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River Analysis 2012 User Guide

River Analysis 2012 User Guide

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Published by: chematz on Aug 11, 2011
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The direct edit method displays the Edit Geometry dialog box, which can be used to
insert, edit, and delete individual low chord and roadway geometry points of a bridge.

To enter low chord data directly:

1.Select the downstream face cross section for the defined bridge.

2.click River tab > Input panel > Bridges & Culverts > Bridge & Culvert

3.On the Bridge & Culvert Openings dialog box, select Bridge.

4.Under either Downstream XS or Upstream XS, click Edit Geometry.

The software will display the applicable cross section view and the Section
Geometry Editor dialog box.

5.To add a new low chord and/or roadway geometry point, first specify an
existing ground station either by entering the station value directly into the data
entry, or by clicking Pick to select the ground station from the cross section
view or topographical map.


Autodesk Project River Analysis 2012 Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map 3D

6.After selecting a ground station, enter the low chord and/or roadway elevation
into the appropriate data entry, or click Pick to select the elevation from the
cross section view.

7.To edit an existing low chord and/or roadway geometry point, select the point
from the list box or click Pick to select it from the cross section view. Then
modify the elevation value in the appropriate data entry.

8.Double-clicking on a row of data shown in the list box will immediately move
the data entry cursor to the ground elevation data entry, thereby allowing you to
quickly alter the elevation for an existing ground station.

9.To delete a row of data from the list box, select the data row from the list and
click Delete.

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