some herbal oils and its usages

ANU THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Indication : Diseases of head and neck, Esp. nasal and paranasal diseases such as Sinusitis, Headache. Usage : For nasal administration as NASYA ARIMEDADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Diseases of the oral cavity, Gingivitis-, Stomatitis, Aphthose ulcer, Glossitis. ASANAVILWADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti-rheumatic, Opthalamic condition Indication : Catarrhal affection, Diseases of head, eyes and ears Usage : Application on head ASHTAPATHRADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Otitis, infective condition of auditory organs, Headache. Usage : Application on head ASANA ELADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Nervine tonic Indication : Diseases of Eye, Ear, Headache. Usage : Application on head. ASANA MANJISHTADI THAILAM : (Sahasrayogam) Action & Indication : Same as Asana Eladi thailam µAsana Eladi¶ is used in VATA, KAPHA predominant conditions while Asana manjishtadi is used in PITA vitiated conditions. BALA THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Indication : Diseases of the Nervous system, Epilepsy, Trauma, Chronic fever, Cough, Dyspnoea, Oedema, Fainting, Flatulence. Action : Nervine soother, Psychotropic, Anti-Inflammatory. BALAGULUCHYADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Rheumatoid arthritis, Neck rigidity. BALAGULUCHYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti-rheumatic, Anti-inflammatory Indication : Rheumatoid arthritis, Catarrhal affection BALAHADATHI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Soothing, Nervine tonic. Indication : Headache, Execessive burning sensation of head, Sneezing, Sinusitis Usage : Application on head. BALAHATADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti inflammatory, Nervine Tonic, Soothing. Indication : Headaches of VATA Nature, Sneezing, Sinusitis, Excessive burning sensation of head. Usage : Application on head. BALADHATHRYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti inflammatory Refrigerant, Nervine tonic, Rejuvenative. Indication : Burning feeling of the body, Scalp and eyes Diseases of eye, ear, nose. Head ache (VATA PITTA Nature) Usage : Application on head. BALASWAGANDHADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Rejuvenative, Restorative, Strengthens muscles and tones up the nerves. Improves nerve conduction. Indication : Neurological disorders, Muscular dystrophy, Wasting, Neuralgia. BHRINGAMALAKADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti-Inflammatory, Soothing. Indication : Defective vision, Defective hearing, Sinusitis, Gingivitis and loose teeth, Hoarse voice, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis. Usage : Application on head

Pre and Post natal care. Indication : Neurological & Rheumatic disorders. Anti ulcer Indication : Chronic Bleeding piles. ELADITHAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Antifungal. Rheumatic pain. Nervine tonic. Rheumatism. Indication : Inflammatory and Toxic skin diseases. Bleeding Disorders. Itching Neurodermatoses. Chronic constipation. DURVADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Antiseptic Indication : Infective dermatic complications. Nervine pacifier. Analgesic. This can also be used for SNEHAPANA according to textual information. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Toxic. Dermatological diseases Indication : Skin deseases like scabies. JAMBEERA THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti rheumatic Indication : Frozen shoulder. Carbuncle. Itching. CHEMBARUTHYADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti fungal. hair tonic. DHURDURAPATHRADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti fungal. Eczema of children DHANWANTHARAM THAILAM : Text (Ashtanga Hridaya) Action : Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-flatulent. Hair tonic Indication : Skin deseases. Degenerative diseases of Bones and joints. Itches. Low backpain Usage : 1-2 tsp for internal use with warm water or appropriate kwaths GANDHA THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Promotes ossification and fracture healing. Eczema and Dental deseases ERANDA SUKUMARAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti rheumatic. Jaundice. Dundruff. Wound. Counter irritant. Usage : 1 to 2 tsp for internal use with warm water or appropriate Kwaths. Antiinflammatory Indication : Mental Diseases. (KAPHA-PITTA) ELADI KERAM : Text (Sahaasrayogam) Action : Antiseptic. Skin diseases. Headache. Allergic rashes (Urticaria). . Paraplegia JATHYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Antiseptic. Chronic ulcer. Burning sensation. Indication : Neuralgia. Skin diseases. DHANWANTHARM KUZHAMBU : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Same as Dhanwantharm Thailam DHANWANTHARAM SEVYAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) It has the action & indication Similar to Dhanwantharam Thailam. Appetiser. Distention. Laxative Indication : Flatulence. Anti prutitis Indication : Dandruff and other fungal infestations of scalp. Abdominal cramps. Indication : Fracture. Fistula etc. Indication : Constipation.CHANDANADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Refrigerant. Hemiplegia. Anti-rheumatic. GANDHARVAHASTADI CASTOR OIL : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Laxative. KARPOORADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Analgesic. Antiinflammatory. Carminative. DINESA KERAM : Text(Sahasrayogam) Action : Antiseptic Indication : Skin diseases of infective nature. This preparation is exclusively used for Matravasthi and in Kashayavasthi.

