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Palo, one of tile four main African-derived reUgions still practiced in Cuba~ theether three are Sanre_ria. Abakua. and Arara.-devel.oped among practitioner.s of a form of f!€.:crommcycalled Ng~ga 'still widely found in various parts.oftbe we-st cos -t of Central .A:fli.ca."'NgaJI.ga· refers both to the practice and to its priests. In Cuba, lhepractidoners ofNganga. were mostly of KiKongo and B&Kon,~o stock. Highly utilitarian and syncretistic even in Africa.. Palo, as thepractice of Ngang&:. came to be knovro in Cuba, added to the Congo, Yoruba, Ar:::-.D,. and. Dahomean mix it brought from Aftica, popular Roman Catholicism. KardeciiID S:piritism, and elements of Freemasonry in Cuba .. Palo has fo!tr branches: Palo Brlyumba. Palo Monte. Palo Mayombe, and Palo Kimbisa. Palo Briyumba hastbe most A..fncan retentions. Palo Monte is, mostly identifiedVifitb goodness, while Palo Mayombe is 'thought to be' "evil." Palo Kimbisa irs,he most Christi,a.ruzed t and Masonic of the Palo sects, The focus oftbls book is Ol.'l. Palo, Mante as t-: -'g'h' b"'i'D~ emetrte omez ..""~csantc JUli_ . t J' .m, .n.... ·G- -: ~:.' c _ .•• ... ., - Media. .0C" ... ~. ~g.74~ 1968_ '!, ""r p. .' - ~I 01> I -' -J ""_ Gumabacoa, a town on tile outskm:s of Havana f&lnous for keeping Afriean tl';.di,tiollsa1ive. I was jni~iated into- Palo by Demetrio when I was a small child, he died when I was, twelve. .His stude,llt Pa.eg kept careful notes On .. no Ii, ·...,....o.m. .I!.A. -- .,..j",'" -!-Il,. _'" . ."'",,__ _e....... . 0 ' O eme.tri .- ,"~":<"d- n,H:er D. emel-Jll ....",.d..,,,,.,h Peee w'en""',n t- beceme a priest of Ii'a, abandoning 'WI" practice of Palo.. Before .his O\N11 death in 1985, Paeo generous,ty S~Jned .his invaluable noses on Demetrio with me. Begi.nning in chaJlmer- o.~, it will be Demetrio's voice you will hear. channeled through ·,..... May GodAJrnighty Zambia bless all our efforts. ae.

Bsba Raul Canizares lounde" Orish-a COtlSciousntss Mowement. New York. NY. 161(J6I99

rata, .MUJ1IJnZO Tie'mbla Tie"a.




CHAPTE,RI WI'Q,t is Palo Monte?
My Christian name is Demetrio Gomez. both ormy parents" Jose Herrera and Franeisquiha Perez, were' bam in Angola. They were brought to Cuba as slaves, It was in Cuba that they 'met.while :servin,s ~he same .mIStier; it

relatively poor Spaniard named


T.n"burQo Perez.


Triburcio had a

small farm in Guanabacoa where he raised pigs, He only owned 'tllFee slaves; Don Tribureie's w:if:e U1d children used to labor right a]mlgsid.e the slaves" so there was a. feelmgamong the: slaves of be' longing to a fiurn:ily rather than bema owned by sla,venmsters. Shorrtly after I was born a strange slclrness kilIed@:ifmosl of Don Triburcio'spigs and he fa.eed losing his property, In order to raise rna,Dey, he was. forced. to sell my father to a. wealthy aristocrat named Demetrio Gumersind,Q Gomez Chaviano, who paid an incredibly high price for him. _B,lek in AfH.(:a, my father had been a feared --,,",-' - . ,-I"_~W _I" 'I'IQw-r v f.;I..~c"' --""'e' h-d' _ -~d Na,i!lIFI. . Do n,-,D e:m .....no who 0 l'!.JI!e ... ·the-' _e_ .... 1"UIi' --..·m~,o1·c· a h'ear 1;1- -s -. of my fa.ther's gifts as a practiti0 ner .. 'fhirIk.Wg my fadler's lalen:rs; were being, wassed r.cUsingpigs, as soon as, he brought his new slaveto his

property he encouraged him to set up shop! as a PaI'era,Bi,s Ngamga:s wen: called iin Cuba,. providing Don Demetrio as weD as file numerous slaves and

&ee meJ1whe worked

powerfill praclitioner oflP,alo nam,edA.:ndres Petitt who was anelelant •. impeccabJy ..dressed tee man of color who befriended both Don Demetrio and my father, convinced the latter to initiate Don Demetrio into, the mysteries of Palo in 'e,,~ch:angefor bis freedom .. Atldr,cs Petit was a man, 'of eat charis .. -, ....wa.-.: ad·. "-ed-,b.· -: . -It-= 1..: _etTL._ . -. II'-- c __ sma- Wl"",_sgreauy -.•1,. _ rmr _ ey moS1i:. yet _ e had Hl!Sd . act·ors, he had been criticized by other blacks fur Uselling. aut the secrets of Am.ean magic" to whites. In rea1ity, .initiatingwhites, into Amcan :magical systems was a brilliant act of,empowemumt for the initiators" since it virtually put the white· initiates in ~:hesubservient position of neophytes in relation, 'to their black t.eacllers,
Allb,ough non T riburcia abso.1ut!e.ly refiised to uti my mother to DOD Demetrio. his childrm considering their rlQl'll1as much a pari: of their fruniJy -: _ , ___ ___ as D on Tribur'Ci.·IJ S ··'fY-. D"..":,- I!;;;.Ul!JJa." my mthe_f ... - all· wed to's· m-y VOn!!!;, ami! :C,_:I: .:. __ _ was 0. '\rut __ momber as often as he could. ] was baptized in the Catholic Church when.] was about OilS and 3l half. Don Demetrio and his wife, Dona Petra, became my Catholic godparents. Don Tribureio ,agreed to let me: move, in with my father. By the time Don Triburcio died in 1880s1aYlery had been abolished in Cuba, H,e I.eft:my mother a. comfortable cottage in asmallplot oflmd near his farm in: Guma:baco9i. At last. my family was reuni-ted. It was in that cortage. where I Stil] live, that my rather and other men u'cim the' '~old

special kind of seMe,e.ln less than a year. Don Demetrio cameto view my father as his spiritual mentor and principal 'pr~blem-solver. Anomer

w 00111 Demetrio"s

sugar cane: p1mttation with his

. lucrative show.enot. orishas.--.. M· adame_ Lavew was tmdoubtedly a pc.ty. ~kef' S.rung to do 'With these aberrations._ _. uah . eeremcnies.• _. Old'. eau. . andlor dishol1esty.. L. two prilldpalhistorioal precedents: The overvn-ought I' ."as Afri.lldother p. I'll also provide a glossary of Palo terms eonsisting of creolized Kil<. these forces C&rI take surprising forms andean manifest themselves in WlUSUal and unexpect.1Ii: 0.rhe TRUTH:.hi.a. Il. S.b.em no religion except those that routinely practiu coercion.n traditional religi. Palo Monte teaches trust in God" beliefin destiny. we !I. In a concise mannert I'll describe in the following notes the basics of Palo Mome". c.s.' Suows . and.- - - --- - - 3 Country. effective mambos.. compa.~··. The Iteachillgs I leave behind are intended for those who would benefit from the practice of Palo Monte.I.atime in Haiti studying Petro Vedou and I can tell you that it is similar .Hth· . These spectaeles were put on. paymi . sensual.Il<JlRlt li. exploitation. the most notable being Marie ''1/ .e. Such grotesque imagery has. I would never say tbat Palo is ".~.ca was called.~seekmf1g ~O_ 1£1 _ S. &"J . including its deities. ha:v. Vodou. No one religion should cla1:mto be: the sole repository of the TRlfl1:l I rej. tL . yet. ]n a world steeped in despair. Andres Petit initiated me into Palo KJ mbisa. Tile practice of Palo Monte engendG:fs a p.:te _1...aJoMente is my TRUTH.ed manners.en. initiatory rituals.. . taught me how 10 be a Palero. and respect: for the (clices that move Ehe Universe. downin. horrific "voodoo" cults depicted in Hollywood fi:1ms.leas I have accepted.ffi'C..i. BIL re'ner: ._ . The Pa10 invocations known as .9th century.otlgh to Palo M. I"U. . Those: who need to be herewill find their way. the outsider who seeks shelter in one of them. AJ. and Maeumba havemuch incommon. as weU as . a gu~sy.' w.. To ru[ly understand A.n m. and. any path that brings solace and spiritual fortitude 'should be allewedto flourish . The re'ligiolJ. Pale is not for everyor".eanl:ly power that some people need to experience as their souls travelonthe way 'to' the Final Cause' .mponwly.lo:r -. ftbrill.a. Vaden.'.though what E know of Brazilian Maeumba is mostly seeead nam1 I have spent.nmb lor tnC~ b en efit. o_~.A. tha. It is also the lruth for thclIlsands of others. Palo Monte . p~ o.f.~.ces in New Orleans during the last half ofth. for initiation.ne relationship between Palo deities.ons.s aspects of Palo.your-gro'in. by a: series ef'Vocdoo quemtSJ. months a1 . d UllUl1st"-1..first lesson for the would-be P.werfu'l practitioner. __ {he deliberately wild dances orchestrated en Congo Square 8i.la. she was also a sharp businesswoman who knew hewto put on I.. Of Buddhism. most .~ most deeply adfected: me..on~:efor both religions to be considered branches of the same tree. such as Pale Monee. IIII my sixty year:sas a PaJero I have rejected ten times as many peopl. a former slave from the Belgian Congo. P....alero is that this religion is as.. it was my father's in[lmate' knowledge of Palo Monte.u _ Of.--:.ongo. bas to' leave behind pre-coacesved ideas about the wild. islam.articulaT form of spiritUal strengt.1... and Calholic saints. The: . 'U. Bar6. Macumba. Yoruba.tio~rn of some of the most poputar and. ___ ..UOO .e 1. however. valid as CI:u:istiani.': ~--Ii.-'. taught me about Palo Mayom'be'. a.

-~-.. We also believe that sometimes backward.*.ong as it is necessary in order to learn what can Oldy be learned in the material plane...alo priests and priestesses. .ost]y ben... " ehaats..ts..lous PaJero· may also use these unfortlllna:te souls for his own benefitW'itJlOut caring for the spiritu. and belief in a supreme god called ZA. good wilt triumph over 'evil.spirit. tue -c _ tcwgenceB_e call '~pure essences" or "pure spiri. s·"'_ 0f· ethi . "Many are me reeds that .' . ultimately.m.. the nklsis... and messengers between the woild of'the SCt'lnand of the unseen. Adapting and changing hi. ours is the only as in his helpers.. • . have whl.p:eilation hamorous r'p'a!em" .. later to go on to the realmeftha spirits {. good teacher in tbeftnure who will help him or her' develop. '-·e. 1:. evil essences can be: manipulated and used by the Pslero. .learning these mambos is ·e.eficial malic. and seances designed to communicate with thepure spirits form t. 1. tbeyfail to fleaJae Ihat this couldalso be said Ot Illy other religion. although theologians and philosophers "''."'me.. way. must become p:roficiient im·b.jus:t parlOr our tradition.aJisocalled the realm of the essences} or to the realm ofTrnth from which no reincarnation is ._ u:!cs an morals which teach respect for human life11i1e sharing of weail:th with those Although some ant~opologists who are less fortunate.w.Ieading to -even.1uIllilS·· II! well~d...O':·fi~ ate '. heroalists." ssares one of our proverbs..-d _.lllL.!UJ Hal!gI •.Iead to Heaven.1_ m. for all Pateros believe that.y is just a play . ·d· di -.:s u mat1erial "NOEld in order to live out their destmymelie for as I..necessary.l."" e sp·-c'''-. have criticized us for bell:lg..0 [ . An W1SCrup.. If the PaJero' is a practitioner of m.ent of the backward spm. painted "signatures... so in God's eyes the whole evil/good djchottOm.. a way >ClfsurvivmS~ Palo has all the _ 'hcnll""r~-r-n 0 it ·7'"'~d··..-th~m-il1 _'. :iU'ld impure the essence that hadl:leen miSl.aH~CaUOO "Paleros.t I call a "natural priesthood" consisting ofms:" and women who have been chosen by the viise spirits and the orisbas to be se~·apart as teachers...efi:med-. He c:rat·edgood as well aseviJ-tne reasons why he mathis areuhimately unknown to.-.'an .~.ab"'m _ it· :-:11 eo ws """' IJ".. -meL.aI devclopm. The Evildoer will then have to face the consequences of his actions at some future point. iUUll... Palo Monte teaches that all that exists was created by Zambia God.l1e coreofthe practice of Palo MOIne.s·senrjaj to a Palero's gr·owth. Palo is as aneient &5 any ot. the evil spirit may be helpedto evolve into a good .NfBIA. since we do nOI believe rmat. The' Ideographs.ne:r faith.I!!!"H". :"on w . counseJors..:>. .n ~ ""a e liD _I: __ U.K.. We also.rual order and balance.W'L !:. We who are initiated in thee palh of'PaJo Monte . s well a We P'Rlero's do 'not proselytize. mixing elemems of many other paths. ..·l.i:UA.. P..ts".-'·~t·h-.'llI'He···""_ :uu the t... us in the material plane'." Although some may find this tap..:. invocations.lSed by the Paleromay eneeunrer 8.syneretistic. also commonJy cailled "crishas" (31 [em we borrowed from our Yoruba neIghbors back in Amca). commurucatmg.U.~ .:! -r .-- mambos are of supreme importance in calling 'forth the spiri'tllal forces that we work with: tmerefore.ene_ sencamate. _ _ __ __ .. therefore.

The head oCthe temple'is. a 'body of believers.- 5 m eans ":..... BOfTov. the tension between. simple.. _ . There is a :major "prenda" (cauhiron) far worship and anOther one weactuaJly work 'With. -. the neop. absolute good and absolute evil.ZAMSlA) as the mghest being.C _p "" dignity and hoeor..gods who we . also knOViJIil as "Pr·esentatlon 10 the Nganga. passed on from generation to generation by way of our ancestors.ities ali their last hope for justice. which do eSlJO~·tteaeb~UL_ there exists .l!lvent~onaJ sources of support and the dead~the essenees.··L. evil.gansa" (a iTemale would be the Nana Ngamga). and are com. a Dumber of de. is used in all ofthe temple's dealings with victimized by systems notm. the goddess of lightning. the ''Purification..ship in our ." which is tile: more traditiollal 'KiKc. li:! appens. him Olf her for further development The next step after presenration is the SCAATCHINO ceremony .mlA . in our munanzo we call: . .. Our mera:n::rucal structure is. thetwo being the elJergyiliat propels existence.11 -Wl ·U·. Ndolci. 'II} Most of my lodclilldrenare simple. Later on.end:lyto the poor and disenfranchised...munanz:o and is accepted by the Tate must undergo the aru:l.. The erisbas have po. u . We recognize lGOD (. practical religion. In Sp. Many of these people have beenturned away by co. ·b . The major prenda is dedicated to Centella Ndoki.~L 0' -d· -' .wer over everything that. _ with thi" l'Ia:me alL . hardworking folk Many have been have' come to 'view Qur .. Palo Monte is a utilitarian and.. We:are committed to lighting the fbrees of evil.hy!!e mayreceive ful'tber instructions preparing.like ·S.amsb.ality of good vs. and Dl!neficent care for all who come under the protection offhi.. the 'Workins prenda.. At this sti1Q:ethe neophyte becomes a member orl:he mwumzo and isealled "'ahijadcn or 'Uahijada" (godson or goddaughter). . s.actively worship and interact Vilit.mal du. I teach that we must strive to do iood. our members call the Tata upadrino:' which means Godfather.mJ. anteria -.Aeeeptance" 'inii.ella.mttle. 'We find no fault _.$ bouse (muf1mrzo) under the divine C3iJ"C crCen'..IJser..nendaJMd just.mgo teem.tiation. We maintain COnslaru communication with enlightened.:spiritl anci de. C3illedthe' "Tata N... the pure ~spiritswe lCOnstmtly work mth" a hieTUcIDcai priesthood..tbe demigods "orishas' mterchangeably \Vilh "nkisis. it with _"' _ -d . we Paleros believe that there isa elear and long-standing: battle between.l1Ntled seeking out that which is be.ing a Yoruba werd. --. more' concerned 'IoVith tile here arid now than \Vita [be bereafi:er.. for aU members. old 'tricitsterspirit called Lungam:be.. In my O'Ml hmJse(lcoogregatiofil) we we under the I protection of Centella Ndoki.h..ce-1. Our religion consists ln belief in a rugh God whom we praise.OmoOOaDue_.at __ -: .inhabited by an. templ6S~ altars. called MUNANZO CENTELLA NDOKI.. essences in order to receive: their guidance:" 'Wisdom.._ s . Aller a peried of'time where: the neophyte and the godfather have had iil! chance to assess each other for a minimum of three months." f -·iek-"} . Our temple here in Guanabacea is simple. and traditionld rituals. AnYOlIJ3 soolcing member. In my mananzo.

efit from bemg present'ecl to the Nganga. speaking through them.t common mdacce.amrs. a godchild may request to be given bislher O'Wl1 cauldron. If G. drop of cofFee.. 011..Fr am unt that remams . mpe and the.t. in which ease. cup ·sfth .aking over rheir senses aa:I. The cauldron (preada. What follows is a Gst of our most popular deities. he 'or she'recm. All members . bealer. not the totidity of t:hosegfea spirl'ts""'""uruessthe Palere 'happen.offering helli'l' in maintaim-g the ~e---'lUl . as it happens during possession. lIMY .s eertain ceremomru scratches 101'1 the skin and is given certain .s to also be . these sixteen shells.m pieces of cocoaut or four shells (sharnalol'Jios). g.liilDggun tor cowry shells method of diivination... of the orishas. Paleros..enus...and under the right cIrCWMtances. The me.edmth flowers and sweetsmelling oolognes.ii.effort 'to cast theshells than to become possessed.&lars themselves extremely clean and fill. s'antero.e Pakros feel tbat the best method of communicating With.. During tbe: time: of persecution.orm.s. not many are called to go deeper than that.. asa way of comm... he is actaaUy . t. the great spirits. u Every godchild has an obligation teaid his .rmsrtiixl not available to nee-scratched people.. these: are really av. This infor:ma.. . theirCatbolic cO!JDterpazts and their Yorube names..EfuJ!t sp. . hertaiUst.t:micatmg wjth the orishas is that the priest does not lose his conSC10USiless to the odsha.eommunicatin. Back in Afii~ Ngangas h.gilt me 'that whe~1lorishas possess."'~_.S. ". -'d 'h L ertnesame -'sustM.ce . Ppdo~ic:auy..-e tne cup. godcllild is acc'epted for scratching. middle of the presentCientury. Palerosare supposed to concentrate c·"A.6 neophyte may requ. however.info. ana practices tihat empower the newly scratched Palero. He 01:' she will dev1elop 'these a:tt~butles through the grace (asile) Qfhis elder's.iUs out of .~ STeIl_e_._" n _I. __0 __ it --~ .ould lea:m bow to divine using ro.er tall. ·T1. Another advantase ofusing shells rather thanpo~ssesiion.CI.:.viner.m:ngat least 21 stj'cks (palos. My filth. nganga) ila mimiarure:univ~rse cont. because these avatars are part of dmse great beings as much as 8.'.godfatber in whareverrhe ..correspcndence between their deities find those of the Yoruaa pantileO. l enormous power. _ !.'~ ..'~ Som.. SinCE it is said that the primal force o. It also requires less .fthe orishas speak through.e) and other secret ingredients which imbue it Mth developing their pmicwlUtal. P'~deros were fOfced to hide their deities under the guise of Catholicsaints. mtban avatar. wbleb intermittently Ia:sted well into the.·U~.i.as me '.ad already developed a.the or:ishas is to' use th. advanced initiation. lexorcist drummer. 0_ __ __'.. sheeld __ m"'clude' . such as rimal expert. where the religim gets itsnam.oftbe housesh..pted fum @fdivinatlon in Palo is te eommuaieare direedy with the essenees wlilie these essences possess Palo priests.a. After a year and seven days ofha:vingbeen scratched.estthat the godfather ask mheorishas andthe spirits ifthe neophyte is ready to be offiered a more.'U\Sl '. the arcbetyp:a] orishas may possess them.. singer.gwitb.·b· .1l. when a Palero c'ommumcates. Altlhough everyoneeaa ben.tion has to do 'With SKIed fOmIulas.

