Setting you blog to do a scheduled post Setting you blogs to post for you while you sleep, catch

a movie or live away from a computer is relatively simple to do and requires some pre-planning on your part and making a few selections on your settings and post settings to work properly. In Blogger: 1. Compose blog post as normal

2. Select Post options at the bottom of the post you are working on—under the Lables

3. Select Scheduled at: under Post date and time on the right side of post options screen

4. Select the time that you want your post to publish to your blog. For instance in the example below…I live in CST (Central Standard Time) I want my post to post for MIDNIGHT EST on Friday…which is 11 p.m. on Thursday where I live. I set the time to be scheduled at : 8/11/2011 [Thursday] 11:00 pm.

5. With these settings in place, I select Publish Post. Since my post is scheduled to post later, it will appear on my menu of posts as scheduled and I will have a notice saying my post will automatically post.

6. The most common mistake for bloggers in pre-posting their blog posts is that they schedule everything as above but their post doesn’t post on time because they don’t have their time set up properly in settings…they have it set for the wrong time zone for where they live, for example. This can be adjusted on the blog settings tab. Make sure you have selected YOUR time zone.

In WordPress: 1. Compose blog post as normal. On the right hand side of the posting screen, select Edit on Published on.

2. Adjust the date and time to reflect when you want your post to publish, again I’m wanting midnight EST so that is 11 PM [2300 hours] on the day before

3. Select OK. The Scheduled for date and time under Visibility Public will reflect your change. Select Schedule to publish your post to your blog on the scheduled time.

4. The post menu will reflect your blog post and show the DATE that it will post.

5. As with Blogger, the most common mistake is not having YOUR time zone correctly set in your blog settings. For WordPress, select the settings tab on the left and select the correct time zone to help you WordPress puts the current time for UTC and you can see how many hours off you are…CST is 5 hours earlier so I select UTC-5.