Paraplegia. Paraplegia. Anti inflammatary Indication : Catarrhal affections. Splitting of hair. Bleeding. Indication : Muscle-Wasting diseases . Aphthose ulcer. Post-natal care. Burning sensation. Myalgia with swelling Dislocation & subluxation of joints. KOTTAMCHUKKADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Rheumatoid complications. Anti rheumatic. MAHANARAYANA THAILAM : Text (Bhaishajyaratnavali) Action : Anti-inflammatory. Cervical spondylosis. Dandruff. Wasting diseases. NALPAMARADI KERAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Antifungal. used for µvasti¶ and µnasya¶ MAHAMASHA THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti rheumatic. Sciatica MAHACHANDANADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Refrigerant. Nervine pacifier.KARPASASTHYADI KUZHAMBU : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Paralytic conditions of upper extremeties. Analgesic Indication : Contusion. Rheumatic conditions. KARPASASTHYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Paralytic condition of upper extremities. Facial Paralysis. Lock jaw. Indication : Mental diseases. Antiinflammatory. Tremor. Frozen Shoulder. Indication : Hair fall. KOTTAMCHUKKADI KUZHAMBU : Text (Sahasrayogam) Same as Kottamchukkadi Thailam KSHEERABALA THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti-inflammatory. KAYYUNYADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti-inflammatory. Hemiplegia. Indication : Facial Paralysis. Lock-jaw. Rheumatic conditions. Anti rheumatic Indication : Neurological diseases. Stiffen shoulder MURIVENNA : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti inflammatory. Hair tonic. Skin nutrient Indication : Skin diseases like eczema. Diseases of eyes & teeth KAYYUNYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Indication : Premature greying. MARICHADI THAILAM : Text (Arogyakalpadrumam) Action : Anti rheumatic. Cough. Sinusitis. Strengthens the bones. Antiseptic. Scabies Carbuncle NEELIBRINGADI SPECIAL : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Hair tonic Indication : Premature greying. Myalgia. Analgesic. LAKSHADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Same as Lakshadi Keram MADHUYASHTYADI SEVYAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Indication : Rheumatic conditions MADHUYASHTYADI THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti rheumatic. Skin diseases. Head ache. Hiccup. Oedematous condition. Cold. Gynaecological disorders. Jaundice. LAKSHADI KERAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Promotes ossification. Analgesic. disorders. . Healing Indication : Rheumatic diseases. Emaciation. Rhinitis. Alopaecia. Skin nutritive Indication : Acute rheumatism.

Headache . Mental disorders. Muscular Wasting. Diseases of bone marrow. Skin diseases Indication : As a purgative in rheumatic arthritis. Alopaecia. Bronchial Spasam Indication : Cough. Cooling to head and Body Indication : Otilits. Nervine stimulant Indication : Frozen shoulder. Wasting. Anti Inflammatory Indication : Tremor. THEKARAJA THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Bronchitis. Sinusitis. PRABHAJANYAM KUZHAMBU : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Nervine tonic. Analagesic. Gynaecological diseases. Dysnoea. Paraplegia. Anti rheumatic. Ataxia. Arrested movement. Sinusitis. Wasting. Infective conditions of auditory organs. Restorative. Mental disorders. Action : Anabolic Indication : Rheumatic diseases. Sciatica. Cold. Hemiplegia. Convulsions. Immuno modulator Indication : All Kinds of rheumatism. Tubular ulcer. Anti Inflammatory Indication : Tremor. Premature greying. SAHACHARADI THAILAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Anti Rheumatic. Skin diseases Usage : 1-2 tsp for internal use PANCHA SNEHAM KUZHAMBU : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Rejuvenative. Sciatica lumbago RASA THAILAM : Text (Arogyakalpadhrumam) Indication : Parkinsonism. SAHACHARADI SEVYAM : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Indication : Paraplegia. Bronchitis. Lumbago PINDA THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayoga) Action : Anti-inflammatory. Nervine tonic. Indication : Diseases of head and neck. Gynaecological diseases. VILWAMPACHOTTYADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Antiseptic. Hair tonic. Degenerative diseases of bones. Rhinites TRIPHALADI THAILAM : Text (Sahasrayogam) Action : Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic.NIMBAMRUTHADI CASTOR OIL : Text (Ashtangahridayam) Action : Laxative. SAHACHARADI KUZHAMBU : Text (Ashtangahridaya) Action : Anti Rheumatic. Asthma. Analgesic Indication : Painful red swelling of Rheumatoid disease. Convulsions.

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