy Adult contemporary. of both pop and classical music. became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever. trombone. including Germany. Background information Born Genres 22 September 1958 Lajatico. "Time to Say Goodbye". melodica Years active 1992–present Labels Website Universal. saxophone.[4] [5] [6] Born with poor eyesight. multi-instrumentalist and classical crossover artist. harp. harmonica. in the United States. grande ufficiale omri[2] [3] (Italian pronunciation: [anˈdrɛːa boˈtʃɛlli].[17] [18] [19] and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. where it stayed at the top of the charts for fourteen consecutive weeks. as he simultaneously held the top 3 positions on the U.[4] [15] He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and classical singer in the world. his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category. The Quest for Camelot. producer. he became totally blind at the age of twelve following a soccer accident. vocal Occupations Musician. he is the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music. and a record-setting 7. breaking the all-time sales record. Sugar Andrea Bocelli [1] Andrea Bocelli. keyboards. and eight complete operas. classical.[9] Bocelli has recorded thirteen solo studio albums. Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time. Philips. pop.

It was there. Tuscany Bocelli would also spend time singing during his childhood.[23] After finishing secondary school in 1980. selling farm machinery and making wine in the small village of La Sterza. His mother has said that music was the only thing that would comfort him.[7] [8] While pregnant.[23] To earn money Bocelli performed evenings in piano bars. Despite this advice. They lived on the family farm.[2] [3] and on March 2. was mistakenly diagnosed with appendicitis and received a treatment of ice applied to her stomach. for his contribution to Live Theater. Bocelli's mother chose not to [8] abort her son (Bocelli's blindness is not believed to be related to this incident). and later also learned to play the flute. Doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy with an abortion because of the high probability that the treatment would cause a disability in the child. the Margherita d'Oro in Viareggio with O sole mio. Edi. trumpet. 2010. that he met his future wife. guitar and drums. Bocelli was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. He completed law school and spent one year as a court-appointed lawyer. Bocelli's mother.[21] [22] 2 Early life Childhood and Education Bocelli was born in 1958 to Alessandro and Edi Bocelli. Tuscany. he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bocelli's mother and younger brother Alberto still live in the family home. Loss of sight It was evident at birth that Bocelli had problems with his sight. saxophone. Italy. Bocelli showed a great passion for music. Teatro del Silenzio at Lajatico. . in 1987. which is about 40 km south of Pisa.Andrea Bocelli In 2006. a frazione of Lajatico. he completely lost his sight following an accident during a soccer game. Bocelli's father died in 2000. Enrica. In 1970. At the age of six he started piano lessons. As a young boy. and after visits to many doctors. at the age of 12. trombone.[23] At the age of 14 he won his first song competition. he studied law at the University of Pisa. harp.

[27] He topped the Spanish singles chart in 1996 with a duet with Marta Sanchez. Pavarotti urged Zucchero to use Bocelli instead of him. His third album. was released and immediately entered the Italian Top Ten.[28] In 1996. Bocelli was invited to sing a duet with English soprano Sarah Brightman at the final bout of German IBF World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion Henry Maske. who had discovered Bocelli.[27] The song was included on his album Bocelli which was produced by Mauro Malavasi and released in spring. Giorgia. the Spanish version of "Vivo per lei". a friend of Maske. along with Nancy Gustafson. they re-recorded it as a duet with members of the London Symphony Orchestra and sang it as a farewell for Maske. Viaggio Italiano. of the same name. Andreas Vollenweider and Bryan Adams and also Adams' song All for Love. entering the main competition with "Con te partirò" and finishing in fourth place. he was invited to return the following year. He won the preliminary competition with the highest marks ever recorded in the Newcomers section. Brightman. Peter's Basilica at Christmas.[26] He performed the hymn. where it stayed for fourteen weeks. "Con te partirò" became the best-selling single of all time.[24] 1995–97: Bocelli and Romanza – Conquering Europe and Latin America As winner of the 1994 Newcomers section at the Sanremo Festival. and he won the "Newcomers" section. was released in autumn. "Time to Say Goodbye" eclipsed the previous best-selling single by more than one million copies. The demo tape was from Caterina Caselli. he debuted in the classical world in a concert at the Teatro Romolo Valli in Reggio Emilia. Maurizio Morante's Notte e Piscatore.[24] Bocelli signed with the Sugar Music label in Milan after the group's president heard Bocelli sing Miserere and "Nessun Dorma" at a birthday party for Zucchero. Adeste Fideles in Rome before Pope John Paul II in St. Italian rock star Zucchero held auditions for tenors to make a demo tape with of the song Miserere from his album of the same name. going platinum within weeks. In December he entered the preliminary round of the Sanremo Music Festival in the category of Giovani. performing both parts of the duet Miserere. On 28 December. .[27] In Belgium. it was Bocelli who accompanied him to sing the duet and he was also given solo sets in the concerts. he returned to the practice of the Catholic faith.[24] In September he made his opera debut as Macduff in Verdi's Macbeth at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa. His debut album. In Zucchero's European concert tour in 1993.[27] Bocelli sang "Miserere" and "Funiculì. and a sextuple platinum award.[24] In May he toured with Italian pop singer Gerardina Trovato. Funiculà" with guitarist John Miles. After hearing Bocelli on tape. recorded with Giorgia for the Romanza album.[24] In February 1994 he entered the main San Remo Festival competition with "Il mare calmo della sera". but around 1994.[25] Bocelli had been an agnostic. singing "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's Turandot. Zucchero eventually persuaded Pavarotti to record the song with him and it became a hit throughout Europe.Andrea Bocelli 3 Career 1992–94: Sanremo and Il Mare Calmo della Sera In 1992. The single debuted atop the German charts. He also sang "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" from Giuseppe Verdi's La traviata in the finale. Pavarotti International in Modena. Changing the title lyric of the song to "Time to Say Goodbye". approached Bocelli after she heard him singing "Con te partirò" whilst she was dining in a restaurant. partly as a result of immersing himself in the works of Tolstoy. Caselli is Bocelli's current manager and producer. With sales nearing three million copies. where he sang Ruggero Leoncavallo's "Mattinata" and sang a duet with Pavarotti. to send to Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. again with a record score. "Vivo Por Ella".[24] In September he sang at Pavarotti's annual Charity Gala concert.

C.[30] On 19 April Bocelli entered the United States (USA) market with a concert at the John F. he gave 22 open air concerts in Germany. the song became a hit in Belgium (Wallonia) and France. California on 24 January.[30] Dion's album containing The Prayer was released in 1998 and re-issued with the DVD of the TV special in 2007. he toured the West coast of North America from San Diego to Vancouver. which again increased his popularity further in the USA.[30] On 5 May. On 14 September in Munich. he appeared at the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago. and then at the World Youth Festival in Paris. followed the next day by a reception at the White House with then US President Bill Clinton. in the [27] Klassik category in Cologne. Germany. with a final performance before over 18.[7] In June.[30] [31] He was also named one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people of 1998. with Sarah Brightman to receive the ECHO music award for "Best Single of the Year".[32] The song was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song and performed by Bocelli and Dion at the ceremony held at the Los Angeles Music Center on 21 March. as well as an indoor concert in Oberhausen on 31 August. To date. he yet again sang before the Pope at the International Eucharistic Congress.[27] In August. The Prayer won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song from the film Quest for Camelot. he sang at the TeleFood benefit concert held in the Vatican City.[32] From 11 April to 24 April. this time for "Best selling classical album" with Aria . he would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli. Released in December 1997. the following year. In the summer. On 19 October. and August. he appeared in Monte Carlo. the French version of "Vivo per lei". The hotel used Con te partirò in their advertisements.000 spectators at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. and the second for Bocelli after "Time to Say Goodbye". and organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization to raise awareness about world hunger. where he again sang in the presence of the Pope.[32] At the 41st Grammy Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on 24 February. Bocelli and Dion received a standing ovation after singing The Prayer. "I heard someone say – If God had a singing voice. Italy. where it reached #1 on the charts. he received an ECHO Klassik "Best seller of the year" award for his album. Bocelli recorded "Je vis pour elle". At the New Year. His fifth album Aria . Actress Elizabeth Taylor stood by his side on the stage during the encore.[27] [29] Back in Italy in Bologna on 27 September. Germany. while he sang The Prayer.[30] He also performed the first Internet live opera broadcast in its entirety from the Detroit Opera House. one in the category "Best Italian Singer". Bocelli was nominated in the Best New Artist category which was won by Lauryn Hill. Germany. his popularity in the USA further increased. Sogno. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington. it is the best-selling single for Ségara. Sarah Brightman and Zucchero. he performed two concerts at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. he toured North and South America. and one for "Best Classical Interpretation". In September he performed in concert at the Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa for the home video A Night in Tuscany (Italian: una notte nella Toscana) with guests Nuccia Focile.The Opera Album was released in March.the opera album. as a duet with French singer Hélène Ségara. On 25 October he received a Bambi award. His final concert of the tour at Madison Square Garden was sold out. In September. winning two World Music Awards. At the 56th Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills." As a result of his appearance on the show. D. Viaggio Italiano. he received his next Echo Klassik award. The song appeared on the Quest for Camelot soundtrack in 1998 and on Bocelli's album. July.[32] .Andrea Bocelli The same year. On 3 March he appeared in Hamburg.[30] On Thanksgiving Eve Bocelli appeared as a guest on Céline Dion's Television special These Are Special Times in which he joined Dion with their hit The Prayer from Dion's album These Are Special Times and he also sang Ave Maria solo. Dion introduced him by saying. an annual television and media prize awarded by the German media company Hubert Burda Media. Sogno and Sacred Arias – Breaking into the United States Bocelli made his debut in a major operatic role in 1998 when he played Rodolfo in a production of La bohème at the Teatro Comunale in Cagliari from 18 February to 25 February. 4 1998–99: Aria. with Denyce Graves.

From 7 October to 19 November. On 31 December. At the end of the UEFA European Football Championship he performed with Valery Gergiev and Renée Fleming at a concert on the River Maas in Rotterdam.[32] On 10 September. Bocelli sang in Los Angeles on 15 May before Bill Clinton at an event on behalf of the Democratic Party. with Aria.[25] He was cheered by the audiences.[25] [32] As the "Tenor Conte Andrea" he performed three arias.[32] From 12 December to 21 December he performed six concerts in Barcelona. He also performed on German television. Budapest and Messina. together with soprano Daniela Dessi and two Polish singers. In September he also performed three concerts in Australia. His "World Tour 2000" started on 31 March. some of which were broadcast on local television. Cleveland and Chicago and an appearance on Jay Leno's first installment of The Tonight Show. In July he performed two concerts in Dublin with Ana María Martínez and the New Symphony Orchestra. "La donna è mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto. he finished a marathon twenty-four concerts in thirty days.[32] From 10 July to 27 August he appeared in a guest role at seven performances of The Merry Widow at the Verona Arena in Rome. His seventh album Verdi was released on 11 September. L'amico Fritz at the Teatro Filarmonico in Verona and again performed the tenor part in Verdi's Requiem. on 29 November. again receiving standing ovations.[32] Immediately after his return to Italy he sang in Florence at a meeting of the centre-left Heads of State. On 17 June he performed at the re-opening of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The album also included the hymn of the holy year 2000 which was chosen as the official version by the Vatican in October. On 30 November.[32] 5 2000–01: Verdi and Cieli di Toscana At the 42nd Grammy Awards on 23 February Bocelli was nominated twice. and Viaggio Italiano in third place. the opera album in second place. Then Mayor of New York City.? on 11 December and the José Carreras Gala in Leipzig on 17 December. Lisbon. was released in Italy. The Prayer was nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. His world tour continued from 12 May to 14 May with four concerts in Japan and South Korea. but criticized by the press.. which contains exclusively sacred music. his book La musica del silenzio. directed by Lorin Maazel. He received another Echo Klassik award for "Bestseller of the year" for Sacred Arias. making Bocelli the first vocalist to hold all top three places on the chart. Wetten. Bocelli performed it with Dion at the ceremony. Bocelli portrayed the main character in Pietro Mascagni's opera. he performed at the Great Theatre of Łódź in Poland. he performed at the annual Royal Variety Performance in Birmingham. was released worldwide on 8 November. In November his first complete opera recording. La Bohème was released. His seventh album Sacred Arias.[33] In January 2001. he made his United States operatic debut in Jules Massenet's Werther at the Detroit Opera House with the Michigan Opera Theater. In May his Sacred Arias album was voted album of the year by listeners of the Classic FM radio station in the UK. From 22 March to 6 April he toured North America accompanied by Cecilia Gasdia and the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. At the end of May he toured Portugal and Spain and sang with the Portuguese Fado singer Dulce Pontes. On 6 July he performed at the Statue of Liberty in New York and on 17 August he performed in Giuseppi Verdi's Messa da Requiem at the Verona Arena in Rome.000 people. a gift to celebrated personalities from New York City. Zagreb. dass. On 27 June he took part in the Michael Jackson benefit concert for suffering children in Munich's Olympic Stadium. At the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice on 4 October he presented his new album Cieli di Toscana and was . UK. the Goldene Europa for classical music. with a concert at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York in front of 8. Rudy Giuliani gave him the Crystal Apple. "Tu. Strasbourg. On 19 March the Requiem album was released with Bocelli as tenor. an autobiographical novel. and two weeks later reached first place in the USA Classic Billboard charts.[32] He also performed at Rodeo Drive in Hollywood and gave further concerts in Detroit.Andrea Bocelli At the invitation of Steven Spielberg. welcoming in the new millennium. In December he received another award in Germany. che m' hai preso il cuor" from Franz Lehár's Land des Laechelns and "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" from Verdi's La Traviata. Invited by Queen Elizabeth II.

Tosca. He won the "Favourite Specialist Performer" award at the UK National Music Awards in October 2003.[39] In November he once again toured in the United States.[37] A day later he received two awards for Sentimento at the 2003 Classical BRIT Award held at the Royal Albert Hall in London – "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year". In September he took part in a concert for the Justice ministers and Interior ministers of the European Union at the Parco della Musica in Rome.F. On 7 May Bocelli and Tony Renis received a Telegatto Italian Television award for the soundtrack of the series Cuore. he gave a concert for peace at the Basilica di San Marco a Venezia in Venice.[36] In February 2003. In March for the first time he appeared as a producer. Princess of Hanover. and violinist Ruth Rogers. Kallen Esperian and Steven Mercurio. was released. accompanied by Maria Luigia Borsi. In June he again toured the USA. He then [37] resumed his tour. accompanied by the orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice and conducted by Lorin Maazel. with sopranos Maria Luigia Borsi and Lucia Dessanti. Hong Kong and Singapore. and at the Italian Music Awards he was given a special award from the Federation of the Italian Music Industry for his merits as an "Ambassador of Italian music in the world". On 28 May he took part in "Pavarotti & Friends" charity concert in Modena in aid of Angola. On 28 October. Music and Art in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. at the Sanremo Festival.Andrea Bocelli recognised for having sold more than 40 million albums worldwide. On 11 March. he sang the Italian national anthem as well as works of Bellini and Verdi at the traditional Christmas concert in the Italian Senate.[34] 6 2002–05: Sentimento and Andrea In Berlin on 5 February he received a Goldene Kamera award in the "Music & Entertainment" category. On 6 March he received two World Music Awards in Monte Carlo: "World best selling classical artist" and "Best selling Italian artist". selling over two million copies in 40 days. In December he gave his first concert in China and at the end of the month sang Gounod's Ave Maria at Pavarotti's wedding in Modena. and the album was released on 4 November. In October he opened the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sicilian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini in Catania.[35] On 27 May he performed at the Villa Madama in Rome in front of USA president George W. Three days later he was again invited to perform at "Pavarotti & Friends" in Modena and sang a medley of Neapolitan songs together with Pavarotti. On 24 October he started his Sentimento tour in Zürich which took in large arenas in several European and North American cities. Further presentations took place in Milan and New York.[37] In May his second complete opera. Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly at the 48th Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago.[37] In Bologna in January he performed as Werther in four performances of the opera of the same name. In April and May he toured Asia again. this time accompanied by Ana Maria Martinez. In June his third complete . In November he received the Platinum Europe Award for one million sales of the album Cieli di Toscana. baritone Soo Kyung Ahn. On 14 October he and Lorin Maazel presented his new album Sentimento to a worldwide audience. In June he continued his Sentimento tour in Athens and Cyprus. he sang Franz Schubert's Ellens dritter Gesang as a representative of the Roman Catholic faith. which was broadcast live on television for the first time. which was attended by Caroline. And in May he took part in a concert at Circo Massimo in Rome organised by Quincy Jones to launch the "We are the Future" project. On 15 March he took part in the opening of Walt Disney Studios Park in Marne-la-Vallée France. visiting Manila.[38] On 24 May he performed in a benefit concert for the Arpa Foundation for Film. then on 26 July and 3 August he portrayed Lieutenant B. At a private benefit gala for the Royal National Institute of Blind People Bocelli sang in front of the British Royal Family. in front of the President of Italy and other guests of honour. He performed seven more concerts in the US accompanied by Ana María Martínez and on 23 December. On 23 May he received the 2002 Classical BRIT Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music". where the young artists Allunati and Jacqueline Ferry sang for his new record label. accompanied by Marcello Rota and the Orchestra Città di Pisa. Clacksong. Bocelli performed Madama Butterfly in an exclusive Monte Carlo concert. Bush and Italian president Silvio Berlusconi. Ruth Rogers and Marcello Rota. during a memorial concert at Ground Zero in New York City for the victims of the September 11 attacks there.

[43] On 28 August he performed at the Faenol Festival held in Vaynol.[43] He also appeared in Sesame Street singing "Time to Say Goodnight" a parody of Time to Say Goodbye as a lullaby to Elmo. George W. "Greatest Love Songs. in aid of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake appeal. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi for his worldwide work for his country as a singer.[41] On 15 October he performed at the People Conference Hall in Beijing.[46] On 26 February Bocelli sang "Because We Believe" from his Amore album in the Carnevale section of the closing ceremony of the Torino Olympics with a worldwide television audience.[45] In June he performed at the Deutsche Opera in Berlin. The album Werther was released in December. Dubai. Italy and Germany. UK. He also took part in the Royal Christmas Show.[3] He also began another tour with a concert at the Piazza di Castello in Turin.[2] [3] From 31 March to 2 April he took part in the Maggio Musicale in Florence where he sang the Canto di pace (Canto of peace) by Marco Tutino[48] and the tenor part from Gioachino Rossini's Messa di Gloria and in Naples where he took part in Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle. Hungary. Also during the second part of the year. The award was presented to him at the Sanremo Festival where he performed a duet with American singer Christina Aguilera on 4 March. Norway. Italy. he featured as a guest coach on American Idol helping the finalists sing the week's themed songs. In July he played the part of Mario Cavaradossi in Tosca at the 50th Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago. and broadcast live on the TNT Cable television network.[42] During early 2005 Bocelli was on tour including to Madeira. China and on 17 October at the Great Hall in Shanghai. New Zealand where he was joined on stage by New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra. During 2005 he was invited by Pope Benedict XVI. Serbia. US.Andrea Bocelli opera Il trovatore was released.[44] On 21 March he performed on the Music for Asia benefit concert in Rome.[47] In March he was honoured by the Italian state with a Grande Ufficiale Italian Order of Merit (Grand Officer of the Italian Republic).[3] [47] In April 2006. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II to perform at special events. televised on Italia 1. given to him by then President of the Italian Republic. Wales and 7 organised by Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel. Greatest hits On 18 February he sang at the Toyota Center in Houston during the National Basketball Association's (NBA) 2006 All-Star Weekend.[40] In September he performed his "Once in a Lifetime" tour in Australia with concerts in Sydney and Melbourne and one concert in Christchurch.[43] 2006–07: Amore and Vivere.[45] In December his first contemporary music concert took place at a Lake Las Vegas village resort in Nevada. USA. the US. On 2 July he performed at the Paris concert as part of the Live 8 event. in 2006. And he took part in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) global campaign for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. . he performed in Croatia. which was recorded for PBS and released as the Under the Desert Sky DVD.[49] American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee performed at three of Bocelli's concerts in California from 9 June to 11 June singing duets of Somos Novios and The Prayer with Bocelli rehearsing for his Under the Desert Sky concert in Lake Las Vegas. Switzerland and finally in Scandinavia." He also performed on that week's results show. which took place in several cities in the USA in December.

In June he sang the Italian duet version of "Because We Believe". Lang Lang. In September he debuted at the Avery Fisher Hall. he sang Vive Ya during the 2007 Latin Grammy Awards. On 8 September Bocelli sang an arrangement of Mozart's Ave verum corpus at the funeral of Luciano Pavarotti in Modena. In December he finished his 2006 tour with more concerts in North America and Europe. The show was broadcast on 23 December. 8 .[51] Bocelli returned to his home town for a triumphant concert at the newly created Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico on 5 July 2007. with four concerts. England. and on 30 October. On 1 July 2007. in a special musicals medley during the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium in London. In November he won the "Best Italian Artist" and "World's Best-selling Classical Artist" awards at the World Music Awards. The song. as Dare to Live. Elisa. he sang "The Prayer" with Céline Dion during an ITV Special An Audience with Céline Dion. Penney Jam: The Concert for America's Kids[50] and recorded duet versions of Somos Novios for the resulting album. he sang "Con te partirò" with Katherine Jenkins on the UK television series Strictly Come Dancing results show. Heather Headley. sold over 3 million copies. Akiyama Yoshihiro started using "Con te partirò" as his ring entrance music. The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere. with guest appearance by Kenny G. Sarah Brightman and Laura Pausini. Alongside fellow Italian singer Laura Pausini. In October the opera album of Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci with Bocelli singing the role of Canio was released. and also Can't Help Falling in Love on the CD of the Under the Desert Sky DVD. credi e vai". as an ice skating song. Italy.[3] Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's duet version of "Con te partirò" was used in the 2007 film Blades of Glory. The album. Bocelli performed "The Music of the Night" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. Vivere. in Berlin in front of billions of worldwide television viewers. originally released in 1997 as a duet in Italian between Bocelli and Italian singer-songwriter Trovatto on Bocelli's Romanza. The concert was later released as Vivere Live in Tuscany. "Ama. They also performed on 'J. was also released in English on his 2007 album. K-1 mixed martial arts fighter. with Gianna Nannini at the "großen Fan Party" at the opening of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. C. in New York. On 21 October 2007.Andrea Bocelli Bocelli.

Andrea Bocelli 9 2008: Incanto and Carmen On 20 January 2008.H. and Charice.[63] Then on 31 July. Each concert was attended by over 15. during the rest of August.[54] On 23 May 2008 he sang The Prayer with Katharine McPhee Bocelli with fiancée Veronica Berti in Tokyo. in Rome. songwriter David Foster. at the closing stages of the concert. and Seoul. was part of the Ensemble. until March 2010. The concert was a tribute to the cinema of Italy. he held his third concert at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. he held a benefit concert at Medjugorje.000 people during a concert celebrating [54] the anniversary of the Republic of Italy's formation. Taiwan. Its performers included Italian composer and musician Nicola Piovani. in Rome. for .[61] Carmen: Duets & Arias.P. Israeli singer Noa. Italia Onlus". for four nights.000 people. held in Los Angeles.[52] To promote the album. Boceli received the Italian TV award Telegatto in platinum for Italian music in the world. was also released in 2010.[64] Then. Japan. Bocelli later praised Filipina teen-aged singer Charice.000 people. Then on 10 February. Milan in front of 80. Bocelli played the role of Don José on stage.[53] On 7 May 2008.[60] The recording was not released internationally. Bosnia Herzegovina and was accompanied by Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Lithuania in front of more than 18. he was on tour in Australia and New Zealand.[57] [58] [59] Bocelli released the complete opera recording of Carmen in Italy in the same year. a foundation that helps poor and disabled children around the world. where he sang the French aria "Pour mon âme" on 3 February. during in a Las Vegas tribute concert for Canadian producer and his 2008 Asian Tour. Taichung. and performed "Canto della terra". was interviewed by Fabio Fazio on the Italian talk show Che tempo che fa on RAI 3 in Italy. he sang at Steel Aréna in Košice. "A te" and "Besame mucho" from the album.[64] Australian singer Tina Arena performed two duets with Bocelli. Slovakia in front of 8. which he recorded in 2005.[65] On 7 August 2008. in Georges Bizet's opera at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. he performed "Canto della Terra" at The Alan Titchmarsh Show on the BBC in London on 1 February. and Welsh Bass-baritone Bryn Terfel. opposite Hungarian mezzo-soprano Ildiko Komlosi as Carmen. Myung-whun Chung conducted the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Chœur de Radio France for the recording.[54] Then 13 May he sang at the "Teatro delle Muse" in Ancona. "Canto Della Terra" and "The Prayer". He sang "La voce del silenzio". and "Dare to Live" during the ceremony. as well as "My way" on 2 February.[62] On 20 July. whom he had first heard perform at that concert. Italian ballet dancer Roberto Bolle. and sang "Dare to live" with Heather Headley the following day on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. he performed at a concert in Vingis Park. for a charity concert for "Francesca Rava – N. he performed "The Prayer" at the 50th Grammy Awards.000 people. a single-disc collection of some of the arias and duets of the recording. with Josh Groban in a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. Italy. and made an appearance on The South Bank Show in London.[52] In April he toured in Asia with performances in Tokyo.[55] [56] On 2 June 2008 he performed at the Piazza del Duomo. which means the voice of silence. Vilnius. From June 17 to June 28. Bocelli's hometown.

Rod Laver Arena.[71] He later held a concert at "Atrio de la Catedral" in Campeche. On November 21. Sydney. Italy. broadcast live by BBC One. from the Gladiator soundtrack. where he celebrated the Italian release of Incanto. in Leicester Square. in Belgium and Luxembourg. My Christmas. Acer Arena. the closing song of the movie. December 16. his first Holiday album. Amapola and Por ti Volare.S. London. Texas. and continued to be broadcast in the U. he held a concert in the Church of the Eremitani in Padova. On 19 October he sang "O Surdato 'Nnamurato" and a duet of "Non Ti Scordar Di Me" with Cecilia Bartoli. 2009. was about My Christmas and Bocelli's meeting in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI and 250 other artists. and Burswood Dome.[71] 10 2009: My Christmas. and later presented the soprano with an ECHO award.Andrea Bocelli the third time. he performed a solo version of "The Prayer". which he provided the vocals for in English. and more than 14. Bocelli was also joined by the Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano. during the ECHO Awards in Germany. which is based on "Zadok the Priest" by G. in front of about a 1000 people. with Steven Mercurio conducting the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. for an appearance on The One Show. it later aired. in the Stadio Olimpico. Italian pop singer Massimo Ranieri and soprano Cecilia Bartoli. "God Bless Us Everyone". first aired on Thanksgiving night in the United States. Mexico. Bocelli sang "Il Gladiatore". on ITV1. he performed at Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. in his home in Forte . on TVE2 and TROS. where he sang songs from Incanto as well as some of his Spanish hits. and Canada throughout the month of December. was released and went on to become the best-selling Holiday album of the year. the PBS special of the album. during the 2008 Veneto Festival. singing "Silent Night". a German tabloid-program on ZDF. on the 27th. on the 30th. the program was broadcast in Mexico and in the UK. In late November. DC. followed by the UEFA Champions League Anthem. Auckland. The Andrea Bocelli & David Foster Christmas Special. produced by David Foster. as well as "Because". Performing with him were flautist Andrea Griminelli. in Italy. both from the Incanto album. The concert was a celebration of Giacomo Puccini's 150th birthday.[67] On 10 October and 11 he performed at Petra. Melbourne. On November 3. by Rai Uno. and on The Alan Titchmarsh Show which aired December 18. during the World Premiere of Disney’s A Christmas Carol. in Rome. in Spain and the Netherlands. as well as performing E Lucevan le Stelle from Tosca.F. He completed his performance in Leicester Square with.[66] On 26 September 2008. on vtm and RTL-TVI. Perth. Bocelli was amongst a quartet of soloists (soprano Sabina Cvilak. conducted by Plácido Domingo. during the opening ceremony of the 2009 UEFA Champions League Final. an event which was broadcasted live earlier that day in Italy. Handel. on 28 November. Entertainment Centre. Somos Novios. as a tribute to the city. mezzo-soprano Kate Aldrich and bass Alexander Vinogradov) to sing Rossini's Petite Messe Solennelle.[70] Bocelli sang twice in the piece and later the two famous tenors sang The Pearl Fishers duet which would be the first aria they had ever sang together. Italian [72] [73] He returned to the United Kingdom. on the 24th.[71] On 25 November and 26 he starred alongside soprano Verónica Villarroel in an opera in concert of Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana at the "Municipal Auditorium" in San Antonio. singing "Dare to live" with Laura Pausini. as they broke the Official Guinness World Record for the biggest ever Christmas Carol sing-along. which was celebrating its 50th birthday. and Christmas Eve. including Besame Mucho. on Italia 1.[64] Tina Arena performed again with him in all 5 concerts during the tour.000 people across the capital. first holiday album On May 27. on the 20th. a segment of Leute Heute. His fiancé and both of his sons accompanied him on the tour. On 21 November and 22. December 19. and Spanish. with performances at Vector Arena. December 15 and 25. the Spanish version of Con te Partiro. Bocelli led the St Paul’s Cathedral Choir. On November 3. conducted by Claudio Scimone. Brisbane on the 22nd. at the Washington National Opera in Washington. live on The Oprah Winfrey Show.[68] On 31 October. On 24 October. a song [69] from Incanto. and by the Wiener Singakademie choir. following the switching on of the annual Oxford Street and Regent Street Christmas lights. He was accompanied by the I Solisti Veneti orchestra.

and 13.[78] [79] On March 2. would hold another Open-Air. he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to Live Theater. earlier in the year. Rai Uno also broadcast the performance later that day. Bocelli. It was also announced that Bocelli would return to the show on December 20 and give a live concert of My Christmas. were honored by L. to announce the performance. which aired Decembe 2. Bocelli also performed "White Christmas" and "Silent Night". on December 10. Canada. He performed the song again on November 30 during The Today Show also live. Lauderdale. he performed in the Bank Atlantic Center. in the Izod Center. 2010. was also aired the same day. He first performed "White Christmas" at the 83rd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. along with David Foster. Mary J. His appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show during her Holiday Music Extravaganza. which was broadcast directly after the Urbi et Orbi blessing of Pope Benedict XVI. California. and finally in the Honda Center. Bocelli. Bocelli was among Fabio Fazio's guests. in Fresno. on December 17. broadcast December 23.[80] [81] . the concert was later canceled on short notice. "White Christmas". before singing "White Christmas" with José Carreras for the very first time. Bocelli made a number of high profile TV appearances. and later closed the show with Adeste Fideles. by Das Erste. in East Rutherford. where "The Story Behind The Voice".S. with Mary J. where he sang Adeste Fideles. in Toronto. He later performed in the Air Canada Centre. he performed "Jingle Bells" with The Muppets on NBC's The Jay Leno Show. along with all the other events scheduled for Christmas in the city. on the Larry King Live and Fox & Friends holiday-specials. this was broadcast live. Phil Show. New Jersey. including "The Christmas Song" with Natalie Cole. at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. where they sang "Caro Gesù Bambino". compared to Bocelli's three in the U. On November 28. and "Silent Night".Andrea Bocelli dei Marmi. broadcast on Rai Tre. In North America. Bocelli also sang "Adeste Fideles" and was interviewed by Barbara Walters and Joy Behar on The View. following the success of the South American leg of the Incanto tour. during a dinner at David Foster's mansion in Malibu. in the MGM Grand.A.[74] In the United States. in the William Saroyan Theatre. November 26. where he sang "What Child Is This". in Anaheim. 12. where a crowd of about a million people was expected to attend. 24 and 25. 8. a documentary about Bocelli's life and carrier was shown. concert in Florianópolis. His last three arena concerts alone grossed a total of over 5. 2010. on December 3. in Ft. However. in Las Vegas. in Germany. Florida. during the Zecchino d'Oro Festival. Bocelli gave 6 concerts. in front of the Roosevelt Hotel. January 28.. entrance free. on December 19. behind the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Il Divo. Bocelli also took part in the annual 2009 José Carreras Gala.000 people attended [75] it was announced that Bocelli his free concert at the São Paulo's "Parque Indipendencia". on December 28. for a concert in the Upper Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi. December 25. due to financial and political reasons. Che tempo che fa. placing him third on Billboard Magazine's week's Hot Tours ranking. on ABC. Blige. broadcast live on NBC. California (changed from the much larger Save Mart Center due to scheduling conflicts). and was later rebroadcast on December 23. on CNN. during the 52nd Grammy Awards. on Fox News. Italia Film. In Brasil. On December 8. were over 100. explaining their better showings. and December 19. which was featured on The Dr. During the program Bocelli talked about his album and performed "The Lord's Prayer". The following day. He also performed a number of songs from the album. a song from My Christmas which was originally recorded by the choir in 1960. who both held over 5 times more concerts worldwide. on Rai Uno. Blige and David Foster joined forces again. in Hollywood.[76] [77] [78] The three had previously made an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live. on his popular Italian talk-show. 11 2010: Hollywood Walk of Fame and FIFA World Cup On January 31. 5.6 million dollars. Fashion and Art Fest during a ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.[21] [22] The previous day. singing "Bridge over Troubled Water" to raise awareness for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. He then returning to Italy.

and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.S. on April 8. South Korea.[89] [90] The concert was later broadcasted by Shanghai TV.[104] [105] Among the guests were. and by Okto. and founder of Jimmy Choo Ltd. and received his seventh World Music Award.Andrea Bocelli On March 12.[95] [96] a concert in Taipei Arena. during the 2010 World Music Awards. Bocelli sang well-known arias. organized by the YTL Corporation. Seoul.000 people. Alexander Lukashenko. consisting of a concert in Budokan. on April 11.[97] [98] [99] The concert was later broadcasted. the Crown prince of Abu Dhabi. Taiwan. South Africa. Dmitry Medvedev. by Channel NewsAsia. Jacob Zuma. from his 2008 album Incanto. in Oslo.[112] [113] On July 13. and South African singers. Abdullah II. were among the 12. actress Michelle Yeoh. for a concert in Telenor Arena. Nursultan Nazarbayev's 70th birthday. Bocelli gave a concert at the seaside resort of Sveti Stefan. along with Chinese singers Song Zuying and Jay Chou. in Shanghai. An orchid in the Botanic Gardens' National Orchid Garden was also named after Bocelli in response to the concert. Viktor Yanukovych. he held a concert.[100] Australian pop singer Delta Goodrem performed again with Bocelli in all five concerts. at the Coca-Cola Dome. titled Charming China. with Norwegian Boys' choir. as well as some of his more popular hits. Tokyo. Abdullah Gül. the President of Tajikistan. in Oslo. on April [91] [92] [93] a concert in Jamsil Gymnasium. in its entirety. My Chritmas 2009 winter tour. He was joined by Tony Award winner Heather Headley and 120 musicians from the Stockholm Concert Orchestra.[101] On May 18. Incanto. in Copenhagen. and by CCTV channels throughout mainland China. to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Sveti Stefan Hotel. in western Montenegro. picked via public ballot. S. the President of Turkey. for "Best Classical Artist". Malaysian billionaire and founder of the YTL Corporation. on May 30. the President of Ukraine. on May 1. in Singapore. R. Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. on the occasion of Kazakhstan's president. Andrea Griminelli. on April 9. Sweden. the President of Belarus.000 in attendance. French President Nicolas Sarkozy.[95] [96] and finally a free concert. representatives of the diplomatic corps and many faces from cultural. giving a rare interview to the show's host Fredrik Skavlan.[114] During the hour-long show. to the assembled dignitaries. in Johannesburg. including Chinese President Hu Jintao. Sølvguttene. to mark the end of the World Cup.000 people. at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. a concert in Forum Copenhagen. Nathan and his wife. on a stage right in front of the island-hotel’s perimeter wall. Sepp Blatter. at Shanghai Stadium. Denmark. and the King of Jordan. on May 2. on May 6. on May 4. such as. Norway. and Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Bocelli headlined the "Celebrate Africa: The Grand Finale" Concert of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. in front of an audience of 80.[109] [110] During the concert. he returned to Scandinavia. and finally a concert in the Ericsson Globe. Bocelli sang "Nessun Dorma" during the opening ceremony of the Expo 2010. in Astana.[86] [87] [88] The following day. Jimmy Choo. in Hong Kong. Convention and Exhibition Centre. and later performing "Voglio Vivere Cosi". Bocelli was joined by Canadian rock star. and Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang. Bocelli performed ""Un Amore Cosi Grande" from his 2008 album.[102] [103] On July 5. in all three concerts. the China Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied them under the direction of its artistic director Yu Long. as well as prominent figures in the region. as well as many current and former tourist entrepreneurs who had contributed to the development of Montenegrin tourism.[106] [107] [108] On July 9. Yeoh Tiong Lay and his eldest son Francis Yeoh. Norway. Italian flautist. Bocelli gave a concert at the opening of the Khan Shatyry Entertainment Center. South Africain president. including Montenegro’s top officials. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. The two appearances coincided with Bocelli's Asian tour. after suporing him in his U.[83] [84] [85] On April 30. the President of Russia. Taipei. two days before the World Cup final. Nianell and Pretty Yende. the President of Kyrgyzstan. in Singapore. to promote his upcoming Scandinavian tour. on May 8. and by Swedish mezzo-soprano Malena Ernman in his Swedish concert. attended by over 12. in Stockholm. Bocelli made an appearance on Skavlan. Japan. Emomalii Rahmon. China. Roza Otunbayeva.[114] 12 .[111] [112] FIFA president. political and public life. on May 28 and 29. Serzh Sargsyan. Montenegrin Statehood Day. in front of twenty heads of state and government.[78] [82] In April. the president of Singapore.[94] a concert in Hong Kong 28. Bryan Adams. the President of Armenia.