. Josepb Os aoyin Oslin !.. Mpunp God AlmJgbty Child . P'ata eo Lllga.AP2 n. .. 'Francis oJ Assisi Musilaogo Buru.und~ Madre Ide .finds" Ngunafinda St.L..7 PALO MONTE CATBOLEC YORUBA..L.'eter.Ticna Our Lady or Mercy. Christopher Nua Bukuu A. Darb~n Kaltmga.~ St.or Pfl. of RegIa Kabaycnde. AlithO.$c. RMtl'll' Oslmsi Tata Funde.DYi Looely Soul Ma:ma Kengu~ Iiemhla. Bab. St. Ogim Mariwtne. o. BlI.I.John the Baptist St. Jesus St.gujm .SANTERIA Zamb~. Vente Batallas. C~nl1:1bJNdoki Wllmn:lUllbiL St. Cuat:roVientuil fl_day J St . Z9l'abanda . Therese Oyj. Nsambi. !fif Mlluot CarmeJ Brazo 'uene St.

Pure spirits may not have the .!!: Xitensive: e glossary wil1 be prov. that uaites us Is om devotion to LUNGArvmE..o I"':"'"AW . Ahead I.t· 1J4"__ is .'-.loaf ffl'ems. blackman who died j'n ] 9' J S..-- .known as.e.. water l'ansa..1..lieSUld '&aud.essell. the sacrificial knife em'bele-lroto"gumpowderjUla..y. we .K.---.. but also. The ma"'" l'S 'U! .gence.hia.e we use to scratch neopbytes geJe-samba.lhe spirit protectors.always call fhemby their P... he or she may become vulnerable to..o' have the advantase ....s worting ngang~ who in our house takes the form of a deceptively finmy old man WboCQllstant!. Ndoki\s m. mo'r. :isCentella who IIK..esto present himselfas a m:)t~too"'Qdvanoedessence who c-. Lungam:be.. These spiritS are our protectors.. 'mala/o. " . '_1. OuT munanzo is fairly vaned. gourd.pJrit. .laoe.. they deserve ..sh._'an~ Ml .. ..aJs. . the raz._ "aets t'he 'j'ob . misfonune. although we do hB.all OUT' problems. yvUf the ". the spirits might s.a Haitian Petro s. di...importimJ orishas i> __ ¥ _ _.rnganim. respon.. . the rum we spmyrramourmouth.answer t. be just enjoys playing down Ills mtel1i. machete emhele. !falter g. I've come to regard them as members Q'rmy family. the cigar we use.. \Vhen sacrif].... __ 1:''"e' . Wearing this necklace indicates that the person is a. P·'err'" B'ema:rd is VP'f"IJ . and incense is maba-guindonga.'" . Hermase . such as its Tara's initiation day and the days of the mos~.tionip.Jmie.-.._ pe..eis glven a set of rules and guides to follow. to .a._.phyt.. an extr~mely wise old.ongo.. and Candelo Blanc.. _ tha. ..way.resematiQIl 'ceremony is the ·'n~k..do'l'J-.etting the aecklaee the: neophyte neglects his/her duties. ..help from all members "fthe mWlaru:o.. Every munanzo shoald take care to celebrate its important feasts. and devotion. also ...Lungam. The first sign ofinitiation tb.emunanzo and isentided to 'the godfather's protecUon as well as . n. _ ..ie tie. Becoming a member of a munanzo carries with it privileges.arnot beitlg fettered by a material body and of being able to de~ect.sibifities. Along with tbe necklace. as real and present as my~fe or my children. to me..e neophytefieceives after the purifica.. a.. who are considered . in Cuba the language we use in our ceremonies is called "Palo" or "Bantu.ci.a tw .ve a cQuple ofimportan.".. praise. an avatarofE.n. including.... After experiencing a thouSSlld and one advemares withthese and many other spirits. .o. a ~hee'p enkonde. j . Le Flambeau . One ofthe factors.after 'OUf' spirit's blessed smoke ensunp." U derives mai~y 'from. ill"'" _. .a:1o names. but rhey d. eless ~ ..11. the ne.tpolitic&l figures and several showbiizz luminaries that are fBithfuIPaleros.pm't s 1-'. and I'll neglect mine to you. Other spirits we work 'with we EI.". ..iK.ge:r.'1. with plenty of creolized Spanish and some Yoruba tnro\V1l1 in fer lood measure. most of our members ar-e Ilard-working people. thus a: rooster is called ensuso.' ... responsibilhies. the spirit ofo!Jr temple'."el ~11..r .."'''''ID~il ~. i.b4·s principal spirit.o . then.y licks ms lips..s in a ceremonial fas."..an i.IIltegralpati: of the house..or blad. be'lper is Perro Bernardo. "'t._~_ '-'e"':'" ner-1e"'" .all our love. J brig'b't.id~d..shu.. member ofth.

. 0_ our -.beeome greater.--.ieve we wlla have been blessed \lrith a paweml Palo and Santeria foundanonmustevenmally lay aside the veilofseereey mat was used :iEl the past in order to give the world a glimpse f I.aJl:d mal our reUgiorns be respected by the world at htfiae'.let me: say that we consider the coconut sacred. it is SiIil. ears .0 whom lam. grew out of obi divination..3 r .-pro ble --.G.ay.Wl!S ~ . or COBO in Palo and DR.communioatiofi between humans and spirits.'--·-··th·~·p~:l..-" .eaunru trawtlon&.inereas d vi ·biU' ry. b..J~' .. y. however. . . in A. the need for-accurate information rega:rdmg these forrneriyclosed 111agicaJ systems vviU...ena. .. dictating these words to make them public after I am gone.. A..--. Another -.OGGUN' in Sant.an ale-old method of. L dishonest or 'misinformed people purporting to speak about these faiths mil not be presenting an accurate picture.C . p.l_ an ~·b.gions could cause a person's life: Of freedom to be taken aw. As both Palo and Sameria . Now' that such abusesare less frequent.' . . people who practiced African religions were often s'Qcially ostracized and persecuted in many subtle ways.l!.... In Palo. is . ago. em. J bel. Cccoautthrowing....tua:t anses -WI iiLlOan ant_ _i __.A1VtALONGO.lso.~ reli. Coming back to our present task of writing down allthat is accurate about Palo •.emerge' from seereey and as more and more practitioners are \vil~ing to speak up publlcaUy. indispensable component crall our . SH.. CO"""'Y sbeU casting. ~~. called mBO.. we believe t.·-c-.sihat __ m. 'd Saateria's _ .. 1..-:·IIl:·1.-- -- --- ---- - -- 9 Let me again reiterate why I am instructiag those '1. '.u tici Pi.rituals. one-toone interactions 'With the pure essences is the highest form of divination. we must lift: up our voices and dern.. _ se_ VISI. Cowry shells' are thought to be the "mouths" of the orishasandare considered more accurare ~tan eoeenuts..lny . more properly called obi divination. ..hat intense.. b! _ .~...

nooklaces.Rain. There am man. nerbscieremony . and all kinds orimplemems used for ritualpurposes or to provide protection..May as it settles ill thecrevices oi t._. Oshosl.horisha as he Of she works wlit. Madre de Agua. Any well-stocked)}Olanictl will CQrry most of the ingredients named in this c:hapler:~RautCantzares) CllaJn!ba is._p _ the ma. The elders mustna.hey will deposit them in clay 'containers that have been painted 'in the' emblematic' colors of each erisha represented.equivalent.IU in front efseveral elders who will chew some of them 10 imbue me heros with their ash« (gr. and physIcally readyto receivethe awesome responsibility ofha:ving his..ba we make for muJtip. he or she may ask the rata. amulets._I'_~ ehemba 'Cl:. '.~ Um!\e _1~L_.cauldron). worked making sure every single bit ofbetb gets used in tbe chamba. s.cti:ty stones. and must sing to 'eae. t. we tend to sing '~·~JV'o. Siete Rayos.-._~__a"sol!lis when~we .lmes hove' bee» left ill Spanish erc:epl when I was SlIFe oj the English .ftTI.ys to mab chamba. Tiembla~Tiemt. Thus.rub~'·· . and :SQ on...first :ram of the month oi. chew the plants. of.aw 1Il. Shang" will be (h~posit~d in a red container.rayer before start. the holy liquid Q. ina white one.lri.anJeuJarly'that collected awing tbe. and Mama Shola.ve recited the me ]'Ulbap.tm-ae initiated will gadler the: herbsand.-- - - - 10 CHAPTER . fol1llin. p. After the sonmg . will hud the hems over to tlle elders for chewing. sacred '(0. Centella Ndoki. spiritually. Chamba: serves to' purifY and san. cocoa butter.. tile main ingredienms of the cham.islher one year and seven days appnulticesmp. !co]anut. a burning cbarceal wrapped in a ma'ianga leaf and at least twenty-one of the erisha's herbs.fPalo. -"!imtenillll.ng of a 11gangulero (c'wner of acatJJdmn).sucoess.ace). the 'person with the w=test . also practice Palo. ' .lher own ng:a. black pepperkernels. The herbs which are to be used in the preparation ofchemba should be pl.ppLicant is accepted for . After:a scrntcbed member of the m. Assilming aU goes weI'l and the a. eru (a. The oOBRas. the different: orishe's herbs. Of those presenl' during the preparation of the chamba. After the elders.li1ycompleted :b. to Obillta£j.of':'tne.tr.:!Ii· mdis-ensa:ble in t!!Atuv_lS.una:DZO has . ln our house. the onewith the least: amount. reHowed by any other orisha tlu:t meed$ to be mveked.aced on a..II Ma'king Chamba (nOle: most m..g smaIl puddles~ri~er water.ins. __ .mgll! (prenda. must be sung to ill the: :foUavring order: Lucero"Zambamda. since we have so mmly Santeros dmt. water.. .Nigerian root). cascarilla or pembe chalk. of respect. walking on IUsor her knees asa sign. seashells. holy water from a Catholic or EasU~m Orthodox church.le uses are: . heros.fu. palm oil.. whether he or she is psyc1101ogically.h. sea water.ywa.seniority wilt Iffi the straW' mat where the herbs had been. tor a reading reguding.ne silk cotton tree.

guasuna..y ~~ ~. ale c nele . Aberikulas {non~lnitia:tes} should never view any of the' ceremonies discussed.atipo1m.iIl~ yeib. soursop.j.rp. his strengths . twenty-one.and weakness \Viii be magnified a thousand rimes.'-I' ". Tumba Loma.wtIO~pJan~~ baa.sauce..and Vaa Mundo.i or Itkan·liko. The mayordomo will also make sure hi'S charge drinks three big gu. melonciUo .. rompe saraguey. "'1~tn_:.. m.gio~paraguita. TiemblaTierra takes eight. ZARABANDA: lemongrass.. whea. hueso de g:aJJo. itamo l1EMBLA-TIEJIUtA:bledo de elavo •.. and so on. rom. biguerel:i1L" a.ta de gallina.ero his Esengu. we must be sure he or she can handle it After one week. Venee B. Chamba sheuld be added to any food cooked for the orishasor during feasts. pinoe. :. ca.:c-L-d·· .hile he bo.. hyacinth..Madre de Agua seven.110mn._..dee oro.. ·CU·' .. are some herbs belonging to the different orishes. Chamba is alseused to feed and invigorate the deities. . real..he new ngamguj. . b~'· . jericho flower.t". ora.-charged chamba 'Will alsc contain some of the blood of sacrificed . jagua blanca. . Lucero's chanlba may have duee. 'we ofFert.t candle wruch rests on 81 whlte plafe...lngm1be. watercress.RAZO fUERTE: bledo rQjo•. __ an_. fern..animals.dsa lli. p'mon. -.e~ 2mbanda... SIE'TE RA Y()S and B.ca:rac. l101e these strengths and weaknesses in order to Tranea Viu.lom.. len. prodi._ . the rata's assistant. ebony... as weU as some rum. .Olld. mace de . siempreviva.. yamao... Mama Sbola! :fiv. .. so' far.atallas. lotus..ted cauldron-owning priest must..nelone 'of these spirits.. pu. china berrv eJb Jiebe. lechugu. Siete Rayos. the .. b·...g: initiation. a staffmade ofIroko wood" w.Uleros. 'p.1m. : ·.le basi].lity to guide the new ng.ng.IJed the mayo1'dtJ1I'1o or.gua de vaca. marquesa. flor de agaa...!!. A super.l..anguI.a !W~ _.~ yelllla e '1'. Acaba MW!II:io..losely by the padrino. .~.After initiation asa ngangulero.~Q.lps efchamba each morning. el'ilcampme~ agumaldo bl. AU herbs 'must havle been duly consecrated as described above. pa. -. be w.mB:nosa. .anco~ Ullies. ifa wom:m:. These.efore we can aUow one of OUT 'priests to cba.n. asafe<tida.. \\!ill have EObathe the future ngangulero wit]" chamba seven days in a row.e.a:~<!I. are potent forces. B. The fol. l'viADlREDE A(jUA~ vervain. oton cerazon diepidoma.erothrougb them later in life..llZO inolude C'enteU~ Monte Oscuro.ir is tbe 'teac:ber'~responsib... .. grass. purple: basil.. merna buena. Centella Ndold rune.. : sasoarilla .Ehe""JI!Q)l._.new~y-crea.. basil..a anil.~ va . LUCERO. three or 'seven" Pata 'en Llaga seventeen.erill0.. Ll..m. Some oftbe Iilkisiswe' have installed in our muBB. Siete Rayos six.o.Qtched c.guan:aJO.II~~.y~. Or one-hendred one different herbs. Marlqullla Ndoki.!1 '-.I ----- 11 inclusion in the ranks ofnganS.I!.tgrass. !". themayordomo"or the yayi~ror in the week fa. hOI':sehailr.

. Lucero. zazafra. bejucQ ubi.__ . the munanzo. So can Madr. His herbs are: cundliamor. Oshun.c. Any prospective member of our munanzo must be given some chamba to drink.ecfient ofChamba is water.-- -- L. and herbs in a room can substitute for the real thing if circumstances call fOT it. Baths mate our members healthy and ready to receive the good vibrations our spirit guides bring.cing lots of plants" trice. plum. aCI! Q. cabo de Never put sticks or bark in chamba.1n interchange herbs. He or she will then be bathed in Chamba and 'taken to a cemetery or a sacred gr-o:vewhere be or sbe MIl swear an oath IOf allegiance to the TMa.. yerba garro.. must never be mixed in rituals with other erishas except Nana Bukuu and Mi. . branches. tapa camines carabali la yaya. and IOshosi C. the very essenee of God's favorite daughter. and tengue._ mazo-r:-.u]"l1a. yucca. guasimilla._ bans. and an ofits members. CENTELLA NDOKI. but pla. Iscoba amarga. sargaze. We must not Corset that . who incarnated in Angola asa queen named Sho.btmda. Initiations should ideally be carried out outdoors in the: wilderness. hacha. pazete.illo.tle mest IlmpClrtal!ilr mgr. pinon botija. ateJe. casimon. Zara. oDJy [eaves and soft sterns.la Wmga.e de Agua and Mama Shola. alacran. Pata en LIa~ however.

to • . To gain Iroko's favor.en.._ nl_ " -:-' ~ . with health and peace.e-'back tibiabeins made an integral part of the evill nganga. Tierra 'will pacify the most sh.refer to "prendas jlJdiss" and "ngangas judi. Father ofa:ll trees.giSl one . including the maj:e5tic royai palm. is mOKO" which in Cuba bieS been . beil [our . ach . beginning at the head ofthe cross down ~.IUostnev~r. leventllolllgh I've instructed my godchildren 110t to use the wordjudill in its negative COlllt'B:xt. \When walking bya silk cotton tree. In remity~ mostPaleres are not conscious of the offemiv. dress them lNith cocoa butter. oil. removing the: shell :fro·m. At theend.. God). 0. 'd' .tury Cuba.._0.- 13 C'HAPTER III Iroka A pilant considered mere pcwerftd dum.amen.Oits feet.us~-~ "or . There 'C8IlI be no nganga without Irok.id.ep. this here as a way o·fteaching what these are..e..is. TO GI·T SOMETHING FROM IROKO over the CfOSS< Plae. and forgive me if I've unwittinsly . peel them. grant me thi !Joon 11'1 twemry~one ·ays. At tfliit time.. Th_e one exe~ l'. . . hard-boil sbct'oon eggs.. .tri . say ~"Father Iroko.and the sixteen peeled e.e chicken ofFering each when it i's then decapitated. Paleres sometimeseall lroko "munanzo mambe" (hoaseof month Jr"C . lmkc.. then :from left to right in the h.tmed with the ate. your humble servant.ck cat ~U be made to become enraged.twitb respect" saying something like "good morning.lon '. then p'~ce' sixteen pennies .bbom soul. tL. TO CALM AN ENEMY To.. ] mentio.evil purp Qses .as.IS k ~ . . gives solace to all who ask.. e On the eastern side of'the Iroke 'tree. Most P.at a time. draw an equilateral cross lIsing palm. Father Iroko.0 imply evill reflects the: an.eggs uotilthey are nard.-: _.Is .o" since irs stick: is the most important ofthetwerntyone. The pejorative use of the word ~'Jew' (iudia) 1.chelg on top ofeacbpemy.idoMo.. 111eMayombero will bury the prenda thatwiU be used for evil purposes under koko'sshadow fur t\ventyone days.. believers must always sa!u'tie i. Take the dressed eggs to Irako. .iJI. Since at] the other houses continue: to .ea. I find it imerestiDgthat the Jews ill my munanzo' have never complained abollltthi:s. its sblU and I. a to. bless me. times.calm an enemy. Semitic sentiments of the dominant :Spanish rulers of nineteenth cen..ntenouses gtve-Jroko a whit.n.orizontallil1e. whose palace .n-it must be the same petition all._.i. Each time you deposit an egg) say out loud BI pBIitic:ulu pedtio...tely silk cotton tree.taUy bla. sixteen. . _ the makingof:so-caUed Rl'fflrgasjudias in the Palo Mayombe tnldition. aU others. makirngthe offering to Tlembla-Tjerra.e 'namre of [he use ofulis word.in the top of lrokr» Tie-mbla. almond oil and Balsamo Tfanqui:1o Cll' oil ·of cloves._Ii I.

