Dealing with Public Risk in Private Infrastructure

Political Risk in Water Investment Regulatory Risk Third Party Guarantees Government Guarantees Fixed Term Contracts

Serving Poor Consumers in South Asian Cities - WSP

Serving Poor Consumers Low Cost Water Supply

Impact of Public Private Participation on the Poor: The South Asian Experience

Privatization Public Private Partnerships Budgeting Municipal Capacity for PSP

Public Private Partnership Public Sector Partnerships Capacity Building for PPP

GHK Working Paper: Establishing and Implementing Joint Venture

Public Private Partnership Pro Poor Initiatives in PPP Municipal Capacity Building in PPP

GHK Working Paper: Preparing a Concession Objectives of PPP Tariff Design Water Management in the 21st Century Private Participation in Water Management Concessions Franchising Arrangements Private Participation BOT: Built Operate Transfer The New Economy of Water Economy of Water Water as Social Good Water as Economic Good Water Privatization Affordability of Water New Design for Water and Sanitation Transactions Poverty and Urban Water Sector Reform Tariff Reform Water Legal Framework Pro poor water Transactions Water Contracts for Poor Subsidizing Poor s .

Public Private Partnership and Poor Public Private Partnership Financial issues and Tariff for Poor Low income consumers Informal Private Sector Willingness to Pay Free Water Public Communication Programs for Privatization Projects Privatization and Public Communication India: Urban Water and Sanitation Services Successful PPP Sector Reforms Economic Regulation Legal. Institutional and Regulatory Framework Water Industry Utility Governance Types of PSP Creditworthiness PPP Literature available at WSP-SA Water Management Water Sector Privatization. Pricing . Anti Privatization Public Sector Participation (PSP) Private Participation Water Tariff.

Cross Subsidy. Perverse Subsidies Coverage Water Sector Reforms Water Sector Regulation Cost Recovery Small Scale Water Providers Dealing . Water Subsidies.

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