Jerzy Buzek. entitled the "Story Behind the Voice". directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Bocelli's guests included the only other surviving member of The Three Tenors. in Athens." In September 2010. from the sacred repertoire to popular ballads. First of all. double the amount of the first edition of the annual Festival. Belgium.[4] His voice's timbre is as recognisable as a signature. such as Tito Schipa.[123] Mehta also compared Bocelli's voice to the old Italian style of singers. who was also in attendance. The Teatro del Silenzio has in past incorporated sculptures by artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro and Igor Mitoraj. Bocelli also gave concerts in Cairo. Greece. during a private ceremony held on July 21. during the dress rehearsal for the concert. the President of Lazio. José Carreras. Sculptures by Swiss artist Kurt Laurenz Metzler. as well as a fundraising concert inside the famous Duomo di Milano to benefit victims of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. in 2000. in the afternoon just before the concert.[120] After conducting Bocelli in the Verdi album. honor and respect to the city of Pisa. Bocelli is widely celebrated as a singer and is admired around the world.[120] [121] [122] Another great Italian tenor who championed Bocelli's singing from the very beginning was Luciano Pavarotti. "to highlight the city of Rome as the capital of international tourism through an important and ambitious project in Europe. the prime minister of Greece and Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens. with a versatility ranging from the Bel canto to the furore of Verismo. who with his extraordinary art and his humanity brings great prestige.[115] [117] The event was also attended by the President of the European Parliament. in 2009. Roberta Angelilli. He can also. Katherine Jenkins on the previous edition of the Festival. in front of the pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza. Spanish Catalan tenor. The concert was attended by George Papandreou.[115] [118] On July 25. he can do it every time. one of the greatest Spinto tenors of the twentieth century. 13 Voice With the exception of the negative views of some Classical music critics. praised Bocelli's voice after hearing it for the first time during a Master class in 1986. who was present during the event. Antonio Tajani. All proceeds were donated to help cure cancer.Andrea Bocelli On Juy 14." and received. Bocelli gave a concert at the European Parliament's Espace Léopold. and would later give him private lessons. during "Rome in the heart of the future". Zucchero. in the middle of a phrase. an event hosted by the Vice President of the European Parliament for the seventh parliament.' he attacks the high B flat full voice and then pulls it down to nothing — hardly anybody can do that. Egypt. Bocelli was also awarded the Pisano Doc.000. for "the musical-literary quality of his songs. who attended the concert. MEP. Plácido Domingo and Welsh Mezzo-soprano. Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida. in his cinematographic debut. and starring Bocelli. The end of 'Celeste Aida. on July 24. [124] that "There is no one finer. Gianni Alemanno."[125] The interview were Mehta made those comments was featured in a BBC documentary about Bocelli. and his funeral. in 2007.[119] Franco Corelli. Pavarotti [122] [123] He reportedly stated publicly admired Bocelli's voice and played an early part in the younger man's career. Bocelli held a concert at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. MEP. change the color of a note. But it's not that we tried it 15 times and he got it once. held in 2006. Bocelli would later sing during both his wedding ceremony. were exhibited during this year's edition. he has a complete control from forte to pianissimo on any note. . the 2010 Premio Lunezia nel mondo. "in recognition for a great citizen. Tuscany. to the city of Lajatico. Bocelli held the fifth and final edition of the Teatro del Silenzio. among others. was shown prior to the special concert. and Italian fashion model. Monica Bellucci." upon hearing his voice for the very first time. Renata Polverini. so it's a conductor's dream to ask and to get it because most people can't do that. without breathing."[115] [116] A screening of the film Homage to Rome. After performing with Spanish tenor. in 2003. European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship. in Brussels. it's also very risky on the stage at the opera. the Mayor of Rome. to an audience of 10. and Italian rock singer. Zubin Mehta commented that "Andrea's voice is special in many ways. in his hometown of Lajatico. donated a Bronze statue she had made of Bocelli. in Turin.

who conducted Bocelli's 2002 Classical album. my soul were transported by his beauty. legendary American actress Elizabeth Taylor said. 14 Criticism Despite his worldwide popularity and praise. Bocelli's voice. And I thought wow. also said that "More than anything. and released Credo. And this purity of heart and beauty of sound just touches the listener. and actress Isabella Rossellini. the first time she's been out "in months". has excelent and very easy top notes. It can’t be described. and compared his voice to that of celebrated Irish tenor John McCormack. Oprah Winfrey. "The basic color of Mr.[130] and Pope John Paul II.[126] Similarly. very beautiful color. in 1998. José Carreras. more specifically his interpretation of Opera. and conductor [133] [133] Myung-whun Chung."[4] [122] and multiple Grammy Award winner David Foster. I burst into tears. uneven tone and lack of technique. Sentimento. seven-time Grammy Award winning Jazz singer. God has kissed this man and I thank God for it. "I always thought that he has a wonderful instrument.[129] Other fans include."[120] [121] After attending Bocelli's concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 2009."[137] ."[135] In 1999. who performed with Bocelli on the "Night of the Proms" tour in Europe. Similarly. often describes Bocelli's voice as the most beautiful in the world. but he can also fill out the lower register very successfully. that's a nice voice. his voice. this time for his La bohème album when he claimed that Bocelli "still has trouble with basic things. Andrea has something that is unique in that he brings this light that is always around him. In the interview he says that "Andrea Bocelli has amazing Tessitura. Sacred Arias. commented on her talk show that."[136] In December 2000 Tommasini again criticised Bocelli. the last I've heard eleven million fans. very tenor like.[124] Bocelli's voice was also a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. I would think two and a half. but he lacks the technique to support and project his sound. that he knows very much how to use it."[127] Grammy winning Puerto Rican soprano. like breath support" and his voice had been "carefully recorded". by saying "first of all the sound is beautiful. shortly after his death. in 1995. that "if God would have a singing voice. during an interview with Charlie Rose. a DVD dedicated to his life. in 2006. during a 1999 interview on The Charlie Rose show. including opera singers Plácido Domingo. described him as "the most beautiful voice in the world. who conducted Bocelli's 1999 allbum. Prince Albert of Monaco. in 2002. "My mind. These include Bernard Holland of The New York Times.Andrea Bocelli The same documentary also featured an interview with Spanish Catalan tenor. a producer of the album."[121] French Canadian singer Celine Dion famously said while introducing him during her Christmas Special for These Are Special Times. The Queen Mother."[123] Lorin Maazel. who performed with Bocelli on many occasions. he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli. American soprano Renée Fleming praised Bocelli's voice.[132] and Cecilia Bartoli."[128] Taylor has been a passionate fan of Bocelli's since the beginning of his music career in the mid-90's. There is something very soulful about the way he sings and it's captured the hearts of something like. He commented that "The first time I had the possibility to listen to Andrea.[131] Other world class artists from both the Pop and Opera worlds have also publicly expressed their admiration. "to help it match the trained voices of the other cast members in fullness and presence. Inadequate breath control often forces him to clip off notes prematurely at the end of phrases. he was apart of the Sanremo Festival. The New York Times chief music critic Anthony Tommasini in his review of Bocelli's North American opera debut at the Detroit Opera House in the title role of Massenet's Werther commented. Bocelli's voice is warm and pleasant. Al Jarreau.[124] for whom he sang on many occasions. his inner being. was also featured in the documentary. His sustained notes wobble. almost three Octaves." He proceeded by saying. Sarah. The Duchess of York."[124] and American talk show host. and Andrew Clement of The Guardian. Ana María Martínez."[123] Maazel also praised Bocelli's Musical talent and knowledge of music.[134] Some point to his "poor phrasing. His soft high notes are painfully weak. "when I hear Andrea sing. who collaborated with Bocelli. has been regularly criticized by classical music critics.

for "Best selling classical album" with Aria . classical music critic Andrew Clement found Bocelli's studio opera recordings consistently disappointing in quality: "Bocelli's profoundly unmusical contribution. need no explanation. Power. oddly anemic phrasing (including shortchanging upper notes of phrases in a most untenorial manner).. But his phrasing tends toward carelessness and rhythmic jumble."[138] Similarly. Bocelli's voice – though robust in spirit and precisely in tune. Viaggio Italiano in 1997. thin and."[140] During a 2009 performance in New York. even in the upper register – had a thin quality that never opened up. his phrasing. and one for "Best Classical Interpretation" in 1998. wayward intonation and never a phrase properly shaped. Holland observed that "The critic's duty is to report that Mr Bocelli is not a very good singer.[2] [3] Made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of Duarte. Substantial technical shortcomings masked by amplification are laid bare in a more conventional classical setting. 2006. wayward and oddly inexpressive. Leonel Fernandez in 2009. No.[27] [29] .[9] • ECHO music award for "Best Single of the Year". one in the category "Best Italian Singer". Selected Awards • Winner of the 1994 Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival. signalling what appears to be the onset of strangulation. Even the most modest upward movement thins it even more. both then and now." The Associated Press reported "Passion? Yes. Mr."[141] 15 Recognition Honours • Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grande Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana) awarded in Rome. the music critic Steve Smith wrote "For cognoscenti of vocal artistry the risks involved in Mr. noting "a thinness of voice.[27] • Two World Music Awards. in [21] [22] 2010. for Time to Say Goodbye.The Opera Album in 1998. But his voice is small and not well supported. Bocelli’s undertakings."[135] Furthermore. in 1997. poorly supported."[139] Anne Midgette of The New York Times agreed. "the tone is rasping.[30] [31] • ECHO Klassik. in general. on March 4. New York Times music critic Bernard Holland noted.[142] [143] [144] • • Honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mr Bocelli sings mostly in tune.[33] Bocelli receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk [21] [22] of Fame. Bocelli’s tone can be pleasant. and his pitch is generally secure. with its unvaryingly coarse tone. The diction is not clear. • ECHO Klassik "Best seller of the year" award for his album.[27] • Bambi Award in 1997. for his contribution to live theater. for his contributions to International art and culture..[30] • ECHO Klassik for "Bestseller of the year" for Sacred Arias in 2000. fatally undermines all their contributions. To his credit. a curious lack of expression.Andrea Bocelli In describing Bocelli's singing. at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. Sanchez and Mella by the President of the Dominican Republic.

Andrea Bocelli • Two 2000 Classical BRIT Awards for "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year" for Sacred Arias in 2000.[33] • Goldene Europa for classical music in 2000.[33] • Goldene Kamera award in the "Music & Entertainment" category 2002.[36] • Two World Music Awards, for "World best selling classical artist" and for "Best selling Italian artist" in 2002.[36] • Telegatto award for the soundtrack of the series Cuore in 2002.[36] • 2002 Classical BRIT Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music" in 2002.[36] • Two 2003 Classical BRIT Awards for "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year" for Sentimento in 2003.[38] • Two World Music Awards for "Best Italian Artist" and "World's Best-selling Classical Artist" in 2006.[3] • Telegatto award in platinum for Italian music in the world in 2008.[52] • World Music Awards for "World's Best-selling Classical Artist" in 2010.


Personal life
Bocelli met his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, while singing at piano bars early in his career.[23] They were married on 27 June 1992, and had two children.[24] Their first child, Amos, was born in February 1995. Their second son, Matteo was born in October 1997.[27] The couple separated in 2002.[36] Although separated from his first wife, he has not divorced to remarry Veronica Berti, his fiancé, whom he met soon after.[8] The couple live in a spacious villa, which used to be a hotel, in Forte dei Marmi on the Mediterranean, complete with recording studio. Meanwhile, Bocelli's estranged wife and two sons live in the couple's previous residence in the same comune, in Versilia.[120] Since the late 1990s, however, Bocelli has had Monaco, a popular tax haven, as his official residence in order to avoid paying Italian taxes.[145]

Bocelli with fiancée Veronica Berti in March 2010

On 30 April 2000, Bocelli's father, Sandro Bocelli, died. His mother encouraged him to honour his commitments, and so he sang for the Pope, in Rome, on May 1, and immediately returned home for the funeral. At his July 5 performance, filmed for PBS as American Dream—Andrea Bocelli's Statue of Liberty Concert, Bocelli dedicated the encore Sogno (Dream), from his 1999 album Sogno, to the memory of his father.[33] A section of the way along the beach in Jesolo, on the Italian Adriatic coast, was named after Bocelli on 11 August 2003.[37]

Teatro del Silenzio
In 2006, Bocelli influenced the municipality of his hometown Lajatico to build an outdoor theatre, the "Teatro del Silenzio".[146] Bocelli serves as its honorary president and performs for one night only, every July, the rest of the year, the theatre remains silent. Since the opening in 2006, Bocelli has held 5 concerts, in every July, with guests ranging from opera singers Plácido Domingo and José Carreras to classical crossover artists Sarah Brightman and Katherine Jenkins, as well as Italian rock and pop stars Zucchero, Laura Pausini, and Elisa. Bocelli's guests have also included instrumentalists Lang Lang, Chris Botti, and Kenny G. The 2007 edition of the "Teatro del Silenzio" was released on DVD in 2008.[147]

Andrea Bocelli


Studio albums
• • • • • • • • • • • • • 1994: Il Mare Calmo della Sera 1995: Bocelli 1996/1997: Viaggio Italiano 1997: Aria – the opera album 1999: Sogno 1999: Sacred Arias 2000: Verdi 2001: Cieli di Toscana 2002: Sentimento 2004: Andrea 2006: Amore 2008: Incanto 2009: My Christmas

Collaborative albums
• • • • 1997: A Hymn for the World 1998: A Hymn for the World 2 (Voices From Heaven) 2000: Verdi's Requiem 2010: Carmen: Duets & Arias

Complete opera recordings
• • • • • • • • 2000: La Bohème 2003: Tosca 2004: Il Trovatore 2005: Werther 2006: Pagliacci 2007: Cavalleria Rusticana 2008/2010: Carmen 2010: Andrea Chénier

Compilation albums
• • 1997: Romanza 2007: The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere

Duet singles
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1995: "Vivo per lei" (with Giorgia) 1996: "Vivo por ella" (with Marta Sánchez) 1996: "Time to Say Goodbye" (with Sarah Brightman) 1997: "Ich lebe für sie" (with Judy Weiss) 1997: "Je vis pour elle" (with Helene Segara) 1999: "The Prayer" (with Celine Dion) 2001: "L'Abitudine" (with Helena Hellwig) 2006: "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" (with Christina Aguilera) 2006: "Because we believe" (with Marco Borsato) 2006: "Ama credi e vai" (with Gianna Nannini) 2007: "Dare to live" (with Laura Pausini) 2008: "Vive Ya" (with Laura Pausini) 2009: "What Child Is This" (with Mary J. Blige) 2010: "Bridge over Troubled Water" (with Mary J. Blige)

Solo singles
• • • • • • • • • • • 1994: "Il mare calmo della sera" 1995: "Con te partirò"/"Vivere" 1995: "Macchine da guerra" 1995: "Per amore" 1999: "Ave Maria" 1999: "Canto della Terra" 2001: "Melodramma" 2001: "Mille Lune Mille Onde" 2004: "Dell'amore non si sa" 2004: "Un nuovo giorno" 2009: "White Christmas/Bianco Natale"

Andrea Bocelli


Live albums & videos
• • • • • • • • 1998: A Night in Tuscany 2000: Sacred Arias: The Home Video 2002: Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) 2006: Credo: John Paul II 2006: Under the Desert Sky 2008: Vivere Live in Tuscany 2008: Incanto The Documentary 2009: My Christmas Special

• 2000: The Music of Silence: A Memoir (La musica del silenzio) - Autobiography • 2010: The Music of Silence: A Memoir - Reworked autobiography

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[2] he has sold over 70 million albums woldwide.S.List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli 24 List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli Andrea Bocelli awards and nominations Totals Awards won Nominations 20 40 Andrea Bocelli is a multiple Classical Brit-winning and Grammy and Emmy nominated. Sacred Arias. in 1994.[8] In 1999.[3] making him the biggest-selling singer in the history of Classical music. and a record-setting 7. have topped the Classical albums charts.[9] and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide. in the United States.[11] [12] [13] and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. 1. his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category. 1 spot.[4] [5] [6] [7] In 1998. Romanza.[9] With the release of his classical album.[1] Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival. The Quest for Camelot. as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada. 2 and 3 positions on the U. topped charts all over Europe. Italian pop tenor and crossover artist.[9] Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. Bocelli was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. his 1997 pop album. Classical albums charts. 2010. as he simultaneously held the No. in 1961. became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever.[9] The Prayer.[14] In 2006. his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film. with over 3 million copies sold in the country. Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time.[9] He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and Classical singer in the world. Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.[9] The next three-and-a-half years followed with Bocelli holding permanent residency at the No.[9] The album's first single. and in Germany.[15] [16] .[10] With over 5 million units sold worldwide. he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. and on March 2. Time to say goodbye. since Leontyne Price. breaking the all-time sales record in Belgium. he was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category.

[17] Made a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of Duarte. 2006. on March 4.List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli 25 Honorifics • • Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Grande Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana) awarded in Rome. Sanchez and Mella by the President of the Dominican Republic.[21] [25] • ECHO Klassik.[15] [16] • Awards Bambi Awards • Bambi Award in 1997. Viaggio Italiano in 1997. for his contributions to International art and culture.The Opera Album in 1998. in 1997.[21] Classical BRIT Awards • Two 2000 Classical BRIT Awards for "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year" for Sacred Arias in 2000. for his contribution to live theater. Leonel Fernandez in 2009.[18] [19] [20] Honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. for Time to Say Goodbye.[21] ECHO Klassik Awards • ECHO Klassik "Best seller of the year" award for his album.[22] • 2002 Classical BRIT Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Music" in 2002.[24] ECHO Awards • ECHO music award for "Best Single of the Year. for "Best selling classical album" with Aria . in 2010.[27] .[26] • ECHO Klassik for "Bestseller of the year" for Sacred Arias in 2000. at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. Andrea Bocelli: Sacred Arias in 2000.[22] Emmy Awards • Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Classical Music-Dance Program for the 2000 Great Performances program.[23] • Two 2003 Classical BRIT Awards for "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year" for Sentimento in 2003.

on Hollywood Boulevard. winning none.[2] • Special award for more than 40 million album sales worldwide in 2000. 2010.[22] Goldene Kamera Awards • Goldene Kamera award in the "Music & Entertainment" category 2002. Other Awards • Winner of the 1994 Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival.[32] • "Diamond CD" for more than 50 millions albums sold worldwide. in 2004.[23] • Two World Music Awards for "Best Italian Artist" and "World's Best-selling Classical Artist" in 2006. March 2. and one for "Best Classical Interpretation" in 1998.5 million copies within 4 month. Los Angeles.[23] Grammy Awards Bocelli was nominated three times for a Grammy Award. Bocelli receiving his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[26] [29] • Two World Music Awards.[22] • Platinum Europe Award for 1 million sales of the album Cieli di Toscana in 2001. for "World best selling classical artist" and for "Best selling Italian artist" in 2002. in 2009.[35] . Telegatto Awards • Telegatto award for the soundtrack of the series Cuore in 2002.List of awards and nominations received by Andrea Bocelli 26 Goldene Europa Awards • Goldene Europa for classical music in 2000. one in the category "Best Italian Singer". at the Italian talk show Che tempo che fa. in 2007. California.[34] • Four times Diamond disc for Incanto.[33] • Premio Barocco for his "extraordinary career" awarded in Gallipoli. World Music Awards • Two World Music Awards.[23] • Telegatto award in platinum for Italian music in the world in [28] 2008.[31] • "Favourite Specialist Performer" award at the ITV National Music Awards in 2003.[30] • World Music Awards for "World's Best-selling Classical Artist" in 2010. for selling in excess to 1.

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won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song and was nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. 1.S. and eight live and video albums. Bocelli captured a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records. his 1997 pop album. Sacred Arias became the biggest-selling classical album by a solo artist of all time.[5] [10] The next three-and-a-half years followed with Bocelli holding permanent residency at the No.[5] [10] and with just under 20 million units sold worldwide.[1] to the release of his first holiday album.[10] The album's first single. with the song of the same name. Releases ↙Studio albums ↙Compilation albums ↙Singles ↙Video albums ↙Music videos ↙Songs written for film soundtracks ↙Collaborative albums ↙Complete opera recordings ↙Bibliography 13 2 26 8 26 4 4 8 1 The discography of Italian pop tenor and crossover artist Andrea Bocelli. in 1994. in 2006. the best-selling holiday album and one of the best-selling albums of 2009. four collaborative albums. Romanza. including one Holiday album. From the release of his debut album.[5] [10] With the release of his classical album. Classical albums charts.[2] [3] he has sold over 70 million copies woldwide. Sacred Arias. have topped the Classical albums charts. as he simultaneously held the No. contains thirteen pop and classical studio albums.[4] Thus.[12] [13] [14] and a number of other countries in Europe and Latin America. became the best-selling album by an Italian artist ever. since Leontyne Price. where it stayed at the Top of the charts for fourteen consecutive . The Quest for Camelot. 2 and 3 positions on the U. topped charts all over Europe. in 1961. My Christmas. after winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival.Andrea Bocelli discography 28 Andrea Bocelli discography Andrea Bocelli discography Andrea Bocelli rehearsing for his Under the Desert Sky concert. and a record-setting 7. twenty six singles.[10] Five of his albums have since reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. as well as the best-selling album by a foreign artist in Canada. his duet with Celine Dion for the animated film. he is the biggest-selling singer in the history of Classical music.[11] With over 5 million units sold worldwide.[5] [6] [7] [8] [9] In 1999. in the United States. 1 spot. eight complete opera recordings. including Germany. his nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category. Il Mare Calmo della Sera. "Time to Say Goodbye".[5] [10] The Prayer. two compilation albums.

in 1996. The year refers to the CD release. with over 3 million copies sold in the country. Album details Year Certifications & US CAN AUS NZ UK IRE ITA POL HUN NOR FIN SWE NL FRA SWI AUT BEL GER POR SPA Worldwide sales – – – – – – – – – – – – 11 16 – 33 2 40 – – 500.[16] 29 Studio albums Pop Albums Recorded in a recording studio.5 million US: [17] Platinum CAN: 2x [19] Platinum • 16 – 12 14 19 45 6 – – 17 25 8 1 55 12 19 27 41 15 – 2.000 IT: Platinum Peak chart positions 1994 Il Mare Calmo della Sera • • • Debut Studio Album Released: 1994 Genre: Operatic pop 1995 Bocelli • • • 2nd Studio Album Released: 1995 Genre: Operatic pop – – – – – – – – – – 1 – 1 – 1 3 1 1 – – 5 million GER: 4x Platinum 1999 Sogno • • • 5th Studio Album Released: April 6. 2001 Genre: Operatic pop 2004 Andrea • • • 10th Studio Album Released: 2004 Genre: Operatic pop 11 10 6 2 3 2 2 – – 2 9 1 1 18 8 4 11 3 2 – 4. breaking the all-time sales record. not the date it was recorded. 1999 Genre: Operatic pop 4 1 3 3 4 – 1 – – 2 4 1 1 2 1 3 2 6 – – 10 million US: 2x [17] Platinum CAN: 4x [18] Platinum 2001 Cieli di Toscana • • 8th Studio Album Released: October 16.[5] [10] "Con te partirò".Andrea Bocelli discography weeks.5 million US: [17] Platinum . also became the best-selling single ever in Belgium.[15] He is widely regarded as the most popular Italian and Classical singer in the world. Bocelli's original solo version of the single.

Album details Year Certifications & Worldwide US CAN AUS NZ UK IRE ITA POL HUN NOR FIN SWE NL FRA SWI AUT BEL GER POR SPA sales 153 – 15 14 24 – – – – 22 – – 8 4 17 19 2 15 – – 2 million [17] US: Gold CAN: [18] Platinum Peak chart positions 1996/ Viaggio Italiano 1997 • 3rd Studio Album • Released: 1995 • Genre: Classical. Easy Listening. Latin 2009 My Christmas • • 13th Studio Album Released: November 3. not the date it was recorded. 2006 Genre: Adult Contemporary.Andrea Bocelli discography 2006 Amore • • 11th Studio Album Released: January 31. Opera • Chief Conductor: Vladimir Fedoseyev • Ensemble: Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra . The year refers to the CD release. 2009 Genre: Holiday "—" denotes album that did not chart or was not released 2 2 27 29 18 7 1 1 1 4 2 9 6 163 6 11 11 42 5 70 3 3 5 13 4 2 1 31 1 3 1 2 1 14 8 4 2 23 2 4 30 4 million US: [17] Platinum HG: Platinum • 5 million US: 2x [17] Platinum CA: 2x Platinum • Classical Albums Recorded in a recording studio.

Opera Chief Conductor: Gianandrea Noseda Ensemble: Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino 22 6 7 3 20 – 1 – – 2 8 15 1 5 2 2 9 3 – – 1999 Sacred Arias • • • • • 6th Studio Album Released: 1999 Genre: Classical Chief Conductor: Myung-whun Chung Ensemble: Orchestra e Coro dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia 23 – 20 26 17 54 2 – – 28 16 12 8 33 18 8 23 22 – – 5 million US: [17] Platinum 2000 Verdi • • • • • 7th Studio Album Released: 2000 Genre: Classical.the opera album • • • 31 33 – 33 – – – – 10 10 15 9 5 5 5 5 6 – – 3. Opera Chief Conductor: Zubin Mehta Ensemble: Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 2 million [17] US: Gold .5 million US: [17] Platinum CAN: [18] Platinum 59 – • • 4th Studio Album Released: 1998 Genre: Classical.Andrea Bocelli discography 1998 Aria .

2008 Genre: Classical Chief Conductor: Steven Mercurio Ensemble: Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi "—" denotes album that did not chart or was not released Compilation albums Year Album details Peak chart positions US CAN AUS NZ UK IRE ITA POL HUN NOR FIN SWE NL FRA SWI AUT BEL GER POR SPA 35 5 2 8 6 – 1 1 1 1 3 5 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 – Worldwide sales 1997 Romanza • 1st Greatest hits • • album Released: 1997 Genre: Operatic pop 19 million US: 4x Platinum CA: Diamond .Andrea Bocelli discography 2002 Sentimento • • • • 32 17 14 7 15 11 – – 17 18 10 4 33 22 14 30 – – – 3.5 million US: [17] Platinum CAN: [18] Platinum 12 – • 9th Studio Album Released: 2002 Genre: Classical Chief Conductor: Lorin Maazel Ensemble: London Philharmonic Orchestra 8 10 30 21 12 11 5 2 5 15 20 – 15 28 40 40 42 56 15 68 2008 Incanto • • 2 million • • • 12th Studio Album Released: November 4.

– – – – – – – 2010 Carmen: Duets & Arias • • • • Released: August 17. 2010 Genre: Classical. not the date it was recorded. Opera Chief Conductor: Myung-whun Chung Ensemble: Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France 18 28 110 83 – 1 2 "—" denotes album that did not chart or was not released . Marina Domashenko. Year Album details Other Soloists Peak chart positions BEL FIN FRA IRE NZ – – – – CAN US CLASS CLASS – – 1997 A Hymn for the World • • • • Released: August 17. The year refers to the CD release. Ildebrando D'Arcangelo. Eva Mei. – – – – 28 – – 2000 Requiem (Verdi) • • • • Released: August 17. Bryn Terfel. 2010 Genre: Classical. Opera Chief Conductor: Myung-whun Chung Ensemble: Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Cecilia Bartoli. Bryn Terfel. Olga Borodina. 2010 Genre: Classical.5 million US: Platinum CA: Platinum • Collaborative albums Recorded in a recording studio.Andrea Bocelli discography 2007 The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere • 2nd Greatest hits album • Released: 22 October 2007 Genre: Operatic pop "—" denotes album that did not chart or was not released 9 8 11 4 4 6 2 1 1 3 11 4 3 – 15 13 10 28 3 21 33 3. Opera Chief Conductor: Valery Gergiev Ensemble: Kirov Orchestra Renée Fleming. Opera Chief Conductor: Myung-whun Chung Ensemble: Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Cecilia Bartoli 12 1998 A Hymn for the World 2 (Voices From Heaven) • • • • Released: August 17. 2010 Genre: Classical.

Marina Domashenko. Paoletta Marrocu. et al. et al. The year refers to the CD release. Roberto Accurso. Carlo Guelfi. Ildebrando D'Arcangelo. Year Title Cast Conductor and Ensemble Zubin Mehta Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Coro del Maggio Musacale Fiorentino Coro di Voci bianche della Scuola di Musica di Fiesole Zubin Mehta Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Coro Polifonico della Scuola di Musica di Fiesole Steven Mercurio Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Coro del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Studio Decca Cat: 464 060-2 2000 La Bohème Andrea Bocelli. Andrea Bocelli. Magali Léger. Francesco Piccoli. et al. Julia Gertseva. Eva Mei. Bryn Terfel. et al. Paolo Gavanelli. et al. Cinzia De Mola. Carlo Guelfi. Elena Obraztsova. Carlo Colombara. Stefano Antonucci. Fiorenza Cedolins. Verónica Villarroel. Andrea Bocelli. Eva Mei.Andrea Bocelli discography 34 Opera recordings Recorded in a recording studio. Natale de Carolis. Ana María Martínez. Barbara Frittoli. Stella Grigorian. Andrea Bocelli. not the date it was recorded. Andrea Bocelli. Lucio Gallo. Andrea Bocelli. Elena Zaremba. et al. Andrea Bocelli. et al. Giorgio Giuseppini. Violeta Urmana. Decca Cat: 473 710-2 2004 Il Trovatore Decca Cat: 475 366-2 2005 Werther Yves Abel Orchestra di Voci Bianche del Teatro Comunale di Bologna Coro di Voci Bianche del Teatro Comunale di Bologna Steven Mercurio Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Coro del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Coro di voci Bianche "Gaudeamus igitur" Concentus Steven Mercurio Orchestra del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Coro del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania Myung-whun Chung Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France Chœur de Radio France Marco Armiliato Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi Coro di Milano Giuseppe Verdi Decca Cat: 475 6557 2006 Pagliacci Decca Cat: 475 7753 2007 Cavalleria Rusticana 2008/ Carmen 2010 Decca Cat: B0007180-02 Decca Cat: B0014002-02 Decca Cat: 478 2382 2010 Andrea Chénier . Stefano Antonucci. et al. 2003 Tosca Andrea Bocelli.

The year refers to the single release. 1990s Single Year Peak chart positions FRA GER BEL NL SWI AUT ITA SPA POR SWE UK IRE CAN US Album 1994 "Il Mare Calmo della Sera" 1995 "Con te partirò"/"Vivere" "Macchine da Guerra" "Per amore" "Vivo per lei" (with Giorgia) 1996 "Vivo por ella" (with Marta Sánchez) "Time to Say Goodbye" (with Sarah Brightman) 1997 "Ich lebe für sie" (with Judy Weiss) "Je vis pour elle" (with Helene Segara) 1999 "The Prayer" (with Celine Dion) "Canto della Terra" "Ave Maria" 24 1 – – – – 25 – 1 – 42 – – – – – – – 1 – 1 36 – – – – – 1 31 18 – 15 39 – 5 – – – 78 – – – – – – – 1 – – – – – – 1 – – – – 24 – – – – – – – – – – – – 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 31 – – – – – – 69 – – – – 2 – – – 24 65 – – – – – – 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 8 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Il Mare Calmo della Sera Bocelli Romanza 45 – – – – 1 – – – – 22 – – – – 34 – – Sogno Sacred Arias "—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released 2000s Single Year Peak chart positions FRA GER BEL NL SWI AUT ITA SPA POR SWE UK IRE CAN US Album 2001 "Melodramma" "Mille Lune Mille Onde" "L'abitudine" (with Helena Hellwig) 2004 "Dell'amore non si sa" "Un nuovo giorno" – – – – – 95 – – – – 9 – 17 – 11 52 – 86 – – 77 – – – – – – – – – – – – 40 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Cieli di Toscana Andrea .Andrea Bocelli discography 35 Singles Recorded in a recording studio. not the date it was recorded.

Blige) "—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released – – – – – – – – – – – – 66 – – – – – – – – – 16 – – – – – My Christmas – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 17 – – – – – – – The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere – – – – – – 9 – – – – – – – – – 4 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 39 – – – – – – – Amore 36 2010s Single Year Peak chart positions FRA GER BEL NL SWI AUT ITA SPA POR SWE UK IRE CAN US Album 2010 "Bridge over Troubled Water" (with Mary J. Ciro Dammicco Glen Ballard. Blige) – – – – – – – – – – – – 52 75 Charity single for the 2010 Haiti earthquake "—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released Songs written for Soundtracks Year Song Writer(s) Composer(s) David Foster. Ashley Lenz.La diga del disonore The Lazarus Child A Christmas Carol – Andrea My Christmas Movie Album Sogno 1998 "The Prayer" (with Celine Dion) Quest for Camelot . Alberto Testa. Carole Bayer Sager. Tony Renis 2001 2004 2009 "Proteggimi" "Go Where Love Goes" (with Holly Stell) "God Bless Us Everyone" Francesco Sartori Jack Lenz.Andrea Bocelli discography 2006 "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" (with Christina Aguilera) "Because We Believe" (with Marco Borsato) "Ama Credi E Vai" (with Gianna Nannini) 2007 "Dare to live (Vivere)" (with Laura Pausini) 2008 "Vive Ya" (with Laura Pausini) 2009 "White Christmas/Bianco Natale" "What Child Is This" (with Mary J. Alan Silvestri Vajont .

Andrea Bocelli. David Foster and Humberto Gatica. in Rome. 1998 • • Studio: Philips Format: DVD 2000 Sacred Arias: The Home Video • Release date: June 20. Throughout the DVD. not the date it was recorded. 2002 Studio: Philips Format: DVD • A Night in Tuscany is the first DVD released by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli of a concert he have in his native Tuscany. from the day of his election to his funeral. a CD/DVD package. of Bocelli and producers. Andrea Bocelli. and was also nominated for an Emmy. 2003. The concert was performed on a specially built floating stage at Lake Las Vegas Resort (near Las Vegas. and filmed in Tuscany of Bocelli singing 10 song from his 2001 album.000 sales. songs from his 1999 album Sacred Arias. singing the arias of his previous album. Sacred Arias: Special Edition. was released October 14. his spiritual heritage. celebrating the life of pope John Paul II. Bocelli performs two opera duets with soprano Nuccia Focile during the concert. It was filmed in the Roman church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. • • Under the Desert Sky is a DVD of a pop concert by classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Pop. and Time To Say Goodbye with English soprano [20] Sarah Brightman. Sugar Format: DVD • Certified Gold in Canada. containing both. Sacred Arias. The DVD also includes interviews about the Amore album. • • • Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) is the third DVD released by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Nevada) and taped for American television network PBS. • Andrea Bocelli: The Home Video is the second DVD released by Italian tenor. the album and the DVD as a bonus. It contains music videos directed by Larry Weinstein. before singing Miserere with Italian rock star Zucchero. and traditional Italian songs that made him a crossover success as an internationally acclaimed tenor. Cieli di Toscana. Video details Year Certifications Details 1998 A Night in Tuscany • Release date: November 10. • • . • • 2006 Credo: John Paul II • • Release date: July 6. • Credo: John Paul II is the fourth DVD released by Italian tenor. where he gave a concert conducted by Myung-whun Chung. in 1999. by the CRIA for over [21] 50. 2006 Studio: Decca. highlighting the unique blend of Classical. Amore. in the background. It mostly featured songs from Bocelli's previous album. but also his contact with people from all over the world. The concert takes place at the Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa. The DVD contains footage of highlights of John Paul II's pontificate.Andrea Bocelli discography 37 Video albums The year refers to the album's release. as a tribute to his home town and family. who discovered him. 2000 Studio: Philips Format: DVD 2002 Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) • Release date: January 15. his most significant meetings with heads of states. 2006 Studio: Warner Music Format: DVD Under the Desert Sky • Release date: November 7. Bocelli sings. in 1997.

following the release of his greatest hits album The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere. Decca. 2009. at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. among others. Sugar Format: DVD 2009 My Christmas Special • Release date: December 8. • Vivere Live in Tuscany is a DVD/Blu-Ray Disc of a pop concert by classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. John F. not the date it was filmed. is a bonus DVD released alongside Bocelli's 2008 album Incanto. In this DVD he performs duets with Sarah Brightman. Blige. The video features rare clips of notable figures enjoying the romance of Naples in its heyday such as Elizabeth Taylor. The concert was filmed. Katherine Jenkins. 2008 Studio: Decca. 2007. produced by multiple Grammy Award winner David Foster. containing exclusive documentary footage. July 5. featuring Bocelli and Foster with additional guests including Natalie Cole. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Year 1995 Song "Il Mare Calmo della Sera" "Con te partirò" "Per amore" 1996 "Vivo por ella" (Portuguese version) Marcello Bloisi "Vivo por ella" (Spanish version) Time to Say Goodbye 1997 "Ich lebe für sie" "Je vis pour elle" 1999 "Canto della Terra" "'O Mare E Tu" "Tremo E T'Amo" Director(s) Fernando Garcia . alongside a music video showcasing the Italian city in the 1950s. Kennedy. Elisa. 2008 • • Studio: Decca. Richard Burton. Mary J. Blu-Ray Incanto The Documentary • Release date: November 4. including an interview with Bocelli filmed in Naples. 2010 Studio: Philips. • Incanto The Documentary. My Christmas. September 15. Sugar Format: DVD. Tuscany.000 sales. and [23] Jim Henson's Muppets. is a personal tribute to the musical traditions of his homeland. released shortly after Bocelli's 50th birthday. Reba McEntire. by the ABPD for over [22] 375. featuring fourteen Neapolitan love songs of Bocelli's childhood. • Certified 3x Diamond in Brazil.Andrea Bocelli discography 2008 Vivere Live in Tuscany • Release date: January 29. Laura Pausini and Heather Headley. and collaborates with Chris Botti and Lang Lang and Kenny G. 38 • • • • Music videos The year refers to the video's release. Sophia Loren. The concert was performed at Bocelli's Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. The album. Sugar Format: DVD • The My Christmas Special is the DVD of the PBS Great Performances Christmas Special of Andrea Bocelli's first ever Holiday album.

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php). 40 [19] "Gold & Platinum Certification – March 2002" (http:/ / www. ca/ gold/ 0302_g.ca. be/ fr/ bestall. asp). [18] "Gold & Platinum Certification – April 2003" (http:/ / www. External links • • • • Bocelli on Ultratop.be/fr/showinterpret. cria. rai.us/performer/andrea_bocelli) Bocelli on Official UK Charts (http://www. com/ movie/ 177255/ Andrea-Bocelli-A-Night-In-Tuscany/ overview). Ultratop.ultratop.be (http://www. [15] Top selling singles of all time in Flanders. [21] CRIA Gold & Platinum certifications for December 2006 (http:/ / www. html). ca/ Music/ Artists/ G/ Groban_Josh/ 2008/ 01/ 14/ 4772010-ca. org. [22] Andrea Bocelli certifications by ABPD (http:/ / abpd. Retrieved 2010-10-30. [17] "RIAA Gold & Platinum Certification" (http:/ / www. . asp?sArtista=Andrea). Belguim (http:/ / www.us (http://acharts. php?table=SEARCH_RESULTS& artist=Andrea Bocelli& format=ALBUM& go=Search& perPage=50). Retrieved 2009-10-19. ABPD.be [16] "Biography of Andrea Bocelli on RAI TV" (http:/ / www. . nytimes. RAI Television. RIAA. cria. Jam!.org. pbs. 21 January 2006. 2009 article.theofficialcharts. Great Performances on PBS.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli) Bocelli on acharts.htm). ultratop. CRIA. Retrieved 2010-08-19. php). . . com/ goldandplatinumdata. Nov 17. Canadian Recording Industry Association. italica. it/ eng/ principal/ topics/ bio/ bocelliandrea. riaa. htm).classicalrelatedperformances. [23] Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas Preview of the Concert (http:/ / www. 2007 article. br/ certificados_interna.com/artist/_/andrea bocelli) 2006 Andrea Music Week scans (http://www. . . [20] "Andrea Bocelli: A Night In Tuscany (1997) article" (http:/ / movies. ca/ gold/ 1206_g. The New York Times. php). Canadian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved 2010-08-20.com/musicweek210106. cria. ca/ gold/ 0403_g. org/ wnet/ gperf/ episodes/ andrea-bocelli-david-foster-my-christmas/ preview-of-the-concert/ 868). Music Week article. canoe.Andrea Bocelli discography [14] TOP TEN SELLING ALBUMS OF SOUNDSCAN ERA (since 1995) (http:/ / jam.com.

Bocelli was then invited to perform at the Pavarotti & Friends.[1] Bocelli was then signed to Sugar Music by Caterina Caselli. his second pop album. with "Il Mare Calmo della Sera". who persuaded him to participate in the Sanremo music festival. . song written by Zucchero for him. Bocelli released his first studio album also titled "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera". and funeral. even singing at his second wedding. singing his first single and the leading single of the album of the same name. The single was also included in both of Bocelli's Greatest hits albums.''Il Mare Calmo della Sera'' 41 Il Mare Calmo della Sera Il mare calmo della sera Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Label April 18.[2] History In 1992. and The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere in 2007. held in Modena in September 1994.000 copies in Italy alone. following his win of the Sanremo Festival in 1994. Romanza in 1997.[1] It was followed by the releases of Bocelli. Bocelli's first break as a singer came when Italian rock singer Zucchero Fornaciari auditioned tenors to record a demo version of "Miserere". It went on to sell over 100.[1] Successfully passing the audition. with whom he became very close friends. He eventually won the newcomer section of the compitation in 1994.[1] After the Festival. in 1995. 1994 Classical crossover Polygram International Andrea Bocelli chronology Il Mare Calmo della Sera (1994) Bocelli (1995) Il Mare Calmo della Sera is the debut album released by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. which topped charts all over Europe. which he had co-written with U2's Bono.[1] After touring all over Europe with Zucchero in 1993. Bocelli recorded the tune as a duet with Pavarotti.

be (http://www. "Ave Maria non morrò" 3. la paterna mano" 10. billboard. "Panis Angelicus" 9. "Caruso" 7. . . de/ en/ chronicle1992. [2] "Bocelli Info" (http:/ / www. jsp?tp=albums& pid=118751& aid=160968). "L'anima ho stanca" 13. com/ bbcom/ discography/ more.de. "Vivere" 4. "E lucevan le stelle" 11. "Miserere" 8. "Il mare calmo della sera" 2. "La fleur que tu m'avais jetée" 12. "Sogno" Chart performance Peak chart positions ITA NL FRA AUT BEL GER – 11 16 33 2 40 ITA: Platinum Cetification Worldwide sales 500.''Il Mare Calmo della Sera'' 42 Track listing 1.000 References [1] "Bocelli Biography (1992-1994)" (http:/ / www.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli) . "Ah.be/fr/showinterpret. Retrieved 2008-07-02. bocelli.ultratop. "La Luna che non c'e" 6. "Rapsodia" 5. External links • Bocelli on Ultratop. htm). Billboards. Bocelli.

"Voglio restare così" . "E chiove" 5. "Le tue parole" 9. "Vivo per lei" 8. Il mare calmo della sera. "Romanza" 6. In Germany. The album outsold Bocelli's aforementioned debut album not only in his native Italy. the album was certified 4x Platinum. with more than 2 million units sold. but it also received multi-platinum status across Europe. In addition the album sold well over 5 million copies worldwide. Track listing 1. "The Power of Love" 7. "Macchine da guerra" 4. "Per amore" 3. This album is the follow-up to his debut album. "Con te partirò" 2. "Sempre sempre" 10. making it one of the best-selling albums ever in the country.''Bocelli (album)'' 43 Bocelli (album) Bocelli Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label 13 november 1995 Classical crossover 43 min Polygram International Andrea Bocelli chronology Il Mare Calmo della Sera (1994) Bocelli (1995) Viaggio Italiano (1996) Bocelli is the second studio album released by Andrea Bocelli in 1995 on the Polydor GmbH label.

"Time To Say Goodbye" (Bonus track. jsp?tp=albums& pid=118751& aid=160968). with Sarah Brightman) See[1] 44 Chart performance Peak chart positions FIN NL BEL SWI GER AUT ITA 1 1 1 1 1 3 – Worldwide sales 5 million See also • List of best-selling albums in Germany References [1] "Bocelli Info" (http:/ / www. billboard. Retrieved 2008-07-02. Billboards. com/ bbcom/ discography/ more.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli) .ultratop.be (http://www. External links • Bocelli on Ultratop.be/fr/showinterpret.''Bocelli (album)'' 11. .

after its international release. The album features some of the most popular opera arias and Neapolitan songs of all time.''Viaggio Italiano'' 45 Viaggio Italiano Viaggio Italiano Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Length Label 1996 (Italy).000 copies. 1997 (Worldwide) 1995 Classical 68min Polygram International Professional reviews Allmusic link [1] Andrea Bocelli chronology Bocelli (1995) ''Viaggio Italiano (1996) Romanza (1997) Viaggio Italiano is Andrea Bocelli's third studio album and first classical album.[2] Bocelli later received the ECHO Klassik "Best seller of the year" award for the album. in 1997. such as Nessun Dorma. it sold close to 300.[3] The album eventually sold over 2 million copies worldwide. . O Sole Mio and la Donna è Mobile. Although released only in Italy in 1996.

de. . bocelli. dll?p=amg& sql=10:axfwxqrhldde [2] "Andrea Bocelli Biography on [[Billboard Magazine (http:/ / www. com/ cg/ amg. "Piscatore 'e pusilleco" 15. "Adeste fideles" References [1] http:/ / www. "Nessun dorma" 2. Retrieved 2008-01-20.''Viaggio Italiano'' 46 Track listing 1. ca nun Chiagne" 13. la paterna mano" 4. . com/ bbcom/ bio/ index. htm). "Tu. "Core 'ngrato" 10. "Panis angelicus" 7. bocelli. "Lamento di Federico" 3. "Messaggio Bocelli" 16. Retrieved 2008-01-20. allmusic. . jsp?pid=118751)]"].com. "Santa Lucia Luntana" 11. "Marenariello" 14. "la Donna è Mobile" 5. "O Sole Mio" 9. "Una furtiva lagrima" 6. [3] "Chronicle 1995-1997" (http:/ / www. de/ en/ chronicle1995. billboard. "I te vurria vasa" 12. "Ah. "Ave Maria" 8. billboard.

from Puccini's Madama Butterfly "Come un bel dì di maggio". The tenor later received the ECHO Klassik. from Ponchielli's La Gioconda . Florence.[1] The album has sold over 3. from Giordano's Fedora "Ch'ella mì creda libero". fiorito asil". from Verdi's Rigoletto "Che gelida manina". Track listing • • • • • • • • • • • "Questa o quella". from Puccini's La fanciulla del West "Cielo e mar!". released in 1998. from Bellini's I Puritani "Di rigori armato il seno". Opera 52'45 Philips Andrea Bocelli chronology Romanza (1997) Aria . for "Best selling classical album" for the album in 1998. from Puccini's La bohème "Recondita armonia".''Aria – the opera album'' 47 Aria – the opera album Aria: The Opera Album Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Length Label 1998 Teatro Comunale. from Puccini's Tosca "Addio. from Giordano's Andrea Chénier "A te.5 million copies worldwide.The Opera Album (1998) Sogno (1999) Aria: The Opera Album is Andrea Bocelli's fourth studio album. o cara". from Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier "Amor ti vieta". 7/1997 Classical. from Puccini's Tosca "E lucevan le stelle".