used in tieing dO\1ffl spells. Tile fo]Jowina. Spirits cailed "nfunbi" Iivie: in Iroko. These: E.stepped on your holy shadow. will open a neophyte's third ey. a lit cigar. mambo is to.brand-new plate. made ±rom IrolGo's. The Seminole indians worsruPlped Iroko under the marne"kapok. S&Qu. 8 the mambo listed above while s'haking8n i. This crone aspect.undo P.nkinia nanbt: Sandafumadlga NIDng.n the forces of good .anguaian boeo Mediotugo ~beNgu.roko stick rythmicwlly' in torn of the Ilganga. are offered candy on a.. the n:fumbiare give_n four peeled hard~boiled e. where Paleros feed them periodically. Along with the candy." My father used to call Iroko Fl. .a.Palero wiU write b. our cauldrons.siok. restil1lgplace for mam. of the goddess ofse'llsuaHty and riches is called Kana-Kana mnf." Paleres work with Iroko in many difFeill!l]t wa.we have a responsibility to learn how to combat evil im order to 'maximize our happiness and that ofoul' loved ones. as .ala. irnorder to imbue them with enonnous power. red' nobon by a balby's crib will protect her from Ihe evil eye.. The. individual who hasilillowedi his soul to become tainted .a lII.is a 'sign of Os bUrl Ibu :Kale's favor. Paleros wiUtrave] to places that have them if they arc serious about obtaining tile greatest: amount of power.Th1B. we PmIcros believeil . Its trunk is. many Irokctreesin the SQuthern United St:at.sunset t@ lroko.shu-lj!Qespirits" s.lmilar also to the ge'de of Vcdou.lea'll'Ie5.8.E. A tea.es. 'Wecan surmise that a pervened.spirit medium .i Ndig. Iroko's shadow serves.lnlms. tha. Knowing tbamthe eyes are ~he win·daws of the soul.si MIII:emhe mpo]o :KbldiamiJo kiHenso Guamka ngusi Ireke is 1:1 natural temple. The spirit of. ]I!l places where there are 110 silk cotton trees. and some rum.ry our n8an~as. be: suog after .the forces of evil!. THE EVIL EYE A small 'Piece of'][roko wood hlllng with a. The evileye is a nawraJ manifestation of evil. It is there that we bu.bok:o 'cm be: contacted even if the tree is not present by S•.and .t th:ere: is all eternal s!ruglle betwee.y spirits that the Palerc em comrminicate mth~ Iroko'.s roots an: the homeef a powerwl spirit called Mwna Ungungu.i:sjirma (personal ideograph or s[gyIl) on the ground by the part of the tree's trunk that faces east.ys.Narbe Sud.. coffee.eand help her become a. Sinee we Pateros believe.M'B~ four clear glasses filled with water. Thereare . Wben a vulmre rests all ene of'Ireke's bnmdu:s. Soil ftom around Iroko is oft'ered to the orishas Qddua and Brazo Fuerte..

chambe made Ollt ofthe leaves. said. wilo. Othe:rvrise. He alw.sm in P.IS with evil\oVill sometlmes even unwlUin. and all three must read in tum.oW'selfthe words. to make such a decision. AJtbaugbmany Hispamicjew1el'lersin the U. teague. babies.S.' _am I .against the evil eye than the prayer to San Luis Be.se. read the prayer) and leave without . by m.er.m a Cathollicchurch mustalso be used.A.e reader..alo does not make ourchildren Paleros. aad eaja..mentsyour baby.ltr.ays e -.eing:who read bero.. and :a prayer to St. mett:ing the persol:'1 be is looking at. no one: knows.ld '.. serves as baptismal water for infants. Because oftilei'f innocence. Babies baptized. camphor." why it.for low-enngs.s for three people to read the prayer to San Luis by the bed of the feverish person. boly water fro.. . in this chamba. looked upon whil'e they are a:deep. asked-he _ c -. you must say to y. oib-oko. can. Each reader must come.littJe cross made out of basil leaves and. there was no more powerful defense . who must sprinkle some holy water 01"1. . besaie el aJliio' .ther the roUoW"ing recipe . "besat« eJ' cuJito. babies should not be allowed to be. _ "_ k:rJewit by heart. many times.it do\\'D for anyone _. make sure he utters the: phrase "may God bless her" right after. not more than one hour apart . claim t. Because they are most defenseless while they sleep. This literally means.o whentbey are old enough.' -'te '. sian of the cross ever merom 01' her while bolding me basilcross pressed between tbe right index finger and the thumbeach time it 'Says to. The great Palero Andres Petit. They 'WiHcheese if they Msh to remain InPal. founder of the Kimbisa faction. 'Worb. Other talismans a. .. in a negative fashion. fever: Mang. of Palo. are partieulady vulnerable to the evil eye and must be protected at aU times.h~ysell azabaehes.infant bapti. the feverish person while maldng the.Genuine jet doesnot shine. guara.-'cd ·t withlU.. and will stain a white paper black if one runs it across it. be 'piercedw1'tb a 'needle.besal'eet culUo .u. .. man d w 0. ' . .evil eye that work are a piece of jet (ambaclie)" apiece of red coral or a dog's teeth. Louis Bertand (San Luis Beltran). Vffl'-. "kiss his little· ass.aya. grow strollg and hea1thy. Andresa!sogave my fa. y. " severw times. Let It be clear that . the written prayer.an.re or aft." . A special. do so in. Otherimptem.g~ the .fully used to ward off the evil eye are garlic. toey are selling black plastic beads lnst:ead. Ira stranger or SJl'ersOfl known for his evi]eye compl. .ents success.alled Mamba Nsanbi._gly look at someone and this evil will spill from his sOul waugh his eyes.

•.on should be done either d. '1'10 In the cemetery one finds the human remains needed far the ngang~ in the bush theplants and spiritS .jer O. rio. Sie~eRayos.of. ~. ~Th' \ ' ' '. J..wing the new moon. 1. dame saiud.At:ba ..d.Ie.. contracting wi.. y tDCrni. soils..'.nephew of S'h... old mllnanzos. souls wiJJllilig to make a paa with the Palero. The Padrino "l71onla" (makes) the I'I..gan ga: by putting .. .. '-I ... but more often it is specially made by the padrino :Forthe DBViiI' ngamgul£ro. Never during w. Afterwards three "Our Fathers.DaMp invelves loins to the bush and to.oshuka dido..e ngange is fed . ~'f' ..n C .' us.Zulu cmef. A n. d ear .!.. Ceremonies of in1tiati. and other secret ingr. or during me fUUmoon..g:". " J\' .. is a corruption of Cetewayo..'" "saul.oAt .for... animal carcasses. Lave· .." In Africa:.oneneeds to contact. . ~e.. oe~) .gOS. herbs. ~ (stone arrowhead). ni eorermeda. . -'". p:aJquc no nos 'alte el pan ni II mi ni !I mis ~joS.Marias..i' In Cuba.~.e making.. means "myste[)'.. [11. liIp th... These dark..__ C. .mh a spirit. Tiley are sacred to Si. amigos.. laMp or oshuko..-O' . what we call a Palo :priesE is called a ·'Ngang8 ...R IV Nganga Nsanga:.Bly. shortened 'to one year and seven days in mest :munanzos. ... vine~ sticks." The makinS ." thee "Ave .. " ..j.This eauldren ii·also' calh~d"prenda. . B:e . of a nganga involves tbe' :signing of a pact between a living bein.iI.~ 'se 0 the_ eX!!s_oa_ of~ ~..e." or "force. guamiaku.ramiliMes._rhL'n . The stone must be' fed sacrificial blood. foUowed by tbe foUoMng Lulrumi prayer: ... a time when plants lose their powers. -...gans. ."" and one ~'ffiori8!" are recited..enga.. !!Jquiit dlillY 1m.e S h ....refers to the cauldron wmch is at the: cmtevofour ·prlt1!ice.nganga . . also caUedmatari. ~'. n'me l. flat" elo:ogated Slcnesare poiated on one 'end and bave wt:Ure streaksrunnimg through them....·rp.!~ YI)te sal:udo.1' am smeantp_'et'JOus. '.-.. '. and knowing how to coatrol dlat s)ilfit. ve. fJ..ganga may be inherited.~__ de . truquiUdad Id mUlldo~q!Je DObays guerra.i. m. ~e . ~.. lIDoned.aluzambi" or "nganga ndeki.'1.. thought to. 'bean incantation "fthe god oftftunder.droll the benes.inside the caul.. II1lIp)!1Qg•.pruero to be considered for flO'atlffI.!""".ts which give' the . mod.anlng moon. A :spmt who agrees to wor. Cemetery and bush are not that diffeliem~ in both one finds the Nfumb..a ll'lG:~ £"'ry' n3aB~O!'a mus. 'alan (M.a and nne who has 'passedon to the spiritwodd. ' "'lID_we l:lganga rs.eteRayos.~.. to . The fono~ns prayer is o'tJeredto the new mooa: Luna n!.lhe famous .!Je _ . itwould ~ake at least seven 'Y'ear5 after ~~scrat~mn. by the way.edien. separat.·." wmchin OJd." .aka. oshukDaro.-.e... Then it "eats' again when the ~ntir.16 C'HAPTE. nSiUl(.1e with a Paleroin thi'S fashion is caJ1eda "1'l. ._CiU. the cemetery.

seven . beach. Othe:rsacrifice-s :aJ.large sugar~cllttirJ. South.co Oth. tibias.sm diameter and. the black bag containtn..s skin).nganpdero·s initiation. din (roman antbilj~the necessary twe1llty .n. A bJact chiclcen or rooster is.J<unds which.e future ngam.8~g. water • and sand 'fi'.11.me:raur:yI' sea.dng it at the bottom of the eaaldren dun will become the new ngan8lll1ero's prenda. cinnamon. a ·centipede •. ne foundation stic. a hollowed piece of bamboo about two i. and West).aJ:lpiles ofg:tmpowder (!uta) are placed on top of one efthe ·flat sides ofa. IE is during dtefiill moon ·that the .. the previously prepared stoae.t&WD Othuba madeni Ocbmkwa. The grave· is then dug up and the kiyumba (sbJ. . ginger.en fire is applied to one of them"it means thatthe spirit (nfimi.si. men the _padrlno spill. t. the remains @fa smaU black male dOl wllleh wiU serve as.the padrinothen. pia. spiders. chili pepper:s.S0 take 'Place :at thisdme_ Further iogedj'ents that go mto thell.i ItCO e.s. is being made. If the oracle gives a posibve' answer. o:faLI heaveruy bodies. Seven sm.in-the-mwngt. a dead bat..h obi oracle at the fool of each grave if 'tlm.IJJ. She is '<Mama Mpo.o ensure theoontinuing 10 weD-beihS of the proceedings.a toad.vmtesthe name of the nfwnbi on a. all o:fwhich had...t muerto (dead. liz:ar:ds.now Oilfe_rOO. and a ruor blade (preferably the one that had been used to eut scratches on the new IIlgangulero'.-- -- - - 17 Chukwa madeni (kbl:dtW:I If. white onion. East.ukwl.er·e .oma.1I<The i~A1lMotber.l1o IlQ<W adds to the name thedead man's bones.gufrero go te fhe cemetery~ asking.glmife called amachete. which had been copied from the tombstone at the gravesite.a are~ soil taOC. The Moon :p. ~th the shamalcngos: or wit. mack at the: munam:o. ). and ribsare removed from thecadaver and placed inside a large black b.rncne. She is the qlJeen.• w. Tile next step is to Conn a cross.s some rum (mala/o) by the grave'. the tdUmbi"s pet :W'ld messenger. and th:. :spiri't of the :ngang8 tbat.lbere iDa. Using a penc. The padri. godfather.lfiilde· faWO Sol'udde pini guin.s.silver ecias.ts (sold as a o package i. a. Iftbey aU explode wh. will indicate that the spirit of the dead body buried w'ildel' the chosen graV1B is eager to work 'Wi1hhim.WD loawo< illl. over the' grave using the rum.six to twelve inches long that had been previously filled witl:1.g the bones is covered with a white sheet as four white candles are lit around it. fingers~ toes.enrom fOUT f different spots near the grave (NoM.temlltes. The padriao then caUs outthe name·o·hhe dead person. been ~sealedins~de with beeswax. 'the mayordomo. listening ~or some rumbling SI. piece of parchrnelOt 'or bro\Vll paper bag.resides over a .lm.Motber Moamis godmother to all magicians. person) wishes to work with them .mo:s~major botanieas in the U. the nganga .iade.hi) has agreed 1:0 become the resident.

. ".. . a. god Zara:banda.--{..other three weeks. __ Ay L_be Ltmbe Lembe Mi Ic.a. . where it is plaeed next to the templle?s main nganga and left there for t. which used .angms. ... then taken to thll c. ~y. . The cauldron is.ras.tLue rem ~i"'-I-f. a. where it is buried on a Friday in a spot where it won£.. be disturbed. -Pl--.. not usually made . by tile l'1emovatof the . and more soil from the grave. that is now ready to eeeupy its place ofhonos in the new ngangulero's home... sa~ 4acu'. The n. a lemcke-n is sacrificed on the' spot and rune pennies are left on the hol.Q.e(stre-ngth)... . The :nganga is immedja.I . Lemb. preferably close tOI the stave of the ...J Will' e urine·' '"''''d' ' J! J'v_ .... a woodpecker..rc: ·k· 3! r·C!"Iefrom the cwe dl. a.:t: . hearls~ and hearts &om.t spot and. as a f1Bpr f:-semative ofthe justice--loviDg.. .sacred tree and left there for an. A I:J:i:Iditio·l1.s in order for it to receiveash..__ The padrine had to' sing the following llUlmbQ to tile saeu-sacu before lowering it to the :floor.: a. is taken 10 the mwlaJ'lZO.ll\. temites.B wasp. us . h-.B.0.fulg.I: 0'i'~d'". . b y--0f'-----------t'---. thecaul~dron is. a blackbird.lI vil preadas were kepr in burlap bags..mymore.-- - - - -- - --- sage'.. "'''·d·. dog. _' . an opO. not in e cauldrons since the cauldron. The boumba.. an owl. is a.. 0 --AI~e ". ngQn~a t boum.--. Afl!e'IVI.nganga..gansa is left buried fOf three weeks.. This flsangarequlred as iogrediemts... nU'I.. -..the clluldJion. .. c. -.. fa rat can be substituted)" a black goat. ' .parro. and caterpillars.!Il·ce. _~iI .. removed from tba. where it is buried next to Iroko or another .dale sirte Jegua Que yo yengD Cuando Ilegue .. red ants.I~""A~._.A Il!f· ..-1. a black rooster whose: throat is sUt but h~not decapttillted is Jfir-·... This. chick-e.~ ~. burlap bag as its reoepts.-eadrinc' s ce...Iqw Lernbc LeUlbe MaJembe Siete 1.tely taken lathe bush. is the.' then added to thengangm.nand eight pemnies (or six ifit isa palm tree) •..e Lrembe Malembe Ao..mee more wcmk.cle.....-U. OrigjnaJ1y. end of these three weeks." .".. I~"'_~ _ 1 U!. :a.ssum. . also ~'l ...was. at the.QW. m"'rlda ..sa."""C:U. the ngUlga is dug up.i!.'t~ . a taraarula ! _ uo a scorpion.1qUf:' yo 'Vcnlo GUruba:n8 ton litensia . a spm.i.Jacinto clon30 ta]ilI toma . vulture. a bat. Aft~-I"tihteeweeks nave elapsed. a cat.entlpede. . rather thana cauldron.e left.. the legs... the following mimmS'. R''. symbolic payment: to the forces that govetntbe cemetery and a reminder mat ODe doesn't receive anytl:Ii:ng inthis worfd witbaut paying for it.emetery..snl:!.. after the spi:rim of the tree has been offered iii.ab:all·oita 'tropiao Malembe yay. O:__e eu as.aJypeo:fngang. doesnet lend itself well to undeserved evil. a dralonfly._ep ··t. WOmlS.m -·-eo -.nfumbi.jI ..:_ W' ·3ter.... :..

'"Before bringing down the.-.talD...Mpari! Npembe Simbi ko! MpatU MlPa.ga 8aj8lo.mbito '. mi Mama Como Tata'ie mmdo Bajdo.til: Npembe Simbi ko.'que yo jur.tontO unLB tllBaJeon ere lien -.ditional Palo sign for the universe ( ~.iI.lblDdo P.< placed leanmi:l by a wall in a vertical" standing position. tOlDQ paso. parillo. buur.g Y81 q~e p!ltimpolo Mambe DiD M. sacu-sacu.. While cominuingto organize: the contents gfthe saeu-saeu. mi Mama Simbito. paralo.. HarTe. the pa:drino would continue singing \"ayapattmpolo' pa'tQ 10 'mondo S. Simbi-co Tata NglUlga ya limpio piso The Tata would then sign hii:sfinn.II'y iU\ ...ambe Di'o'5 ..001' under i1 ~th much ceremony whilesinginl [he fo. barre... The Tala would also draw the tra. s:me. bITe:. While this operation was undertaken.am._- 19 These burlap ngangas were also called "macutos..Uowing mambo. the Tata would sing the' foUowi:ng mambo.. ~glDgll. barre.. the padrino would also sweep the 0. Barf'e. Simb' ko? ).end .a (sypl) on the floor usingashes 001" white chalk (eascarrilla or pembe). II "' I pauJo. '-.oa ve' Si:lIJbicl!! Que pBltimpolo 'goy.a Despllcio ..s Tr:do.lLUltaken out of the bag. barre.. ks wer then C(j!.ttmpoJo YayB M_riB Ng.imbicQ' V 1i)'1!! p. parBi!lIl uri Mama 'COiDO' tata te . UL --. ------'0 The-f.qa Ya 1". Mpati! . )'ingun. mi Mama True.c:."". basurR Simbito. Como Tala 'Ie manda Abaj'o ngan. trailo" mi Dlog."'... afterwards singing the following mambo. S.

