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River Analysis 2012 User Guide

River Analysis 2012 User Guide

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Published by: chematz on Aug 11, 2011
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To display the graphical results on the current river reach profile views, click River tab
> Output panel > Profile Views > Add Profile Results.

The Add Profile Results dialog box provides numerous options for plotting the profile

Profile views must exist before any graphical results can be displayed. Profile views
can be added to the drawing either before or after the analysis has been performed. For
information on how to create profile views, see the section titled Creating a Single
Profile View

Removing the Cross Section Results


Autodesk Project River Analysis 2012 Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D

The Add Profile Results dialog box allows you to specify which results to display on
the profile views. If the appropriate check boxes are selected, the following results will
be displayed on the profile views for the current river reach:

•Computed water surface
•Critical water surface
•Energy grade line

You can select profile results to plot, on a profile-by-profile basis, by checking the
profiles of interest in the selection list. For each selected profile, you can control which
results to be plotted.

In addition, each of these profile view graphical results has an Options button, allowing
you to specify the color, linetype, legend text, and data point symbol for the results.
Note that these options apply only to the currently highlighted profile in the list box.
Different display options can be set for each profile.

Click Erase to remove all plotted graphical results from the profile views.

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