. from Bizet's Carmen "Pour mon âme". . htm).. from Massenet's Werther "La fleur que tu m'avais jetée". from Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor "Pourquoi me réveiller". de/ en/ chronicle1998.Testa adorata".. from Cilea's Adriana Lecouvreur "Musetta!. Retrieved 2008-01-20. bocelli. from Leoncavallo's La bohème "Tombe degli avi miei . bocelli.Fra poco a me ricovero".''Aria – the opera album'' • • • • • • "La dolcissima effigie".de. from Donizetti's La fille du régiment 48 References [1] "Chronicle 1998" (http:/ / www.

Sogno entered the upper reaches of the pop album charts around the world. and giving birth to the phenomenon of "Bocellimania".5 million copies in America.the opera album (1998) Sogno (1999) Sacred Arias (1999) Sogno is a best-selling album released by Andrea Bocelli in 1999. Bocelli was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys.[2] The album sold 2.[3] and over 10 million copies worldwide.[4] . It is his fifth studio album. won the Golden Globe for Best Song and was nominated for an Academy Award. which marked the first time a classical artist had been nominated in the category in 38 years. 1999 Classical 61:04 Philips Professional reviews • allmusic link [1] Andrea Bocelli chronology Aria . In 1999. The Prayer.''Sogno'' 49 Sogno Sogno Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label April 6. his duet with Celine Dion from the album. confirming Bocelli's position at the pinnacle of the world of popular music.

. Carole Bayer Sager) – 4:30 3. "The Prayer" (with Celine Dion) (David Foster. 2009 article. allmusic. [3] Boyle's 'Dream' Continues At No. com/ secure/ viewItemDetail. billboard. Pierpaolo Guerrini. Retrieved 2008-01-20. charitybuzz. com/ cg/ amg. 2009" (https:/ / auction01. 1 On Billboard 200 (http:/ / www. billboard. Lucio Quarantotto) – 4:02 2.com. dll?p=amg& sql=10:fjfyxq8jld0e [2] "See Andrea Bocelli Perform in Tuscany on July 18. "A Mio Padre (6 Maggio 1992)" (Mauro Malavasi. Andrea Bocelli) – 4:01 7. billboard. "Sogno" (Giuseppe Francesco Servillo) – 4:03 4. "Nel Cuore Lei" (with Eros Ramazzotti) (Bruno Zambrini. "Come Un Fiume Tu" (Ennio Morricone. [4] "Andrea Bocelli Biography on [[Billboard Magazine (http:/ / www. Sergio Bardotti) – 4:35 13.com. "Canto della Terra" (Francesco Sartori. Giuseppe Francesco Servillo) – 3:56 12. "Cantico" (Mauro Malavasi. "Mai Piu' Cosi' Lontano" (Mauro Malavasi) – 4:20 8. "A Volte Il Cuore" (Piero Marras) – 4:44 6. Lucio Quarantotto) – 4:47 14. "Un Canto" (Ennio Morricone. Billboard Magazine. .com Dec 9. Retrieved 2008-01-20. "'O Mare E Tu" (with Dulce Pontes) (Enzo Gragnaniello) – 4:36 5. jsp?pid=118751)]"].''Sogno'' 50 Track listing 1. do?auction_item_id=83187). story). . "Immenso" (Francesco Sartori. "I Love Rossini" (Patrick Abrial. "Tremo E T'Amo" (Tullio Ferro. Andrea Bocelli) – 4:00 References [1] http:/ / www. Giuseppe Francesco Servillo) – 4:51 11. com/ bbcom/ bio/ index. com/ #/ news/ boyle-s-dream-continues-at-no-1-on-billboard-1004052157. charitybuzz. Dedo Cogliati) – 3:48 10. Lucio Quarantotto) – 4:51 9.

the biggest selling classical album by a solo artist of all time. Signore" ."Ingemisco" 8. as well as. K 618 9. Wagner: Wesendonck Lieder. Classical 62:25 Philips Andrea Bocelli chronology Sogno (1999) Sacred Arias (1999) Verdi (2000) Sacred Arias (Arie Sacre). Franck: "Panis Angelicus" 6. Ombra Mai Fu" 11. Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana . Gounod: "Ave Maria" 4. is the sixth studio album by Andrea Bocelli.''Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 51 Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album) Sacred Arias Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label 1999 Sacred music."Frondi Tenere . Handel: Serse..[1] Track listing 1. Rossini: Stabat Mater . WWV 91/1 . HWV 40 . Schubert: Ellens Gesang. Caccini: "Ave Maria (Funeral for a Friend)" 2. Verdi: Requiem . Released in 1999. Mozart: "Ave Verum Corpus"."Cujus Animam" 7."Der Engel" 10. the album features music composed in traditional Christian styles.. it is Bocelli's most commercially successful classical album to date. D 839 . With over 5 million units sold worldwide."Ave Maria" 5. Niedermeyer: "Pietà."Sancta Maria" 3. 52/6. Op.

as well as a 2000 Classical BRIT Award for "Album of the year". the album led Bocelli to receive an ECHO Klassik for "Bestseller of the year". Op. Rossini: Petite Messe Solenelle . D 498 . Cristo Gesù" Georges Bizet: "Angus Dei" (Bonus) Eric Levi: "I Believe" (Bonus) 52 Chart performance DVD Cover. [2] [3] Peak chart positions US CAN AUS NZ ITA NOR FIN SWE NL FRA SWI AUT GER BEL (F) BEL (W) 22 6 7 3 1 2 8 15 1 5 2 2 3 9 10 [1] 5 million Worldwide sales Awards In 2000."Domine Deus" Schubert: Wiegenlied. containing the DVD of the album. 17."Mille Cherubini In Coro" Gruber: "Silent Night" Wade: "Adeste Fideles (O Come. 14. a DVD of a 1999 concert. in 2000. in Rome.''Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 12. and conducted by Myung-whun Chung. 13. Sacred Arias Special Edition. . a two disc set was also released in 2003. The concert aired on PBS stations nationwide. and a Goldene Europa for classical music. filmed in the Roman church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. 18. 16. 98/2.[4] PBS Special Sacred Arias: The Home Video. All Ye Faithful)" Lécot: "Gloria A Te. 15. of the music of the album was also released.

. co.com/search/album_details.billboard.de. asp?interpret=Andrea+ Bocelli& titel=Arie+ Sacre& cat=a) Sacred Aria on the Billboard charts (http:/ / www. bocelli.com (http://www. de/ en/ chronicle2000. com/ #/ album/ andrea-bocelli/ sacred-arias/ 391431) "Bocelli awards in 2000" (http:/ / www. billboard. htm). bocelli.com/#/album/andrea-bocelli/sacred-arias/391431) .gracenote.''Sacred Arias (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 53 References [1] [2] [3] [4] Andrea Bocelli Biography (http:/ / www. php?tui_id=6244df32ff08b16f&tui_tag=) • Sacred Aias on Billboard. com/ showitem.com (http://www. uk/ plink/ Andrea+ Bocelli) Sacred Aria chart performance (http:/ / australian-charts. classicsandjazz. External links • Sacred Arias on Gracenote.

. diletti amici... conducted by Zubin Mehta.. of Verdi's most famous arias. Opera Philips Andrea Bocelli chronology Sacred Arias (1999) Verdi (2000) Cieli di Toscana (2001) Verdi is Andrea Bocelli's seventh studio album and fourth classical album.[1] The album went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide...... Io la vidi e il suo sorriso Oh! fede negar potessi. Celeste Aida Lunge da lei. accompanied Bocelli for the album. Track listing • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Di quella pira Ah sì.''Verdi (album)'' 54 Verdi (album) Verdi Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Label 2000 Classical. ben mio La donna è mobile Di' tu se fedele Ella mi fu rapita! Possente amor mi chiama Se quel guerrier io fossi!. released in 2000. Come rugiada al cespite... The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Quando le sere al placido La vita è inferno all'infelice . Dell'esilio nel dol Io l'ho perduta.. De' miei bollenti spiriti Oh mio rimorso! La mia letizia infondere vorrei Mercé.

Released only a month after the September 11 attacks. 3 on the official UK albums chart. was released the following year.''Verdi (album)'' 55 References [1] Andrea Bocelli. Zubin Mehta To Release CD Of Verdi Arias (http:/ / www. 2001 (United States) 2001 European Classical Decca. com/ artists/ news/ 1123707/ 20000901/ bocelli_andrea. Tuscan Skies.com. vh1. the album spent a total of two weeks at No. VH1. .5 million units woldwide. September 2. released in 2001. a DVD of music videos of most of the songs of the album. in 2001.[1] and reached the Top 3 in at least 9 other countries. the highest chart position ever for a foreign-language pop album. jhtml). Cieli di Toscana Cieli di Toscana Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Label 2001 October 16. 2000 article. Sugar Records Andrea Bocelli chronology Verdi (2000) Cieli di Toscana (2001) Sentimento (2002) Cieli di Toscana (Tuscan Skies) is Andrea Bocelli's eighth studio album.[1] [2] The album went on to sell over 4.

[1] . "Si Voltò" (4:07) 10. Bocelli's best sales week in America. In the United States. Helena Hellwig) 11. "Se La Gente Usasse Il Cuore" (5:00) 9.000.[3] [4] That record stood for the following 8 years. "Il Mistero Dell'Amore" (4:30) 8. 428.000. with 185. at the time. Bocelli's first Holiday album. less than two weeks after its release. "Resta Qui" (4:10) 7.5 million units woldwide (less than half of each of Bocelli's previous pop albums. "Il Diavolo E L'Angelo" (4:03) 14.000 copies over Christmas week of 2001. the album peeked at No. until My Christmas.000 copies sold on each. "L'Abitudine" (4:21) (Feat. "Melodramma" (4:09) 2.000.''Cieli di Toscana'' 56 Track listing 1.000. in the United States. and blew through 177. 3 on the albums chart. 1 on the CNN Worldbeat Global Album Chart. "Mascagni" (4:12) 6. "L'Incontro" (4:52) (Feat.[1] [2] including the UK. "L'Ultimo Re" (3:48) Reception Commercial performance Cieli di Toscana sold millions of copies in a few weeks after its release. was released in late 2009 and achieved better sales weeks. 218. 400. The album topped the charts in Sweden and the Netherlands. Bocelli was presented with a special Platinum Europe Award when the worldwide sales of the album reached a [5] million copies.[2] and reached the top 3 in at least 8 other countries. 390. Romanza and Sogno). The album performed better on six consecutive weeks during the Holiday season. Bono) 12. and 284. and the highest chart position ever for a foreign-language pop album. "E Sara' A Settembre (Someone Like You)" (5:06) 4. No. Bocelli's highest chart position in the country to date.[1] selling over 4. "Mille Lune Mille Onde" (4:01) 3. and quickly become the biggest selling album in the world in 2001. "Chiara" (4:04) 5. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart.000. where it spend two weeks at No. "E Mi Manchi Tu" (5:03) 13.

billboard.5 million + Music videos Music videos of 10 songs of the album were filmed in Tuscany. [6] Cieli di Toscana on Billboard charts (http:/ / www. 2009 article. bocelli. [1] [2] [6] Peak chart positions US CAN AUS NZ UK IRE ITA NOR FIN SWE NL FRA SWI AUT BEL GER POR HK 11 10 6 2 3 2 2 2 9 1 1 18 8 4 11 3 2 3 Worldwide sales Certifications 4. org/ bio1. de/ en/ chronicle2001. com/ #/ album/ andrea-bocelli/ cieli-di-toscana/ 502919) . story). billboard. [4] "Chart Beat Thursday: Multi-Format Diva Domination" (http:/ / www. bocelli.com Nov 11. .''Cieli di Toscana'' 57 Charts DVD Cover. html) [2] Cieli di Toscana chart performance (http:/ / australian-charts. in 2001. See also • Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) References [1] Andrea Bocelli Biography (http:/ / www. com/ news/ carrie-underwood-claims-second-no-1-on-billboard-1004041710. com/ #/ column-chartbeat/ chart-beat-thursday-multi-format-diva-domination-1004042481. asp?interpret=Andrea+ Bocelli& titel=Cieli+ di+ Toscana& cat=a) [3] Carrie Underwood Claims Second No. com/ showitem. andreabocelli. 1 On Billboard 200 (http:/ / www. 2002. [5] "Bocelli 2001 chronicle" (http:/ / www. Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) a DVD containing those videos was released January 15.de. billboard. . story). htm). Billboard Magazine. Retrieved 2009-11-26. Billboard.

ultratop.com • Cieli Di Toscana (http://www.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli&titel=My+ Christmas&cat=a) on Ultratop.be/nl/showitem.com/#/album/andrea-bocelli/cieli-di-toscana/502919) on Billboard.billboard.''Cieli di Toscana'' 58 External links • Cieli Di Toscana (http://www.com .

"La Serenata" by Tosti 7. 2002. "Malia" by Tosti 9.''Sentimento'' 59 Sentimento Sentimento Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Label 2002 2002 European Classical Decca. Sugar Records Andrea Bocelli chronology Cieli di Toscana (2001) Sentimento Andrea (2002) (2004) Sentimento is the ninth studio album released by Andrea Bocelli. it is one of the best-selling Classical albums of all time.5 million sales worldwide. "Sogno d'Amore" by Liszt 6. "Sogno" by Tosti . "En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor" by Rodrigo 2. in 2003. Track listing 1. "Ideale" by Tosti 11. "L'Alba Separa Dalla Luce I'ombra" by Tosti 5. "La danza" by Rossini 10. The album was conducted by Lorin Maazel.[1] With 3. "Barcarolle" by Offenbach 4. and Bocelli received two 2003 Classical BRIT Awards for "Best selling classical album" and "Album of the year" for Sentimento. "L'ultima canzone" by Tosti 8. "Mattinata" by Leoncavallo 3.

uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ music/ 2931456. Retrieved 2008-01-21. 15. co. 17. 16. "Plaisir d'amour" by Martini "Musica proibita" by S. Donaudy 60 References [1] "Bocelli tops Classical Brits" (http:/ / www. 14. . BBC News.''Sentimento'' 12. . Gastaldon "Occhi di fata" by Denza "'A Vucchella" by Tosti "Vorrei morire!" by Tosti "Vaghissima Sembianza" by S. 2003-05-23. stm). bbc. 13.

and stayed on the chart for 33 weeks. "Per Noi" 8. "Sin Tu Amor" (Feat. Operatic pop Decca. "Semplicemente (Canto Per Te)" .[1] The album. "When A Child Is Born" 13. "Go Where Love Goes" (Feat.5 million copies globally. "Tu Ci Sei" 5. Sugar Records Andrea Bocelli chronology Sentimento Andrea Amore (2002) (2004) (2006) Andrea is the tenth studio album released by Andrea Bocelli. over a million of which were in the United States. "Quante Volte Ti Ho Cercato" 12. on the Dutch Albums Top 100. "Sempre O Mai" 10. Track listing 1. "Un Nuovo Giorno" 4. "Le Parole Che Non Ti Ho Detto" 9.(bonus track) 15. peaked at number 1.[2] It has sold over 2. "Domani" – (bonus track) . being Bocelli's fifth pop release. "In Canto" 11. Holly Stell) 14. "L'Attesa" 3. in 2004. "Dell'amore non si sa" 2.''Andrea (album)'' 61 Andrea (album) Andrea Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Label 2004 Pop. Mario Reyes) 6. "Libertà" 7.

ACHARTS. . Culver City. CA. Pop 57:32 Sugar Records. CA Classical. [2] (http:/ / acharts.com. Tuscany. Andrea Bocelli Studio. Westlake Audio. com/ bbcom/ discography/ index. Los Angeles. us/ album/ 13659).''Andrea (album)'' 62 References [1] "Andrea album page on [[Billboard Magazine (http:/ / www. jsp?pid=118751& aid=659976)]"]. 2006 Record Plant Studios. billboard. Opera & Blues Records. Sony Studios. billboard.US. Italy. CA. Chartmaker Studios. Hollywood. Decca Records David Foster and Humberto Gatica Andrea Bocelli chronology Andrea Amore (2004) (2006) The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (2007) . Hollywood. Retrieved 2008-01-21. Amore (Andrea Bocelli album) Amore Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Length Label Producer January 31. CA.

524. Amore debuted at No. Humberto Gatica Andrea Bocelli chronology Andrea (the spanish version) (2004) Amor (2006) Lo Mejor de Andrea Bocelli: Vivire (2007) Amore is the eleventh studio album by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Bocelli was the seventh best-selling artist of 2006. It features a remake of Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love". and "Somos Novios (It's Impossible). Latin 57:32 Universal Latino David Foster. released on January 31.''Amore (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 63 Amor Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label Producer February 28. in the United States. 2006. a duet with American pop singer Christina Aguilera. 2006 Pop. Bocelli's second highest chart position in America to date. with 2. behind only his 2009 release My Christmas. "Because We Believe". and well over 4 million copies worldwide.[3] . a track Bocelli performed at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. With 113. Italy.66 million copies in America[2] . A Spanish version of the album was also released in the same year.681 copies of his albums sold that year. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.[1] The album went on to sell 1. called Amor.000 units sold in its first week of release.

"Jurame" – 3:22 8. "Cuando Me Enamoro" (Spanish version of Quando m'innamoro) 11.''Amore (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 64 Track listing For Amore 1. "Mi Manchi" – 3:35 5. "L'Appuntamento (Sentado a' Beira do Caminho)" – 4:08 11. "Besame Mucho" 2. "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" – 4:22 6. "Because We Believe" – 4:37 14. " Amapola" – 3:43 2. "Solamente Una Vez" – 3:29 7. "Pero te Extraño" 7. "Cuando Me Enamoro (Quando m'innamoro)" – 3:56 12. "Momentos" 9. the Spanish version of the album 1. "Canzoni Stonate" – 5:17 10. "Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)" – 4:49 4. "Besame Mucho" – 4:01 3. "Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste" 12. "Las Hojas Muertas" (Spanish version of Autumn Leaves) 8. "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" (with Christina Aguilera) 5. "Jurame" – 3:22 (with Mario Reyes) 6. "Solamente Una Vez" (Spanish version of You Belong To My Heart) 4. "Cancion Desafinada" (Spanish version of Canzoni Stonate with Stevie Wonder) 3. "Can't Help Falling in Love" – 3:25 13. "Pero te Extraño" – 4:06 9. "Ama Credi e Vai (Because We Believe)" – 4:41 For Amor. "Nuestro Encuentro" (Spanish version of L'Appuntamento) Charts . "Me Faltas "Mi Manchi" (with Kenny G) 10. " Amapola" 13. Verano Estate (with Chris Botti) 14.

Chartmaker Studios: Mixing Hernan Gatica. Pierpaolo Guerinni. Valerio Calisse.''Amore (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 65 Chart (2006) Dutch Albums Top 100 Finland Albums Top 40 [4] Hungarian Albums Italy Top 50 Belgium Albums Top 50 Ireland Albums Top 75 Portugal Albums Top 30 Sweden Albums Top 60 Norway Top 40 US Albums Top 100 Austria Albums Top 75 Spain Albums Top 100 UK Albums Top 75 Australia Albums Top 50 Swiss Albums Top 100 NZ Albums Top 40 France Albums Top 150 Denmark Albums Top 40 Germany Albums Top 50 Position 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 8 13 14 15 23 Certification Platinum - Personnel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Veronica Berti: Vocals on "Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)" Kenny G: Saxophone on "Mi Manchi" Christina Aguilera: Vocals on "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" Marco Borsato: Vocals on "Because We Believe" Mario Reyes: Flamenco guitar on "Jurame" Stevie Wonder: Harmonica and additional vocals on "Canzoni Stonate" David Foster and Randy Waldman: Acoustic piano and keyboards Nathan East: Bass Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums Dean Parks. and Michael Landau: Guitars Paulinho Da Costa and Rafael Padilla: Percussion Dan Higgins: Flute David Foster: Arrangement Jorge Calandrelli and David Foster: Arrangement on " Amapola" Humberto Gatica. Ramon Stagnaro. Jochem van der Saag. and Alejando Rodriguez: Recording Neil Devor and Chris Brooke: Additional engineering Oscar Ramirez: Additional Pro-Tools engineering on "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" Jochem van der Saag: Programming and sound design . Michael Thompson.

Retrieved 2008-01-20. com/ #/ news/ boyle-s-dream-continues-at-no-1-on-billboard-1004052157. story). . 2009 article.us/album/14285) .com Dec 9. com/ secure/ viewItemDetail. Businesswire. charitybuzz.com. do?auction_item_id=83187). Billboard Magazine.''Amore (Andrea Bocelli album)'' 66 See also • Under the Desert Sky the CD/DVD package of a pop concert for the album References [1] "See Andrea Bocelli Perform in Tuscany on July 18. businesswire. billboard. 2009" (https:/ / auction01.com. hu/ m/ ?menu=slagerlistak& menu2=archivum& lista=top40& ev=2006& het=14& submit_=Keresés) External links • Amore charts (http://acharts. [3] Nielsen Music 2006 Year-End Music Industry Report (http:/ / www. [2] Boyle's 'Dream' Continues At No. 1 On Billboard 200 (http:/ / www. charitybuzz. com/ portal/ site/ google/ ?ndmViewId=news_view& newsId=20070104005813& newsLang=en). 2007 article. Jan 4. [4] MAHASZ (http:/ / mahasz.

. 2008 Splash Studios. a bonus DVD containing exclusive documentary footage. Universal Clive Bennett Professional reviews • • allmusic Not yet rated link [2] Blogcritics (Favorable) Nov. Sophia Loren. including an interview with Bocelli filmed in Naples. 04. John F. The album. features fourteen Neapolitan love songs of Bocelli's childhood. Naples Classical Decca Records. a personal tribute to the musical traditions of his homeland. The two disc set also contains Incanto The Documentary. Kennedy. alongside a music video showcasing the Italian city in the 1950s. Richard Burton.''Incanto'' 67 Incanto Incanto Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Label Producer November 4. 2008 Andrea Bocelli Album chronology The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (2007) Incanto (2008) My Christmas (2009) [1] Andrea Bocelli DVD chronology Vivere Live in Tuscany (2007) Incanto The Documentary (2008) My Christmas Special (2009) Incanto is the twelfth studio album by Classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. 2008. The video features rare clips of notable figures enjoying the romance of Naples in its heyday such as Elizabeth Taylor. among others. coinciding with his 50th birthday. released November 4.

2:36 8. Sergio Cirillo) . "Un Amore Cosi Grande" (Guido Maria Ferilli.5:03 13. for selling in excess to 1. Salvatore Giacomo) .4:22 2. at the Italian talk-show..4:27 6. Teodoro Cottrau) . Billboard 200 Ireland Top 75 UK Album Chart Dutch Top Album Norway Top 40 Portugal Albums Top 30 Denmark Albums Top 40 Finland Albums Top 40 NZ Albums Top 40 France Albums Top 150 Australia Top 50 Austria Albums Top 75 Swiss Albums Top 100 Belgium Albums Top 50 2 4 Position 7 [4] Certification Platinum Gold 2 x Platinum [6] Platinum - [5] 5 5 8 11 12 15 [7] 15 15 20 20 21 28 30 40 40 42 . Domenico Furno) . "Funiculì. "Era De Maggio" (Mario Costa.3:02 5. Francesco Paolo Tosti) . "A Marechiare" (Salvatore di Giacomo. "Voglio Vivere Cosi" (Giovanni D’Anzi. Che tempo che fa. ".2:31 7. "Vieni Sul Mar!" (Aniello Califano) .3:14 12. Peppino Turco) . 68 Track listing 1. Calì.5 million copies within 4 month of its release. Funiculà" (Luigi Denza. Antonella Maggio) . "'O Surdato 'Nnammurato" (Aniello Califano. 2009.2:49 3. Domenico Titomaglio) . "Pulcinella" (Antonello Cascone. "Granada" (Agustín Lara) . "Non Ti Scordar di Me" (Ernesto De Curtis.2:46 Charts Chart (2008) World Top 40 Hungary Top 40 Greek Albums Chart Italy Top 50 Poland Albums Top 50 U.3:30 4. Giovanni Formisano) .4:12 10. "Mamma" (Cesare Andrea Bixio..S.''Incanto'' On February 21.4:57 11. Enrico Cannio) . Bruno Cherubini) . E Vui Durmiti Ancora" (Gaetano E. Bocelli received a four times Diamond disc for Incanto.4:37 9.3:59 14. "Because" (Guy d'Hardelot. "Santa Lucia" (traditional.[3] The album was also nominated for "album of the year" at the 2009 Classical BRIT Awards. Edward Frederick Lockton) .

allmusic. asp?page=platynowe& lang=pl [7] Andrea Bocelli (http:/ / lista. . htm). ifpi. htm [6] http:/ / zpav. gr/ chart04. mahasz. vg.''Incanto'' Mexico Albums Top 100 Spain Albums Top 100 63 68 - 69 References [1] http:/ / www. de/ en/ live2009_1. [4] http:/ / www. dll?p=amg& sql=10:3xftxzekldde [2] http:/ / blogcritics. com/ cg/ amg. pl/ plyty. hu/ m/ ?menu=slagerlistak& menu2=top_40_album_es_valogataslemez_lista [5] http:/ / www.de. Retrieved 2009-02-25. bocelli. php [3] "Live 2009" (http:/ / www.us/album/40011) . bocelli. php?ArtistOp=show& artistId=1843). no/ artist_info. Norwegian charts VG-lista External links • Incanto charts (http://acharts. org/ archives/ 2008/ 11/ 04/ 170533.

[5] and a PBS Christmas special of the album. A Christmas Carol. called Mi Navidad. mainly in English. 2010. was released on DVD December 8. with a few selections in Italian.[3] [4] A Spanish version of the album. Sugar David Foster. Decca. the only new song of the album. produced by multiple Grammy Award winner David Foster. "White Christmas" Released: 3 November 2009 My Christmas is the thirteenth studio album and first holiday album released by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. filmed in the Kodak Theatre. . which Bocelli recorded for the closing of the 2009 film. Renato Serio Andrea Bocelli chronology Incanto (2008) My Christmas (2009) Carmen: Duets & Arias (2010) Singles from My Christmas 1. was released November 23. Blige to Reba McEntire.[2] It also includes "God Bless Us Everyone". 2009 see (release history) Holiday music 59:17 (US) Universal. 2009. and French. "What Child Is This" Released: 3 November 2009 2. German. after airing on PBS stations nationwide. containing collaborations with artists ranging from Mary J.[1] The album is a compilation of seasonal holiday favorites.''My Christmas'' 70 My Christmas My Christmas Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label Producer November 3. Natalie Cole to Katherine Jenkins and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Jim Henson's Muppets. Philips.

In North America. Rai Uno also broadcasted the performance later that day. which he provided the vocals for in English. Bocelli was among Fabio Fazio's guests. broadcast on Rai Tre. as they broke the Official Guinness World Record for the biggest ever Christmas Carol sing-along. where he sang "What Child Is This". on his popular Italian talk-show. Lauderdale. and "Silent Night". December 20. during the World Premiere of Disney's A Christmas Carol. He later performed in the Air Canada Centre. and Christmas Eve. on December 10. on Rai Uno. on December 19.[6] [7] [8] 71 Promotion The Andrea Bocelli & David Foster Christmas Special. On November 3. in Las Vegas. and finally in the Honda Center. on vtm and RTL-TVI. in East Rutherford. Florida. Bocelli also took part in the annual 2009 José Carreras Gala. in the MGM Grand. for a concert in the Upper Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi. broadcast live by BBC One. 5. by Das Erste. During the program Bocelli talked about his album and performed "The Lord's Prayer". Che tempo che fa. On December 8. 8. on December 17. It was also announced that Bocelli will return to the show. He then returning to Italy. the Save Mart Center. and later closed the show with Adeste Fideles. and was later rebroadcast on December 23. Bocelli also . In the United States. He completed his performance in Leicester Square with. 12. where he sang Adeste Fideles. and more than 14.''My Christmas'' With over 2.[3] [4] He returned to the United Kingdom. in Spain and the Netherlands. explaining their better showings. in the William Saroyan Theatre. during The Today Show also live. and on The Alan Titchmarsh Show which aired December 18. during a dinner at David Foster's mansion in Malibu. which was broadcast live. and 13. on ABC. His last three arena concerts alone grossed a total of over 5. He also performed a number of songs from the album. in Leicester Square. which was feathered on The Dr. On November 21. a song from My Christmas which was originally recorded by the choir in 1960. in Fresno. New Jersey. in Toronto. broadcast live on NBC. a German tabloid-program on ZDF. including "The Christmas Song" with Natalie Cole. he performed "Jingle Bells" with The Muppets on NBC's The Jay Leno Show. Bocelli was also joined by the Piccolo Coro dell'Antoniano. December 25. December 19. following the switching on of the annual Oxford Street and Regent Street Christmas lights. November 26. in Italy. the PBS special of the album. and one of the best-selling albums of 2009.2 million copies sold in 2009 in the United States alone. compared to Bocelli's [9] three in the US. where they sang "Caro Gesù Bambino". His appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show during her Holiday Music Extravaganza. Blige. the closing song of the movie. London. due to scheduling conflicts). for an appearance on The One Show. with Mary J. Bocelli gave 6 concerts. (changed from the much larger venue. in Ft. Bocelli made a number of high profile TV appearances. behind the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Il Divo. the album was the best-selling holiday album of the year. he performed in the Bank Atlantic Center. was also aired the same day. during the Zecchino d'Oro Festival. In late November. which aired December 2.6 million dollars. November 30.000 people across the capital. Bocelli led the St Paul's Cathedral Choir. Italian and Spanish. which was broadcast directly after the Urbi et Orbi blessing of Pope Benedict XVI. The following day. in Belgium and Luxembourg. a segment of Leute Heute. California. the program was broadcast in Mexico and in the UK. an event which was broadcast live earlier that day in Italy. on December 3. On November 28. in Germany. in the Izod Center. with worldwide sales exceeding 5 million copies. on ITV1. in Anaheim. on Italia 1. who both held over 5 times more concerts worldwide. Canada. December 15 and 25. "White Christmas". first aired on Thanksgiving night in the United States. Bocelli also sang "Adeste Fideles" and was interviewed by Barbara Walters and Joy Behar on The View. and continued to be broadcast in the US and Canada throughout the month of December. was about My Christmas and Bocelli's meeting in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI and 250 other artists. in his home in Forte dei Marmi. singing "Silent Night". before singing "White Christmas" with José Carreras for the very first time. "God Bless Us Everyone". by Rai Uno. He then performed the song again. placing him third on Billboard Magazine's week's Hot Tours ranking. it later aired. on TVE2 and TROS. December 16. He first performed "White Christmas" at the 83rd annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. California. Phil Show. where he will give a live concert of My Christmas.

Alan Silvestri J. "O Tannenbaum" 9. Borderies Anschütz. broadcast December 23 on CNN. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" 4.''My Christmas'' performed "White Christmas" and "Silent Night". following the success of the South American leg of the Incanto tour. Placide Cappeau Piero Soffici. where a crowd of about a million people was expected to attend. "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" 4. "What Child Is This" (with Mary J. concert in Florianópolis. Haven Gillespie Mel Tormé. "God Bless Us Everyone" (from the A Christmas Carol soundtrack) William Chatterton Dix John Francis Wade. "Cantique De Noel" 13. "Adeste Fideles" 8. However. "The Lord's Prayer" (with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir) 6. entrance free. "The Christmas Song" (with Cole) 5. on December 28.[11] In Brasil. "I Believe" (with Katherine Jenkins) 15. Blige) 7. "The Lord's Prayer" (with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir) 6. "Caro Gesu Bambino" 14. "O Tannenbaum" Chatterton Dix Wade. in their stores.000 people attended his free concert at the São Paulo's "Parque Indipendencia". "What Child Is This" (with Blige) 7. Silvestri Length 3:59 3:53 3:32 4:33 4:25 4:31 3:33 4:18 3:35 4:36 4:18 4:34 1:43 4:24 3:15 International standard listing No. "Silent Night" 11. "White Christmas/Bianco Natale" 2. earlier in the year. the concert was later canceled on short notice. Wells Writer(s) Berlin Producer(s) Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Serio Foster Length 3:58 3:53 3:32 4:32 4:24 4:30 3:33 4:17 . Title 1. Johnson Adolphe Adam. "Jingle Bells" (with The Muppets) 10. for December 1. Gillespie Tormé. Bocelli's rendition of "Silent Night" was chosen as the Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week. Fred Coots. along with all the other events scheduled for Christmas in the city. "The Christmas Song" (with Natalie Cole) 5. "Blue Christmas" (with Reba McEntire) 12. Title 1. Pier Quinto Cariaggi Eric Lévi Glen Ballard. Jay W. Joachim August Zarnack James Lord Pierpont Josef Mohr. Bob Wells [14] [13] Writer(s) Irving Berlin Producer(s) David Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Renato Serio Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Foster Ballard. on Larry King Live's and Fox & Friends' holiday specials. for financial and political reasons. Zarnack Coots. "White Christmas/Bianco Natale" 2.[10] Starbucks also offered My Christmas for sale. were over 100. Franz Xaver Gruber. John Freeman Young Billy Hayes.[12] it was announced that Bocelli would hold another Open-Air. 24 and 25 on Fox News. "Adeste Fideles" 8. Jean Francois Borderies Ernst Anschütz. 72 Track listing North American standard listing No. 2009. and December 19. "Angels We Have Heard On High" 3. "Angels We Have Heard On High" 3.

which pulled in a slightly .[16] My Christmas was also the sixth best-selling album of 2009. Cappeau Soffici. and the 11th to do so in the last 25 years.000 copies sold on its first week. in 2009 alone.000 units of his albums sold in both countries.[18] [19] United States The album was listed in the top three on the Billboard 200 chart in its first eight weeks on the chart. the other being Josh Groban's Noel. "Cantique De Noel" 13. "I Believe" (with Jenkins) Pierpont Foster 3:34 4:36 4:17 4:34 1:43 2:49 3:15 4:24 73 Mohr. and at No. Cariaggi Alphonsus Liguori Ballard. "Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle" 15. second best-selling album during the holiday season. worldwide. marking Bocelli's fifth top 10 effort and a record-setting seventh No. fifth best-selling album released in 2009. making it the first album to spend five or more weeks peaking in the runner-up position. respectively. The album first arrived at No. best-selling albums during the 2009 holiday season. since Now 8. making it also the sixth best-physical seller of the year. despite being released in early November. My Christmas was the fifth best-selling album of 2009. despite being released internationally for a little over a month during the year.000 over Christmas week of 2001. Silvestri Foster Reception Critical reception The album received generally positive reviews. "God Bless Us Everyone" 16. in 2001. at the time. with 149. with just under 2. only to Susan Boyle's debut album Dream.[20] It also held the No.[17] Bocelli was also the sixth and tenth best-selling artist of the year. in the lists of best-selling albums released in 2009.[7] It is only the second Christmas album. Matt Collar of Allmusic gave the album a positive review and praised it as "only a warm and inviting holiday album.[6] [7] It was also the best-selling holiday album of 2009. 2 position. in Canada. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. with 228.000 and 264.. "Silent Night" 11. 1 position on the US Classical albums chart. but also a superb classical crossover entry worthy of Bocelli's discography.''My Christmas'' 9. in Nielsen SoundScan history. trailing only Bocelli's 1999 album Sogno. with 2. "Blue Christmas" (with Malika Ayane) 12. and his second-best debut sales week.000 units sold in the country. slipping to No.000 of which were physical sales.. to wind up in the year-end top five. and best-selling 2009 Internet Albums. on the Billboard 200 chart and Classical albums chart. in 2009. "Jingle Bells" (with The Muppets) 10.21 million units sold in only nine weeks. in the US and Canada respectively. Johnson Adam. 1 on both the US Classical albums and holiday albums charts. and best-selling holiday album.668. Young Foster Hayes. over four times as many as the year's second seasonal seller. selling over 100. Bocelli's best sales week since Cieli di Toscana blew through 177. and on the Holiday albums chart for eight consecutive week. It also marked. 222. "Caro Gesu Bambino" 14. Sting's If on a Winter's Night. for nine consecutive weeks.[8] making it the 10th best selling album in 2009. 1 peaking.[7] [17] My Christmas sold over 5 million copies worldwide. and nearly as many copies as the rest of the top ten seasonal best-sellers combined."[15] Commercial performance In the United States. the best-selling album of 2007.000 copies on each of those weeks. and second. and spending five of them at the No.. Gruber. Silvestri Lévi Foster Foster Foster Serio Ballard. 2 on its ninth week of release (the week after Christmas).

1 on the Italian FIMI Albums Chart.[31] Bocelli remained at No.[55] In its ninth week.000 units sold (a gain of 36%) in its third week. of the week. and became his best-selling album in the States.[29] and climbed to No.[30] After five weeks stuck at No. with an additional 28.[26] The album then continued to play runner-up to Susan Boyle's Dream. 1 and No.000 units sold on its first week of release. the album climbed another notch to No. with the two versions of the album.000 units sold in its fifth week[60] . 3 the following week. so far. 1 spot. My Christmas slipped one notch to No. 2. 180 on the Billboard 200 chart.[34] [35] [36] [37] On its third week however.[65] then slipped to No. the album was back on the No.000 units sold (down 94%) in its ninth and final sales week of 2009. for 3 consecutive weeks.000 sold (a gain of 18%) in its fourth. with a three-week total exceeding 100. 34.12 million). on its debut week a decade earlier. 3.000 copies.[25] and another 428.[44] [45] [46] [47] [48] The following week. 1 US Digital Album.000 copies. and stayed there on its third.[31] in which the album blew through 1.5 million). 2.[50] [51] [52] [53] [54] and around 30.000 sold in its second. but remained No. with an additional 400.9 million copies and became Bocelli's third-best seller in America. in which My Christmas surpassed a million in total (1. and at No. with another 42. with just under 10. with only 17. in 2009.000 units sold (down 27%) on the album's eighth week.[22] However. the album slipped twenty positions to No. 8 in its second week on the chart.000 units sold.000 units sold in its forth week. Amore. the last sales week of 2009. the following week. with an additional 284.000 units sold in its sixth week of release. 15 on the chart. 18.[27] [28] [29] Its fifth week marked Bocelli's best sales week in America to date. the album climbed one notch to No. were it achieved double platinum status. 3 spots simultaneously on the chart. 25 on its fourth week. before slipping one notch to No. the album slipped one notch to No. and 23. 7. debuting at No. 2. 22 on the chart. the Spanish version of the album. since his 2006 album.000 units in 2009. with 185. 3 with 390.000 units sold.[56] and climbing.[58] before reaching the No.[32] before slipping thirty-one positions to No. Italy The album spent a total of 3 consecutive weeks at No.[33] Canada The album was listed in the top three of the Canadian Albums Chart for six consecutive weeks. marking Bocelli's highest peak positioning in Canada since Sogno topped the Canadian Albums chart.000 (up 97%) sold in its fifth week. in the United States and was certified Gold by the RIAA. 2 in four of those weeks. 2 the following four weeks. 1 on the Canadian classical albums chart.66 million).[26] 20. making it the top selling album on iTunes and the No. Mi Navidad chart performance Mi Navidad. with 92. behind Romanza (4. 3.[5] at which time Bocelli held the No. for a third week. arrived at No. the album debuted at No. at No.[57] In its third week. 3.[61] Poland and Hungary My Christmas also topped the Polish Albums Chart.[23] and remained at No. since the release of Amore in 2006 (1. selling just under 7.000 units sold (down 7%) in its sixth week.000 of which were digital copies. it marked Bocelli's highest chart debut in America.000 units sold (down 3%) in its seventh week. with 136. on its fifth week. It debuted at No. United Kingdon In the United Kingdom. 3 with around 74 16. on its second.1 on both the US Latin Albums and the US Latin Pop Albums charts. it shot up six positions to No. with over 41.[43] and stayed there.[42] On its fourth week. with an additional 53.''My Christmas'' better first-week number. for 4 consecutive weeks.[38] [39] [40] [41] . to No.000 copies sold in its first week of release.2 million) and Sogno (2. a position it held in all its nine weeks. 2.000 units sold on its seventh week of release. 2 spot on the chart. and peaked at No.[49] and stayed there the following 2 weeks. on the US Classical Albums chart. in 1999. with an additional 16.[66] [67] [68] [69] Mi Navidad sold over 30.000 copies on its first week.000 units sold (down a scant 8%) in its second week.000 on its eighth. with 72.[21] [22] Moreover.[24] 218.[59] where it remained the following 2 week. and was No. 24. and his best-seller released in the 21st century. .[62] as well as the Hungarian Albums [63] [64] Chart.