0_f. I !J 3e Le Spin" of. by the: . and by." . of. 1.l)CUI. Iig~'Dia A:mba mlmdo to m.the· sa.do viene..ombe. -' -d '. A nlal1..e..o'<I' ·S·<:Il·-. while it is 1101'for everyon. d'e wella. eededte enide 'S-. "·"'c:u'-.W1ing Mayombe rue bUI9IO ell ~guin..lw:u:leled in a I1ganga. Vama ave SU!lUD.aJj] ofthe mim.lUDo'. • 'ts _ A strong mtn lS n~!L . e" _.miuga Yimbil.'. 'because it must ~r:eflecthe fortes of the: universe. l£mmediately afterwards.aUy work with nganguier.aJs it eonta1ns. the Tata wouJd sins the foUo.ga. mi nga:ng&t sahala <0 Nsungl..l. lonya. Guinea Mama Lola da Hcensla Abre ·~amino Mayomoo (ue blJeno m Gtinea Ms)..d-ay.ea GOlD. Nga:nguJeros have a responsibility not to give in to these: feelings of'revenge.a baek from the ceiling.gi Chikinmgoma a rtcoge VamID reen Iii After wCl'flcing with the sacu-sacu... Petit imtiatled whites into Palo back m 'the mid 1840s.'W3.a M. membersofvi. the floor.at usl1.wolJld carefully place everything back inside the burlap bag and hang the ngang.I) gtu a ti 8fi a' well. yimbil.mbe bUeDD en. ngang. the Tara and his assistant would proceed to spray rumor aguardiente on it. why so: many ingredients gomto a ngams8I:. ~o:nYly8. who has chosen to reside in it. ts piuta. former slaves :t. y.nuaJly all raC. to be t used by the ngangulero.-iII believe the c..!I.endencym try to obtain r-evenge from whites because of the: a mistreatment they may have received while in their last iacamatlcn.se: reflectinga. who is like the' god of the nganga. fcrces that are c.8.and nationalities have discovered Ihis path which. was.tb.h. abR camin. bat:h good and evil This 'iii. -ld -~i' . Sm.. the Tata. also offering the ngaaga cigar smoke while singing Sa1..I"'" 'The Ufe of Bac:h nganga is sustained by the st~cks (palos) of the bush (llfindaj lIha:tgjve .o Chikinmgoma reeo. They aliso ffiII:ve t.ya Coan.".tfrom it ' ..w-~_.: 0 .our religion its name.ga is I microuniver.I/y.20 Once the sacu-sacu was organized o. Since Andres.1 ' .._ rl-Qi r! !.everyone can benefi.B5. Such .spirit.n.ll that one can :find in tnelarger world.dam:1I .O.e c '. .os like torest us.

No one race bas a monopoly on.awin continue to exist in an ethereal form as long as its deseendaats exist. the parent I'Igang. To be a :nganguiero. . respect and ebedience for his padrino. other ngangas have been born from that one. however. so lets move r believe good ODe way to destroy a nganga. faith in 'God and the orishas. Aft. rum. bury it 'beneath an anthill saying loudly "GOOD BYE FOREVER!" If. 'less destructive aims. and cigar smoke. a person must have a stable characteT.er feeding it the blood of a rooster. .e respol'lSibility as well as a great: privilege.2] instead chaanelingthat energy towards. and the humilltyto realiae that: to be placed in a position of leadership in the world of spirits is a hug. There is onliy either. a strong mind.01':1 is good and bad is bad.


1\ rt.» ['fIAIS-:,.~ S,

CHAPTER V Vim--- n ',', ,", ..0.. .. ,p U' ~- ','g,', ulu: the deities ,',,' " ,,

NGURUF,INDAJBlJRUFlNDAlOSA,IN we stan with Nguruftnd~ ailso lm,O\Vll in Palo as Simdaula. Ndundu and

YembakaButlDlseke, called OSlin in Lukumi, because as god of plams he is ..... ,1lI)' clese ito every Palere's ,bean. It is ,sal!dthat Osain, began the praetiee of makingmagi,cal, potions out of plants and ,storing, the potiens in sourds and ,calabashes many, many, years ago,. It was a woman who fimt discovered the secret potions"~ for~ B1!.IJ'llfiDdato ,mare ,knowledge @fhowto work YJilth herbs Vllitn the 'woman. Sbe: In rumpromisednclt. to, work with herbs while on her menses, ,a, promised she did not keep, Since that time; most 'it..,' -1..0 ' .. a,-,......... 'ai\linD' __ _ _, : P,iUeros nave taIJ ,0....g~~ v __ me Burunnda deirv to_ wom.el"l' In our Q , "___O'!! ,' , "... , heuse, we make special osains for women called Osain Kinibos, tbese are kept outsidethe borne and must be hl.[ng at a low ,altitude, less than eight feet.
ft' , -


.People bern with the ~ft of working with plants, are ealled "Osainistas" and are l.I.S'uaJIychildre.n ofSiete Rayos (Shango Osain's favorite godchild. It was to Shang,a that: Osain first 'taught the secret ofhow to make power:fu1 medicine out. of plan.ts and it was he who first klept a gourd fi11ed Ylith a :margicaJ po·tJon ,in his home. Lu,ee,ro, ZarabaIDda, Veeee Ba,taUas, and the n1iJ.1"l.bi are ,all mtima~ely mtemYined with Burufiada/Osain, The: Osain we work 'Within 'Our house is called Olsam. Aguenegui AguaJdo Kinikini aad the w.ay to praise.mm is with the fu.lloYl>ingmambo:

Oilc sal sal babaJop,ol Oile sal sal b.ab aJo pOI Osain, ,Iweoeyreeli H ko Ewei'eye n'ile' ~ySire ,obaniwe

Osa:in eats go,ats" torteises, and roosters, eSp0Cially6ghting rooster and thos~ called "silky," Ingredients fof' I ,gourd Osain include deer antlers, soil c.-, '-I--.'t -~-.,C'",nlir. . " ,]-.,.,'1.,.,,, 'i ,__ "4ced: uom at eassevel'J U,weremt p aces, ,SlIt_, ,-.,,' torto,Sf) "tha,_t bas l. , -- sacn,, __ il !.leen n) Osain, rain water coU~ in May, 'sea Wiler" river water, Cath.olieholy waler" and whole peppl!r kernels which mu,st be chewed and spat. inside the gourd by the lata. The Osain deity also requires bugs, birds,and ,coins. After the g,ourd is iliUed with aU these ingredients, it is then uiken to a palm tree; wnere it is buried, for six days in, order t.o receive Siete Rayos' andw5 sister Dada:! 5 asbe. By burying Osain for eight: days next to Ireko, Tiembla.Tierra. Nama, Bukuu, and Aganju imbues it with power. Kept, 'buried for three days in an anthill gives the IQsm.n deity the blessings of the nfurnbis, while burying it .for wee days ina crossroads ,gives it powerltom Lucero. Each orne' Osrun islak,en out of the earth (Iile) a, rooster, a" tortoise, toasted


com. drywine, a silver corn, and rum, must be left inside the hole, and a Catholic prayer called "The Apostles Creed" as well as the OUI" Father must

be recited ,aft.ereach :removal orOssi'n from a burial. Thls is called «thanking the eanh." Some Osains are: not made'ill gourds, but in terra cOltl, dishes or small iron cauldrons. The, secret powder that give life to Osain can be: k,ept inside a. smaIl bottle, inside an antler, inside a buD or ,cow bom., or inside a li:ttle gourd. Divinati,on det'ennmes which wEn be used. This powder is made out of four feet fr'O'ID a torto~se~,two feet :fro.m3. small parrot, the remainsofa large

paPOjj w,akibaota., sapo~ plus theeyes and 'tongue of a .rooster, seven larg,e ants, seven human teeth which mclude the two canlnes, diirt ftom a graveyard, hair from a dead persoll. the name of,thesame: dead person written on parchment, seven, mate seeds, pius ,Il )Jr.de:rum. A.n of these insredients are '[0 be burned to ill crisp, the ashes that remrun, alons wjth So- - --SUIU.I!rm_ t d·''"d,n-'\ burn, is pu_ on- amertal and P _:!JI an-d·· ercund te.- a _me ..a:' tli.. L 1- t- __- __ - ~es..le -Cl""----powder. The ensuing. powder is a powe.rful ashe tlmt. is stored in one of the receptacles described above and then placed inside the larger gourd that had been prepared befo·f!e:.On a Thursday.. Friday, or Saturday, The whole: deity 'is 'to be buried along; witba large piece oflroko, :sacrificing another' turtle at the site. Three weeks later the Osain is n~'adyi,O be taken out. Tile Osain is now complel:e, ready to be hlmg up high .from the ceili.rns or from a tree in your backyard or p.atio, a.pr.a.ctic::e] don't recommend because your enemies 'may nave access to this precious nki:si if it is outside.

parrot ormaca:w~ the: :remains ,of aronfe' dove, the foUowing socks: amansa-

LUCERO MUND{J'/TATA NKl1YUIESHUIELE,GG1JA Also called Teta Nfinda and Quido-Pu.erta. Lucero is THE CHILD. a natural trickster. He 'is easily irritJlbJe end must: be cared .for.Like any child~ Lucero does not respond. well to negleer, He: is the most indis,pensable of the orishas. for witilout him. nothiqg moves. He is called el porterc; the 8a:tBkeepe'r. for -.Mtb.out,his blessing no metaphysical doo:rwa:y can, be entered, Md, lNithout his beI1p~.no material thteshoJ:d can be crossed, With

his cowrysbel1s" a priest can address any @risha.. It is,his shelh that serve
best for :in..deptb readin,gs.Luoero enjoys offerings aftoys. 'candy, and all these things dear 10 childrea, He enjo},spanics, and' c~dtbratjons. as well as games. Lucero is ,11 flappy-go ..!ucky' youth. yet be can be brutal if one

forgets to propitiale him ·OQ, Mondays. Lucero may fo(give the Palero,ifhe forgets to hcnorhim, Dace or twice, but if a third week goes by mtl'lout

Lucero receiving his tribute. thefl the P,ajero '!NiH remmd,ed that he needs be Lucero by Josmg 3. lot .of business.
To honor Lucero. on Mondays. offer him rum sprayed onthe Lucero figure dir'lectiy from your mOl.:uh"ciS1:r smok'e, a ciindle.tmd a clear glass ofwater,

24 R>em!llmber ~Q talk to Lucero throughout your Monday cerem.ony,. 'telling him step-by-srep what: you are doing: "'1 am now .lighting.a candle for you.
my precious child, I

mil !'lOW spray

some rum. all you, beloved Lucero,'; etc,

Speak toh1m .sweedy, as ifyolJ w,er,e speaklng t03 child. AJways, renUnd him tnat he is the lord ofyolJif' home'. Beforeaddressmg :him. always knock three: times on th8 floor in front of'Lucero, usm,S; the knuckles of your right hamd.

Lucero is one of The Waniors and is often k:epll'leQ. to Zarabanda.,. Oshosi
.and Osun, Osun" notto be-confused witb Oshun, isa .nlcisiassociated 'With

Own., represe.nring the Practitioner as a dei.ty,a. remiinder of the inherent godhood within us all.. Osun is depiid::ed as 8" little metal roosser standing in what looks like a cbalic;e. In Africa, Osun is a.metal stalfas tall as the
practitioner, capped by a bird, and stuck inthe ground in front of a; practi;:iofler~5; home. Thls:tells, peoplethat a Tata liv'Bs onthe premises.

(Warning: .only duly .t"ilta(ed tata«; SamerD$, ()tiSM priests, bahalawos, houngai1s. or other priesthood holders at:a similar levellwve .the necessary ashe to make (In ejJicQ'CJOus ucero dei.ty-Jt ;srmn.gerousfor the nOI1~inrtullted to L arrempllo ma~ a LuoetYJ, What the ~lf7'·inlfi(jte(l,(;an do .ill' order tohavea rempo.rary Lucero is take (J t:OCOliur, dress It wnn palm oil, tmdp/tJce it behind
his/her door. nonai'mg if

Lucero .. )

To make a Lucero d.eity,. a,stone the ~e and appro~ate ,shape ora potato is,chosen by divination. The steae is betbed in ehamba .. At the: bottom or the stone, 'Withcementtaixed with ehsmbe, stick severalnickels that have' been obtained from different, success,ful, businesses such as banks. Add copper coin;s., a pieeeefsilver, a piece' ofS:ofd. dust iTem tos:id,e and outside the main. door of the pe'f'Sot'lwho is to receive the Lucero, soilfrem outsid.e a grocery ssore, dirt from a crossroads, and other ingredients such as mercury and pieces of.l<.ola.nuts. Eyes, nose, and mouth fashioned out of cO'~ shells can be g1u~ 011to, tbesto:lle. A.. clUek:en is then sacrificed allowing its blood (men:ga) to flow over the deity while songs to Lucero are


sung Aftenvar·ds Lucero is buried in a crossroads fora total of twenty -one da.ys, after he is W1earthed~ 'the hole 'that. remains must be filled with B! S8'crifice. Lucero is then broushtto tbe house in which he'll :stay. a party havln[Jbeenorgam.iz.ed~·mJr:"'.ho- no~. L uce Q I-v~- p_ ~ ..... ho-ey """""white or -c·~r·-; ~Q es calm "". ~ - r! _, -1 :iJ! ,1:1 .. _- ~~~ m" . wine, dried. fish. dried l'ossum.,candy, rum, cigar smoke, cool w,aler. and a.

Before 3i. person receives a Lucero from a. padrino ormadrina, both parties should be aware that this exchange makes them respensibletoeaeh other, since ,after a padrino comers a Lucero on someone, mllart person is.forever to be consideredthe paarino s godchild. People who do not respect each other or do not get wong should not enter into a.godparen1ig,cdchild

godchHd wm also receive punilshrnent. food.gar came.Boats. small .n. is better to be tom apart by four elephants and eaten by ten valtures and seventeen hyenas than to speak badly of one's godfather.. Lucero is lord of the lonely death~ he kills those who deserve it by making them bleed to death. Numbers: 3.e' manifestations in P.'i. &raye KIl5lfWaD Ko si fitibo Ko Sl ubelu KD si.but all are . su.wing praise: Eshu a Ire bnru b ori ake b aye to ri ttl to Ia ye fi y. Fruits.spresent. H£Tb: Pasrure.way prison keep keep keep keep.sa IGkongo proverb that says '''i. for there j.25 relationship.nin:Ws:Chicken. Sttek: Abre-caminc. A. Lucero loves parties. rooster. Lucero has twemy-o." A jodchiId's disrespect for a godparent will be punished by me erishas.egba. Guava. The foilowjng.'re ..obstades away the police away paralysis Ilway illness Lucero is humankind's teacher psr 'excellence. Ko si .8 mele ku'pa she eyo me'ko Lucero should be petitioned to keep away evil in the foUoMng manner: Ko si iku Ko 5ii·ofo KD si.Nn :kcep away death 'keep IIway loss k~p away tragedy Ikeep . sway . 2 r.a.ru.&1o . Beverages: A.lJdiente~rum.gu. but a godparent's abuse of his or her . 'When entering a place where a Lucero deity i. and sweets. dry white wine. the 'initiate 'will salute Lucero wi1h the fbllo.t. MineraJ:: Jet Colors: Red and bialek. Condiment: Palm 'Oil. always putting people through tests. are Lucero's attributes.o. chick.

for his vibrant personality loves everything seasuaJ such as drumming. Mineral: Platinum. said to be his legitimate children. Siete Rayos does not like the dead. dancing. Stick: SiUe-cotton. Numbe'fs: 8. Beverages: Aguar-diente.RA!KENGUE/OBA TALA Owner of everything white. Creator of human heads (intelligence). 6. The oldest Lucero is called Elufe. fashioned out of wood and goes inside the Nganga TlEMBLA. He lives on the top of the extremely 'taUroyal palm trees.TIER. milk. Condiment: Cocoa butter. umbers: 4. 'Fruits: R. ruby.my father 'told me thai this deity was acrually a rea] king in South Afiica named CetewQ]llo 'who lived ill the late I 80as and was considered an incarnation of'the god efthuader. 1-4. SIETE RA YOS/NSASlfSHANGO Arguably the most popular of aUPalo deities.edl bananas.ghting and copulating. "~'hi'N:marble. red wine. Most orishes were born to this P'rimordial coupl1e. The {oHowiog are Siete Rayo' 5. attributes. rum.and white. Beverages: water. fl. cantaleupe. The following mambo is sung to Siete Rayos: . Tiembla.26 one. attributes. white she-goats. Herb: Palm frond. red apples. The (oHowing are Tiembla-Tierra's Color: Whlte. Herb: jasmine. Colors: R~ . Fruits: Soursop. quail Condiment: Palm ca. for the god fiercely protects his female devotees.Tierra brought fertility to the world by splitting into male aru:I female halves thus introducing sexual :intercourseinfo the world. Men must not mistreat daughters of Siete Rayos.e doves. He is. protector of albinos. Animals: Rooster. goat. Animals: \Vhit. Stick: paint Mineral: Stone arrowheads.

. Y'..lkian. tierra. wife of'Brazo Fuerte.!lp. y b!lj . ~ae ell. $iete Rayos is the most attractive of all male Nldsis.nke jugo con lo''Sambi y. MAMA SHOLA WANGUElMPUNGU10SHUN . Motber of Hum :miry. Condiment: Molasses. even those dedicated to evil. Minetal: Aquamarine. MADRE DE AGUAJMAMA KALUNGAlYEMA First-born .!lJt~ Lucero SOD mi C8D1is.. moiasses. Madril! de AgUE!!.g to his enemies. Nu.a inlJll1antate NSl5i Ita en cwo E!!Iue. as vast as the ocean" and can offer her devotees. She is 'said possess wisdom.t(J Zaraband!l SOD mi Z.abou. Fruit: Watermelon.Be del cielo IDYF8 mu}u filiI. rules the: oceans from where all life emerged.R e'J 5i 10 aeato cDseguida.l M"tm lDonoveh~es Ia:eovolturll L.. The following are Madre de Agua's attributes" -Colors: Blue and white (her necklace consist ofblu.e and clear beads). 12. unimaginable riches. Another mambo to Siete' Rayos goes 1ike this: MaUri NSl!Si Nllasii. DO V8I tasa~O!5M!. roosters. piedra ell que: Nkita Nsasi 'C.ofTiembla-Tim1L. m . vA [0 Animals: Ducks.t bow Slete Rayos rules the heavens. the king of our religion. Iording over all heavenly bodies.lIA. This 'n1ambo twks. sending hghtnin.27 Abuke. Stick: Bamboo. sheep.: 7. Herb: Seaweed Beverages: Aguardiente. He is considered the first Palero~tbe greatest magician.mbers.lui m!. Sic:tc Rayos son be~djtc) All Paleros 'worship Sieu: Rayos. moks m'uiada MUDa nsuh:a sgcrihll Nsasi kiodlmJ.

