Fifth Grade Treasures "Beyond- Beyond" Reading Ideas

Unit 1: Challenges School Contests American Legends Trees for Life Exploring Space Rescue Dogs Unit 2: Tell Me More People Helping Animals Slithery Snakes Remembering the Past The Caribbean Islands Cowboys and Cowgirls Unit 3: Viewpoints The American Revolution The Right to Vote Protecting the Environment Desert Habitats Into the Future Unit 4: From Here to There Civil Rights Animal Defenses Democracy Extreme Weather Trickster Tales

National Geographic Extreme Explorers

Critical Reading and Thinking Skills (Short Readers)

9/08 Racing the Desert Dealing with Stress p. 73-74 4/08 Getting the Shot-ws The Jesse James Gang p.6 9/08 Firestorm!-ws 11-12/07 Our Stormy Sun-ws

3/08 Croc Doc 9/07 9/07 9/08 3/08 Snake Seeker-ws Bog Bodies-ws Radical Reefs - ws Facing the Lion-ws

Do Animals Predict Atmospheric Change? 38-39 The Most Misunderstood Animal in the World p. 71-72 An Indian Woman Lead the Way p. 61-62 Row, Row, Row Your Boat p. 5

Mary Lindley Murray p.44 11-12/07 The Pack is Back-ws 3/08 Poison Power-ws Ships of the Desert p. 8 Can Dreams Predict the Future? P. 75-76 A Simple "No" That Started a Revolution p. 80 4/08 Creature Features-ws Booker T. Washington p. 51 9/07 Hurricane Hunter The Greatest Escape of All Time p. 13-14

Unit 5: It's a Wide, Wide World North Pole South Pole 11-12/07 Feeling the Heat-ws Shackleton's Trials p.17 Fantastic Foods 9/08 Body Beasts - ws Learning from Nature 3/08 Super Stargazer-ws Survival in the Arctic p. 57-58

Fifth Grade Treasures "Beyond- Beyond" Reading Ideas Talking in Codes Whales Helen Keller p. 9-10 Swallowed by a Whale p. 31-33 Giants of the Deep p. 77-78

Unit 6: Make it Happen Fairy Tales Camping Out Improving Lives Balloon Flight Scientists at Work

4/08 Extreme Earth-ws

The Will to Succeed p34-35 Using Magic Rods p. 24 The First Worldwide Automobile Race p. 67-68 Ballooning to the North Pole p. 79 Fireflies for Sale p.18

5/08 Insects-ws

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