''My Christmas'' 75 Charts Chart positions Chart (2009) [70] Peak Position 11 64 11 3 6 2 163 42 4 1 7 1 4 1 5 70 9 6 18 6 Austrian Albums [71] Belgian Albums (Flanders) [72] Belgian Albums (Wallonia) [73] Czech Albums [74] Dutch Albums [75] Finnish Albums [76] French Albums [77] German Albums [78] Greek Albums [63] [64] Hungarian Albums [79] [80] Irish Albums [59] [81] Italian Albums [82] Norwegian Albums Polish Albums [62] [83] Portuguese Albums [84] Spanish Albums [85] Swedish Albums Swiss Albums UK Albums [86] [87] [88] [29] European Top 100 Albums Chart (2009) [89] Argentinian Albums [90] Australian Albums [91] Japanese Albums [92] Mexican Albums [93] New Zealand Albums Peak Position 8 27 142 29 29 .

''My Christmas'' 76 Chart (2009) [29] Canadian Albums Canadian Classical Albums Peak Position 2 1 Chart (2009/2010) [29] US Billboard 200 US Classical Albums [29] Peak Position 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 [29] US Holiday Albums [5] US Latin Albums [5] US Latin Pop Albums [29] US Top Digital Albums [29] US Catalog Albums Chart procession and succession |} Sales and certifications Region Canada Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Switzerland United Kingdom United States Provider CRIA Certification 2× Platinum Sales/Shipments [17] 228.000 [97] .207.000 IFPI Greece Gold[94] Mahasz IRMA FIMI IFPI BPI RIAA Platinum Platinum [64] [95] [96] 4× Platinum Gold Gold [98] [6] [7] 2× Platinum 2.

November 26. which continued throughout December. was released December 1. 2009. Another Deluxe Edition. whereas the International version. where it was released November 30. Country Date Label Format . by Philips Records in North America. filmed September 15. Katherine Jenkins and Jim Henson's Muppets. Blige. DVD cover Release history The US version of the album was released November 3. with additional broadcasts. the Spanish version of the album.[99] The DVD of the full program was internationally released December 8. except for the UK and Ireland. Reba McEntire. containing the same DVD and. by Sugar in Italy. 2009. airing in the New York City/tri-state viewing area on THIRTEEN's Great Performances series on Thanksgiving night. on PBS stations nationwide. Mary J. 2009. featuring Bocelli and Foster with additional guests including Natalie Cole. at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. Mi Navidad. was released November 20.''My Christmas'' 77 PBS special My Christmas was also a major component of a PBS Great Performances special. 2009. by Decca. containing an extra track. 2009. Deluxe CD/DVD Edition A Deluxe Edition that features the standard CD and a bonus DVD containing highlights from the PBS My Christmas Special was released on November 23. and by Universal in the rest of the world.

except for the UK and Ireland. 2009. 2009 Philips CD. digital download November 20. Country Date Label Format . where it was released November 30. the same day as the album. Digital download 78 United Kingdom November 30. 2009 Decca Ireland The CD/DVD package was released Internationally November 23.''My Christmas'' United States Canada Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Czech Republic Finland Greece Germany Hungary Hong Kong Japan Mexico New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Italy Sugar CD. CD+DVD. 2009 Universal November 3.

. • "The time comes for every singer to record a Christmas album. Every year these songs have brought incredible joy to my family and I. was released Internationally.''My Christmas'' United States Canada Argentina Australia Austria Brazil Belgium Czech Republic Finland Greece Germany Hungary Hong Kong Japan Mexico New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Italy Sugar Universal November 23. also on November 23. • "Recording a Christmas album means recording good music. music that gives joy. 2009 Philips CD+DVD 79 Mi Navidad. 2009. also by Universal Latino. by Universal Latino. the Spanish version of the album. and instils a sense of peace". and it is my hope to give back that same joy by making this album".[5] Its CD/DVD package was released December 1. Quotes by the artist • "I have long dreamed of recording a holiday album that captures the beautiful traditions of the holiday season. That's probably because Christmas is the most beautiful holiday of the year".

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when Helmuth Rilling premiered the complete Messa per Rossini in Stuttgart. Verdi blamed the scheduled conductor. nine days before the premiere.com/#/album/andrea-bocelli/mi-navidad/ 1299046) • My Christmas on Woldwide charts (http://acharts. the first anniversary of Rossini's death. giving it the form we know today. He pointed to Mariani's lack of enthusiasm for the project.billboard. of whom the only one well known today is Verdi himself. the Italian writer and humanist Alessandro Manzoni. for this.be/nl/showitem. Verdi resolved to complete a Requiem—this time entirely of his own writing—for Manzoni. whom Verdi had admired all his adult life and met in 1868.''My Christmas'' 83 External links • My Christmas on the Billboard charts (http://www. The premiere was scheduled for 13 November 1869. an Italian poet and novelist much admired by Verdi. where he commenced work on the Requiem. Verdi kept toying with his Libera me. double choir and orchestra.billboard. Verdi suggested that a number of Italian composers should collaborate on a Requiem in Rossini's honor. It was composed in memory of Alessandro Manzoni.ultratop. died.be Requiem (Verdi) The Messa da Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi is a musical setting of the Roman Catholic funeral mass Requiem for four soloists. It is typically not performed in the liturgy.us/album/51752) • My Christmas (http://www. and began the effort by submitting the conclusion. Verdi never forgave Mariani. Libera me. The first performance in San Marco in Milan on 22 May 1874 marked the first [1] anniversary of his death. frustrated that the combined commemoration of Rossini's life would not be performed in his lifetime. Angelo Mariani.com/#/album/andrea-bocelli/my-christmas/ 1285026) (USA & Canada) • Mi Navidad on the Billboard charts (http://www. The work used to be called the Manzoni Requiem. Verdi travelled to Paris in June. on 4 November. In May 1873. and it marked the beginning of the end of their long-term friendship. Alessandro Manzoni in whose honour Verdi wrote the Requiem In the meantime. famous at the time. the organising committee abandoned it. although Mariani pleaded with him. Upon hearing of his death. During the next year a Messa per Rossini was compiled by 13 composers. Germany. but in a concert of around 85–90 minutes. even though he had been part of the organising committee from the start. However. Background When Gioachino Rossini died in 1868. It included a revised version of the Libera me originally composed for Rossini.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli&titel=My+Christmas& cat=a) on Ultratop. The piece fell into oblivion until 1988. .

It received seven performances at the Opéra-Comique in Paris. chorus) • 3. Offertory • Domine Jesu Christe (soloists) • 4. but she later left him amid rumours (never substantiated) that she was having an affair with Verdi. tenor. Introit and Kyrie (chorus. Teresa Stolz was also engaged to Angelo Mariani in 1869. Dies irae • Dies irae (chorus) • Tuba mirum (chorus. Giuseppe Coppini (tenor) and Ormando Maini (bass). tenor) • Rex tremendae (soloists. chorus) • Quid sum miser (soprano. Maria Waldmann (mezzo-soprano). Alternate versions and arrangements For a Paris performance. soloists) • 2. Teresa Stolz went on to brilliant career. and the male singers appear to have faded into obscurity.[3] Versions accompanied by four pianos or brass band were also performed. Verdi himself conducted. and the four soloists were Teresa Stolz (soprano). Verdi revised the Liber scriptus to allow Maria Waldmann a further solo for future performances. chorus) • Lacrimosa (soloists. mezzo-soprano. chorus) • 6. Waldmann (Amneris) and Maini (Ramfis) had all sung in the European premiere of Aida in 1872. The Requiem won immediate contemporary success. impressive Byzantine ecclesiastical decor was designed for the occasion of the performance. but made a reappearance in the 1930s and is now regularly [3] performed as well as being a staple of many choral societies. and Coppini was also intended to sing at that premiere (Radames) but was replaced due to illness.Requiem (Verdi) 84 Performance history The Requiem was first performed the following May in the church of San Marco in Milan. Sanctus (double chorus) • 5. Agnus Dei (soprano. although not everywhere. Libera me (soprano. bass) • 7. It later disappeared from the standard choral repertoire. mezzo-soprano. Lux aeterna (mezzo-soprano. In Venice. Ricordi. Waldmann retired very young in 1875. but the new Royal Albert Hall in London could not be filled for such a Catholic occasion. on the first anniversary of Manzoni's death. mezzo-soprano) • Ingemisco (tenor) • Confutatis (bass. chorus) • Recordare (soprano.[2] Stolz (Aida). chorus) First edition title page. bass) • Liber scriptus (mezzo-soprano. 1874 . Sections • 1.

brass: 4 horns. which allows Verdi to explore the feelings of loss and sorrow as well as the human desire for forgiveness and mercy found in the intervening movements of the Requiem. percussion: timpani. double basses. Lanham. when you will come to judge the world by fire. 8 trumpets. ISBN 0810859033. ISBN 0-19-861459-4 External links • Live Recording of Liber Scriptus portion of Requiem (Mary Gayle Greene. violoncellos. strings: violins I.tk.edu/faculty/greene/Verdi-Liber-Scriptus-Mary-Gayle-Greene-www. giuseppeverdi." [2] "Messa da requiem" (http:/ / www. the oldest music by Verdi in the Requiem. Choral Masterworks from Bach to Britten: Reflections of a Conductor. 985 pages. [4] the third flute doubles on piccolo [5] an obsolete instrument usually replaced by a tuba in modern performances References • Kennedy. Lord. 2 July 2003. Retrieved 5 October 2010. interrupts. "Deliver me. Verdi uses vigorous rhythms. • Free scores of Requiem (Verdi) in the Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki) . Trumpets surround the stage to produce an inescapable call to judgement in the Tuba mirum (the resulting combination of brass and choral quadruple-fortissimo markings resulting in some of the loudest unamplified music ever written). and wished to find a way to thank him. Yet the well-known tenor solo Ingemisco radiates hope for the sinner who asks for the Lord's mercy. The terrifying (and instantly recognizable) Dies irae that introduces the traditional sequence of the Latin funeral rite is repeated throughout for a sense of unity. (23 February 2007). asp?item_code=8. from Act IV of Don Carlos. in the beautiful Lacrimosa which ends this sequence. "Verdi revered Manzoni for this great contribution to his beloved Italy [a primer of the Italian language].music. His gift was the Manzoni Requiem. appstate. 3 trombones. Robert J. bass drum. begging. 2 clarinets. 4 bassoons. and dramatic contrasts—much as he did in his operas—to express the powerful emotions engendered by the text. Here the soprano cries out. Giuseppe Verdi: Official Site. Verdi also recycles and reworks the duet Qui me rendra ce mort? Ô funèbres abîmes!. naxos. [1] Summer. from eternal death .Requiem (Verdi) 85 Music of the Requiem Throughout the work.mp3) • Requiem (Verdi): Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project. mezzo-soprano) (http://www. [3] (1997) Album notes (http:/ / www. .. Ophicleide[5] . Finally the Libera me. II. sublime melodies. Naxos Records (8.. OCLC 74988115. and the almost oppressive atmosphere of the Rex tremendae creates a sense of unworthiness before the King of Tremendous Majesty. The Oxford Dictionary of Music. The joyful Sanctus (a complicated eight-part fugue scored for double chorus) begins with a brassy fanfare to announce him "who comes in the name of the Lord" and leads into an angelic Agnus Dei sung by the female soloists with the chorus. com/ mainsite/ blurbs_reviews. violas. MD: The Scarecrow Press. 3 flutes[4] . Michael (2006)." Instrumentation The work is scored for the following orchestra: woodwind: piccolo. 550944-45& catNum=550944& filetype=About this Recording& language=English) for Verdi: Requiem / Quattro Pezzi Sacri [CD liner notes]. 2 oboes.550944-45). it/ Inglese/ page.marygaylegreene. asp?IDCategoria=162& IDSezione=580& ID=19746).

Universal Professional reviews • • • [1] Recorded Genre Label The Independent [5] Entertainment Weekly (C+) [6] Allmusic Andrea Bocelli chronology My Christmas (2009) Carmen: Duets & Arias (2010) [4] . Classical Decca. 2010 ((Germany). 2005 Opera. 2010 ((US & [2] CAN). [3] August 27. 2010 August 17.''Carmen: Duets & Arias'' 86 Carmen: Duets & Arias Carmen: Duets & Arias Studio album by Andrea Bocelli Released July 12.

[2] The album is a collection of arias of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen. 87 Background In 2005. Bocelli recorded the opera Carmen. and soprano Eva Mei. mezzo-soprano Marina Domashenko. first released in 2008. from the French opéra comique. in Italy and in 2010 Internationally In 2008. the recording was released Internationally. were also part of the Ensemble. In March 2010. Myung-whun Chung conducted the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Chœur de Radio France for the recording. opposite Hungarian mezzo-soprano Ildikó Komlósi. and Italian soprano Eva Mei. including duets with Welsh bass-baritone. Bocelli played the role of Don José on stage.''Carmen: Duets & Arias'' Carmen: Duets & Arias is an album released in 2010 by Italian tenor.[8] [9] [10] Bocelli released the complete opera recording of Carmen. at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. Russian mezzo-soprano Marina Domashenko.[7] Cover of the complete opera recording of Carmen. Andrea Bocelli. for four nights. and duets of that recording. in the same year. in Italy. Bryn Terfel. in Rome. [11] Carmen: Duets & Arias contains highlights of arias Ensemble • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Carmen – Marina Domashenko Don José – Andrea Bocelli Micaëla – Eva Mei Escamillo – Bryn Terfel Zuniga – Thierry Félix Moralès – Jean-Luc Ballestra Frasquita – Magali Léger Mercédès – Delphine Haidan Le Dancaïre – Olivier Lallouette Le Remendado – Alain Gabriel Conductor – Myung-whun Chung Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France Choeur de Radio France – Chorus Master: Yves Parmentier Maîtrise de Radio France – Chorus Master: Toni Ramon . from June 17 to June 28. as Carmen. Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel.

je peux vous le render" 8." Chart performance For Carmen Duets & Arias . "Halte! quelqu'un est là" 17. "Je vais danser en votre honneur" 10. His lack of vocal consistency is problematic. "Je suis Escamillo" 15. "Halte-là! Qui va là?" 9. he. "Toreador Song: Votre toast. particularly Marina Domashenko in the title role. the fullness [6] his tone. "Prelude" 2. embodies his character's development. and as a single-disc collection of Duets & Arias. writing that. "Non! Tu ne m'aimes pas!" 12. but at his best here. and the discipline of his phrasing might well surprise his critics. "Parle-moi de ma mère!" 5. "the world's most popular tenor. "Habanera: L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" 3. making it available as a complete CD set with full libretto."[4] Stephen Eddins from Allmusic also gave the complete opera recording a 4 out of 5 stars rating. and Bryn Terfel. more fully than Domashenko. The peculiar tragic nobility of Bocelli's voice is perfectly suited to the role of Don José. in the world's most popular opera? Do you suppose this will sell? Decca aren't taking any chances anyway. "Seguidilla: Près des remparts de Séville" 7. who delivers the "Toreador's Song" with a swashbuckling gusto. gave the complete opera recording a 4 out of 5 stars rating. particularly his growing desperation. but his Don José is always believably human. "Holà! holà! José!" 16. "Que son fils l'aime et la vénère" 6. such as his Act I interactions with Micaëla. "Bocelli is most successful in the music that allows him to sing sweetly. whose plummily graceful tones bring just the right note of quixotic disdain to the part. "Flower Song: La fleur que tu m'avais jetée" 11. "Holà! Carmen!" 13.''Carmen: Duets & Arias'' 88 Track listing 1. The Independent. but the clinching elements are the supporting performances. "Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante" 14. "Carmen! Sur tes pas nous nous pressons tous!" 4. "C'est toi!" Reception Critical reception Andy Gill from the British newspaper. writing that.

Jam!. deccaclassics. html).. 2010 review.S. [11] Bizet's Carmen by Andrea Bocelli (http:/ / www. week ending August 29. May 11. [14] Billboard Classical charts (http:/ / www. us/ poland_albums_top_50/ 2010/ 35). MoltoItaly. ew. Allmusic review. moltoitaly. klassikakzente. Week 35/2010. com/ cg/ amg. classicalsource. asp?interpret=Andrea+ Bocelli+ / + Marina+ Domashenko+ / + Eva+ Mei+ / + Bryn+ Terfel& titel=Carmen+ -+ Duets+ & + Arias& cat=a) [13] Canadian Classical Albums chart (http:/ / jam. asp?cat=a& year=2010& date=201010). iclassics. uk/ arts-entertainment/ classical/ reviews/ album-andrea-bocelli-bizets-carmen-decca-2021900. com/ weekchart. 2010. Classical Albums [14] [13] Peak position 1 2 For the complete opera recording Chart (2010) [15] Greek Albums [16] Polish Albums Peak position 45 47 References [1] Carmen Duets & Arias (http:/ / www. html). nz/ product/ Bizet-Carmen/ 4443347). dll?p=amg& sql=43:205074). . [16] Poland Albums Top 50 (http:/ / acharts. Mighty Ape. July 9. com/ 2008/ 05/ andrea-bocelli-in-carmen-at-teatro. 2008 [9] The 2008 production of Carmen at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (http:/ / en.Duets & Arias released in Germany (http:/ / www. php?id=8390) [8] Andrea Bocelli in Carmen at the Teatro dell'Opera (http:/ / www. Entertainment Weekly. de/ musik/ musikproduktdetail/ product/ 163795/ 0/ bizet--carmen---duets-und-arias) [4] Album reviewed by Andy Gill (http:/ / www. independent. [6] Album reviewed by Stephen Eddins (http:/ / allmusic.''Carmen: Duets & Arias'' 89 Chart (2010) Belgium Albums (Wa) Finish Albums French Albums Irish Albums [12] Peak position 18 28 110 83 Chart (2010) Canadian Classical Albums U. mightyape.com. co. 2010. com/ #/ charts/ classical-albums?chartDate=2010-11-13). Billboard Magazine. co. Week 10/2010. The Independent. htm). de/ en/ live/ opera2008. com/ artist/ releases/ release. it/ stagione/ cartellone_2008/ carmen). canoe.20409701. [15] Greece Album Top 50 (http:/ / greekcharts. be/ nl/ showitem. com/ ew/ article/ 0. ca/ Music/ Charts/ CLASSICAL. billboard. ultratop. bocelli. [7] Carmen – Marina Domashenko. Decca Classics [2] Carmen: Duets & Arias on iclassics (http:/ / www. 2010 review. html). aspx?pid=64137& aid=108) [3] Carmen . [5] Album reviewed by Bryant Manning (http:/ / www. Andrea Bocelli & Bryn Terfel (http:/ / www. Bocelli German fan site. html?xid=rss-feed-allreviews-Music+ Review:+ Carmen:+ Duets+ & + Arias). Aug 10. Official Teatro dell'Opera di Roma website.00. com/ db_control/ db_cd_review. operaroma. [10] Bocelli on stage in Carmen (http:/ / www. week of November 13. [12] Carmen: Duets & Arias chart performance (http:/ / www. com/ cat/ single?PRODUCT_NR=4759143).

asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli& titel=Carmen&cat=a) on Ultratop.be/nl/showitem. Toscanini conducted a performance of it on radio with the NBC Symphony Orchestra. Since then La bohème has become part of the standard Italian opera repertory and is one of the most frequently performed operas internationally. According to Opera America. Origin of the story According to its title page. it is the second most frequently performed opera in the United [3] States. but rather Jacques and Francine. In 1946. ending with her death.[1] The world premiere performance of La bohème was in Turin on 1 February 1896 at the Teatro Regio[2] and conducted by the young Arturo Toscanini. Mimì and Francine. The final scenes in acts one and four —the scenes with Rodolfo and Mimì— resemble both the play and the novel. the novel was in .asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli+/+Marina+ Domashenko+/+Eva+Mei+/+Bryn+Terfel&titel=Carmen+-+Duets+&+Arias&cat=a) on Ultratop. they defend their conflation of Francine and Mimì into a single character: Mimì's costume for act 1 of La bohème designed by Adolf Hohenstein for the world premiere "Chi puo non confondere nel delicato profilo di una sola donna quelli di Mimì e di Francine?" ("Who cannot detect in the delicate profile of one woman the personality both of Mimì and of Francine?") At the time.com/showitem. The published libretto includes a note from the librettists briefly discussing their adaptation. The story of their meeting closely follows chapter 18 of the novel. Also like the play. with only a few passing references to incidents and characters in Murger. It is the only recording of a Puccini opera by its original conductor (see Recordings below).''Carmen: Duets & Arias'' 90 External links • Carmen: Duets & Arias on Woldwide charts (http://acharts. the opera's libretto focuses on the relationship between Rodolfo and Mimì. fifty years after the opera's premiere. Without mentioning the play directly. Madama Butterfly. Most of acts one and four follow the novel. in which the two lovers living in the garret are not Rodolphe and Mimì at all. the libretto of La bohème is based on Henri Murger's novel. just behind another Puccini opera.ultratop. piecing together episodes from various chapters. the libretto combines two characters from the novel. Like the 1849 play by Murger and Théodore Barrière.com La bohème La bohème is an opera in four acts by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. but that novel is a collection of vignettes with no unified plot. based on Scènes de la vie de bohème by Henri Murger. into a single Mimì character.com • Carmen (Complete opera recording) on Woldwide charts (http://acharts. one relating Francine's death and the [1] other relating Mimì's. The story of Mimì's death in the opera draws from two different chapters in the novel. Scènes de la vie de bohème. The main plots of acts two and three are the librettists' invention.us/album/56489) • Carmen: Duets & Arias (http://www. This performance was eventually released on records and on Compact Disc.us/album/56917) • Carmen (Complete opera recording) (http://greekcharts. Much of the libretto is original.

The Bohemian Girl (or gypsy girl) would be bohémienne. Teatro Regio di Parma (29 January 1898. Lisbon. The first production of the opera actually produced by the Royal Opera House itself premiered on 1 July 1899 with Nellie Melba as Mimì. The fame of Murger's stories carried the term to the world beyond Paris and into other languages.) Performance history Initial success The world première performance of La bohème took place in Turin on 1 February 1896 at the Teatro Regio[2] and was conducted by the young Arturo Toscanini. The opera quickly became popular throughout Italy and productions were soon mounted by the following companies: The Teatro di San Carlo (14 March 1896.[6] . and thus translates to "Bohemia". and Mario Ancona as Marcello. Enrico Giannini-Grifoni as Rodolfo. The United Kingdom premiere took place at the Theatre Royal in Manchester. Annita Barone as Musetta. but rights to the play were still controlled by Barrière's heirs. Fernando De Lucia as Rodolfo. Bessie McDonald as Musetta. but that is erroneous. the French word bohémien was used to refer to gypsies. Giovanni Apostolu as Rodolfo. de l'Hôtel-Dieu ou de la Morgue. based on the erroneous belief that they come from Bohemia. the preferred French spelling was (and is) Bohême. with Angelica Pandolfini as Mimì. with a grave accent. and Moscow in early 1897. Murger having died without heirs. Pietro Ferrari as Rodolfo. c'est la préface de l'Académie. the name came to be associated with the counter-culture of young artists and other rebels in the Latin Quarter of 19th century Paris. The Teatro Costanzi (17 November 1896. with Maria Stuarda Savelli as Mimì. shortening Murger's title to simply La bohème. and Pietro Giacomello as Marcello). The word bohème denotes the place where these bohemians live. and Maurizio Bensaude as Marcello). When referring to the geographic region. the Hôtel-Dieu [principal hospital in French towns]. Maria Martelli as Musetta. with Amelia Sedelmayer as Musetta and Umberto Beduschi as Rodolfo). A literal translation of this would be Bohemia but in the poetic sense of the word. La Scala (15 March 1897. Fernando De Lucia as Rodolfo. "La Bohème. when Henri Murger used it in the title of the stories which eventually became the basis for the opera. such as English. and Ferruccio Corradetti as Marcello). And the Teatro Donizetti di Bergamo (21 August 1898.[7] On 2 October 1897 the same company gave the opera's first staging at the Royal Opera House in London and on 14 October 1897 in Los Angeles for the opera's United States premiere." ("Bohemia is a stage in artistic life. with Solomiya Krushelnytska as Mimì. with Emilia [6] Corsi as Mimì. Robert Cunningham as Rodolfo. not the geographic.[4] 91 Meaning of the title Since the 16th century. Camilla Pasini as Musetta. possibly under the influence of Michael Balfe's opera of that name. In the preface to Scènes de la vie de bohème he wrote. with Elisa Petri as Musetta and Antonio Magini-Coletti as Marcello). This was a common colloquial term in Paris.[7] This performance was given in English and starred Alice Esty as Mimì. and Giovanni Roussel as Marcello).La bohème the public domain. (It has sometimes been rendered in English as The Bohemian Girl. The opera reached New York City on 16 May 1898 when it was performed at Palmo's Opera House with Giuseppe Agostini as Rodolfo. it is the preface to the Academy. The Teatro Comunale di Bologna (4 November 1896. and William Paull as Marcello. it was given a French title. La Fenice (26 December 1897.") Although Puccini's opera is in Italian. Zélie de Lussan as Musetta. Murger encouraged the alternate spelling of bohème. Argentina on 16 June 1896. on 22 April 1897. Lina Cassandro as Musetta. and Edoardo Camera as Marcello). Giovanni Apostolu and Franco Mannucci as Rodolfo. or the Morgue. to specify the conceptual Bohemia he wrote about. The first performance of La bohème outside Italy was at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. where "bohemian" has a similar connotation. The opera was given in Alexandria. c'est le stage de la vie artistique. in a presentation by the Carl Rosa Opera Company supervised by Puccini. with Emilia Merolla as Mimì.[5] As gypsies are associated in the common imagination with a wild and free life separate from rigid society. with a circumflex.

[6] • Catania: 9 July 1903. Albert Saléza as Rodolfo. Ariodante Quarti as Rodolfo.[6] • Prato: 25 December 1902. and Gustav Mahler conducting. Jeanne Tiphaine as Musetta. The production used a French translation by Paul Ferrier and starred Julia Guiraudon as Mimì. Regio Teatro Metastasio with Ulderica Persichini as Mimì. sets by Devis. The French premiere of the opera was presented by the Opéra-Comique on 13 June 1898 at the Théâtre des Nations. presented by the Royal Swedish Opera with Maria Labia as Mimì. and Alfredo Costa as Marcello.[6] • Austria: 25 November 1903. and Enrico De Franceschi as Marcello. and Léon Jehin conducting. Enrico Caruso as Rodolfo. and Amleto Pollastri as Marcello. Alexis Boyer as Marcello. . Michele Sigaldi as Rodolfo. The Belgian premiere took place at La Monnaie on 25 October 1900 using Ferrier's French translation with Marie Thiérry as Mimì. Annita Occhiolini-Rizzini as Musetta.[6] 92 20th century La bohème continued to gain international popularity throughout the early 20th century and the Opéra-Comique alone had already presented the opera one hundred times by 1903. Adolphe Maréchal as Rodolfo. Fritz Schrödter as Rodolfo. Lynen. Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. and Lucien Fugère as Marcello. Marie Gutheil-Schoder as Musetta. Politeama Pacini with Isabella Costa Orbellini as Mimì. Lina Gismondi as Musetta. and Dubosq.La bohème La bohème premiered in Germany at the Kroll Opera House in Berlin on 22 June 1897. first performance in Australia)[8] • Monaco: 1 February 1902. The Metropolitan Opera staged the work for the first time on 26 December 1900 with Nellie Melba as Mimì. Elvino Ventura as Rodolfo. Gerhard Stehmann as Marcello. Norma Sella as Musetta. Opéra de Monte-Carlo in Monte Carlo with Nellie Melba as Mimì. Mabel Nelma as Musetta. Giuseppe Campanari as Marcello. Léon David as Rodolfo. Eugène-Charles Badiali as Marcello.[6] Roles Act 2 costume design for "la rappezzatrice" (the clothes mender) for the world premiere performance. and Luigi Mancinelli conducting. Other premieres soon followed: • Melbourne: 13 July 1901 (Her Majesty's Theatre. and Philippe Flon conducting.[6] • Sweden: 19 May 1905. Vienna State Opera in Vienna with Selma Kurz as Mimì.[6] The opera was first presented in Brazil at the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus on 2 July 1901 with Elvira Miotti as Mimì.

townsfolk. a toy vendor A customs Sergeant tenor bass Students. soldiers. While they drink. their landlord tenor soprano baritone soprano baritone bass bass Evan Gorga Cesira Ferrani Tieste Wilmant Camilla Pasini Antonio Pini-Corsi Michele Mazzara Alessandro Polonini Alessandro Polonini Dante Zucchi Felice Fogli Alcindoro. Mimì also happens to be mortally ill. feigning innocence. they burn the manuscript of Rodolfo's drama. a job with an eccentric English gentleman. Act 1 In the four bohemians' garret Rodolfo's garret – set design for act 1 of La bohème for the world premiere performance. the pair stumble in the dark. but Rodolfo later wants to leave Mimì because of her flirtatious behavior. the landlord. wine. She thanks him. arrives to collect the rent. working girls. and Mimì.La bohème 93 Role Voice type Premiere cast. The rent money is divided for their carousal in the Quartier Latin. promising to join his friends soon. enters shivering and disgruntled at not having been able to pawn some books. they thrust him from the room —without the rent payment— in comic moral indignation. shopkeepers. cigars. They almost immediately fall in love with each other. a singer Schaunard. but returns a few seconds later. enters. he recites his amorous adventures. and she has no matches. Colline. 1 February 1896 (Conductor: Arturo Toscanini) Rodolfo. and money. the musician of the group. In his drunkenness. Both candles are extinguished. she asks Rodolfo to light it. since their life together likely had worsened her health even further. a philosopher Benoît. children Synopsis The story is set in Paris in the period around 1830. eager to spend time with Mimì. There is a knock at the door. Her candle has blown out. but Rodolfo remains alone for a moment in order to finish an article he is writing. street-vendors. However. Schaunard interrupts them by whisking the meal away and declaring that they will all celebrate his good fortune by dining at Cafe Momus instead. Marcello is painting while Rodolfo gazes out of the window. waiters. The other Bohemians go out. and he explains the source of his riches. a seamstress Marcello. In order to keep warm. a painter Musetta. saying she has lost her key. a state councillor bass Parpignol. arrives with food. firewood. and Rodolfo also feels guilt. a musician Colline. Schaunard. Rodolfo. the philosopher. In two arias . but when he also declares he is married. The others hardly listen to his tale as they fall ravenously upon the food. a poet Mimì.[9] It essentially focuses on the love between the seamstress called Mimì and the poet Rodolfo. finds the key and pockets it. Benoît. They reunite for a brief moment at the end before Mimì dies. They flatter him and ply him with wine. flower maker who lives in another room in the building.

To the delight of the Parisians and the embarrassment of her patron. while he suggests remaining at home with Mimì. Alcindoro. help me!"). She tries to find Marcello. As the men and Mimì dine at the cafe. Mimì hides and overhears Rodolfo first telling Marcello that he left Mimì because of her coquettishness. Soon Marcello is burning with jealousy. and. Parisians gossip with friends and bargain with the vendors. has gathered with street sellers announcing their wares (chorus: Aranci. The friends appear. along with children. Alcindoro arrives with the repaired shoe seeking Musetta. Rodolfo and Mimì: O soave fanciulla – "Oh gentle maiden"). Amongst them is Mimì. aiuto! – "Oh. they tell each other about their different backgrounds. datteri! Caldi i marroni! – "Oranges. coughing violently. hoping to reclaim Marcello's attention. The waiter hands him the bill. the waiting friends call Rodolfo. they call me Mimì"). To be rid of Alcindoro for a bit. who has abandoned her that night (O buon Marcello. Musetta. arrives with her rich (and aging) government minister admirer. Impatiently. As they leave. but he wakes up and comes out looking for Marcello. During the melee that follows. the toy seller. Marcello tells her that Rodolfo is asleep inside. 94 Act 2 Quartier Latin Prop designs for act 2 of La bohème for the world premiere performance A great crowd. to whom she speaks as she might to a lapdog. but finally confessing that he fears she is slowly being consumed by a deadly illness (most likely tuberculosis. The friends are presented with the bill and to their consternation find that Schaunard's money is not enough to pay it. Alcindoro sinks into a chair. It is clear she has tired of him. The friends enter the Cafe Momus. flushed with gaiety. horror-stricken at the charge.La bohème (Rodolfo's Che gelida manina – "What a cold little hand" and Mimì's Sì. she decides to accompany him. but. known by the catchall name . good Marcello. Musetta pretends to be suffering from a tight shoe and sends him with it to the shoemaker to be fixed. Act 3 At the toll gate Peddlers pass through the barriers and enter the city. picking up Musetta. formerly Marcello's sweetheart. mi chiamano Mimì – "Yes. they sing of their newfound love (duet. The sly Musetta has the entire bill charged to Alcindoro. and. She tells him of her hard life with Rodolfo. The sound of approaching soldiers is heard. she sings a risqué song (Musetta's waltz: Quando me'n vo' – "When I go along"). When all have gone. dates! Hot chestnuts!"). the children of the streets clamor to see the wares of Parpignol. who lives in a little tavern nearby where he paints signs for the innkeeper. Musetta and Marcello fall into each other's arms and reconcile. Marcello and Colline carry her out on their shoulders amid the applause of the spectators. Rodolfo buys Mimì a bonnet from a vendor.

severely weakened by her illness. Schaunard and Colline arrive with a very frugal dinner and all parody eating a plentiful banquet. Marcello: Addio dolce svegliare alla mattina! – "Goodbye. violins I. 2 bassoons brass: 4 horns. Schaunard discovers Mimì lifeless. has left her patron. when the world is coming to life again and no one feels truly alone. 3 trombones. Musetta arrives with news: Mimì. 2 clarinets. The others return. As Musetta prays. they agree to remain together until the spring. and sing. xylophone. Rodolfo. As a compromise. glockenspiel. drum. cor anglais. bass clarinet. 2 oboes. to Mimì's delight. Mimì dies. sweet awakening in the morning!"). wealthier suitor (Marcello. Her coughing reveals her presence. Musetta. the lost key— and. piccolo. 95 Act 4 Back in the garret Marcello and Rodolfo are seemingly at work. which he has kept as a souvenir of their love. contrabass . but their love for one another is too strong. They make plans to separate amicably (Mimì: Donde lieta uscì – "From here she happily left"). bass trombone Percussion: timpani. viola.La bohème "consumption" in the nineteenth century). Out of kindness towards Mimì. Musetta has found her wandering the streets. II. cymbal. Rodolfo. and has brought her back to the garret. and the couple quarrel fiercely: an antithetical counterpoint to the other pair's reconciliation (quartet: Mimì. tu più non torni – "O Mimì. Marcello has joined Musetta. finalmente – "Marcello. they recall their past happiness (duet. Mimì and Rodolfo: Sono andati? – "Have they gone?"). but Mimì lapses into unconsciousness. is assisted into a chair. but she has already heard all. Marcello tries to silence him. and Colline leaves to pawn his overcoat (Vecchia zimarra – "Old coat"). Mimì. Left alone. in his poverty. Rodolfo presents her with the pink bonnet he bought her. They tell Rodolfo that a doctor has been summoned. 3 trumpets. and weeps helplessly. quietly departs to give Mimì and Rodolfo time together. can do little to help Mimì and hopes that his pretended unkindness will inspire her to seek another. and Rodolfo and Mimì sing of their lost love. dance together. bass drum. will you not return?"). Musetta and Marcello leave to sell Musetta's earrings in order to buy medicine. urged by Colline. campanelle ("little bell") strings: harp. finally"). cello. with a gift of a muff to warm Mimì's hands and some medicine. Instrumentation La bohème is scored for: • • • • woodwind: 2 flutes. haggard and pale. Meanwhile. Rodolfo cries Mimì's name in anguish. They relive their first meeting —the candles. though they are primarily bemoaning the loss of their respective loves (duet: O Mimì. Schaunard. triangle. who took up with a wealthy viscount after leaving Rodolfo in the spring.

who was closely associated with the role of Rodolfo. Beecham also conducts on the 1956 RCA Victor recording with Victoria de los Ángeles and Jussi Björling as Mimì and as Rodolfo. Her protector has refused to pay further rent out of jealous feelings. It is the only recording of a Puccini opera by its original conductor. and the 1998 release on the Chandos Opera in English label with David Parry conducting the Philharmonia Orchestra and Cynthia Haymon and Dennis O'Neill as Mimì and Rodolfo. 1940). Original 1896 La bohème poster by Adolfo There are several recordings with conductors closely associated with Hohenstein Puccini. Enrico Caruso.La bohème 96 Recordings The discography of La bohème is a long one with many distinguished recordings. 1980.N. In the 1946 RCA Victor release.A. who worked closely with Puccini when preparing a 1920 [11] conducted a performance of the opera in English released by Columbia production of La bohème in London. One of the major recordings is the 1972 version conducted by Herbert von Karajan with Mirella Freni as Mimì and Luciano Pavarotti as Rodolfo. never recorded a full version of the opera but recorded several extracts beginning with one on cylinder in 1906. Among them was the full libretto to La bohème. It was discovered that the librettists had prepared an act which Puccini decided not to use in his composition. Record Company released a six LP set with 101 tenors singing the aria. Thomas Beecham. The four Bohemians find in this an excuse for a party and arrange for wine and an orchestra. Musetta gives Mimì a beautiful gown to wear and introduces her to a Viscount. including the 1973 RCA Victor conducted by Sir Georg Solti with Montserrat Caballé as Mimì and Plácido Domingo as Rodolfo which won the 1974 Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording.N. The pair dances a quadrille in the courtyard. which moves Rodolfo to jealousy. One of the most recent is the 2008 Deutsche Grammophon release conducted by Bertrand de Billy with Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón as Mimì and Rodolfo. Rodolfo's famous aria "Che gelida manina" was recorded not only by Caruso but by nearly 500 other tenors in at least seven different languages between 1900 and [12] In 1981 the A.[10] Carlo Sabajno conducted the La Scala Orchestra and Chorus with Gemma Bosini and Remo Andreini as Mimì and Rodolfo. conducts the NBC Symphony Orchestra with Jan Peerce as Rodolfo and Licia Albanese as Mimì. and Musetta’s furniture is moved into the courtyard to be auctioned off the following morning. Records in 1936 with Lisa Perli as Mimì and Heddle Nash as Rodolfo. Richard Kraus conducting the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra and Chorus with Trude Eipperle and Fritz Wunderlich as Mimì and Rodolfo (German. Arturo Toscanini. These include: Wilfrid Pelletier conducting the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus with Eleanor Steber and Armand Tokatyan as Mimì and Rodolfo (French. Although the vast majority of recordings are in the original Italian. the opera has been recorded in several other languages. 1956). The earliest commercially released full-length recording was probably that recorded in February 1917 and released on the Italian label La Voce del Padrone. This was a recording that has given rise to much controversy because of the splendour of the sound.[13] It is noteworthy for explaining Rodolfo’s jealous remarks to Marcello in act 3. The missing act In 1957 Illica’s widow died and his papers were given to the Parma Museum. who conducted the world premiere of the opera. The "missing act" is located in the timeline between the Café Momus scene and act 3 and describes an open-air party at Musetta’s dwelling. This explains his act 3 .

uk/ books?id=En3QYRnApqMC& q="gelida+ manina"#v=snippet& q="gelida manina"& f=false). org/ cgi/ pdf_extract/ 2/ 3/ 121). according to Baz Luhrmann. Macy (Accessed November 23. com/ production. com/ content_article. rather than the original period of 1830. "Baz's Broadway opera" (http:/ / news. uk/ CLPUBOHE. operadis-opera-discography.La bohème reference to the "moscardino di Viscontino" (young fop of a Viscount).000. [4] Julian Budden: "La bohème".net (http:/ / www. grovemusic. Retrieved 14 August 2008. Anthony. . stm). amadeusonline. [15] Pritchett. This version was set in 1957." performances per week on Broadway.[18] Rent. A DVD was issued of the stage show. 1921 version. google. BBC News. [14] Ginell. . [2] Budden. musicreports. Martin (1984).g. Julian (2002). co. Cambridge Opera Handbooks: La bohème. 23 April 1897. Pritchett for publication by the Metropolitan Opera Association.[17] To play the eight 1840s. operaamerica. Milano 2009. Cambridge University Press. p. ISBN 0521264898. 455–456. "Look What They're Doing to Opera" (http:/ / www.. Oxford University Press. was that ". Modernizations Baz Luhrmann produced the opera for Opera Australia in 1990[16] with modernized supertitle translations. Puccini: His Life and Works. co. ibdb. oxfordjournals.[19] Many of the character names are retained or are similar (e. Retrieved 15 June 2009. a hit for Della Reese. html?pagewanted=all). three casts of Mimìs and Rodolfos. Smith recordings (http:/ / books. Cary (2008). bbc.[15] La Bohème. org/ content/ audiences/ Programs/ Cornerstones/ index. php?id=13346) . 6 [8] Eric Irvin. which is a recurring theme throughout the first act and is played at the end of the second act. furniture dealers gradually remove pieces for the morning auction. (subscription access) (http:/ / www. Dictionary of the Australian Theatre 1788–1914 [9] The synopsis is based on The Opera Goer's Complete Guide by Leo Melitz. The New York Times. Here the lovers. More EJS: Discography of the Edward J. As dawn approaches. V. References [1] Groos. is based on La bohème. Roger and Mimi. Music Reports Inc. pp. [10] Operadis. 97 Derivative works In 1959 "Musetta's Waltz" was adapted by songwriter Bobby Worth for the 1959 pop song "Don't You Know?". London: Michael Joseph. net/ almanacco. shtml).. ISBN 9788886178891. Retrieved 15 August 2008. com/ 2002/ 12/ 22/ arts/ theater/ 22TOMM. and a budget of only AU$60. Luhrmann restaged his version on Broadway and won a Tony Award. Roger's roommate and best friend Mark makes a wry reference to "Musetta's Waltz". La bohème discography (http:/ / www. [3] "The Top 20" (http:/ / www. Issue 81 of Discographies Series. 22 December 2002 [12] Shaman. are faced with AIDS and progress through the action with songs such as "Light My Candle". Greenwood Publishing Group. p. Grove Music Online ed. ISBN 0718123034. were used in rotation. ISBN 9780198164685. which have direct reference to La bohème. "The Missing Act" (http:/ / oq. Una piccola storia sull'immortalità dell'amore e dell'amicizia by Carollina Fabinger is an illustrated version in Italian for young readers published by Nuages. Arthur. "Smart Licensing: Where Have I Heard That Before?" (https:/ / www. the character Angel is given the surname "Shunard"). Opera America. Retrieved 21 September 2009. com) [5] Le Nouveau Petit Robert: Dictionnaire de la langue français. HTM) [11] Tommasini.S. 2008).[16] The reason for updating La bohème to this period. php?article_id=70). and two Musettas and Marcellos. .. very accurate match for the social and economic realities of Paris in the [16] In 2002. php?Start=0& Giorno=& Mese=& Anno=& Giornata=& Testo=La+ bohème& Parola=Stringa) [7] The Manchester Guardian. S. 1. [17] 2002 production details at the IBDB database (http:/ / www. L. [they] discovered that 1957 was a very. (1983). ISBN 0313298351 [13] Kalmanoff.[14] The opera was also adapted into a 1983 short story form by the novelist V. La Bohème. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ arts/ 2305609. p. and at another point in the play. 1993 [6] La bohème performance history at amadeusonline. org. 1999. nytimes. William et al. [16] Maggie Shiels (10 July 2002). a 1996 musical by Jonathan Larson. 494. . Roger Parker (1986).