_ Q fo-l.amber (not really a mineraL bl. It is then buries. he is. }\(tams. malambo 1!1I!"L..respected in these parts of Africa that worship rum.. ZARABANDAlCHlBIRlKJ 10 G" .-.ive laughter.m the IWildemess. -e. be bmtaJ . eq iu_De needed fol' Zaralum~ take aa 'e.--. black and white cloth after a.mction as a barrier tokeep Zarabmda" senorrnoes energy' inside the c:~dron until dle Palero is ready to use: it. and a pls. She is the goddess love.e following are MamaShola W~gue·s attributes..cnnisesmade no her be kejn.Wnm iii devetee..l0 __ "" . 'Priests who work v. she may never forgive him."Ning sticks are indispensable to Zarab31l. The cauldron." --'. palo jiqui.II . cigars. .1J~e. but is also I. padlocked (.!l and is said to . dry white wine.. yemowhen~... Condiment: Honey. "Di6t 'D'''' Di'JI. be praised by sjnging.. f She: loves her devotees:.__ . 'When youseew btaekish or gray stone tha.quiebra hacha. Ti.M. Stick: Cinnamon. on the Bible Of the Ho!y Qur'art He ISone offcur nkisis colilectively called. r suired stoae Wl. or gmnea pig..abanda is pr'csent where eV.._ IJjJ!.U _ a . .emands that pr.·' .bul can. Number: 5. Onee Mama Sholatumsag. The wl. has been sacrificed to Zarabanda. Colors: V.hain which is wound tightly around t.. so' . Animals: Castrated goats. soil.ierce warrior. . Another featuretbat must not be overlooked InZa:ra:banda's prenda is the addition of a beavy.in order_'.' --·fUIl· -~M •..L .t catches your eye. the folJomngmgredients must be gathered: A stone pic'kedout.-ans-s~ .. .rith Mama Shofa must be: paid in advaneeand in fiill for their services.Il.·mu. A smail black dOl must be sacrificed. . outside and inside the cauldron.d .gg as an offering..).. prepu'e.UN Owner ofir-on. Therituai of'mml'lg. near lrok:o or another sacred Wee .ld.1t:fimctioning as one). "The Warriors..t. her expectations . jutiQ.. to_ n_.". pOSSllUlL. mercury.vitll the:m if they fail to meet.. since most are comainedin iron cauldrons. bamdClLffs.. Zar:abanda. must begin at midnight.f6D. ffl'ayim~be.~11ow cantaloupes:.. (lo'pper.1"e: _"'. -. ..pllls a black rooster. is 'tn.. 'itlery 'vibrant. certafn humUl bones..' _'-~~" or Herb: Chamomile. . Beverage: Beer.. Mama Shola d. and palo yaya. take it..-. two bottles of rum.8 Orisha of beauty..eF iron is found.9 M ·be Iv. ~ld. The foUo. Th.therefore iilinost aJways found in nganga.en covered 'vrith a. Mineral: Go.8 Zarabanda deity._"'_ yo.S\." Zar.an ironcbain. Zarab.Shola rules all rivers.eJilow and amber. his skuU being kept forever in the cauldron.iU:lda·':sftrmQ ( ) Is painted.s.ture.he outer rim of the cauJdro.ytPI~ . thai to SVt'earon him is aeeepted iaeourras equivaJem. aJli iron ball. krlo\W for herexpans.. l"I!lJell.eon. be· u 00 I !In o.da: palo hueso. -. -- 2. ·F ·rt"'.-. .o'i)'T'le"s... to S'Weari:ng. Or . a horseshoe. .

a.da car. 'The foUowJns are Zarabancla' 51 anributes. que yo bobbll.-- --- - -- - 29 for twenty-one days. in the Americas.la.asil Ndoki. feewng the .I:aga. Pat.eanh app. PATA-EN-LLAGAJKHBAYENDEfBABALUAlYE A terrifylng.i18ft TIIJ llliDIo SOD mi: mare Tu . . but sboald only beoffered some on speeielcceasions . &fees plantairu Herb: Ginger. Seven piiles of gunpowder are Ht to welcome Zarabanda to its home. Bla. The circle represents the world. and ignorance Dft:l1e language and customs of the land to wl1ete he was sent as an exile" Arata. Mineral: Iron. Because ofbjs indomitable . syphims.en~I.enti'ty in Africa. born lame. thaI is 'the bone you'll choose.l1ag. Number: 3.. In fact.miml) SOD to IM'I:kaJ:J Mo Ko juma:QsaJ Idyumbl The cauldron 1:5 now ready.Uld bJack. each point of'tne cross represents a cardinal point.rabanda.sl'lt.b.. and the center of tile cross represents the crossroads-choices. Pateen . 8ev:erage: Zarabanda loves hard liquor..young bulls. he has been truly syncretized with the beloved 'old beggllr depicted in Catholic llthogra..had to overcome Dot one" bumseveral disabilities. A cat bone-usually the tailbone--is sometimes added to' .lemongrass. induding severe ski.ck pepper. 7·.ro'p:riste:ly after the cauldron has beea un'e:arthed. This is the mambo tl1at has to be suflg while manng Za. sbowing was us tlIateven the gODS may be' faced W'ith pbysical cha]lenges.: Va mime mEcbc Que kuenda ntete Tu kuenda 1111 rUldli Til ben.a. Animals: Dogs •. Zarabandatsjinna is now drawn on the floor or table where the deity will be placed. Fruit or tuber: African yam. the new owner 'ofth'e nganga may now decorate it with vulture feathers.Pickthe rigilt bone by placing a magic mirror near it" if it getsclolldy.. where: he iskncwn as the one who brings plagues. red in others.nproblems.. white and black in some munanzos. Tu mimo sonmi 1.. Colors: Green . Stick: Algarrobo..rabanda.phs accompanied by twosmall dQgs that lick the sores wrucn cover his body. Condim.

castr-ated goats. dogs.s1.. . such as a month.edas an old white man in crutches. it'N'lthpalm oU. Pata-en-llaga's perseverance becomes embi'emallic of the Cuban. Beverage: Dry whit'!: wine. infediolls.ey. 17.B'urlap is w another one arm. yellow. Animlls: Guinea fowl. milt for his dogs. Number: ll .. Condiment: Sesame seeds. . Colors: Purple. Pata-en-llaga protects the elderly. 13. dress.s a:ttributes. not the friend of Jesus.. Stick: Arbol del sebo. from the cob and hang it inside YOW" borne Q10m [he middle of yourfroll.e day per month.t' door. Lazarus.attach seven. crawl. usuaUy on the 17th. People 'from all parts of Cuba and :from tid] w:alks of1i£ea:nd religious traditions walk. such as the kind sold in the U. Nail a piece of'bread or dinner ron right: above the: corn-on-the cob so that you'll never lack food and prosperity.S. A simple way to honor Pata-en-lla. Herb: Eseoba amarga. foot in length. Dates.ard. Mineral: Quartz. The following are Pata-en-lJaga's attributes. as ornamentation during Halloween.11 toasted or dried corn-onthe cob.difFerent~olcred ribbons. little church outside Havana which houses a miraculous image of'tneaJleged saint (the"Olcgians MIl ten you that parables are aillegmi:e.so this particular Lazarus probably 'Dever existed). -or ride to the little church and leprosarium where Para-enl!lagaIBabaliu is said to reside disguis. apazote. erkers plmps. bro'Wll. or (or OR. . Syncretized witb St.and the poor.I _ 1 spiri~ and his enOm'lOIll$ strength of character" Babalu has become the most beloved orisha in Cuba" the people of our country identif:. either for a prolonged period. A common sacrifice offered to Pata-en-jlagaafter be grants a boon is fOT the devotee to dress in burial'. people' with skin conditions. but the old man of the parable of the rich mall and thepoor man. raisins. on December 17th massive pilgrimages to 8. peopie with blood.g:rav.ga is to take .it reminds Pa:tasen~Uaga ofa time when be 'was so poor he had to dress bimselfby fashioning clothes out of discarded burlap bags. each about 8. Fnnta. ethos.'r:i1ng with this great fighter who went from royal prince to exiled crimina] to king: of his own land.

know it of Vtithout 'the air we breath.nge]ofDeath--kno'WD SIS lkil in Santeria. brown. beer Wnerail: Bronze. CenteUa Ndoki's most imponant aspect however. Colors: AU colors except black. Along with.(The owner of1be marketp.a. the most powerful female force in the universe. She bas four sets of twins and a ninth son called AbikU said to bean incarnation of death itself The foUo\.te. C.ishas. Neold. She is said to be present at the gates of cemeteries.. the A. she rules over waters. a wark I may . Beverage: Aguardien. Her po. her particular dominion being rainwater.e the forces that :sustains life. All oftbese artributea make Gent ella. but to describe aU of them w{Nld rfIqllire Q lGlJ1J:f! volume dedicOIed to just that. Ceruella Ndoki protects merchants.31 CENTELLA The fiercest female warrior and beloved y. condiment: ES'gphDlt. as she Is called "La Duena de 10 Pkca' .wer as !1 mediator is also evident here. Fruit: Papaya NDOKlIMARIWANGNOYA. but.. Stick Guara. for she not only rules ever rainwater.ed or. . Number: 9. There are manyalhers. Animals: Guinea fowl. her sisters Mama Sbom Wang8 and Mama Kaluna. Herb: Caimitillo. is as the ruler of the wind. abo over hghtning which is fue. in my opinion.undertake' in t'he /1IlW'e-R. These are some offlle most /1onor.lace). for there can be no life 81'S we. hens.Vi:ng are Celltella Ndoki s :attributes. especially storms Her dominion of air implies that :she ms QIil. This md-icat:es that part of her role: is to aid people who are making the transition from the' material 'to the spirituaJ plane.ife of Siete Rayos" CenteiJa Ndoki roles over Nfuiri.

.. fbrc:xample.i'Yidually as well as: lht! OMODDU which. me .IBBO .EalCh Ofl'hs po&itions is called.t. T'ra..forebmcl with. .1116 ODDU!!. ' TA.11le T'ATAletS..gy.. ' •.C) Of OSOOBO (obmu:lcs).IiI: llia.~L. .' -~ 1::-".. depending on . early in.-. a combination OCIOdj and Obua.All: adm! e.'We always... O~~l'I\u'S't .bination. come up Dna fust tbrow. ~.f. padriDos or Palo T AT AS Un: lM authority to use tbl5 form ·ofdiviDMion. :is IDIlI·of ~fourubdnllS c.com.n:IB)" 'resemble both.omoloftgosllbbolDiloggun Cowry SbeU Divination DiIo~flIUDtalso called ISBO. if the first throw is seven . ln....mepeopiB simply read as. I~.mm:my.~ r··' '. is BS. said his MO JUBAprayers".....mia.-.oucli1the pmrson?s. It is tbemoutb: of the ORISHA. inti our wiztkel' t.meing.shells (Qdi) . p_d talk byway o.'~ Which 'so. t:a:Jcing:'!he clicmma. .. . Ul=1'.- 32 CHAPTER VI Ch. ~ . anat'f'i'lD-+O.a4a:1IJol:I... the .and theseco._~ 0'. . iIiS5'IlD1e that .'.a.-mN 101-.o.omDinaDons are OMOD. WItb the remaininS 16 the..shells our. beyond · ODDU 12.PWD subservient topriestSiofIF A wiD IIDI 'rad.' . ...IC8DS""kH'll"l! . seaim. IC'bildren ..IC)St :ittqKJrmm.. l'be _lis are taken iBm Um: :rigbt . 11. . as me ODDU~ a Icbild '0 f two' parems is a totally dfff'e~ person th:I. throw thl\!l: slm..1Is tw1c. . to ask 'the GUARDIAN ANOm." lR c:omsidered l:hf.IIK...[! us today af...the nm1Jal aprrnue . cooraining (. ..~ve a umwmJ DpeIUIlS. ".J't.P:ALO MONTE.:50 tloau will L_.iau.l S. .. is reaJlly needed if one is to . . KO 51 OFO~ aJ:Id SI ARAYF' wbich n"... Woe tMm.1 -.. ~-iaI .. 'fol't'Wl. results: wm.~ . zo -u.TAT A 'pnllc=ds.obtained: by combining tWO throws.owril!S.i. 'both haoo.."" '.ti: LUCEAO is thim peddoned [0 b~ip' the individllll by ts1Idng.O 81 lKU" KG SI ARUN.s. cftb! parson be_read fOr pamission tot..1.. __ .imerpret OD'CUS 13 mmup 16 ifmyoftMse..gf . is called tbI! AGDI:::YEce...ditig1JliUYI five: . but knowled.bl!.~ __ .are u.hG floor 1D'O'tliDfI a ...m ebher Qlfhblher~arem:tS" ahOOugh belsbe .f'I'.gea.1dq &uidance. __ ..I totally dlftinm cbaptut Just. 10 ODDU number twelve" 'only '1M IOOst . Co'Wria prepared for 'reading: areopm!d on 'the closed sKte.'... LUCERO 21 co~ 811JO!A D.&\V8"" death.sic~ . thQ'usD mall cases oub' 16. SABALA WO (PlUEST OF' WA)ta .1' . five Mide es he·says O'WI'each o~ respecdvelYI i.. tlzsbeJls.how many fall wtm. 1"he msttWCI "tlttaws. '. . 1.foUows: All.W7 r . The W:ml l'W11ycid1e five_Us.maw' mat. T AC'" ~. "I'ho deitie-s ear. . 1bt:: fiye .nd six (Obara) the OMQDIDU is ·Udiham.II' IIJl !II!.• momma.experic"Qe&i TAT AS koow bow to ra:d 1. ... Oldy Sam.aDd: ate .. so [won"t..IBBO ..tbar ori. __ .f ZAMBlA . ourmunsmzo .. 'the caster through the sbel&.SO oomes bdb. priHts know mDe .I:l! ODDUS bri:mg lRB(good.fthl: cowry shells. The ~uJ way ofcam:img. IWDiaSlR person sa~ USCFiand.::i altudiy.I'. 1btn 8m 16 possibiliti!!S tim: sblDs caD &It on.iDg bothind. an ODDU" or cbapler..simplifY miDIs.-to'..me su--aw mat. in the dilcssun corpus.. Some OOlliSGSthachan .BO.H 1. -""t= .DU...bSrJd a_ndm g_mJr dropped on. tliollgb two :Ble all Em. W:chaVI! some' implllb!'lltS we we in this 'cellon of 'tru:ccmoo'rlf called IS. presem DDISt mOil t.sed.8Pimo iE bm:.e as: first(lud.8M cut..LUCERO.

FUN l!4A. orw person you're' reading fur. 1' 'LS'.. be d. fl~1iSU.MERlN"Dn..... a sma!L long stuill (EYO)...01 WileD a . TIm' bcuw: is used 'to ask abca. . ~I.• anylS.l.. a grcm.lRlES mE AR1KU (Dead bring good femme) IRE OTONOWA (firm in heaven) Ute A YE (firm in the earth) .i! . a darkstone (OTAN DU). IfamiDDr aDnU CQI:Il!!!S up (5" 6. 4...may !JeW] elder from another you .l"wra .0DIS-EYEUNLE 9-0SA lO-OFUN 11-0IDA. to give himlhc:r'tb! mBO that heiR is hedding in h:i&therrigD:.~ 1d \YlUel': . It must.. iInm=Wa.lest (4-4) comes aut.t the r-ad.. be.1. '!he headofa tiny doll (ERI AWORAN).ano. 2 3...~CO __ in c __ . IfIOGUNDATON'l1 t-.tely ask if 'tragedy awaits you.. twO 'fists. SomerAT AS use the white stOm:i1S OS00J30 .~.. _._.t.~ ~ .to OB. be or :s.! a bone 'tram a goat.t1ler immediate fimWyi. the reader ...Ir..__ money. reading.. 9t~and 1 t )" the readerasb die person 'bema read.. l-OKANA2.J ~. At the end efthc RadiFI&1 the shells must be washed witb herbs ~red. have something 10 . The white stans and the dark stone .""1..1 ""'our door ll··rI.1 O} comes up ·with osegbo.etem:u:n~WIUe'L:' h Ea' .~ I..OQGUN. tml5t be datemlined whethel" tim. ffIROSO TONn house come UJ.. fur each oonu thal comes up..Yl!O&Q l~OGrn:'.. 1D.u8 I. '.Ii lbe: sin""!n OIJ'DU are:.AT.:J III que:suo ns Of'I.and the CASC:ARR.. incllld.. ll'llace: tbembet. so De"NUe .Ouu minme. • 'u.utll dO"" S ~ '.L . 0.searilJa cbalk (EFUN).:1~ I:£" H.3 means ofminimi2img tile bad i:. penon being read or another member' cfhis.. to look Cor a rooster for o gun i:mmediatcly! If o.~.. --. .2~11. ~o. If.ld 10 iem:1y mix. me ODDU.i\LA. na rooster is enough 1.s: being a1luded~o. S .md . tbetwo stones!.. as must the person being read..I - -- are: a white stone called OT AN FUN.' • _ ___~~.. 151 and.. rung _1.BO..'s...m 080080.. deal ofinfbrmation is :a.N112-EYILA IJ~lvIETAN"LA 14--~A 1~-:MANUNLA 16..a.2$ ..J Ii.!mme. :'rl.. ~~.FUN( 10. ilUJlMI. the person being read .. " 10.be is.. ..i".! 7._'. later separating one in..uor ".JW..asks forth! teft band. 1.:.~DA4-IRCSOtS-O'SEE 6O:BARA.arlc: onet '.I p..and COCQa buner. . if•.L~~~W. reaaer.' .I"IM..':~hb . method. .say.. THE . 'to eS"Ua:U~ •ailancc' m.c" ..t come up 4-4! 110GUNDATONTI (1-3) GIlD:li::S om. ----~:J_l.. roams..SJ.ioce ofca.LA CHALK as IRE .. . 'The first: 'question 10 ask with me IBBO iswbethe:tthe ODDU comes 'Ntth IRE tor OSOu."..0 break. 7.l_. bamd (EGUN).1. 14. .l . At the end of the .. eight fioes musE' be dr:a'Wn be:bmdtbc:' door with cascariila . nit comes 'With OSOGBO.. The rea.ing read.ifthe d.. Some PAURO! use a small cross lID ask U'me IRE is fum in tbelleavens.. leave tile reading for another day:8ii1d '~Oout. and pn:sem:ingthe: clese film to the.. 8..OU:CUIU. and keep refreshing them throughou. fool or &om a human.lt death orthe dead.". U. the .~_..~E.'White stone is obtBi:nBd..eliVen 'toihsperso[!. 'l.BO .0":. 'the ODDU COIllltS 'With IRE".cqu:iTed.. 16) coma up. Using this..d&r men WoVfS the cowries~ If lit major OODU comes up (I..hand. • CWliJllor 1::__ t.. eachbaDd~.ofsmm!!ers tha..iJ::lg ones the used to detennme 'Whicb baud is '1:0 be opened.ing... we.

Y .an . IN ENGUSH" TIIEBEST'SfJ R IS WILLiAM BASCOM·S SlXTlEEN COWR1ES~.OWO (through money) "RE ELESE ARUGBO (thmugh..:.OBA (revoJution) TE.f~ .PRDMlSES T9 BE' TIJEMDST .t tbe feet: .l)E'.UT THE O'DDU~ THE BEST 'lG SECRETD'S .WOJlB. .I I ! --- ELESE (a.O (dmougb.b onej) owe (byQ"Wnband) ~MO (through a sea) ELEDD<A(throu:gb own head) .les) rrrmo (problems) n:ODDUS X.r'ENSlVE.U RELIGION YORUBA.j: '(.~ .gha.lJ-BE lrUN.BDOIIS INSP'Al1lSH ABo.t::.D' :THEstJOPE"()rtR13' . maJil) tRE OarN! (througb a woman) \.T1IF'RTlaREGD'O:D' .or) _ ..ian sp:iritlancest. '1-rE OS:OGBOS T_hU(death) ON (sickness) L fO (env}\ blood) OFO (loss) O"lA (obstac.oraIl orisha[a:sk whic.~ldcrlyperson) iRE ELESE ABUXO (through .fNCl:. the CJQ1uIDyside) E T"OiLOl{]Thl IRE ARA ONU (through the' .fJfffltI6 A:. (through the sea) RE ELESE EGliN (1Ihmugi:ll a guard.0 ENYOKO ( Through karma) llS OKUNI (throu.iI! brodmt or sodbrother) [RE ARA OK.pat bqtond) .. SABA RAUL CANIZARES" ~CrJ'MlNG .'Tim tlftBU INTRIS 17tEA"TISEwtJtft.BOOK ON ALL TIlE 0DlJ.

