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Can J&R Electronics Grow With E

Can J&R Electronics Grow With E

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Published by: Atikul Alam Polash on Aug 11, 2011
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Can J&R Electronics Grow with E-commerce?


J&R now covers a massive city block across from City Hall Park in the heart of Downtown Manhattan. Joe and Rachelle were inducted in to the Hall of Fame by the Consumer Electronics Association. where they sold vinyl LPs of the current chart-toppers. cell phones. The stores are a "must-see" for many tourists and a "must-shop" for New Yorkers in the know. In fact. stereos. MP3 players. J&R Music & Computer World not only sells an incredible array of CDs and a vast selection of top computer goods. too. the business has expanded steadily. kitchen appliances and much more. DVDs. in 2010. but also digital cameras.Introduction ‡ Joe & Rachelle Friedman opened their first music store on Park Row in New York City in 1971. Since that time. J&R's business. They have developed a loyal base of customers around the world through our catalogues and through JR. J&R is the only company to receive two separate "Retailer-of-the-Year" awards and. TVs.com (launched in 1998). . has expanded.

Threat of New Entrants: 2. Intensity of Rivalry Porter's Five Forces Model . Bargaining Power of Suppliers 4. Threat of Substitutes 3. Bargaining Power of Buyers 5.Competitive forces 1.

servicing. warehousing. operations: machine operating. testing and maintenance. selling.Value Chain 1. spare part management. 3. packaging. warehousing. promotion. 2. inventory control. 5. marketing and sales: advertising. Porter's Value Chain Analysis Model . outbound logistics: order processing. service: installation. channel management. assembly. 4. transportation and distribution. transportation. inbound logistics: materials handling. pricing.

. authorized dealerships. Get customer loyalty:J&R use the Loyality Lab CRM package through which every customer can have his own account and maintain there account and can know about the incentive he earned. Overall cost leadership: Through strategic relationships. Better Customer Support :J&R has experienced customer representatives for more personal and spontaneous assistance. search for products.Business strategy 1. They also provide special promotions and rebate offers for the customer.com 3. from another authorized dealer. J&R can offer excellent prices and outstanding values.jr. and purchase those products through there we site www. and exceptional promotions. Slogan ³ If you can find lower prices. get information about the products. please let us know ³ 2. J & R Provides a digital environment where buyers can meet. the expertise of buyers.

Business model .

Blue Martin e.Using internet in J&R¶s business 1.com 2. On 2007 J&R introduce real time integration with its story inventory. 30% of revenue come from jr. So online purchase is reflecting on the availability of the product and improve the accuracy of delivery date and shipping fees . 3.commerce platform which provid guided selling application and tailored as per the requirement of the particular customer.

J&R can only make this option available for the customer in new work city area. over phone ordering process But the chain store can offer customer the option of ordering merchandise online and pick it up from nearest store on that day.commerce plat from. How ever e-commerce carried out potentiality fro the business and represent the future.J&R¶s problems Despite the increasing functionality by blue martini e. . J&R still has limited of having physical store Customer can order from any where and not need to come to the store physically because of online .

J&R can offer excellent prices and outstanding values Online Rebate Coupons and Offers : J&R also provide special promotions and rebate offers for the customer.com has received considerable praise from leading publications and customers regarding the ease of navigating and ordering through website Technical Advantage: J&R use the latest technology and creative idea which has an better impact on the customers. 5.Competing with nationwide chain store J&R can compete with chain shop in the new work city as 1. and exceptional promotions. 3. With all this advantage J&R will continue it success and keeping up with the competitors . authorized dealerships. Customer Service : Customer can phone and speak to j&r experienced customer representatives for assistance Easy to Use Website: JR. 4. 6. 2. Authorized Dealer : Each product you buy from J&R is backed by the full support of the manufacturer Low Prices :Through our strategic relationships. the expertise of our buyers.

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