stanford. com/ 1996/ 03/ 17/ theater/ theather-the-seven-year-odyssey-that-led-to-rent. stm). Despite indifferent reviews from the critics. with arias. obtained the rights to turn the work into an opera in 1895. nytimes. objects and ideas. recitative. The work. and its first performance was delayed for a day for fear of disturbances. Many recordings of the work have been issued.html) (in Italian) from OperaGlass Tosca Tosca (Italian pronunciation: [ˈtɔska]) is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. • Upcoming performances (http://operabase. co. La Tosca. Puccini saw Sardou's play when it was touring Italy in 1889 and. While critics have frequently dismissed the opera as a facile melodrama with confusions of plot—musicologist Joseph Kerman famously called it a "shabby little shocker"—the power of its score and the inventiveness of its orchestration have been widely acknowledged. It contains depictions of torture. . The Seven-Year Odyssey that Led to 'Rent'" (http:/ / www. Turning the wordy French play into a succinct Italian opera took four years. "Baz's brilliant La bohème" (http:/ / news. Retrieved 17 July 2008. and has inspired memorable performances from many of opera's leading singers.com/oplist. "Theather. Tosca is structured as a through-composed work. Retrieved 15 August 2008.com • Recording of "Mi chimano Mimì" in German (http://www. murder and suicide.tv/search-details. html). It premiered at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on 14 January 1900. uk/ 1/ hi/ entertainment/ reviews/ 2346351. during which the composer repeatedly argued with his librettists and publisher.cgi?id=none&lang=en&is=La+Boheme) from Operabase.edu/Puccini/LaBoheme/libretto. with the Kingdom of Naples's control of Rome threatened by Napoleon's invasion of Italy.shtml) by Lotte Lehmann • San Diego OperaTalk! with Nick Reveles: La bohème (http://www. 98 External links • La bohème: Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project. bbc.uctv. . Puccini used Wagnerian leitmotifs (short musical statements) to identify characters. BBC News. The dramatic force of Tosca and its characters continues to fascinate both performers and audiences. both of studio and live performances. is a melodramatic piece set in Rome in June 1800.lottelehmann. The New York Times. [19] Anthony Tommasini (17 March 1996). based on Victorien Sardou's 1887 French-language dramatic play. after some vacillation.asp?showID=4315) • Libretto (http://opera. Tosca premiered at a time of unrest in Rome.org/lehmann/llf/soundInfo/ sndInfo_041. . and the work remains one of the most frequently performed operas.La bohème [18] Maggie Shiels (21 October 2002). yet also includes some of Puccini's best-known lyrical arias. choruses and other elements musically woven into a seamless whole. the opera was an immediate success with the public. Musically.

former Consul of the Roman Republic bass A Sacristan Spoletta. whom he provided with a series of historical melodramas. whose music he did not like. with no overblown proportions. which premiered in Paris on 24 November 1887. who preferred that his play be adapted by a French composer. He withdrew from the agreement. and in August Puccini signed a contract to resume control of the project. a gendarme A Jailer A Shepherd boy bass tenor bass bass alto Soldiers.[7] Illica wrote a libretto for Franchetti who. Franchetti family tradition holds that Franchetti gave the work back as a grand gesture.[7] In 1891. and in which she starred throughout Europe. 14 January 1900 [13] (Conductor: Leopoldo Mugnone) Hariclea Darclée Emilio de Marchi Eugenio Giraldoni Ruggero Galli Ettore Borelli Enrico Giordano Giuseppe Gironi Aristide Parassani Angelo Righi Floria Tosca. however. however. On 7 May 1889 he wrote to his publisher. When Sardou indicated his unease at entrusting his most successful work to the as-yet-unproven Puccini. Ricordi convinced Franchetti that the work was too violent to be successfully staged. particularly in Milan.[10] Roles Role Voice type [12] Premiere Cast.000 performances in France alone.[3] The play was an outstanding success. and assigned the librettist Luigi Illica to write a scenario for an adaptation.Tosca 99 Background The French playwright Victorien Sardou wrote more than 70 plays. There are several versions of how Ricordi got Franchetti to surrender the rights so he could recommission Puccini. chief of police soprano tenor baritone Cesare Angelotti. and none of them performed today. Puccini took offence.[2] He reached his greatest glory with the third Bernhardt play. "He has more time than I do.[4] Puccini had seen La Tosca at least twice. a painter Baron Scarpia. who had again become interested. almost all of them successful. Sardou's La Tosca."[5] Ricordi sent his agent in Paris. police agents. was never at ease with the assignment. no elaborate spectacle. nor will it call for the usual Punch cartoon depicting the end of excessive amount of music. in Milan and Turin. artisans . 1888 to negotiate with Sardou. altar boys. Nonetheless. a police agent Sciarrone. Illica advised Puccini against the [8] project. most likely because he felt the play could not be successfully adapted to a musical form. La Tosca. and also warned [6] that other composers were interested in the piece. noblemen and women.[1] In the early 1880s Sardou began a collaboration with the immensely popular actress Sarah Bernhardt. begging him to get Sardou's permission for the work to be made into an opera: "I see in this Tosca the opera I need.[9] which Ricordi then assigned to Alberto Franchetti."[11] American scholar Deborah Burton contends that Franchetti gave it up simply because he saw little merit in it and could not feel the music in the play. Ricordi reached terms with Sardou. He complained about the reception La Tosca had received in Italy. Emanuele Muzio. with more than 3. Giulio Ricordi.[10] By some accounts.[11] Franchetti surrendered the rights in May 1895. a celebrated singer Mario Cavaradossi. townsfolk.

by then the unquestioned leader of France. The sacristan mumbles his disapproval before leaving. in the opera this is the former office of The Battle of Marengo. troops of the Kingdom of Naples occupied the city.[18] As they left. Tosca sings of her desire for a night of mutual passion: Non la sospiri. withdrew from Rome. runs into the church and hides in the Attavanti private chapel—his sister is the Marchesa Attavanti. Angelotti emerges and tells Cavaradossi. La Tosca takes place in the afternoon. He reassures Tosca of his fidelity before she leaves. and their leader. Following the French Revolution. with the Pope in Rome ruling the Papal States in the area of central Italy.[17] In September 1799 the French. After enquiring suspiciously of the painter what he has been doing. the singer Floria Tosca. celebrating the news that Napoleon has apparently been . 1800 Cesare Angelotti. before Angelotti hurriedly returns to his hiding place as Tosca arrives. He exchanges banter with an elderly sacristan. The Te Deum scene which concludes Act 1. The painter Mario Cavaradossi arrives to continue work on his picture of Mary Magdalene. he has merely observed the Marchesa at prayer in the church. that he is being pursued by the royalist police New York. fresh French troops arrived in late afternoon. as painted by Louis-François Lejeune Angelotti. She then expresses jealousy over the woman in the painting whom she recognises as the Marchesa. using clothes left in the chapel by his sister.[19] In May 1800 Napoleon. As he and Cavaradossi rapidly leave the church the sacristan re-enters with groups of choristers.[15] Italy had long been divided into a number of small states. and Napoleon attacked the tired Austrians. Cavaradossi explains the likeness. an old friend who has republican sympathies.[16] This republic was ruled by seven consuls. dates it more precisely.[14] Sardou. entering Rome almost unopposed on 11 February 1798 and establishing a republic there.[21] and the city spent the next fourteen years under French domination. Photograph of a pre-1914 production at the old Metropolitan Opera House.[20] The Neapolitans abandoned Rome. chief Scarpia. brought his troops across the Alps to Italy. he sent a second courier south with the revised message. evening. la nostra casetta ("Do you not long for our little house"). Michael von Melas sent this news south towards Rome. Austrian troops were initially successful.Tosca 100 Synopsis Historical context According to the libretto. Cavaradossi promises to assist him. As Melas retreated in disarray with the remains of his army. and discusses with the painter his plan to flee disguised as a woman. Angelotti reappears. Scarpia stands to left. former consul of the Roman Republic and then a political prisoner. the action of Tosca occurs in June 1800. The sound of a cannon signals that Angelotti's escape has been discovered. On 14 June his army met the Austrian forces at the Battle of Marengo (near Alessandria). who had protected the republic. However. by mid-morning they were in control of the field of battle.[22] Act 1 • Scene: Inside the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle in Rome. whose character may be based on the real-life consul Libero Angelucci. a French army under Napoleon invaded Italy in 1796. before singing of the "secret harmony" (Recondita armonia) in the contrast between the blonde beauty of his painting and that of his dark-haired lover. and early morning of 17 and 18 June 1800. in his play.

When Tosca arrives looking for her lover. the voice of Tosca. sends a note to Tosca asking her to join him. A procession enters the church singing the Te Deum. and repeatedly rejects his advances. He draws Tosca's attention to a woman's fan. Outside she hears the drums which announce an execution. Tosca falls for his deceit. and Spoletta states that he understands his instructions.. learning of Tosca's betrayal. Cavaradossi will be freed. Cavaradossi denies knowing anything about the escape. and signs the document. she sings a fervent prayer: Vissi d'arte ("I lived for art. Then news arrives of Napoleon's victory at Marengo. Though Scarpia tells his minion the execution is to be simulated. Scarpia mistrusts the painter. assuming she will lead them to Cavaradossi and Angelotti. Photograph of a pre-1914 production at the old Metropolitan Opera House. As the painter is questioned. eventually yields the secret. on condition that Scarpia will provide a safe-conduct for herself and her lover. . as Scarpia awaits her decision. Scarpia assents. enraged. can be heard. finally Scarpia's reverie is broken and he joins the chorus in the prayer. he stresses that it will be "as we did with Count Palmieri". she rushes off to confront Cavaradossi. New York. Scarpia announces that Cavaradossi must face a firing squad the next morning. Cavaradossi is brought back to the apartment where he recovers consciousness and. She resists. who is searching for Angelotti. found in the chapel. Cavaradossi gives a defiant "victory" shout before being taken away. O Lord. who is brought in to be questioned about the location of Angelotti. Tosca is told by Scarpia that she can save her lover from indescribable pain if she reveals Angelotti's hiding place. why. but hearing Cavaradossi's cries. Tosca reverently lays a crucifix on Scarpia's body. after Tosca arrives. His henchman Spoletta announces the arrest of Cavaradossi. agrees. and suggests that someone must have surprised the lovers there. Scarpia artfully arouses her jealous instincts by implying a relationship between the painter and the Marchesa. Scarpia orders his agents to follow her. in a gesture of piety she lights candles and places a crucifix on the body before leaving quietly.Tosca defeated at Marengo. When Spoletta brings news that Angelotti has killed himself. He tells Tosca that if she will submit to him. I lived for love. is initially furious with her. left with Tosca. 101 Act 2 • Scene: Scarpia's apartment in the Palazzo Farnese. After cursing him and securing the safe-conduct. He is able to speak briefly with her. As he approaches to embrace her she stabs him to death with a knife she has taken from the supper table. why dost thou repay me thus?"). he will arrange for this to be a mock execution. Tosca. He questions the sacristan.. proposes a bargain: if she gives herself to him. and privately gloats as he reveals his intentions to ravish Tosca and hang Cavaradossi. telling her to say nothing. in despair. at supper. The celebrations cease abruptly with the entry of Scarpia. singing in a celebratory cantata offstage. She is revolted. never did I harm a living creature . Scarpia remains adamant despite her pleas. and believes him complicit in Angelotti's escape. Scarpia. and. is taken to an antechamber to be tortured. and his suspicions are aroused when he learns that Cavaradossi has been in the church. that evening Scarpia.

and that the imminent Tosca denouement. Cavaradossi falls. and runs to the parapet. she throws herself across the body. as painted in the 18th century execution is a sham. (right). Cavaradossi is led away. of Roman descent. but is soon overwhelmed by his memories of Tosca: E lucevan le stelle ("And the stars shone").Tosca 102 Act 3 • Scene: The upper parts of the Castel Sant' Angelo. and that Tosca's guilt is known. Puccini pressed his librettists hard. Tosca must throw herself from the parapet to her death. scene of the She reveals that she has killed Scarpia. The Castel Sant' Angelo. where the description of the Roman dawn that opens the third act is much longer. and Tosca watches with increasing impatience as the final rituals are carried out. As Spoletta and the soldiers rush in. It contains considerable differences from the final libretto. the original work contains many more characters and much detail not present in the opera. and Cavaradossi's tragic aria. with Giacosa feeling that Puccini did not really want to complete the project. but to make the characters' motivations and actions suitable for Italian opera. in which Tosca does not die but instead goes mad. is born in Paris. insisting that as in the play. but afterwards they can leave Rome together. They then sing of the life they will share. though Tosca is worried whether Cavaradossi can play his part in the mock execution convincingly. while her lover Cavaradossi. Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. The 1896 libretto also offers a different ending. Cavaradossi must feign death. While the broad details of the play are present in the opera's plot. before the discovery of Scarpia's body. He refuses the offer of a priest but is allowed to write a letter which he begins. to find that he is dead. needed not only to cut back the play drastically. and Tosca exclaims Ecco un artista! ("What an actor!").[24] The first draft libretto that Illica produced for Puccini resurfaced in 2000 after being lost for many years. Scarpia has betrayed his word.[28] Front cover of the original 1899 libretto . and Giacosa issued a series of melodramatic threats to abandon the work. early the following morning Offstage. Heartbroken. has different words.[27] The two librettists were finally able to give Puccini what they hoped was a final version of the libretto in 1898. she hurries towards Cavaradossi. Off-stage voices indicate that Scarpia's body has been found. the eventual E lucevan le stelle.[23] Giacosa and Puccini repeatedly clashed over the condensation. In the final scene. After a volley of shots.[26] Puccini agreed with Sardou. she cradles her lover's head in her lap and hallucinates that she and her Mario are on a gondola. and that she is asking the gondolier for silence. evades their clutches. Adaptation and writing Sardou's five-act play La Tosca contains a large amount of dialogue and exposition. relatively minor in the first two acts but much more appreciable in the third. Tosca rises. telling him that the mad scene would have the audiences anticipate the ending and start moving towards the cloakrooms. In the Castel Cavaradossi is informed that he has one hour to live. With a last cry that Scarpia will answer before God. Tosca enters and shows him the safe-conduct. Cavaradossi is amazed at the courage shown by one so tender: O dolci mani ("Oh sweet hands pure and gentle"). In the play the lovers are portrayed as though they were French: the character Floria Tosca is closely modelled on Bernhardt's personality. the playwright who joined the project to polish the verses. When the soldiers have all left.[25] Sardou refused to consider this change. she hurls herself over the edge. a shepherd boy sings (in Romanesco dialect) Io de' sospiri ("I give you sighs") as church bells sound for matins.

there was additional work to be done. Puccini removed several numbers from the opera. and offered to come to Milan to play and sing Act 3 for the publisher.[30] Puccini asked clerical friends for words for the congregation to mutter at the start of the Act 1 Te Deum.[35] such as the shepherd boy's song at the start of Act 3. In August. and softened his views. as they would be heard from its ramparts. "the great fuss and the large amount of money for the bells have constituted an additional folly. before finally writing his own imitation of Paisello's style. and sought to reproduce the cardinal's procession authentically. containing the motif that would be associated with Scarpia.[34] It was not until 29 September 1899 that Puccini was able to mark the final page of the score as completed. leaving three strong characters trapped in an airless. wanted that song to be in Roman dialect. Puccini was tempted to follow the text of Sardou's play and use the music of Giovanni Paisiello. though he was not completely happy with the music for O dolci mani. the bells provide a source of trouble and expense to opera companies performing Tosca to this day. Despite the notation. according to his biographer.[27] Puccini had bells for the Roman dawn cast to order by four different foundries.Tosca Little work was done on the score during 1897. he investigated the melodies to which the hymn was set in Roman churches. was placed in the opera. when nothing they gave him satisfied him.[28] The opening page of the autograph Tosca score.[36] Ricordi was overwhelmed by the completed Act 3 prelude. is dated January 1898. Luigi Zanazzo wrote the verse which. as Illica wrote to Ricordi on the day after the premiere.[30] For the Te Deum music.[37] In any event time was too short before the scheduled January 1900 premiere to make any further changes.[33] Nevertheless. eventually the well-known poet and folklorist. Giacosa irritably provided new lyrics for the Act 1 love duet. in which Rome awakens to the sounds of church bells. Puccini defended his music as expressive of what Cavaradossi must be feeling at that point. Mary Jane Phillips-Matz. he supplied the words himself.[27] He adapted the music to the exact pitch of the great bell of St.[31] He journeyed to Rome and went to the Castel Sant'Angelo to measure the sound of matins bells there. Edgar and demanded changes.[31] and was equally diligent when writing the music that opens Act 3. tightly wound melodrama that had little room for lyricism". who always sought to put local colour in his works. which he received in early November.[30] At the end of the year.[35] In October 1899 Ricordi realized that some of the music for Cavaradossi's Act 3 aria.[29] At Puccini's request. because it passes completely unnoticed". violent. O dolci mani was borrowed from music Puccini had cut from his early opera. "cut[ting] Tosca to the bone. when Tosca sings offstage the cantata that celebrates the supposed defeat of Napoleon. Puccini.[26] In Act 2.[38] 103 . Peter's Basilica. The composer asked a friend to have a "good romesco poet" write some words.[32] This apparently did not have its desired effect. which Puccini devoted mostly to performances of La bohème. after slight modification. Puccini wrote that he was "busting his balls" on the opera. even to the uniforms of the Swiss Guards.

with numerous encores. but was passed over in favour of the more experienced Emilio de Marchi. [41] that in an emergency he was to and instructed Mugnone (who had survived a theatre bombing in Barcelona).[27] even though this meant that Arturo Toscanini could not conduct it as Puccini had hoped—Toscanini was fully engaged at La Scala in Milan. was generally successful. often blaming Illica's libretto. The start of the Holy Year in December 1899 attracted the for the role at the premiere.[39] Because of the Roman setting. and proceeded without further disturbance. Shortly after the curtain was raised there was a disturbance in the back of the theatre.[43] By 1900. Italy had experienced political and social unrest for Caruso as Cavaradossi. the premiere was followed by twenty performances. Pietro Mascagni. including Franchetti. he sang it many times subsequently. Francesco Cilea and Ildebrando Pizzetti. Leopoldo Mugnone was appointed to conduct. Police received warnings of an anarchist bombing of the theatre.[41] The performance. The accomplished (but temperamental) soprano Hariclea Darclée was selected for the title role. with stage designs by Adolfo Hohenstein.Tosca 104 Reception and performance history Premiere By December 1899. religious to the city. with several members of his cabinet. any public doubts about Tosca soon vanished.[45] . at which Mugnone stopped the orchestra. In response. all given to packed houses. Luigi Pelloux was present.[42] Many Roman dignitaries attended. while not quite the triumph that Puccini had hoped for. The young Enrico Caruso had hoped to create Cavaradossi.[41] Much of the critical and press reaction was lukewarm. Passed over several years. The unrest caused the premiere to be postponed by one day.[41] The Prime Minister of Italy. as did Queen Margherita. and a shout of "Bring down the curtain!". Eugenio Giraldoni. but also brought threats from anarchists and other anticlericals. [42] strike up the royal march. became the first Scarpia. Tosca was in rehearsal at the Teatro Costanzi. the premiere of a Puccini opera was a national event.[41] A few moments later the opera began again.[39] The performance was to be directed by Nino Vignuzzi. Illica condemned Puccini for treating his librettists "like stagehands" and reducing the text to a shadow of its original form.[40] At the time of the premiere.[44] Nevertheless. though she arrived late. whose father had originated multiple Verdi roles.[43] A number of Puccini's operatic rivals were there. Ricordi arranged a Roman premiere for the opera. after the first act. to 14 January. caused by latecomers attempting to enter the auditorium.

in a 1986 production for the 49th Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. with special [55] effects "worthy of a Bond film". stating in a 1985 interview that he had long played the part that way. that he will be shot. at the times of day at which each act takes place.[58] Domingo. in 1996 at La Scala Luca Ronconi used distorted and fractured scenery to represent the twists of fate reflected in the plot. Puccini wrote that Tosca was "[a] complete triumph".[51] Of her successors. The iris opens and closes to reveal surreal scenes beyond the action. which premiered with Angela Gheorghiu.[56] Luciano Pavarotti. in Athens on 27 August 1942. The opera was subsequently premiered at venues throughout Europe. and would survive the "mock" execution. brought her own distinctive style to the role. transferred the action to Nazi-occupied Rome in 1944. This was a great success.[49] Maria Jeritza. and played to full houses. Pavarotti's last stage performance was as Cavaradossi at the Met. the Antonio Scotti. and Ricordi's London representative quickly signed a contract to take Tosca to New York. opera enthusiasts tend to consider Maria Callas as the supreme interpreter of the role. Covent Garden. the performance was broadcast live throughout Europe. the Americas. with Milka Ternina and Fernando De Lucia as the doomed lovers and Antonio Scotti as Scarpia. and that he is about to die". was dominated by a huge Orwellian "Big Brother" eye."[58] . Beniamino Gigli. Australia and the Far East. to celebrate the opera's centenary with Domingo as conductor. largely on the basis of her performances at the Royal Opera House in 1964. The opera was a great success at La Scala.[58] Gobbi. Plácido Domingo and Ruggero Raimondi. who in his later years often directed the opera. remained in continuous use at Covent Garden for more than 40 years until replaced in 2006 by a new staging. having fallen to the stage while eluding the grasp of Scarpia.[46] Puccini travelled to London for the British premiere at the Royal Opera House. was one of the first to assume that the painter knows. Callas had first sung Tosca at age 18 in a performance given in Greek. with Scarpia as head of the fascist police. an early exponent of 72-year-old Sardou took charge of all the action on the stage.[12] Among the prominent early Toscas was Emmy Destinn. The premiere at the Metropolitan Opera (the "Met") was on 4 February 1901. on 13 March 2004.[48] by the outbreak of war in 1914 it had been performed in more than 50 cities worldwide. who sang Cavaradossi from the late 1970s.[54] In Philipp Himmelmann's production on the Lake Stage at the Bregenz Festival in 2007 the Act 1 set. who performed the role many times in his forty-year operatic career. Featuring Catherine Malfitano. by Franco Zeffirelli. the prominent tenor Giuseppe Borgatti replaced de Marchi as Cavaradossi. the dominant Cavaradossi of the 1970s and 1980s. Cavaradossi knows that Scarpia never yields.[57] Early Cavaradossis played the part as if the painter believed that he was reprieved. who sang the role regularly in a long-standing partnership with the tenor Enrico Caruso. In 1992 a television version of the opera was filmed at the locations prescribed by Puccini. Puccini was the role of Scarpia delighted with the public's reception of the work in Paris. and Jeritza sang the aria lying down thereafter. and was said to be Puccini's ideal Tosca.[52] Tosca was also her last on-stage operatic role. This production updates the story to a modern Mafia scenario. "Unlike Floria.Tosca 105 Subsequent productions The Milan premiere at La Scala took place under Toscanini on 17 March 1900.[50] Jeritza was the first to deliver Vissi d'arte from a prone position. over many years at the Met and in Vienna. concurred. Gigli wrote in his autobiography: "he is certain that these are their last moments together on earth. on 11 July.[50] This production. appeared in a special performance in Rome on 14 January 2000. despite adverse comments from critics.[47] For its French premiere at l'Opéra Comique on 13 October 1903. commented. Darclée and Giraldoni reprised their roles. though he pretends to believe in order to delay the pain for Tosca. in a special charity performance at the Royal Opera House on 7 May 1965. designed by Johannes Leiacker. with De Lucia's replacement by Giuseppe Cremonini the only change from the London cast.[53] Among non-traditional productions. or strongly suspects.[50] Jonathan Miller. with Tito Gobbi as Scarpia.

[62] More recently the musicologist Joseph Kerman described Tosca as a "shabby little shocker".[67] Opera scholar Julian Budden remarks on Puccini's "inept handling of the political element". to the great detriment of the music. surpassed only by Puccini's La bohème. another echoed Illica and Giacosa in stating that the rush of action did not permit enough lyricism. Ippolito Valetta of Nueva antologia wrote.[64] The work remains popular today. but no one else has performed the same tricks nearly as well". and the presence of two great arias in Vissi d'arte and E lucevan le stelle.[59] The critics gave the work a generally kinder reception in London. Newman delivers a more positive judgement: "[Puccini's] operas are to some extent a mere bundle of tricks. After the premiere. where The Times called Puccini "a master in the art of poignant expression".[66] Overall.[68] Music critic Charles Osborne ascribes Tosca's immense popularity with audiences to the taut effectiveness of its melodramatic plot. all shades. the gradations of sonority are innumerable. and praised the "wonderful skill and sustained power" of the music.[69] ."[45] However. so that "much of what happens. one critic described Act II as overly long and wordy. while Gabriel Fauré was offended by "disconcerting vulgarities". the composer Paul Dukas thought the work lacked cohesion and style.[64] Veteran critic Ernest Newman."[61] However. Puccini's score was admired for its sincerity and "strength of utterance.[60] In The Musical Times. but still hails the work as "a triumph of pure theatre". in his hands. "[Puccini] finds in his palette all colours.[63] while the composer Benjamin Britten declared that he was "sickened by the cheapness and emptiness" of Puccini's music. it was the second-most performed opera in North America in 2008–2009. the opportunities given to its three leading characters to shine vocally and dramatically. A third called the opera "three hours of noise". while acknowledging the "enormously difficult business of boiling [Sardou's] play down for operatic purposes. however. is unintelligible to the spectator". the instrumental texture becomes completely supple."[65] writes that the subtleties of Sardou's original plot are handled "very lamely". and why. after the 1903 Paris opening. the blend unfailingly grateful to the ear.Tosca 106 Critical reception The enduring popularity of Tosca has not been matched by consistent critical enthusiasm.

distinguished from their musical surroundings by their memorable melodies. accompanied by the sacristan's grumbling counter-melody. Charles Osborne proposes. caressing cadence so characteristic of her.[34] for which Puccini draws on music from his then unpublished Mass of 1880.[70] Budden describes Tosca as the most Wagnerian of Puccini's scores. signalled by her motif which incorporates. creates an almost religious atmosphere. interwoven with the orchestra. According to Budden. Operas were "through-composed". Puccini maintains a strong degree of lyricism and only rarely resorts to recitative.[79] In Scarpia's exchanges with Tosca the sound of tolling bells. in its use of musical leitmotifs. the sensuous character of the love duet Qual'occhio provides what opera writer Burton Fisher describes as "an almost erotic lyricism that has been called pornophony".[72] The domination. in that aria. of themes which will be repeated in the love duet make it clear that though the painting may incorporate the Marchesa's [75] Cavaradossi's dialogue with Angelotti is interrupted by features. each time more emphatically. nor weave them into the music symphonically.[78] The brief scene in which the sacristan returns with the choristers to celebrate Napoleon's supposed defeat provides almost the last carefree moments in the opera. then steadily darker. and Tosca's dismissive E avanti a lui tremava tutta Roma! (Act 2) Act 1 The opera begins without any prelude. had been largely abandoned. even in Italy. the opening chords of the Scarpia motif lead immediately to the agitated appearance of Angelotti and the enunciation of the "fugitive" motif.Tosca 107 Music General style By the end of the 19th century the classic form of opera structure. Unlike Wagner. Original poster.[72] Budden has suggested that Scarpia's tyranny. with a continuous stream of music which in some cases eliminated all identifiable set-pieces.[34] As the police chief interrogates the sacristan. Even in the passages linking these "Grand Tunes". Cavaradossi's Recondita armonia with its sustained high B flat. the mood becomes sombre. duets and other set-piece vocal numbers are interspersed with passages of recitative or dialogue. in Newman's words. Tosca is the ultimate inspiration of his work. signalling Scarpia's success in his investigation. Puccini does not develop or modify his motifs."[76] Though Tosca enters violently and suspiciously. lifts the mood. This leads to the first of the "Grand Tunes". after the entrance of Scarpia to his menacing theme.[71] The most potent of these motifs is the sequence of three very loud and strident chords which open the opera and which represent the evil character of Scarpia—or perhaps. which her lover does not take too seriously.[77] After Tosca's Non la sospiri and the subsequent argument inspired by her jealousy. In what critic Edward Greenfield calls the "Grand Tune" concept. the "fugitive" motif recurs three more times.[73] Other motifs identify Tosca herself. the fugitive Angelotti. accompanied by his sprightly buffo theme. as does the generally light-hearted colloquy with Cavaradossi which follows after the latter's entrance. the violent atmosphere that pervades the entire opera. "the feline. Tosca's arrival. the music paints her devotion and serenity. in which arias. the semi-comical character of the sacristan in Act 1 and the theme of torture in Act [73] [74] 2. there is no contradiction: Tosca's jealousy is largely a matter of habit. and as reminders within the narrative. the love of Tosca and Cavaradossi.[80] . The sacristan's entry. Puccini retains a limited number of set-pieces. depicting the death of Scarpia. objects and ideas. but uses them to refer to characters. lechery and lust form "the dynamic engine that ignites the drama".

with Scarpia musing on the forthcoming downfall of Angelotti and Cavaradossi.[74] as Scarpia's lustful reverie is sung alongside the swelling Te Deum chorus.[83] In the dialogue with Spoletta. sung in a middle C monotone (sometimes spoken). Tosca's voice is heard with the offstage chorus singing a cantata. "[its] suave strains contrast[ing] dramatically with the increasing tension and ever-darkening colour of the stage action". For this music Puccini adapted a fifteen-year-old student exercise by his late brother. before the act ends with a thunderous restatement of the Scarpia motif.[91] . Newman likens the orchestral turmoil which follows Tosca's stabbing of Scarpia to the sudden outburst after the slow movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.[74] In the Act's finale. according to Budden—is heard for the first time as a foretaste of what is to come.[74] [81] 108 Act 2 Fisher has observed that Puccini's was a tragic muse.[86] the music gradually fades."[90] The final notes in the act are those of the Scarpia motif. the "torture" motif—an "ideogram of suffering".[34] [84] As Cavaradossi is brought in for interrogation. while in the background a gavotte is played in a distant quarter of the Farnese Palace. this is perhaps the opera's best-known aria.[83] Emmy Destinn in the role of Tosca. all the earth worships thee"). mi dicon venal ("Yes. according to Newman.[86] Scarpia's aria Già. softly.[89] After Tosca's contemptuous E avanti a lui tremava tutta Roma! ("All Rome trembled before him"). Scarpia's sadistic tormenting of Tosca—as Puccini's musical equivalent of grand guignol to which Cavaradossi's brief Vittoria! Vittoria! on the news of Napoleon's victory gives only partial relief. Michele. stating that in this way his brother could live again through him. 1910 Osborne describes the scenes that follow—Cavaradossi's interrogation. his torture.[85] The cantata is most likely the Cantata a Giove.[87] he considered eliminating it since it held up the action.[78] in the second act of Tosca. He joins with the chorus in the final statement Te aeternum Patrem omnis terra veneratur ("Everlasting Father. ending "the most impressively macabre scene in all opera. c. yet was regarded by Puccini as a mistake.[82] The Act begins quietly. he rises to his greatest height as a master of the musical macabre. A lyrical andante based on Tosca's Act 1 motif. they say I am venal") is closely followed by Tosca's Vissi d'arte.[88] Fisher calls it "a Job-like prayer questioning God for punishing a woman who has lived unselfishly and righteously".Tosca The final scene in the act is a juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane. in a minor key. in the literature referred to as a lost work of Puccini's from 1897.

as the music. This choice of ending has been strongly criticised by analysts. did not equate with Ricordi's idea of a transcendental love duet which would be a fitting climax to the opera. barring some unexpected discovery among Puccini's papers. "an anguished lament and grief built around the words muoio disperato (I die in despair)". Cavaradossi Cavaradossi.[95] Joseph Kerman mocked the final music.[86] This is a farewell to love and life. can never truly be resolved. "Tosca leaps."[96] Budden.[92] Puccini insisted on the inclusion of these words. O God") Act 2 Cavaradossi Tosca."[96] List of arias and set numbers First lines Act 1 Recondita armonia ("Hidden harmony") Non la sospiri. Photograph of a pre-1914 production by the Cavaradossi's entrance. however. as Tosca evades Spoletta and leaps to her death. the authenticity of latter validated by Puccini's early morning visits to Rome. which concludes with the act's opening horn music. Chorus Scarpia. the theme of E lucevan le stelle is played tutta forze (as loudly as possible).Tosca 109 Act 3 The third act's tranquil beginning provides a brief respite from the drama. Tosca and Cavaradossi emerge in The execution of Cavaradossi at the end of Act 3.[93] The lovers' final duet Amaro sol per te. Chorus Performed by . Tosca Scarpia.[78] [86] Themes reminiscent of Scarpia. and the sounds of sheep bells and church bells. la nostra casetta ("Do you not long for our little house") Qual'occhio ("What eyes in the world") Va. Tosca!") Te Deum laudamus ("We praise thee. The orchestral prelude which follows portrays the Roman dawn. the incessant repetition of which reminded Newman of the Transformation Music which separates the two parts of Act I in Wagner's Parsifal. and "for declining expert advice to throw the result in the waste-paper basket". Puccini justified his musical treatment by citing Tosca's preoccupation with teaching Cavaradossi to feign death. the pastoral aura is accentuated by the shepherd boy's song. An introductory 16-bar theme for the horns will later be sung by Cavaradossi and Tosca in their final duet. and later stated that admirers of the aria had treble cause to be grateful to him: for composing the music. which changes tone as the drama resumes with Tosca looks away.[95] According to historian and former opera singer Susan Vandivar Nicassio: "The conflict between the verbal and the musical clues gives the end of the opera a twist of controversy that. Soldiers fire. for having the lyrics written. mainly because of its specific association with Cavaradossi rather than Tosca.[94] In the final bars.[71] In the execution scene which follows. argues that it is entirely logical to end this dark opera on its blackest theme. to an orchestral statement of what Metropolitan Opera. becomes the melody of his aria E lucevan le stelle. Tosca! ("Go. and the orchestra screams the first thing that comes into its head. a theme emerges.

in 1950 and 1952.[103] Herbert von Karajan's acclaimed performance with the Vienna State Opera was in 1963. following the invention of long-playing records.[101] and Zubin Mehta's 2001 recording with Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. with the orchestra and chorus of the Teatro alla Scala and with star names Carmen Melis and Apollo Granforte in the roles of Tosca and Scarpia. with Leontyne Price. the last in 1965. mainly of live stage performances. Recordings of Tosca in languages other than Italian are rare but not unknown.[104] Since the late 1990s numerous video recordings of the opera have been issued on DVD and Blu-ray disc (BD). over the years versions in French. with conductor Victor de Sabata and the La Scala forces. many of live performances. Spanish.[99] In the post-war period. mi dicon venal ("Yes. he had made recordings of Verdi's Ernani and Rigoletto before tackling Tosca with a young and largely unknown cast.[101] The 1970s and 1980s saw a proliferation of recordings. using the pre-microphone acoustic process. In 1976 he was joined by his son. and continued to do so at regular intervals until 1994. These include recent productions and remastered versions of historic performances. Roberto Alagna and Ruggero Raimondi. she made the recording which for decades has been considered the best of all the recorded performances of the opera.[98] In 1938 HMV secured the services of the renowned tenor Beniamino Gigli for a "practically complete" recording that extended over 14 double-sided shellac discs.[100] An admired English language version was released in 1995 in which David Parry led the Philharmonia Orchestra and a largely British cast. Tosca ("Only for you did death taste bitter for me"') Recordings The first complete Tosca recording was made in 1919.[100] The first stereo recording of the opera was made in 1959. The conductor. Carlo Sabajno.Tosca Ha più forte sapore ("For myself the violent conquest") Vittoria! Vittoria! ("Victory! Victory!") Già. they say that I am venal") Vissi d'arte ("I lived for art. with Francesco Molinari-Pradelli conducting the Santa Cecilia orchestra and chorus with Renata Tebaldi as Tosca and Mario del Monaco as Cavaradossi. More recent commended recordings have included Antonio Pappano's 2000 Royal Opera House version with Angela Gheorghiu. The earliest of her recordings in the role were of two live performances in Mexico City. Giuseppe di Stefano and Giuseppe Taddei in the leading roles. had been The Gramophone Company's house conductor since 1904.[97] In 1929 Sabajno recorded the opera again. Plácido Domingo Jr. Plácido Domingo first recorded Cavaradossi in 1973. I lived for love") Act 3 Io de' sospiri ("I give you sighs") E lucevan le stelle ("And the stars shone") O dolci mani ("Oh.[101] [102] Callas made several more recordings.[100] In 1953. sweet hands") Voice of a shepherd boy Cavaradossi Cavaradossi Scarpia Cavaradossi Scarpia Tosca 110 Amaro sol per te m'era il morire Cavaradossi. Hungarian and Russian have been issued. German. Tosca recordings were dominated by Maria Callas.[105] . who sang the shepherd boy's song in a British recording with the New Philharmonia Orchestra.

181 [4] Fisher. [13] Osborne. He also points out that the orchestra's recalling E lucevan le stelle in the final notes would seem less incongruous if it was meant to underscore Tosca's and Cavaradossi's love for each other. 47 [22] Nicassio. p. p. 272–274 [26] Nicassio. When Tosca comforts Cavaradossi after the torture scene. 109 [12] "Tosca: Performance history" (http:/ / opera. she now tells him. edu/ Puccini/ Tosca/ history.[107] The 1909 score contains a number of minor changes from the autograph score. when Tosca demands the price for Cavaradossi's freedom ("Il prezzo!")."). p.[106] An unamended edition was published by Dover Press in 1991. 189 [30] Phillips-Matz. 227 [27] Fisher. 12–13 [3] Budden. 32–34 [17] Nicassio. p. 86 [16] Nicassio. 17 [10] Phillips-Matz. 204–205 [23] Nicassio.") to "Fame non ho" ("I am not hungry.[108] A remnant of a "Latin Hymn" sung by Tosca and Cavaradossi in Act 3 survived into the first published score and libretto. p. Some are changes of phrase: Cavaradossi's reply to the sacristan when he asks if the painter is doing penance is changed from "Pranzi" ("I have eaten. 106–107 [6] Philips-Matz. p. p.Tosca 111 Editions and amendments The orchestral score of Tosca was published in late 1899 by Ricordi. 109 [8] Budden. Stanford University. p. p. 31 [15] Burton. she was to sing a five-bar fragment to the melody of E lucevan le stelle. 115 [14] Fisher. 18 [11] Phillips-Matz. which William Ashbrook states. pp. rather than being simply a melody which Tosca never hears."). Other changes are in the music. p. p. p. pp. pp. 112 [25] Nicassio. after Tosca discovers the truth about the "mock" execution and exclaims "Finire così? Finire così?" ("To end like this? To end like this?"). Unlike with his other operas. allowing her more opportunity to express her contempt and loathing of Scarpia in a passage which is now near the middle of the soprano vocal range. p. p. 21 [5] Phillips-Matz. . formerly she stated. "Ma il sozzo sbirro lo pagherà" ("But the filthy cop will pay for it. stanford. p. 169–170 [21] Nicassio. pp. but is not in later versions. pp. 107–108 [7] Phillips-Matz. p. pp. Ashbrook applauds Puccini for deleting the section from a point in the work where delay is almost unendurable as events rush to their conclusion. which remained relatively unchanged in the 1909 edition prepared by Osbourne McConachy. "Ma il giusto Iddio lo punirá" ("But a just God will punish him" [Scarpia]). p. 115 . html). 18 [24] Phillips-Matz. 11 [2] Nicassio. 46 [19] Nicassio. Puccini appeared to be satisfied with his initial score. p. accentuates the class distinction between the two. p. the most surprising change is where. 48–49 [20] Nicassio. 23 [28] Budden. 182–183 [9] Nicassio. pp. in his study of Puccini's operas.[109] According to Ashbrook. Retrieved 27 June 2010. p. pp. 35 [18] Nicassio.[110] Notes [1] Nicassio. pp. 185 [29] Budden. her music is changed to eliminate an octave leap.