Licencia mi TaU lic:eoda to nfunbi.anbe. White flour must be used to trace the inner circle.anyo" mundo garabatea.ma NsaJs Que 1'81 cmcndt. A white quall and !II brown one must be saerifieed to Siete RAyos and left in the middle of the sygill to rot.oro. . mumbara. ndi. liceneia ototo.t on the gmund or on a piece: of cedar wood about three feet by three feel. licend. se va que cuenda Sambiampungo Sambiaotin. You may paint . . fieencia t. li~eDcia nsula.35 CHAPTER VII Spells and firmas: Working the spirit firma Siete Rayos to help an inmate achieve freedom Paint the above firma in four different colors. maleko s.s -1. licencia Tango. --- - -- --- . The' mambo tha. Nsambi SurortlC!um.. ndisn euenda saia0 s.11maleko. A1way:spaint from the center eur. Ih:enda cuadriJJa Congo. b. gunpowder over the outer circle. Siete Rayos me entare ndian. Samb:ia bUongo.ala. lIc::end-aCoatro Vieotos.t empowers this work is tbe followll'l:g: Lieellc-is ago.je nt.Ma.a .

twenty-one little piles of gunpowder. and two tortoises must. and all of the main firmas of the Douse 'Written on parchment..Firma Siete Rayos to empower a house. chamba. cigar smoke. and make the tata strong and healthy Draw firma in front "fthe main nganga. . £'WO brown ones. pembe. using cascarilla. be sacrificed to' Lucero and the n. or chalk. two white quails. two white roosters. dry whitewine.ganga. A ram. Add red wine.

the roosters arethen killed without decupit:acing them. their bodies . '\ . o \ \ / Sacrificial animals Beetled: two black roosters whi1ch must be passed over the person fo'r wh.om the mODey' work is being perfonned..left:on the nganga for rwenty-fous hours .- - 7 Zarabanda firma to obtain material wealth .

m:.tp 01 pooIQ ~~l JO JSru a til. aJ'Bq S.d 'rilnl'!UJO ~UQ. uo ca'l.-arqn. 8u~:.JRO JO .~ JOoy a1Jj11l0 effiR.uOSJ~d .ij.dlis!piUtWlJ.au !AlBA JO 91U~ 'paloo. uo poojq amos 5~~ds 'waql'S'II!le1!dBOOP 11l10l(1lVt\ w~tP iU'!ID'1 'uo~j3d r.d 1t1lA\ BUUg lAeJa: it \I .ijllA\ -SlS'oqB S'U!sngn.'1.S P{no1.qw.JgJ1!q BUUg.JAO SG1SOOl OMl! sa'SS'ed HI. ~ql SV -laa1 J~\{fS!:tf euug a~ja PIAOqS [p9Stre9p :SU!gq IIOSJ31d 'eitm~u:.ls ~SU'~1:J':Jq 01 UOSJ.jJO ·1~J.OJl ~i 5':1101' {\lOS'~s.

a black rooster.orltion of my H requires the sacrifice of two guinea. fowl. . 1 have made this firma a perman~nt part of t.ec. Balda quail.39 abanda firma for permanent protection o o X D X x G () should be painted in the nsc. the temple where the person who seeks protection ( er nganga.h.ed.

Ptace on top of nganga sacrifice two bla. Cany amulet (makuto) with you at all 'times.erwards. Make SUI"'!: some ofthe blood of each. a red rooster. animal rea. .and MO white quails. piece of brown paper bag.cbes.40 Zarabanda firma to make an amulet that makes one invisible' to the police Draw this firma in parchment or a.ns with a hwnming. fold paper and place inside small ~eather bag wo. Aft. . the paper.ck pig.eons.bird heart.

... CENTELLA NDOK) ".i - ----------------41 Some simple firmas depicting the nkisis LUCERO Z.. "-' ..ARABANDA SIETERAYOS TIEMBLA TIE'RRA PATA EN LLAGA . I.. MAMA CHOLA WANGA MAMA KALUNGA NGURUFlND .

Imagine. ndeki cannot exist without nsanbi and vice ver.. Less experit'RCed 'P.and developed._ . with wlUteGUies. ensure the :spirituaJ inH~grity ory-our home.Iing~ it would. therefore. pail 3/4 of the w.. with the 'eq>anding cosmos.I~ .a. 0'0 Uris three Wednesdays or Fridsys in . Ortli:lodox.clients and god.nt: for wrongdoers:"karma.ma!acie. add to~t a splash ofappJ:e~blossom cologne. adding to' :itpar.~. Ndoki..(petals onJy).sley... death. well " u esrsle . cW'fents. they mum bee)!treme:ly careful not to inour ~:heM.1 spiritual cleanser than holy water blessed by the Pope. Paleros work with botb.. ". to.ay with water. ---- - 42 BATHS..ctmQ 'forces.. eesmcs. growth.LOV'EIU .. once per week. irmoc. add a couple 'of drops of 8J child'sunne as well as some hoty watertt.. O.- . five drops of boney.aspect: or divinity tba. anddisea:se. If you :fi. mreality. Nsanbi is bri'ght. birth." "datk' or "black magic" comes from a misunderstanding of the forces that move the wodd..B. tbe yil'layan._f!~}"\U'I1". work against 'you outside YO\lT home. ndoki and nsanbi.a1ian Cburch to the water you use to clean..e carnations. AND OTHER WORKS Palo's reputation for bBing "evil].identified with the contracting aspect of the. mA1'1X4Cr.ail 0'11 your bodyfto.m tile neek down... white rose' .ed to' a.e&sed in creation as I"pa."'g b-.SLY to'tl'F.'Wi~hlife. Do it eight Thursdays in \1 row. Nsanbi is the positive' manifestation ofbemg.nding and CODn..t·s u_.ahuQs may seriously imperil their spiritual development as welJ as those' of their .. exposed. Zambia's all-encompassing energy is expr. lunar. is prepared.perfumeS/colognes.A. petals from fiv.d-. tnel'ldis.D'" ~ .n'ly 'very seasoned and well-balanced practitioners should work with the forces oIndoki.e . . solar.om a Catholic. 6~ye dropB. and primal.8without ever exha.UI ~ . Ndoki is .rJiife51!stiQD ofbeins. Light a candle to Tiembla· Tierra while you are taking the bath. '1: ·tn:'edie _ . Y'OW' bamW'8tef.ent child's urinels a more powe:rfu.. Another bath design. an . Poy. a row. for an. . Fill a pail half-way with water.. is the . Repeat seven times.. soiid.te on it. hidden.. lromedial.nd signs of a. pOW:' the previously· a prepared p.t acts as she pumsbme..sa. then Jet him l1nn'8..igs of . for some reason). urinate 01'1 the work. Ildoki appears to be evil.addmg three bay leaves to along with SBVen difi'elienl. and healing.hought proper.organism constantly inhAliim. or High Episcop. such as a dead! chicken or a bunch of bananss etc. and some lillies... eN'plodel \Vilen Pateros work with ndekl. t' Ndolci is dark... luck" 'bath.ely after yO'IJ t:.adding itspetels to your ba'thw:atBf. of'holley.nraC! good vibrations conS.tIik!e shower.f in your household there's a I young boy {girl.Another bath to attract: a lover ismade 'by fillillg a... ". d _ ..card 11. )V]th impl@sion.mJ .. Nsanbi is identified with goadness..' m.chlldren if they misuse the power of ndaki FOR GOOD LUCK Thebwc "good. fluid. In fact.g of Taoism.~I. pr.ath of the Lords of Karma.. a mO". SPELLS". it becemes.. fhe negative ma. your home's Hoors.s· urine is not~.. destruction.

pB$S it. not be . pass some cascarilla over the paper in which you are to write the letter before setting pen to.ly to the side of the face that is affect. _ !I When writing a letter asking for maney.8..ame oftb. Take five nails from the feet ofarooster and put them inside the boUowed pumpkin. the spell has been :successM.- I 43 and a splasb of Florida Water.m-e·.escilays or Fridays in a row. . the pumpkln three times.tea.!U'. . Look at the camdle'sflame intently.s of milk.)'personal item y. adding an egg. then close tbeplllI'Ipkin using the hd. !part of your body as ]I'OU CaJiI for twenty-row.meal a:r0'~. pour five cup.. keeping the top as a lid.U'wplea:ves should be boiled and applied dlrect. and five drops of .ly in love with you.ven-da:y white eandle. and honey in wat ef..-.people.alJd .ted. hair . Bathe for a1. S. all over your naked body and. ead -..idli '''''~.grouad 'to a powder and mixedmth shimlpoO for the. Ch:unomille tea is good to settle an upset stomach .and bark of my:nl. ru~e.. sure To make a roan yO'!J know faD 'in Jove with you (rhis speU does oo. cinnamon.st~r. rnrr!.md.t w@* on a woman) st. If you c-an get hairs nom him.hours . . pars ley..8. leave it in as intIma. then oft'er it 1:0 the river aJongwith6ve pennies.. water makea fir...(esl1iSldng Mama Chela WW'l.s~ the man's face. MONEf~"DR.may have of the person you want back. YOW" stray lover 'Willcome back wi:tlU twentyR.1ea:strwer:rry miml.e loved one written on parchment paper and an.. When his features appear clear in your miad's eye.honey . POUf p.. To attract business..O. SOl.. Place the pumpkin nm' to Mama Chola Wanga forbve days.e disinfectaru. .at. the n.e make a peat skin cleanser.. five bunches of curly. clean the doorway of your place with parsley.eil on your body from eheneckdowa-make your genitals gel plenty! Repeat bath five Wedn.Sa runuraJ Mango seeds.a £0 bless you with money .ou. 'think of anybody else.ed bymewalgia.ea)one ofms handkerchiefs. mix them with :your OWill hair and bum them if! the flame of a se._ • "Prea s".able to. sterns •. Adding a ce·uple of drops of yOW' mmstrual blood mo coffee you make for yeur loved one makes him fall mad. -paper. marjoram. HEALING HEIUJS Boiled leaves. d .pit inside.4WlNG B4THS AND WORKS IIi a bathttlb full of warm water.. vi. To make aleved caecome back mler he has left yOIJ~ take a pumpkin and hollow ill out. Lindee fIIowersand leaves make a sreat calming tea for' nervous or easily exci. be: will.one days.

LUCERO Asafetida Chili pepper Gr:ass Black eyed pea leaves Lillies Conon Coffee nEMBU TIERRA Almond Avocado leaves Dried rosebuds StETE RA. Put on CIi bottle weighted so that 'it goes to tbe bott. black pepp.sPELLS To bring serious discord to II home. there are enough common plants available in most places to hon.where you must throw it at twelve midnight. see :6ghting among each other. blow On door of targeted couple. lake seven pumpkin leaves. The foUo'~g are certain :fairly common plan.or each orisha. seeds from three okras. To keep' someone away. and the name of the person you want far.om of a river . burn all to a crisp.- SEPARA TING . To separate acouple. srind to II powder.ls and herbs associatedwith the foUomng dehies.ahn fronds Guava China berry ZAR48ANDA Cayenne pepper Black pepper Oak leaves .er.. mix with twenty-one kernels of black pepper. take dirt from the bottom ef a nganga. take nine peony seeds. MORE ON HERBS AND PLANTS Although many of the herbs used in Pale may be difficult 10 6nd in some areas. dirt from a crossroads. Blow the resulting ashes on miledoor of [he people you want 10.YOS Bamrnas P. and leaves from a peanut plant.

DE AGUA Indigo Seaweed Purple basil BeN pepper Lotus Driftwood MAMA CHOLA.45 MADRE . WAJV6A Sponge (not a plant.functions as one) Fern Orange blossom Papaya Anise Witch hazel Vervain Purple grapes Roses Coriander PitTA EN LL4'GA Ivy MynJe ginger CENTELLA NDOKl Camphor Cypress All beans Peanut Hemp Rose of Jericho (stem only) . but .

all present willi sing.si mengs va eerre. la.ra..) bbwinda embele kiamene . mella nkisi When the Tara's hefpe'f' lifts the animalup. a11 tOInO eorre \¥ben feeding other implements after ng8!Dgaand Lucero have received the first offering.ila. the fol']owing mambo is intoned: Fogolrll yariJo' IDtDga. lai 19 lai Ia. OTHER ESSENTIAL PRA YERS ENTERING THE NSO (PRESEN'CE OF THE NGANGA) Burunkisa nganga. cerre 1119gB Fogoro yariro At this ll'me a plate or dish made out of half a gourd containini some salt 1Splaced under the animal's throat to oOUectitsfiemaming blood. eIC.fto Ahota si meDga 'l'"S forre M. all present should sing the fonowing: Memo (or ensuso !fIrs a rooster.ot81 $i meng.i 13 la. members present must sing as follews: Ahora . lai Ia.B!!(IS COrTe.molt of an animal. Sang. lai la. si se. allewing its blood to flow on the prenda.eki.- 46 CHAPTERVllI Some important prayers and mambo's When the Tata inserts the sacrificial knife in the t. Ngaangara nkunia Munanfua monunkuame rata: ndi:ibilongo tuyembere . wrule thi:s is going on. !!labl.

Zambia enlo cuatro costae Licencia Lucero Tata Ndoki Lic.. Licencia to 10 nfunbi Guiriko nganga Soma (] no somo? SOMO! OATH OF LOYALTY/CREDE Tendundu Kicnpungu.jkan bioko Bigan diame NdiHcuarne Nsambi ndiganga.:.. __. Nfun'b·1 Vl"tin' guanguan .- - -- _- - - -- ' 47 OPENING PRAYER Guiriko nganga Mbonda Tata Nganga Monte Mayombe Kuenda Cemposanto Medianoche Andres Petit Zar.cncia Ntango Licencia Mposi Licencia NSBmbi Lieencia Nd..encia Nsulo Lieencia Kamnga Licencia Kuna]"emba Licencia Ktmasinda Licencia Kunafinda Licencia Nfunbi vititi bacbeche.! .oki Licencia Ntoto Lic. .e Sese mandie B. ..ele Mani masanga Nsilan banza m:andi. Z-ambia abajo.abanda Mata Mundele Licencia Zambia Zambia amos.

mono panibele Machueo Kongo. vititi losa tava sili.e'! Turnnbanguelel TWllIlbanguel.PRAYER FOR THE RAZ.QR BLADE Kabanga Teague Yaya Pian kilanga Tala moko Nganga nkisa Nkita mllbm~ Ngungu nsanguila Sogulo basula Kuenda muini Mbanzo Nmusinaba Nguenguere PRA. .YER TO SACRIFICE A IGOAT (TO BE WHISPERED [NITS EAR AND NOSE) Turunbanguele! Turunbanguele! Tmunbangnel. side) OF' TlIE NI'GANGA Zambia mpungi.uSE A POlNfED' STONE .u Suakarat (its head is then placed by its.e! Turunhanguele! Tunmbanguele! PM YER TO SACRIFICE A TURTLE OR.INSTEAD) Nfuru Bariakitatio Potanknalo 'PItA.YER TO 8ACBmCE A D'UCK Ba1usnde kiambi ko Kiamfunda Kalunga SALUTATION IGambonga nsns. 'TORTOISE (NEVER USE A KNIFE. . Lunguanda buengue.

~e (Oiosl ~. 'Yo wuda' a ~erti.utna:s ND~bQI Hili wud4:ndolll 4 usted Y. hldo a .nes Nen. sIlJuc1i'!.-Yo wu:ao a.td.do 4 I.a. une:d.l!uMu Nocl'lr. Due:au N'Dc. saJudi..~ndol.ile-[Dlosl. ScaJull. BuenOOi No~hes Yo :s:JiJ'wio ui P:a.iOO. 'usted. Nene.drtno •. usted.m:ic!!:I iIrI uslc:d.lJJ.hl!S ~ene. N.J:Slea.saludindolc li!i.~ . sa1udindolo a ustcd. _Caro.:cl.Judo. salutlidndolo a.~ PIso" Sill]uda. saludindolO a ust. L~rn.~.n mj Pn. 5t1. :S.. Yo saluda a Zaraband:a. usten y. ~Iudil.o. lucas Naches Nene.l1do~'ola tJsleti.lul. )la.. Duenas Noc.dol0 a.hldtlnDOlo a US~ed.. AJudind!ll.ludii.. .ndalo aust. EJI.la a. to aluda a Sba.ytl. Va •• iuda ill Ccnl~IU'l. s:nluddndolo a u:$ILed.AgUll.imp. :saludlindclo a 'usted. ·Mam. '('D saj. wuda a. soJudiUl. a Yo sru. a w'ted.t'!). Yo miudo OJ VilentD len Coiba.U1SiJi.l.r:doiirlo.. BuO'lu N'i!:JChiH Nene.' L.ndDlo ill 'Wiled B.l.uc. a usled . usll:u. ustcd. _Jill. salud4nd:ala a usted.Ludinuolo a i.s. BIilUli15 Neches Nenc'. laJudtndo\D & usted. :MaClte de . Yo . Bu~nas NiDChesMene.aj Pala en NSM. Yo wilda D. Si11ud. Duenas Noch~$ N(!ne. Y'o saludtl..Pata en Llap.u~.m.d..dolo a US'I..lludul'ldoip II IUSlCll!. Duenas NDC)U!lS..Ido !J.:ll. BLleml's NachES Nene'. sa. si11udandolo D usled. saJudlindalo a ustad.. ~a:wd.landolo Q us:U:d. sa.IMa.. s.il:".loda]oa. ._----. . Sa.a .rc en Ng. s. .I!ii'N'cchel N"pc •.n.Itms Nodu:!s Nene. mluddndolQ iii. Yo salu.Judo a 1 RAyos. RludindQIQ Ii Wited.s Nene..~Bwma.saJUDQ' iII.dQio. .d.eri. Yo. .ndolo a ustcd. Gula. saJuaiUldt!lo n IJsLed.o QU!'ited. ri illS N·QchI'. s~II.'neD1btD~Tierra.1I'nbe (Di!Clsl. S~.ndo~o.Neches Nelle. .n!.u..I!.iindoEo a usbed.!.lin Guencue.s!l!d. Siilludlindcda.lSN~n!!.

. Callo •.. ••. CafD.fiQ.COrQ.-~. • . Cori!il.-D'Ias. . End.Porqt.-POfqUe GaDina.err.W!lda.-A Chape:u Cut. no I. Porqute.•. Guia.I:U:2 GaliO.a. Cbapuz canU!!. CaUD •. Endlu:ndo.nosilmi:lf31 Gallo: •.._:Olas. Oul. Endundo. .~Porque Gallina.mb~.-Endunda" EntlUDd'oc.Iambll. Drlisma . Coro. no siembra Gwa.i:smD Fumbl.• .-Endundo...wna:" fiQiIil. PD1'qUIJ:. Palma son Endundo'. G'ula. COlO._:Endund..IL . Guia.-...-:A.-. .• do Ccm.-Dios. U N D Q: .a..-A ClapRl" can~ro._A Cballgr Cantara.. GWa.nd'l... Ca:ro.].orque Gallina. G wa. Gwa._.=Parque: C. E:ndunclo .PDrq1JIC.•.-Dios.l.il!mbr:a._Porque C:~m.P.siembm GallD.-"'. Ga:llD. ..-Mambe.-Porque CaDma" no 'siembra Ga.:"'. Guia. . .na:"no silcmbD.-Dllls..-Dios.i\iUsmc Palo. OIro.• GWa.yndo. Caral. .ero'.un. no liembra G!lIJa •••••.Dill .-Parque Callina.. " END Coral. Caro. GIli:. ..I. .. POftJllle.EndWldD'.-PIlI:rque Gallina.r1asiernbra GaUc'••• '.-Mambe. arqut!' CI 11 P ina.Porque:. .".•••• .'Q.e. POrque.be_ Coro. Eu dun do.. l'IQ ' iembra. . CQra. Cara._A Ic:. GuIa.l.. Dtlla.. CaFa'.~fji1..-Endund:o..-Endundo. Ga. . Endundo. son EndunCio. COro. n. P'Ol'qUIL Gula.. E.nli"l:U:lisl~mbra Gallo .-A Cbapea:r 'OmtBm.-Mmmo Toto. CO. s'an End:undo..5Q ""p 0 RQ U E II' Cil!1inIl. Guia. son EJ\d. Cbro.. flO slembn IGallO Gu.Uo G'uia. ..bapeu CantrlH'C.COf'Q .ia.lJ:..-P. son !:n dlY!l1 .. CQfo.. Gui. . Gui ill .~aULIdlo.-A ChaggrOmU!ra" \ .-Porque GaWna" .lluio. nCl' :siem. Gallo •••. son Endulldo. GUla.SOI'\ EndlWldio" Guia.-f'OrqUie Ga.lisma. Gwa. Corol. Coro.-P'Qrque .h:II ecam.-Mambe.-A Chapear Cantero..A Cha~v canti!M.-1"IOsmn t-Ig:anga. Ia:nyu.-EndundQ. O:im .-~IismD.. Porque. .I:i.•.~lo1. Porque..-POfqUe Gallma.Porque. Guia. ..'.-Mi1mbe.OI'qUL Porqu.lernbra.. IGwa. Gu1a.

C:Oro.". Va'po Gwa. efI Fumbi Coro.. Oo'ro..Ii LlguJ M4quina Vapo Cui .-Lljgui IJgui MJiquina Vapo 'Ciuia..-Llgui URi Miquina 'V.'-- Emp ca Cu1a.--tJiguj llguli Ma.WoII ..i Miquina V'R'pa Gui-a_.".. C oro. Gwa.... _ lJc_.-Uigui LJgu..3 Va ~..~ 11'1".. lJjgUi ~ Gwa..~I..-Jura.Maguinita.. . LJgu1 Miquina Son las: hora Cmo_LllgUi. Con:l.-Mambe. Miqwna Vapo Gwa...-Jura Embe1e Con:t.ligui Ugui Miquina V po GWa~.-UlgUi Ugui Miquim.-Dlos. Co.i Llgui .-- --- --- -- - - - - ----- "MAQUI'NIT'AU e01'O •...."um an KIsa ·l .ro_D.iMiql... Vapo 'GUla. en Palo C(!ro.apo ClWia.Malq_Wna v.. Coro..ios..-MaQWnl.~ur:a.JW1LMeng. -lJi-..~Ulg\. CO·f'(I.ni:I!'I.. LJp.i'\U MiQuina..Jura .JJliUi.• Coro~I..ta ...apo em• . .-Mambe.Jura Cam. .-UJgu...-Uigut Ugul.. -Dim.--. GuiL-Mambe.-Lul!ecita.Q.ma Vapo' VIBptl C"I.J'ura en Nganga Ccm.a.Mmp Caro.-. . U.i.l.-KW· I5..Wna Vapo po GuJ]a.

Busea__gdg at Vleuto ence:iba. 8'U. kinY1llmba.Ia loma.! btDCanc10I oJ . blu:cando a Mala Fan1a.0 3aJa pn.bato.s~-mdo a .cnndo a..a..ala 'yo laJa..Mayordomo.Ia" YD jols :1. J'alat y jaJa. blLlScatncio .J. . JaIa '"i jalaJ. :y:abaja de Ja 19~ .(!ro" Ja]a y jala.1ln. yo .la.O • . I . Buseando 3.lube pi la.n!I ba LO'.. lata y jala. l . buscando llm::mZ. a Vient.i paddn.n.ganbato.!ii!i 141 Cuadrilla. BlilScando 01 fundam. . Jda y .. bascando J'ala. Busc:ando a T'ilm1bl~ 'I1. 'cuildrilhi..!u·. 13USC3.abalO'. Mamh~ (Dios) Mambe' (Dies) Mambe (Dios)I.bam. yo j. Jda Y lilla. Yo [ala garobaLo." yo j::lJa g. _B\ISC8'ndc mt l:IaJa.. yo jElila 'guabato. ill yo' ja.fundamento. yo ja. b~CBDdo Jala..wile pa . jala. ganba.tD. buscando lra. )'0 cotta 'Pi j8 ]omil.ia. J'aJa y jala. :31'. b~dg. )'0 ja]a ga:rabato. LOMA" YOI . gamba'to.ala garaba'c..ento.dol mi palo. klnyumba. y j'aIa. btlKando a LYCI!'ri.I:m Guen19ue.la. Jalll 'Y jala" ya j III a.oal Mayol"domlJl• blllScandcl al .al y'a . J. BUlSCanQO a Sholan Guengue. Jala y jilla. yo jaJa ga. . )'0 jala ~bat.nd.o.Ddo a m.m)" iala.ya.:a ShO.'to. - Buscnndo a Mala Fama.1~ rganbata.Jala Y j. Bus:ca. 1 Ra. RaYDS" tnz·cando a JalB Y Jala" )"0 jl!il!1 gJJ:Rbal.YojaJa pn.. Ii!! la. busam.y CIltm pi 1a lomB.Q 'e-n C'cil. 13uscando la.'"YO STJ'BE PA LA. .yos. )'0 ja]a gara'batll'. yo iala rgarabam'l a mi padririo. blJ.:andQ Manzanerc..nA.baja de 1a lama. Lucento. t6 10 cmpacas. busearrdo a Mt!!clr(!de l\gu. :y ja. yo jalia. yOI jah~ garabato.ba prabaito. garabato'~ Buscando a! tal 10 eimpaea.ra" buseando 11 Tiiembin Tlc!"rn. 1ala y j. Busc:a..D.:arabnt'Il:i" BU:sc. Buscnndo . J'ala y jaJa" yo iala gamblto'.la .da.S. • JaJa y jab" yo jala garabato.arabato. yo ja.ala Y'jala.:lr.Jala y j1313.ndo a Maim de Agua.

. _Uta.~Yf!' sube' pa la Lorna.n pat Ja Lamll!..n pa I'!i:Ii T. J)... OE'O.a. Cula.-Palo Ma...yimbe.-yg CDJm pa. '-p. me Devan p_ 1a LomL C Ma)'im..lo Mayimbe..a laLoftUL GWa. .Yo SIl))!' 7 byes. me llev.-Dlos ..YD sube pa Ia Lorna" yo .m.-Dics.. Gula. yo OOro...-:Me Devan pa 181 lAma.-PakI Ma)limbe. YoSlD!' pa la Lama....lg Ma:yimbe..-Mambe..yimbe" me Jleva:n l)a list Loma... Com.-Yo my Bhutan GUmlgUe. Guia... mt! Devaa... me Un'Bnp8 la lAmL GWa. Ia LaD'Ul.la Lema.---PglQ Ma. 'me Devan pa la Lam. Coro.. Ooro...-Palo..' ..-Mambe. CiWI. Ma~ .Yo sube '1)3.LO ~yun be rue ne:v:a.. Con:l.-Palo.~Yia sa~ l\mnbla TIerra. Cbro. . CoM.Lama.o1:na. rne Ilevan pa IlL Lama... me DeYUl 'pa la 'lm""L Gma.. . me Uevan pa la LDmll. me Illev.-Y:O' SQy LucentD. Mambe.. me Uevan pa .. -YOI SOlY Madre de A.. Mayimbe.P-.po..-. Loma.. me Hewn pa Iii.o soy CenteUi't..-Palg Maylimbe'. Lama.J....-Dlos:.su..Lama. Oula.~ me Devan pa Ia .1_. Lama..-.De p.a. Com.an Pal la :Lam. ~a. . 'Gula. me llevan pa..ro... 'Ia l.." Mayim'be.a Ia Lerna.-_ Palo Ma.. Loma.. Co....a LoOUL Gu1a.yImbe...~Y. Guia . GUla. me Devan' pa 1a Lama.. Coro.soy Pafa 'en [J'aga.. • ..-P'alel Ma... 'Ciwa.. GWa. i '11. ')to sube' pa Ja Lomn..ro_Palo Gula.._ .Ia. 'Co..la Loma. JiI. me Bevan p. Q). me !levan 'PI. me UB'YBJ'I. me Devan pa.rQ. -' Coroo _ II. Corv. O:Iro..-.a. la Loma.bel me Devan pa ." yo subelpa JaL Loma. )ro mbe pa Ia LamB. CO. :Ia..-PalD '.gua. .~Pa.. Gula. Palo lItayimbe. .... LoJDat yO eonu JI& la. me Uevan pa ..1...__• .

-Eldsa que el vienw me~Ueva Aeue • Uev..ngule. Brisa que eIvimUl' me'UevaA.. ..eva .ll.q..11£'1'8 Ague.eelvientom.Ague.AGUe. On:til. . Brisa que ell 'Y:imto me Dew.. Deva Ague.. A:g'..gue.Bdsa Iqu!e eI.-Brisa.1:I! Agu. Aigue.. -=-Adics NgangUl.. q.I1sa.. !lima [i. loOHO __ ~.54 Ii N G A N G U L E It c '" c. qU. que el vlenlo me . Adios Nga.ue el \I1. queel viento me J!lrgvaA.. 'Coro.ero.Ape..d. . bdsa..a .Ague. Con:h. que B \!ien.t:o .gue. bri= Que el VitU1.. n:.mtml ~e lll. brisa .dios:Nga. Coro. que e1 'Vimtcme Ue:va ABU!!.e:f'D.ero.e.-.-Ma:mbe.~Bris::L qu. Gu5a. .gU.-Bdsa qU. Gwa. Bri:a.tO me neva ..: lJeva.I-m b'. Coro.B.I1evaA£UL Brisa que e1 virm:tDml! Deva.: Que el vi... .--. .i'iiit_ e1 Yl_ _ _ _ me Ueva..I1e:vaA!gue.£. i!I.ueelYienm me .~.Npngul:em..to 'me ll..Ague.m. Gwa. :Brisa Ique el vllmlto me. Erisa.U.I. GWa.Ague....Ague.e . NgBJ'lgulerQ. GWa..me: leva ..IosNpngulerc._A-dics .. .. qu..ue 'el vienm me llew ..-Dlisa 'q..nllil. b~ Oaru. Guia. briDq. qu.que ~l "Iiento. que e£ vienw me~lle. Uil@S I. qUI! el vien. IGula.brisa qu.. 'mt:D " '_ _' _ .CJ:ue Ri.1! Ileva Agu.·e el vien:to me lley."Ia....osNg&lJgul. _ G··. .. brisa que emvitoLO : Co. q.-:Bma ..a..' ".-Adios Ngang\1.A. qu.neva Ague.ne~'!I'aAgul!'."'_.e..Adios N.Adios._ ·A...v. .. !I'dsa Ique' 01 vj'ln't!Dme lIe.!leva AgUe.'!L BriA.n.. . .C:II!!plero.. viento me neva Ag:ue'. Coro.. brisa. IGuIa.Ague.r:tw m. Gwa..e elvientD me . Adloo Nga:rlgUl.! el vienlo: me :lleva A. . . me . leI vientD' me Ueva.eto.. vientome Uev8. Brisa.-.-DiDs.rtl'.Brlsa 'que: el v:ie. A:gue..a Agu'B.e eivientD me GIJb..-=---cA.. GWa. Ague. Brim.e e1 vleatiO me ~. viento me !leva . Caro .:ngui·C'rtI'.wa Ague...ul:a. .-MaalDe.to me Ueva.b] me ..Ague:.1vj'enltome !U'!ilvaJ\gue. .e el vie:nto Int:~ lJeva ...'1gBin. me lIeva AgUe" Brlsa.. Coro'.CoI'O..II'pa .-Brisa.A!dlals NgangWe. :Brisa que el viento ml!·. Ague.wa ·CCno BrJ:sa.l.ro~ brls...e" COm.It • ·e .e e1 'viiento me .ue el 'rie.en..Agu.-AIB. bnsa qneeJ.. b:r'iQ que e.11e'MA!gue.u.

51 Ih1 no me r::onoces pi.coli'loc~pd Qut} tu. Yo s'cy Pa:taen I. qt. Si til ne me' coacees pi que lu.s. 'Iud: tu me: llaDlas.ayordomo. ·que'tu me U.-Ya .eonoces pi gue to D1.~l til no me . que Lu.. Yo S'oy' 'p'aJa'e. que me· J.!:! canocos: pit que me Ua.-Mi." !ii. pia.I. G·u.soy Ti.!i. me J. .0 m.Dnoces pi 'Que: lu me llamas. pat. pi. lu no mit! conee'l!$ ]:)31 que lame Ilamws. 51 tu. ell Ngan'ga.!Di CeJba.e·eeneees pi q.s.me .t que til me' ilama.'IUi me Uama.AlttAS" Coro.mas.Si w nlo me e.-Pa que til me UGmiil::l1 p~ que tu me llamas.1Iam-as. pa IQ. me U.o.n'UU1C.rabilfllda. Yo soy Limpia.U me llamas.Yo so)' M.YIi'i soy TaLa. pi que ta me llamas. Yo .-Si Lil np tn.55 "P. no zln'gcencees pa '1lJ1Ile. .s:.larga.soy Luc:cnto.! llamas. . ·yo . pii [quo lu me &!.m.".mas.li'nbe {DlQS]. Yo soy Lucente.. Que bi me llamas.l.pi qur.e til me llamas • . SI. Y'o soy Pwo en NgaDga.a:ma. Sl tu 'I'lQ me . me llmna~ " lSi tU lJIJ me .s.~Ti'el·l·. meilJamas. Y'Q 50'1 Vien1. poi que t.'me llamas. Guia. l'u' me: lI:iUIla:S. pi Que tu me llamas.ia. li'i.Ipa QIU!! tit me Uamas..mas.amas. pi que tu me. Si tu nome ccnnees pa 'qu.1I hO me ccneees. quo 1. 51 hi no me conoO!s 'pa que tu me Damas.mas. tu l ..soy Madre Oeiba. Mambe (Dics).lmnas. .--Si 1. pi que Lu me llamas.pa quetu me~llwno.. Que till me' . Yo soy CenteWta. pi!. S1 tilino me canoees .l.e COUDC8S pol que lu. p. Conll.. 1. Si t.. Yo SIi'i)' Za.UWUji. Yo . 51.!'! Nganga.soy 1" Rayos. Si tu no m.1. .ue la.·O.Si tU n'o 'me eoneees 'p'.a. me iJOlmas..3S.so)' Siguc &astra.U no me eeneees .m. pi: ClUe tu me :lla!. pa que' til me llamas.una. pi que 'Lume lJ. me' lla. Coro'.aJ pa Que to'. Yo ..1 me' JlJ~. Mambe (Dios.A QUETU ?iIELL. me liamlJ. S1 til: ". tu 111i'i In!! ccneces pi 'lIl. Yo 50 y Mach-e lae Agua.u'!: til mlC! lta. Si w no me 'COJ!lOces pa que tu . plso.so)' .embl.a:s.a I.lO. llllDla:i. Yo .s.Lb.conoces p:i que ·tll me llamas" GI1ia. Yo soy Shnlin Guengue.'U!..U'CH.).

ahorn verano A Lucente rem la P.a Palma. Ahorn 'lJerin" aba.AJ 'TaU en Nganga IEm la Palma. Mora verin. ahara verarr. Ahara.o empaca en . • A . ahera vieran . Ahora verim. vt!r. en.!4. ..&hen"a venin.-Ahora AHORA VERAN . ahcra 'venIn.otU .. Ahara .a]ma. ahora V(!r. ahara venin" .Ahora veran. erin.ra 1Ierin.QI en la Pa1J:na. veriD._ . ahara ver&n.bin GLlengue. 'v'enin ahera v'erin..A t6 i. ..ora. .'arim. . '''Bran.A..Madre de Agua en Ja Palma.LUICIJ1'ilO RepUe £'1 CDI"D. 'nllo. A. ahara venin. ahcra verirl.. la Palm. . - a.:n. A) Maycrdo:m. . l Ahora veran."AHORA V~. A paJa len Llaga. " venin.e-rin" ahora venin.. A Sha. Ahara v !U"in. ahara veriin. VE!:rin..'eran.P"dri:n1J _ en 1. ahora \l'emn . A sigue rastro. Mo. aboea verall.:I_". .AhaR 'veran. . ahem verrm . .drilla en 13.Gi. Aho'mVtrl'an.Ul. Mambe (Dios).n v erUI1. ahora veran. Mambe (Dies). en 10. ..---!\ en Ia :J?alma.A Vie!lI. aho"a venin." _ __ .Abora veran" ahora . anera veran. . I:Iltambe (Dials).b. en In Palma.. A ?Rayos en l~ Palma. veran.Ahora . ... en . ra ·ve-c· ran.'. _ _ EI_.ba. ahcn'a VCl'~.. veran. . A Zarabanda en la PaJima.m Pa]m:ai. Aho. Ahorn vera1'll.AhCf'a Piso. Palma. .bia·'1'ierl'a en la PwJma:.ahara. . ahara. . Gula.ra ve'r3:n~ abera veran .Vleran. i ah.'1. la cua.hcn·a.pia . A CrenteJ1ita en Ia Palma.Palmal ahora veri.ahara verin... ahora vera A Llm. A Tiem..a. '" I _ . v A Marwmero' en la Palma.ora verin.Ahara.ra.I. . ahora venm.o en Celba ~n la Palma.· ah.-_u..ct:a.in.