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in love with Manrico and courted by Di Luna Ferrando. the performances totaled 190".[4] It was first performed in Paris in Italian on 23 December 1854 by the Théâtre des Italiens at the Salle Ventadour. although in 2002 the French version. Rome. Leonora's confidante Ruiz.[4] is illustrated by the fact that "in Naples. for example.[5] The cast included Lodovico Graziani as Manrico and Adelaide Borghi-Mamo as Azucena. Today it is given very frequently and is a staple of the standard operatic repertoire. almost all performances use the Italian version. [12] 12 January 1857 (Conductor: . Milien Pacini and called Le trouvère was first performed at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels on 20 May 1856 and at the Paris Opéra's Salle Le Peletier on 12 January 1857. on 19 January 1853 where it "began a victorious march throughout the operatic world"[2] .) Count di Luna. a troubadour and officer in the army of the Prince of Urgel tenor Azucena. It appears at number 17 on Opera America's list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America. noble lady.[6] [7] A French version translated by E. a nobleman in the service of the Prince of Aragon baritone Giovanni Guicciardi Carlo Baucardé Marc Bonnehée Louis Guéymard Adelaide Borghi-Mamo Pauline Guéymard-Lauters Prosper Dérivis Mme Dameron Sapin Manrico.) Revised version in French (Le trouvère).[3] Performance history The opera's immensely popularity. The Emperor and Empress attended the latter performance. with some 229 productions worldwide in the following three years. Le trouvère appeared as part of the Sarasota Opera's "Verdi Cycle" of all the composer's work. Luna's officer Ines. Some of these changes have even been used in modern performances in Italian. including an extended version of the finale of Act 4. Roles Role Voice type Premiere Cast. 19 January [11] 1853 (Conductor: . based on the play El Trovador (1836) by Antonio García Gutiérrez. The opera was first performed at the Teatro Apollo. Leone Emanuele Bardare. to accommodate the role's singer Borghi-Mamo. a gypsy.[8] [9] Il trovatore was first performed in the US on 2 May 1855 at the recently-opened Academy of Music in New York while its UK premiere took place on 10 May 1855 at Covent Garden in London. [1] and they are seen largely in the expansion of the role of Leonora. This gave the composer the opportunity to propose significant revisions. where the opera in its first three years had eleven stagings in six theaters. which were accomplished under his direction by the young librettist.[5] Verdi made some changes to the score for the French premiere of Le trouvère including the addition of music for the ballet in Act 3 and several revisions focusing on the music of Azucena. Cammarano died in mid-1852 before completing the libretto.[10] Today.Il trovatore 115 Il trovatore Il trovatore (The Troubadour) is an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Salvadore Cammarano. to be completed by 2013. Manrico's henchman An old gypsy A messenger mezzo-soprano Emilia Goggi soprano bass soprano tenor bass tenor Rosina Penco Arcangelo Balderi Francesca Quadri Giuseppe Bazzoli Raffaele Marconi Luigi Fani . supposedly Manrico's mother Leonora.

and for this had been burnt alive as a witch. orders his men to keep watch while Count di Luna wanders restlessly beneath the windows of Leonora. takes Leonora away with him. the Count's lackeys.[13] Act I: The Duel Scene 1: The guard room in the castle of Luna (The Palace of Aljaferia.. Manrico rushes away to prevent her from carrying out this purpose. (Aria: Stride la vampa / "The flames are roaring!"). but Manrico prevents Di Luna from carrying out his plans and instead. Although Azucena tries to prevent him from leaving in his weak state (Ferma! Son io che parlo a te! / "I must talk to you"). who has been condemned to death. The count recognises Manrico as his enemy. Azucena.. Manrico. Manrico realises that he is not the son of Azucena. Di Luna loves Leonora. lady-in-waiting to the Princess. Spain) Ferrando. nuns. and compels him to fight. . While Leonora in the darkness mistakes the count for her lover. the gypsies sing the Anvil Chorus: Vedi le fosche notturne / "See! The endless sky casts off her sombre nightly garb. Manrico himself enters the garden. and is jealous of his successful rival. which she did by carrying off the younger brother. he commanded Count di Luna to seek Azucena. (Aria: Di due figli vivea padre beato / "The good Count di Luna lived happily. Scene 2: Garden in the palace of the princess Leonora confesses her love for Manrico to her confidante. the captain of the guards. Scene 2: In front of the convent Di Luna and his attendants intend to abduct Leonora and the Count sings of his love for her (Aria: Il balen del suo sorriso / "The light of her smile" . Act 2: The Gypsy Woman Scene 1: The gypsies' camp While Manrico sits at the bedside of his mother. Di tale amor / "A love that words can scarcely describe"). Dying. the father of two sons"). the father refused to believe in his son's death. but loves her as if she were indeed his mother.Il trovatore Leonora's friends. Count di Luna hears the voice of his rival... Ferrando narrates the history of the count to the guard. still nurses her vengeance. but had thrown her own child into the flames instead (Aria: Condotta ell'era in ceppi / "They dragged her in bonds"). A messenger arrives and reports that Leonora. but cannot stop them from fighting (Trio: Di geloso amor sprezzato / "The fire of jealous love" ). although old. Leonora tries to intervene. Although the burnt bones of a child were found in the ashes of the pyre. In order to keep the guards awake. Leonora and the nuns appear in procession. in the distance: (Deserto sulla terra / "Alone upon this earth").. Manrico tells Azucena that he defeated Di Luna in their duel. dying. The Gypsies break camp while Azucena confesses to Manrico that after stealing him she had intended to burn the count's little son. When they have gone. who believes Manrico dead. warriors. as she has always been faithful and loving to him. and she rushes to his arms. but was held back from killing him by a mysterious power (Duet: Mal reggendo / "He was helpless under my savage attack"). she had commanded her daughter Azucena to avenge her. (Tacea la notte placida / "The peaceful night lay silent". It appears that a gypsy had once bewitched the little brother of the count. is about to enter a convent and take the veil that night. Gypsies 116 Synopsis Place: Biscay and Aragon (Spain) Time: Fifteenth century. the troubadour Manrico. Zaragoza. making the child weak and ill. She is the daughter of the Gypsy burnt by the count and. Ines. Per me ora fatale / "Fatal hour of my life").").

the count screams in despair E vivo ancor! / "And I must live on!". Manrico and Leonora. reports that Azucena is to be burned at the stake. yes. Leonora comes to Manrico and tells him that he is saved. (Quartet: Prima che d'altri vivere / "Rather than live as another's") The count enters to find Leonora dead in his rival's arms and orders Manrico to be led to execution. this opera and its music have been featured in various forms of popular culture and entertainment. Manrico rushes to her aid (Stretta: Di quella pira l'orrendo foco / "The horrid flames of that pyre"). my love. Manrico attempts to soothe Azucena. In Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism. Leonora faints. She is recognised by Ferrando. thy mercy on this soul"). oh mother!" At the same time as Azucena. Cultural references Enrico Caruso once said that all it takes for successful performance of Il trovatore is the four greatest singers in the world. As they are about to take their marriage vows. she cries in triumph: Egli era tuo fratello! / "He was your brother. As she dies in agony in Manrico's arms she confesses that she prefers to die with him than to marry another. He believes Leonora has betrayed him until he realizes that she has taken poison to remain true to him. whose mind wanders to happier days in the mountains (Duet: Ai nostri monti ritorneremo / "Again to our mountains we shall return"). he refuses to leave his prison. with parallels between the opera's protagonists. At last the gypsy slumbers. Scene 2: In the dungeon Manrico and Azucena are awaiting their execution. She promises to give herself to the count. A Night at the Opera. Scene 2: A chamber in the castle Leonora and Manrico live only for each other.Il trovatore 117 Act 3: The Son of the Gypsy Woman Scene 1: Di Luna's camp (Chorus: Or co' dadi ma fra poco / "Now we play at dice") Di Luna's soldiers bring in the captured Azucena.You are avenged. (Aria. As Manrico sings his battle cry in "Di quella pira". Act 4: The Punishment Scene 1: Before the dungeon keep Leonora attempts to free Manrico. in being yours"). Millicent Marcus proposes that Visconti used this operatic paradigm throughout Senso..[16] . d'acerbe lagrime / "See the bitter tears I shed"). begging him to escape. Chorus & Duet: Miserere / "Lord. When he discovers she cannot accompany him. and Di Luna sentences her to be burnt. the performance is interrupted by the answering cries of Italian nationalists in the audience. who has been captured by Di Luna (Aria: D'amor sull'ali rosee / "On the rosy wings of love". Scenes of comic chaos play out over a performance of Il trovatore in the Marx Brothers's [15] Luchino Visconti used a performance of Il trovatore at La Fenice opera house for the film. Azucena arises and when Di Luna shows her the dead Manrico.[14] On many different occasions. and the film's protagonists. opening sequence of his 1954 film Senso. Ruiz. Ussoni and Livia. Manrico's comrade. ben mio coll'essere / "Ah. Leonora begs Di Luna for mercy and offers herself in place of her lover. Manrico: Ah si. but secretly swallows poison from her ring in order to die before Di Luna can possess her (Duet: Mira.

1333. Charles (1977). [11] List of singers taken from Budden. Vol. View (http://books. From Il Trovatore to La Forza del destino‎. London: Macmillan. pp.65 [2] Budden. [12] List of singers taken from Pitou. The New Penguin Opera Guide. 502. 251–255. p. ISBN 9780195200683 (hardcover). ISBN 9780691120089.Il trovatore 118 Recordings See: Il trovatore discography Notes [1] Budden. p. • Melitz. 363–363 (http:/ / books. p. 58. [6] Budden. [13] The plot description is adapted from Melitz (1921). The Opera Lover's Companion. ISBN 9780313262180. Spire (1990). London: Cassell. pp. Leo (1921). ISBN 9781561592289. The Opera Goer's Complete Guide. George Whitney (Spring 2005). Preview (http://books.107–111. Elizabeth. The Operas of Verdi: 2. and Osborne (1977). The Complete Operas of Verdi. New York: Penguin Putnam. Preview (http://books. Stanley. References • Budden. doi:10. [7] Forbes. • Holden. org/ Content/ Audiences/ Programs/ Cornerstones/ index. The Paris Opéra: An Encyclopedia of Operas. 1335. 182. Italian Film in the Light of Neorealism. p. Yale University Press. [15] Grover-Friedlander. p. Vocal Apparitions: The Attraction of Cinema to Opera. and Performers. The Opera Quarterly 21 (2): 282-302. ISBN 9780691102085. [5] Pitou. • Pitou.google. OCLC 5128391 and1102264. Vol. pp. com/ books?id=uwmXW9akM1wC& pg=PA363#v=onepage& q& f=false).1093/oq/kbi018. shtml) [4] Martin. 993. • Osborne. • Marcus.google. Julian (1984). ISBN 9780195204506 (paperback). • Sadie. 66 [3] OPERA America's "The Top 20" list of most-performed operas (http:/ / www. Princeton University Press. operaamerica. google. Growth and Grandeur. Preview (http://books. [10] Holden. Composers. Adelaide" in Sadie. p. [14] Osborne (2007) p. • Grover-Friedlander. "Verdi Onstage in the United States: Le trouvère". Millicent Joy (1986). [8] Budden.com/books?id=P4GEShH0NbEC&pg=PA182&dq=senso+ visconti+trovatore) at Google Books. "Borghi-Mamo [née Borghi]. editor (1992). Princeton University Press. • Osborne. New York: Greenwood Press. p. 2. Charles (2007). pp. 1815–1914. The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (4 volumes).com/books?id=Bm9XSEhdTkoC&pg=PA33& dq=marx+brothers+trovatore) at Google Books. [9] Pitou. .com/books?id=uwmXW9akM1wC&dq=melitz opera guide 1921&pg=PR3#v=onepage&q&f=false) at Google Books. Ballets. [16] Marcus. 2. Michal (2005). 1: 549.google. p. New York: Da Capo Press. ISBN 9780300123739. Amanda. 158–159. ISBN 9780306800726. editor (2001).com/books?id=x1o-iElHqZkC&pg=PA502&dq="four+greatest+singers"+in+the+ world+caruso+trovatore) at Google Books. 33. ISBN 9780140293128. google. p. 107.

Massenet adjusted the role of Werther for a baritone. on June 11. The UK premiere was at Covent Garden. Performance history The United States premiere at Metropolitan Opera took place in Chicago on March 29.uk/CLVETROV.it/stampabile. 1892.giuseppeverdi. 1892. .operacast.asp?showID=4311) Werther Werther is an opera in four acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Édouard Blau.com/trovatore.com/cgi-bin/aria-search. Although Massenet wrote and completed his opera in 1887.uctv. Paris on January 16. It [1] had a great success. Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann based on the German epistolary novel The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.htm) Libretto (http://www. 1894.org. 1893. 1894. The French-language premiere followed in Geneva on December 27. and the first performance in France was at the Opéra-Comique.aria-database. Although written for a tenor. London.[1] Werther is regularly performed and has been recorded many times. when Mattia Battistini sang it in Saint Petersburg in 1902.Il trovatore 119 External links • • • • • • Il trovatore: Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project.pl?opera=Il+Trovatore&a) Further Il trovatore discography (http://www. in a German version translated by Max Kalbeck. Recordings of Il trovatore rated (http://www. and then in the company's main house in New York City three weeks later[2] .operadis-opera-discography. it did not receive any performance until it premiered at [1] the Imperial Theatre Hofoper in Vienna on February 16.HTM) San Diego OperaTalk! with Nick Reveles: Il Trovatore (http://www.tv/search-details.asp?IDCategoria=162&IDSezione=581&ID=19908) Aria database (http://www.

town fool. a friend of the Bailli Johann. February 16.Werther 120 Roles Ernest Van Dyck as Werther Role Voice type Premiere Cast. a young woman Sophie. Charlotte's father Schmidt. young poet mezzo-soprano Marie Renard soprano tenor baritone bass tenor baritone tenor Ellen Foster-Brandt Ernest van Dyck Fritz Neidl Mayerhofer Schlittenhelm Felix Katchen. a young poet Albert. Bruhlmann's fiancée of seven years mezzo-soprano . a friend of the Bailli Bruhlmann. betrothed to Charlotte Le Bailli. her sister Werther. 1892 (Conductor: Wilhelm Jahn ) Charlotte.

and while he reads her poetry. She consoles him by declaring her love. Werther contemplates suicide. Noted arias Act 1 Werther: "O Nature. and they leave for the ball. Schmidt and Johann. and Charlotte and Albert are now married. but she quickly bids him farewell. Werther has sent a message to Albert requesting to borrow his pistols. She spends time rereading Werther's letters to herself. surprising his two neighbors. He is unsure of Charlotte's intentions and disappointed not to find her here. Charlotte dresses for a ball. Charlotte recalls how she promised her dying mother she would marry Albert. Albert. plein de flame" Act 3 Charlotte: "Va! laisse couler mes larmes" Charlotte: "Werther! Qui m'aurait dit /Ces lettres!" (Letter Scene) Werther: "Pourquoi me réveiller?" . A servant is sent to deliver the pistols. Charlotte comforts the tearful girl who does not understand his cruel behavior. They walk happily to church. Werther greets Charlotte with a kiss. His declaration of love is interrupted by the announcement of Albert's return. He leaves after promising to return in the morning. she is escorted by Werther whom they find gloomy. but is reassured and consoled by Sophie. Outside children are heard singing a Christmas carol. Charlotte faints. Since her intended. Albert returns unexpectedly after a six month trip. When Charlotte exits the church. just as her mother had before she died. for it is July. Act 4 At Werther's apartment. Act 3 Charlotte is at home alone on Christmas Eve. Charlotte begs Werther not to try to see her again until Christmas Day. Act 1 The widowed Bailiff teaches his younger children a Christmas carol. pursued by the gloomy Werther. Charlotte has a terrible premonition and hurries to find Werther. and he is already enamoured with her. After he dies. but leaves quickly when Sophie greets him. Albert now realizes that Werther loves Charlotte. He leaves with thoughts of suicide. They embrace for a moment. is away. wondering how the young poet is and how she had the strength to send him away. Act 2 It is three months later.Werther 121 Synopsis Time: July to December 1780. he realizes that she returns his love. Werther is dying. Werther arrives and watches as Charlotte prepares her young siblings' supper. Suddenly Werther appears. explaining he is going on an extended trip. Place: Wetzlar. Albert returns home to find his distraught wife. Sophie tries to cheer him up. Werther and Charlotte return very late. Werther despairs. Charlotte has arrived too late. He asks for forgiveness. he speaks to her of their first meeting. pleine de grace" Act 2 Sophie: "Du gai soleil.

Germaine Féraldy. Matteo Manuguerra 1980 Frederica von Stade. Patricia Petibon. Naxos offers the same recording expertly transferred by Ward Marston. Unfortunately. Henry Fogel of Fanfare magazine. Year Cast (Charlotte. Gabriel Bacquier Conductor. now on Naxos".. Sophie. Charles Richard. Alfredo Kraus. Albert Lance. Mady Mesplé.Werther 122 Recordings A well-regarded recording of the complete opera was made in January 1931 by French Columbia with a French cast and the orchestra and chorus of the Opéra-Comique under the direction of Élie Cohen. Peter Dvorský. called it "one of the treasures of recorded opera. José Carreras. James Camner. Dawn Kotoski. . Happily. Agnes Léger. The high frequencies are lost. Nicolai Gedda. many of the greatest French and Italian singers of the past century or more have recorded individual arias from Massenet's masterwork. Christine Barbaux. Georges Thill. Christopher Schaldenbrand 1998 Brigitte Fassbaender. Ramón Vargas.[3] His colleague. Isobel Buchanan. Marcel Roque Suzanne Juyol. nevertheless pointed out that "neither quite has the ideal subtlety of the best Massenet singers. Mady Mesplé. giving the performance an unwarranted flatness. and acquiring it is a must. Roger Soyer 1979 Tatiana Troyanos. Albert) Ninon Vallin. writing in 1992.."[4] Alan Blyth. the transfer is over filtered. Magdéna Hajossyová (vocals). Roger Bourdin Rita Gorr. while giving a very positive review of the reissue of the recording with Albert Lance as Werther and Rita Gorr as Charlotte in 2004. pre-war set.[5] In addition. Hans Helm (vocals) 1999 Angela Gheorghiu. Roberto Alagna. such as Vallin and Thill on the classic. Opera House and Orchestra Élie Cohen Orchestra and Chorus of the Opéra-Comique Label 1931 Audio LP: EMI Audio CD: Naxos (2000) 1953 Georges Sébastian Orchestra and Chorus of the Opéra-Comique Audio LP: Urania 1964 Jésus Etcheverry Audio LP: Adès Orchestra and Chorus of the Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française 1968-69 Victoria de los Ángeles. reviewing the Opera d'Oro reissue in 2003. counted 14 complete recordings and considered it the finest of the lot. Werther. Thomas Allen 1998 Vesselina Kasarova. Thomas Hampson Georges Prêtre Orchestre de Paris Audio LP: EMI (released on CD in 2003) Michel Plasson London Philharmonic Orchestra Audio CC: EMI (released on CD in 1997) Sir Colin Davis London Philharmonic Orchestra Audio CC: Philips (released on CD in 2004) Vladimir Jurowski Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin Audio CD: RCA Victor Libor Pesek (orchestra not identified) DVD: Image Entertainment (originally a film) Antonio Pappano Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin Audio CD: EMI .

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. "Recitar! . Vesti la giubba" (literally. whose 1887 play entitled La Femme de Tabarin shares many themes with Pagliacci. and it is likely that he saw the play.) Pagliacci premiered at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan on May 21. For example. He claimed that a servant had taken him to a commedia performance in which the events of the opera had actually occurred. Sonzogno. conducted by Arturo Toscanini with Adelina Stehle as Nedda. 1892. It was last given in that house in July 2003 in a production by Zeffirelli. Since 1893. he decided to write a similar opera. Covent Garden in London on 19 May 1893. Today most critics agree that the libretto was indeed inspired by the Mendès play since Leoncavallo was living in Paris at the time of its premiere.[1] Performance history Pagliacci was an instant success and it remains popular today. and that he had documents supporting these claims but none of this evidence has ever appeared. Victor Maurel as Tonio. as in the case of Washington National Opera's November 1997 by Franco Zeffirelli with Placido Domingo as Canio and Véronica Villarroel as Nedda. Although this pairing has long been the norm in most places. Leoncavallo Cover of the first edition of Pagliacci published by E. The US premiered followed a month after Covent Garden's at the Grand Opera House in New York on 15 June. It contains one of opera's most famous and popular arias.[2] It has also been known to have been staged as a single work. it has usually been performed in a double bill with Pietro Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana. the Mikhaylovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg presented the double bill for the first time only in February 2009. 1892. when Cavalleria rusticana premiered.Pagliacci 124 Pagliacci Pagliacci (Italian pronunciation: [paʎˈʎjattʃi]. Fiorello Giraud as Canio. was a little-known composer. Composition history Around 1890.. namely the play-within-the-play and the clown murdering his wife. Players. but more often known in English as On with the motley). who was a judge. To perform! . soon after its Italian premiere. He also claimed that his father. Nellie Melba created the role of Nedda in London in 1892. and Mario Ancona as Silvio. Milan.[3] The UK premiere took place at the Royal Opera House. One of Enrico Caruso's recordings of Vesti la giubba was the first record to sell one million copies. Leoncavallo's defense was that the plot of the opera was based on a true story he had witnessed as a child. while the Metropolitan Opera first staged the work on 11 December of the same year (along with Orfeo ed .. or Clowns) is an opera consisting of a prologue and two acts written and composed by Ruggero Leoncavallo. and in New York in 1893. (Its name is sometimes incorrectly rendered as I Pagliacci with a definite article. Canio having been sung by Domingo and Nedda by Angela Gheorghiu. Put on the costume. a pairing referred to in the operatic world colloquially as "Cav and Pag". some theatres have been very late in staging these two works together. had led the criminal investigation. It is the only opera of Leoncavallo that is still widely staged. It was to be in one act and composed in the verismo style. It recounts the tragedy of a jealous husband in a commedia dell'arte troupe.. A lawsuit was brought against him for plagiarism of the libretto by Catulle Mendès. After seeing its success.

Canio's wife. and since 1944. Victor Maurel. May 21.[4] As a staple of the standard operatic repertoire. it appears as number 14 on Opera America's list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America.Pagliacci Euridice). actor Silvio. Since 1893 it has been presented there 712 times (most recently in April 2009). in love with Arlecchino Taddeo tenor soprano baritone Arlecchino. head of the troupe Pagliaccio Nedda. the Nedda being sung by Nellie Melba. Pagliaccio's wife. in love with Silvio Tonio. who created the role of Tonio. Enrico Caruso as Canio in Pagliacci. Colombina's lover tenor baritone Mario Ancona . the fool Beppe. 1892 (Conductor: Arturo Toscanini ) Fiorello Giraud Adelina Stehle Victor Maurel Canio. exclusively with Cavalleria. one of his signature roles.[5] 125 Roles The French baritone. Nedda's lover Chorus of villagers Colombina. The Met combined it with Cavalleria rusticana for the first time 11 days later on 22 December. Role Role in Commedia Voice type Premiere Cast.

costumed as Colombina. "I will always be yours!" As Canio enters. Tonio offers his hand. leaves to inform Canio so that he might catch Silvio and Nedda together. He says the play will begin at "ventitre ore". He asks Nedda to elope with him after the performance and. warning that Pagliaccio is suspicious of his wife and is about to return. Signore! Signori! . Arlecchino and Colombina dine.. near Montalto.. The villagers tease Canio that Tonio is planning an affair with Nedda. who has been eavesdropping. Colombina tells him. Tonio.. he hears Nedda and exclaims "Name of God! Those same words!" He tries to continue the play. but Beppe disarms him. and the crowd cheers as the play begins.. Nedda. Un nido di memorie. As Nedda steps down from the cart.) He reminds the audience that actors have feelings too. Tonio. the curtain rises. on the Feast of the Assumption Time: between 1865 and 1870. but she refuses. Silvio. and the villagers cheer. He answers with his arietta: No! Pagliaccio non son! and states that if his face is pale. in real life he will not tolerate other men making advances to Nedda. who is cheating on Canio. He boxes Taddeo's ears and kicks him out of the room. The . Tonio grabs Nedda. and Taddeo is at the market. Canio describes the night's performance: the troubles of Pagliaccio. who soon serenades her from beneath her window. collects their money. where he has left Canio and Beppe drinking. Taddeo bursts in. Colombina's husband Pagliaccio has gone away until morning.Pagliacci 126 Synopsis Place: Calabria. she agrees. Act 2 As the crowd arrives. Act 1 At three o'clock in the afternoon.. but she laughs. Canio and Tonio return and. but Canio pushes him aside and helps her down himself. but Tonio stays behind. it is not from the stage makeup but from the shame she has brought to him. From behind a second curtain. hoping to continue the play. Tonio tells Canio that her lover will surely give himself away at the play. but she takes a whip. comes from the tavern. who is Nedda's lover. She whispers a warning to Silvio. He demands that Nedda tell him the name of her lover. but she mocks him and lets in Arlecchino through the window. (Si può?.. though she is afraid. Beppe insists that they prepare for the performance. Canio warns everyone that while he may act the foolish husband in the play. Si può?. This is an agricultural method of time-keeping. but the birdsong comforts her (Stridono lassu). Tonio returns and confesses his love for her. Colombina will drug him and elope with Arlecchino. As Arlecchino escapes through the window. Prologue During the overture. is frightened by Canio's vehemence (Qual fiamma avea nel guardo). He says no. Taddeo returns and confesses his love. and Nedda is left alone. Canio and Beppe accept. She anxiously awaits her lover Arlecchino. Canio is left alone to put on his costume and prepare to laugh (Vesti la giubba . and that the show is about real humans. a villager asks if Canio really suspects her. He threatens her with a knife. "I will always be yours!" Canio chases Silvio but does not catch him and does not see his face. When Pagliaccio returns. and he delivers a sleeping potion. As the church bells ring vespers. he and Beppe leave for the tavern. Enraged. addresses the audience. but loses control and demands to know her lover's name. as Silvio escapes. calls Canio by his stage name "Pagliaccio" to remind him of the audience's presence. The villagers suggest drinking at the tavern. and the audience laughs. the commedia troupe enters the village. dressed as his commedia character Taddeo. Nedda. Nedda calls after him."Put on the costume"). strikes him and drives him off. and means the play will begin an hour before sunset. Shocked. and sweetly kisses her on the forehead. Nedda.

com/ laugh/ index. org/ archives/ frame. 1 tuba. 1 cor anglais. Originally. timpani. Nedda swears she will never tell him. while the events of the musical also have ironic connections. percussion (triangle. It is given three strokes right after Tonio/Canio announce[s] "The comedy is over". La commedia è finita! but it has traditionally been given to Canio. M." (surprisingly not assigned in the instrumentation page at the beginning) which leads us to assume that it is actually a tam-tam (partly because Mascagni used one. The character Phillip Winchester sings a song that summarizes the opera's plot. Canio. oboe. Canio. Laugh on orangemitestudios. although to much greater effect. especially during and after the 1940s.. and the San Carlo Opera Company.Pagliacci crowd. and the crowd finally realizes they are not acting. trying again to continue the play. 1989 [2] Mikhaylovsky Theatre (http:/ / www. according to one source. operaamerica. mikhailovsky. html) Retrieved 20 November 2010 . 3 trumpets. ru/ en/ afisha/ shows. html?date=2009-02-09) [3] Washington Opera program [4] Met Opera database of performances (http:/ / archives. tubular bells. cymbals. 127 Orchestration The orchestra consists of 2 flutes. htm) [5] OPERA America's "The Top 20" list of most-performed operas (http:/ / www. Additionally. HTM) [8] Account of creation of Laugh Clown. org/ Content/ Audiences/ Programs/ Cornerstones/ index. 3 trombones. Tonio had the final line. durbeckarchive. it became the first complete opera to be filmed with sound. grabbing a knife from the table. trumpet. 2 oboes. demands the name of her lover. As she dies she calls: "Help! Silvio!". by the Puerto Rican tenor Antonio Paoli. Also included in the final pages of the score is a part in the percussion section marked "T. org.org (http:/ / www.com (http:/ / www. 4 horns. htm) [7] List of recordings on operadis-opera-discography. Pagliacci became the first entire opera to be recorded. 2003. in his only film. cheers him. admits that she has been visited by the very innocent Arlecchino. 2 harps. 1 piccolo. impressed by his emotional and very real performance. Recordings See Pagliacci discography In 1907. Sansone. 2 clarinets. Silvio begins to fight his way toward the stage. there is an onstage violin."The play is over!". orangemitestudios. stabs Nedda. Leoncavallo himself sanctioned this substitution.[6] The opera has been recorded many times. 3 bassoons. In 1931. Canio then stabs Silvio and declares: La Commedia è finita! . and bass drum. there are 137 recordings in existence. furious and forgetting the play. as Canio. operadis-opera-discography. com/ sancarlo.[7] In popular culture • The 2009 murder mystery musical Laugh Clown. metoperafamily. Laugh takes place backstage of a production of Pagliacci.[8] Notes [1] San Francisco Opera Guild. Nedda. glockenspiel) and strings. uk/ CLLEPAGL. 1 bass clarinet. bass drum.T. in a now obscure version starring the tenor Fernando Bertini. at the final moments of Cavalleria rusticana). shtml) [6] The Durbeck Archive (http:/ / www.

Matteo. the judges selected the final three: Niccola Spinelli's Labilia. as Turiddu. a poet and professor of literature in the Italian Royal Naval Academy in Livorno.org/cavalleria.com/uploads/education/CAVPAGguide03. Composition history In July 1888 the Milanese music publisher Edoardo Sonzogno announced a competition open to all young Italian composers who had not yet had an opera performed on stage. Considered one of the classic verismo operas.. . Programme notes. Since [1] 1893. Music & Letters.php?id=194&uilang=de&lang=en) in English translation • San Francisco Opera Guild (http://www. However. and the Verismo Style'. Vincenzo Ferroni's Rudello. 70. Concert Opera Boston (http://concertoperaboston. Domenico Monleone submitted an opera based on the story. They were invited to submit a one-act opera.[3] In the 1907 Sonzogno competition. 3 (Aug. Roberto Stagno. to provide a libretto. Vol. and on March 5. Mascagni heard about the competition only two months before the closing date and asked his friend Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti. and Pietro Mascagni's Cavalleria rusticana.sfopera.ch/libretto. 2003. 'The Verismo of Ruggero Leoncavallo: A Source Study of Pagliacci'. Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci: A Teacher's Guide and Resource Book (accessed 23 May 2007) • Sansone. 1989). of which the three best (selected by a jury of five prominent Italian critics and composers) would be staged in Rome at Sonzogno's expense. Michael.pdf). Gastaldon withdrew it when he received an opportunity to have it performed at the Teatro Costanzi. 73 operas were submitted. adapted from a play written by Giovanni Verga based on his short story. The first.opera-guide. It premiered there on 9 April 1890. 2007. In all. it premiered on May 17. sending it to Mascagni in fragments. I Pagliacci. The opera was finally submitted on the last day for which entries would be accepted. a popular short story (and play) by Giovanni Verga as the basis for the opera. Targioni-Tozzetti chose Cavalleria rusticana. • Sims. No. He and his colleague Guido Menasci set about composing the libretto.[2] There have been two other operas based on Verga's story. 1989. and her husband.Pagliacci 128 References • Pagliacci Libretto (http://www. 1890. and likewise Gemma Bellincioni as Santuzza. sometimes only a few verses at a time on the back of a postcard. 1890 at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome. it has often been performed in a so-called Cav/Pag double-bill with Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo. Mala Pasqua by Stanislao Gastaldon. in the 1890 premiere of Cavalleria rusticana. 'Cavalleria rusticana.html) (accessed 21 May 2007) Cavalleria rusticana Cavalleria rusticana (Rustic Chivalry) is an opera in one act by Pietro Mascagni to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci. had been entered in the same competition with Mascagni's.

the opera had been performed more than fourteen thousand times in Italy [5] alone. The opera was not successful in the competition but premiered later that year in Amsterdam and went on to a successful tour throughout Europe. Its success has been phenomenal from its first performance in the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on May 17. 2009 with José Cura as Turiddu and Ildikó Komlósi as Santuzza. took legal action and successfully had Monleone's opera banned from performance in Italy. ending in Turin. wishing to protect the lucrative property which Mascagni's version had become. The opera premiered in New York on October 1. 1892. Roles . an afternoon performance at the Casino. (Ref. At the time of Mascagni's death in 1945. Cavalleria rusticana was his first opera to be completed and performed. only Iris and L'amico Fritz have remained in the standard repertory with Isabeau and Il Piccolo Marat on the fringes of the Italian repertoire. flanked by his librettists. Pietro Mascagni. followed by Chicago on September 30.Ibid) 129 Performance history Although Mascagni had started writing two other operas earlier (Pinotta. the opera was produced throughout Italy and in Berlin. 1891 in a double bill with a fragment of Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice and has since received 652 performances there. In this form it was presented as La giostra dei falchi in 1914.[7] American producers vied with each other (sometimes through the courts) to be the first to present the opera in that country. Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci. 1891. Apart from Cavalleria rusticana. and winning the First Prize.Cavalleria rusticana called Cavalleria rusticana. directed by Rudolph Aronson and an evening performance at the Lenox Lyceum directed by Oscar Hammerstein. 1891 with two rival performances on the same day.[4] Monleone changed the opera ‘beyond recognition’ setting the music to a new libretto.[7] The opera received its first performance at the Metropolitan Opera on December 30. the composer of Cavalleria rusticana. with Mascagni taking 40 curtain calls on the opening night. The first performance of Cavalleria rusticana caused a sensation. 1890 until the present day. It received its London premiere at the Shaftesbury Theatre on October 19. premiered in 1895). premiered in 1932 and Guglielmo Ratcliff. the most recent of which was [8] on April 10. Cavalleria rusticana finally had its American premiere in Philadelphia at the Grand Opera House on September 9. It remains the best known of his fifteen operas and one operetta (Sì).[6] That same year. Sonzogno. 1891. 1891 and its Covent Garden premiere on May 16. following its sold-out run of performances at the Teatro Costanzi.

"O Lola. The villagers enter the church. Lucia pities Santuzza. to the other is Lucia's wine shop and the house Illustration from an early edition of Giovanni Verga's short story where she lives with her son. a young villager recently returned from the army tenor Lucia. Turiddu. a young woman in the village. his fiancée. Lola. She tells him it has run out and Turiddu has gone away to buy more. the villagers sing an Easter Hymn. The villagers move Cavalleria rusticana on which the opera is based. but begs Lucia to go inside and pray for her. Santuzza cannot enter the church. joined by Santuzza. has begun an adulterous affair with Turiddu. To one side is the church. who is considered by the villagers to be excommunicated because of her seduction. had returned from military service to find that while he was gone. Santuzza asks for Turiddu. about the square. Outside. Voi lo sapete . a young villager. Santuzza. As the opera begins.Cavalleria rusticana 130 Role Voice type Premiere Cast. The curtain rises on the main square of the village. Turiddu arrives. Lucia asks Santuzza why she signalled her to remain silent when Alfio said that he had seen Turiddu that morning. his wife contralto baritone mezzo-soprano Annetta Guli Synopsis Time: Easter morning Place: A Sicilian village Turiddu. Turiddu seduced Santuzza. overcome by her jealousy of Santuzza. Santuzza upbraids him for pretending to have gone away. his mother Alfio. the prosperous village teamster."Now you shall know". Lucia asks her inside to talk. when he was actually seeing Lola. singing of the beautiful spring day (Gli aranci olezzano sui verdi margini . He praises the joys of a teamster's life and the beauty of his bride. She clings to him. Alfio asks Lucia for some of her fine old wine. the village teamster Lola. but just at that moment Alfio arrives on his wagon accompanied by the villagers. throws her to the . 17 May 1890 (Conductor: . The choir inside the church is heard singing the Regina Coeli. a peasant girl soprano Gemma Bellincioni Roberto Stagno Federica Casali Guadenzio Salassa Turiddu. Alfio leaves. while Santuzza and Lucia remain outside. Lucia starts to express surprise. Offstage. Santuzza tells her that he was seen during the night in the village. Turiddu turns to follow Lola. is distraught and approaches Lucia as she comes out of her house. Santuzza exclaims. Lola enters the square singing. Some villagers enter the church."The air is sweet with orange blossoms") and a hymn to the Blessed Virgin. but Santuzza begs him to stay. others wander off still singing. lovely as the spring’s bright blooms". but Santuzza stops her. In revenge. Alfio replies that he had seen Turiddu early that morning near his cottage.) Santuzza. Turiddu is heard singing The Siciliana . having slept with Turiddu and suspecting that he has betrayed her with Lola. and tells Lucia the story of her seduction by Turiddu and his affair with Lola. had married Alfio. Lola. Turiddu pushes her away. and Lucia replies that he has gone to another town to fetch some wine. He loosens her hands. She mocks Santuzza and goes inside the church.

il vino spumeggiante "Hail to the bubbling wine!". Turiddu is in high spirits because he is with Lola and Santuzza appears to have gone. "They have murdered Turiddu!" Santuzza faints and Lucia collapses in the arms of the women villagers. 2 piccolos. Giulietta Simionato 1950 Giulietta Simionato. La Scala Orchestra and Chorus Audio CD: Naxos CD Cat: 8. Turiddu offers him wine. drawing blood which signifies a fight to the death. organ and strings. mamma! Un altro bacio! — Addio! . and Turiddu. cymbals. Alfio arrives looking for Lola. recordings of the work in the English. Lucia. Alfio joins them. Viva. bass drum. wanders aimlessly around outside her house. 2 trumpets. 2 bassoons. Gino Bechi. Recordings There have been more than 120[9] full-length recordings of Cavalleria rusticana published [10] since it was first recorded in Germany in 1909.Cavalleria rusticana ground. Turiddu. Voices are heard in the distance and a woman cries. tuba. timpani. Milan Symphony Orchestra Audio CD: Preiser Records Cat: 90042 1940 Pietro Mascagni. recordings of the work have often been paired with Ruggero Leoncavallo's Pagliacci. taking Lola with them. He invites his friends to his mother’s wine shop where he sings a drinking song. Giovanni Breviario.110714-15 Arturo Basile Lyric Chorus and Orchestra of Cetra Audio LP: Cetra Records Erasmo Ghiglia Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra and Chorus Audio LP: Remington Records Cat: 199-74 . 4 horns. side drum. Alfio challenges Turiddu to a duel. Turiddu rushes out. The square is empty as the orchestra plays the Intermezzo. the two men embrace. and Hungarian languages have been released.[11] As in live performances of the opera. mother! One more kiss! . The villagers come out of the church. bites Alfio’s ear. percussion (triangle. The women leave. and enters the church. Alfio leaves and Turiddu calls Lucia back. Eddy Ruhl. Alfio.Farewell!". Lidia Malani Audio CD: Arkadia Cat: 78046 Lorenzo Molajoli. 131 Orchestration Mascagni calls for a standard-sized orchestra consisting of 2 flutes. Santuzza approaches and throws her arms around her. Opera House and Orchestra Carlo Sabajno. weeping. German. Carlo Tagliabue. Beniamino Gigli."One kiss. Achille Braschi.[12] Amongst some of the more well-known studio recordings in the Italian language are: Year Cast (Santuzza. The villagers start to crowd around. Ivan Petrov. La Scala Orchestra and Chorus Label 1929-30 Delia Sanzio. Gino Lulli Ida Mannarini Lina Bruna Rasa. Liliana Pellegrino 1951 Valentina Petrova. but he refuses it. He tells her that he is going outside to get some air and asks that she be a kindly mother to Santuzza if he should not return: Un bacio. 3 trombones. In addition to the original Italian. tubular bells). Santuzza tells him that his wife has betrayed him with Turiddu. French. harp. In a brief exchange of words. Piero Biasini Olga de Franco 1930 Giannina Arangi-Lombardi. 2 clarinets. Antonio Melandri. in a token of acceptance. 2 oboes. tamtam. Lucia) Conductor. Following Sicilian custom.