a. Manz:ane. LuiOOro es nrlcon:flanza. Debaj!o' de.odel Laurel" yo te.esMi . es mi nemblB~Tierra.nZtl. es mi. es mi con nanza .ueR. }"if) tellgo -mi ccNiam:a.o mj C. COrui:1f'1Z2. yo t2:l1IJ(llmlconfiamza:. .. . Lucero es mi. e..f'IJ esmi Debulo del Laurel yo ten:J:o :mi confiBJ'lZa. Debajo del Laurel. es 'rrU eonUa. Madre de Agua es mi C:Qnfll~~.." Ooro. yo t~ngo mi 'l':tlniia. ). yo 1tengomi Iconfiafl%D. l:'Q U~nlIomi confiafi2a. P.V.ordo:m'D es mi tDnfii:U'S%a. T.ebll.De...numJ"yo te:ngo mi confi:ama.O ml c. Fiso e.'i. 5110)'" D'ebajo d~l Laurel.'0 tongllJl [ianza.-Luc:e:ro esmi CCJIl. Laurel.t c:onfianm. en N'gan:ga eQnfiBli~. lrD telJ!. Pata em L~. ' .~Deba'jo de! Lau:re:~.n%a.. 'yo tenso mi eordiPUll Zan!.n ..tl. Zarabanda. _LaolJuliChilla es mi c.57 "'DEEAJO DEL LAUREL" Deba.a:str'o es mi Ctlfifi:lfiZa. Laure)..fi. Debajo Idel ]l.aga es mi Cl)oIianza.O m:I.m. yotengo Vi'ento mi c.s' mi ec 11 fiilTlza . CenteUa -es mteonflanza.. Deb:ajgl del .. .nfianza. del L.a.nza.. del Laurel. yOI tC'fI!.O'n. L. C(ilDuJla..1 Laure't. . mi confia..Ii.confianza.i rCol'!fiama.rel.. TI:~bh!l-TiefTIl c:onfi~j . con·. DebajQI es mi . en Cei. j • 'r' Tata en NgangEIJ es mi 'ctm€1arn:a. e.onfiBlllZlll. Limpia Pi:soes mi COllf'i·a.{l:::mza.::O ml oon:flianza.: 1D~. M.~ LUl:ero es mi tOnfiiam:a.. Madre de' .onfi:a. Gwa. .I. Nganga Palo en Ngang1il.5) Mambe CDlos). es rni 'confianz.nurei. eon.. I!'-S m.n::leroes mi~ cClnfia:nzi1. en LL. Joa C.m:a..es tn:ic:oniiafiZa.Agua es mi Deba'jo C'Onfl:a:nza.'1za.ambe (D10s1 Mambe (D1o.~ DebaJjo de]. Debaj'ocel mi confi. es ml eonfia:ma.1 LaUire'l. yo tP.jo de. GUengu'e es m1 con(i.:tnZa.! Yo tcngo mi confiarn:i!!.. conftama.t 7 Rayos es mi confia. GUlelilt\lees mi confianz:a.m:a.unl. . .'Dnfi~. co'nfi 3Jll.Laurel.!l.i c:onfi a.fl:.'0 ten~ mi canfianza" El Ma.. Debalo del La.a. yo' bmga m.nm ". Debajo de~ Laurel.flIlI'Wl.bajo 01::1Laurel..ngo m! . e:s. S"R. '1 Rayos: es rnl C'cu'wa. Sig. So.D tengo mi confiam:::a.!) de! Laurel. .a. res rn. . P. D~I:J.e..z3i. Ma:nz". elM.ban..anza~ . yo tengo rni c:o. yo 't:engo mi~nfiBttUl. yo tc:ng. ). De'bajo dil!lLau.m.s mi conflia. .an.s mi c~:mnan~a.bajo' del Laurel. n. en e.ba.

t. la cuad.t. PtJila J.mbo D~eee . lumbe IIJ cueva ShQ.UC!V3 en Ng:tlnl::~.ibo . lWflbe. cere' cere.Ondia.- ·'LUMBE . I. lumbe. lumbe. rue. S'..'g'Us.. lu.ambo acece Qgue. ]umbe-. en Nganga. C..en:. lumbc:. luznbe: la C:'!JC\'~ en Ng.umbe. Pailo Kindiamho DCI£CC en Nganga.a. I.ague. Nganga. Lumbe.SI limpia plso. 51 Luce~nt. lumb£!.lJmbe. LtJMBE"! • Lum'bc. . LL?mE. l. Nganl:l1.be.Ti en. ]wnbl~. lurnbe.eHiLn 'I~A IC:t!H! S1 'Zal'abanda LUmbe.lt.C:Cce ague'.. lumbn til cue"s en Ngang'a.mbe 11)1IcueVQ en NKtln~l'l.)c(: ~Gy'e" Lumbe. Si 'Iil(!mbln. lumbC!. Lwn be . S1 'Madre de AguJa.MSa.iambo Bl:2ee ague" _. a. [. S!Oen. ueya en. ~wnb~.umbe..o.-i:.".can lcere.1. lumbe la Si In.lmbe Sf '1 Rayos 101 c~re cere" Palo' lCUuliiambc aee mglJie. la.umbe. Palo Xlndiambo aeeee a:gue.bc. en NgMgn. LiL cC:l"a CC'nJ.bc. iumb-:.Lumbe l.. iu. lumbe. lurnbe Ia 'C.u.PaiD tOndiambo D.l1n~o. lumbe la eueva .wnbc. cueva. Co'Ml'. hJlrn. en Ngnngn. Lw:n:be:. lumtm Ja eueva en Ngncgn.. lumbe. 51 Pilla Ion Lbgii.C~ ague. Palo RJindi. lumbe.- 1:1 cueva en NS:lmg. Lumbe. c ! . Guia. Lumbe. ). I j o • ta . lumbe 1s. Jumbo."" en.umbel Jumb'e In cueva.Si Madre CtI'it'i!. CC!n:!. lum. en NP. .Ue'\ra Palo Rlndiamool ..m." ti1 cere c:c're. lmnbe 1'B.P.-· P. U cers cere. Lumbe.Jan Guengue t. . p'ala lOnd. Palo KlncUambo acec:e ague. Nsan~. 'ta cere c:. $[ Lwnbe'.alo Kindiamba Qt:iS ague. lumbe. IYmbl!'. ~Ie. il.re cere. til eere eera. . lumbe. . 'tat C!en! cere'. Palo IC. lumbe.'UIa.plQ Itindia..indiambo aC!l:cre :a rue. ]. cere cere.mbQ Iii.SI Luoorilo to cere cere.

Duenas :l:u:II::b. BUIlmU: ncu!hes~ buenas noches! " Buenas names a L.Duenas nQ:l_cl!U$. bUeDu nDebBS. '" . B:ayos.esl Duenas noci1IBS'i' 'naches.' bue:nas naches..DChes:·:a to 101 Einpaca.en'u nor:hest' DUenas noenll!'S. Duenas'Reclus . Duenas J'1!)ci1i!S. .mars 'Iloc:hu.impia :Piso. Buenu fil'oches. ~ 'Due S DoChe5 " B.. uenas Il Dche:s tenIa mi palo.' Buenas "'Debes al·Mayon:!. buenas neches. . Buenas nDcbes tenga mi N gmrga.l'O. Buen¥ naches mJCenteUita. .ocnes.enas naches.gue" DuenaS n. Bueus J BUImB! . .-BUUlaS buenas I"lodie:s. . . Buenas mf nembla-1Tierra" . nochu~ buenas neehes.imas Ilocbes" . mi Madre de Agoa. buenuJl. . Buenas neches a LuC!i!rilc.uen. :Bu. .na:s.ocnes a Muwmero.. . mi . Buena:s 'DCIl::bu." tu. D I Buenas :nJJches. mi P.· noelles. noChes:~:buenas 'DIDcnes. 'Bumas neches: m:i 51gue rast.. Mambe (DiDs)! Mambe (Oios) Ma'mbe . B _enal :n. mi .naCbes. bUefiU flodhes.-Bue.as nocl1es'. :aUI!:nas nlldJesi.uen. " BUImILS !lfll:be5~' mi. .Malhie: Ceiba. 1.-- "DUENAS NOCHES" . . Buenas noches. Bue:nu. -:'. -buenas JU::II:hes. bumas :naches. neehes mi Lueeri\!o.ata 011 Llap.. Bu. . buena. E5uenas n... :: Gula. Duenas noci1es1.s naches. _BlJenas. buenas necbes..~es" (Dios). '~BlJenas n'omes' 'mf'Sbolln C.l'lmo. Zarabanda. BUil!nasnodJes '~ ls_ ~dri~.. " " Coro. .. ' . .Duenas moc::hes" Duenas neches • .. Du.

SALE MALE" Gw. en kis:a. maJ.SdIl:a maldn. :saI..!I maJec6n. 'maJecOn sala. mo. yo jlJr.a.l1l:ellita. sa. . en Ngmni.ah::c6f3. Yo ..l.male. "nemb·la...lect!l1.. malec6n.sa1a malg"maJec6n sala. Sala maJ. YOII.YO j'Ur. Sab.n. Y'o saluda .e.e..a male. en soJa.n sala" Yia saludo ill LuceritD. Yo 'sall. saJudo a Manzanc['o..ma.lll.I. malecin :5.DI!:!. saJa ma1ee6n~ mBllec:o!1sala. sa.saJamale" malec6n &&k. Ngan.a lnaJe.hJdQ s:..iec6n Sala: male male.· 'yo jura . Salia.a a Ma. A". M . . Sails.. sale. malecij. sala malec6n.maJectm.. mrueccn sala..uda a Zarabanda.:nern.:saJa malecc. Sala mah: mlJ. maJec6n sala.b male..!looon sala. malec6n saila. Sala male m3t~. sala.l:!. malecQn.lI. 'sam m'aleeQn~ maleeOrI. Ay Coro.leceZ1 . salama1~. mal. adre die .5ab. :salls m(dl!!" malec6n sala. Sa1a..~e Cei. saJLa. ..aJecon sa. :M. sala. Pnlal rn ~l1ga" sWiJ m:dC!:i:!on.saJa.i yOI jura. malecen. ·Sabi malemalli!. yo jura en Fum:bi" sabl maJee6..eccn. male" m. !tude m.ill m:i. maleeer:l saJa. YmsaluQo al Maoyordomo. saw.uili::l'Bi. SaJa male :m:ale SaJa. Yo . sa hi. malecon.11a.. sala male" maleciRsalat YOISBilgao B.m3l. mn.malcc6n sala.l.SALA MALE JrtALE.la male milia.1e. m.malleeOD saJat Ya saiud. leedn.. sala m~e.. sa. ·mi!l. male male.5aJ8. Yo mil. ma.n s. mllldn. "iOI sala.l.Mambe (Dios) ·Mambli: (Dies]] M:ambe (010s)" . sala maJec6n... ' .male.t! male. Sa_ja male .ia.•.nsala. male. Sala m:U1! male.w. SaJla male maie. male.u:h~ SI Sbolan Gutmgu. sala male. yo' jum..lec6n.sala. Ay qu.iamalecon. m.SaJilJltiD a '1 'Rayos.-5ala maJe' male'.. maJ~ malecOD sdla. Sa.sal.. maiecon sala. s3la male. i l l . :malc:c6. maJecon sSiJa. . ala male" malecO. "Yo wuao a ~6 la Empacl1. malectiD :sala.!!:male..maJe~ mm. qui yojun. sa. que jum.saia male.. maie: male.sala. mililecoll nln.iUeacn.Agua. maJea5n 'en sala.. Yo smulio :a C!E!1.60 i'. aJa. sa I.Yo salodD a Luc£ri to . sala mllJe£~n. ma:.ga.n. menp" Sala. Sal" male male. AYQuj..a. Sa]a male raale . ·maJec6n.snlaQ].sal...ba.aJKOft sale. saJa . en . Sa]a..Sa.

tamrpo-nfiDda.-Raul Canizares. A ENGLISH abdomen Alril':a A.guardi~ote ah:ohel ann (right) CONGO nunaloza Juankila LUKUMJ ikOn A·rrika. I've also added it to the lexicon.lafO-:5.6] CHAPTER IX Palo Monte Vocabulary The lanauage called "Congo" in Cuba derives mostly from KiKongo •.o lDali igbo idi tandle t_nODfi nkinda matD. bunota nkombo Wtl oti B.ak.ractioe of Palo Mont'e. \Vhere] know the Lutumi.no koma mti lembem ashes beb_ ina B bag (.ndit!· .hoIB.afa-ruaya guamo.it ribal lenguage still spoken in.gbado onigbigbo e~e dudu ara ego body bone bottle bread bun bUlb buttocks kangom utumlbo blua nyiran'go Dfmda ml'undaas.) beer believer D.tami iban Bfa ol6gbo (:81 culdron (empty) cemetery MJlo-mus. Wbat follows.ku'nasinda ikok6 nla ibi isinku lie .ako "kindeno .9mall. is a glossary of pop war terms employed In the p. mala:ro mal. ben bird black egunda bobbo-kalenQ' dielldio nkueto. both Congas in Africa as well as in parts of Angola.kuto ma. egunlgun igo aUra .

a'iyi uddia .Dy8 .ungo dog bua~.la.81bwa y nlu.Qg foe odl'i11 e [01:00111' enkumbe.. earth eat eJeph ani enter f'lf'iI nt.at crab cricket kuisu ikoko sunmodo ikoko .alembo~ okisi ndoki burnku abui F (n nli-'file abebt baba Hiusin father otundl1 tata blJlao-b' bakuodi ny (insect) friend oluku .-nzo.e.ota .emputa nsunga n5a1a ile-eloru n a_h' omo ebo Dlqba obi come cooking .hl donkey duck oja k~teket- ku tku eye E.ako .ay.. nkbJi Gongoro su ikii OriSh'8 DevU diviDer Alo i awo na..ngo ~.an..62 yaosan chlld church musna rBun.aku wo evildBer ..olo t!!na tere-neae !k.Z robin cigar deagsi.ity tombe nruh.aun ngala ebKherengonia cd 010 D darkness dearh d.

.e jutia (Cuban rodent) nso-zarabanda nfumallbata eg.1) sbiwerr mil-bing J jail jus-tir..G go. yayi.a-lDuoe a_kele awodi ori okoga ben' bOlDoselU8.a~fowl glUopowdl' mbote Dsung. unyi npake l1Iun3nzo ab ni house buband matl'Oko.1 man hODty horn [animal) yeo'reiefe ns:uJul onD wan-wan bonke adle adodi. em. tab 10 Olodul11sl"e omobiorin orishs babaiorisha jyalorish godmother gOdS&D eniu.ho lneeaa 'nga'ng.tber kuenda Z. Ged godd ugbter god fa.a-kud8 fala ekun: H ha.rO omorisfba rere etu good guine.b.t hawk head healer heaven yerikuamt sinfu1em. ac:ar oko Ue I insane incense wire--wirc maba guiudaog.uD'se-munaD..yaya ndoyeke.m'bia embon.'lo a"OD otlto skut .

kala eoi.'&!.. iyamba.n mirro embele 01. lbard dJan. .iys oke ada t. oshu . ntinu 'fukamlil embelekoto vanda pa aba kuole obc:.. 0.gonda.maehell' m. okuuriu awoji 0.orhe maksimtn i marildya o.aye leta manamaea kisino.s:e.wuro enu mounlaio JUout mongo m.aJatala Dsimio' 8. mpos.a alamu M .I ---- 64 K kID king kneel tn.i mOoney )'dOOD morm m. pioaldo L letter life lightning liOD panda mojo mbandaDlI DPma wiw.uoam N nedd C~ nDsr coy era usura eleke im_u o .

~ R r iu rainbow mfuJ· hu)'on-gue'fif8 ruorblade red gd&'sam ba ajD Q·.65 owl sunsll.n pigeon yeokdb Icado.ri~yari kiyumba.p.[lkon okia dler bewe·n bad's c:o~hiDo-"da1ll edide . kuniako mambD s'bo amI a .Dso-kalunga :yaks "ko·ode y.t sbeep· sic:kn!KS skuU 'I. be if an mbuaki 100 pon rice riYer water rooster lanso-ganswa nlDJO roots nfitollill 5lOIka:fa omilodo Ilkllk6 gbongbo s sea flIMw-ter mbu: Dun omi1okun ryioko.bari song soul suyen nfumbi emi WI katubmba "0'\'8 speak speJJ star bilongo egun inlwo tmteguia .eyebi agbe atj sJuko 010 un power pray physida.daka owiwi p parrot peanut p.anthag ra prol!ltitub. serpen.beaJ8Rt .ra p.ti.eiyele ashe badu.stiumare . patti dodukila ndunga-·Ds me . m.

wind woma'D mpefe nkeoto a'fe:{e oll in il .B ntugu bala ons ornn b tab T temple IQUDaDZO- estamfe:le igbod.st'oDe m.!bups am.-8S0'WI tootb tree hu'key tying spelJ tol'otolo lings D-kan8ot v vulture ma.na.m'be w waist niwet'e IU50.a 1"11 tlla.ku.u dupe .di mas.tatoDdeJe m'baudano ngo . omi runfun water white (coloI') "bite ('person) wine ojibo.atari otao stred ron sweet potato ki:aY. alee IJOlo. ib.otei:uD opolo abon. IDpcmbc mUDdac' sua. ede' ebin igi awe irilDe enhuto nkuni eo -n.nks thunder tiger toad today tongue .ftnda lodu:nka.yi.

andyoo? fiati m-. Zambia en to C1JQIt'O eotaa: God . ye ngeie?': . God below. Who goes there? Soma 0 no somal: Arewt' pateros!? Somo]: We are! Zambitl arriba" ZambiQ' abajo._ . . . God In aU/our sides.: hello! Wena majimpi?: Are you well? Inga. N/cum'bu .ame i .olt!'!.- - - ./ra: Ah.Lumumba: My nam« is Lflfflumba Nsala kiambote: slay well Nwenda kiambole: go well Qlt.Qkt~ inani?: W1tat.& youI'" name? 'l'/1rrJm'bu.above. 67 y yes ina matoco--nkueye en :sOIDQde 'young z :zebra A few use!ulphrases Klamb. so-sa.Yes.ien kuenda?.

soyke ·W.- 68 The Palo Alphabet A... teuse . nie Q. duli N.came ~ G.f:\J z: kintoo .buo >F r m N.x.saulau Y.yu/o C. r:4 91 ~ Cc. busili I.II D• salvari E.. o.. tituli J" yaluni .::. .bulu "I -)C·O ... R.yili M.L .Jt) . hi D X.: L.... dilonia F. bisula P. bolva H. _.JI. yolito S.yuriko T. suli (tt' 9" ~.yugo~ B.sume WN -.simbula 2)( l:) ~ .c. UN.

can mao) .some simple Palo ideographs Malongo (nature) : go (government) Mam.1 Nganga (godmother) vititi (view. look) F Kaenda (go) Pele---fltida (life) J:' MUDBOZO (house) Ndumba (wo:msD) Banoto Mbembe (Afri.

.. Nsulo (sky) Lange nsulo (ra.gu (sun) NgsO'ga ~. NtaD.._ ·Eyioko (snake) Spring • .Ngueyo (brotber) Ensila (road).io) Bakonfula (assistant Tata) Omalembe (pain) - . -sS-' ~ Mayimbe (vulture) W8ll!j~ -r (river) J '<§) > Kalunga (sea) •• • Sunsuudamba(owl) .

Watoko (young man) Yimbula (party) Tata ngumbe (dead father) Tribe .

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