Tito Gobbi. Isola Jones 1979 Montserrat Caballé. Frank Guarrera. Anna Maria Anelli 1957 Renata Tebaldi. Ettore Bastianini. Luciano Pavarotti. Jussi Björling. Matteo Manuguerra. Giangiacomo Guelfi. Gianni Poggi. Maria Gracia Allegri Elena Souliotis. Margaret Roggero 1953 Margaret Harshaw.Cavalleria rusticana 1953 Zinka Milanov. Anna di Stasio Victoria de Los Angeles. Aurora Cattelani Giulietta Simionato. Ebe Ticozzi 1954 Elena Nicolai. Mario Sereni. Audio CD: Great Opera Performances Cat: GOP 66314 Audio CD: Decca CD Cat: 458 2242 Tullio Serafin La Scala Orchestra and Chorus Fausto Cleva Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus Audio LP: Columbia Cat: SL-123. Pablo Elvira. Jussi Björling. Giuseppe Di Stefano. Anna di Stasio 1976 Julia Varady. Franco Corelli. Cornell MacNeil. Mario del Monaco. Robert Merrill. Rina Corsi Caterina Mancini. Placido Domingo. Aldo Protti. Piero Capuccilli. Corinna Vozza Fiorenza Cossotto. Aldo Protti. Thelma Votipka 1953 Maria Callas. Rolando Panerai. Ida Bormida 1978 Renata Scotto. Astrid Varnay Riccardo Muti Philharmonia Orchestra Audio CD: EMI CD Cat: EMI CMS 7 63650 2 James Levine National Philharmonic Orchestra Audio CD: RCA Victor Cat: RCA RD 83091 Gianandrea Gavazzeni National Philharmonic Orchestra London Voices Audio CD: Decca Classics Cat: 00289 414 5902 Alberto Erede Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra and Chorus Franco Ghione Milan Symphony Orchestra Audio LP: Decca Cat: ACL 199-200. Mario del Monaco. Carlo Bergonzi. Richard Tucker. Mario del Monaco. Audio CD: Sony Cat: Audio CD: EMI CD Cat: 7243 5 56287 2 5 Renato Cellini RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra Audio CD: RCA Cat: CD 6510-2-RG 132 1958 Ugo Rápalo Teatro di San Carlo Orchestra and Chorus Audio LP: Philips Cat: SABL 135-7 1960 Tullio Serafin Audio CD: Decca Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Orchestra and Chorus Cat: 467 484-2 1962 Gabriele Santini Rome Opera Orchestra and Chorus Audio CD: EMI CD Cat: 72438-19968-2-9 1965 Herbert von Karajan La Scala Orchestra and Chorus Audio CD: Deutsche Grammophon Cat: CD 419 257-2 1966 Tullio Serafin Orchestra e Coro di Roma Audio LP: Decca ?? . José Carreras.

there have been several cinematic versions of Cavalleria rusticana. Alzbeta Michalková 1997 Nelly Miricioiu. Elizabeth Bainbridge Alexander Rahbari Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Slovak Philharmonic Choir David Parry London Philharmonic Orchestra Geoffrey Mitchell Choir Audio CD: Naxos Cat: 8 660022 Semyon Mayevich Bychkov Chorus and Orchestra de Paris Audio CD: Philips Cat: 432 105-2 Giuseppe Sinopoli Philharmonia Orchestra Georges Prêtre La Scala Orchestra and Chorus Audio CD: Decca 470 570-2.uk [13] Film versions Apart from video recordings of live performances. using actors miming to the voices of opera singers. Phillip Joll. Renato Bruson. Vera Baniewicz 1990 Jessye Norman. Plácido Domingo. Renato Bruson as Alfio and Fedora Barbieri as Lucia. Gianfranco Cecchele as Turiddu. (La Scala.) • The 1982 film directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Rosa Laghezza 1992 Stefka Evstatieva. . Eduard Tumagian. Bernd Weikl. (Released in the US with the title Fatal Desire) • The 1968 film directed by Åke Falck. • The 1953 film directed by Carmine Gallone. with a young Anthony Quinn as Alfio miming to the voice of Tito Gobbi. Dmitri Hvorostovsky. directed by Ugo Falena. Poster for the 1953 film version of Cavalleria Rusticana. Juan Pons. Franco Bonisolli. with Fiorenza Cossotto as Santuzza. Giangiacomo Guelfi as Alfio and Anna di Stasio as Lucia. Dennis O'Neill. Yelena Obraztsova as Santuzza. Giuseppe Giacomini. the most notable of which are: • The 1916 silent film accompanied by Mascagni's score. with Gemma Bellincioni. Giacomo Aragall. using opera singers for actors with Plácido Domingo as Turiddu. Milan conducted by Herbert Von Karajan. Juliana Falk 1985 Elena Obraztsova. who had created the role of Santuzza in the opera's world premiere. Fedora Barbieri 1989 Agnes Baltsa. The opera's symphonic Intermezzo has figured in the sound track of [14] and in The Godfather Part III which featured a several films.Cavalleria rusticana 1981 Martina Arroyo. most notably in the opening of Raging Bull [15] performance of the opera as a key part of the film's climax. Plácido Domingo.org. DVD: DG Cat: 073 4034 Audio CD: Deutsche Grammophon Cat: CD 429 568-2 Lamberto Gardelli Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Orchestra and Chorus Audio CD: Eurodisc 133 Audio CD: Chandos Cat: CHAN 3004 Source: Recordings on Cavalleria rusticana on operadis-opera-discography.

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on 3 June 1875. Free with her love. 'Pietro Mascagni. and although this was avoided. Spain. August 13. first published in 1845.[7] The early death of Bizet. 1830. A. c. They're Small'.org/cavalleria.Cavalleria rusticana • Sims. an inexperienced soldier.[1] itself possibly influenced by the narrative poem The Gypsies (1824) by Alexander Pushkin.[3] The opera premiered at the Opéra-Comique of Paris on 3 March 1875. and joining a gang of smugglers. mutiny against his superior. to critical and popular success. . Concert Opera Boston (http://concertoperaboston. 'Cav and Cav: Take 2. it virtually killed it. 'Cavalleria's Crown'. Carmen nourished a movement that was to win both celebrity and notoriety first in Italy and then elsewhere: the cult of realism known as verismo. March . Volume VIII. M..[6] It was not staged again at the Opéra Comique until 1883. heroic and declamatory) and opéra comique (light-hearted. the theatre was giving tickets away in order to stimulate attendance.html) (accessed 21 May 2007) • Stevens. The libretto is by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy. as with most of Bizet's operas. and concerns the eponymous Carmen. Within a few years. and the negligence of his immediate heirs and publisher led. Near the end of this run.. based on the novella of the same title by Prosper Mérimée. Bizet's final opera not only transformed the opéra comique genre that had been static for half a century. In October 1875 it was produced in Vienna. Moreover.[8] The story is set in Seville. aged 36. a beautiful Gypsy with a fiery temper. I Pagliacci. never knowing how popular Carmen would become. July 25. D. bourgeois and conversational with spoken dialogue) disappeared. the Author of the Cavalleria Rusticana'. 2001 • Time magazine. the traditional distinction between opera (serious. 135 Carmen Carmen is a French opéra comique by Georges Bizet.[5] it did little to bolster sagging receipts at the Opéra-Comique. 1945 • Willard. which began its path to worldwide popularity. to major textual problems for which scholars and performers only began to find solutions in the 1960s. she woos the corporal Don José. but its opening run was denounced by the majority of critics. (2007) 'Cavalleria Rusticana. New England Magazine.[2] Mérimée had read the poem in Russian by 1840 and translated it into French in 1852.August 1893. ultimately having 48 performances in its first run.[4] It was almost withdrawn after its fourth or fifth performance. His jealousy when she turns from him to the bullfighter Escamillo leads him to murder Carmen. Their relationship leads to his rejection of his former love. Programme notes. International Herald Tribune. Bizet died of a heart attack. and the Verismo Style'.

commissioned Bizet to write an opera based on Mérimée's novel in early 1873 to be premiered at the end of the year. but Bizet refused. where he finished the piano score in the summer of 1874. and she accepted it in December 1873 (she agreed to 2. 1939) Background Camille du Locle. Camille du Locle During rehearsals. du Locle's assistant de Leuven voiced his discontent about the opera's plot. who declined the part. Bizet bought a house at Bougival on the Seine. However.500 francs per month for four months). Financial negotiations over her fees ensued. The librettists Meilhac and Halévy . which led directly to de Leuven's resignation from the theatre in early 1874. The librettists agreed to change the ending. with many boxes used by parents to interview prospective sons-in-law. and pressured Bizet and the librettists to alter the tragic ending. [9] After approaching the singer Marie Roze.Carmen 136 WPA production in Los Angeles (ca. De Leuven felt that families would be shocked to see such a "debauched" opera on the stage of the Opéra-Comique. du Locle offered the part to the famous mezzo-soprano Galli-Marié. the artistic director of the Opéra-Comique. difficulty in finding a leading lady delayed rehearsals until August 1874. She apparently did not know the Mérimée novella. which had a reputation as a family-friendly theatre. and took a further two months to complete a full orchestration.

Ernest Reyer and Adolphe Jullien criticising him for not sufficiently embracing Wagner's style.[15] Friedrich Nietzsche (in The Case of Wagner) hailed Bizet and exalted the exotic elements of the score. Charles Lecocq and Jacques Offenbach. the management was giving away tickets wholesale in a vain attempt to fill the seats. much to Bizet's delight. and the entr'acte to Act II and Escamillo's song were applauded. the same day that Bizet was awarded the Légion d'honneur. saw the audiences gradually dwindle up to the last night. secretly tried to induce the singers to over-dramatise in order to lessen the impact of the work. while others condemned him for making the orchestra more important than the voices. and Bizet's close involvement in shaping the libretto are more to do with his wish to get closer to the Pushkin source. for whom Carmen "had little importance" (they had four other operas on stage in Paris at that time). the premiere did not go well.[9] According to Halévy's diary. with the negative reviews. so they were able to appreciate Carmen on its own terms. although it has been argued that this. who had been engaged early in the run to play a harmonium offstage to keep Lhérie in tune for "Halte-la. The librettists. Anna Judic. However. D'Indy." At this second production at the Hofoper in Vienna on 23 October 1875. and on the home turf of German music nothing recalled Wagner in the least. with the exception of Micaëla's aria in Act III. just after the thirtieth performance. Nevertheless. as well as its structural clarity: "it builds. Léo Delibes. Choudens and Hartmann. the Opéra-Comique was in financial difficulties. organizes. but hated the opera. the opera struggled to make 48 performances in the first production and closed the following January. Jules Massenet. the final rehearsals seemed to convince the majority of the company of the genius of the opera. finishes. Zulma Bouffar. The Opéra-Comique's orchestra declared the score unplayable. such as Joncières and the poet Théodore de Banville.[12] but also singers Hortense Schneider. which had failed to produce a true success since Charles Gounod's Faust. claiming that the libretto was inappropriate for the Comique. praised the work for its innovation.[10] Full rehearsals finally began in October 1874. However. the public had no stake in the traditions of the Opéra-Comique or the genre. Acts III and IV were greeted with silence. leading du Locle to believe the opera would topple the ailing company. the greatest opposition came from du Locle. The day before his death he signed a contract for a Viennese production of Carmen. Johannes Brahms[14] and Pyotr Tchaikovsky. At this stage.Carmen The librettists had toned down some of the more extreme elements of Mérimée's novella. The critics were scathing. Jean-Baptiste Faure. Bizet was also condemned by both sides of the Wagnerian debate. Bizet did not live to see the success of his opera: he died on 3 June. and the cast were having difficulty following Bizet's directions. 15 February 1876. Alphonse Daudet and Dumas fils. In the audience were not only various composers: Charles Gounod. a few critics. Although there were curtain calls after Act I. Towards the end of the run. Banville lauded the librettists for writing characters that were more realistic than those normally seen at the Opéra-Comique. 137 Performance history The first performance took place on 3 March 1875 in Paris.[11] who liked Bizet personally. dragons d'Alcala!" in Act [9] II. Jules Pasdeloup. Poster for the 1875 premiere However. publishers such as Heugel.[12] .[13] Before long three leading composers in Europe would be counted among his admirers: Richard Wagner.

it has remained part of the standard operatic repertoire.[19] Over the following century. 1904 contraltos have also occasionally portrayed Carmen.[18] After the 1883 revival in Paris. but also exhibit superior dramatic skills in order to portray Carmen's complex character. Madrid saw it on 2 November 1887 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela. Several pieces from this opera have become popular away from the stage. The title role was written for a mezzo-soprano.Carmen Following the well-received run in Vienna. Two suites for orchestra were arranged by Fritz Hoffmann: the first consisting of the prelude and entr'actes. Dublin. reaching its 500th performance at the Opéra-Comique on 23 October 1891 and the 1. New York and Philadelphia and in 1879 it reached Australia (Opera House. and be able to dance convincingly on stage.[17] Galli-Marié re-created her portrayal of the title role in the first performance in Italy (Naples) in 1879.[16] The first performance in Spain was on 2 August 1881 at the Teatro Lirico Barcelona with Galli-Marié. and from 27 October 1883 in Paris again. The "Flower Song". but the full score published in 1877 introduced higher (soprano) alternatives for Carmen. by 1878 it was being performed in St Petersburg. and the second of vocal numbers arranged for orchestra. the "Toréador's Song" and the "Habanera" are favourites with singers. Since the 1880s it has been one of the world's most performed operas[21] and a staple of the operatic repertoire. Melbourne.000th on 23 December 1904. The singer must not only have a great range. 14 May). it swiftly became popular there as well.[22] 138 Roles Galli-Marié as Carmen . [20] and this has led to sopranos performing and recording the role. Carmen appears as number four on Opera America's list of the 20 most-performed operas in North America. London. Antwerp (April) and Budapest (October). then Barcelona and England. Enrico Caruso's sketch of himself as Don José. the opera was seen in 1876 in Brussels (February). Stockholm.

so why does she not stay and wait with them? She runs away saying that she will return later. Corporal of Dragoons mezzo-soprano Célestine Galli-Marié tenor bass-baritone soprano bass baritone Paul Lhérie Jacques Bouhy Marguérite Chapuy Eugène Dufriche Edmond Duvernoy Alice Ducasse Frasquita. urchins. cigarette factory girls. Spain Time: 1830 The prelude consists of music taken from the Act IV preparations for the bull fight and the Toreador's Song. bullfighters. Lieutenant of Dragoons Moralès. Acts III and IV are played as Act III scene i and Act III scene ii respectively Place: Seville. a corporal. Companion of Carmen mezzo-soprano Esther Chevalier Lillas Pastia. with a bridge at the back. smuggler A guide spoken baritone tenor spoken M.Carmen 139 Role Voice type Premiere cast. A Gypsy Girl Don José. imitated by a crowd of street-children ("Avec la garde montante"). Act 1 A square in Seville. Toreador Micaëla. young men. Companion of Carmen soprano Mercédès. A Village Maiden Zuniga. police. gypsies. chacun passe"). . people. merchants and orange sellers. Moralès and the soldiers loiter before the guard house commenting on passers-by ("Sur la place. Nathan Pierre-Armand Potel Barnolt M. Teste Chorus: Soldiers. Escamillo's supporters. Zuniga and José arrive with the new guard.[23] on the left a guard house. but is told by Moralès that he is not yet on duty. 3 March 1875 (Conductor: Adolphe Deloffre) Carmen. Micaëla appears seeking Don José. an innkeeper Le Dancaïre. smuggler Le Remendado. On the right a cigarette factory. Corporal of Dragoons Escamillo. Synopsis Note: in the Oeser version.

. Micaëla returns and gives him a letter —and a kiss— from his mother ("Parle-moi de ma mère!").. José longingly thinks of his home. vivat le Toréro"). José is annoyed by her insolence. and all the men ask her when she will love them ("Quand je vous aimerai?"). singing chaotically ("Au secours! Au secours!"). Dancaïre tells Carmen she must try to get Don José to join them. Don José and Zuniga find that Carmen has been fighting with another woman. and flirts with Carmen. but she replies impudently with a song ("Tra la la"). and slashed her face with a knife. who was demoted and has been in jail since letting her escape. and Carmen allows herself to be led away but turns. José returns a gold coin Carmen had sent him in jail and she orders fruit and wine to be brought. Lalala").. Zuniga instructs José to guard her while he writes out the warrant for prison. Zuniga returns. and was released the day before. During her song the sound of bugles is heard calling the soldiers back to . pushes José to the ground. je peux vous le rendre"). lithograph by Auguste Lamy ("Carmen! sur tes pas. Carmen and her friends Frasquita and Mercédès sing and dance ("Les tringles des sistres tintaient"). the smugglers Dancaïre and Remendado arrive and tell the girls of their plans to dispose of the contraband they have smuggled via Gibraltar (Quintet: "Nous avons en tête une affaire"). officers and gypsies relaxing after dinner A month has passed. tables scattered around. who has been ignoring her. saying to their amazement that she is in love. Frasquita and Mercédès have left. and reading the letter sees that his mother wants him to return and get married. She replies in the famous Habanera ("L'amour est un oiseau rebelle"): "Love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame .Carmen The factory bell rings and the cigarette girls emerge from the factory. Carmen seduces José with a seguidilla ("Près des remparts de Séville") about an evening date with her next lover who is "only a corporal". He has never known law. The girls enter smoking cigarettes. Carmen refuses to accompany them. José relents and unties her hands. Act 1 of the original production. and the toreador is invited in ("Vivat. Alone together. To escape. but Don José declares that he will marry her. before going back into the factory with the others. screams are heard from the factory and the women run out. If you don't love me I love you. As José's voice is heard ("Halte là!"). and laughing cigarette girls surround Zuniga as she escapes. but she can only think of José. The women go back into the factory and the soldiers to the guardhouse. As soon as she leaves.. nous nous pressons tous!") she tears a bunch of cassia from her bodice and throws it at Don José. and finally Carmen appears. Lillas Pastia is trying to get rid of the officers. Carmen vexes him with stories of her dancing for the officers but then dances with castanets for him alone ("Je vais danser en votre honneur . Escamillo sings the Toreador song ("Votre toast. but Carmen tells him that for the time being he need not dream of being hers. Micaëla is embarrassed and leaves. When everyone except Carmen. if I love you watch yourself!" When they plead for her to choose a lover from among them. 140 Act 2 Evening at Lillas Pastia's inn. Zuniga asks Carmen if she has anything to say. so Zuniga invites Carmen and her friends to come with him to the theatre. greeted by young men who have gathered to flirt with them ("La cloche a sonné"). The sound of a procession hailing Escamillo passes by outside.

She sees José firing a gun. saying his trade is killing bulls. but he makes her listen by producing the flower she threw at him. but before they can fight the smugglers burst in and disarm both of them. They start again and José finds himself at the mercy of Escamillo who releases him.Carmen barracks. until Micaëla tells him that his mother is dying. compagnons"). but Carmen has grown tired of José. The square is full of people. Carmen rushes to the sound of his voice. Carmen adding that she had never loved one so much ("Si tu m'aimes. Vowing that he will return to Carmen. She calmly replies that she loves him no longer and will not give way—free she was born and free she will die. . but Carmen's cards foretell death for both her and José ("En vain pour éviter les réponses amères"). but he is saved by the return of the smugglers and Carmen ("Holà. not men. but Carmen scorns their fears. Escamillo is heard singing in the distance. He begs her to return his love and start a new life with him far away. wealth and luxury. Don José draws his sword on his superior officer. José challenges Escamillo to a knife-fight. and hides in the rocks. Her picture of a life of freedom tempts him but he finally refuses saying he will never be a deserter. Zuniga is made a prisoner ("Bel officier") and José has no alternative but to flee with Carmen ("Suis-nous à travers la campagne"). She sends the guide away and vows to take Don José away from Carmen ("Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante"). It was Escamillo whom José had fired at. He begins to leave when Zuniga enters hoping to find Carmen. The crowd and children sing and cheer on the procession as the cuadrilla arrive ("Les voici! voici la quadrille"). Escamillo leaves. As he is leaving. he goes. and does not conceal this. infuriating José. Micaëla arrives with a guide seeking José. and she tells José that his mother wishes to see him. Carmen is unmoved and asks him to join her gypsy life if he really loves her ("Non. Carmen's temper flares when José says he must leave. with merchants and gypsies selling their wares ("À deux cuartos!"). écoute. tu ne m'aimes pas"). Carmen"). After Escamillo has gone into the fight. The smugglers ask the girls to come and charm the customs officers ("Quant au douanier. je ne partirai pas!"). Remendado finds Micaëla hiding. Frasquita and Mercédès are among the crowd and the girls tell Zuniga that Carmen is now with Escamillo. not realising José is that soldier. which he kept while he was in prison and is proof of his love (the "Flower Song"—"La fleur que tu m'avais jetée"). but invites Carmen and the smugglers to his next bullfight in Seville. Frasquita and Mercédès read the cards ("Mêlons! Coupons!"): Frasquita and Mercédès foresee love and romance. holà José"). but Escamillo fights defensively. c'est notre affaire") and everyone goes off. Act 4 A square in front of the arena at Seville: the day of a bull-fight. Carmen. bustling activity It is the day of the contest to which Escamillo invited the smugglers. The third time they fight Escamillo's knife breaks. Zuniga. Before she can enter the arena she is confronted by the desperate José ("C'est toi? C'est moi!"). until he says he is infatuated with Carmen and tells José the story of her affair with a soldier. but when he arrives José welcomes him. 141 Act 3 A wild and deserted rocky place at night The smugglers along with Carmen and José are travelling with the contraband ("Écoute. leaving the jealous José to guard the goods. Carmen mocks him and at first he refuses to go ("Non. but José bars her way. Frasquita warns Carmen that José is in the crowd ("Carmen! Prends garde!"). taunting him to return to his village. Carmen and Escamillo are greeted by the crowds and express their love.

" José is ill-suited to Carmen's whims.[11] In Act I her reply to Zuniga when she is arrested is a translation from the Pushkin poem: "J'aime un autre et je meurs en disant que je l'aime"."[11] Carmen and José's scenes together represent the stages of their relationship. independent and mistress of all her decisions. strength of temperament. Micaëla's music is developed from Gounod's lyric operas. The spectators flock out of the arena and find José ("Ah! Carmen! ma Carmen adorée!")." .[11] Carmen will always be a challenge for great singing actresses. Carmen's fatalism is well illustrated in the card-playing scene. the second in Act II is the conflict. who perceive her as available to them. Escamillo was adapted from an "offstage" character in the novella. and Escamillo is a musical cousin of Ourrias in Gounod's Mireille. her calm acceptance of her fate. but she scornfully throws back the ring that he gave to her ("Cette bague. while retaining the externals of the genre. much revised by Bizet. armed resistance to an officer and smuggling.[26] Carmen is a woman prepared to give herself completely. and especially of her death show her "interior security. she dies. expecting fidelity. but commented "They want their trash.[11] Micaëla and Escamillo are not as developed as the two protagonists and would not be out of place in a traditional opéra comique. but José bars her way. autrefois").[25] The initial controversy. The Seguidilla in Act I is the seduction. through desertion. Portrayed as "free. unlike the other men in the opera. The trouble with Carmen was that. and anticipates phrases she will use at the end of the opera. damnée") as Escamillo is acclaimed in the arena. He asks her one last time to come back. and will get it... he represents a more typical male attitude to Carmen.[12] Don José's descent and moral disintegration from a simple and honourable soldier to a murderous brigand is plotted by librettists and composer "from connivance at Carmen's escape. in which she accepts the premonition of death. Her availability to men (as she explains in the Habanera) is strictly on her terms. such as spoken dialogue. was about shocking aspects of the story. [27] personality and beauty . a sporting idol – it dared to treat their emotions with absolute seriousness." Carmen's strength and capacity of expression. She is fatalistic and hedonistic. Bizet knew that the song would be popular. living entirely in the present moment. it not only took its characters from proletarian life – a corporal. to murder. He dreams that he can possess and redeem her. despite Bizet and his librettists' toning down of some elements of Mérimée's novella. and the last in Act IV—which the librettists by a brilliant stroke moved from the mountains (Mérimée) to outside the bullring—is the tragic resolution.Carmen Cheers are heard from the bull-ring and Carmen tries to enter. A poster for an 1896 American production with aware of the magnitude in human terms of this decision but in turn she Rosabel Morrison will demand the same from the one to whom she surrenders herself. even before the premiere. Don José kneels in despair beside her. to the strains of the chorus of the 'Toreador Song'. confessing his guilt over her dead body. corresponds to José's character and psychological environment before he met Carmen. He stabs her ("Eh bien. a promiscuous gypsy.[25] In Escamillo's 'Toreador Song'. Micaëla.[24] 142 Dramatic elements Carmen was extremely innovative in its drama: alternating comic or sentimental scenes found traditionally in opéra comique with stark realism. who is not in the novella.

Bizet never interposes himself between the audience and his characters whose sufferings move listeners without intervention.) the word 'l'amour' over the chorus. leading to the women's fight – this F♯ piece where two groups of women exchange short vocal entries requires considerable co-ordination from the chorus. After the women mockingly sing the Habanera refrain. at the end of May 1875. Based on a descending chromatic scale.. the Habanera follows a "verse and chorus" form. His duet with Micaëla begins with his first sung words "Parle-moi de ma mère". in which Carmen's seduction of José is initiated. Throughout this act. The scene is set for Carmen's aria in the graceful dotted rhythm of the Habanera. After a short spoken scene. The Prelude is in three sections: in A major the flamboyant Act IV 'Spanish' music of the bull-fight.Carmen 143 Musical elements Dean affirms that Bizet's score is a masterpiece of dramatic detachment. at which the men call for "Carmencita. finishing on a diminished 7th chord. possibly with Bizet's consent. Bizet modelled the Habanera with graceful dotted rhythm and teasing chromatic melodies on a Cuban-style song then popular in cabarets. her insolence is echoed by solo flute. linked both to Carmen. Micaëla's music weaves her own feelings with those of José's mother. José's development can be traced by the music alone: in Act I he is the simple countryman. which will return in a rollicking A major at the curtain when Carmen escapes. which replace the dialogue. After Micaëla's entry to a chromatic figure in the strings. after each verse Carmen sings a seductive countermelody on (L'amour est un oiseau rebelle . The curtain rises with a pedal F that resolves to a tonic B-flat only at the first cadence of the chorus. The Seguidille is an original compound of song. at the choral verse. She mimics this chorus but jumps to G major as she leaves. Mozart. developed and carried to the point of capitulation by musical means alone. with a hushed four-part fugue in F minor. and finally a plunge into D minor and the motive marked by the augmented second. enharmonic slips in and out of flat keys reach a cadence.. the soldiers sing a mock military march (in E) to inform her about José's return at the change of guard. In the following section Zuniga interrogates Carmen in speech. Muted strings accompany Carmen's plotting. A chorus in shifting metre brings the women on stage whose music evokes swaying languor. The pantomime for Moralès (Bizet composed three versions for Duvernoy) was performed at the first 30 performances until cut. though there are parallels with Verdi as well. high violin trills shatter José's reverie. Act I Introduction. his music in tune with Micaëla's. Moralès's solo leads back to a repeat of the chorus. Guiraud's recitatives. dance and duet. then the 'Toreador Song'." The next short number includes the 'fate' motive from the prelude but with intimations of doom. lending an aura of Georges Bizet's manuscript of the habanera exoticism. the orchestra comments in a yearning style that will characterize José's music (he has yet to sing). and to Don José's fatal attraction to her. In the G major duet José briefly recalls Carmen's motif. violin and cellos. and Carmen sings a seductive countermelody on the key word "l'amour. while she answers in wordless song. Mozartian likewise is the compound of richness and clarity in the orchestration and the unfailing aptness of musical form to dramatic situation. Solo violin and cello in canon accompany the mélodrame where Moralès tells José that Micaëla has come to see him. destroy the balance of music by recalling previous themes. ." The flourishes for her entrance are a speeded-up version of the augmented second theme from the Prelude. but a March for urchins led by piccolos undermines any military seriousness. In this classical approach his model was his favourite composer. Bugle calls signal the change of guard.

which became the habanera. which only pauses when Carmen announces that she is in love. their sliding back portrayed by a series of descending chromatic chords. and not as an ironic counterpart to the stage action. the middle section illustrating the 'slippery' nature of Carmen. then in unison (unanimity absent from Carmen and José's scenes). exotic percussion. chromaticism and descending tetrachords. When Carmen. his hysteria has given way to a grim and hard desperation. plays the musical styles of the characters against one another to maximum effect. A sense of excitement is generated with constant quaver accompaniment. but when Carmen reads her cards it is above a halting accompaniment foretelling death. which includes Carmen's dance. his flower song and the duet 'La-bas. Escamillo and José's fight duet builds to a blustering climax and ends on a diminished 7th as José lunges to kill his opponent. The Act III finale intensifies everything leading up to it. A brilliant quintet for the smugglers and the gipsy girls is rapid-fire and conspiratorial. These include El arreglito. 1896) The second entr'acte paints the landscape of Act III with a serene arching melody on the flute over a harp accompaniment. 144 Poster from an American production (ca. with chromaticism and enharmonic pivots. The trio ends in F major." The repetition of the passage a few moments later in G (rather than G-flat) is an electrifying stroke. This long sequence. her quarrel with José." Several popular Spanish songs are adapted in the score. as the toreros enter. but not off-stage. Carmen's castanet dance for José is barely scored—which leaves space for the bugle summoning José to barracks. Bizet here anticipates the device so often used by Puccini of writing for voice and bass in octaves with the harmony in between. The Act opens with a Gypsy song in E minor and celebrates Carmen's singing and dancing – and the feelings they arouse accelerating in a tour de force of orchestration. The finale opens with short exchanges between José and Carmen. with sharp rhythms. the only involving all four protagonists. It had been conventional in opéra comique to have a joyful chorus at the end. they burst into the Toreador's song when they see Escamillo.[29] When asked if he would visit Spain to research his score. and as he stabs her the Toreador's song and the fate motive appear together. The scene closes with the smuggler's march that opened the act. The short duet for Carmen and Escamillo allows them to express their feelings separately. Songs and cries are heard offstage (in the arena). Mercédès and Frasquita read the cards the refrain portrays it as a girlish game. with other instruments entering to converse with the flute. The entr'acte before Act IV is the most exotic. The 'fate' theme on the cor anglais[28] leads to a wide-raging solo – the 'flower song'. harmonizing with her sensuous dance. now in F. The toreador's couplets (F minor/F major) present his prowess in the bull-ring and with women. the discovery of Micaëla and José's agitation driving the music to the emotional climax of the opera. where his passion for Carmen is more profound than his love for Micaëla ever was.[30] The habanera was . Bizet replied "No. her feelings expressed by her are a foil to Carmen. la bas dans la montagne'—which Bizet refused to break into sections for applause and which leads straight into the finale—is a miracle of musical and dramatic development without recourse to recitative. who join in during the 'trio' section. This whole section. Micaëla's air in E-flat with prominent parts for four horns is near to conventional opéra comique style. the crowds celebrate with the theme from the opening of the Prelude. that would only confuse me.Carmen The entr'acte before Act II contains the song for José later in Act II when he approaches the tavern. The opera concludes with two open octaves in F♯. and the folk-song Carmen impudently sings when interrogated by Zuniga—both written by Yradier. but after dialogue swings into G-flat for a march in which Carmen and her companions boast of their prowess in distracting the guards. the modulation in the last bars show his emotions have grown beyond his control. "Dût-il m'en couter la vie. The act opens with a furtive march for the smugglers. with Escamillo going off to a dreamy D-flat version of his Act II couplets.

such as the Metropolitan."[11] The recitatives are seen as damaging to the work as a whole. Oeser also made great changes to the stage directions and rewrote some of the libretto. and how every note [32] and every rest is in its proper place. and during the opera's final moments. an extended fight scene in Act I.[11] The Act IV entr'acte seems to be influenced by a Spanish song by Manuel Patricio Rodríguez García. and Bizet supposedly wrote over ten revisions. Oeser and Guiraud versions. After Bizet's death. and when Carmen is taken away by the police to José and Zuniga.[9] 145 Revisions Bizet's original plan for Carmen was with spoken dialogue. It is heard after José is chosen as Carmen's lover. they destroy Bizet's careful pacing. and disrupt the process of characterization significantly. In a sequence cut from the original edition. don't study Wagner's scores.[33] These were used everywhere except at the Opéra-Comique. On 10 November 1959. with some additions from Oeser. "in a bloated and spectacular production involving an enormous cast. A new edition in 1964 edited by Fritz Oeser claimed to have restored Bizet's original vision by including material cut from the premiere as well as restoring the dialogue. Most recordings since the publication of Oeser edition juggle the Opéra-Comique. Oeser did not realise that a great deal was cut by Bizet himself before the first performance in order to achieve dramatic concentration. human and animal . Carmen moved to the Paris Opéra. at the entrance of Carmen. and (with some cuts) the original dialogue.. Sir Georg Solti's recording mostly follows the Opéra-Comique score. The 1970 de Burgos recording includes the Act I pantomime scene with Moralès and chorus. study the score of Carmen. and notably during the card playing scene. Unfortunately. where a shortened dialogue version remained in the repertory into the 1950s (with one piece of Guiraud recitative for Micaëla in Act III). placed in the frenzied chorus of women in Act I. The orchestration has been much praised. in its faster form. The only score with the authority of the composer is the 1875 vocal score. they are sometimes still used in large theaters. It is heard in this form when Carmen chooses José as her lover. Richard Strauss advised young composers "if you want to learn how to orchestrate. The 'objective' and 'subjective' forms occur admirably adapted to its purpose and is never run to death. Bizet's use of the motto theme in Carmen is simple but supremely effective.[11] The other theme associated with Carmen represents her influence over José. It is also heard." Bizet dedicated the score to Jules Pasdeloup. Its appearances are never mechanical. his friend Ernest Guiraud wrote recitatives for the Vienna premiere in 1875. as well as the familiar one.Carmen written to replace an aria that Galli-Marié disliked. the two themes are played contrapuntally. The recording conducted by Michel Plasson features an earlier variant of Carmen's Habanera ("L'amour est enfant de bohème"). including a different version of the Act III opening. incorporating elements of gypsy music. The first is heard directly after the Prelude and prefigures the ending of the opera. most of Guiraud's recitatives.[34] Found in every score from 1875 to 1964. it always carries a load of dramatic irony. where spoken dialogue is difficult to project.[31] The motif associated with Carmen is used in several forms. .. at the beginning of the Flower Song. and the attendance of President de Gaulle. What wonderful economy. and inserted without apology by the publisher.

director. 1933 Carmen – Lotte Reiniger. 1926 Carmen – Jacques Feyder. Some of these. director. an Italian film based on the novella. starring Theda Bara. a Spanish film starring Sara Montiel and Maurice Ronet. based on the novella. director. the novella. 6) for piano named Fantasia da camera super Carmen (1920). 1915 Burlesque on Carmen – Charlie Chaplin. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Pearl Bailey. Parkinson. director 1918 Carmen – Ernst Lubitsch. and was shown with an orchestral arrangement of music from the opera by Hugo Riesenfeld. director. 1948 The Loves of Carmen – Charles Vidor. a British film. based on the opera. with Pola Negri and Harry Liedtke.V. director. director. Taylor. 1931 Carmen – Cecil Lewis. director. such as Pablo de Sarasate's Carmen Fantasy (1883) for violin and orchestra. which uses themes from the opera. 1913 Carmen – Lucius Henderson. Starring Geraldine Farrar. Carmen Jones. DeMille. Film The following is a list of film adaptations. director. director. Starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. a British film. director. a Mexican film. There are also two suites of music drawn directly from Bizet's opera. Starring Dorothy Dandridge. 1954 Carmen Jones – Otto Preminger.Carmen 146 Adaptations Fantasies A number of classical composers have used themes from Carmen as the basis for works of their own. director. 1913 Carmen – Stanner E. 1945 Carmen – Christian-Jaque. director. 1915 Carmen – Raoul Walsh. a 12-minute British film. a nine-minute German animated film. starring Dolores del Río. a British film. a French film with Jean Marais and Viviane Romance. 1938 Carmen la de Triana / Andalusische Nächte – Florián Rey. director.B. a British film. 1922 Carmen – George Wynn. 1941 Carmen – A Filipino film 1943 Carmen – Luis César Amadori. 1927 The Loves of Carmen – Raoul Walsh director. director. or both: 1907 Carmen – Arthur Gilbert. and Diahann Carroll. a 65-minute film credited as being based on the novella. 1909 Carmen – Gerolamo Lo Savio. an Argentine film. Franz Waxman's Carmen Fantasie (1946) for violin and orchestra and Vladimir Horowitz's Variations on a theme from Carmen for solo piano are virtuoso showpieces in the tradition of fantasias on operatic themes. director. director. based on the 1943 adaptation by Oscar Hammerstein II. 1911 Carmen – Jean Durand. director. because the • • • • • • • producers couldn't afford the rights to the opera. directors. Ferruccio Busoni wrote a Sonatina (No. director. director. starring Raquel Meller. director. director. 1927 Carmen – H. 1921 Carmen – Ernesto Vollrath. director. • 1915 Carmen – Cecil B. nevertheless it included some plot elements from the opera. 1914 Carmen – Giovanni Doria and Augusto Turqui. a Japanese film. Harry Belafonte. 1959 Carmen la de Ronda – Tulio Demicheli. 1929 Carmen – Shunichi Takeuchi. a Spanish-German film starring Imperio Argentina. a French film starring Gaston Modot. 1912 Carmen – Theo Frenkel. a Spanish-Italian co-production based on the opera. often recorded and performed in orchestral concerts.

a full-length ballet based on the original story and music of Carmen for the Ballet Manila headed by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. • 1983 Prénom: Carmen – Jean-Luc Godard. Wild Rose – Wong Tin-lam. • Peter Brook adapted the opera into a dramatico-musical work La Tragédie de Carmen. a loose modern adaptation.[35] • Rodion Shchedrin wrote a Carmen ballet (1967) directly based on the opera. Bizet. director. Did Carmen come from Russia? in English National Opera programme. J M Dent & Sons. p. • In 1949 Roland Petit created a ballet entitled Carmen. which was re-staged for the Royal New Zealand Ballet in 2010. presented at the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. called Matthew Bourne's The Car Man. [2] Hammond A.Carmen • 1960 The Wild. director. Vienna House. 1953. London. 1978. Cruz of the Philippines created Carmen. and in book form in 1847 (from French Wikipedia page). a film of the opera starring Julia Migenes and Plácido Domingo • 1990 Carmen on Ice – Horant H.[39] See also • Smuggling in fiction Notes [1] The novella was first published in 1845 in serial form in La Revue des Deux Mondes. The Passion in January 2008.[38] • Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman was commissioned to create a new full evening work with orchestra for Ballet Bern in Switzerland. The cast included Mary Ann Acevedo and other former participants in Objetivo Fama. director 147 Dance and theater • Carmen Jones. [6] Curtiss M. New York. Booklet to Decca recording conducted by Solti. director • 2001 Karmen Gei – Joseph Gaï Ramaka director. Ferré in September 2009 is an adaptation of Carmen. • 1983 Carmen – Carlos Saura. Bizet and his world. A 1943 Broadway musical adaptation with book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. • Eric V. 1976. dance film • 1983 La Tragédie de Carmen – Peter Brook. • 2003 Carmen – Vicente Aranda.000 times. 1958. [36] • Ramón Oller wrote a Carmen ballet (2007) based on the opera • The Royal Winnipeg Ballet premiered a new version of Mauricio Wainrot's Carmen. The Bizet score was adapted and orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Paris. [4] Curtiss M. 426.[37] • Flow: El Musical. Bizet and his world. Hohlfeld. director • 2005 U-Carmen eKhayelitsha – Mark Dornford-May. André Bonne. a short film of Brook's own stage adaptation. based on Bizet's music and a similar plot. 1984. New York. a film of the opera starring Grace Bumbry and Jon Vickers. Chapter XXVII. [7] Dean W. • 1984 Carmen – Francesco Rosi. • Choreographer Matthew Bourne has created an updated version of Carmen. 1958. Senegal and sung in French and Wolof. set in Dakar. • Robert Sund choreographed a 45-minute contemporary ballet of Carmen to a score by Miles Davis for Ballet Pacifica in 1997. the poem also forms the basis of Rachmaninov's one-act opera Aleko. . 2004. Music Note in programme for Carmen. [8] Dean W. Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Vienna House. since performed over 5. writer and director • 2001 Carmen: A Hip Hopera – Robert Townsend. Un demi-siècle d'Opéra-Comique (1900–1950). Carmen's place in history. director • 1967 Carmen – Herbert von Karajan director and conductor. [3] Briggs A D. Chapter XXVII [5] Wolff S. See Appendix F: The Cult of the Masters in France. director. director.

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Carmen 149 External links Carmen: Free scores at the International Music Score Library Project. Background Andrea Chénier remains popular with audiences.byu. Giovanni Zenatello.htm) an online resource documenting film versions of the Carmen story. 13 November 1896. the opera contains a well-known aria (La mamma morta) for the soprano . 16 April 1903 (sung in English). though it is now less frequently performed than it was during the first half of the 20th Century. Giuseppe Borgatti's triumph in the title part at the first performance immediately propelled him to the front rank of Italian opera singers. famous Cheniers in the period between the opera's premiere and the outbreak of World War II included Francesco Tamagno (who studied the work with Giordano). The Wagnerian tenor Ben Heppner tackled the role in New York City at a 2007 Metropolitan Opera revival with mixed success. tenor and baritone respectively. André Chénier (1762-1794). Beniamino Gigli. In addition to four arias and ariosos for the principal tenor (Un di all'azzuro spazio.ac. Post-war.org/etext/2465) at Project Gutenberg Recordings of Carmen (http://www. Giovanni Martinelli. and.ahds. • Hamburg.uk/performingarts/collections/carmen. who was executed during the French Revolution. his voice was impressively powerful but did not fit the style. Aureliano Pertile. Giacomo Lauri-Volpi and Antonio Cortis. set to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica. hosted by AHDS Performing Arts (http://www.html) • • • • • Andrea Chénier Andrea Chénier is a verismo opera in four acts by the composer Umberto Giordano.com/carmen.htm) • Carmen and other works by Mérimée in English (http://frenital. while Plácido Domingo became its foremost interpreter among the next generation of tenors. Enrico Caruso also gave a few performances as Chenier in London in 1907. All of these tenors with the exception of Borgatti have left 78-rpm recordings of one or more of the part's showpiece solos. Rodolfo Ferrari conducted.edu/variations/scores/aaz2552/large/index.operacast.uk/ performingarts/index.indiana. One reason that the opera has stayed in the repertoire is due to the magnificent lyric-dramatic music provided by Giordano for the tenor lead. and • London. Come un bel di di maggio).) Apart from Borgatti. Giuseppe Borgatti (who replaced Alfonso Garulli at the eleventh hour) and Mario Sammarco in the leading parts of soprano.html) Carmen (http://www. Academy of Music. Camden Theatre. Full piano score with notes (http://www. Borgatti went on to become Italy's greatest Wagnerian tenor rather than a verismo-opera specialist. 3 February 1897 under the baton of Gustav Mahler. It is based loosely on the life of the French poet. (Surprisingly enough.edu/merimee/works/Carmen. Franco Corelli. although Domingo's contemporary Luciano Pavarotti also successfully sang and recorded the work. Other notable first performances include: • New York. Francesco Merli. Richard Tucker and Mario del Monaco were undoubtedly the most famous interpreters of the title role during the 1950s and '60s. Milan. Performance history The work was first performed at the Teatro alla Scala. Indeed.dlib. Io non amato ancor. which gives a talented singer many opportunities to demonstrate his histrionic skill and flaunt his voice. on 28 March 1896 with Evelina Carrera. fui soldato.htm) Carmen Filmography (http://ahds. Si.gutenberg.ac.

he consents. With the exception of Maddalena.Andrea Chénier heroine. who is filled with indignation at the sight of his aged father suffering as the result of long years of abusive labor for the aristocrats. gentlemen. Act I The servants of the Countess of Coigny are preparing for a ball. Among the guests is the dashingly popular poet. a spy Roucher. dressed as shepherds and shepherdesses. an old woman tenor baritone soprano Giuseppe Borgatti Mario Sammarco Evelina Carrera mezzo-soprano Maddalena Ticci mezzo-soprano Della Rogers bass baritone tenor tenor Gaetano Roveri Michele Wigley Enrico Giordano Enrico Giordano bass or baritone Gaetano Roveri baritone Raffaele Terzi mezzo-soprano Della Rogers Fouquier Tinville. Maddalena. Place: In and around Paris. singing idealized rustic music and the ballet mimicking a rural love story in stately court fashion. servants. the Public Prosecutor bass or baritone Ettore Brancaleone Master of the Household bass Raffaele Terzi Ladies. When the Countess asks him to improvise a poem he refuses initially. a typical eighteenth century court pastoral with the chorus. a gaoler at St. Gérard appears leading a crowd of ragged men and women and they are summarily ordered to leave the castle. . Outraged. Lazare Madelon. rousing. soldiers . her maid La comtesse di Coigny Pietro Fléville. When the guests have arrived. a poet The Incredible. Chénier follows them. Maddalena flirtatiously suggests the subject “Love. March 28. a novelist Mathieu. Among them is Gérard. pleads with Andrea Chénier. soprano-tenor duet for the two leads as they prepare to face the guillotine. but when Countess's beautiful daughter. 1896 (Conductor: Rodolfo Ferrari) Andrea Chénier. 150 Roles Role Voice type Premiere Cast. a friend of Chénier Schmidt. and sings of the misery and suffering of the poor instead which leads to a tirade against those in power in church and state. a servant Maddalena de Coigny Bersi. Also worth noting are the baritone's expressive monologue Nemico della Patria and the final.Chorus Synopsis Setting Time: 1789-93. a poet Carlo Gérard. Andrea Chénier.” but he soon forgets this. the ball's privileged guests are outraged by Chénier's idealistic social and human creed. which was featured in the film Philadelphia (the Maria Callas version is used on the soundtrack). musicians. a sans-culotte The Abbé.

The mob thirsts for blood. Maddalena. Act IV While confined in the gloomy St. Finally desire triumphs and Gérard resigns in a mood of cynicism. Maddalena bribes her way into the prison. Lazare prison. and asks him to save Maddalena also. They fight over her with swords and Gérard is wounded. She offers to give herself to Gérard to save Chénier’s life. At dawn. he warns Chénier to flee from the wrath of his revolutionary enemies.. let him die fighting for it. • "La mamma morta" (My mother died . Chénier pleads for himself vehemently. also known as "L'improvviso" (One day in azure space . not shamefully executed. and • "Nemico della patria" (Enemy of the fatherland . and as he is about to put his signature to the fatal document. He spends his time writing verses of poetry which express his faith in truth and beauty. has fallen in love with Maddalena and refuses to leave without her. She is ushered in to see Chénier by Gérard. who has acquired a passport he can use. Yet he hesitates for a moment recalling that it was Chénier’s inspired verse that first awakened his own patriotism. Gérard then pleads for the poet. however. The lovers rejoice in each other's company briefly but are interrupted when they are discovered by Gérard. Hurried before the tribunal.Andrea Chénier 151 Act II Chénier is now a revolutionary activist and a wanted man. Coincidentally.. Chénier. fought for his country. but it is now too late. This is too good an opportunity to make away with a rival. He is advised to flee by his friend Roucher. Maddalena soon arrives having sneaked away from her family with the desire of joining the revolution. Noted arias • "Un dì all'azzuro spazio". Unable to live without her grand passion. • "Vivere in fretta" (To live in a hurry . “An enemy of his country?” He knows well that is the standard charge against one’s personal enemies. Gérard tells them that his assailant is unknown to him. a soldier. if he must die.Maddalena). Meanwhile. Maddalena takes the place of a condemned woman and chooses to go to the guillotine with her lover.Bersi). .Chénier). Believing he is dying. Chénier is due to be beheaded. The lovers have a brief tender moment before making one more failed appeal to Robespierre for a pardon. • "Come un bel dì di Maggio" (Like a beautiful day in May . When a mob arrives on the scene a few minutes later. he laughingly asks himself. whose mother has meanwhile perished.Gérard) . A spy announces Chénier’s arrest for having dared criticize the cruelty of the powerful revolutionary leader Robespierre. saying that he. Act III Gérard has recovered and is presiding over a revolutionary tribunal. also appears. Chénier awaits his execution.Chénier) [This among the comparatively few musical passages that can be excerpted from the work's verismo flow]. Now to satisfy his passion he sacrifices a friend. who is also infatuated with Maddalena. "La Marseillaise" is suggestively quoted by the orchestra.

782 pages. stanford. Cultural reference • In the famous "Opera Scene" from the 1993 film Philadelphia. edu/ Giordano/ AndreaChenier/ synopsis. translates into English the words of Maria Callas's recording. in Italian. Giuseppe"). Sources • The Oxford Dictionary of Opera. Tom Hanks. of "La mamma morta". References [1] http:/ / opera. Umberto". External links • Synopsis of Andrea Chénier [1] From Stanford University's Opera Glass website. the protagonist.Andrea Chénier 152 Recordings See Andrea Chénier discography. by John Warrack and Ewan West (1992). ISBN 0-19-869164-5 (under "Giordano. "Andrea Chenier" and "Borgatti. html .

The Opera Album (1998) Romanza is the first greatest hits album by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Pop 70:13 Sugar. The album is considered Bocelli's breakthrough album.''Romanza'' 153 Romanza Romanza Greatest hits by Andrea Bocelli Released 1997 Recorded 1996 Genre Length Label Adult Contemporary. and remains his most commercially successful to date. topping charts all across Europe and Latin America. Operatic Pop. . Universal Producer Mauro Malavasi Michele Torpedine Beppe Vessicchio Celso Valli Frank Peterson Professional reviews — Andrea Bocelli chronology Viaggio Italiano (1996) Romanza (1997) Aria . released internationally in 1997. Easy Listening. Philips.

[2] on September 14. in Bologna.[2] All 3 ceremonies were broadcasted live in Germany. in Paris. contributing to Romanza's success in the two countries.[1] PBS also played a big part in Bocelli' early success in the States. Marta Sánchez. Bocelli appeared in Hamburg. On October 19. in London. Hélène Ségara. Bocelli's first Great Performances special.[3] and finally. released in 1994. Bocelli received a Bambi award. and ended in Berlin. with the airing of A Night in Tuscany. Il Mare Calmo della Sera. started in Locarno. 1997.[2] The German Tour. Aschaffenburg. for his previous album. Bocelli held a concert with Sarah Brightman. in his native Tuscany. The album was also supported in Germany. a music video of the Portuguese version of the song. Viaggio Italiano. Halle. on June 6. on October 25. Bocelli also performed the French version of Vivo per lei with French singer. with other venues including. Judy Weiss. Baden-Baden. Rügen. released in 1995. Coburg. Europe In August. France. of a concert filmed in 1997. Kiel. Hamburg. Aachen. in Cologne. Kassel. by a series of concerts. On March 3. at the Royal Albert Hall.000 people. the Spanish version of song with Spanish singer. the album and Bocelli himself. München. This included Bocelli being featured in Hotel Bellagio's commercials in North America. A music video for each of those three versions was released in those countries. in the fall. Nuremberg. on September 27. Leverkusen. Bocelli won 3 major awards in Germany.[2] In 1997. and the German version of the song with German singer. Switzerland. on television programms in Germany and Switzerland. Koblenz. Dresden. in Munich.[5] Back in Italy. Essen. on television programms in Spain. as well as an indoor concert in Oberhausen. an annual television and media prize awarded by the German media company Hubert Burda Media. Bocelli sang again before the Pope at the International Eucharistic Congress. Bocelli held a concert in Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. he received an ECHO Klassik. Austria. sang with Brazilian singer Sandy Leah. and a [6] concert in Seefeld. with Sarah Brightman to receive the ECHO music award for "Best Single of the Year". and organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization to raise awareness about world hunger. on August 30. Wiesbaden. Hannover.[2] On December 15 and 20. Italy. he sang at the TeleFood benefit concert held in Vatican City. Stuttgart. where he sang. including 22 open air concerts in the country. Münster. was also released in Brazil and Portugal. as well as his voice being heard on it's Fountain show. for "Time to Say Goodbye". in the presence of Pope John Paul II. for "Best seller of the year".[4] In the United Kingdom. . Promotion North America Being Bocelli's first album released in the United States and Canada. to an audience of 800. and then at the World Youth Festiva. Bocelli first appeared at the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago. in Paris. on television programms in France and Belgium. Leipzig. were heavily promoted.''Romanza'' 154 Background The album is a compilation of Bocelli's two previous pop albums. In addition. and Bocelli.

"Le Tue Parole" 8. of all time. Gatto Panceri Mauro Malavasi Dario Farina. one million in Italy. "Miserere" (with John Miles . it is Bocelli's most commercially successful album. Lucio Quarantotto Gerardina Trovato Mariella Nava Gianpietro Felisatti.000 units sold in Switzerland. Cirillo Bono. "Vivo per lei" (with Giorgia) 9. the album amassed a multitude of platinum and multi-platinum awards.[11] [12] To date. "E Chiove" 14. "Per Amore" 4. Title 1. it is aldo the second best-selling album in history there. Bocelli.bonus track) Writer(s) Francesco Sartori.[8] outselling even Bocelli's 1995 album. and Latin America where it became the best-selling album. Art Mengo. and more than three million in Spain. "Macchine da Guerra" 7.[10] making Romanza the best-selling album by a foreign artist of the SoundScan Era. "Time To Say Goodbye" (with Sarah Brightman) Sartori. "Caruso" 6. with worldwide sales in excess of 19 million copies to date. and is considered his breakthrough album. Quarantotto. With more than 350. Antonella Maggio Malise [7] [7] Gloria Nuti Producer(s) Length 4:09 4:41 4:42 4:40 5:16 4:08 3:57 4:23 3:41 4:30 5:28 3:51 4:21 4:05 4:04 Andrea Bocelli Amoruso. "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera" 5.2 million copies sold. Zucchero 15. and Diamond status in Canada. Malise. then charts around the world. "Rapsodia" 12. with 1.123.000 copies in the Far East. It also received quadruple platinum status in the United States with 4. It is one of the biggest-selling albums of all time. "La Luna Che Non C'è" 11. in Canada.[9] being Bocelli's first album released in the States. Lucio Dalla Angus Smith Joe Amoruso. . "Vivere" (with Gerardina Trovato) 3. having sold more than 7 million units in Europe alone. selling an impressive 500. Frank Peterson Reception Commercial performance First in Europe. Sergio Cirillo Valerio Zelli. and the fourth best-selling overall. "Voglio Restare Così" 13.000 copies sold. that launched his career worldwide. "Romanza" 10.''Romanza'' 155 Track listing International standard listing No. by an non-Latino artist. "Con te partirò" 2.

''Romanza'' 156 Charts. procession. World Albums Sales and certifications . Billboard 200 U. Catalog Albums (2000) U.S. sales and certificates Charts Chart (1997/1998) Peak position 1 2 1 1 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 6 Austrian Albums Chart Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) Dutch Albums Chart European Top 100 Albums Finnish Albums Chart French Albums Chart German Albums Chart Hungarian Albums Chart Italian FIMI Albums Chart Norwegian Albums Chart Polish Albums Chart Portuguese Albums Chart Swedish Albums Chart Swiss Albums Chart UK Albums Chart Chart (1997/1998) Peak position 1 2 5 8 35 1 1 Argentinian Albums Chart Australian Albums Chart Canadian Albums Chart New Zealand Albums Chart U.S.S.

592 [19] 2.000 50.000 [10] 1.000 [18] 28.000.000 280.000+ 100.000 300.000 [16] 2x Platinum — Diamond — [17] 6x Platinum [18] Gold [19] Diamond [20] Platinum — 2x Platinum [21] 2x Platinum [22] Platinum Gold [23] 7x Platinum [25] Platinum [26] 4x Platinum United Kingdom BPI United States RIAA .000 50.000 [9] 4.500 500.000 100.000 6.000 100.''Romanza'' 157 Region Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile EU Finland France Germany Mexico Netherlands Norway Poland Sweden Switzerland Provider CAPIF ARIA IFPI IFPI ABPD CRIA IFPI IFPI IFPI SNEP IFPI AMPROFON NVPI IFPI ZPAV IFPI IFPI Certification — [14] 4x Platinum Platinum [15] Sales/Shipments [13] 500.000 [13] 120.000 [24] 350.123.000 [13] 650.000 100.000 [13] 900.200.077.

was designed to promote the album. htm [17] http:/ / www. ifpi. businesswire. com. asp) [2] Andrea Bocelli Chronicle: 1995 . . de/ en/ chronicle1995.. [11] Top 10 Selling Albums Of The SoundScan Era (1995-2008) (http:/ / www. ifpi. ca/ Music/ Artists/ G/ Groban_Josh/ 2008/ 01/ 14/ 4772010-ca. pdf [24] http:/ / www. com. in Pisa. sg. htm). and Seefeld (http:/ / bocelli.com Dec 9. com/ content/ section_news/ plat2001. Retrieved 2008-01-20. fr/ CDCertif_D. com/ news/ andrea-bocelli-aims-for-latin-favor-1070499. [21] http:/ / www. Official Fan site. Retrieved 2010-02-10. se/ wp/ wp-content/ uploads/ guld-platina-1987-1998. Jam!. Bocelli's first PBS Great Performances special. billboard. canoe. . ECHO. ifpi. no/ sok/ index_trofe. story) Billboard Magazine. htm). de/ en/ live/ concert1997_2. echo-deutscher-musikpreis. uk/ certifiedawards/ search.Las Vegas (http:/ / www. at the Piazza dei Cavalieri. aria.1997 (http:/ / bocelli. http:/ / www. filmed in 1997. [4] Andrea Bocelli's 1997 German tour (http:/ / bocelli. com/ portal/ site/ home/ permalink/ ?ndmViewId=news_view& newsId=20100204007048& newsLang=en). htm). 2009 article. infodisc. aspx [26] http:/ / riaa. [13] "Andrea Bocelli in Latin America" (http:/ / www. aspx?n=andrea_bocelli). Retrieved 2008-12-23. story). getmusic. See also • • • • List of best-selling albums in Argentina List of best-selling albums in Canada List of diamond-certified albums in Canada List of European number-one hits of 1997 References [1] Bellagio Fountains . bpi. and finally "Time To Say Goodbye" with English soprano Sarah Brightman. musikindustrie. The concert held in his native Tuscany. com. Bundesverband Musikindustrie. de/ echo/ echo_klassik_1997_gewinner. au/ pages/ aria-charts-accreditations-albums-1999. com/ DVD Cover. [10] "The Nielsen Company and Billboard’s 2009 Canadian Industry Report" (http:/ / www. [14] http:/ / www. . htm) (in German). Feb 04. Retrieved 2008-12-23. de/ en/ live/ concert1997_1. . billboard. 2007 article. .[27] The DVD of the full program was Internationally released November 10. [5] Sarah Brightman's 1997 concert at Royal Albert Hall (http:/ / bocelli. getmusic.''Romanza'' 158 PBS Special A Night in Tuscany. com/ #/ news/ boyle-s-dream-continues-at-no-1-on-billboard-1004052157. 1 On Billboard 200 (http:/ / www. asp?year=1998 [25] http:/ / www. Official Fan site. com/ pages/ attrac_highfountain_pop. ultratop. co. [9] Boyle's 'Dream' Continues At No. ifpi. php [23] http:/ / www. at/ ?section=goldplatin [16] http:/ / www. htm). who discovered him in 1992. sg/ artistdtl. Businesswire. de/ gold_platin_datenbank/ ) (in German). saw Bocelli perform two opera duets with soprano Nuccia Focile. com/ awards. [7] Malise is a pseudonym of Zucchero [8] "artist info" (http:/ / www. htm [22] http:/ / www. [12] TOP TEN SELLING ALBUMS OF SOUNDSCAN ERA (since 1995) (http:/ / jam. [6] Andrea Bocelli's 1997 concerts in Torre del Lago. Chart Attack. de/ en/ live/ concert1997_3.com. Official Fan site. Official Fan site. zpav. html [18] http:/ / www. fi/ tilastot/ kultalevyt/ haku/ ?q=andrea%20bocelli& national=0& type=album [19] http:/ / www. swisscharts. Paris-Bercy. pl/ rankingi/ wyroznienia/ platynowe/ index. . com/ news/ 64742/ acdc-outsold-everyone-else-in-2008). php?debut=0 [20] "Gold/Platin–Datenbank [Gold/Platinum Database]" (http:/ / www. [3] "ECHO Klassik 1997 winners" (http:/ / www. 2010 article. html). 2009 article. chartattack. sing "Miserere" with Italian rock star Zucchero. be/ xls/ Awards%201998. 1998. htm [15] http:/ / www. ifpi. bellagio. Billboard Magazine 2001 article.

nytimes. com/ movie/ 177255/ Andrea-Bocelli-A-Night-In-Tuscany/ overview).billboard. .com/#/album/andrea-bocelli/romanza/264217) (USA & Canada) • Romanza (http://www.''Romanza'' [27] "Andrea Bocelli: A Night In Tuscany (1997) article" (http:/ / movies. 159 External links • Romanza on the Billboard charts (http://www.be .ultratop. The New York Times.be/nl/showitem.asp?interpret=Andrea+Bocelli&titel=Romanza&cat=a) on Ultratop.

4.3:59 "Time to Say Goodbye" (Con te partirò)" (duet with Sarah Brightman) . (Spanish version of "Dare to live (Vivere)") was nominated for Record of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards of 2008.4:18 "Canto della Terra" .4:00 "Il mare calmo della sera" .4:39 "Dare to live (Vivere)" (duet with Laura Pausini) . October 22.4:05 . 5. 9. the album has sold over 3 million copies. the album topped the charts in Poland.3:59 "A Te" (featuring Kenny G on saxophone) . 6. Pop 68:45 Decca. 8. Sugar Records David Foster Andrea Bocelli chronology Amore (2006) The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (2007) Incanto (2008) The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere is the second greatest hits album released by Italian pop tenor Andrea Bocelli. 2. "La Voce Del Silenzio" . 3. 7.4:02 "Mille Lune Mille Onde" . It includes five new studio recordings and was internationally released. In August 2010. 3 years after its release. by Sugar.''The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere'' 160 The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere Greatest hits by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Length Label Producer 22 October 2007 Classical. 2007. Since its release.4:09 "Bésame Mucho" .4:55 "Sogno" .[1] The song "Vive Ya".[2] [3] Track listing 1.

3:42 "Vivo per lei" (duet with Giorgia) .4:40 161 Charts Chart (2007) World Top 40 Italy Albums Top 50 Hungarian Albums Chart Dutch Albums Top 100 Polish Albums Chart Norway Top 40 Portugal Albums Top 30 NZ Albums Top 40 Sweden Albums Top 60 UK Albums Top 75 Denmark Albums Top 40 Ireland Albums Top 75 US Albums Top 100 Australia Albums Top 50 Finland Albums Top 40 Belgium Albums Top 50 Austria Albums Top 75 Swiss Albums Top 100 Spain Albums Top 100 Germany Albums Top 50 Position 8 2 1 3 1 3 3 4 4 4 5 6 9 11 11 12 13 15 21 28 Certification 4X Platinum [4] 2x Platinum [5] 2x Platinum Platinum - .''The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere'' 10.4:27 "Because We Believe" . 15. 16. 12. "Io ci sarò" (featuring Lang Lang on piano) . 13.4:14 "The Prayer" (duet with Céline Dion) .4:07 "Bellissime stelle" . 11. 14.4:49 "Romanza" .4:25 "Melodramma" .

[2] (http:/ / olis. org/ oclc/ 173492639?tab=details). us/ poland_albums_top_50/ 2010/ 35) [4] http:/ / mahasz. hu/ m/ ?menu=slagerlistak& menu2=archivum& lista=top40& ev=2007& het=51& submit_=Keresés MAHASZ [5] http:/ / zpav. worldcat. asp?lang=) [3] (http:/ / acharts.''The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere'' 162 See also • Vivere Live in Tuscany the CD/DVD package of a pop concert for the album Notes [1] The best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere (http:/ / www. pl/ plyty.us/album/29001) . asp?page=platynowe& lang=en External links • "The Best Of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere charts (http://acharts. onyx. pl/ listy/ index. WorldCat.

Bocelli performs two opera duets with soprano Nuccia Focile during the concert. designed to promote his breakthrough album. who discovered him. and Time To Say Goodbye with English soprano Sarah Brightman. and traditional Italian songs that made him a crossover success as an internationally acclaimed tenor. References [1] "Andrea Bocelli: A Night In Tuscany (1997) article" (http:/ / movies. The concert was also Bocelli's first PBS Special. Romanza. The New York Times. highlighting the unique blend of Classical. Pop.''A Night in Tuscany'' 163 A Night in Tuscany A Night In Tuscany Directed by Starring David Amphlett Andrea Bocelli Distributed by Philips Release date(s) November 10. 1998 Running time Country Language Followed by 86 minutes Italy Italian Sacred Arias: The Home Video (2000) A Night in Tuscany is the first DVD released by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli of a concert held in his native Tuscany. com/ movie/ 177255/ Andrea-Bocelli-A-Night-In-Tuscany/ overview). . nytimes. before singing Miserere with [1] Italian rock star Zucchero. in 1997. . The concert takes place at the Piazza dei Cavalieri in Pisa.

''Sacred Arias: The Home Video'' 164 Sacred Arias: The Home Video Andrea Bocelli: The Home Video Starring Andrea Bocelli Distributed by Pilips Release date(s) June 20. com/ name/ nm0004765/ awards). singing the arias of his previous album. References [1] Andrea Bocelli awards and nominations (http:/ / www. in Rome. Italian A Night in Tuscany (1998) Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) (2002) Sacred Arias: The Home Video is the second DVD released by Italian tenor. imdb. a CD/DVD package. 2000 Running time Country Language Preceded by Followed by 177 minutes Italy English. the album and the DVD as a bonus. Sacred Arias. where he gave a concert conducted by Myung-whun Chung.com. The Great Performances program was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Classical Music-Dance Program during the 2000 Emmy awards. containing both. imdb. in 1999.[1] Sacred Arias: Special Edition. Andrea Bocelli. It was filmed in the Roman church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. . 2003. was released October 14.

It contains music videos filmed in Tuscany of Bocelli singing 10 songs off his 2001 album.[1] Music videos Songs [2] Director(s) .''Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana)'' 165 Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) Directed by Starring Larry Weinstein Andrea Bocelli Distributed by Philips Release date(s) January 15. Cieli di Toscana. as a tribute to his home town and family. 2002 Running time Country Language Preceded by 171 minutes Italy Italian Sacred Arias: The Home Video (2000) Credo: John Paul II (2006) Followed by Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) is the third DVD released by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

FredMeyer.bocelli.com.''Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana)'' "Melodramma" "Il Mistero Dell'Amore" "L'Incontro" "L'Ultimo Re" "L'Abitudine" "Resta Qui" "Mille Lune Mille Onde" "Mascagni" "Tornera la Neve" "E Sara' A Settembre" "E Mi Manchi Tu" Larry Weinstein 166 See also • Cieli di Toscana References [1] Tuscan Skies on imdb (http:/ / www. External links • Tuscan Skies (http://www. com/ title/ tt0412008) [2] Tuscan Skies (http:/ / fredmeyer.de . directtoustore. com/ Movies/ Movie.de/cds/dvdcieli. aspx?v_id=V+ + + 257560& prodid=PHL589511DVD& type=features& scroll=320). imdb.htm) on Bocelli.

Bocelli sings. . his spiritual heritage. Andrea Bocelli. celebrating the life of pope John Paul II. 2006 Running time Country Language Preceded by 63 minutes Italy English. Italian Tuscan Skies (Cieli di Toscana) (2002) Under the Desert Sky (2006) Followed by Credo: John Paul II is the fourth DVD released by Italian tenor. songs from his 1999 album Sacred Arias. com/ movie/ 349327/ Andrea-Bocelli-Credo-John-Paul-II/ overview). his most significant meetings with heads of states.''Credo: John Paul II'' 167 Credo: John Paul II Credo: John Paul II Starring Andrea Bocelli Distributed by Warner Music Release date(s) July 6.[1] The DVD contains footage of highlights of John Paul II's pontificate. New York Times review. References [1] Andrea Bocelli: Credo . from the day of his election to his funeral. in the background. Throughout the DVD.John Paul II (http:/ / movies. nytimes. but also his contact with people from all over the world.

.[1] [2] The DVD also includes interviews about the Amore album. Nevada) and taped for American television network PBS. Billboard 200 at number 11. of Bocelli and the producers. Amore. Humberto Gatica.''Under the Desert Sky'' 168 Under the Desert Sky Under the Desert Sky Live album (with DVD) by Andrea Bocelli Released Recorded Genre Label Producer November 7.S. The concert was performed on a specially built floating stage at Lake Las Vegas Resort (near Las Vegas. The package was released on November 7. 2006 Lake Las Vegas. NV Pop Sugar Records David Foster. It debuted and peaked on the U. and was also nominated for an Emmy. David Foster and Humberto Gatica. Tony Renis Andrea Bocelli DVD chronology Credo: John Paul II (2006) Under the Desert Sky (2006) Vivere Live in Tuscany (2008) Under the Desert Sky is a CD/DVD package of a pop concert by classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. It mostly featured songs from Bocelli's previous album. 2006.

5. "Somos Novios" 4. "Momentos" 18. "Cuando Me Enamoro" 16. "Besame Mucho" 3.000 United States Gold Canada Gold [3] See also • Amore. "Jurame" 12. "L'Appuntamento" 7. 6. "Canzoni Stonate" 5. "Amapola" 2. 4. "Besame Mucho" "Cuando Me Ennamoro" "Estate" "September Morn" "Can't Help Falling in Love" (studio recording with Katharine McPhee) "Canzoni Stonate" (new studio recording with Stevie Wonder) "Momentos" "Somos Novios" "The Prayer" (with Heather Headley) Certifications Country Certification Sales/shipments 560. 8. "Porque Tu Me Acostumbraste" 15. "Mi Manchi" 11.''Under the Desert Sky'' 169 Track listing DVD 1. 2. "September Morn" 9.410 50. the album . "Because We Believe" CD 1. "Pero Te Extraño" 6. "Can't Help Falling in Love" 10. 3. "Estate" 8. 7. 9. "Solamente Una Vez" 13. "Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)" 14. "The Prayer" 17.

[2] Artist chart history for Andrea Bocelli (albums) (http:/ / www. Billboard. cria. billboard. ca/ gold/ 1206_g. com/ bbcom/ retrieve_chart_history. vnuAlbumId=756863). 2007. Sugarland At No. 1" (http:/ / www. 2006. php). [3] CRIA Gold & Platinum certifications for December 2006 (http:/ / www. Urban. .''Under the Desert Sky'' 170 References [1] Katie Hasty. chartFormatGroupName=Albums& model. vnuArtistId=118751& model. Retrieved July 25. do?model. billboard. "'NOW 23' Trumps Groban.com. com/ bbcom/ search/ google/ article_display. jsp?vnu_content_id=1003408037). Billboard. November 15.com.

the program was broadcast in Mexico and in the UK. The concert was filmed. throughout the month of December. December 19. 2009. My Christmas. it later aired. December 15 and 25. . featuring Bocelli and Foster with additional guests including Natalie Cole. in Italy. on Italia 1. Blige. on TVE2 and TROS.[2] Broadcasting It first aired on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances series. in Spain and the Netherlands. it is Bocelli's eight DVD release. Released in December 8. 2009. and Jim Henson's Muppets. on Thanksgiving night in the United States. on vtm and RTL-TVI. In late November. and Christmas Eve. Mary J. at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.S. and Canada. 2010 Running time Country Language Preceded by 90 minutes United States English Incanto: The Documentary (2009) The Andrea Bocelli & David Foster Christmas Special. 2009. and continued to be broadcast in the U. Katherine Jenkins. Reba McEntire. Sugar Release date(s) December 8.''My Christmas Special'' 171 My Christmas Special My Christmas Special DVD cover of the Special Directed by Produced by Starring David Horn David Foster Andrea Bocelli Distributed by Philips. in 2010.[1] It was nominated for outstanding music direction at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards. The DVD of the full program was Internationally released December 8. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. is the PBS Great Performances Christmas special of Andrea Bocelli's first ever Holiday album. Decca. produced by multiple Grammy Award winner David Foster. September 15. in Belgium and Luxembourg.

' 'SNL' Join 'Glee' with Emmy Nominatons (http:/ / www. See also • My Christmas. the album of the concert. story). 2009 article. pbs. Billboard.''My Christmas Special'' 172 Deluxe CD/DVD Edition A Deluxe Edition featuring the standard CD and a bonus DVD containing highlights from the concert was released on November 23. . July 8. the Spanish version of the album. Nov 17. containing the same DVD and. [2] 'Idol. Great Performances on PBS.com. 2010.com. 2009. "Mi Navidad". 2009. billboard. References [1] Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas Preview of the Concert (http:/ / www. com/ news/ idol-snl-join-glee-with-emmy-nominatons-1004103272. org/ wnet/ gperf/ episodes/ andrea-bocelli-david-foster-my-christmas/ preview-of-the-concert/ 868). was released December 1. Another Deluxe Edition.

''Vivere Live in Tuscany'' 173 Vivere Live in Tuscany Vivere live in tuscany Live album (with DVD) by Andrea Bocelli Released Genre Label Producer January 29. Elisa. Somos Novios (It's impossible). In this DVD he performs duets with Sarah Brightman. 4. It was certified Triple Diamond in Brazil. Can't Help Falling in Love" "Canto della terra" (duet with Sarah Brightman) "Mille lune mille onde" "Romanza" "Se la gente usasse il cuore" "Domani" DVD . Tony Renis Andrea Bocelli DVD chronology Under the Desert Sky (2006) Vivere Live In Tuscany (2008) Incanto The Documentary (2008) Vivere Live in Tuscany is a CD/DVD package of a pop concert by classical Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. 6. 5. The concert was performed at Bocelli's Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico. 3. 2008 Pop Sugar Records Humberto Gatica. Tuscany.000 copies sold in the country. "Italia" (featuring Chris Botti) "La voce del silenzio" (duet with Elisa) "Medley: Besame Mucho.[1] Track listing CD 1. and collaborates with Chris Botti and Lang Lang and Kenny G. 7. 2. with over 375. Laura Pausini and Heather Headley. 8. by the ABPD. July 2007.

''Vivere Live in Tuscany'' 1. "Melodramma" 2. "Romanza" 3. "A te"(featuring Kenny G) 4. "Vivo per lei" (duet with Heather Headley) 5. "Io ci sarò" (featuring Lang Lang) 6. "Hungarian Rhapsody" (performed by Lang Lang) 7. "La voce del silenzio" (duet with Elisa) 8. "Dancing" (performed by Elisa) 9. "Canto della terra" (duet with Sarah Brightman) 10. "Bellissime stelle" 11. "Medley: Besame Mucho, Somos Novios (It's impossible), Can't Help Falling in Love" 12. "Because we believe" 13. "The Prayer" (duet with Heather Headley) 14. "Italia" (featuring Chris Botti) 15. "Dare to live" (duet with Laura Pausini) 16. "Sogno" 17. "Il mare calmo della sera" 18. "Time To Say Goodbye" (Con Te Partiro)( duet with Sarah Brightman)


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• Andrea Bocelli, the Biography of the tenor • Teatro del Silenzio, the location of the concert • The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere, the album

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country Brazil - ABPD Certification Sales

[1] Diamond triple 375,000+

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• Details on Andrea Bocelli's official website [2]
[1] "Andrea" (http:/ / abpd. org. br/ certificados_interna. asp?sArtista=Andrea Bocelli). ABPD. . [2] http:/ / www. andreabocelli. us/ _html/ discDett. php?lang=en& cat=pop& disc=20

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php?oldid=390282220  Contributors: Ahmad123987. Woohookitty. Kimberley Verburg.php?oldid=389082021  Contributors: Ahmad123987. 6 anonymous edits My Christmas Special  Source: http://en. 14 anonymous edits 177 . Michal Nebyla. Koavf. Farras Octara. OettingerCroat. LilHelpa. Sreejithk2000. WereSpielChequers. Koavf.wikipedia. Jogers.php?oldid=388305192  Contributors: Ahmad123987. Koavf. Occuli.org/w/index.php?oldid=389513226  Contributors: Ahmad123987. R'n'B. ShelfSkewed. WereSpielChequers.wikipedia. Everyking. 1 anonymous edits Under the Desert Sky  Source: http://en. Celique.org/w/index. Sreejithk2000.wikipedia. Zidane tribal. Reaper X. Koavf. Wolfer68. Otto8otto. MuffledThud.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.Article Sources and Contributors Credo: John Paul II  Source: http://en. Papa November. Tassedethe. Occuli. Vitor Mazuco. 1 anonymous edits Vivere Live in Tuscany  Source: http://en.

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Voceditenore File:sarah-tosca.php?title=File:Lajatico_teatro_del_silenzio.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Sentimento.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:La_Boheme_Act_I_set.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en. Nrswanson.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index. User:RedHotHeat File:Bocelli_Aria_The_Opera_Album.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Sacred_Arias_DVD.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cieliditoscana.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.com/photos/sharongraphics/ File:Il_Mare_Calmo_della_Sera.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987.org/w/index.JPG  Source: http://en. 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Alchemicus.org/w/index. Sanchez and Mella.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore File:View of the Tiber Looking Towards the Castel Sant'Angelo.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Bocelli_Live_8.jpg  Source: http://en.NGO4p1142.php?title=File:Pagliacci_Original_Score_Cover.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: not known.0  Contributors: Flickr-User: Xurble Original uploader was ChrisM at de.org/w/index.php?title=File:Star_full.php?title=File:Caruso_as_Cavaradossi_Kobbe.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: P. Incanto.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore File:Scotti as Scarpia Kobbe.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Jappalang File:Tosca libretto cover.jpg  Source: http://en.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Moloch981 File:Requiem (Verdi) Titelblatt (1874).jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987.Duets & Arias.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Nuada File:Bocelli.php?title=File:Walk_Leistungen_am_Theater.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: DrG.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli My Christmas Special.php?title=File:La_Boheme_Mimi_Costume.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:La_Boheme_Act_II_props_2.svg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:cieliditoscana.wikipedia.php?title=File:ITA_OMRI_2001_GUff_BAR.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Unbekannt Original uploader was Torsten Roeder at de.org/w/index.wikipedia File:La Boheme Rappezzatrice Costume.php?title=File:AndreaBocelliMar10.wikipedia.org/w/index. Burton File:Tosca (1899).php?title=File:Amore_-_Andrea_Bocelli_FRONT.org/w/index.php?title=File:Bocelli_My_Christmas_Special.wikipedia File:Carmen ._Incanto. User:Poznaniak.jpg  Source: http://en. Licenses and Contributors File:Bocelli Live 8.php?title=File:Tosca_libretto_cover. Licenses and Contributors 178 Image Sources. User:Masturbius.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Melesse.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia File:La Boheme Act I set.jpg  Source: http://en. Kilom691. Caption says "Cliche Boyer" File:Ernest Van Dyck as Werther .wikipedia File:Boheme-poster1.wikipedia.php?title=File:La_Boheme_Act_II_props_1.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Conti.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Executiontosca.org/w/index.wikipedia File:AndreaBocelliVeronicaBertiMar10.php?title=File:Bocelli_Sacred_Arias.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore .org/w/index.wikipedia.5  Contributors: User:Conti.org/w/index. Bib File:Andrea Bocelli_My Chirstmas.jpg  Source: http://en. Ricky81682.php?title=File:Manzoni2.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: User:Ericalford File:Walk Leistungen am Theater.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Andrea_Bocelli_My_Chirstmas.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Arachn0.wikipedia file:La Boheme Act II props 2.org/w/index.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Verdi.php?title=File:1995_-_Bocelli_-_Andrea_Bocelli_-_front.php?title=File:Star_empty.wikipedia._Sanchez_and_Mella.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:La Boheme Mimi Costume.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Tosca_Te_Deum_Victrola_Book_of_Opera.wikipedia.Image Sources.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:View_of_the_Tiber_Looking_Towards_the_Castel_Sant'Angelo.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:Bocelli_Sentimento.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Tosca_(1899).org/w/index. User:Chabacano.php?title=File:Bocelli_Tuscan_Skies.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987. Mutter Erde File:Tosca Te Deum Victrola Book of Opera.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Alfredo Montalti (1858–1928) File:Caruso as Cavaradossi Kobbe.jpg  Source: http://en. Skier Dude.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Angela George at http://www. User:F l a n k e r.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: After Midnight.wikipedia.org/w/index.0  Contributors: laurentius87 File:Lajatico teatro del silenzio.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987.php?title=File:Bocelli_Verdi.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Original uploader was Voceditenore at en.wikipedia. Random user 39849958 File:1995_-_Bocelli_-_Andrea_Bocelli_-_front.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. User:Mboro.php?title=File:Bocellisogno.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Original uploader was Voceditenore at en.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:Requiem_(Verdi)_Titelblatt_(1874).wikipedia.php?title=File:Sacred_Arias_DVD.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia file:La Boheme Act II props 1.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.

File:BocelliRomanzaAlbumCover.php?title=File:Andrea_Bocelli_Vivere.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Cavalleria_Rusticana_Film_Poster1953.jpg  Source: http://en. ca.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.Image Sources.php?title=File:Flickr_-_…trialsanderrors_-_Philharmonic_Auditorium.php?title=File:Bocelli_Tuscan_Skies.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_My_Christmas_Special.php?title=File:CarusoSketch. WPA poster.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore Image:Cavalleria Rusticana Illustration Circa 1880.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Unknown artist Image:Henri Meilhac.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. File:Carmen habanera original.php?title=File:BocelliRomanzaAlbumCover. Man vyi.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Carmen_1875_Act1_lithograph_Lamy_NGO1p736.org/w/index.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Mu Image:Ludovic Halévy.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Bocelli_My_Christmas_Special. R'n'B._"Carmen".org/w/index. Masur File:CarusoSketch.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:1875_Carmen_poster. Ahmad123987.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Camille_du_Locle_-_italianoperachicago.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.0  Contributors: …trialsanderrors File:Camille du Locle .php?title=File:Bocelli_Under_the_Desert_Sky.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: New York : Liebler & Maass Lith.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.png  Source: http://en.Rosabel Morrison .Rosabel Morrison . 1 anonymous edits File:Galli-Marie Carmen Photo.org/w/index.php?title=File:Bocelli_Credo.org/w/index.php?title=File:Bocelli_A_Night_In_Tuscany._ca.wikipedia. Mexican Sponge.wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Cookie.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Tuscan_Skies.wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: NewYork1956.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: New York : Liebler & Maass Lith.org/w/index.wikipedia. Licenses and Contributors Image:Victor Maurel By Dupont. "Carmen". Melesse File:Bocelli A Night In Tuscany.php?title=File:Cavalleria_Rusticana_Illustration_Circa_1880.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Bocelli_Vivere_Live_In_Tuscany.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en._WPA_poster.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Georges_Bizet_-_Rosabel_Morrison_-_Carmen_poster.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Kilom691.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Stagno_and_Bellincioni_in_Cavalleria_Rusticana.org/w/index.php?title=File:Georges_Bizet_-_Rosabel_Morrison_-_another_Carmen_poster.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Georges Bizet File:Georges Bizet .jpg  Source: http://en.Philharmonic Auditorium.wikipedia.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore Image:Enrico Caruso As Canio.org/w/index.wikipedia.wikipedia.Carmen poster.wikipedia.org/w/index.italianoperachicago.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Vivere_Live_In_Tuscany.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Pierre-Auguste Lamy (1827–1880).png  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Enrico_Caruso_As_Canio.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: User:Voceditenore File:Flickr .jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Under_the_Desert_Sky. Skier Dude File:Bocelli_A_Night_In_Tuscany.php?title=File:Bocelli_A_Night_In_Tuscany.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Bocelli_Credo._1939.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: AWeenieMan.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Mu File:1875 Carmen poster.wikipedia. Infrogmation.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.php?title=File:Henri_Meilhac.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore Image:Stagno and Bellincioni in Cavalleria Rusticana. 1939.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 179 .…trialsanderrors . lithographer File:Georges Bizet .php?title=File:Galli-Marie_Carmen_Photo.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Gennaro Prota.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia Image:Cavalleria Rusticana Film Poster1953.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: unknown Image:Mascagni and Librettists.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.php?title=File:Mascagni_and_Librettists.php?title=File:Carmen_habanera_original.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Voceditenore Original uploader was Voceditenore at en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987 File:Andrea_Bocelli_Vivere.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Ludovic_Halévy.another Carmen poster.php?title=File:Victor_Maurel_By_Dupont. Maksim.png  Source: http://en.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: Ahmad123987.wikipedia.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Nadar (1820-1910) File:Carmen 1875 Act1 lithograph Lamy NGO1p736.

0/ . org/ licenses/ by-sa/ 3.License 180 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported http:/ / creativecommons.

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